Young boys get their penises hanging out nude gay porn He got down on

Young boys get their penises hanging out nude gay porn He got down on
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Ice Maiden to Whore Saffron sat quietly with her workmates in a downtown bar one Friday evening as they toasted the promotion Frank had secured at work earlier that day. She was glad to be included in the party as she never really felt part of the team since she moved from Denver to take the job over six months ago.

This was the first time she had ever been asked along on a night out. Sometimes she felt her coworkers never noticed she was there. Saffron listened politely, too reserved and shy to chip in any anecdotes or jokes as they sat round on the comfortable leather couches drinking and chatting and maybe just maybe she had one or two more Campari and Cokes than she ought to.

She felt over dressed in her little black dress and black three inch heels which were the highest she could wear and still dance in while most of the girls were in jeans or mini skirts and tank tops. She wanted to dance but not dance alone but no one offeredno one tried to catch her eye, no one seemed to notice her so she just nursed her Campari and Coke and giggled at the feeble jokes.

Finally she needed the ladies room, she went to wash her hands, and when she looked in the mirror she saw an anonymous mid twenties blonde Caucasian with perfect teeth. a cute nose, blue eyes just like ten thousand other girls in the city and a thousand on the front cover of fashion magazines.

It just didn't seem fair that no one seemed to notice her, she thought as she combed a strand of her long blonde hair straggling across her face back into place and fixed the hair grip. "Slow tonight eh hon." a beautiful negro woman in the classy black dress asked as she came in through the door and went to check her make up in the other mirror. "Sorry?" Saffron asked as she looked as the woman flicked her frizzy hair.

"Too many amateurs," she said, "I'm Jade by the way." "I'm sorry?" Saffron answered, "Saffron, I'm Saffron." "So are you doing ok?" the negro asked. "Sort of," Saffron agreed, "Not too bad." "So how many?" Jade asked.

"What?" Saffron answered. "Tricks, guys," Jade asked again. "What?" Saffron asked. "How many tricks you turned girl cause I ain't turning none?" Jade demanded. Saffron swallowed, "No none," she replied.

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"What I thought, maybe we should go pro active," Jade said wickedly, "Put on a show maybe." "What?" Saffron queried.

"Girl on girl dance hon, get the guys interested." Jade suggested, "How about it?" "Yes!" Saffron agreed slightly drunkenly, "Why not, sounds good!" "You want to lose that brassiere, let the guys see what they're missing maybe?" Jade suggested, as she cupped her own breasts and laughed, "Cause your bra straps a couple of inches up your back." Saffron twisted sideways, her flesh colour strap was indeed visible above the open back of her black dress, but she thought being flesh it didn't matter, maybe it did, maybe the back was lower than she thought, "Sure," she agreed and Jade helpfully flipped open the clasp and Saffron stretched the straps over her arms and hands and scooped the lacy brassiere out of her dress and slipped it into her grip.

"Leave that with Tony," Jade said, "You know, the bar tender? then we can dance!" "Ok," Saffron agreed. "You set?" Jade asked and when Saffron smiled Jade led her back to the bar, "Hey Tony, check this will you?" she asked and Tony smiled as Saffron handed him her black and silver clasp bag. "Come on lets liven the joint up," Jade suggested, "Hey Dan how about some dance music," Jade asked the DJ as she headed for the centre of the dance floor where the spotlights played and the glitterball sent multicoloured light patterns scudding across the dance floor.

The music changed to an up tempo number, Jade gyrated, "Come on get yourself noticed!" she suggested, "Shake that booty girl!" Saffron tried to copy her moves but her breasts jigged and her nipples rubbed her dress and the more they jiggled the more her nipples became aroused, "See it's working!" Jade grinned, "Give the guys a flash." "No" Saffron protested.

"Yeah!" Jade cried and she pulled the front of Saffron's dress down and her breasts spilled out, "Whew!" "Hey!" Saffron cried but Jade popped her DD breasts out of her top and started gyrating.

Guys were approaching, black guys, beautiful tall muscular guys with tight black pants that left nothing to the imagination, with open front shirts and dancing shoes, they looked at one another and headed for Saffron, "Put on a show?" the first asked as he danced to the music.


Saffron tried to pull her dress up but the music was hypnotic and the guy had his hands on her hips looking down into her eyes, "I'm Leroy, this is Junior," he laughed, "You want to show these good people some action?" Saffron nodded helplessly, her breasts were driving her mad as she tried to cover herself but every touch seemed to engorge her already rock hard nipples even more.

"You want to 'Dance' with us?" Leroy asked.

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Saffron nodded helplessly, at least it would hide her breasts if he came close and then suddenly as he held her she realised she was getting very damp.

Her pussy was tingling, her nipples throbbed to the music, his hands moved, suddenly she didn't have to imagine, he had his cock in his hand, she stared and gasped, "Kinda has that effect," he said. It looked huge, it was outrageous, fourteen inches long! or so she thought and already the last eight inches was sheathed in a black ribbed condom.

"Look," she said but his hand was lifting her dress. "Dumb bitch what you wearing for," Leroy asked, and he pulled the crotch of Saffron's sheer black panties aside, "Jesus," he added and he aimed his cock at the soft moist spot between Saffron's legs and thrust. "Aieeee," she wailed but the music drowned it and Junior came up behind them as they jumped to the music as Saffron gently slid down onto Leroy's cock.

"No!" Saffron protested, but Junior's cock was against her ass then against Leroys cock as he sought somewhere to stick it in her as they swayed and finally he gave up and let it slide up her bum crack. "It's OK I'll fake it," he said as he squeezed in so Saffron was the white meat in a black sandwich.

"Wrap your legs round me," Leroy whispered, "Show's nearly over." She did as he said and sensations raced through her body as he humped his monster through her vagina into her womb. "Don't make me come babe," he said, "Careful now, about eight more bars then down and back to the dressing room OK?" "What?" Saffron demanded and then the music wound down and Leroy set her down and Junior backed away. "First show of the night Ladies and Gentleman, the doors are locked, it's Ten thirty and it's fun time!" Dan the DJ announced as he brought up the volume and dimmed the lights, "Big hand for our dancers!" Jade and the guys took a big bow, Saffron curtsied awkwardly as she tried again to pull her dress back up but Jade was heading for the Ladies room and the Leroy was following.

Saffron hurried after Jade but Jade stepped through a side door marked 'Staff,' instead of the Ladies. A narrow room with grey anonymous lockers and a table, where garish neon light from an overhead strip contrasted with the subdued light outside "You bring any stuff?" she asked Saffron. "I'm sorry, I just got screwed!" Saffron exclaimed, "On the dance floor!" "Yeah but it got the guys hot!" Jade explained, "But hell girl don't wear when you're working, that's rule number one." "I'm not," Saffron started to say,'Working', but Jade was rooting around in a locker, "We'll do the slave routine," she said as she pulled out a red leather collar and dog leash, "Got a corset?" "What?" Saffron exclaimed as she gripped the table as her heart fluttered and her pussy throbbed.

"No, you said, you never brought anything, try this," Jade suggested as she pulled a black corset from locker, "Hey like now while they're still hot!" "What,?" Saffron asked as she looked for a tissue. "Corset, wise up," Jade insisted and she lifted Saffron's dress and slipped the corset around Saffron's slim waist. "What," Saffron asked her head swam with the heat and the alcohol as Jade struggled with the buckles. "Hands up," Jade ordered and she hauled Saffrons's dress up and over her head, "I can't see what I'm doing." she fiddled with the corset straps, pushing it tight under Saffron's cute tits and tight around her midriff and when she was satisfied she took the collar and buckled it around Saffron's throat.

"He fucked me," Saffron said. "OK, don't fret," Jade consoled her, "But come on girl while they're still hot." "Hot," Saffron agreed. "I'll do mistress, OK?" Jade suggested. "My dress?" Saffron asked.

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"It will be fine," Jade insisted, "You play act OK," she added she took a pair of soft leather wrist bands and buckled them around Saffron's wrists.

"What you doing?" Saffron asked. "Making you look real sexy," Jade replied, "We're going to clean up girl!" "But," Saffron exclaimed. "Look," Jade explained, "The doors are locked, its after ten thirty, its adult time, its all legal, don't worry." "Legal?" Saffron queried.

"Ought to shave really," Jade observed, as she pulled Saffron's panties down to her knees. "Though blonde looks kinda cute." "No!" Saffron exclaimed but Jade took her wrists and linked the two soft cuffs together behind her back before she pulled the door open and tugged Saffron along by her least.

"Whoooo!" the onlookers whooped as Jade pulled Saffron out through the door and into the bar area.

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"Where's the birthday boy?" Jade asked. "He got a promotion!" Sally said as she raised Frank's arm. "Then he deserves a little extra," Jade said as she pulled Saffron towards her friends.

"Extra?" Frank laughed, "What extra." "Extra special!" Jade said, "Smooth Sexy Samantha," she said forgetting Saffron's name, "One free blow job for the new boss," Jade said as she leaned over the table and wrenched Frank's zipper down.

His cock was caught so she undid his belt and top button as well and then his cock was standing up tall and proud.

"Whooo!" Saffron's coworkers laughed drunkenly. "Well suck the man slut," Jade ordered. Saffron blushed crimson but Jade pushed her down and Frank guided her head down onto his cock as Saffron tried not to gag as she swallowed his cock until his balls slapped against her chin. "Oh fuck that's good!" Frank gasped. "Just one freebie boys then its fifty a time," Jade ordered, "How about you sir, you want a blow?" she asked Harry as he sat watching.

"I want to fuck your ass," he said thoughtfully his speech slightly slurred. "Later!" she said, "Who else wants a blow?" "Go on Harry!" Monica egged him on, "Show us what you're made of!" "Chicken," crowed Betsy, "Get it out!" "Hey leave off," Harry protested, "Why don't you do something?" "What blow you, no thanks!" Sally laughed, "That's why we booked some whores!" "Extra special celebrations for Frankie boy," Betsy declared as Saffron concentrated on not choking on Franks stiff cock.

"All on Stan's plastic!" John laughed, "Whooo!" "Anything we want!" Caroline laughed, "Will he ever get a shock when he gets the bill!" Saffron, listened intently, she had paid for her own drinks but she now realised everyone else's drinks seemed to be on the boss' credit card. "Bonding," John laughed. "Ugghhh," Frank suddenly exclaimed and his cock started twitching and suddenly he was cumming deep in Saffron's throat.

Saffron froze too terrified to breathe as Frank pumped his load deep down inside her until she thought she would surely choke but then thankfully the flow slowed and stopped and he was spent, his softening cock slipped away from Saffron.

"Ugh that's gross," Monica protested, "Put it away." "Hey slut, gentleman here wants your ass," Jade insisted. "I can't," Saffron protested in a whisper, "I need the bathroom!" "Back soon guys," Jade promised and she dragged Saffron away. "Hey where's the new girl?" Denzil asked.

"She went," Mike said, "Before lock in, stuck up bitch." "Ice maiden, better without her!" John confirmed and Saffron heard every word. "What's up?" Jade asked. "I never done Anal before!" Saffron protested. "Girl, you just clean yourself out and the rest comes naturally," Jade insisted, "It ain't like being virgin its just taking it up instead of pushing it out.

You just ain't had an enema right?" "No," Saffron admitted. "No sweat," Jade confirmed as she bundled Saffron into the staff room again, she grabbed a clear plastic hollow butt plug and a length of hose and pulled Saffron into the ladies rest room again, stopping only to push the hose onto a hot tap she lubed the plug and holding Saffron firmly by the collar she pushed the butt plug against Saffron's anus.

Saffron cried out, "Pipe down," Jade agreed, "Look I know you're new but we got standards and guys expect anal," and she put her knee against the butt plug and pushed. Saffron felt like a bomb had exploded in her ass as the pain wracked her body and then Jade rammed the hose up through the hollow plug and deep into her anus turning the tap as she did so. A wall of surging water erupted within Saffrons anus and her belly tried to fill against the corset and then Jade was holding the end of the pipe high and guiding Saffron to sit on a can, she pulled the hose and the water erupted till it flowed clear.

"Guess that's ok," Jade insisted, "Look down, don't look up," she added as she dragged Saffron back out to the party. "Later," Jade insisted as two black guys wanted to DP her at one time then they were back at the party, "Your Anal sir!" Jade announced as she dragged Saffron along in front of Harry. "Don't mind if I do!" he declared as he drunkenly dropped his pants, "Damned silly dildo," he exclaimed and he grabbed Saffron's butt plug, twisted it and wrenched it free.

Jade reached in and gave Saffron's sore ass a shot of red lube and handed Harry an orange and red striped condom then she stood back. Saffron stared at the floor and quite quickly Harry dropped his pants and hauled on the rubber before he started to worm his cock up Saffron's tight virgin ass.

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"Whoo hoo, she tight, tight as a," Harry tried to think of something tight, but the slippery friction was driving him mad even as it just made Saffron sore and frustrated. "Whoo!" Harry laughed as he shot his load far far far too soon. Saffron just lay quiet as Harry finished up. Jade was gone, back on the dance floor where the two brothers DP'd her as they swayed to the music. "Hey is she on Stan's plastic?" Betsy asked, "Cause this is making my pussy itch, it sure needs some sucking bitch.

Saffron gathered the 'Bitch' jibe was aimed at her and that they hadn't realised that she was their colleague and not one of Tony's special whores, so she kept her face down really respectful. Betsy wore a short red skirt with a thong beneath so Saffron slipped her head up between Betsy's legs and started to suck Betsy's cunt through her sheer thong, Saffron had not sucked a girl since high school but like riding a bike she had never forgot how. "Enough!" Jade cried as she came over, "The show's over, anything else you pay up front!" and she whispered, "The guy with the red tie," and she pointed, "He want's you and he's loaded." Saffron kept her head down and went to the guy in the red tie, "New here right?" he asked and he idly squeezed Saffeon's left nipple.

"Yes sir," Saffron agreed. "So what you like about whoring?" he asked, "The money or the sex?" "Pleasing you sir," Saffron guessed at the answer. "Hot damn they said Tony was the master and he sure is whore wise," the guy said, "How much bareback?" he asked. "I'm not allowed master," Saffron replied.

"Doggy then, with a rubber," he asked and when she hesitated he added, "Five hundred dollars take it or leave it." "Yes," Saffron agreed. "I guess you like being a slave whore, dancing naked, shaking your ass and tits and teasing the boys till every on of them is thinking of ways to violate your every hole?" he asked, "Except I got the cash so I get to fuck you and they can only watch, losers." "Yes sir," Saffron agreed as she knelt in front of the guys chair and waited.

"Say it, tell me what you are" he ordered as he released the link between her hand cuffs. She looked back through her legs as he aimed his cock at her sopping cunt. "Yes sir, I am a whore". she agreed. "Say it again!" He commanded. "I'm a whore" she mouthed. "Thats right, just look at you, a fucking worthless whore fucking with a complete stranger when you don't even know his name, fucking in a bar with your tits in his hands, fucking," he said as he started to hump her, "You're lowest of the low tell me whore!" "I am a worthless whore sir," Saffron agreed, "Fuck me hard sir," "Shut it whore," he said, "Tell me what you are." "A whore sir," she said "Yes Sir, it's true I am a worthless whore".

"Say it again!" He commanded. "I'm a whore" she shouted, "Oh fuck that feels good!" she groaned, "Harder!, Fuck me you bastard." "Thats right, your a useless cock sucking useless fucking whore," he agreed. "Who needs your cock!" Saffron gasped urgently.

He spoke again, "Whore, listen closely, you go back on the dance floor and dance to the next song. I want to see those slutty tits bouncing and that whore ass grinding, is that clear?" "Yes sir", she breathed.

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He continued, "I want to see your fingers inside you spreading your cunt lips, I want to see you squeeze those tits. I want you to bend over to show your cunt lips and the butt plug so everyone in the room will have seen your slutty cunt and ass spread and I want you so hot and horny that by the end of the song, by the time the music stops you cum, I want you to cum.

Do you understand whore?" he said as he humped her. "Yes Sir", she replied and she felt him start to shoot his load, "Thank you sir." He took a step back,pulled his pants up, turned around and walked away.

She waited a second and knew she must dance, he spoke to the DJ and suddenly the Latin - American beat of a Tango blared from the speakers. Saffron had to decide very quickly whether or not to follow his instructions, but something primeval made her take the first step towards the dance floor.

She cupped her breasts and squeezed her nipples she had never known her nipples so erect, so elongated. She stood beneath the glitterball and moved to the music with her tits bouncing and ass grinding. the cool air against her ass and cunt felt intoxicating as she felt all eyes upon her, she stood on one leg and spread her vagina with her fingers as she slowly turned, an miserable years of Ballet training payed off, as her fingers pistoned up and down.

A couple of guys close to the dance floor began shouting and pointing at her. "Hey baby, come over here and dance for me," and "Bring that wet cunt here slut, I'll take care of you", but she knew what she had to do. The music reached a crescendo and the red and white mists filled her mind, "Fuck me please!" she shouted as she pistoned three fingers violently into her vagina and thrust her other thumb inside the hollow butt plug, "Fuck meeeeee." She found herself sitting down on the dance floor beneath the gliterball, "Fuck, that was good," she exclaimed as she came to her senses.

There was a ripple of applause then the catcalls continued."Oh yeah baby, you coming over to take care of all these cocks?" a group of guys demanded, She put her head down and didn't reply.

"Hell girl get in there,Tony will keep the tally, two fifty each," Jade advised as she came over, "Look like you made a hit doll, how you do that slow spin thing?" Jade asked and she took hold of Saffron's leash and led her to the group of guys she had never seen before. Jade stepped aside as she got close, and the guys began to paw and grab at Saffron's tits and ass, pushing fingers in her vagina and anus, she pushed hands away, only to be replaced by other hands.

They laughed at her and asked."what's wrong, doll, where we come from this is how we treat a bitch." They held her, surrounded her and bent her down, someone hauled the buttplug out and rammed his cock up her ass then they straightened her up and his buddy shoved his tool deep into her sloppy wet cunt. They sat down on a couch and a third guy straddled her chest and pushed his straining tool into her mouth as Jade came along again, "Hell whats wrong with your hands doll, there's cocks that need a wanking." Hands crushed her tits, fingers and thumbs squeezed her nipples, cocks filled her mouth cunt and ass and she tried to masturbate two cocks at the same time, something had to give and Saffron screamed in ecstasy as orgasm after orgasm wracked her tortured body, she had a moment while the guys changed places but the sensations built again, "Aggghhhh," she wailed, "That's so fucking good!" She collapsed under a mountain of testosterone fuelled energy and lay helpless for a moment.

Jade was busy fucking Saffron's coworkers Mike and Denzil so Saffron went to the bar, Tony gave her a drink, neat brandy. "Good girl," Tony grinned, "You gave the boys quite a show and let them have their fun. You did real swell, why did you ring to say you couldn't come?" "Sorry?" Saffron said in confusion.

"I'll give you a call next time I have a 'Special Party," Tony laughed, "The boss leaves this to me,you want to come back to my place." She didn't know what to think, "No I just want to sleep." she said "Sorry." "Mr Branner's mighty impressed," Tony informed her "Who?" Saffron asked.

"The old guy, he said to come over when you finish." Tony suggested. Saffron went to the staff room, she needed a shower but had to make do with cold water in a wash basin, she stripped off the corset and dressed in her black dress before collecting her grip from Tony, she tucked her bra in the grip and went to go.

Her friends were still sprawled around drunkenly as Jade frigged Sally and Monica and tried to get Frank and Mike to fuck them.

Saffron was sober enough to realise she was too drunk to drive home. She walked across to Mr Branner, "Tony said." she said. "You want a ride home?" he asked. "Please," she said. "How did a nice girl like you become a whore?" he asked, "Couldn't get enough I guess?" "Bills," Saffron explained, "Shall we only I'm too drunk to drive." "So am I that's why I have a chauffeur," he suggested, "Shall we?" an he took her arm like a real gentleman and escorted her out into the night.

They headed for a black Escalade SUV She grinned like a school girl as she walked to the rear passenger door, opened it and climbed into the seat.

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"Good girl," he said, "You sure gave the boys show and let them have their fun humping you, but you're no regular whore, you want to tell me what's going on? or do you want to get naked so Charles can hump you for the ride?" "Yes, if I must." Saffron agreed and she went to take her dress off." "I want to hear how you became a whore," Branner said, "I'll take you home, have my card, give me a ring when you want to, where to?" Saffron smiled a big smile.

"Atta girl, maybe we could do dinner?" he suggested. "Maple and Twelth," Saffron suggested and the Escalade smoothly crunched across the gravel car park as Charles expertly chauffeured her home. ==================================================== Monday, Saffron remembered everything about Friday, if her coworkers remembered she knew she was finished at work, she had fucked her boss in public in a bar, and she danced naked in front of her coworkers. "Hey cool party Friday, where you get to?" Denzil asked.

"I got tired, headache, a guy took me home," Saffron explained, "Why, it seemed rather tame." "Tame, hell, they laid on some whores!" Mike chipped in. "Whores, what prostitutes, why?" Saffron asked. "It's a party!" Mike said. "That's gross," Saffron replied sternly.

"I guess," Denzil agreed, "Fun though, maybe you should have some fun, Ice Maiden." Saffron smiled, but by Lunch no one had seemed to realise that she was the whore who sucked Frank off.


"Was she pretty this whore?" Saffron asked. "Sure was," Frank agreed, "She was so black it was unreal, she had some white trash with her but man I want another piece of that black ass." "I'll remember not to ask you on a date then!" Saffron joked. "Yeah, save it, I'd get frostbite of the foreskin if I fucked you Ice Maiden." Frank laughed.

And Saffron breathed easily her secret was safe. Maybe she could do it again sometime? Maybe not.