Dragon ball z bulma y gohan vol

Dragon ball z bulma y gohan vol
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I had no doubts that she was excited and what I told her was true; I was certain she was dripping wet with excitement. Taking off my light jacket and carefully hanging it on the back of the chair, I headed for the study; maybe the day was not completely lost yet. However, my own member throbbing inside my pants told me different.

The day was not a complete waste by any means, but I doubted any serious work could be done. At least as far as the pile of papers on Johann's desk awaiting my attention was concerned. A few minutes later, as I was browsing through the accounts, Lottie entered the study, carrying a cup of steaming coffee in one hand and a small plate with sugar cookies in the other. Was she just being a good maid, or was this a bribe? A bribe for what I could not tell; maybe to leave her alone and not tell Johann of what had happened; maybe, however, it was a bribe to continue with my mischief, ignore her protests, ever so appropriate for a young girl in service.

"Ah, yes, thank you very much, Lottie," I said smiling at her. I had to mentally restrain myself from openly staring at the smooth skin of her breasts, bulging out of the top of the constricting dress.

Instead, I caught her blue eyes with a meaningful, deep glance, searching for some sort of sign of what I should and could do next. From the first moment her soft lips brushed up against mine I knew where this would lead. It was up to me to make it as enjoyable as possible for us both. A few steps before she reached the desk, Lottie paused uncertainly, her eyes nervously twitching between the cup in her hand and my face, her lower lip sucked between her front teeth.

I watched her carefully, amused over her despair obvious. I thought that this was as far as she would make herself approach me and in an attempt to help her I stood up, taking a step towards her just as her own feet moved and very awkwardly we bumped into each other; the cup overturning as she accidentally pushed the delicate china against my chest, spilling the hot, brown liquid on the front of my shirt.

We both jumped away like two startled cats, trying to escape a heavy blow. Before I could stop myself or even think properly, a curse escaped my lips and I looked at Lottie with astonishment. "Foolish girl!" I yelled and her eyes welled up with tears of terror, and she dropped the saucer and cup. They bounced on the heavy carpeting, the handle of the cup breaking off. The plate with cookies followed, spilling the moon-shaped snacks on top of the growing coffee stain.

Lottie's hands flew to her face, covering her mouth, somewhat muffling her scream. "Oh, Herr Konrad, I'm so sorry!" she wailed. "I didn't mean to do that, I didn't know you'd stand up so quickly!" I was always the one with a quick temper; luckily for the people on the receiving end, however, my spirits seemed to calm as soon as they overflowed into a fury.

"No, no Lottie," I tried to suppress my annoyance over her clumsiness. "I'm the one who is sorry, Lottie, it was my fault, really." I said and stepped over the brown stain sprinkled with bits of crumbled cookies. "Come," I said and took her in my hands, hugging her like a little girl. She was much shorter than me, the top of her head barely reaching my chin. I pressed a kiss on her forehead while her body trembled in my embrace. "We'll just find a clean shirt of Johann's that I can borrow and it'll all be fine," I said reassuringly and she bobbed her head against my chest in consent.

"Come," I said and grabbed her by the hand, pulling her towards the door gently. Cookies and coffee forgotten, she followed obediently, the sniffing making her very adorable.

I must confess I was astonished at how naïve she appeared to be.


Walking hand in hand with me, climbing the stairs towards Johann's bedroom as if I was her baby brother, who needed a simple change of clothes. She was seemingly completely unaware of the intentions her actions provoked in me.

As we entered the room, I noted the rich, wine colored velvet covering the huge bed, matching the seat cushions on the small ottoman by the wall and chairs that stood in front of the window, looking out into the garden sprawling at the back of the house. Lottie didn't seem to be aware of my lustful glances racing between the bed and her huge bottom. She walked to the massive closet at the opposite wall from the ottoman and threw its doors open.

I saw a neat row of impeccably white shirts, brushed black and gray jackets, numerous hats sitting on the shelf above and just as numerous pairs of shiny black shoes, appearing to toe an invisible line on the closet floor. Not one piece of clothing was out of place. That was Johann for you, all right! While she carefully rummaged through the whiteness in the closet, I slowly unbuttoned my coffee-stained shirt, noticing the wet circle on my gray trousers. "Better choose a pair of pants, too," I said and without turning she nodded, still busying herself with search for a shirt.

I let my pants slide down to my ankles. I plumped on the bed and pushed off my shoes one by one, kicking off the pants as well. I noticed a small red burn on the front of my thigh, which had caused me no pain, however. This young girl had made me so hot that pain was beyond me, it seemed.

I stood up and realized that I must have made an odd spectacle; hairy legs clothed in high black socks, white underpants reaching half way to my knobby knees, unbuttoned stained shirt and equally stained white undershirt. I felt my cock stirring again, slowly rising in salute to the glorious view of Lottie's big ass, which was softly bobbing from side to side while she rummaged through Johann's clothes.

I was almost jealous of her hands carefully touching the starched shirts instead of caressing my manhood, which so obviously needed some serious attention. Finally, satisfied with her find of a shirt and a pair of pants, she turned her back towards the soldierly array of white, gray and black and faced me. Her eyes flew wide open at the sight of me standing just feet away, unashamedly indecent, practically half-naked. "Look what you've done to me," I pointed my finger to below my waist. Very predictably, her stare landed on a small red burn on my thigh, and her hands flew to her mouth.

She nearly poked herself in the eye with the hangers. "I've got some balm you can use," she said and only then did she notice that I was really pointing to a pyramid-shaped bulge in my underpants. I thought her eyes were going to pop straight out of her head. She let go of the hangers and completely covered her mouth with her hands, muffling a scream.

The clothes scattered on the floor, and I had a right mind to crack a sarcastic joke about her inefficiency, but thought the better of it. This was a delicate moment and if I blew it, I might not get what I yearned for so desperately. Tears welled up in her eyes again, but she did not utter another sound, nor did she move.

She looked at me in horror, which only deepened with what I assumed was an expression of amusement and wickedness on my part. I was grinning openly now. Success! I slowly walked towards her. The closer I came the more vigorous shaking of her head became.

"No, Herr Konrad," she whispered. "Please, don't." I decided to ignore her protests, as in my experience, with exception of my rigid wife of course, "no" usually meant, "oh yes, please; I just have to decently pretend for a moment, you understand". As I stood close enough to catch the smell of her hair, I leaned forward and gently hugged her. I pressed my lips against her, and this time she did respond, reluctantly, I have to admit, but there was a definite return noted.

I pulled the shirt off my shoulders and let it fall on top of the clean one that had been chosen by Lottie only seconds before. I didn't care if it left the stain on the carpet, the other shirt or for that matter, the rest of the world. This little birdie was mine and I would enjoy her as much as I could. "Come," I grabbed her by the arm and led her slowly to the bed. "You look as if you need to sit down," I said and she followed reluctantly. As we reached the soft velvet cover, I pushed her down on the bed and stood in front of her, my cock pushing through the underpants as if in a hurry to take place my lips had just left.

"Your kisses did that to me," I said and placed my hand on the bulge, stroking my cock gently. Lottie closed her eyes and a tear slid down each of her flushed cheeks.

She was trembling now and rather than just crudely forcing her to do something that she was obviously fearful of, I sat next to her, pushing her back onto the bed, her legs still dangling off the edge. I laid next to her, supporting myself on an elbow, my free hand cupping her full face. I leaned over and started kissing her deeply, my tongue forcing its way between her lips and her perfect, small white teeth, poking at her tongue, brushing against the top of her mouth.

Her response was far from passionate, but it was there. My hand slid off her face and found its way to her glorious bosom, grabbing each of the breasts and kneading them softly, slipping under the top of her dress, finding the hard nipples, pinching them ever so gently.

She closed her eyes and I squeezed one of her breasts hard, forcing her look at me, startled. "I want you to look at me," I said and pulled the assaulted breast out of the dress, leaning over her and suckling the nipple as if I was a babe in need of feeding. I felt her fingers running through my hair and gratefully bit down on her brown hardness.

Her body jerked and a loud "Ah" escaped her lips. "You like that, don't you?" I whispered and turned my head in time to see her shaking hers in denial again. Okay, now I learned to read her pattern. The more she said no, the more she wanted it. No surprise there!

I was probably one of those 'pigs' who always believed all women were whores, one just had to know how to bring it out of them.

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Think what you will, but I had it proven in most instances. My hand now left the breast and slid down her body, hiking up the skirts, revealing her beautiful thighs.

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Her weak protests did not stop me. If nothing else, my actions became firmer and in no time, I had her skirts pushed up all the way onto her stomach, leaving me with a glorious view of her white legs and a clear, wet stain on her clean underwear.

My cock was throbbing, asking for what it considered was its right. "Not yet, my friend" I thought and let out a soft giggle. I didn't want her to think that I was laughing at her.

I was just amused by the obviously easy conquest to come, which by Lottie's responses would give pleasure to both of us. I pushed her legs apart and made my way up her thighs slowly, squeezing her flesh softly, each of my moves followed by her stirring and moaning, her hand sometimes reaching towards me as if to stop me, but never actually doing so.

I placed my hand between her legs, covering the wet spot on her underpants and pressing down on it, knowing that I was hitting that delicate little bud of female pleasure, even though I couldn't see it yet.

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She jerked wildly and almost set up, only to plop back on the bed unceremoniously, her moans becoming louder by the minute. I started rubbing between her legs slowly, and each time I pressed down, her thighs would twitch, seemingly beyond her control.

"See?" I whispered, looking over her body into her eyes, which obediently remained open. "I knew you'd like it, you're all wet for me now." "Oh, no," she whined but I didn't take that as a protest, as it clearly did not seem to be that. Rather an audible confirmation of her shame over the pleasure that her body appreciated. I jumped off the bed and stood in front of her, reaching for her underpants, pulling them down, when she finally managed to voice her protests in panic.

"No, please, don't." She was ready to cry again. "Shush, girl!" I said sternly. "I just want to see," I added softly, continuing to pull her underpants over her ass. "If you don't let me take them off nicely, I will have to rip them off," I said and this warning seemed to put halt to her struggle. "I just want to see it, Lottie." I said and she slightly lifted her ass in assistance. "I bet it's just as beautiful as you are." Of course that did the trick.

Protest and struggles subsided completely and I managed to slide her underpants all the way down her legs and unhook them over her small feet, which were still firmly planted in a pair of ankle-high, lace up boots. I couldn't be bothered with that now; it was actually quite appealing to have her only half undressed.

I knew the time would come when she lay in front of me stark naked, but not today. Her underpants in a heap at the side of the bed, I pushed her legs apart again, and took a look at a glorious pinkness of her pussy, with angry red bud pointing towards me.

"Oh, yes," I whispered excitedly. "Just as beautiful as you are, Lottie!" I said and dropped to my knees. I had to taste the sweetness of her juices or I would go mad. I pushed my face between her legs and touched her clitty with the tip of my tongue. Lottie thrashed wildly and this time she did manage to sit up, pushing me away from her.

"No!" she screamed. "Stop!" The threat of bursting in tears all over agan was clearly visible on her face. "That is disgusting!" she exclaimed. I sighed and stood up. This girl could be difficult when she put her mind to it.

I pushed her back down, at the same time lying on top of her, my feet still awkwardly touching the floor. "It's not disgusting, Lottie. That's what people do," I whispered, kissing her lips between every few words. "It's not disgusting, it's beautiful. It'll make you feel nice, Lottie," I said and looked into her eyes.

She tried to shake her head, but I grabbed it firmly, preventing her from moving. "Yes!" I exclaimed a bit too loud. "Yes," I repeated in a whisper, "Just a little bit Lottie." Another thought popped into my mind. "If you don't like it after a while, I'll stop, I promise." My cock was so eager to be relieved of its restrains and enter her soft pussy that it was throbbing wildly now. I pushed it against her soft wetness and she moaned loudly, closing her eyes.

I pushed again and knew that if I continued like that, I could not help but finishing in a few short thrusts right there in my own underclothes, robbing myself of the ultimate pleasure of shooting my hot spunk deep inside her pussy. I got off her and knelt between her legs again.

This time she did not try to stop me. The tip of my tongue returned to the small bud, which it left only moments ago and I ran it over it as if trying to push it off her body. I pressed down on it and with each motion, her thighs twitched, backs of her knees finding their way onto my shoulders. I placed my lips on the clitty and started suckling it just as I had done with her nipple before. She lifted her knees off my shoulders and replaced them with her feet now, the soles of her boots firmly planted on each side of my neck, opening herself completely.

I was baffled by this act of bravery; however, this gave me a chance to use my fingers as well, and while sucking on her clitty, I slipped one finger inside her pussy, dripping wet with Lottie's own juices. Initially, I slipped it in only to my first knuckle, then further to the second, waiting to hit the virginal block, which I was so certain, was still there.

I waited for Lottie to cry out in pain and try jumping up again, but she did neither. The deeper I pushed, the smoother my entrance was. I pulled the finger out and in the company of a second one pushed them both in, as deep as I could.

No resistance. No crying or squealing. She was not even a virgin! As much as I was disappointed over this, I was glad that I had an obviously free reign without any dramatic interruptions. I sucked on her clitty, roughly now, making Lottie push her booted feet against my shoulders and lift her ass a bit, in attempt to help my fingers dig deeper.

This was one juicy little cunt. I could feel it being tight, though, and the thought of my cock following my fingers made my head spin. I let go of the clitty, pulling my fingers out of her, my tongue exploring the rest of her pussy, slipping inside her warm hole, imitating the motions that my cock would soon be allowed to do.

Lottie's thrashing became more intense, her moans have now turned into yelling, in a few short minutes followed by a high pitched scream as she arched her back and smacked my face with her sopping wet pussy, her body trembling, the juices flowing freely.

She had reached the climax that I wanted to reach myself, but was happy to be able to let her get the taste of first. It had not taken much effort on my part to make her cum this hard.

Her ass continued to thrash up and down for a while longer and I obligingly followed the path of her pussy with my tongue. I wanted to clean her juices, but my cock was not going to wait that long, I was well aware of that. I pushed her feet off my shoulders and stood up. Lottie's eyes were still closed and her body shivered as if cold, despite the humid warmth of the summer afternoon.

I pulled my underpants off, not bothering to step out of them, they were simply left bundled around my ankles; quite unceremoniously I must admit. "Look, Lottie," I said and nudged her arm. She opened her eyes, and they seemed to grow larger and larger the longer she looked at me. Women's reaction to my cock always excited me beyond belief.

It was appropriately long, nothing out of the ordinary; however, it was thicker then most that I had seen. Definitely thicker than Johann's cock, which I very satisfyingly observed a few months earlier when we were involved in a threesome at Madame Frieda's house of pleasure; resembling a long but painfully thin pencil.

What my cock did to the little whore in a few strokes, Johann's couldn't in fifteen minutes of heavy pounding. I made her scream in ecstasy, driving my own self almost insane with delight. "Oh, no!" was Lottie's predictable response, who to my relief was still too weak to physically resist me. Throughout that afternoon I noticed that the girl was as strong as a bull; she could snap that little Sebastian of hers in two like a twig, had she chosen to.

I placed my hands behind her knees, driving them up, pushing them almost to the level of her stomach, placing the top of my cock on the entrance of her pussy. I was hard as a rock and the shaft that I was headed for was so wet with her tarty juices that I didn't need to use my hand for guidance. I simply pressed my weight down and slid inside, burying half of my cock in one clean stroke.

Lottie screamed, her hands forming into fists, her eyes wide with discomfort, but I could swear I saw pleasure in them, too. I pushed my fingers deep into her flesh to keep her legs from hitting me while she thrashed. And boy, thrash she did! As I slowly continued burying my cock inside her glorious pinkness, a little deeper with each stroke, she gripped her stomach, a sign that this intrusion was painful to her; at least I thought so.

"It'll get better, soon," I said and kept pumping in deeper. I felt sweat beads forming on my forehead, my undershirt was almost soaking wet within minutes, and it wasn't from the spilt coffee. I was never a marathon fucker, never strived to be one, but I could work my cock for an admiring length of time.

Today, however, Lottie had me so excited that my balls started to tingle almost immediately after I slammed inside her tight pussy. I tried to hold off for a while, I slowed down some, but the powerful squeeze of her muscles made me all the more excited, wanting nothing else but to shoot my hot load deep inside of her body.

As I felt the inevitable approach with neck breaking speed, I let go of one of her legs and placed my fingers on the little bud, rubbing it vigorously. "Come on, Lottie," I whispered, barely able to speak from the effort. "Oh, oh," she replied. "You're hurting me!" Throughout my cock's assault her face cringed in pain and I swear some of it was from pleasure, too.

She tried to keep her eyes open as I told her to, but they kept snapping shut tightly almost each time I rammed deep inside. Her moans were loud, sometimes reaching the pitch of a scream.

Each one was music to my ears and a stroke to my cock.

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"Cum, Lottie!" I yelled, rubbing her clitty like a madman, squeezing her leg to the point where I was certain it would bruise. I kept fucking her furiously; sweat now trickling down the side of my face. "Cum with me, Lottie," I gasped. "Cum all over my cock!" I noticed that the crude remarks as shocking as they were to her seemed to push her closer towards the inevitable moment.

I kept pumping inside her plump, pale body, now flushed deep pink. "That's right," I whispered loudly.

"Push back, oh yes!" She pushed back so hard she almost threw me off balance. "Cum now, cum! I can't wait, Lottie, you're so tight and hot." But I managed a few more forceful blows, each one accompanied by a smack on her bare, fat ass cheek, all the while telling her to cum with me, cum on my cock, to show me how much she liked it.

Her moans have now turned into loud screams, each closely following the furious ramming of my cock. She yelled that she was hurting, that I was too big, to please stop, to please continue.

Her pleasure and pain had mixed into a divine response of her ass, torso and head wildly trashing, her fists banging against the bed cover, her feet kicking against my shoulders. I realized that my moment was coming and I couldn't hold it back any longer, nor did I want to. I smacked Lottie's ass so hard I could feel the sting of it on the palm of my hand. "I'm cumming, Lottie!" I yelled hurriedly. My head spun, I grabbed onto her legs as if this was the only way I could keep myself from falling and as I felt hot spunk shooting out of my cock into her pussy, her muscles contracted tightly, milking me dry, giving me the biggest pleasure I had ever experienced.

Her ass slammed against me and a loud "Aaa…aa, yee…ee…ees" escaped her lips. Her entire body was spasming and in a rush of physical nirvana, I realized that the shy, slow, little Lottie had just had another violent orgasm, her mouth hanging open even after the scream had rang off, a tiny trickle of drool leaving a shiny path on her cheek.


I stilled and tried to catch my breath, looking at her face, slowly unwrinkling from the previous mixture of pleasure and pain. I was still leaning against her legs, which were now weak and limp, barely supporting my weight. I have wanted for this to happen since the moment I saw her sitting in the other chap's lap, unashamedly exposing her thighs to my prying eyes.

As I moved, my cock slid out of her pussy, followed by a small gush of my sperm, mixed with her own juices. This looked simply too tempting to ignore and I fell down to my knees, starting to lick her pink glory clean.

She tried to protest, but it was a weak attempt. It has taken me a few minutes to finish what I had started. As I finally completed the final act, I stood up and plopped next to her, noticing that her breathing had still not slowed, one of her breasts exposed just as I had pulled it out from under the dress before.


"Taste your pussy on my lips, Lottie!" I whispered and bent over to give her a kiss. "No, please," she turned her head away. "Enough," her own voice did not reach beyond a whisper either. I turned her head with my hand and kissed her anyway.

This time, she responded to my intrusive tongue. She sucked on it, just as I had sucked on her nipple and clitty before, she licked her juices off my lips, she was simply a new Lottie that I had never known. "I shall return again tomorrow," I said as I got up to change the few clothes that were left wrinkled on my sweaty body.

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"And maybe, we can find another place to put this little fellow in." I waved my limp cock in her direction and she simply closed her eyes.

I was not certain she quite understood what I meant, but knowing her, she would think about it carefully throughout the evening, and upon my return the following day, I would have the same, frightened and lustful Lottie again to play with.

My sweet little servant girl!