Sienna Day busty girl play with hard big dick on camera

Sienna Day busty girl play with hard big dick on camera
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Virgin Ass On Valentines Day It was Valentines day, their first one together as a proper couple. She wanted it to be really special, so she had already decided to cook him a meal, break out the champagne and she had picked out a few little presents to give him.

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She could hardly wait for him to come back, and she smiled to herself, still amazed that they had only met less than three months previously. This wasn't the first time they had met though, although she had never realised that he would be the 'one'.

Not only the one she would share the rest of her life with, but also the man who would take her on a fascinating journey of sexual discovery and pleasure, that neither of them had enjoyed before. They both enjoyed a fantastic sex life, the sex between them was like nothing she has ever experienced before. It was so passionate and raw but at the same time so loving and sensuous that it was very hard to describe.

When she masturbated herself, she pictured the two of them in bed together, writhing against each others slick, sweaty bodies, his hard cock sliding in and out of her hot wet pussy like it belonged there. He would kiss her long and hard and look deep into her big brown eyes with his own sparkly blue ones and tell her he loved her, just as he spurted his hot, thick cum inside her. At 6'1", he was tall and angular.


He had a hard chest, broad shoulders and a belly to die for. His hard, toned body reminded her of his cock, big, hard and manly. She loved running her fingers through his longish hair, down his neck and then spanning them down across his broad back and tight ass. God he was so horny. Her fingers quickly moved down to rub her pussy through her jeans, which by now she knew was moist from thinking about him. He made her feel like her whole body was on fire, and that she could cum just by thinking about him for long enough.

Instead, she knew that she would burst if she didn't release the tension, so she quickly went upstairs to her double bed that she shared with him, quickly peeling off her jeans and t-shirt, so she was left in just her black lacy panties and bra. She lay back on the bed and spread her legs wide, closing her eyes in anticipation of the pleasure she was about to bestow on herself. She moaned quietly as her fingers passed down from her neck to her breasts, gently taking her nipples between her fingers and thumbs.

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She arched her back as she squeezed her big nipples between her fingers, alternating the pressure between soft and hard. She brought her finger up to her mouth and sucked on it so she could use the moisture to lubricate her nipple. Harder now, she pulled at her nipples making them very stiff between her fingers. Before she could no longer stand it, she let her hands wander down her belly and reach the top of her panties. With one hand lifting them away from her body, the other hand carefully slid inside them.

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Feeling the damp material against the back of her hand, she knew she was very wet. She gently slid her finger down her slit until it reached the entrance to her throbbing pussy. She eased her finger inside her hot, eager pussy, pushing hard to get it all the way inside. She was wet enough to push another finger inside, so she had two fingers pushing themselves inside her like a hungry cock. Her pussy clenched around her fingers, heightening her arousal, making her want more.

She withdrew her fingers slowly, allowing them to brush over her hard clit before she brought them up to her mouth and sucked off her own sweet juices.

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She reached to her bedside draw and extracted her vibrator. Excitedly she turned it on and relaxed as the vibrating cock sprung to life. Her body had stiffened with anticipation of what was to come, and had broken out in goosebumps, making her nipples strain upwards, desperate to be touched. They looked so inviting, that she couldn't resist touching them gently with her toy, and she moaned aloud with the feelings of sexual pleasure that this gave her. She desperately wished that he was here to take them in his mouth and suck on them hard.

She so loved it when he did that. He would suck on her tits like they were giant lollipops, using his hand to pinch the other one, and sometimes to bury it between her legs and feel her heat. She moved her toy along the length of her body, until it came to rest just above her mound. She could feel the vibrations on her sensitive clit from there, desperate for it to touch it and release the orgasm until she was spent. She moved the toy to the entrance of her pussy, and gently moved the tip of it in and out of her hole.

She gripped the bed sheets with one hand, while the other held onto the toy. She then clutched at her tit with one hand, tugging on it hard, so that it hurt. This sent her into a frenzy of passion, and she started to ram the toy inside herself, so that all six inches of it were deep inside her, sliding in and out easily with all her pussy juices.


Suddenly she withdrew the toy and she knew what would give her an amazing orgasm. She quickly arched her back, so that her ass was in the air, and she pushed a folded pillow underneath herself.

This then gave her access to her ass. She used her toy, sliding it all the way along her slit, from her clit to her pussy. She pushed it inside herself to cover it in her juice, then carefully she moved it to the rim of her anus. Using one hand to spread her tight hole, she used the other to push against it with her toy.

The puckered hole gently started to open with the force of the vibrator, until she had slid the head of it inside her arse. Oh god, just thinking about fucking her own ass with her toy was enough to make her cum. Her other hand quickly flew round to her pulsating clit, and she started to rub it frantically, while ramming the toy in and out of her arse.

She came within three thrusts, her ass muscles clenching themselves around her toy, making her orgasm last longer. Her clit was hard and red and throbbing, as she slowed down, recovering from an amazing orgasm, her face and chest was flushed, and her heart was racing from making herself cum. Later, she knew, she would be fucking her boyfriend with even more intensity, and she could hardly contain her excitement.

He was at work, just finishing off the last of his daily tasks. He glanced at the clock. 6.30pm. He smiled to himself, knowing that he would soon be back at her house, kissing her, stroking her, and later gently making sweet love to her. He still couldn't believe how lucky they both were to have found each other again. They had both been in relationships for so long, that it had never been the right time to meet up.

They had both met when they were 11 years old and had started high school. They had become firm friends and would often hang around together in and out of school.

They had dated a few times briefly, but nothing had ever really happened, she had sucked his cock once at his house, until his brother came in and spoiled the moment, so he had never even had the chance to shoot his load into her pretty mouth. They were 15 when they had dated for the last time, and still hadn't slept together, neither of them thought that they would ever got around to doing it, especially when she made the biggest mistake of her teenage life.

She had been a lively character back then, and being tied to one person was not what suited her. She had loved him, but her need to not be tied down had driven her into the arms of his best friend. She still doesn't know what made her do it. She had never even really liked him, she just hadn't wanted to be tied down at the time. She regretted that day for a long time, when he found out and they split up.

They were still friends, but it wasn't the same. At 16, they had both gone on a school trip to France, and had had such a good time, laughing and joking, and she realised that he had some really special qualities, but had been seeing somebody else at the time. He had been there for her when she needed someone, and had taken care of her like nobody else ever had or would again.

Time passed, and then a couple of years on, he had a serious girlfriend. It was only then that she realised what she had done, and thought she had lost him forever. He obviously loved this girl, and it cut her up inside to realise that he loved someone else and not her anymore. One of the last things she said to him was 'If it ever goes tits up with this girl, come and find me'.

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Ironically, when it came to it, it had been HER that had found HIM. They had a couple of chance meetings in the following years, but unfortunately they had both been seeing other people when they met up.

This didn't stop the old passion being rekindled when they met though. They managed to steal some passionate kisses and embraces that would fuel her passions like nobody else ever had.

Little did they realise then, that it was because they were meant to be together. As it happens, it was a month before Christmas, when they were both 25 that the opportunity arose. She had come out of a 3 and a half year relationship, which she had known for some time was going nowhere.

She happened to run into a mutual friend of theirs, and as usual, she always asked about him was he okay? What was he up to?

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Was he still seeing 'that girl?' As it happened, she got the answer she longed to hear no, he wasn't seeing her anymore, they had a couple of years previously, and he was single.

Without wanting to seem too eager, she managed to get his phone number, and agonised for a couple of days over whether or not to get in touch. Would he want to speak to her? Would he remember her? Was he talking to her? She knew that she had to find out, and so she texted him.

Imagine her surprise and delight when he texted back. She was thrilled to realise that they could maybe meet up for a drink and a chat, and quickly pushed the subject. They arranged to meet up on the Sunday night, and she was so excited she could hardly contain herself, but she was also very nervous would he be the same?

Would it be awkward? She needn't have worried at all. From his point of view, he had been equally as keen to get back in touch, but unfortunately for him, the last time they had met, it was on new years eve a couple of years previously, and they had happened to be in the same pub. She was with her boyfriend, with whom she lived, and he was still with his long-term girlfriend who he had had an argument with. They had both had a fair bit to drink, and were chatting away as they always did when they saw each other (neither of them could walk into the same place and ignore each other, they were always pulled together as if by force).

He had tried to get her up to dance, but she hadn't wanted to, as she knew that holding him in anyway would release her pent up passionate feelings about him, which would have been completely inappropriate when her boyfriend was present.

He ended up pulling her off the chair, and she fell to the floor, bruising her hip. He tried to kiss her, but she pulled away, as her boyfriend was there. When he tried to grab her breasts, her boyfriend happened to look over at that moment, and immediately came over. A minor argument ensued, which resulted in him being kicked out of the pub, and out of her life for the next couple of years. She had been torn, as she had wanted to go to him, but was unsure whether her feelings for him were real, or whether they were clouded by alcohol and ghosts from the past.

Besides, she was living with her boyfriend that she loved wasn't she?

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The night that they eventually met up as single people, both of them had secretly known that something would happen between them. The chemistry hadn't disappeared and they both still fancied each other like mad. They were both nervous though, scared that the other wouldn't feel the same. She arrived early at the pub, so she could get some Dutch courage drinks down her; he on the other hand had avoided alcohol all day in case he got so drunk with nerves that he would blow it.

They talked and laughed the night away, until the end of the night. She invited him back to her place, and they were both still shy of each other. Eventually, they ended up on the couch listening to the radio, when he leant over and kissed her. She felt a jolt of excitement and anticipation rage through her body, as she realised that he felt the same the magic was still there. Falling into bed that night, she realised that this is where she had belonged all the time.

Nothing had ever felt so sensual, and so right before, and she knew that she found what she had been looking for all this time. All she need have done was open her eyes.

He grabbed his keys and wallet and headed out the door, happy in the knowledge that he could spend all night with the woman he loved and on Valentines day too. He thought of her beautiful face and smile, and how he would hold her in his arms later and how they would both be naked, lost in their own world of pleasure.

He could feel his cock growing hard, straining against his trousers thinking of her. He would thrust himself inside her again and again until she cried out that she was cumming. He loved it when she did this, he could feel her pussy tightening around his hard cock as she came, her juices flowing over his cock, caressing it in her hot wet hole.

He quickly drove off, eager to get back to her and the delights of the evening ahead. She had showered and dressed by 6.30, and was starting dinner, she sang along to the CD playing, as she cooked.

Not long now she though, smiling to herself. She really wanted to give him his presents, knowing that they would be using them later on. She shivered in anticipation and sat down to have a cigarette. She dragged on it, closing her eyes and leaning back on the chair, willing the time to go faster.

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She still couldn't believe that anybody could make her feel like this. She wasn't the type to show her feelings very well, and had often been described as a closed book and deep. Heartless even by a few people. They were wrong, she was none of these things, she had just never been with the right person.

The right person was him, she just knew. He made her want to be a better person, a more responsive and loving person than she was. It wasn't difficult to do when he was around. 'Hello?' he called. She ran to him, eager to lose herself in his warm embrace. They hugged tightly and kissed hungrily. It was always so easy to get caught up in the moment when they were together. They broke, almost panting with desire.

They had the whole evening ahead why rush? They sat down to a leisurely meal, which she had cooked. He joked that he might not come out alive after eating one of her creations. She nudged him playfully, smiling at the banter they shared. They broke out the champagne and celebrated their first of many Valentine's together. A few glasses of champagne later, they decided to play inflatable strip poker, that she had bought him for his birthday.

She was quite shy at first, but soon got into it. She was the first to lose her top (she knew he couldn't have cheated this time!) and she pulled it over her head, throwing it lightly onto the settee. He looked at her with desire in his eyes, eyeing her breasts that now only had a black bra to cover their modesty. She rolled the dice, and as she did, her breasts bounced and the light shone flatteringly on her silky soft skin.

She was aroused, knowing that he was watching her, knowing that he wanted her. The game was forgotten. He moved towards her, towering over her 5'7" frame, his hands reaching up behind her head to pull her close to him. She gazed at him and moved close to kiss his perfect soft lips. Their lips crushed against each other with passion, she could feel his hard cock through his boxers rubbing up against her thigh and she felt herself gush into her panties.

Desperately they tore at each others clothing. He flicked her bra open with one expert touch and freed her hot aching breasts, she undid his shirt buttons to reveal his perfectly toned torso and she started kissing his neck, moving downwards to his belly and her prize. He undid her jeans and she stepped out of them leaving her just in her panties. She pulled off his shirt and then hungrily pulled down his boxers, and as she did so his deliciously hard cock sprung free, just inches from her mouth.

He grabbed her by the hair and roughly jammed his cock down her throat making her gag and her eyes water. She pushed against his hips so she could breathe and then slowly she took him all the way down her throat. He groaned with pleasure as she did this twice more, pulling away so there were sticky strings of saliva and dribbling cum leading from her tongue to the tip of his cock.

She knew how horny he was feeling, and she knew that she could cum practically just by being touched gently on her clit. He grabbed her roughly and bent her over the settee, he spread her legs wide so he could look at her pussy and virgin ass. He knew she was desperate to get ass fucked, but she was nervous. He knew that tonight he would try it but not tell her he didn't want her to tighten up with nerves.

He took his cock in his hand and pushed it gently into her pussy; she groaned with pleasure and pushed back against his cock to make it go deeper. He rubbed the length of his throbbing cock against her slit, making the shaft all wet with her pussy juice.

He rubbed it along over the rim of her ass, making the tight entrance slippy with her juices. She momentarily stiffened, wondering if he was going to try and fuck it, she creamed herself with the thought of his hard cock ramming into her tight hole, she wanted him to, she felt like being dirty and slutty.

He grabbed her hair and pulled her head back so her back arched and the top of her legs tightened around his cock. He slammed into her pussy hard, at the same time he pulled her hair and head back so she moaned. He could feel her pussy gripping his cock, making him want to cum.

He stopped and let go of her hair, and she flopped her head forward weakly, she was breathing hard from being fucked and she was desperate for more. He ran his hand along her ass and spread her cheeks, exposing her hole to him. He gently took his index finger and pushed it inside her tight ass, he could feel her muscles gripping his finger, as he pushed it all the way in to the knuckle. She bucked against him, desperately trying to get him to push it all the way in. She was so horny she wanted his big cock pumping where his finger was.

She moaned encouragingly, hoping he would realise what she wanted. He did. Carefully he removed his finger, and replaced it with the tip of his cock.

He was dribbling cum at the thought of butt fucking her. Excitedly, he grabbed hold of her hips and pulled her very gently onto his cock, she took it little by little, stopping and gasping every quarter of an inch. She felt full up of his cock and was scared to move in case it hurt.

Passion overcome her fear, and she pushed back against him harder, until suddenly she realised she couldn't take anymore of him, his delicious belly was pressed up against her ass cheeks, and she knew he was all the way in.

Gently she started rocking backwards and forwards, and she could feel his cock against the walls of her ass, god this was as horny as she had ever felt. He was taking deep breaths, trying not to cum too soon. He could feel the insides of her ass tensing around his cock, and she was so tight it felt fucking amazing.

He wanted to slam her hard she made him that horny, but he knew he would let her go at her own pace. She pushed back harder against him, and harder, her ass was slippy with her juice and his cock slid easily in and out of her.

He reached around to her pussy with his hand and rubbed her slippy hard little clit, wanting to make her cum. She moaned in delight, and felt the orgasm bubbling up inside her pussy. She was overcome with horniness and she started to fuck his cock with her ass like she would her pussy. He responded by pumping inside her hard and fast, and just as her orgasm peaked, causing her to clutch desperately at her breasts, as he frantically rubbed her clit, he also came, spurting his hot cum deep inside her bowels.

Because her ass was so tight, she could feel his cum splattering against her ass walls, making her pussy and ass clench with pleasure. They stopped moving, both exhausted from their powerful orgasms. He leaned down and kissed her back, and she responded by tilting her head round so he could lean in and gently kiss her lips.

He looked at her beautiful face, flushed and sweaty from sex. He smiled at her and she grinned back, both happy, but tired that she had experienced her first proper ass fucking. They both knew that it would not be the last. Gently he withdrew his cock from her, and they stood and stretched, enveloping each other in a much needed embrace. Her ass felt tender and stretched, and she could feel his cum dribbling out of her hole.

The thought of it made her want to fuck him again, shit he made her horny as hell and she fucking loved it.