Interracial anal adventures for a white young ass

Interracial anal adventures for a white young ass
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LIFE with AUNT JESS Part 3 My last week of school was really messed up. One day I would be busy with finals. The next, I would be cooling my heels, either at home or at school.

While at home, Mom and I planned my graduation party. I didn't really care if I had one or not, but Mom insisted that I only graduate from high school once so we were going to celebrate this milestone. The weekend planned was a busy one indeed.

Saturday was Jess' graduation, and mine was the day after. Finally, Saturday came and we packed up and headed to Akron for Jess' ceremony, which started at one o'clock.

Grammi and Pap had a reception planned for immediately following. They invited Jess' friends to be honored at the reception also, since they had room and her friends were so close. And since the receptions were to be together, the friends' parents pitched in equally to set it up. What a party it would be. And what a party it was. The ceremony was boring as many are, but the party afterwards was raucous. Tom, Kendall and Dave had become very good friends to me as well, so we ran together all afternoon.

Of course, Jess was not far behind and always in the conversations. About the middle of the evening the party had dwindled to just the graduates and families. Jess and her friends gave teary goodbyes. She would be moving to Sandusky over the next few days. It would be a while till they would be able to get together again. Soon, everybody was gone. We helped Grammi and Pap clean up what little mess there was. When we finished we all went back to Sandusky.

Grammi, Papa and Jess came as well, since they would be there the next day. My graduation went much the same as Jess'. I didn't have as many friends, attend my reception, as they had their own to attend. Bob Schmidt, my swim team captain and best friend spent most of the afternoon at my reception.

In too short time, the party fizzled and everybody went home. This was fine with me. I had a busy weekend and just wanted to relax.

After we got the party cleaned up, Jess and I sat together on a chaise lounge next to the pool. I was sitting with my knees drawn up. Jess was between them with her arms wrapped around my lower legs. I had my arms around her shoulders and caressing them.

We watched the sun set behind the trees that lined the property. "I love you Charles Edward Tuttle," Jess whispered as she moved her hands from my lower legs to the underside of my thighs. "I love you Jessica Lynn Bailey," I answered. She twisted her head around and we kissed a long sweet kiss. My hand found a breast and I squeezed it and teased the nipple till it was hard under my hand. "Um… Chet… Baby," Jess said between kisses. "Chet… Mmm… Gawd, I love you… But somebody might see you playing with my tit." "Sorry, Baby.

I Just can't control myself," I apologized. "Don't be sorry," Jess told me. "Just be sure you make love to me later." "I can't make love to you," I started "I will make love WITH you." "So long as I get sex," Jess said as she settled back into my arms.

We spent the rest of the evening snuggled together on that chaise lounge. The rest of the family joined us, in time, and we talked endlessly about plans for the summer and for the new factory.

Around ten o'clock Jess looked me in the eye and said, "Make love WITH me, now." I slid out from underneath Jess, stood and picked Jess up from her place on the lounge.

Good Times With My New Stepmom

She jumped on my back and I carried her into the house and to my bedroom. We quickly shed our clothes and lay naked together on my queen sized bed. Once comfortable we started passionately kissing and caressing each other. In very short time I was as hard as a rock and Jess was doing a fine job of wetting the fingers I had buried in her snug pussy. I pulled my fingers from Jess' hot wet pussy and sucked the head spin inducing juice from them.

I knew that taste would not be enough. I immediately went down on her and lapped up as much of the nectar as I could. Jess squirmed and moaned as I lashed away at her hot sensitive clit. I alternated between sucking or nibbling her clit and probing her sweet dripping hole.

I whetted my middle finger with her slick juices and gently pushed it into her tight puckered asshole. "Mmm… Careful there, Baby," she moaned. I stopped the penetration to allow her to get used to the invasion.

"No… don't stop, Baby… Go deeper." I did as she instructed and then stopped again when my finger was as deep as it would go. I continued my oral attention as I began a slow in and out motion in her sphincter. Her muscles relaxed as I kept an even rhythm. I ate her pussy for many minutes and fucked her ass with my happy digit.

Soon she started cumming. "Oh… BABY… I … AMMMM CUMMMIINGG!" I really liked feeling her muscles in her ass contract on my finger. It reminded me of her tight pussy muscles milking my dick. When she had recovered, she moved around and signaled me to move into a position where she could easily suck me into her mouth. She ran her tongue slowly along the bottom side of my dick.

She made several trips from bottom to top and back again. After those several trips, she took all I had into her mouth and sucked me hard and deep. "Honey&hellip. Baby&hellip. If… uh… you… keep going… I am going to cum in your mouth." She ignored me and sucked even harder.

In seconds, I could hold back no longer and came hard into her willing throat. After I was done, cumming and she had licked me clean, I lay on my back catching my breath. Jess moved up next to me,and we lay in each others arms, kissing and caressing each other once more.

"I love you, Jess," I said. "I love you, Chet," she said as we drifted into sleep. The next morning, Dad went to work, as usual. Grammi and Pap left to return to their home.

Jess stayed in Sandusky with me, siting that we would come to Akron in a day or so to get her packed up and ready to move here with me. We commented to each other how strange it felt to be together on a Monday morning and not have to think about school. We spent the day helping Mom around the house, mostly to get things ready for Jess' moving in. During a short break in the afternoon, Mom sat next to me and asked"When are we going to make love again?" "I don't know, Mom," I answered, looking to Jess for her input and possible support.

"It might be hard to get together now. With jess here and the kids will be out of school in a little more than a week." The graduating class got out of school two weeks before the rest, so the kids will be out of the house during the day for the next ten days.

"Then, you have two weeks to get it out of your system," Jess said. "Are you okay with us being together again? I won't do it if you think we shouldn't," I said.

Mom looked a little worried as we waited for Jess to answer. And I think she sensed it, as she held out for a few brief seconds. "Of course I am okay with you making love to your mother. You know that, Chet." "I didn't know if that was a one time thing or something that will come up occasionally." "Well… It better not happen too much.

I will not be replaced. Besides… I want in on the action this time.," Jess commanded "You mean a threesome?" Mom asked. "Absolutely," I agreed.

"We just need the time." "We can make it any time after the kids go to school. How about this morning?" Jess asked.

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Before she got an answer, she went stepped I front of Mom and began kissing her. Not wanting to be left out, I stepped up behind Mom, reached around her and unbuttoned her form fitting jeans. I dropped her zipper and pulled the pants along with her thong bikini to the floor. I hesitated just long enough to plant a few kisses on her shapely buttocks. Jess was undoing Mom's blouse as they were trading tongues. While I was kissing Mom's ass, Jess pulled her blouse off and let it fall on my head.

I swiftly tossed it to the other side of the room. Shortly, came her lacy bra. It was tossed in the same carefree manner. Jess transferred to Mom's breasts, giving each nipple equal attention. Mom moaned her approval as she held Jess' head and guided her from one side to the other.

I helped Mom step out of her jeans and thong. I, then parted her ass cheeks and ran my tongue over her puckered pink bunghole. She squealed and pushed her ass down on my tongue. It slid into her ass with little effort. I pistoned it in and out while my hands found their way around to the front and sought out her erect clitoris.

Her pussy was already nearly dripping wet and her lips were swelled with evident arousal. "As much as I love the attention&hellip. Mmmm… right there Baby," Mom was finding it tough to talk with two mouths pleasuring her.

"We… OH… Fuck… need tttoo… take … this&hellip. To&hellip.too… Fff&hellip.the&hellip. Whao&hellip. Bedroom." I took the initiative and began to push the women towards my bedroom. Jess' and my clothes fell off on the way. Mom was there and ready for more before we could get there. Jess was the next to enter the room.

She crawled onto the bed on all fours and with her ass still in the air, began to orally please Mom. I came in behind Jess and drilled my tongue into her tight asshole. "Oh… Baby…" Jess pulled away from Mom's pussy just long enough to say. "You put your finger in my ass last night. Now your tongue. Keep it going, Baby." Her wish was my command.

I resumed drilling her poop hole while I kneaded her fleshy globes. Mom was thrashing under Jess' tongue and Jess was doing the same under mine. I decided I needed to try the next step. I jumped from the bed, ran to the bathroom and came back with some baby oil.

I squeezed some over Jess' ass, making sure I got and ample amount in her asshole. I smoothed it over her cheeks and between. My finger easily slipped inside her nether hole. Jess pushed her hips back toward me. I took it as sign she wanted more.

I threw caution to the wind and positioned myself behind her. I squeezed some oil onto the tip of my cock and rubbed it evenly over my guided muscle. I pointed my cock at her pucker and pushed slowly. "Mmm… Oh&hellip. Ow… slowly Baby," Jess encouraged me. I stopped momentarily, while she got used to the violation.

Once Jess relaxed, I pushed deeper. Soon, I was balls deep in her ass. I stopped again to let her get more used to my girth in her. And when I felt she was ready, I began to slowly move in and out of her bum. Every time I thrust into Jess, she did something to Mom, though I couldn't see or tell what it was. But every time Jess grunted, groaned or moaned, Mom reacted I similar fashion.

I did as I had seen in some porn movies and pulled completely out, just to push back in to the hilt. The more I did this, the more Jess moaned and thrashed. I knew I wasn't going to last much longer. I also knew that, by the sound coming from her mouth, Mom wasn't going to last much longer either. "Oh… Baby… I am CUMMING!" I yelled. I shot the first rope so hard, it pushed Jess over the edge, too. When Jess started her orgasm, she bit down on Mom's clit and threw her over the edge as well.

We fell into heap on the bed. We kissed and petted each other. The heat began to build again. I knew I couldn't enter either of the women in my bed again without cleaning my dick. I ran to the bathroom and cleaned myself with soap and very warm water. When I returned to my room, Jess and Mom were positioned in a 69.

What a beautiful sight. I simply stood and watched. I didn't want to, nor knew what to do to join in the fun. Jess was on top with her head to the foot of the bed. I was able to see some of what Jess was doing to Mom's pussy.

Mom must have been doing just the right thing to Jess as I watch her ass humping Mom's face. Mom pulled a hand up to Jess' ass and slid a couple fingers in what I was sure was her fresh fucked ass. Jess looked up at me and motioned for me to come in and fuck Mom while she was getting eaten.

I knelt between her legs and Jess guided my hard cock towards Mom's hot and ready cunt. I slid into Mom with one swift yet gentle push. I slid in and out for a few strokes when Jess pulled me out, sucked Mom's cream off my shaft and put it back in for her.

Jess' long silky hair tickled my balls as her tongue tickled Mom's clit. We kept our play going for nearly half an hour when Mom started moaning she was going to cum again. She did cum in short time oozing large gobs of lady cream from her hot hole. Jess lapped feverishly capturing as much as possible. When Mom was done cumming, Jess pulled my cock from her pussy and sucked me deep until I shot my load seep into her mouth. Soon, Jess was cumming in Mom's mouth too. I hurried around, so I could partake in some of that ooze, too.

When we were done, we relaxed for about an hour, until we got in the shower, together. We cleaned each other then went uptown for lunch. The next day, we planned to go to Akron to get Jess' things. My guitar lesson was that afternoon, but I rescheduled it for Wednesday. We rented a small moving truck and headed southeast. We rode together in the truck going, but would be in separate vehicles coming back, as Jess would be bringing her car back with her. We spent the entire morning loading Jess' belongings.

She had everything, with the exception of a few incidentals, already packed. Grammi helped put things in the truck. She was obviously I little upset with the situation. We had everything loaded just before lunch, and we were going to leave shortly thereafter. At about one-thirty, we gave Grammi hugs and kisses. She let the flood gates open, and broke down crying. "I thought it would be great seeing my last child leave the nest.

It's a lot harder than I thought," she whimpered. "You'll be alright, Mom," Jess said as she hugged Grammi. "It just may take some time to get used to it," Grammi added. We pointed our vehicles toward Sandusky and hit the road. We planned to make one stop along the way. We pulled into a roadside park about half way home to stretch our legs. I could have easily gone the entire distance without a stop.

But, Jess likes to have a stop when she is driving, for a little pick-me-up. That pick-me-up would normally be called a make-out session. As it turned out, the stop was necessary on my part, this time.

I needed to relieve my bladder. I went into the men's restroom and started to urinate, when Jess came in behind me and grabbed hold of my prick. "Let me help you with that," she whispered. "We don't want it to get away from you, and make a mess." "You had better hope nobody comes in." "We'll just hide in a stall.

Hmm&hellip. Great idea." I finished my piss, washed my hands and took my place in the end stall. Jess was already placed in the adjacent stall. As with many other road side parks, this restroom was complete with glory holes for lonely truckers. Jess signaled me when she was ready for my dick. I threaded my hard cock through the hole and she stroked me to get me really going.

She licked me from my balls to the tip. When she had my shaft sufficiently wet, she slid her mouth down my pole. She sucked me for only a couple of minutes before I came in her mouth.

"I am sorry I came so fast, Baby," I said through the hole. "That's perfectly okay, Baby," she answered. "We need to get going anyway." We tried to quietly leave the restroom. But, as we stepped out the door, a trucker met us, and gave us a knowing sneer. He stared at Jess, far too long. I stopped and glared back at the trucker. Not wanting to get into a fight with him, I put my arm around Jess and walked her back to her car. As we were about to pull away, the trucker came out of the restroom and resumed his stare-down.

I gave the guy the finger as I moved to the highway. I watched in the rear view and saw that Jess flipped him off as well. He was stomping around the parking lot as we drove out of sight.

We tried to play our passing game, but the rented truck couldn't outrun Jess' sports car. We arrived at home in less than an hour, and had the truck unpacked in near record time. Pat and Kat gleefully helped. We worked the remainder of the afternoon and most of the evening trying to find room for all of Jess' things. Surprisingly enough, my room didn't look much different after we were done.

That night when we went to bed, we decided we were too tired to have sex. I did offer to eat Jess' pussy as a return for the blow job I got earlier. She wasn't comfortable with me licking her juices out of her vagina without having had a shower more recently.

I convinced her she was only more aromatic and sweeter tasting, since she had 'MARINATED' all day. She came in nearly as short a time as I had that afternoon.

We went to sleep as usual in each other's arms.


By the end of the week, Jess and I were getting bored. We told Mom and Dad there was only so much fun and sun we could stand. Since we were together all the time, the jobs I did for Grandma Tuttle took half as long so we had n more time for other activities. We swam for a couple hours every day, played our instruments for about an hour every day, and lounged at the pool the rest of the time. Finally, over supper Friday night, we asked Dad to help us out of our boredom.

He was planning on putting Jess to work with designing furniture soon, anyway, so we started with that. "Dad," I started as we ate. Jess and I would like to talk with you about work." "What's on your minds?" he asked.

"We were wondering when you wanted me to start working on new furniture designs," Jess stated. "I was thinking may in the next two or three weeks," Dad answered. "I wanted you to have ample time to relax after school." "Well, we are getting bored already," Jess informed Dad. "Already? Most kids would be happy to lay around all summer." Dad thought for a minute then said, "I can put you both to work.

Chet, you can work in the mill. Jess, we will need a good computer and some good design software. I will leave that up to you. You know what you need right?" We spent the next couple weeks setting up the design studio, in a makeshift office and I helped one of Dad's best workers build the first prototypes. They were a total hit with the prospective clients. Grandma Tuttle liquidated some of her assets and we hired an industrial architect to design the addition to the mill.

We broke ground on the new factory, a new sixty thousand square foot building within two months. During the summer, when we had time away from work, Jess and I mostly played in the sun. We would lounge at the pool and swim, usually competing against each other. Jess would win many of the times. I would say I let her win, but we all knew she was better than me. I didn't mind coming in behind her, though.

It gave me ample opportunity to ogle her fine ass. I got to see it on a daily basis, but could never get tired of it. Over the Independence Day holiday, the city of Sandusky was having its annual city wide festival. One of the events was to be "Battle of the Bands" where amateur bands showed off their talents.

Tom and I were getting pretty good with our guitars, but we weren't good enough for a band, yet. We did come up with the idea that we would like to have a musical free for all, where anybody could bring their instrument of choice and we would play whatever we felt like playing. We talked to one of the festival organizers, and asked if we could have one afternoon for something like that. He liked the idea, but was afraid we couldn't do it this year.

We were, however, able to pencil in a time for the next year's festival. From that day forward, Tom and I played in earnest, to get good enough to show off our prowess. And, of course, Jess was right in there with us. She wouldn't be left out. She not only made a great percussion section, she motivated us to work hard to get better. One day near the end of July, I was at home while Jess was at the mill, working with Dad on new furniture designs.

I did not go in as I was not doing anything new for the factory. Jess didn't have any new designs we felt would be viable prototypes. I got the impression over the previous couple days, mom wanted me home anyway. She had been hinting that she needed some "Alone Time" with me. Whenever we were in a room alone, which didn't happen often, she became plenty handsy.

I had to admit, the desire to be with her again was also growing. I spoke with Jess about it, and she was very supportive. I was awake to see Jess and dad off to their jobs, and to wish Pat and Kat a fun time at Day Camp. The door was barely closed when Mom started shedding her clothes. Within seconds, she was completely nude and pulling at my clothing. "Wow, Mom," I said.

"Has it been a while for you or what?" "Or what," she answered. "I have been riding your dad, hard." "So, why are you so damned horny?" I questioned. "I've had a taste. I can't quit cold turkey." She pulled my shirt over my head and immediately went to my shorts to free my rapidly stiffening prick.

"How about you, Honey? Hasn't Jess been keeping you satisfied?" "You know she has, Mom. She told me to lay off last night, though.

She knew you were gunning for me and that we were going to be alone today. By design or coincidence, either way. If you have to know, we only take one or two days off each week. She's a fire ant, when it comes to sex." "Believe me, I know you have a very healthy sex life," Mom smirked.

"You could try to be a little more quiet." "You hear us?" "We do. And the two young ones do. And they are starting to ask what you are doing in there." "They are getting old enough, and they have enough friends, they should know pretty well what goes on in there." "But I think they are getting curious about their bodies and other bodies, as well." Mom paused and her look became cryptic. "I am also afraid they may be coming curious about each other." "I think that might be our fault.

Jess' and mine. They know we are Aunt and Nephew. They aren't stupid." "No. They are too smart for their own good, sometimes." "We need to talk with Jess about this, and then the kids." I looked down at my midsection, and although our bodies were pressed hard together, I was limp as a wet noodle. Suddenly my mood for sex was completely gone. "Maybe it is time for us to find a place of our own." "Wh… Wha… What are… you telling… me?" Mom asked as she tried to choke back her tears.

"Yes, Mom. We are talking about getting a place of our own. Jess and I have been talking about it for a couple months now." "So… Just like that, you want to up and leave your dad and I," she fought back more tears. "I don't think it is going to be just like that," I put my hands on her shoulders and looked her straight in the eyes.

"It will take time to find a house we can afford, and then we will have to set it up, you know, furniture, kitchenware, things like that." "But, Honey, I am not sure I am ready for you two to be grown up and on your own, yet." Mom started sobbing.

I put my arms around her and held her for several minutes. I didn't pay any attention to the fact that we were still completely naked. After a few minutes, we broke way from our embrace.

I kissed her sweetly and she seemed to be feeling better. "I think I will get dressed," Mom chuckled a little. "Funny, I am not in the mood for sex all the sudden. I hope you don't mind." "No, Mom. I am quite alright." I picked up my clothes and started to put them back on. "Maybe we will be more in the mood again, later." Once done getting dressed, I helped Mom get back into her cotton shorts and tank top. We omitted her panties and bra.

"Just in case, eh?" I said as I wadded her under things and handed them to Mom. She took them from me, but after studying them for a short time, she handed the panties back to me. "You might want to hang on these. Perhaps you could use them for motivation a little later." I opened them, held them at arm's length and imagined what they would look like on her. It wasn't much of a stretch of the imagination, as I had seen her in just about every pair of panties she owned.

I decided to test the waters, so to speak. I brought the panties to my nose and inhaled. The scent was light yet sweetly musky. Mom gave me a sly look and hugged me hard, followed be a long sweet kiss. "So… Mom. What are we going to do today? We kind of ruined our plans," "I don't know, Honey," Mom replied. "Maybe we can just relax in the sun and do some reading or something." "Sounds like a good day.

Are you going to put on your sexiest bikini?" "No… I thought I would lay out nude. I don't really want tan lines." "I'll have a hard time concentrating on my book." "No, Honey. I am not really going to lay out in the nude." "Thank you.

I think," I said, all the sudden regretting suggesting we NOT lay out nude. I went to my room and got a book I had started and grabbed my mp3 player. Mom got her Kindle, and we went outside and set our chaise lounges next to each other facing the sun.

I set the music, put in my ear buds, and started reading, while Mom did the same. About an hour into our mutual reading and lounging exercise, Mom's phone rang. I couldn't hear what she was saying, but as soon as she finished the call, she put her hand on my knee to get my attention. "What's up, Mom?" I asked, taking one ear bud out so I could hear her. "Your dad and Jess are coming home for lunch." "What do they want to eat? We should get it started in a couple hours so it will be ready when they get here." "Dad said, they are going to stop and get some cold sandwiches at the deli.

And some kind of salad, too. I told him, you would want tuna salad on wheat." "Thanks, Mom," I said. She smiled and went back to her kindle.

It was after nine o'clock, so I went into the kitchen and made a pitcher of iced tea. I put ice in a couple glasses and brought it all out and set it on a table near the feet of our lounges. "Thank you, Honey," Mom said. " You are such a thoughtful young man." "Flattery will get you everywhere," I said as I sat back on my lounge and returned to my book. We read in silence till about ten thirty, when Mom swung her foot to my chair and started running her well pedicured toes up and down my leg.

I looked at her, trying to gauge why she was doing this. She pretended not to notice my looking at her. She continued to read her story and massage my leg. Soon it was becoming too much a distraction, so I put my book down, turned off my mp3 player and turned to try and get a look at what she was reading.

I leaned close to Mom so I could better see the words on her Kindle. I saw no title, but the words were clearly describing a sexual act between a young man and a mature woman. I knew instantly that she was getting horny again, reading the smut.

A breeze swept across our bodies and further confirmed my suspicions. The air movement carried with it some of Mom's heavenly scent. I instantly wanted her. I poured myself a glass of tea and drank it down in just a few gulps. With my tea gone, I stood at the foot of Mom's lounge, looking her over for a few moments. She gazed back at me with loving, but curious eyes.

She finally set her kindle down and began to run her hands up and down her bare legs. I licked my lips as she caressed the smooth flesh higher and higher on her thighs.

As she moved higher, her hands also moved deeper between. In a few strokes, her hands were pressed against the damp crotch of her shorts.

I could not resist any longer. I knelt beside my beautiful mother, put my hands on either of her hips and started to pull her shorts towards her feet. Mom lifted her hips off the chaise cushion to allow for easier removal of her lower garment.

I let my hand graze her beautifully waxed mons upon returning my hands to her lower belly. I caressed the flawless skin just below her sexy navel with one hand and pushed the other under her top to manipulate her hardening nipples. I moved the one hand lower to just above the cleft at the union of her smooth pussy lips.

She felt as smooth as I imagined a baby would feel. Mom squirmed as the heat built between her legs. She spread her gorgeous thighs.

I took it as an invitation, and gently ran the tip of one finger over the slick lips. Mom sighed as continued to tease her hot pussy with more and more pressure. Soon. My digit had parted her sweet lips and I explored the wet opening to her tight vagina. She threw her head back and moaned deeply as I played with her sweetest hole. I fondled Mom for a few minutes, then slowly lowered my mouth to probe her with my willing tongue.

I sniffed deeply as I drove my tongue into her love tunnel. The aroma, as always, made me near crazy with lust. I pulled her around and buried my face as deep as I could. "Oh, Baby." Mom cooed. "I knew I could get you back in the mood." She grabbed handfuls of my hair and pulled me in and held me in place as my tongue worked between her vagina and clit.

Her breathing became rapid and shallow. She moaned louder and louder as she continued to build toward her first orgasm of the day, presumably. I kept with my oral assault until I felt her body tensing.

This told me she was rapidly approaching her climax. Before she went over the edge, I pulled away. This was no easy feat, as my mother tried to pull me back into herself and get the release she so desperately needed. She whined as I broke her grip and got away from her. I wasted no time in spinning her part way around so I could position myself strategically between her creamy thighs.

I lowered myself near her quivering pussy lips. I stopped short, however to further tease the fire in her loins. She cried out in frustration as she tried to get a grip on my rock hard phallus. I moved just enough to avoid her hot soft grip. "Oh. GAWD. Please, Baby," Mom pleaded. "I need this." "I have needs, too, Mom." "Not now, Baby.

Please," she whined. "As you, wish. Mommy." I smiled as lovingly as I could. My need was somewhat overwhelming, too. I aligned the tip of my cock with her eager hole and slowly pushed into her. Mom sighed in relief, and locked her legs around my back to pull me full inside her. When I was as far in as I could go, I stopped and held still for a moment, savoring the sweet wet softness of her vagina. Mom wasn't having too much more of it and began humping her hips upward. We moved in unison as we fucked the day's tension away.

I rested on my elbows while continuing to dance inside my sexy mother. I looked into her big eyes and saw that familiar passion. I had seen it several times with Mom and many times with Jess. I was still amazed, after all these years, our entire lives, that Jess and Mom could be twins, if they were the same age. I began pushing into her with increasing speed and heated need.

My balls slapped her taint harder with every thrust. She moaned louder as her climax became more imminent. I brought my mouth to hers and kissed her savagely as we started cumming together.

Mom wrapped her arms around my neck, nearly strangling me as she milked every drop of semen my balls could produce. While our orgasms subsided, I lay still atop her, still inside her. I kissed her softer now. When I broke the kiss, I looked into her eyes.

They were pooled with tears. I gave her a questioning look and she began to sob uncontrollably. She tightened her grip around my neck and held me to her.

"I am not ready to lose my baby," she cried. "We won't be far," I comforted her. "I am sure we can find a house in town. We can see each other as often as we want." "I know, but. the thought of my babies growing up." "Means, you think you are getting older?" "No, Honey.

It means you won't. won't . need me anymore." "I will. As, I am sure, Jess will still need you. For your love and support." I pulled out of her, my cock long since depleted.

I sat next to her on the lounge and stroked her hair and face in an attempt to make her feel better. "Now. Don't you think we had better go in and get cleaned up and dressed?" "Yes. Perhaps we should," Mom smiled warily. We gathered our clothes and tea glasses and headed inside to the shower in her bedroom. I felt a little like I was inviting myself somewhere I may not be welcome when we stepped into the bathroom together, so I held back a briefly while she got the shower ready.

"Joining me in the shower, aren't you?" She asked. "Yeah. Absolutely," I answered. We washed each other in silence. An occasional kiss was the only affectionate contact we made. We dried each other once we were finished, but before we got dressed we held each other for a few minutes. Our naked bodies pressed together and our towels wrapped around both our shoulders. "We'd better get dressed. Dad and Jess will be home for lunch, soon." We went to our respective rooms to get dressed, and I had no more than left my room when I saw Dad's car pull into the drive.

I met Jess and Dad at the door. Jess gave me a big hug and kiss and said, "I missed you today. Did you have a good morning?" "Yes, It was pretty good," I said. "Do we want to eat inside or out?" "I would love for you to eat me out," Jess snickered.

"Unless, of course you have had all you want already this morning." "Let's eat on the deck," Dad laughed. "It is a beautiful day." Mom joined us shortly and we talked mostly business as we enjoyed our sandwiches and salads.

As we finished our lunches, Mom became quiet. Her mood seemed to turn. "Have you told your dad about your idea, Chet?" "What idea is that? The one I sprung on you this morning?" I asked. "Yes, Honey," she said with a small crack in her voice. "I haven't. Jess have you said anything?" Dad looked at us both with a confused look that told me she hadn't. Jess shook her head, confirming what I felt was true. Why should she have said anything to Dad? We had only talked about it briefly a couple nights before.

"When are you going to let me in on your secret?" Dad finally demanded. "I guess now is as good a time as any," I said. I cleared my throat. "Jess and I are talking about finding a place of our own. We just started talking about it, so we haven't even seriously looked into what we need to do." "I wish you two could wait till you are out of school at the least," Mom complained.

"Janet," Jess said, putting her hand on Mom's arm. "We are just talking about it. We don't know where we want to live or what is available. I am sure it will take time to find a suitable place. If, we can find one we like." "Mom and I had a talk, this morning about our relationship and what it is doing to the kids," I added.

"That is why it came up. Mom is concerned that Pat and Kat are getting ideas from what Jess and I are doing." "Oh.," Dad realized. "They are getting old enough to see how you two carry on and the noise they hear when you make love.

And they are gaining some understanding of what you do. So. You think if you move away from here, that they will forget what they already know, and go back to the way they were when they were younger." "Yes," I agreed. "Kind of." "Well let me remind you, they are smart kids and they are also approaching their teen years. Not only are they learning from you, and Mom and I, but from their peers.

At least, if they learn from us," Dad pointed to all of us. "they will hopefully have enough information to make intelligent, informed decisions on their own sexuality." "But what are people going to think if they start to experiment with each other and tell their friends?" Mom questioned. "What are the parents going to think if their kids think it is alright for them?

Granted, we are no role models for sexual responsibility, as far as society is concerned." "We'll just have to have a talk with them about what is acceptable and what isn't, according to society," Dad said. "And remind them that Jess and Chet aren't brother and sister." "Or mother and son," I added. "Hypocrite," chuckled Jess. I simply shrugged it off. "Look at the time John. We should be getting back to work. Never know when the boss will be around." "Yeah," Dad laughed.

"He can be a slave driving hard-ass." I just about choked on the last statement, knowing that Dad wasn't a hard-ass. He was firm, but would never make his employees work harder than he would, himself. "So, What's on the agenda for the rest of the day with you two?" "We'll just go with the flow," I said. "Save some for me Janet," Jess directed. "I haven't got the foggiest idea what you're talking about," Mom chirped, trying to look innocent.

"Ha," Jess chortled. "Just leave enough on the bone for me to get some." "When was the last time you had him?" Mom quizzed. "Two nights ago," Jess crowed. "You probably heard us." "She did," Dad interrupted. "She practically raped me when she heard you two howling like wolves in heat." "Go back to work, you two," I said, red-faced. Jess gave me a hearty kiss and a very tight hug, before she got into Dad's car.

"I love you, Jess." "I love you, Chet," she called back. Dad simply smiled, kissed Mom, and got behind the wheel of his car. And then they were gone. The rest of the day was pretty average for Mom and I. We spent the better part of the afternoon grooming the plants around the yard. At about four o'clock a van pulled in the drive and Pat and Kat quickly jumped out. They cheerfully greeted us, then ran inside to change into their play clothes.

When They came out, Mom pulled them over to the table. "I think we need to have a talk," she told them nervously. She looked at me and waved me away. I went back to me task. Every now and again, I would look to Mom and the kids to see how things were going.

I wasn't able to read the situation. All I saw was Mom talking and the kids nodding once in a while. When they were finished, the kids both gave Mom a hug and a kiss on her cheek. Kat ran inside and resurfaced a minute later with her iPad. She pulled a chair under a shade tree and played her favorite app game. Pat came to me, "Chet?" he asked.

"Do you have to leave?" "No, Pat," I answered. "Jess and I are growing up and we want to have a place we can call our own, soon." "You're not leaving because of us, are you?" "No, Little Buddy.

We just want to be on our own." "I hope you don't leave. At least, not for a long time." "I will make you a promise, Pat. If we do move out, we will stay close, so you can visit as often as you want. And you can stay over whenever you want." "Thank you, big brother." He gave me a hug and ran to see what Kat was doing.

Over the next few weeks, things went pretty much as normal. The only exception was that Jess and I searched for a house we could afford. We looked at one, just about every afternoon. The ones we like, we couldn't afford. And the ones we could afford needed far too much work for the price they were asking. Of course, since we didn't know much about housing, the costs were just our opinions.

Dad helped us quite a bit, by looking at the ads in the paper and listing on the realtors' web sites to give us some pointers. July and August passed quickly. We spent as much time as we could with Tom on the weekends.

And we worked our jobs during the week. But, summer was sadly behind us and we were going back to school in a week. Our college courses, we feared would be occupying much of our time. We still had not found a house we felt comfortable buying. We found a couple we really liked, but didn't feel like we could afford. Living at home made things easier, but we wanted to be able to put enough down to keep our payments manageable.

Grandma Tuttle offered to finance any house we wanted, but we turned her down, stating that we owed her enough for all she had done for us. I still had a sizable amount in my savings from her gifts, but Jess didn't want me to deplete that account.

Staying in my parents' house helped.

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We were able to save just about every penny we made at work. It was put in a joint account separate from our "FUN" money. By the middle of September, we had nearly given up all hope of ever finding a house we wanted. Pat and Kat, though they acted disappointed, delighted in having us around that much longer.

One Saturday, while we were eating lunch, Dad threw out a suggestion we had not even thought of. He opened the conversation, "I have been racking my brain for advice I could give you two. And I think I have come up with the only solution. And it is such a simple one, I don't know why we didn't see it before." I knew right away where he was going.

"You're talking about us building, aren't you?" I asked. Tom was sitting there, as usual, and he lit up like neon sign. "Jeez, Chet. Why the hell hadn't you thought of that?" I slugged him on the arm, which elicited a gale of laughter from him. "I did think about that several times. And discussed it with Jess. We just didn't think it was really feasible at this point.

What with the finding a lot, and zoning, design." "Oh, you idiot," Tom continued. "You have a drafting and design major right here," pointing to Jess. "Not to mention, she could probably give you a reasonable rate. How many orgasms would a full set of blueprints cost, Jess?" I slugged Tom again, harder. "Ouch!" Jess looked at Dad, "John, do you think I have what it takes to design a house?" "What you don't know, yet, you can learn as you go," Dad stated confidently.

"I do have an architect friend who would gladly help you, I am sure." All the sudden everybody was talking at once, and it was all becoming very indistinguishable noise. Finally Dad shouted, "Quiet down everybody! Let me call Robert, and get his opinion." Robert was his friend. I had met him a couple times and I had always admired him for his unique design ideas. Dad went to the phone, and called Robert. He spoke for a few minutes, then came back to the table.

"Okay," He said. "Robert will be happy to help you as much as you need, Jess. He did say, though, that in order to come up with a good design, you first need to know where you are building. So we need to find some land for sale." With a renewed vigor, Jess and I spent rest of the day surfing the web, looking for possible building sites.

Tom hung around and offered his support as well. We had a few parcels chosen, but we didn't want to make a choice till we saw them in their pristine states. We decided we would drive around the next day and give each one a chance to sell themselves. After dinner, Tom, Jess and I played our choppy amateur versions of what would someday become "Music".

WE played for several hours until Pat and Kat needed to go to bed. We quit so they could sleep. Not too long after, Tom showered and went to sleep in the guest room.

Jess and I followed shortly after Tom in the shower. We were so excited about the day's events, we could hardly keep from playing in the shower. We finished in the shower, but were far from done playing.

We dried each other and made a beeline for our bedroom. Jess was leading the way, pulling me along via my already steel hard cock. We were so comfortable in the house, that we thought nothing of running down the hall naked. Mom and Dad had seen us in our most natural state so many times, they barely paid attention anymore. We had completely forgotten Tom's presence.

We were about halfway down the hall between the bathroom and bedroom when he stepped out. He was more surprised at our candor than we were. We stopped and simply stared each other down for a few long seconds. Finally, Jess spoke, "Hey, Tommy. Would you like to join us?" "Uh. Umm. N.No," He stammered. "G. G'nite." He put his head down, trying not to look at us as he passed and went into the bathroom. "Goodnight Tom," Jess said with a slight pout. "Goodnight Tom," I repeated. I had never thought of us having a threesome with Tom, but he was such a good friend, it suddenly seemed like a good time.

I wondered if her ever felt like a third wheel when he hung around us. He never brought a girl with him when he came to visit in Sandusky, and come to think of it, we didn't see him with a girl in Akron.

When we got into our room Jess sighed, "That was just a little awkward, wasn't it?" "I think more for him, than for us," I said as we rolled into bed together. "What would you have done had he actually taken you up on the offer?" "I would have fucked him.

Would that upset you?" "God, no, Jess. I probably love him as much as you do" "He has been a great friend for so long, " Jess commented. "I didn't think you would mind. He has never seemed uncomfortable with us, being aunt and nephew. Not even from the beginning." "Maybe cause he thinks so much of you that he would be your best friend, no matter what." Jess looked at the ceiling for a short time. Her hand found my still ridged cock and stroked me as she sorted what was going through her head.

She then snorted a little laugh, "Do you suppose? No." she shook her head. "I have seen him with a couple girls." "What are you getting at, Baby?" "It's too crazy to think." Jess squeezed my cock hard and jacked me harder. "Whaaat? Oh Gawd. I could never get tired of your hand jobs." "Easy.

I don't want you cumming too soon." She rolled to her side and looked me in the eye. Her hand moved from the tip of my cock down to tease my sphincter. "Mmm. Baby. Oh. Are you going to tell me.

Ung. What you got cooking in that . FFFUCK. twisted brain of yours?" "Oh, Yeah," she continued. "Suppose. Tommy is gay?" She snickered more as she lowered her wet mouth over my aching penis. "AWW. Take it all, BABY." I grabbed a handful of her gleaming black hair. It felt so soft running between my fingers. She pulled off my shaft and tickled my balls with a few strands of that silky mane.

My head involuntarily wrenched back as the sensation caused my entire body to tense. She took me into her mouth once again and continued to suck me from the base to the tip in long slowly deliberate strokes. I felt the pressure building in my balls. I was going to blow my wad, if Jess wasn't careful. She had to have sensed my urgency. She quickly pulled back. "Uh. Uh. Not yet, Baby," she moved up to sit on my chest.

Her hot pussy just inches away from my chin. She was wet enough that her juice was trickling down my neck and soaking into my pillow. I tried to move her up more so I could drive my tongue into her steaming hole.

She wouldn't let me move her, just yet. "I need you to answer my question." "C'mon Jess," I whined. "Is this really the time to discuss Tom's sexuality?" "Just this one thing, then you can have the rest of me." "Okay. I don't know," I said as I stroked her back and shoulders.

"I guess it kinda makes a little sense. I don't want to make any judgments until we can talk to him, though." "Okay. Good 'nuff. Take me." I grabbed her sweet ass with both hands and pulled her up to my mouth.

I didn't waste any time drilling my tongue into her pussy as far as it would go. She ground her sex into my mouth fucking my tongue, nose and chin into all her most sensitive parts. I moved my hands from her ass to her heaving breasts and twisted both her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers.

After about five minutes of riding my face, Jess began to moan and pant as her orgasm rapidly approached. The juice was running freely from her and what I wasn't able to capture, ran down my neck to fortify the puddle on my pillow. "I am going to cum, baby!" she howled.

Her hips involuntarily rocked faster and faster. She threw her head back and came hard on my face. She had fucked my face so hard that I was getting a fat lip. When she had finished, she fell to my side, panting as she slowly recovered. We lay in each other's arms and kissed passionately. I was needing a release, but didn't want to push, as I was enjoying just kissing my gorgeous aunt. Jess broke the kiss, looked me in the eye and said, "There is something I would like you to try.

For me, baby." "Anything for you, my love," I responded. "Let me ask this of you, before you agree to it." "What is it, Sweetie?" "Well." she started slowly. "I have seen this on the internet, and was always turned by the idea of seeing you try it." "Oh?" She had my curiosity now. "I think with your body and the length of your cock, you should be able to pull off." "Jesus, Jess. What is it you want me to do?" I was getting a little anxious to hear what she was asking for.

"I want to see you suck yourself," she said with a sheepish grin. "I think you can do it. Here let me show you how other men have done it." She jumped out of the bed and grabbed her iPad off the dresser across the room. She opened the browser and searched the site where she had found the videos. When she found the listing she smiled and sat next to me and played a specific video.

I must admit, I was intrigued at the prospect. "I am not sure I can get into that position," I said about halfway through the clip The young man in the video sat in an easy chair with his legs on the corners of the cushion.

He slid down until his legs were bent as far as they would go. He was thin enough that he was able to bend almost completely in half.

He was able to take most of his cock into his mouth. He licked the head for a short time before he lowered his mouth over the veiny phallus. He sucked increasingly more of his cock into his throat until he was able to deep throat the entire length. He sucked for about eight minutes until he came into his own throat. I was particularly enthralled with the sight of his tool throbbing down as far as his asshole.

"So. Baby," Jess asked as she closed the iPad. "Do you think you could at least try that?" "I can surely try," I said unsure of the outcome. I sat on the edge of the bed, spread my legs, slightly and stroked my penis to get it hard again. Jess watched with a look of uncertainty and lust.

Once nearly fully erect again, I tried to bend down to get the head close to my lips. I was not successful with the initial attempt.

"I have an idea," Jess said. "Lie back and put your legs over your head." I did what I thought she was suggesting. My knees were near my shoulders, and my cock was millimeters away from my mouth. I stuck my tongue out and was able to tough the tip to the very end of the head.

I looked to Jess for encouragement. She smiled widely and nodded her approval. I pushed my hips down and was able to lick the velvety skin with more pressure. I could smell my own aroma and the taste was not as bad as I was afraid it would be. I had kissed Jess after she had blown me, and the taste was very similar. I licked the head more and finally opened my mouth and pushed myself into my inexperienced mouth.

"How is it?" Jess asked. "Mmunph." was all I could muster. The feel of my voice vibrating against my cock was sending thrills throughout my groin. I was determined to get more of my cock into my mouth, so I pushed down harder on my pelvis. I found that my muscled were loosening as I worked harder on my prick. I swirled my tongue around the head and shaft, coating it with my own excited saliva.

I grunted and groaned as I sucked more. Jess moved in under my ass and stroked my balls and taint. She circled her index finger around my sphincter, sending new thrills through me. "Oh, you like that, eh?" she mused. I nodded as much as I could. She, then lowered her mouth to my asshole and flicked her tongue over the super sensitive virgin flesh. My asshole twitched in reaction. This prompted Jess to press her tongue in my ass as far as she could. It wasn't far though. She pulled back just long enough to say, "Mmm.

Tight." As we continued to orally service myself, we kept eye contact. Jess' were sparkling with her total lust. I was sure I could hear the slurping noise of her fingering her heated pussy. My hole was wet with saliva and she must have wanted me to expedience something else new. She brought the hand up from her sloppy pussy and slowly invaded my ass with one thin finger. "MMM," I hummed as she prodded my never before penetrated hole.

She fucked that finger in and out slowly for a couple minutes. When she was confident that I could take it, Jess slid a second finger into me. She fucked me with a twisting and pumping action for a short time.

She, then, found my prostate and rubbed it with gentle pressure. My jizz started to drip from the slit in my dick and ran down my throat. The taste was salty, but pleasant. I began to feel that familiar tingle as my orgasm built in my balls. Jess sucked my balls into warm moist mouth. That was all I could take. I exploded into my own throat. The feeling of my own cock throbbing against my tongue added to the bliss I was feeling as I unloaded my balls.

I drank the sticky fluid down as well as I could, but some escaped my mouth. Jess quickly moved to capture what she could with her own soft and talented tongue. As my climax subsided, I let my cock drop from my mouth. Jess moved back to my side and I lay flat on the bed once again. "That was incredible, Baby," she marveled. "I see it a little differently than you, I am afraid," I grained as I was trying to get comfortable.

"It was pleasurable in that I was able to cum. But, my back is not accustomed to that position, so it hurts now." A look of concern came over Jess' face, "Are you going to be alright?" "Yes," I answered. "I just need to get back into alignment." "Would you like me to give you a backrub?" I nodded without saying anything. "Okay, baby. Roll over on your stomach." I did as I was instructed, and she straddled me sitting just above my knees. She put each hand on my lower back and pushed own pushed forward with a good amount of pressure.

"Mmm. Baby that is exactly what I need," I moaned in ecstasy. "So. I take it, this won't happen again, anytime soon." "Not me sucking myself," I said. "There are things you can continue to do." "Oh.

So you liked the anal massage?" "Yes, you could say that. Almost as much as the back massage." Jess continued with the amazing backrub. She slid herself down my legs and started to knead my butt globes. "I don't recall saying my butt hurt. But on the other hand.

Mmm that feeels gooood." Truth to tell, my back was feeling much better for quite some time before she moved to my rear. "Baby?" Jess started with a pleading tone in her voice. "Can I ask something of you?" "Depends on what you want from me," I said as I rolled myself back to my back. Jess lifted slightly to allow my body to slide underneath her. "I would like to see you and Tommy together." She looked me up and down, then focused on my crotch.

"I would like to see to put that into his mouth, or vice versa." "I don't know, Baby," I hawed. She braced her hands on my hips and shifted herself so she could hump her sweet wet pussy on my knee.

"Will you at least consider it?" "Why is it so important to you?" "Tom and I have been friends since kindergarten. He has never tried anything with me. He has just been a good friend. I kind of feel I owe him this much," she grasped my growing cock in her soft hand. "I have seen two guys together in videos and it really turns me on. I have imagined you and Tom together. I think you would make a cute couple. If only for one night. So.

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Would you please consider it?" Without waiting for an answer, Jess lowered her head to my now throbbing member and buried it in her warm moist mouth. She closed her lips over the base and began running her tongue back and forth getting the entire length slick with her saliva. When she had sucked me for about five minutes, I pulled her head up and said, "Baby. I'm not going to last much longer.

If you. mmm. Keep that up." In a flash, she was impaling herself on my spear. It never ceased to amaze me how we could fuck so much and her pussy felt every bit as tight as the first time .I put my hands on her fine ass and squeezed as she began bucking up and down.

She laid on my chest and kissed my neck. She was getting very worked up in a small amount of time. I didn't know whether it was because of her fantasy of Tom and I together, or just her insatiable lust for my meat. At this point I didn't much care. I was going to give her my best. "You can finger my asshole, if you want, Baby," she whispered in my ear. I slid my finger into her pussy beside my cock, to get it slick with her own juices.

I, then, eased it into her tighter nether hole. "Oh. Yes. Baby," she cooed. "I am going to cum very quick now." I had both hands on her buttock, but only one finger in her ass, so I decided to try giving her the index finger of my other hand as well. As I pushed the other digit in gently, Jess showed her approval by grinding her cunt deeper into my crotch. She groaned as she pushed, trying to get more of me inside herself.

I continued to manipulate both fingers in her ass at about the same pace I was fucking her cunt. I dared to pull at her ring muscle to loosen her up a little more. She must have liked the sensation, as she quickened her pace of slamming her pubic bone hard against mine.

Shortly, it had the desired effect on both of us. Jess began grunting and growling in my ear, letting me know of her imminent orgasm.

Her vocalization pushed me to my end as well. I involuntarily arched my back and bucked wildly as my seed was sent forth in nearly painful spasms. Her pussy answered my message by clamping my girth tight and squeezing very available drop of semen from my balls. As our orgasms subsided, Jess fell limp on my chest.

She lay still for a few minutes while she recovered our intense coupling. I, on the other hand, stroked her silky black hair and continued to move inside her, although my cock softened post climax. My mind wandered away to what Jess had asked of me. I was torn. I didn't know how she would take it if I were to tell her I couldn't do it.

And I also didn't know how I would facilitate such a proposition. I kept stroking her hair, and staring into nothingness when she stirred, bringing back to reality. "A penny for your thoughts, Baby," she said quietly. "I was just thinking about how much I love you. And what Tom means to you." "So, are you going to do it?" "I need more time to consider the ramifications. Please, Baby." "Okay. Fair enough." "Hell. We don't even know for sure he is gay.

Or how he feels about me. or us." "Okay, Baby," she said sliding off me and standing next to the bed. "I need a shower" >SNIFF< "Bad. and so do you." She took my hand and lead me to the bathroom where we cleaned each other and prepared for bed. The next day, being Sunday, we planned on looking at a couple vacant lots ofr sale in the area. We insisted Tom accompany us. We valued his opinion and thought that maybe he would allow us an unbiased appraisal. He did prove to be invaluable as he pointed out some things we hadn't seen on a couple lots.

We were looking at the last one before we were to quit at the latter part of the day, when Jess suddenly blurted out, "Tommy. Are you gay?" "Jess!" I admonished her. "I don't think Tom wants to hear you say stuff like that." "It's okay, Chet," Tom said. "I am actually surprised the subject hasn't come up before now.' Tom looked at us both nervously as if to gauge what our reactions might be. I simply smiled and nodded. Jess looked at him with an impatient sneer on her face.

One I don't remember ever seeing. One I don't think I would care to see again. "You have been with girls haven't you?" I said, trying to break the tension I was feeling. "I mean. You went to Prom with a girl from your school." "Yes. I did," He hesitated momentarily. "But she asked me. I. didn't ask her." He looked at his feet and kicked at a couple weeds on the property. "I have never told anybody this. I am sorry, Jess. You are my best friend. I should have told you a long time ago.

You deserve to know. Yes. I am gay." "It's okay Tommy," Jess said giving him a kiss on the cheek. "I have known. suspected for a long time. It is good to get it out in the open." "So." He looked at both of us apprehensively. "So. You are okay with it?" "Duh. You jerk," Jess laughed.

"You are my best friend, too. I love you.

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And I want for you to be happy. And if that means fucking guys. I am all for that." "Jess. It's not just about fucking guys." Tom chuckled. "It's about who I can love. Who I am attracted to. I love you, Jess. Ha. I have never said that before, have I?

But. I am not attracted to you, in that way. Not that I have never thought about. What if." "So. I am not good enough for you?" Jess asked playfully. "If anybody could make me go straight, Jess. It would be you." "Well, " Jess blushed.


"I do know a way to test that." "Oh. Here we go," I sighed. Tom looked at me, confused, for a second. Then the look of understanding came across his face. "Oh. Uh. No. Not Chet." I was stunned, and felt somewhat let down. "Nothing against you, Chet. I love you as a friend. I want to continue to be your friend.

But, you are Jess' fiancé. Nephew. Whatever. She is my best friend. I cannot do that to her. To you." "I guess I can live with that," Jess smiled. "I can, too," I added. We all met in a group hug. Tom playfully squeezed my butt.

"Just testing. Hee hee." "If, at any time you want to try him on for size," Jess said. "Just remember. I have to be there with my camera." We all laughed After looking over this last property and discussing all the pros and the few cons, Jess and I, with Tom's input, decided we could buy this piece of land. It had everything we wanted. A small pond, plenty of mature trees and it was just a mile from Mom and Dad.

Oh. And the price was far less than the others for more land. We told Mom and Dad later that we would be talking to the realtor in the morning. They were happy we chose that acreage. Dad admitted he had silently hoped we would settle on that one.