Perfect Big Booty Bubble Butt on bed

Perfect Big Booty Bubble Butt on bed
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Part 3 Chapter 1 It was now coming up on Thanksgiving. The week previous, we did meet up with Mandy and Jim, and it was, to say the least, a very entertaining night. They brought with them a game. The game consisted of two boxes, with these tiles in each of them.

One box told you, when it was your turn, what article of clothing to take off. Once one person was naked, they had to draw from the other box and do what the tile said.

One was, "If you are bisexual, you have to kiss and lick every one's genital area. If not Bisexual, then just all opposite participants, if they are naked" It took a while to get naked, but once there, it was fun.

I remember that tile because I drew it. I almost went to Jim and kissed his cock. I know the ladies would have loved that. It was fun because it told you what positions to use on a partner and for how long.

No tile had you go more than one minute. But after almost an hour of playing, Mandy, who drew one that told her to fuck your non partner, cowgirl style, started fucking me. When Jackie said time's up, she laughed and said, "Bullshit.I'm not stopping till I cum." Then we all got in to normal fuck mode. We even spent the night there at their house.

Jackie and I did it when we went to bed, and then again in the morning. Earlier that evening too, Jim offered me a job, in their security department.

He runs a company that makes military equipment, and has had issues with people stealing stuff. He asked if I could start after the first of the year. I told him I would consider it, if he was good with that. I needed to discuss it with Jackie.


On the 15th, I was let loose from the Navy. 20 year pension, and an Honorable Discharge. The team took me out that evening. Jackie met us there because I wanted her part of this.

Then that weekend, Amy was over with the kids visiting, when I got a call from Matt. He was stopping out with Rex, The CO pulled some strings so I could be the dogs new home. Rex was a hit with the kids, and Jackie too.He stayed by her side most of the time. He's not dumb. He knows who the boss is and it ain't me. Matt was stayed for a few hours, even had dinner with us. He is such an easy going guy too. Hard to believe that this man could shoot you right in the eye from 1500 yards away, or kill you with his bare hands.

But trust me, he could, and would, if he had too. I could see some sparks between he and Amy. Amy's son Brian, was all about him ,and even me. He thinks we are so cool, because we are, or I was, a Seal.

Even Amber, Amy's daughter was all goo goo eye'd over him. But I know Matt, he won't even think of dating her. Not because of who she is related too, he just won't put another woman through what he did with Jenny, his ex-wife. Jenny was a great gal.

Sexy as hell, and a total flirt with us. But she couldn't handle the deployments, or missions we were sent on. If he was still married to her though, I can almost guarantee that they would be swingers with us. I remember one time, going to their apartment to pick him up, and as custom, I just walked in. There was Jenny. On the floor sucking Matt's cock.

He just smiled at me, and she looked, then said, "Take yours out too, and let me suck that one too big boy." Of course I didn't. But she is kind of like Mandy when it comes to sex. When Matt was leaving, Jackie asked him to come for Thanksgiving dinner, if he didn't mind her sister or her parents being there. He said if they didn't go wheels up, sure.

Then he shook Amy's hand goodbye, which they held for a long second. After he left, the 3 of us were in the kitchen. The kids were playing outside with Rex. Amy was fanning herself. " Oh my God… He is so hot… I'm totally wet right now" she said. Jackie and I just busted up laughing. "Hey" Amy said. "Just because you guys are fucking like two rabbits, doesn't mean we all have that pleasure&hellip.

It's been quite awhile for me, and I am horny, and seeing Matt, well it just gets me wet as hell." Jackie went up and hugged her, then told her, "Sweetie… Come over some afternoon and let me help you out&hellip. I'd love that again." "Oh God Jac" and then hugged her tightly. Chapter 2 Thanksgiving dinner was a huge success. I helped with preparations, as did Amy and their mom, Julie. Their dad, Alan, was out with the kids and Matt. Again, Amy was all goo goo eyes about Matt, as was Amber.

I have to admit, Matt is a handsome guy. He's built like me and a year older than me, but still has 5 months to go to reach 20 years. But he is a lifer, which I probably would have been too, if not for the injury. At dinner, the girls talked about going Christmas shopping the next day, after all the crazy ones got up super early and were out of the way.

Thanks, but no thanks to shit. So I made a suggestion. "How about me and the kids go to that place that has the go-carts and paintball, and I believe zip lines. Matt, you up for some fun? How about you Alan?" Matt was all for it. Brian spoke up he wanted to be on Matt's team, so Amber and I would be the other. I laughed and told Amber, no problem honey, Matt doesn't know how to run and shoot at the same time.

But he laughed, then said I couldn't run anymore. He wasn't being mean spirited, just busting my balls. Alan said he would relax and hoped there was some college games on. Jackie's parents were staying with Amy this time. I think they wanted to be there for support.

I guess any time they come up, they alternate who they stay with. That night, after they all left and Jackie and I were getting ready for bed, we talked. "Wow" Jac said. "My sister is totally hot for Matt&hellip. I swear, had they been alone, he would have been raped by her." I laughed, "Honey&hellip. You can't rape the willing" "Thank you D&hellip.

It means a lot to me and Amy, with you taking the kids tomorrow. My mom and dad were really impressed that you'd do that&hellip. By the way, mom likes Matt, and you too." "Babe… I like the kids, I really do… Amy has done a fine job of raising them&hellip.

Only one thing concerns me&hellip. Brian told Matt he wants to be a Seal too, when he gets out of school&hellip. It's cool that he has a goal, but that life isn't for everyone, and it is extremely dangerous&hellip. I guess I don't want him glamorizing it… Something I'll need to discuss some day with him." We just crawled into bed. As our custom now, naked.

She just curled up in my arms and asked if it was alright we just went to sleep. She was tired and have a big day of shopping tomorrow. Of course I didn't care. I was pretty tired too. Jackie and I rode together to Amy's and after picking up the kids, and then meeting Matt at the place. We had a blast. Did the go-cart's first. I was surprised how well both kids could drive.

Amber has her temps already, but Brian tooled around like he'd been driving for years. The zip line, I had to admit, was great fun. Amber was a little apprehensive at first, but after the first time, she loved it. Then it was paintball time, after eating a very unhealthy lunch of burgers and fries.

The attendant, who was only doing his job, told us the basics of where to go and how to shoot the guns. He was giving the safety lesson to all of us.

Matt and I just rolled our eyes, but it was the attendants job. Then Brian spoke up when the guy came up to our party and asked if we had questions. Brian, not really knowing, said no, we got it. These two guys are Navy Seals. The guy just smiled at us then. When I was alone with Brian, I just asked him not to say what Matt is.

We don't like people knowing that, which he understood. For an hour, we played the game, which for Matt and I, was like shooting ducks in a barrel, and we were using our left hands. Brain did real well too. He ducked right at the last second and avoided being shot. Amber stayed close to me, so she was never in danger. But she did get this smart ass kid, who thought he was so good. Her last shot though, was a classic. She shot Matt, right in the groin area. I fell down laughing so hard.

My mistake, since I was kind of defenseless, those two clowns pummeled me with paint. All in all, it was great time. We got back before dinner time. Jackie had called and said they would be coming soon too, and asked if I would order pizza for everyone. Pizza arrived about the same time the girls came home. Of course the kids had to tell the girls and grandpa all about their day.

There was plenty of laughs, especially when Brian told them how Amber shot Matt. As I was walking Matt out to his car, Amy came running out and gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek and thanked him over and over for being with the kids like that. After she went back inside Matt chuckled. "Damn Rock&hellip.

She is so freaking Hot&hellip.Christ, even the mom is hot." I laughed at that but then warned him, "Look Buddy&hellip. She isn't one that you have your one and done with&hellip.It's all in, or nothing with her&hellip.

But if you are all in, she'll rock your world, if she is anything like Jackie&hellip. Plus, and I hate saying this Shit Brains, she thinks you are hot too&hellip.

Why?, I have no reason." "Hey… Something to think about&hellip. I got what, 5 months to go, to hit 20, so who knows." After he left, of course Amy wanted to know what we talked about. I was coy about it, but said he is interested in her, but knows she is going through a divorce.

I didn't want her to get hopes up. As long as he is a Seal, he won't be in a relationship. On the way home, Jackie informed me of their day. She said it was a great time for the three of them. It had been a long time since they did something like that. Then she told me about their excursion into Victoria Secret. That perked my ears up. "God D&hellip. you had to be there. Amy and I got our eyes opened… Mom was picking out thong panties.

Not just everyday type. I mean see-through and lacy too… When we questioned her about this, she laughed and said, "What? You girls don't think dad and I like sex anymore? Your dad is one hell of a man in bed. We still do it a few times a week. So I like dressing sexy for him. Keep that in mind girls.

Please your man right, and he'll please you in return. And if you must know, he is hung pretty nicely and has a great tongue". We both went Oh My God. too much info mom" "Your mom is pretty hot, I hope you know that. And her daughters are definitely branches from that tree&hellip.Cuz you are super hot Baby" "Thanks Babe. You just might get laid tonight." she said with a laugh. Jackie was riding me later that evening, and asked if I really thought her mom was hot. "Oh hell yeah… Think she rides your dad like this, or even shaves her pussy like you do?" I asked and laughed.

"Oh Shut up you ass… Now make me cum." Chapter 3 We had a busy December. Besides getting ready for Christmas, which is something I wasn't used too, I helped with decorating the place, I knew Jackie got into this because I used to come here at Christmas, if I was around the area, when John was still alive.

Two weeks before the holiday, Jackie, Mandy, and Amy were going to do baking at Jackie's. Jim thought that it would be a good day to take me to the gun club he belongs to, and shoot skeet, and other shooting that takes place there.

It is rare that I use a shotgun, but I have in training, on many occasions, so I am not unfamiliar with one. But a gun is a gun and I did fairly well in shooting the clay pigeons.

Some of the members asked if Jim was bringing in a wringer. Jim didn't let on that I was a Seal. Jim had also asked me to sight in his 30-06 rifle. Now that would be a no brainer for me. Jim tape a dime to the center of one target, then tried, first, to hit it.

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He missed by a mere inch. I hit it dead center on the first try, then shot the hell out of the center. I just love shooting. We were there almost 6 hours, which included lunch and a few beers too. By the time I arrived home, which was after 5, Mandy had already left. Amy was still there but needed to get going so she could pick up the kids from Todd's parents. He was supposed to have them all weekend, but said he had a work related thing going on this weekend.

He supposed to have them every other weekend. Amy definitely had some spring in her step though, as she kissed and hugged me, then took off for the kids. Jackie had a shit eating grin on her face, when I asked how their day went. "Ahhh… Very entertaining to say the least&hellip. In fact, follow me" she said. So I followed her upstairs and into our bedroom. The bed was a mess. Covers on the floor and a big wet spot on it, towards the middle. "I'd say more than cookies were baked today." I said and smiled.

"I'm sorry Baby… That wasn't the intent&hellip. But we got talking and Mandy sort of let it out of the bag that the four us play&hellip. Of course then, Amy wanted details, which then got us horny" "I'm sure it did&hellip.

I know Mandy now, and it doesn't take much to kick that motor into gear." I chuckled after I said it.

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"Then Amy asked if she could ever join in&hellip. I said I don't have a problem&hellip. Mandy said she didn't either&hellip.Amy said she has known for a long time that Mandy and I are lovers and wants to experience that&hellip. So Mandy, being Mandy, said why not now&hellip. Hence, the messed up bed&hellip.

And, between Amy and I, we got Mandy to squirt." "Do we guys get a say so in this?" I asked, as I raised my eyebrows. "Very little&hellip. Who you kidding anyways&hellip. Like you'd kick Amy out of bed&hellip. Both you and Jim would love another pussy to service&hellip.

Speaking of servicing a pussy. You'll need to do that later.

I'm starving right now." Later that evening, Jackie was quite horny, and into our second time, she was on top. She started telling me more of what happened that day, and got pretty graphic too. Mandy loved how Amy ate pussy, and how Mandy already knew about Jackie and Amy in high school days. So it wasn't a shock when Jackie went down on Amy. As she was telling me, she was grinding hard on me too. "To bad I couldn't have been hiding in the closet and video that scene." I said "I'd let you Babe&hellip.

Not sure about the others… Just the thought turns me on&hellip. Mandy would be game too, just not sure about Sis." she said.

"So tell me&hellip. What fantasies do you have, and want to live out?" She chuckled, "Many&hellip. Two I have recently done… Becoming your lover, and giving a blow job while driving… One's I still want?.Let's see.

A Female, Female, Male threesome." "Oh yeah?. and who would be your partners?" I asked. "Well for the male… That would always be you&hellip. But really. I want Amy with us&hellip. Then the other is a male, male, female fantasy." "Well&hellip. I can guess me and you… who's the other guy, Jim?" I asked "You may not like this, but I would like it to be Matt…… I think he's pretty sexy… Not as sexy as you&hellip. Just something about him." she said, sheepishly, as she said his name.

"I could see that&hellip. I know he thinks you are one hot lady, and has told me so on many different occasions…… I'd be cool with that." "Really?.I mean damn D&hellip. I'd love to have two men to myself&hellip.Oh fuck Baby&hellip.

Fuck me now&hellip. All this sex talk makes me want to cum again." She did, twice more, before I finally unloaded my seed inside her. She asked later if it bothered me at all, with her wanting to do Matt with us.

I told her no. Were living the life we want. I have no problem sharing, if you don't. Which she doesn't. She did tell me that her and Mandy used the strap-on with Amy. Amy said it wasn't like a nice hard cock, but it was satisfying for her. The next weekend, we were going to a Christmas party, sponsored by the Animal League. Jim is on the board for this. It's dress up type. Suit or tux for men and long gowns for the women.

Amy was going too, but needed a gown. Jackie had quite a few, since her and John used to go to different events like this. Amy was over that Friday evening, trying different one's on. She chose a beautiful dark red one, that hugged her curves so nicely.

Jackie even let her borrow her Pearl necklace. I did offer my services, in helping her change clothes. "You'd like thatwouldn't you perv?. But if I let you do that, I don't think we'd get to far, once I was almost naked." she said as she giggled, as did Jackie. After she left though, Jackie told me that Amy was upset with asshole.

He wasn't giving her any money for the kids, for christmas. As it stood, he was paying her $500 a month for each kid, and said take it out of there. I'm sure, once the divorce is settled, he'll be paying a hell of a lot more. So I ask Jackie to ask what the kids really wanted, and then we could buy it.

Jackie said her sister would be too proud to take that. I said bullshit. Those kids needn't suffer because of that jerk. So we worked out a plan to find out, and buy the items, then using the key Jackie has, put the stuff up in Amy's bedroom. She yell at us, but that's ok. The dinner and dance was fun. Jim and I sat with three very beautiful women, and we paid them compliments all night, especially Amy.

We wanted to dote all over her and make her feel like she should, a beautiful person, and forget her troubles. I was dancing with Mandy the one time, and she asked what I thought of what the three girls did the previous weekend. I told her I was shocked. Then laughed and said, shocked that you guys didn't have me there, or Jim too. She laughed and said, yeah, that was Jim's reaction. But, would you be okay if we did invite Amy to play as well.

I said absolutely. I'm sure the four of us could keep her busy. Then Amy and I danced. This was third time tonight. She felt so good in my arms.

As we danced she did talk. Not loud, just enough so I could hear her. "Dan?.Remember that time we danced for the last time at the wedding?. I was a bit drunk, but I was super horny&hellip. I had plans on taking you into that store room off the hall, and I was going to blow you." "Really?" I asked. "Yeah. Really&hellip. Your dick was hard and poking me in the stomach&hellip.God, I wanted you that night." "I wish you would have&hellip.

But what if I wanted more?" I asked. "I'd of let you too&hellip.I'd let you right now&hellip.But, I don't think Jackie would like that." she said. I chuckled, "Girl, you have no idea what your sister would allow&hellip.I'd love to enjoy you too." She smiled a little, "Yeah. I know all about you four… I just wish I had a partner… I mean it sounds like so much fun&hellip.

I know last weekend did, for sure." That night, in bed, I relayed everything that was said, to Jackie. I don't hide anything from her. While Jackie was slowly stroking me hard, which doesn't take much coaxing, she giggled and said. "You know. We're not doing anything for New Years Eve, and Amy will be home all alone.

Amber and Brian are spending the night with their friends, who are hosting parties. Why don't we have her spend the night, and see what may happen&hellip.

Like I told you before, I'd love to watch you two fuck, and it would fulfill one of my fantasies, and I bet money, one of yours too." We then made some really passionate love. Just moaning and groaning, and very little words, except for I love you and I'm cumming. The next day, Jackie did talk with Amy and found out what the kids wanted. They both wanted their own smartphones. All they had were flip phones. Easy enough I thought. Jackie and I went out and got them. Had them set up to work Christmas morning.

Jackie bought Amber a few outfits too and some clothes for Brian. Plus some other small stuff that would come from us. I also said I was going to give them each $500 in cash. Typical guy way. Jackie thought it was too much, but I said that they needed cash for themselves to have. The kids have always called me uncle Dan, and in a way, I was now, just not legally. Christmas Eve was going to me and Jackie and her sister Amy.

The kids were going with their dad to his parents, then spend the night with him and he'd drop them here by 9 the next morning. But as usual for Todd, he disappointed them again. He said he was asked to go to some party later that night and told the kids to stay at his parents. They said no thanks. His parents is quite boring for them. So he compromised and said he have them here around 8 that night. Amy was furious, for she knew he was going to be with that slut, as she put it.

I laid on the bed and watched Jackie dress. I've been doing that a great deal of late. It's not that it is a turn, but more a sensual stimulation of sorts. She usually just smiles when I look on, but tonight she asked why? "I honestly don't have a real good excuse, except I love viewing you almost naked, then transform into a sexy woman before my eyes&hellip.

Remember, except for 5 years with Linda, all I ever saw was a bunch of swinging dicks where I stayed…… So yeah, looking at you change is definitely a big plus for me." "Awe&hellip.

that is so sweet Honey&hellip. I like when you watch me too." she replied to my comment.

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Then I said, "I can't believe Todd is doing this to the kids tonight&hellip. Does he not feel any fatherly obligations?" I asked "I guess not… He is showing his true colors now&hellip. Amy is livid too&hellip. And so you know, she was going to be an early Christmas gift for you, and me too, in a way&hellip. Guess we'll put that on hold until next week… I hope!" she said.

I was starting to get up and she noticed the bulge in my shorts. She was wearing a very nice dress, green with red trim, very festive, then put on a red Santa hat, and looked like a very adorable elf. She came up and put one arm around my neck, and her other hand went to my bulge, and squeezed it. "If we're real quiet tonight, I think Santa's Helper needs some of Santa's gift." then kissed me and went to her makeup table, while I finally dressed for the evening.

Amy arrived at 7:30, or so. She asked if I would help bring in all the presents she brought with her, which was quite a few. Once inside and presents placed around the tree, she donned a Santa hat as well, which matched the red dress she was wearing.

God, these women were beautiful. She and Jackie did have a long, and passionate kiss, while I finished up. I got just a peck on the lips from her. Then she bitched us out for spending on the kids, like we did. It just makes her feel so inadequate, and helpless right now. We told her to be quiet and that she is family, and we take care of family, just like I would do for a team member. The kids did arrive a little after 8, but Todd didn't even bother to get out of his car.

I should have sicced Rex on him, just for the hell of it. Jackie then texted Johnny to turn on his skype. Everyone talked with him for almost a half an hour. He told me he was happy I was with his mom and to take care of her. He was sorry he couldn't come in, but his he had an internship, which he hoped turned into a job, after graduation, needed him there over the holidays.

We all then went downstairs, to the entertainment room to watch Christmas Vacation. The kids manned the recliners, while Jackie and Amy cozied up on the loveseat. So I got the whole couch to myself, until Rex decided to join me. I did look over one time and saw the girls holding hands, as their legs were curled under their bodies, showing off a little of their thighs.

When bedtime came, we all headed upstairs. The kids going up first, with us adults straightening up after the movie. When they were out of sight, Amy pulled Jackie in for another kiss. I just enjoyed the view as these two kissed and kissed. This helped me pop a boner in no time. Then Jackie nodded to her sister, who came to me and kissed me. Her tongue snaked into my mouth and played with my tongue. I couldn't resist my urge to squeeze her butt cheeks, and did, This elicited a moan deep in my mouth from her.

Her hand reached down and squeezed my hard cock, then sighed, as she broke away from me. "This sucks" she said. "I will go to bed wet and have to use my hand, while you two go up there and fuck&hellip.You do realize I was supposed to be a present for you Dan." she continued. "So I have been told&hellip.Trust me, my Dear, it will happen, and probably in short time." I said.

Jackie giggled, "You could sneak into our room later…&hellip. Dan had enough cock for the both of us." "Oh right……… Then one of the kids gets up and looks for me, then finds me butt naked in bed with you two&hellip.

Try and explain that one………&hellip. You know Dan, just fix me up with Matt, and I bet, all my sexual needs would be fixed." she spat out, then turned and left us. I did promise her that I would give Matt her number, that way, it was out of my hands. Jackie and I crawled in bed and kissed. She rolled on her side and reached back for me. She guided me into her waiting love entrance. We tried very hard to be quiet, and we pretty much were, except for when Jackie came, she gave out a long sigh.

"Merry Christmas Baby&hellip. You have made me one happy lady" she said. Christmas was fun. I forgot how much fun it could be, especially with people you love. The kids loved what they received, even the clothes, and were shocked by the money, as was Amy. I even gave Amy $500 in a card. I wrote a note saying she is to spend this on herself, and no one else. Then signed it love Dan.

She had a tear in her eye, after that one. After dinner and everyone just sitting around chilling, Mandy and Jim showed up. They had been with Jim's parents that morning and early afternoon, and now were on their way to Mandy's folks. We exchanged gifts with them, but one we were asked to to open with kids around. I could just imagine what that was.

Amy, being Curious George, shooed the kids to the basement and had Jackie open it. It was the sex game that Mandy told us about, and had seen at her house. Amy and Jackie's eyes lit up with that one. Amy even whispered in my ear that we had to play that one night, together. All in all, it was the first Christmas I have enjoyed in a long time. Chapter 4 A few days before the new year, Jackie and I had to go to the mall and return a couple of things, for the right sizes.

As we took care of business, she also shopped a little. She thought it was cute when she started holding up bras or thongs and asked my opinion on them, with a bunch of ladies around us. As we were walking through the mall, she spotted the store that catered to sexy items, like teddy's and thing like that, plus toys.

So we stopped in there. She found two of these really sexy robes. On kind of like a purple, her favorite color, and the other, red. You might as well not had anything on, they were that translucent. Then we headed towards the back. In this area were toys. Dildo's of every shape and size, and even color. She found two to her liking. One was maybe 4 inches long, and slender, that vibrated.

"The Bullet" she said with a giggle. Then she picked up a blue dildo. It was about my size and had a mushroom head on it. No doubt a toy for her and Mandy to play with. "What's those for?" I asked "If you are a good boy, I may show one of them later." she stated Then we headed to the men's section and she picked up a couple different cock rings. She said they help with prolonging an orgasm and help with making me last a lot longer. She picked up a couple different one's, and then went up front and we paid.

The girl, kind of raised an eyebrow to me, but I just smiled. When we arrived home, it was almost 8, and we hadn't eaten yet.

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We just had some leftovers instead. Then Jackie said she was going to shower and for me to join her in like 10 minutes in bed. "I'm really horny tonight." she said as she give me a wink. As I was eating her, she took the Bullet dildo and turned it on, and started rubbing it on her clit, as I sucked her pussy, then her ass.

She came three times within 10 minutes of starting to use that. "MMMMMMMMMM D&hellip. God that was good. Now fuck me Baby…&hellip. Momma needs a nice hard cock, and put the ring on please." The first way we started fucking was me standing, and her ass at the edge of the bed.

She took the vibrator and rubbed her clit as my cock slipped in and out of her wet pussy. Her moans were loud and long, and I could see her looking up at the ceiling watching this go on.

I looked up too and watched my cock disappear inside her. "It's so hot to watch your big dick fucking my pussy Baby&hellip. God does that turn me on." she cooed. It must have because she had another orgasm. She didn't waste time either, she rolled to her knees and begged me to fuck her hard, and stick the toy in her ass.

Now that was new. She had let me finger her ass as we fucked on other occasions, but toy play was new wrinkle. "Oh Goddddddddddddddddd Babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy&hellip. That feels so good&hellip. I want your cock there, one of these days." she said loudly. Thank God, Rex was downstairs, he might think I was hurting her, as loud as she was being now.

Again we switched positions, after she came. This time she wanted on top, but faced away from me. I didn't mind, since I could view her great ass and watch my cock slide in, and watch her lips grab it tightly. If people only knew the real Jackie, that I get to see, the Sex Vixen, they'd never believe it.

If you knew her outside of our home, or bedroom, you'd think they plopped her right out of one of those Hallmark movies. Before she went down on my shaft, she took my ring off. Then I saw her reach for her toy again. I didn't think to much about it. I thought she'd be rubbing her clit again with it, which she did, for a few seconds, once she was down all the way. But then she surprised me when I felt the tip touch my puckered hole. Now don't get me wrong, I am open minded, and Jac has fingered my ass when we have fucked, or given me head, but this was totally new for me.

It was a little painful, at first, but the vibrator actually started feeling good to me, and Jackie said she could feel it vibrating too.

Then she moved to face me, and squatted over my dick, and impaled herself onto me. "OH God Danny…………&hellip.Fuck me good now Baby…… Cum with me." She rode me hard and fast.

The bed was shaking and our bodies slapped together, and her tits swung like a flag in a windstorm. "That's it Baby&hellip. Right there&hellip. Fuck Me &hellip.Fuck Me." she yelled out. I started pistoning into her and she would meet my thrusts. When I grabbed her tits and squeezed, that was it.

Her whole body went tight, including her pussy. Her head shook from side to side as she released a huge orgasm, and flooded my cock and balls with her fluids. I shot right after that.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk" I yelled as I pumped several ropes of creamy goodness inside her. After collapsing on top of me, she rested for a bit.

I loved holding her like this, and thanked my lucky stars that I made it through all those years of putting my life on the line, especially for a woman like this. I think too, I was truly in love with this one person, who I never gave a thought too, in my past life, that I would even dream of being with. She sat up, and looked down at me, and smiled. "My God Dan&hellip. You bring out the best in me&hellip.

You are my fourth lover in my life, and no one has ever made me feel this great, in bed and out……… Please don't take this wrong&hellip. I was in love with your brother and we had many a great year together, but somewhere down the line, we just got comfortable with each other.

Then he sought out others for pleasure&hellip. Maybe it was me, but we'll never know, because he never really said what drove him to other's beds…… When we tried swinging, it was my last ditch effort to save my marriage…… At first, I really wasn't to keen on it&hellip. But after a few times, I began to enjoy it, especially Mandy and I, and just the whole process of four people having sex together." she stated, then stopped for a few seconds, like reframing her thoughts.

"Then" she spoke more, "He died, along with it, many unanswered questions&hellip. Questions I still ask of myself&hellip. Like what did I do wrong, or not enough of? Wasn't I sexy enough? Why did he have to seek out someone else&hellip. Granted, I wasn't this fiery in bed, like I have been of late, but I was close&hellip. Then the swinging stopped, and it was just Mandy and I for a long time, not including Rob, who actually sucked in bed, until you came back into my life&hellip.D&hellip.

when you first came here, I never had a thought of being lovers, or growing to fall in love with you as I have…… Then when you agreed to swing with me… I thought, Cool, we both get to have sex and have fun, and at first, not with each other. Then that night we did make love, it was like a bulb went off in my head and said, Wow, this could be real&hellip.

And then we still swing&hellip. Most couples would never do that, let alone start a relationship with swinging included…… But, if you want to stop that part, I would be okay with that, but I would be lying if I said I won't miss it. As long as I have you to be there with me and then go home with, or go to bed later with, that's all I want.

I love you Daniel&hellip.And to be selfish here, I am so glad you and Amy didn't hook up after the wedding… I really think you two would have married one day, had you, and I wouldn't be here, loving you more every minute of the day." "Honey… You need to know, I had no idea we'd fall in love, when I first came here&hellip. I did have many a lustful thoughts of you, when you were married to John, and even before that&hellip. I've always thought of you as one of the hottest ladies god put on this earth&hellip.

But now, since we made love that first time, I can't imagine life without you&hellip. The sex, well that is great&hellip. But it's our love making I love the best&hellip.When we make love, it feels like we are connected as one, striving to bring each other the ultimate pleasure…… In a way, we are a team now… I have your back, and you have mine, and no one is going to come between us…… I think of you 24 / 7&hellip. You own my heart Jacklyn, and no one has really had that before, not even Linda&hellip.Not after I see and feel the love from you…&hellip.

And truthfully, I like our team a lot better than the one I was on before…&hellip.As for the swinging&hellip. Okay, that was a different way to start a relationship, but hell, it makes you happy, and me too, but I love making you happy and I really do love watching you with others, because I do reap the benefits afterwards, and so do you…… But at any time, you want to stop that part of our lives, we stop… no questions asked.

Just never stop our love, and love making&hellip. Even when we are acting like two teens and slutty, we're still making love, because it is pleasure we are giving to one another…… As for Amy&hellip.

I'm glad too&hellip. I wouldn't be here now, laying in this bed with you&hellip.Sleeping with you&hellip.Waking to your beautiful smile every morning, and just being with you all the time…&hellip. I'll be honest though, I always wondered what would have happened if we did date…… We could have ended up like her and Todd eventually, or been swingers with you and John&hellip.But we'll never know, and frankly, I don't even care…&hellip.

But Babydoll, I do love you, to the moon and back" She leaned down and kissed me softly on the lips, then said "I love you Baby". Chapter 5 We had stopped over to Mandy and Jim's, the day before New Years Eve. They were leaving the next morning for Florida, Captiva Island.

They have a house down there as well. We just stopped to wish them Happy New Years. They said next time they go, we are to come along too. I chuckled and said, yeah, if my new boss gives me times off. That was my way of saying, yes, to Jim's job offer. Mandy laughed and said, no worries to that, as long as I take care of the bosses wife. When we went to bed later, she said no sex tonight. Let's save it for tomorrow night.

I was wakened in the morning, by a set of lips covering the head of my cock, which was hard. One thing about Jackie, she loves morning sex. If she is like this now, I'll always wonder what she was like in her twenties, and what the hell was wrong with John. "Babe?&hellip. God that feels great… Oh Shitttttttt&hellip.But I thought you said&hellip.

Oh God& sex?" I asked. Her mouth popped off and she smiled. "Oral sex, isn't sex Silly&hellip. Should I quit?" she said with a wicked little laugh. "No… Please continue&hellip.But give me something to eat then" I replied back to her. And she did. We 69'd for a good 15 minutes. Besides eating her, I finger fucked her ass, which really got her going. I came first, which set her off then, as she flooded my face and mouth with her cum.

Then she got off, turned around and gave me a cum filled kiss. "You know… I am really starting to like ass play between us&hellip. I cum so good when you play with my ass&hellip.In fact, tomorrow, to start the new years off right, I want anal&hellip.But&hellip.

that is only for me and you to experience." We then got up and showered together, then went downstairs and ate real food.

Although, I think her pussy taste better than food. It was a pleasant day out, for the end of December. It was almost 60, which is just a bit above normal this time of year. Jackie was cleaning the house and told me to find something to do. I had offered to help, but she shooed me away. "Helps make the day go quicker, so tonight can get here quicker" she said. Jackie's house it down near Chesapeake, just outside of it, in a country setting, yet close enough to city life.

Her acreage is nice, except for when you got to cut grass. Rex loves all the room to run. I had been training him where his boundaries are and of course, he learned quickly. One thing too, he took to Jackie immediately, and is always around her. We just never let him into the bedroom. And if I give the command to stand guard, he won't move from his sitting position, or if I let him lay down, until I tell him otherwise. He was great for sniffing bombs. He could smell C4, or Semtex, or gunpowder and alert us to it, by sitting near it.

But now, he doesn't have to work. He paid his price for freedom to play and have fun. THat's what we did a good portion of the morning, play and let him run. Amy called and informed us that she'd be over by 8pm. The two parties the kids were attending started around 7 to 8, so by the time she dropped them off, it would be close to 8 or a little after.

Jackie reminded her to brings clothes for tomorrow. She also said she would eat dinner with the kids, before they left. Jackie and I ate around six.

At dinner, Jackie asked, "Are you excited for tonight, like I am?" "How could I not be… I'm going to spend a lovely evening with two, very hot and beautiful ladies." I said. She giggled, "Not only hot, but very naked, and extremely horny ladies…… But tonight, it's all about Amy and giving her pleasure&hellip. If you and I don't do a thing, that's great with me…… But I want you giving her lots of attention…… and&hellip.

Make her cum a lot&hellip.But I am pretty sure, you and I will have our fun too" "So…&hellip.I'm pretty much you girls sex toy?" I asked "Yep&hellip.pretty much…&hellip.Damn&hellip. I am so horny.I'm sure you will be not complaining as we Donner girls fuck you senseless" she replied. Amy showed up a little past 8.

We sat and talked for a bit, as she told us about Amber and the talk she had with her tonight. I guess Amber has a boyfriend, who is also going to be there tonight, but not staying the night.

Amber was already on the pill, but Amy wanted her to know that if she did have sex, use common sense, and make it enjoyable.

But, if you are not ready for it, make sure he knows, and don't do it. Then jackie suggested we go downstairs to the entertainment room and shoot pool for a bit.

Shehad already made a big pitcher of Long Island Ice Tea. I grabbed the plate of chips and salsa, while Amy grabbed the glasses for them and a beer for me.

I watched both girls descend the stairs. Both had on tight jeans, showing off their lovely asses and both wore sweaters. Damn, these two do look yummy. We played eight ball, with me versus the girls. Towards the end of the second game, Jackie started to cheat some, by reaching under me and grabbing my crotch, as I tried to shoot. Then Amy did the same, when I was lining up for the winning shot.

Her hand gently fondled my balls as I shot, which made me scratch the cue ball into the pocket, thus losing the game. I looked at her and smiled and told her I owed her for that. She just giggled, and said Promises, Promises.

Jackie then took Amy's hand and led her up the stairs, yelling back to me to get the Hot Tub ready, and that they would be back down after they changed. I did as I was told and came back in and decided to go back down and just shoot pool for a bit. It was almost twenty minutes after they left, that I finally heard them up near the landing. "Sweetie&hellip. Come on and join us… And bring our drinks please." Jackie yelled down. When I made it to the French Doors, the girls were already outside, with their backs to me.

I could see they both had on the new robes, if you could call them that, and I could definitely make out their asses. Then they dropped the robes and climbed in naked. I figured, "What the hell" and undressed right in the kitchen, picked up the glasses and a beer and made my way out to join them.

As I got close to the Tub, the girls were standing in the middle, locked in a deep kiss. Jackie's hands were all over Amy's ass and Amy's were all over Jackie's.

They were a sight. This sight started pumping blood to one area. Jackie caught a glimpse of me and smiled. "MMMMMMMMMM Babe… You like what you see?" she cooed. I just smiled and set the drink down on the edge of the tub and got in. When I was standing next to them, Amy looked down at my growing member and gasped. "Oh Fuck" she whispered. Jackie just smiled at her sister, then at me. Then pulled me into a kiss, with both girls.

Jackie then directed us to sit. Amy was in the middle, between Jackie and myself. Her breasts, about the same size as Jackie's, looked so nice. Her areolas and nipples, not as dark and Jackie's, but close, and her nipples were hard and sticking out proudly. I handed them each their drink. "You guys are sure you are okay with this?" Amy asked.

Jackie smiled, then told her, "Sweetie… we are very sure of this&hellip.We just made love upstairs and now want Dan to join us&hellip. Tonight… Danny is our fuck toy&hellip. He is going to give us complete pleasure&hellip. I don't care how many times you two fuck, or suck, and cum.But if cums in your mouth, you better share it with me&hellip.Otherwise, you are now part of us, and enjoy every lick, and inch of it." Jackie then moved to her and kissed her again.

I took their glasses and placed them back on the ledge. Jackie took her sister's hand and guided it to my raging hard on. I moaned out when her fingers wrapped around it, and she moaned too. My lips then sought out her nipple, as the two sisters continued to kiss, and Amy pumped my cock slowly. I noticed Amy's other hand on Jackie's breast and was squeezing it gently and palming her nipple, which was already erect.

The only lighting we had was coming from the built in lights, but all of us could see clearly. My hand dropped to between Amy's thighs now, and when she felt it there, she spread her legs. Jackie moved from Amy's lips and kissed down to her other nipple and started sucking it too. Then I felt Jackie's hand on mine, as I rubbed Amy's smooth pussy. She too, shaves her womanhood, like her sister. I let Jackie rub her clit, while I started to finger Amy.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh Fuck……… You two are driving me crazy" She moaned out. "Good baby&hellip. Cum for us Sis" Jackie said softly. Within a minute, Amy's breathing got short, and her ass lifted off the seat. My finger drove in deep and Jackie rubbed harder. "Oh God Damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn…&hellip. Cuminggggggggggggggggg" As she came, I moved my mouth to hers and she damn near sucked my tongue right into her mouth.

I was super excited and wanted to fuck her so bad now. But not in here. As our kiss broke, she looked at both of us, and smiled. "Wow…… you two are something else&hellip. Talk about being tagged teamed." Amy said "Oh Sweetie&hellip. That was just an appetizer. You haven't had the main course yet&hellip.

Why don't we move this party upstairs to bed, where we can really have fun." Jackie said, then kissed Amy again. By the time I got up there, the girls were on their sides in a 69 position licking each other. I just stood there and watched as these two sexy ladies pleasure one another. Jackie must of sensed my presence and lifted her head and smiled at me. " Judging by how hard you are, you must be enjoying the action Honey…&hellip. Come join us. We need some of that man meat of yours&hellip.

Sis, prop yourself up with the pillows and lay back and enjoy." my lady suggested, while her face was coated with Amy's juices. Before I got on the bed, I put on a cock ring, which Amy questioned. Jackie explained why, which made Amy smile. Then Jackie moved between her legs, bent down and started eating. Her ass was up so I took liberties with her and licked her pussy and ass.

Then kneeled behind her and put my cock in her, and pumped her slowly. " Ohhhhhh Fuck Baby. that feels sooooooooo good" Jackie cooed. I did it for a few minutes, then moved up next to them and started kissing and sucking Amy's nipple. Her moans of pleasure we're intoxicating to hear. She then asked " Dan&hellip. Let me suck your dick&hellip. 20 some years overdue" Amy asked. I moved up so she could do her magic. She licked it all over then started putting just the head in her mouth. She'd suck it for a bit, then take half of my shaft into her mouth.

Most times moaning from Jackie's ministrations on her pussy and ass. All of a sudden, Amy spit my cock out and yelled out " Oh Gawdddddddddddd" as her body began to shake as the orgasm consumed her every fiber. As she did cum, her hand gripped my cock pretty tightly, although I don't believe she was even aware of it. Jackie slithered up Amy's body, making sure she separated enough so just their nipples rubbed together.

I've never witnessed Jac this way with Mandy. She is being super sensual and erotic tonight, more so than I've ever seen. Then she leaned over to me kissed me. "God.I love you Baby&hellip.get between our legs and let me know if you like what you see." Jackie cooed in my ear.

As I moved around to the back of this sister duo. I could hear them kissing and moaning. I was greeted with a sensational sight. Because of a pillow under Amy's butt, it elevated her just enough, so when my girlfriend stretched her legs wide, their pussies touched, which made it look like one long slit. I leaned down and started at Amy's lowest point, and slowly licked all the way up to Jackie's tight little ass.

I heard both girls cry out fuck as I tongued them once more. Since both sets of legs were spread wide, I got up so I was kneeling as close as I could to their womanly treasures. I started at Jackie's ass and ran my cock head over that puckered hole, then down over soaking wet lips. Then rubbed her clit with it, which made Jackie moan louder. I heard Amy speak, "You're a tea…" but quit when she felt the head rub over her clit, down her very wet slit.

" Ooooohhhh fuckkkkk… Danny" Then I ran it back up to Jackie's love hole and put about 2 inches in. This made her gasp. Then pulled out and Found Amy's love hole and started putting it in. "Oh God Danny&hellip. Go slow&hellip.It's been May since I had a dick inside me&hellip. And nowhere near your size&hellip. Oh God" Amy pleaded. I pulled out again. And when I did, I heard her sigh and say "Aweeeeeeeee".

I positioned the head back in Jackie. This time giving her half of me. "Oh Yeah Baby". I let it sit for a few seconds, until she started wiggling her ass to get more of me. Then pulled out and repeated the process on Amy. When I pulled out of her this time, she spoke: "What the fuck Danny… either fuck me, or not… you're killing me here" Amy said with some frustration. Jackie giggled. "Easy Sis&hellip. He's giving us equal cock right now&hellip.I'm finding it sexy as hell." Then I stuck it back in Jackie, but this time, all the way, then pumped in and out of her a few times.

"OH Yeah Baby&hellip.Love your hard cock&hellip.You are so hard right now Babe&hellip.Feels soooooooooo fuckingggggggggg gooooooooooood" Jackie purred. Then I pulled out and rubbed the head against Amy's clit, then pushed back inside her. Slowly, but this time, all the way in.

"Oh My God&hellip.Oh My God&hellip. Stay there please… right there&hellip.mmmmmmmmmmm" Amy sighed out. I hear those two kissing again and I started pumping in her tight pussy. She was extremely tight. I bet she was this tight when we were teens too. How stupid of me, not to at least ask her out, all those years ago, I thought.

Then Jackie started slithering up her body to dismount, without stopping us from coupling. Then she rolled to the side of us and propped her head in her hand and watched as Amy and I started to fuck. Jackie to took her free hand and stroked her sisters hair and caressed her cheek. "How's that feel Babygirl&hellip.His big hard cock sliding in and out of your tight pussy like that?" Jackie asked in a soft voice. "Look up Sis, and watch his cock move in and out&hellip.His cock is so big and powerful." Jackie said as she leaned over a took a nipple into her mouth and sucked.

"Oh God&hellip.That is hot looking&hellip. Oh my fucking God&hellip.Fuck Danny&hellip. Fuck me harder now&hellip.I need to cum again." So I did. I increased the speed and was going in harder, with powerful strokes. She was close to cumming then and let loose a loud wale as she began her orgasm.

My knee hurt a little, but damn, I didn't care. When she started cumming, she pulled Jackie's mouth up to hers so they could kiss, as Amy came. She didn't squirt, but she did release plenty of girl cum all over my cock. I was surprised that I needed to cum. The last time I wore a cock ring, it felt like forever for me to cum, but I think with being with Amy and Jackie, together, and Jackie in her slut mode, I was going to cum anyways.

But where? Amy did say she is on the pill, so no worries there. I kept pumping away inside her, even though her orgasm was starting to subside some. Then I felt my balls tingle and draw up. Just before I shot, I pulled out and shot cum all over her, from her tits down to her pussy lips. I was kneeling and stroking the last of my own orgasm out of me, which dripped on her belly.

"Oh My Fucking God" Amy said. "Look at all that cum on me…&hellip.Totally HOTTTTTTT" she said. Then Jackie leaned over her and started licking it up. I too started licking up off of her pussy and abdominal area. Jackie fed some to Amy. It was a beautiful and erotic kiss. Then Jackie broke from her and came to me, so we could kiss, which I fed into Jackie's mouth. After we kissed, I leaned over Amy and kissed her deeply as well. I swear, I thought she was going to suck all the air out of my lungs, her kiss was that passionate.

Then I finally fell off of her, to the other side, opposite Jackie, who had this super sexy smile on her face. She was pleased by this all. "Oh my God, you guys&hellip. You two are the sexiest, and kinkiest couple I have ever seen&hellip.Not even porn could top you two…… and that cum kiss&hellip. I'm all in for that, anytime&hellip.I love cum." Amy said. Jackie smiled. " Oh Honey&hellip. we aren't always like this&hellip. Dan and I enjoy some of the best passionate love making more than any of this…… But we also enjoy letting go and getting into the moment, and, spending it with you has been quite erotic for us, me for sure&hellip.

Watching you two together was such a turn on&hellip. then fucking us both&hellip. Whew… never did that before&hellip. Hope you enjoyed it too." Amy giggled. " You're kidding right?. This was the best I've ever had&hellip. hope you will invite me back again soon." " Sweetie?. We're far from done&hellip. Dan is a multiple times man…&hellip. But if you're done, we can stop, or you can just watch because I would love the chance to squirt with you here with us." Jackie said.

With a pouty face Amy spoke. " Oh God Sis&hellip. I'm sorry&hellip. I just assumed…… see, for 19 years I was with someone who was one and done&hellip. let alone have multiple orgasms like I have tonight&hellip. I only came if he ate me and the last 3 years that didn't even happen&hellip. When we did fuck, I had to wait for him to fall asleep and then go off by myself and use a toy.

I'm up for more&hellip.

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I definitely want to see you squirt" Jackie smiled then looked at me. She asked if I was good for more fun. I just chuckled, then nodded my head. I was letting Jac run this show tonight. Remember, I'm their fuck toy. But I have to admit, fucking Amy is nice.

Her pussy is tight, and like her sister's, get really warm just before cumming. Jackie looked over at Amy and ask, " mind giving me a helping tongue and lips on this gorgeous cock here?" I asked, "Should I turn on the TV, so we can watch the ball drop the pole, in about an hour?" Amy's hand was already caressing my balls, when she grinned, then said ," Nah&hellip.These are the only balls I'm thinking about and your pole should do nicely dropping down on&hellip.Fuck.You two have me so horny" Both girls took turns sucking and licking me hard.

I was in heaven as I watched them. Before they started fucking again, Jackie told Amy that they'll switch after whoever cums first, then try another way. Amy giggled then said, "Wow Dan… I think your dick is going to get a workout now." Just before Amy mounted me, Jackie put another cock ring on me.

Either my dick grew, or this one was tighter. When Amy started riding me, Jackie straddled my face and let me eat her succulent pussy. I've tasted them both tonight, and it is hard to say which is which, they both taste delicious. It is hard to concentrate when a woman is riding you and you are licking another woman. But after 10 minutes or so, of this, Jackie got off and told Amy to turn around, reverse cowgirl.

I sat up then so Amy could lean back some, knowing what Jackie had in mind. Jackie pay between our legs and started licking both my cock and Amy's pussy as we fucked. My hands cupped Amy's breasts and lightly started pinching her nipples. All this action drove her crazy and within minutes she was cumming, and cumming hard.

Her body went limp for a few seconds as she came and came. She finally fell off of me and lay on her side, trying to catch her breath. Meanwhile, Jackie took my cock into her mouth and sucked the juices right off of it. When she finished, she came and lay on top of me and we kissed and made out. Her kisses always excite me. I can't even tell you how long we had a little make out session, but it did last a while.

"Wow… You two are one sexy couple together&hellip.Just watching you make out, turns me on." Amy cooed, as we saw she was lightly stroking her pussy lips. "Jackie&hellip. Ride him like I just did, so I can return the favor to you guys&hellip. You guys ever do it like that before?" Amy asked. "No." Jackie answered. "That was a first for us&hellip. Hard to believe with Mandy involved, that we've never done that&hellip.

But I loved doing it." Jackie stood above me, then turned around and sat back down, with her sister guiding my cock into Jackie's awaiting pussy. She was extremely wet and very hot. She set the pace, which was slow, but powerful, with plenty of grinding. Amy was laying between our legs licking Jackie's clit, and my cock and balls. "I forgot to mention Danny… Love your shaved look&hellip.That is so sexy, and no hairs to worry about and spit out." then giggled and went back to work.

I was sitting up and caressing Jackie's breasts and nipples. She loves having her nipples squeezed, but not to hard. "Oh Fuck Baby…&hellip.You are so fucking hard inside me&hellip.Ame's tongue work is driving me crazy" Jackie said loudly.

We went this way for a few more minutes. I know Jackie was getting close to cumming again, when she yelled out to stop. She got up and turned around and faced me, but this time, she was squatting over me.

She reached under her body and guided me back home. I looked in her eyes and saw total lust in them. Amy moved to the side of us and watched, and as she did, she played with her pussy. Jackie and I started up again, but this time I started pumping my hips up and down, matching Jackie's squats as we fucked.

"Oh Fuck Baby&hellip.Oh Fuck Baby&hellip.Right there Babe… That's the spot" she yelled out We started fucking faster, to where I was now like a jackhammer in her pussy. I reached up and grabbed her tits hard and rolled her nipples between my fingers. "Fuckkkkkk Baby…&hellip.That's it&hellip.Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk" And Jackie started cumming and squirting all over my cock.My balls were drenched with her liquid, as I'm sure the bed is now too.

Her orgasm lasted a good minute, maybe even longer. She then fell down on top of me, panting so hard now. I was holding her and caressing her back. Jackie then slipped off, between me and Amy, who had to move a little to let her sister rest some.

Amy wrapped her arms around Jackie and held her close. They rocked each other while Amy kissed her sister. I looked over at the clock and told them it was already 20 minutes into the new year. They both quietly said happy new years to each other, then me.

I leaned over and gave Jackie a warm kiss and told her I love you. Then I kissed Amy and told her love you too. Jackie looked down at me and saw I was still hard. Her hand encircled it and stroked lightly. She smiled at me and said. "Oh God Baby, you didn't cum, did you?.I can't go anymore&hellip. That wore me out totally…… Amy… Would you mind taking care of Dan, please" "MMMMMMMMM My pleasure, if Dan is up for it" Amy said with a big grin. "Come here Sweetie&hellip. I think I have something you may just enjoy" I said.

Amy crawled over to me and lay down, and spread her legs for me.

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I went ahead and leaned in and kissed her pussy, taking a few licks from her honey pot. That got her to moan some. Then I licked my way up her belly and spent some time on her breasts and nipples.

Her nipples were hard and so easy to suck. As I was sucking. She grabbed my cock and put it at the entrance to her engorged pussy lips.

"No more teasing Danny&hellip.Put it in and let's fuck" she cooed in my ear. We both looked over at Jackie and saw that she was asleep. We both chuckled and started moving. Her arms went around my neck and pulled me down for a kiss.

We were slow fucking now. No rush to this, just enjoying each other. I have to admit, she is a great kisser. Very passionate. Then she started moaning softly every time I went into her deeply, then whispered in my ear. "Damn Baby… I love your cock in me&hellip.I could fuck you all night, and just might…&hellip.Oh God" We started picking up speed.

With every downward thrust, she met me with her hips pushing up. Jackie must have awakened because I could feel a hand caressing my ass. I looked over and saw her smiling at me. Amy was really starting to get into it now. Her legs came around my waist and started begging me to fuck her harder.

I'm not one to ever disobey orders, and started plowing into her. You could hear our body's slap together. Then I felt Jackie stick her finger in my ass, and that drove me over the edge. "I gotta cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm……………&hellip.Ahggggggggggggggggggggg" "Oh God Yesssssssssss&hellip.Cum in me Dannyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy……&hellip.Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk" As her ass lifted from the bed and I started shooting stream after stream of hot cum deep in her womb.

Her nails were digging into my back, but I didn't give a shit. Her pussy was on fire as she came. I pushed up some, so my weight was totally on her, put her arms pulled me back down and started kissing me frantically.

I pushed back up and looked down at her. "Wow&hellip. That was great&hellip.You are a beautiful, sexy Lover Amy." "Thanks&hellip. Hard to believe I've gone this long without having multiple orgasms, since&hellip.well since Jackie and I in school…… God… I hope I find a guy like you Dan…&hellip.

Not once did you take for yourself&hellip. I've never been with a guy who gave more than he asked for, sexually" Jackie laid next to her and stroked her hair. "He is a very selfless lover&hellip.My needs are always well taken care of…&hellip. So, did you enjoy sharing tonight?. Think you would like more of this?" I got off of her as she contemplated what her sister just asked. Jackie, then moved down between her sisters legs and started licking her creampie.

Just watching that was worth everything we did tonight. "God John&hellip. What were you thinking man" I thought to myself. His beautiful and sexy wife was such a vixen, and he never knew to explore with her. "Oh God Sissssssssss&hellip.I love your tongue." Amy moaned out. Then moaned more when Jackie came up and shared the cum with her, in a long, passionate kiss. Then they rolled to their sides, facing each other and continued to kiss more.

Jackie finally broke away and sat up some. "Come here Baby and kiss me too" she asked of me. We kissed and I could taste the cum on her lips and tongue.

I know my wet cock was laying against Amy's side, but she didn't seem to mind. "Baby?.Shall we let Amy be apart of our Team&hellip.She seems like a natural fit" "What do you mean, Team?" Amy asked "Have you ever heard Dan talk about his guys, and the Team?" Jackie asked, and Amy nodded. "Well.They do everything together. Watch each other's backs.

Never allow another to hurt them&hellip. Well after hearing this for many years, and how Dan and I are now, we too, are a team…… We do everything together, and always watch each other's backs&hellip.We enjoy sharing and neither of us ever gets jealous&hellip.So, you want to be on our Team?" "God&hellip.Really?.I loved this tonight&hellip.

I was so scared that I wouldn't be any good&hellip.Like I said, 19 years of inadequate sex can do that to a person&hellip.What happens if I meet the man of my dreams?. Do we stop&hellip.Let him join in?" Amy asked like a little kid asking for candy. "MMMMMMMMMM&hellip. It would be nice if he would be open to joining in&hellip. But if it has to stop, we'd stop, with no questions asked&hellip.

I know one guy I hope you can hook up with." "Oh My God&hellip. you want to fuck Matt too?. You slut" Amy said bursting out laughing. "Well Yeah&hellip. Come on. He's almost as sexy as Dan…… Dan knows my fantasy&hellip. Of a 3way with him and Dan." Jackie said with a giggle. "No offense Dan&hellip.

But I think he's just a tad sexier&hellip.Shit… I'm getting wet thinking about him fucking me silly, then have Dan do the same?. I'm in" I left the girls to let Rex out, then came back up to bed, after shutting down all the lights. Jackie and Amy were under the covers when I got back. They were laying on their sides holding each other. I crawled in next to Amy, and spooned with her, at Jackie's suggestion.

My cock was snuggled into her butt crack very nicely. "Uhhhhhhhh Dan&hellip. You like that dick warmer?" Amy asked. "Where's his dick?" Jackie asked. "Snuggled against my ass crack…… Hey Dan?.

If he gets hard later, feel free to slide him on in&hellip.My pussy is always open for you." Amy said and giggled.

Jackie chuckled then called her "Slut" I did wake up the next morning with a raging hard on, but I was laying on my back. Jackie and Amy were still sort of holding each other as I watched them breath lightly as they slept.

Rex was prancing around the door, so I got up without putting clothes on and let him out. I stayed downstairs and put coffee on. About an hour later, jackie came into the living room, naked, and came over and sat in my lap. She grabbed my coffee and took a sip. Then kissed me. "Happy New Year Baby…… Did I tell you how much I love you lately?" she said.

"Happy New Year's to you too&hellip. Sure has started out with a bang&hellip. You ok with everything?" I said. "Christ Yes&hellip. Last night was fantastic&hellip.Then getting to watch you and Amy together&hellip.It gets me wet just thinking about it…&hellip.

And she is over the moon right now&hellip.So I came down to get us coffee, then go back up and we're going to play a little more before she leaves&hellip.You don't mind do you?.But later, you are all mine Sailor" "Of course I don't mind&hellip.Have fun&hellip.

You never have to ask me, when it comes to this and especially Amy." I said, as I slipped a hand between her legs and felt how wet she was. "Oh Fuck Jac." I moaned out. "Told ya…&hellip.You two drive me crazy for sex&hellip.Once she leaves, make love to me the rest of the day" Chapter 6 It was now mid February.

I have taken the job Jim had offered. Granted, it a is a slow pace, compared to my old job. Definitely not the rush I had always experienced with that. At this time, I had my eye on one guy. He just seemed to be hiding something. Very nervous when a boss would be around, or if I showed up in his area. Jackie and Amy grew even closer. They were having love sessions at least twice a week, and then every couple of weeks, on weekends the kids were with their dad, she'd stay with us and we'd have threesomes.

They weren't as wild as the first time, but they got close. With those two seeing a lot of each other, Mandy and Jac's meetings weren't as frequent, though they still met up and one of them included Amy.

On Valentines Day, I got Jackie a diamond tennis bracelet, to wear around her ankle, and a ruby one for Amy. I knew Amy was spending that night with us.

We three ate dinner together, steaks and lobster tails. Then a soak in the hot tub. After that, the girls went upstairs and put on red babydoll outfits, and came down and got me, then was directed to our bedroom. Once there, They had me disrobe them, and they in turn, disrobed me. The girls then made very slow passionate love to each other.

There was no dirty talk, just moans and sighs, and groans when they came. Then I was asked to make love to them. Amy was first, with Jackie laying next to us, watching. It took a good 15 minutes before I finally came in Amy. Jackie moved in and sucked her pussy clean, while I recuperated. Jackie and I then made love, with her sister laying there watching. The closer we got to our orgasms, Amy was too. Her breathing grew deeper and her hand vigorously rubbed her clit.

Jackie and I almost came together, really only a few seconds apart. Then Amy came by herself. Amy then moved between Jackie's legs and cleaned her pussy of our combined love juices.

Amy sat up then and kissed her sister, then me. I really love how these two ladies get into kissing.To me, kissing is the most intimate thing a couple can really do, besides oral sex. All three of us then bedded down for the night. With me nuzzled up behind Jackie, while those two hugged and held each other. After Amy left the next morning, Jackie and I settled in on the couch and just cuddled. She had a look on her face that told me she had something on her mind. Maybe it was good, then again, it could be not so good.

Babe?. Thank you for last night&hellip.I thought it was beautiful&hellip.Nothing hard core, just three of making love to one another&hellip.Thank you also for telling Amy the bracelet was from both of us and asking her to be our Valentine…&hellip.That meant alot to her&hellip. She said she's never felt so much love, than how she has from us." I just nodded and smiled, knowing full well now, that she is far from over.

Funny in some respects, but it feels like we've been married all of these years that I can read her so well, after 9 or 10 months together. "But" Jackie started up again, "Are you happy with our life, and our lifestyle?.You got to admit, most couples wouldn't be this open, or even start their relationship off, like we have." "Jac.Honey… I love you… I love our life.

I really do&hellip.Albeit, it did start off in a unique way, but who says it isn't right for us…&hellip. What's prompting these questions?. Are you having second thoughts?" "No.No. No second thoughts&hellip. Dan… I want to get married&hellip. I want to be your wife&hellip. Looking back at my life, I've never been as close as I am with you, to someone&hellip.

Sorry, I know he was your brother, but we were never this close." she said "Jackie&hellip. Never worry about him again&hellip. He had many a year to make you happy&hellip. I personally, love living to make you happy&hellip.And Yes… I want to marry you as well&hellip. I told you I wanted to grow old with you, and that was no bullshit&hellip. Pick a date, and let's do it&hellip. One good thing then… You won't have to change your last name." I said "You ass&hellip.Let me think of a date&hellip.

I'm in no rush… I just want to make sure we are on the same page with life and what we truly want." Jackie explained. Chapter 7 It was almost the end of March now, and we continued our life. We were freer with just doing everything naked, except when we knew company was coming, except if it was Amy. The first time she walked in and saw us naked, she didn't say a word, but then, stripped down and enjoy the freedom of clothes as well. She didn't stay long that day.

The kids were at some event and she had to go pick them up, but did say she likes the dress code around here. A few days later, my friend Matt, called and said he needed to come out and talk. He was very vague on his reason, but I knew it had something to do with the team. He would never say anything over a phone line, landline or cell. We're always paranoid about someone listening in. When he arrived, Jackie invited him in and gave him a hug and a kiss on the lips.

He was mildly shocked at first, then smiled. "You know Jac, you keep doing that, I may take liberties with you." Matt said, then laughed. "And who's to say I wouldn't let you Sexy?" she said back to him with a straight face. That flustered Matt, but then walked into the kitchen and sat at the island. He probably thought she was just kidding around, but she was serious.

We have talked many times about men we know and who'd she would enjoy a threesome with, and it always came down to Matt. Not even Jimmy made the list, only because she enjoys what the four us share.

Which we did 2 weeks previous to this night. "So what brings you out here tonight Bud?" I asked "Ahh&hellip. Some jerk offs at the Pentagon are breaking teams up. Most of the team is being shipped in 6 weeks to San Diego&hellip. Two, which they haven't named yet, are rotating to Hawaii&hellip.

The CO gave me a choice, San Diego, after signing back up, or stay here and ride it out until I retire in 2 more months." Matt explained. "No shit&hellip. That sucks big time.

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The guys probably hate this shit&hellip. I know I would&hellip. What's your plans then?" I asked. "Yeah it sucks&hellip. I don't get to see my family often enough as it is, and then to move across the country?.Shit, it will be like BUD's training all over again…&hellip.Man, I'm getting to old for this shit…… So I gotta ask, do you like retirement, and being away from the action?" Matt now asked.

I smiled and looked across to Jackie, who was sipping a glass of wine, sitting next to Matt. Her eyes were on me now, awaiting my response. "I love being retired&hellip. I like my new job, although it is not as exciting as the teams, but I don't have some shithead shooting at me, which is a huge bonus…&hellip.

Then there is my home life&hellip. I am living with the most beautiful, loving, caring person, God ever created, and I love her with all my heart…&hellip. Do I miss the action?.at first, yes, but not now…&hellip.


I do miss my brothers on the team, and especially you&hellip. You are my best friend, Douchebag." "Aweeeeeeeee&hellip. Should we kiss or something Dick Head?". Sorry Jac&hellip.forgot my manners." "Really?. you don't think I've heard or said things like that?.What a DumbFuck you are&hellip. I mean, I appreciate you wanting to keep it clean, but I ain't no nun, that's for sure." she said then laughed.

I looked over at Jackie, who was smiling now. I looked at her chest and saw her nipples were hard as rock, dying to come free from the top she had on, which was a tan pull over, that hugged her body nicely, and couple that with no bra. And wallah, hard nipples. If Matt noticed, he was being cool about it. His ex, Jenny dressed like that too. She was a big time flirt too.

Matt held his hands up in a surrender style and said, "Ok.Ok… I knew I loved you for a reason Jackie&hellip. Hell, if you weren't with this Jack Off, I'd take a turn with you." I looked at Jackie and smiled, then raised my eyebrows as to question her.

She just nodded and smiled. "Look Bud", I said. "I want to let you know, Jackie and I are going to get married&hellip. Not sure of the date, but I want you to be my Best Man." Hey gave out a big OhhhRahhhh, then shook my hand and gave Jackie another hug and a kiss. "Man… That is so awesome… I'm happy for you both&hellip.

I guess my news of, I'm going to retire is sort of anti climatic…&hellip. Man… That is so fucking great&hellip. Not sure what she sees in you, seeing that she is so Hot." he said, then laughed. I grabbed so more beers and pour Jackie another glass of wine. Then I suggested we go down and shoot some pool. Once down there, we started playing.

Matt then asked, "Who's standing for you Jackie?" "Amy.Of course&hellip.So we'll have our two best friends standing for us, and I can't think of two better one's to do it." Jackie said. "How is Amy?. Is she seeing anyone?" Matt asked. Jackie spoke to this. "She's doing good actually&hellip. A Lot better than at the holiday's&hellip. Her divorce is to become final sometime next month, unless asshole wants to start some shit&hellip.

Hopefully he won't……… As for seeing anybody, no, not really." "Oh.Ok.Good… So… You think it would be cool if I gave her a call sometime?" he said in a somber voice. Jackie looked to me, to which I shrugged my shoulders, like I don't care, tell him. Jackie then asked Matt to come sit on the couch and talk.

"Uh Oh" Matt said, then came and sat about a seat away from Jackie. "Matt… Sweetie&hellip. Look… I know you and Dan are close, so what I am about to tell you goes no further… Put it under Top Secret, if you will, like when on the Teams." she said, and Matt just nodded.

He knew right then that this was serious. "It's really nothing bad, unless you are with the moral police&hellip. See, Dan and I are swingers&hellip. We enjoy an open relationship, but never alone, we are always with each other." she stopped to let that sink in.

Matt just nodded his head, like he understood. I just nodded towards him, acknowledging this fact. "Now we don't go playing with a bunch of different people&hellip.Just one couple actually&hellip.Mandy and Jim&hellip.

But we have also played with a certain lady too, and you may not think highly of her now, like you have in the past…… Amy has enjoyed both Mandy and me, in a threesome, then has on a few occasions, joined Dan and I for a night of sex&hellip. And yes, we are Bisexual, and Amy and I have been lovers…&hellip.So if this is a bother to you, then forget about what I have told you, and just go on with your life, but I would highly suggest, forgetting Amy…… I don't want any regrets if you two were to hit it off and become a couple, then have that rear its ugly head&hellip.

She's had enough pain…… But so you know, she really wants to date you." Jackie finally ended. Matt looked at her, then chuckled. "Holy shit Jackie…… You really had me worried there at first&hellip. I thought you were gonna tell me she was becoming a nun or something, or switched sides and was now a lesbian&hellip. Otherwise, I'm cool with it&hellip.

I really am, especially if everyone involved has the same thoughts…&hellip. Guess I should come clean too." I looked at him and wondered what he meant by that. I mean up until last year, he was married to Jenny, and I know they had a very active sex life. If he wasn't telling me, Jenny did. She was a very outgoing person and a huge flirt. "Jac&hellip. Jenny and I also did some swinging too&hellip.

Well threesomes that is&hellip. Dan, remember her best friend Diane?" he asked. I remember her well. Big tits, plump ass, and very single. Dan tried hard to get me to go out with her on many occasions, but it was to soon after my ex left me, and that was still very raw to me. "See Jac&hellip. Back after Dan's ex split, Jenny and I tried to fix him up with her best friend Diane…… See Jenny was, and probably still is bi too&hellip.

Her and Diane were lovers since high school and we used to party with her on a regular basis&hellip. I thought I had lover boy talked into a little get together at Diane's and then do some swapping, but he backed out at the last minute&hellip. So Jenny gave up on the idea&hellip. Bud, you remember that day you stopped by and Jenny was giving me&hellip.

You know." he stopped, trying to find the words. "I know all about the blow job Matt" Jackie said with a laugh. He laughed and said, "Damn. you two don't have secrets&hellip. Anyway's, she was serious Bro, that day. She would have done us both…… She wanted Dan in the worst way back then&hellip. So to answer your query, yeah, I'm cool with it…… Does this include Mandy and her husband too?.

Got to admit, she is one Hot MILF." Jackie laughed, "A MILF?. Wow, I've heard of that expression, just never used on someone I know…&hellip. Here's another one big guy&hellip. We want to have a threesome with you&hellip.

But we'll wait on that&hellip. Let's see how you and Amy get along&hellip. If she's cool with everything, and you are too, I can see some playtime for the four of us in the future…… But remember, this stays between us&hellip. Even if Amy comes clean about it, you can't divulge what we told you tonight." As Matt started to leave, we shook hands and did the man embrace. Then he hugged Jackie. Jackie then laid a big kiss on his lips and stuck her tongue in his mouth.

I won't lie, I got turned on by them kissing. This could get interesting, to say the least. The Teams were never this much fun.