Cute playgirl sucks large pole

Cute playgirl sucks large pole
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I think the reason he likes me high is how easily it puts me in sub space.

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For those of you who are so sadly unaware, sub space is the glorious space in which a submissive can get, where nothing but the pleasure of their master matters. I find it easiest to relate to a holy experience, A true submissive loves nothing more than to be in sub space. Giving up control is always hard for me, but always enjoy the outcome. I thrive on true submission, on the freedom it gives me, and the pleasure I get from serving my master is unrivaled.

But look at me, I am rambling, probably because as I mentioned, I am, as he likes, high. Currently, I am awaiting him.

I'm naked, something I can rarely handle when not in some altered state. He loves my body, but as most twenty-something females, I am far from comfortable in my body. I stand at a short five foot one, curvy, but as most tell me, far from fat. A round ass, perfect for spanking or whipping, or anything else that strikes his fancy, a small waist, and large 'c' cup breasts.


Long dark hair and my crowning achievement, my emerald green eyes. I'm tied to his bed, spread eagle. Moments, or was it hours ago? He brought me into his room, and tied me down, opting this time to use the cuffs.

Call us dark minded or demented, but we both enjoyed the affects of the pain from the metal digging into my flesh.

My master calmly and coolly chained me down and added his favorite vibrator, on a medium setting, and a small butt plug. I made the mistake of trying to protest and was quickly silenced with a penis gag. It feels like ages, I need him. I hate smoking this stuff. Spice, he calls it, a legal form of weed.

I never remembered getting this horny from weed back In high school.


The door opens, and I quickly turned my head to the door, and I see him. Long, dark hair, and deep topaz eyes. There is an evil glint to them. I have a theory that like sub space, he gets master space, and that's the look he gets when he is in it. He removes his shirt and I feel my heart pound faster. I moan into the gag and thrust my hips as high as I can with my legs bound to the bottom corners of his bed.

"greedy little slut aren't you?" He says hoarsely. I moan into my gag, begging him with my eyes to give me release. "I don't think you need to be able to see. Seems like an unnecessary privilege" I moan into my gag again, knowing he is toying with me. He silently straddles me, his breath warm on my skin, and covers my eyes with a blindfold.

He begins to walk out of the room, forcing me to try and take action. I cant handle being kept on edge with no release. I begin trying to push the annoying buzzing tormenter out of me.

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"Oh that's no good at all slut. No good. I cant have you doing that." He undoes my legs, and slides my lacy black panties back on. "That should keep everything in. Can't have my little slave removing my toys can i?" I moan into the gag and he reties my legs and leaves the room. I now am strapped down with no way of removing my torments, with no way of seeing or begging for release. Nearly an hour, for nearly an hour he leaves me like this.

I scream into the gag for help, for anything. I am unable to think straight, desperate for a touch, aching for him. The vibrator, while buzzing enough to torture me, leaves me feeling a deep need. A need to be full, to be fucked hard. I need release, and I need my master. I think I hear him enter, but I'm not sure.

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I'm frustrated, annoyed that I can't see. Suddenly, I feel the gentlest touch on my bare skin. The very tips on his fingers, brushing my skin so lightly, so slowly it hurts. I moan again, thrusting, reaching for him in anyway I can.

"now now slut, this won't do. Be patient, or I will stop." I moan, forcing my body to control itself. His warm lips gently kiss my hard nipples, sending ripples of pleasure down my body. One word, one word, is all I need to cum. All I need is his permission, and I know I will cum, harder then I have ever known. I moan and beg, my pleas sounding little more the garbled moans. He laughs lightly, trailing his kisses down my body.

"So wet…pet, you have soaked your panties…such a dirty little slut aren't you?" He teases, as he slowly rubs, letting my panties soak up more of my juices. I moan, helpless, desperate for release. He slowly removes my panties and his tongue gently licks and kisses all around my clit.

My clit now hurts with how badly I need the release, the satisfaction. More importantly, I need to cum for him. One small lick, one touch, and any self control I normally have is gone. He has trained me well, I can hold my orgasms for a long time. Not now. Not this horny, this high, this in need. He knows, and cruelly avoids touching me. "So desperate to cum aren't you my little slut?" He torments, gently trailing his tongue all around my clit between words.

I nod furiously and moan desperately. Suddenly, it all stops. He is off the bed, and not touching me. I feel hot tears of frustration spring into my eyes.

"Patience. I know you are a cock hungry little whore, pet, but my slave needs more patience." We sit in silence for what feels like an eternity. I hear him breathing, and know he is horny, and wants me.

I struggle for self control, trying desperately to ignore the buzzing in my wet cunt. He reaches down and removes my plug, setting it aside.

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I feel slightly more able to control myself. "I'm going to remove your gag slut. I don't want to hear you moan." He says sternly. I nod, and relax my jaw as he removes the small rubber penis from my mouth. "Good slut" He says gently patting my head. A swell of pride wells inside of me.

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He finally begins touching me again, I force myself to refrain from moaning aloud. He pushes, gently, slowly, licking all around my clit, occasionally letting a cold breath tease the sensitive nub. "Do. Not. Cum." He warns me, stern, in a voice that tells me he is not to be disappointed. Gently, he licks my clit, the nerve endings exploding. I force the orgasm back, using every ounce of will power I have. He rewards me by removing the vibrator to make my struggles easier. "good slut. Such a good slave to your master" I feel him reach over to where he placed my gag, and run the penis shaped part of it all along my clit.

Slowly, he slides the small gag into my cunt, its base brushing my clit. I bit my lip hard enough to draw blood, but don't cry out. "Taste yourself, slut" he moans hoarsely, shoving the gag back into my mouth. "Does my little slut need to cum" He asks as he removes his pants.

"Yes" I moan around my gag. "Then beg. Beg for your orgasm slut" he demands, removing my gag. "Please. Please master, let your slave cum. Let your slut cum. Please!" I feel his rock hard cock pressing against my cunt, my own juices allowing him to slide in easily if he chooses.

"Beg for my cock slut. You cannot cum until I am inside of you" "Please. Oh god master please. I need you, I need your cock. I need to cum for you. Anything. Please!" I begin sobbing I need him so badly.

Finally he pushes the full length of his nine inch cock inside of me. I scream, taking every ounce of power I have to not cum. "Please master please let your dirty slut cum!

Your pet needs to cum master please!" I scream, pulling against my bindings. He pulls my hair, arching my neck towards him. He begins to fuck me hard, as fast as he can. He bites down hard into my neck, my self control is waning. All I need his is command. Cum. I beg, I scream, I plead, offering him everything I have, just to cum. Finally, he says what I need to hear. I explode in ecstasy as the orgasm takes me. The last thing I remember is his words ringing in my ears, before my orgasm takes me and I black out from pure pleasure.

"Cum pet, my little slut.

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Cum for your master"