Naked black teen girls first time sphincterbell

Naked black teen girls first time sphincterbell
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My wife and I decided go to the mountains for a week. So we rented a cabin and everything was going fine except no sex. First night she was too tired, the next night she was dirty and had a headache, by the third day I had enough and decided to take her on a long bike ride and hopefully when we got back and she showered she would be too tired to say no and just give in. And after mountain biking with her only wearing a sports bra and shorts there was no way I was going to take no for an answer.

After the ride she said she just wanted to sit by the camp fire with a glass of wine, so it looked like I was making a fire.

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When the fire was going good she came back out still wearing her sports bra and shorts, not like I minded but I asked "I thought you were taking a shower." She said she dosed off for a while and figured the shower could wait till morning.

So she sat beside me and I started rubbing her back then I went to lay her down and of course she pushed me off and said " just get off I'm tired, dirty, and I have my period." With that you would think I would have let up but instead I said " Good you can be my dirty skank for the night" She yelled "What?

get off me!" I stayed on top of her and said "Come on, you can be my dirty skank for the night and make me lick you clean.

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Now act like the skank I know you are." With that she pushed me off and calls me a "crude asshole." Shoving me to the ground she got up and went into the cabin and came out and said she was going for a drive.

I asked to come along and she just looked at me and said NO and drove off. About 2hrs later and 4 wisky and waters later she comes back and almost runs me over and almost parks on the camp fire.

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She gets out of the car with a bottle of wine comes over to me and finds me half wasted sitting on the ground by the fire. She begins talking to me in that sweet revenge but you'll like it voice. "You wanted a skank while you got one. Now take off your pants." I gladly oblige thinking this is going to to be great. I don' t even bother to get up I just pull them down and she is right on top of me before I even look up from pulling my pants down and she looks at me and says in the same sexy voice "You won't be smiling for long." I begin to smile more, loving this new attitude of hers.

She just looks at me and pushes me back hard on the ground. I begin to complain until I see she is standing over me taking off her pants right over my head then pulls out her tampon and lays it on my stomach, she then kneels down quickly trapping my arms under her legs and her vagina rite on my face and it is soaked.

She starts asking me questions and telling me different thing like; "How does it taste?" " You wanted to lick me clean now your chance." "Is it salty tasting?" she then starts telling me all the things that come out during a period asking me if I enjoy the chunks of skin cells and the blood clots.

Then she tells me to suck it all out of her, I don't at first thinking of everthing she just said but keep licking. Then she starts to grid down on my face and I can barely breath so I start sucking it out of her. I can tell she is really beings to enjoy it, she grab the front part of my hair for balance and start to slid her pussy over my mouth only stopping to tell me to "suck me suck it all out" She then grids into my face more and talks to me like a mother to a child and says " Are you ready to like this skank's dirty, sweaty, hot ass now?

Are you?" she then pulls my hair to make me nod yes then says "good boy" And pulls my hair to slid her anus up on my mouth and tells me to start licking and again asks me if it taste good and says, "You like that don't you" and I can do nothing but nod.

I was in fact enjoying the whole thing until she said "You like sucking another mans cum out of your skank's ass don't you." I then start to gag and push her off me but she just reaches down and grabs my balls and squeezes them tight then eases up and says "I did not tell you to stop." But I still felt myself gaging and she says not to worry most of it already came out on the ride back and tells me she tried to hold it in for me.

She is squatting on my face so hard I can barely breath and she asks me if I can hear her? I nod yes, and she says she has something to tell me and she starts telling me how she just went out for a drive but then came a cross a little dive of a bar and went in figuring she could get a bottle of wine there. She begins telling how she just walked in there forgetting that she was only wearing a sports bra and bike shorts.

She then moans and tells me what a good job I;m doing and that she knows I'm enjoying it then tells me to stick my tongue up her ass as she begins applying pressure to my sack again then moans again and begins to finish her story about how a guy came up to buy her a drink but before she could decline some arrogant jerk came up and said to the guy not to wast his time that she was his.

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She then tells me that, thats when she decided to be the skank I wanted. She readjusts her self on my face so I'm back to licking her cunt and it takes awhile for her to start again but she does. "I told them both to 'drop there pants and I'll decided who has me' they just looked at each other and said 'Here?' I just looked at them and all of a sounded there pants were down I looked at the first guy who was average and then to the second arrogant guy, and honey let me tell you he was hung but I went up to the first guy and said 'looks like I'm yours.' the other guy began to protest and I turned and told him sorry but 'that's to big for me to take up my ass.' Oh I see your beginning to like my story huh, honey your getting a nice hard on again, well let me help you out a bit" she then lets go of my sack and leaned up a bit so I could see her cunt all red and wet, and she spread her lips with one hand and started to slid three fingers in and out of her cunt and then when they were nice and wet she stuck them in my mouth and then slid her ass back down to my face and said "Keep sticking your tung up my ass and don't stop!


Now where was I? Oh yes about to get fucked up the ass by a stranger. So we went to the side of your car and he asked if I was serious I turned to him and undid his pants and started jerking him off, it did take long for him to be nice and hard then I pulled my pants down and bent over on your car he stepped right up but had a little trouble getting it in.

You know how tight my ass is since I never let you fuck me in it. So I took his beer and poured it on my ass and told him it was better then nothing. This time he wasn't so genital and pushed it all the way in on the first try.

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It hurt so bad I almost came but then the other asshole showed up and pulled his pants down and asked 'Is it to big for your mouth?' I really did have much of a choice so I started sucking his cock. The other guy was ramming me soo hard he was making me take the other guys dick all the way down my throat.

And I took it all in too. Then the guy up my ass began to cum and I had to push back to make sure he didn't come out so I took the other one out of my mouth and start to jerk him off but he got mad and pushed my head back on to his dick and said 'I'm going to cum in your mouth pretty lady' so I grab him by the balls and squeezed pulling him back out of my mouth and told him he won't be cumming anywhere near me.

The other guy was still up my ass giving me a few last thrusts so I told him to pull my pants up while I keep the assholes balls in my hands then I got in the car and tried to hold his cum in my ass for you as much as I could I do hope you enjoyed it.


Now I just need to cum," With that she started to finger herself from behind and start rubbing her clit on my face until she came and when she did pussy juice and blood began oozing out and she held herself over my mouth to catch it all and told me not to miss a drop.

She then leaned up off my face md sat on my stomach of me and my arms where nub I asked if it was all ture and she jut said "Why wouldn't it be true.

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You wanted a skank. Isn't that what a skank would do?" She then leaned up and lick some of her juice and blood off my face and said "You can either come in and never mention this again and never call me a skank or talk to me like that again and fuck me up the ass or take the car and go home I'm sure I'll be able to get a ride later" With that she got up and went in, I still don't know for sure if she really did that or not I tried asking again but she just told me to shut up or I would find out what a skank she really can be.

The only reason I'm even mentioning this now is we had a fight and I called her a fucking bitch and she has been gone for 3 hours now.