Flogging a juicy poon tang pornstar hardcore

Flogging a juicy poon tang pornstar hardcore
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Their names were Christy and Sara, they were my sons pre-school teachers, they were both in their early twentys and party girls. I always over heard them talking on Mondays to the other teachers how crazy their weekends were.

I would masterbate about them daily. One Monday not long ago I heard them saying they got a place together to save money and that they started driving to work together, that very night I picked up my son early and drove him to his moms, I was back at the daycare center before close, I waited and watched and eben played with my cock a bit. I watched them come out get in Saras car and headed off, they made 1 stop for wine and cigs and headed to their place. The lived in apts that were kinda of in the middle of nowhere, 4 apts to a floor, three floors.

I watched them take this drive for a week straight, I watched the neighbors, who got home when. I noticed the pattern was that their place on the third floor, that they were the only ones getiing home at this time, there was one apt not occupied and the other guy worked nights and the third apt the guy got home two hours after them every night.

I planned it out that this would be the night, I brought a mask, tape, cuffs, large 12 inch black dildo and ky jelly, blindfolds and a cam corder. I waited in the stairwell their door was 4ft away and their backs would be towards me.

I heard their conversation the key went in the door, I cracked the door and saw Christy enter followed by Sara, before the door could shut I ran thru it with an agressive shove it hit Sara in the back knocking her to the ground. Christy turned and looked horrified as I produced a very real looking gun which was a fake but enough to scare the shit out of these two idiots.

I pointed it at Christys face, I motioned for Sara to stand and to walk toward Christy.

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I turned and locked their front door, there was very little light coming in and only a small desk lamp was lit, just enough to see each other. I then motioned them into the living room, it was small with a patio door that was shut and covered with blinds, the couch sat on one wall and the TV on the other, you could see the kitchen and the dining room along with the only way out from the couch view.

I was between them and escape, holding a gun with the door locked and bolted behind me, they were trapped and they new it by the looks on their faces, no one was talking only scarred looks and some tears as the held hands on the couch. Sara was stariing at my bag I had brought and raised her hand as to ask a question. I said what?

She asked me what was in the bag? I walked over to them and spilled the contents out on to the coffee table, I wish I could of taken their picture, a mixture of confusion and fear! I then went on to explain what I was there for, I let them know I watched them, I let them know how my fantasy was going to play out. It wasnt to hurt them but to use them, I being in my early forties wanted young ass and didnt want to pay for it, I wanted them to do everything I would have them do when I masterbated about them.


I asked them what they were thinking? I wanted to know how they felf at the moment. They asked if I was going to kill them, I needed them to know I was serious and yes I would if they attemted escape or tried to hurt me, or if they didnt do what I wanted.

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I had their attention. I asked them to stand, I asked Christy to remove Saras clothes for her. Sara was wearing a pair of tight jeans with a tight sweater hugging her body, she was tall at 5ft 10 long blond hair my guess a small cup, she wasnt beautiful but she was pretty in the face. Christy pulled her sweater over her head and unbuttoned Saras jeans, Sara was crying from the humiliation, Christy continued working hard to get the tight jeans off, once removed the bra and panties came off rather quickly as Sara stood nude in front of me and her friend.

I had Sara turn around and she gave me a view of her ass and soft pink Nipples standing up high, her bush was trimmed and light brown, I could see her lipps between her legs.


I then stood up walked over to Sara, I blindfolded her and cuffed her hands behind her back and sat her down on the couch. Christy was just standing there, she was the hotter of the two, she was originally from Florida, 5ft 4 short dark hair with a darker complection, smallish tits but she had the best apple bottom perfect ass I have ever seen, it was perfect and I wanted it. She was wearing jeans that made her ass look so fuckable and a tee shirt with long sleeves underneath, I asked her to strip for me, and I wanted her to be sexy while she did it.

She had such a nervous look to her. She slowly removed her tee shirt she had a pierced belly button and a slight tan still. I told her to remove her bra next, she did it and turned around to remove her pants, I stood up and came up behind her I started to puch her jeans over her ass revealing a sexy thong that split her perfect crack.

I stopped her at her thong I wanted her to keep it on for now, I told her to help Sara up and brought them into Saras room it had the bigger bed, I then blindfolded Christy and cuffed her. I laid both girls down on the bed and removed my mask. I was now comfortable I was in the apartment the girls were under control and I could now take my time.

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I stripped down and stroked my cock sitting on the chairs watching the girls, they didnt know where I was as I sat silent, they were whispering to each other about what was going on and what I was going to do.

Christy was less nervous and said she thought that maybe they could negotiate with me, offer me something, Sara asked what she was talking about, Christy said wouldnt you rather give a bj then get fucked?? Sara started crying saying she didnt want to do anything, Christy stated the obvious that they reall had no choice as the were restrained. I continued to get hard listening to Christy trying to think it thru.

Christy decided to offer the bj if I would let them go after I was done, she would give me the best bj she could offer to leave them alone after it was done.Sara said she hoped she knew what she was doing.

I then made some noise as they thought I came back into the room, Christy said sir can I talk to you. I told her to speak, I will give you a blow job if you let us go after you finish, I said you are offering to suck my cock and really give it your all, acting like I was thinking about it. She replied yes as long as I promised to let them go. I said well I will tell you what, if you give me the bj I want and can make me cum in less than 5 minutes I will uncuff both of you and leave.

If you dont make me cum in that time you tow has to decide whoose ass I am going to fuck for the next half hour. Thats what I am willing to offer. Christy asked for privacy, I said two minutes and pretended to leave the room, as I shut the door and stayed in the room, Sara let out what the fuck are you doing!

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Christy said calm down, Sara said the blow job he wanted! What does that mean? Christy didnt know but she said 5 minutes I can do this to get the fuck out of here. I acted like I entered the room and they both got quiet, I asked if she was ready, Christy sat up and got to the edge of the bed, i grabbed her hand and placed it on my 8 inch fat cock, she paused her hand after she felt the girth, she stroked her thumb up the shaft to the head, I leaned down and told her that I was going to fuck the shit out of her mouth and throat and if she was lucky I would cum down her throat.

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I told her I wanted her ass so bad, Christy new that her only hope was to make me cum, she new her other smaller holes were in trouble. I layed her head back against the bed,knees on her shoulders I moved my stiff cock towards her mouth, I t old her to open and she swallowed a quick 4 inches as her lips stretched out.

I pulled back and she took a gasp of air, I told her she wasnt going to make me cum if she souldnt handle the 1st 4 inches. I felt her hands move up to my balls and started to squeeze and massage then her other hand ran behind to my ass and started to push me towards her as she opened her mouth and started sucking me like a pro long deep sucks saliva shooting out everywhere her throat making choking gagging sounds but she was giving it everything she had as I skull fucked her.

Three and a hal minutes had passed she was now stroking and sucking me and I was getting ready to cum. I was giving them a fair chance we were at the 4 minute 35 second mark she was panicking she took out my cock and was jacking me so fast begging me to cum, please cum on my face jacking and yelling.5 I yelled and backd away.

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I recovered from almost cumming in Christys mouth and was so fucking horny that I hrabbed Saras legs she was screaming as I fell on top of her and spread her legs open. My cock squeezed past her lips she was so tight and her legs were slightly closed, I pressed down on her thighs with both my hands and finally she opened her legs as wide as she could my cock back at the entrance of her hole I pushed forward splitting her pussy apart as she sobbed I fucked her steady and hard feeling her open up and get wet, I then grabbed Christy and took her up to Saras face, I told them to kiss.

I was amazed at how easily Christy started kissing Sara like they had doe this before. I pulled my cock out of Saras pink pussy and asked if they were bi sexual, they both answered yes that they fooled around with each other but didnt do a lot to each other.

I decided that this is what I wanted to see, I sat in the chair and pulled my prick and directed them in a hot lesbian scene that I had in my head, I made them lick pussy and ass and then kiss, I had them pulling on nipples and fingering each other I couldnt hold back much longer, I had them lay on the bed on their backs with their heads hanging over the edge of the bed, my cock touched Christys mouth and I twitched and a thick heavy spurt came out and went up her nose, I pulled back and let out a thick stream all over Saras mouth and chin.

I this released what was left and rubbed it all over Christys cheek. I told them to lick the cum off of each other as I slipped out of the room and the apartment. What Whores!