Accepting a hard rod in babes snatch

Accepting a hard rod in babes snatch
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Tamriel, dawns beauty In the language of the Altmer, Taazokaan in the dragons tongue. The scenery of this continent is truly a site to behold, the countries are ablaze with stories and lore, But today, we start with Jorrvaskr, a small mead hall in white run, capital of Skyrim. This tale revolves around a true beauty of a Nord, it is her legacy but will ultimately tell of her undoing.

The sound of a grinding stone and sparks sizzling the hairs of the bear skinned rug below it roused Aela from her sleep. Farkas was sharpening his sword, and being quite obnoxious about it to, Aela stirred from her bed and shuffled her half sleeping feet, making her way to the bowl on her night stand. Splashing her face with the blue water, she caught the smell of the blue mountain flowers her newly found Lover had ground up and infused with the iquid in the bowl.

Aela wasn't the kind of Nord to get soft or mushy feelings of love, she had often teased others of these feelings, calling them "milk drinkers" or "lolly-gaggers".

However she could not help but feel a deep passion for her soon to be husband, it didn't matter to her that he was rich, currently building his third mansion just outside Falkreath. No, T'was not septims that filled her heart, but the simple love of a nord, a strong nord warrior who could fight by her side, it was all she could have ever asked for. Turning towards the door she quickly spoke to Farkas, "tell no one of my leaving, I do not want them to worry after my last injury".

Farkas gestured, as to say "I will be happy to cover for you".


Making her way up the stairs to the mead hall, she grabbed her Hunting bow from the weapons rack and headed for the door. The feel of the morning breeze under her elk's hide half-skirt that intentionally showed quite a bit of thigh, was simply elegant.

sprinting down the stone stairs to the Market place, she made for the gates of the city, ready to feel her arrow pass through yet another deer.

Once she had reached the outskirts of the city, and off the Jarls Private game trails, she headed for Secundas Kiss, knowing there were plentiful elk there, they seemed to favor the water from the small pond that held the tree which produced enchanted sap. Nearing the egde of Secundas, crouching behind a fallen log, she watched the big buck drink, about 80 yards off from her, this would be a tricky shot, but with no wind she had a fairly decent chance.

Retrieving an arrow from her quiver, and knocking it to the string, she drew down on him, the corner of her mouth and her small nose barely touching the strings as she instinctively raised her bow above the back of the animal, knowing the arrow would have about 8 inches of drop at that distance. Realese.

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all in silence, save the Padding of the beasts hooves against the soft earth, the arrow had passed through just behind the shoulder, and the pink blood meant she had pierced lung. Waching the big buck run about 100 yards further, he dissapeard over one of the many rolling hillsides that seemed to go on and on forever more. She waited, knowing within an hour the buck would surely be dead and she would run no risk of jumping him, she got comfortable behind the log, letting her mind drift off in thought.

When she awoke, she cursed at herself for being so foolish, falling asleep like that, what a childish thing for an experienced huntress like herself to do.

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knowing she would be lucky if her buck wasn't already the dinner of some Wolves or skeevers, she followed the blood trail left by the animal. Reaching the hilltop she was pleased to find that the big buck was lying in a low valley surrounded by cliffs, which must have been why no wolves had picked up his scent. Heading down to him she dropped her bow at her feet and drew her dagger to begin working on her prey.

As if Talos himself had clapped his hands in anger, there came a thundering roar, almost making her jump.

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She looked around, realizing she was surrounded by three, no four, Large saber cats, this was not good, these were most likely a female hunting party. Backing away from the buck as to offer it to them, she tried to slip through, only to be stopped by one of the beasts pouncing on her back, bringer her to the ground and knocking the wind out of her, she rolled from under the big cat. Countering, and driving her dagger into its ribs, she twisted her grip on the hilt of the blade hard, ending the life of the great cat, only to be tripped as another bit down on her ankle and dragged her backwards at an alarming rate, she felt it snap, and let out a scream.

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A broken ankle would not help her circumstances, but she endured the pain of yanking it out of the beats mouth, leaving behind small pieces of flesh for the big cat to savor. She stumbled upon something, HER BOW!

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she quickly retrieved an arrow from her quiver and knocked it onto the bow string, Overdrawing till she heard the wood on the frame crack, she let fly the arrow strait down the beats throat as it lunged itself at her. Although killing the big cat instantaneously, it also knocked her to the ground, twisting her broken ankle.

Tears of raw pain streamed down her face, as she pushed the beast off of her chest. Wildly slashing in all directions, she managed to slash the eye of one of the Sabers as It closed in, causing it to roar in pain and head for the cliffs in defeat. She needed only finish the last Big cat, turning toward it, she noticed the size difference between this one and the others, it was at least 100 pounds heavier and much more stout, dangling from its loins was a foot long cock that was twice the width of her fore arm.

This was the alpha, but why was he in a hunting party, it was the females job to hunt, no matter, he would die or run as the rest of them did. Leaning on one leg, she hobbled toward the beast who was 10 yards and closing, almost trotting towards her in a bounding way, "To hell with you" she cried, feeling the anger wash over her, and send her leaping towards him, ignoring the pain of her ankle, thrusting forth her dagger, but the beast playfully move out of the way and let her fall on her stomach.

Refusing to meet her in fair combat, only circling and waiting to strike, she was pissed now, and called to him "come on you big Pussy cat!" "Kill Me!". Realizing she had no more strength left to defend herself, she lay on her stomach, face down, preparing for the bite to the back of the neck, that would crush her spinal cord and end her instantly. But it did not come, she was being dragged, to the beasts den probably, to feed the rest of the pride, although they never reached any cave, the cat stopped in an open field, dropping her, pressing down on the back of her head with one paw, feeling like her head would pop, she fought vigorously to get out from under him, until she felt the cool night air cover her body.

"I must be dead now, she thought to herself, but when she felt the pressure of the big cats paw continue, she doubted it, realizing why she felt the breeze, the big saber had torn her hide armor completely from her body, exposing her fully. Her bare ass was greeted by the tongue of the cat, like sand paper it scratched the cheeks, and felt awful, "tasting me" she thought, "just savoring his meal to come", but he did not bite.

Only licked, from the bottom of her ass all the way to the top, getting down in the crack and everything, scratching her now tightly clinched pink little asshole till it burned. "Stop it" she screamed", "just fucking kill me already", then, she felt it, the bite at the back of the neck, before she could even scream she realized it wasn't a fatal bite.

He was just picking her up, just enough to get on her hands and knees, and quickly mounting her from behind. She then knew what was happening, He was going to make her his little bitch, and there was most likely nothing she could do to stop it.

But she wouldn't just let him take her without a fight, she crawled forward, out from under him, trying so desperately to stand, but her ankle would not let her, re positioning himself atop her backside, she squirmed again, this time earning herself a mouth full of hot teeth, gripping her hair close to the scalp and forcing her head back into submission.

It was over, he would fuck her, and by the look of his cock, it would kill her, tear her insides out when he knotted. She felt him begin to thrust a bit, finding his range, and probing her asshole every now and then, "please don't miss my pussy, I cant take you up the ass, I just cant, youll slpit me in two" she mumbled half heartedly, knowing the beat couldn't understand her, and wouldn't care if he could.

He probed around for another five minutes or so and she began getting tired of waiting for death, " would you just hurry up and. AHHHHHHHH AHHH OH GOD! UHHHGGGGNNNN, his two foot long erect cock fully penetrated her asshole, burying its self up to its furry balls.

Tears streamed down her face as he pulled out and re entered, she couldnt even scream, she was in shock, she could feel his cock in her stomach, and see its shape in her belly, she could only grunt between thrust as he pumped his way into her tight ass, "Hmph" . "Ugh". "Ugh". Suddenly she felt it, the Grapefruit sized knot forming in her, breaking her ribs as he climaxed, shooting his hot cum into her like a hydra.


completely filling her lungs. Drowning in his cum, she gagged, and choked, fighting so hard for one last breath, knowing it was over, and she was dying, the beast ripped his cock out of her asshole, which was now a gaping hole, stretched open to the point of no return, and she fell to her stomach, the big cat placed a paw on her back, as to hold her still as he recovered from his orgasm, the force of the paw in the center of her back, and his sheer weight, caused her to cough up the cum that filled her lungs, she gasped for air, almost relieved to breathe, until the pain of her torn, demolished asshole returned to her, and reality set in, although she could now breathe, she could not walk for at least a few months with her ass being so open and raged.

But she would have to get over it, because the beast grabbed the back of her neck, dragging her to her hands and knees again, he mounted and began to thrust, "no" she mumbled under her breath, "please have mercy on my body" "just kill me". The beast no longer needed to grab her hair, she was to weak to fight it, to broken to oppose his will, he shifted her, trying to find his mark, Aela dropped her head to the ground and stuck her ass up, to line his cock with her pussy, knowing she could take no more anal abuse, or shed die from pain.

He pushed in after a few tries, and ripped her pussy open as wide as her still throbbingly sore asshole, but she had no more screams left, only grunts as he fucked her gorgeous pussy into nothing but a gaping hole that no man would ever want if she survived. Although she doubted she would, he continued his raping of her, completely dominating her, purring in delight as he used her small frame and fragile body for his pleasure.

"ugh". "ugh". "HMPH!" he shoved deeper into her, she felt her cervix rip apart inside her, knowing it was now that he would finish her off. With a great ROAR, he knotted, and continued to thrust as he did, which was agony at its utmost, finally spewing hot cum into her lungs once again, he yanked out and collapsed with satisfaction.

Aela lay there, raped to death, asshole and pussy so open and gaping, ribs broken, ankle snapped, lungs filled with hot cum,not trying to breathe, knowing she couldn't, knowing it was finally over, she choked and sputtered on cum, fighting death and losing quickly, she convulsed on the ground, pissing herself as life faded from her body, it was over, she was abused to her breaking point, death took over.

that night the wolves ate well.