Schöne Asiatin Creampie

Schöne Asiatin Creampie
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This is a Sex Story, I wrote it on a request and its a bit different from what I usually write. Comment and Rate, and most of all Enjoy I jumped as my phone rang, I had just gotten comfortable and started working my favorite dildo in and out of my wet cunt when it went off.

I sighed and dropped the toy then answered the phone "Yeah?" I asked.

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"Hey Chris, can you stay over here at my place with Jack for a couple weeks? John has been sent to Connecticut for two weeks for work and he wants me to go with him." my friend, Jennifer, said. I agreed to, I loved her dog Jack, and she said they were leaving around five that evening. Jack was a big ass solid black Lab, German Shepherd mix that just loved me.

He was about three and a half and playful as could be, intact down below so he was always going for a leg. I sadly put the dildo away and went to put on some clothes, it was 3:35 so I had to get ready to head over there. I passed my tall standing mirror and admire my naked self. I was short, only about five foot with straight shoulder length deep red hair kept in a pony tail, green eyes, 36c tits and an ass that would knock a man out.

I had always been athletic, so everything was tight and firm, no flab. I grabbed a suitcase and threw some clothes in it and other necessities, and of course my favorite toys, then put on a white mini skirt and pink half tee, not bothering with underwear. I was single, never really have been able to commit to a relationship, so I had a lot of time alone and I was happy that way. I didn't bother to shower here, Jennifer had an amazing shower, one of those digital setting with way more function and jets than she could find use for but a lot bigger.

John, her fiancé, was a big time software designer and made well over six digit's a year. I grabbed the suitcase and went out to the car and drove off.

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Jennifer lived about 30 minutes away in a big brick house out in the woods. They had a big backyard surrounded by trees with a pool and a big deck. I parked the car and took my stuff in "I'm here!" I said loudly. Jack came rushing in and jumped up to meet me, his paws against my breasts, tall enough to look down at me. His tail was flying and he slurped me across the face "Hey Jack!" I laughed and scratched behind his ears.


"Hey Chris!" Jennifer said as she came in. We hugged and she said "Ok, you're here now we're going to take off a little early, thanks again." she told me. "Anytime, I love hanging out with Jack." I replied happily. So they left and I had the big house and Jack to myself.

I found Jack's toys and got his Frisbee and we went out the sliding glass door to the back yard. I threw it and he bolted off and leapt into the air to catch it. He brought it back and paraded it around with a mischievous glint in his eyes and dropped to his elbows. I grabbed it and tug-o-warred with him and got it, then he tried to wrestle it from me. We rolled around in the grass, I was laughing and his tail was about to fly off. He got it finally and went off to beat it up good.

I looked up at the sky, it was quickly darkening and looking angry, so I called Jack and we went back in. I figured I'd get a shower in before the storm hit, so I stripped and went into the bathroom, not bothering to close the door.

The shower took up half the room and was completely open to the rest of the room. I walked in and played with the digital display, water temp good and high, pressure all the way up, every shower head on, and go. I stood with my legs apart as the floor jet sprayed water up and my head back so the ceiling jet could hit my chest. I washed good and thoroughly enjoyed the water tickling my body.

Suddenly, something warm wide and wet slipped into my hot cunt and I jumped. "Jack!" I yelped and my eyes snapped open and my legs snapped shut. He was standing there with his head cocked sideway and I giggled "You horny bastard." I said to him "You need a shower too." I grabbed him and soaked him down with me, then grabbed his shampoo from a shelf and soaped him up.

He loved it as much as I did, and when he was clean he took off through the house to dry off on something. I shut the water off and followed him, not worrying about clothes or drying, I would just air dry. They had a big wood fireplace and a stack of wood under the awning by the sliding glass door, so I lit a fire and turned the lights in the living room off.

The storm came on hard, suddenly dumping buckets of rain and flashing lightning. Jack came over and we cuddled on a blanket in front of the fire, I loved the closeness and his fur against my skin.

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He licked my neck a few times, then a stray lick flashed across my tit and, with the licking and the feel of his fur against me, I couldn't help becoming wet.

Jack perked up, his nose twitching and his eyes serious. I felt something hot and wet rub against my abdomen and I jumped and moved away from him. His dick had grown and now stuck a few inches out of his sheath, and his balls had swollen to the size of tennis balls. I felt my juices run down my leg and I shook myself and walked into the kitchen.

I must have gone crazy, getting horny from a dog. I decided to make a sandwich and I tried to focus on that to get it off of what I had just seen, but I was still wet when I walked back into the living room.

I bent down to set my food on the coffee table and Jack leapt onto my back. "No Jack!" I snapped and stood up. He fell to the ground, but did not look too discouraged. I sat in front of the fire and ate in silence, Jack hovering around sniffing. I was even wetter now that he tried to mount me, and I shook my head irritably, I was not going to let him get to me like that.

I didn't even know if it was possible for a dog to fuck a person, but I wasn't about to find out. I shared the crust from my sandwich with him and returned the plate to the kitchen. On my way back to the fire I stubbed my toe on the coffee table.

I cussed and reached down to hold my hurting toe, and that's when Jack attacked again.


He leapt onto me and wrapped his front leg tightly around my waist, knocking me down onto the table, and tried to fuck me but hitting the back of my thighs. "Jack down!" I shouted and tried to push him off. He growled and bit my neck warningly, not letting go. I froze, he meant business, but I had to get him off of me before he found his mark. Too late.

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He jabbed and his dick touched my pussy lips and he gave a hard thrust, sinking all the way in. he pounded me harder and faster than any guy I had been with. I screamed, in pain first then in pleasure, his cock must have been nine or ten inches and thick. I came hard with every thrust, and with every thrust he grew and grew. I became sex crazed and reached back to work his massive nuts and his knot expanded quickly, becoming the size of a large orange, locking us together.

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Then he came, load after hot, scalding load I felt it leave his sack and pump into me, it felt like it must have been several quarts. It filled my already packed pussy to the max, and even stretched it some more. He was still humping but it was short, soft thrusts, and I could feel his chest pumping as he panted. His cum was seeping out around his knot, dripping onto the table beneath me while he replaced it with his continual spurting.

He leaned down and licked sweat from the back of my neck down to my shoulders, sending tingles down my spine.

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After about fifteen minutes locked together, his knot shrank and he pulled out, causing our juices to rush out of my abused cunt and soak part of the blanket. Once I recovered, and had a change of heart, I was hungry for something nastier, and I want that cum pouring down my throat. So I got off the table and onto my hands and knees beneath him and rubbed his sheath. He quickly became horny again and his cock swelled.

I took him into my mouth and worked his hot, still sloppy dick, it tasted like a perfect mixture his and my juices. He began to hump into my mouth and he mounted me from the front and fucked my face. His cock rammed down my throat and his already forming knot pushed against my lips, bruising them.

He swelled quicker this time and shot his load, though no less than before, down my throat and I gagged. I slid his cock out of my throat and took his cum in my mouth instead, though it flooded over quickly.

It was thick and sweet, I decided to turned over and let the rest of his cum shoot all over my tits while I enjoyed my mouthful.

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He finally finished, after he covered my tits, neck, and face, and started cleaning me up. He licked my tits clean and worked his way up, washing my face good and I opened my mouth and he lapped what I held there and slid his tongue down my throat to get what ever was left. He finished by working his tongue deep into my dripping pussy and bringing me off a few more times.

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All the while the storm crashed on. I didnt really plan on continuing this story when I first wrote it.but I realized that this is Day 1 of 2 weeks.dont seem right to stop there, depended on the response I get from it I may keep on with it