Er spritzt unter strom in der eichel

Er spritzt unter strom in der eichel
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PLEASE NOTE: Since English is not my native language, there might be some spelling or grammar errors in texts. I'm making sure to correct as much of the errors as I can. Thank you. .Monday. Me and Andy were lying in bed in our boxers and watching TV. My parents came back. "Aky, are you home ??" My mom yelled from the door.

"Oh shit. " I said and jumped out of bed and grabbed my shorts and quickly put them on. "Yeah. I'm here with Andy." I yelled back. He put on his shorts and went out.

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"Oh, hi Andy!" My mom said from the hall. "Hello. " Andy replied and smiled. "Did you get to Italy safely?" I asked my dad. "No, we had to crash land on the nearest airport because we lost an engine." He replied. "Oh my god. " Me and Andy said at the same time. "It's OK.

We landed well. " My mom cheered me. "All right." I said. Andy went back to my room and I was just about to go back when my dad stopped me.

"Hey, Aky. Just one question. " My dad said. "Is there any reason why you two are just in shorts or." He added. "Dad, don't you fell how hot it is outside.

And by the way we were swimming in the pool and we just got out. That's why." I replied. "Oh, OK than." He said. "Oh, and, dad. The TV arrived yesterday." "Nice." He said and went to their room to unpack their stuff. I went back to my room and Andy and I continued to play games. Little later he said: "You know. I should go home now." "Oh, Andy. Come on. It's 2pm.

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It's so hot now. You'll get a heat stroke.


Stay a little longer. At least until it cools down a little." "OK. I guess you're right." He said and sat back on the bed. "What do you want to do now ?" He added. "I don't know. Do you want to go for a swim in the pool ?" I asked him "I can't." He said with a sad voice.

"Why not. You're the best swimmer in school. I told him. "It's not that. I didn't bring my underwear." He said. "That. Hah. I've got a spare pair of my swimming shorts. They'll fit you." "All right then." He said. I pulled out my swimming shorts and gave them to him. He put them on and when he turned around he looked fabulous.

The shorts were a tight fit and you could see a curve of his cute butt. ^_^ I put on mine swimming shorts. And we went to the pool in my backyard. "You look fabulous. " I told him. "Thanks. You look good too. " He said. "Thanks. " I replied.

And we jumped in the pool. "You know. I've been thinking. If we did that yesterday, does that make us gay ?" He asked "Uh, I don't know. I don't feel like it." I said. "Yeah, but you started it first. " He laughed and pushed me lightly. "Mhm. You first got a boner when you saw my crotch. " I replied. "I've always wanted to see your junk at P.E., but all I got to see was your butt and it's a nice looking one.

" He giggled. "Well, you got to see it yesterday. " I said. "And I got to feel it too." He added. "Yeah. But it was nice. " I said now with a boner in my shorts. "Ye. It was." He said and ground his crotch against mine which made me even harder.

"You're hard again ?" He asked. "Maybe. " "I'll have to get a better view." He said. And he went underwater. I felt tugging on my shorts and he pulled my crotch out. He got back to surface. "Yup. Definitely, it's hard." He told me and started slowly jerking me off. I did the same thing to him.

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It felt nice. The water and all that. He got down and sucked me. I came in his mouth. Then I sucked him off. We got out of water and dried off. Than we got back to my room and changed. "I've got to go now. " He said. "Awwwhhh. Really ??" I said. "Yeah. " He told me and packed up. We went downstairs and on the door there was Ben. "Hi." Andy said with a shy voice.

"Hey, Andy. How are you ?" Ben asked happily. "Good. You ?" "I'm great !" He replied. "See you. " He added and ran upstairs. "See you." I said.

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"Bye." He replied, turned around and left. "Now, for you, sweetie." I said quietly thinking about Ben. I got into our room and I saw him putting my bottle of lube on the table. "You were playing, huh ?" He said. "Yeah, I was about to start that. I'm sorry." I said shamefully. "Don't be." He told me. "But, I cheated on you. " I screamed. "Ye. So did I." He said. "W-what ?! " I muttered. "Yeah. I did it with Ryan too. " He told me putting his stuff back. "Oh. So, you're not angry. ?" I asked.

"Why would I be angry ??" He happily said. "After all, we've got to experiment." He added. "Mhm. I suppose." I replied and sat on the bed next to him. "Oh, come here, bro !!" Ben happily said and hugged me. I hugged him too. "I missed you. " He said. "Me too.

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" I replied. We started kissing and then my dad bashed in our room. We broke the kiss as fast as we could so that he wouldn't see us. "Um, come down. We put the TV. Come and see." He said. "Let's go !!" We said and ran down. "Cool." Ben said in awe. "It is. " I added. Then, when the nighttime came, we went to our room and get ready to go to sleep.

As we were lying down, we started talking about our experiences with other boys.

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"Hey." He said. "What?" I replied. "Did it feel good with Andy?" He asked me. "Ye. It was nice. What about you?" I asked. "Yeah. It was good, but not as good as when I'm with you." He said and we cuddled and fell asleep.

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Part 7 is coming out tomorrow.