Sniff my panties and stroke JOI

Sniff my panties and stroke JOI
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It all started back on Christmas, my mom was discussing my body and how if I worked out, i would get buff. I was 15 at the time, short dark hair, brown eyes. I was around 5'5 and I weighed maybe 130 lbs.

My mom was discussing this with my uncle Larry, who was to me a total stud.


He was around 40 years old and already had white hair. His body was in decent shape for his age, huge biceps and pecs but a bit of a guy. I would've done anything just to see him in my bed.


After my mom finished my Uncle Larry offered to work out with me. Of course I took that offer and so it began. I started going over his house after school on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. When he first came by to pick me up i was a bit nervous. All I brought was my bag that had gym shorts, a shirt and deodorant in it.

I first got into the car he smiled at me and asked if I was ready with his rough masculine voice. I said sure and we were off.


The car ride was a bit awkward, we just talked about school and work and what not. Although I simply gave one word answers and zoned out for a bit I did catch one piece of information, that my aunt wasn't going to be home at all this week. Apparently she was off visiting friends in California. I was pretty excited because this meant that it would just be him and i during our exercise days.

We finally arrived at his place and I hopped out of the car and walked through the front door. "Follow me to the "gym", its down the hall." said my uncle.

I followed obediently into the room. His makeshift gym contained a treadmill, a bench for weight lifting and a TV. He told me to get changed in here while he went into his room. I shuffled out of my jeans, revealing my black boxer briefs. I threw on my black mesh shorts that were just above the knee. I was removing my shirt when the door opened and he walked in.

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I covered up, clearly embarrassed. He looked up at me and said "Sorry, only looking for my keys. Also don't be shy about it i expect you to work out like that." I shook my head sheepishly and dropped the shirt that was covering my chest. He left and about 3 or 4 minutes later returned with only his boxers on.

At first my jaw dropped but I didn't want to be caught staring so I just played it cool. He said to lay on the weightlifting bench because we would be seeing what i should start with. I mounted it and laid back, the warm fabric against my bare back felt good.

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He stood above me, his package so close to my face I could stick my tongue out and touch it. I thought to myself it had to be a dream and that I would wake up any minute. He began lifting the previous weights off the bar, his tan biceps flexing as he did. He caught me staring at winked at me, but i ignored it.

He set up 70 lbs on it and told me to try it, I lifted it easily but sloppily.

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He walked around and showed me how to lift it properly, his arms just briefly making contact with mine. We continued this for almost an hour, until we were both sweaty and a bit tired. As we were walking towards the kitchen he says "I've got a hot tub i normally use after working out, you're more than welcome to join me." I almost screamed yes, but I kept calm and just nodded my head.

After getting some water I told him i didn't have a suit. He told me that he usually goes naked and that I could do the same. A twinge of joy rippled through my body. He told me that it was on the back deck and that he would get undressed and go out and wait for me. I practically ran back into the room and stripped off the black mesh shorts and red t-shirt i was wearing.

All i had left on were my black boxer briefs and white socks. I took the socks off and began to push the boxer briefs past my waist, my semi-erect cock bouncing out. At the time i was maybe 6.5 erect and 4 soft. I walked out of the room, stark naked and feeling great. I turned down the hall and saw the view of my uncles muscular bubble butt just disappearing into the hot tub outside.

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My dick twinged a bit and i looked down and noticed the pre-cum. I opened the sliding glass door and stepped out into the cold Michigan air.

I ran towards the tub and nearly jumped in. I look over and see my uncle staring at the water above my crotch. He begins to move across the hot tub and sits next to me. He yawns and puts his arm around me.

I look up at him and smile, he returns it. "Have you gotten a blowjob yet?" he asks me. I felt a bit bold and said "no, but i've given one." He stared at me in disbelief and to my shock, replied "prove it" and lifted himself onto the edge of the tub.

I couldn't help but stare at his cock, almost 6 inches limp. I waded in between his legs and began to stroke and lick his dick. Soft moans escaped from his mouth.

i continued this until he was erect, which was when i plunged my mouth onto it. I worked my tongue up and down his shaft, while my hands massaged his balls.

He threw his head back in pleasure and placed his hands on my head, forcing my head further and further down his cock. I was being face fucked by my uncle and i loved it. I reached up and began to play with his nipples, pinching and twisting them.

I then slowly move my hands down his chest and back onto his balls. "Yeah, suck daddies dick" I deep throated it, i felt my nose touch his silver pubic hair. He lets out a loud moan. I go on like this for about 5 minutes when i start to feel his dick swell up, he moans "I'm.I'm a bout to bust my load." I bob my head up and down until he shoots his hot, salty man cum into my mouth.

I drink down every drop, except for some. I pull my mouth off his dick and plant it on his mouth, my tongue pushing the remainder of the cum into his mouth.

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He pulls back, swallows and says "That was amazing." We both sink back into the tub, I sit on his lap and we cuddle for the remainder of it. The only thing keeping our bodies apart was the warm, bubbling water running in between them. Afterwords we get dressed, share a few more kisses, some with tongue and we are back in his car, driving me home. I was a bit sad that it was over, but then i realized, it was only Monday.