Gay coach doctor porn xxx I had Ryan take off all of his clothes and

Gay coach doctor porn xxx I had Ryan take off all of his clothes and
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Chapter 1 Janet sat in the uncomfortable chair next to her husband Harvey's, hospital bed. "Janet, please, I'll be fine. Go home, go to work, and come by when you can. They are just keeping me here for tests and observation." "I don't know, I feel like I should stay," Janet sighed, looking out his widow at the pouring summer evening rain.

It had started storming on the way to the hospital. "Look the weather isn't so bad. Just drive carefully," Harvey said, patting her hand gently. "I'll be fine ok?" Janet sighed again, shaking her head, not wanting to go. She wasn't worried about the rain storm. She was worried about Harvey. She looked at him once more to see him smiling back at her.

He was having tests done to monitor an issue with his kidney. Harvey had been having ongoing kidney problems for years. "Go. I'll be fine. Call me from work tomorrow. Come by see me during the weekend. It'll be fine, I promise," Harvey again patted her hand, urging her to go. Janet shook her head, attempting to smile back at Harvey, "I guess I can go into work tomorrow. I'll call you first thing in the morning though." "That's fine honey," Harvey assured her.

Janet stood slowly, grabbing her purse, glancing out at the pouring rain, thankful she parked in a parking garage.

She leaned down to give him a kiss on the lips and a hug. "Call me if you need anything, alright?" she asked. Harvey nodded and swatted at her butt as she turned around to leave. Janet paused at his room door, turned to give him one more smile, watched him grab the remote for his room's TV, thinking that maybe he'll be ok.

Heading down the hallway toward the elevator, she felt unsure if she would be. Another flash of lightening startled Janet while sitting at a stop light on the way home from the hospital. She recounted Harvey's situation, hoping that he'd be ok, remembering that she herself, like her husband, only had one kidney left.

If Harvey needed another one, he would have to go on a waiting list while a donor was searched for. Another flash of lightening brought her memories to the night before her surgery to donate one of her kidneys to Harvey.

It was a stormy night just like this one. ******************** A flash of lightening silhouetted Janet and her doctor in her hospital room five years ago. The then 45 year old moaned, tossing her long red hair back, as her doctor, whose name she can't even remember, impaled her forcefully.

He was tall, black, and huge in every way. Janet knew he'd be unable to resist her flirts and innuendo. It was only a matter of time before the doctor would risk getting fired and succumb to her charms, laying waste to her pussy right there on her bed. Another flash of lightening, Janet's legs were wrapped around his waist and her arms around his shoulders, the doctor pumped his hips upward, eliciting another moan from her.

She was an addict. She knew it; it had been this way her whole life, lying dormant until her late 30's. A visit to her sister Darla in Miami awakened her black cock fantasies.

A third flash of lightening and the doctor threw his head back; spraying semen onto Janet's waiting face. She rubbed it into her skin, moaning, loving its smell, its texture, its taste. She slept like a baby that night, the anxiety of the operation fading from her.

The operation was a success, Harvey's joy and thankfulness for pulling through with the help of his wife changed Janet. Nothing but guilt followed her now. The man she loved was scared for his life and thankful that his wife came to his aid.

Yet the night before the surgery his wife was there, in another room, getting fucked by one of the black doctors. She had hit rock bottom. She decided to change after seeing Harvey's happy face, hearing him thank her, hearing him say he loved her.

She decided to bury this fantasy, this fetish, this addiction for good. ******************** Shaking the memory and regrets of that night, she pulled into the driveway, rushed inside out of the rain and headed to bedroom. She showered, thought about calling Harvey, but decided against it, hoping he was getting his rest, and headed to bed herself. The next morning the day was clear and sunny.

She called Harvey on the way to work, asking him how he was, checking to see if he needed anything. He assured her he was fine and asked that she have a great day and not to worry about him. Janet pulled into her office building's parking lot. She as the administrative assistant for the company's CEO, Bob, however she didn't start out that way. It was actually a requested demotion.

After the kidney surgery she decided to make a change. She asked Bob if she could change positions, one that didn't involve working with the talent at one of the several magazines the company published.

Luckily, sensing an underlying issue and not wanting to pry, Bob obliged, offering her an executive assistant position. She rarely saw any of the black models that came through for photo shoots or contract discussions. Every single black model that entered the doors of Elite Magazine for the five years Janet worked with talent relations tasted, fucked, and filled her pussy. She would take them to lunch, discuss a schedule, a contract, suck their cocks in the car, and after work meet them at their hotel if they were coming in from out of town and properly welcome them to the company.

******************** "What do you think about her?" Janet asked one young model, sitting on a couch in his hotel room several years ago. They were browsing a catalogue of white female models. He was going to pick one he liked and Janet would arrange their hotel accommodations and photo shoot next month.

The then 42 year old went to her knees in front of him, pulled his cock out while he flipped through the catalog, sucking it until he found the model he wanted to shoot with.

When he found her, she stood before him, stripped, and proceeded to service him for the rest of the evening before heading home later. That was her typical routine until she met Fat Rob. He was another associate of Bob's and he also was a talent scout of sorts. He found mostly found the white female models and most likely treated them the same way Janet treated the black male models. Inevitably, their paths crossed, producing months upon months of pussy-stretching by a hulking black man, with a massively thick cock.

She learned over and over again why they called him Fat Rob. The affair abruptly ended when Janet went back to work after her kidney donation and started a new job. She saw Fat Rob every once in awhile, as he would have meetings with her boss, but only flirtation on his side came from it. He didn't seem too hurt by Janet's dismissal of his affections.

Janet surmised he had several women in his stable to take her place. ******************** Sitting at her desk, picturing Harvey's smiling face after that kidney transplant surgery; she shook more regret from her mind and attempted to focus on work. It was difficult for Janet to do so, due to the fact that her employer's right-hand-woman, Fernanda was in his office, behind closed doors, moaning loudly, and most likely faking an orgasm with Bob.

Janet sighed and rolled her eyes. When Fernanda arrived from Miami for special meetings with him they usually talked very little. After about 30 minutes, Fernanda exited his office through the large double doors, fixing her long dark hair.

"Hi Janet!" the six foot tall beauty excitedly greeted her. Janet replied with a weary smile. Fernanda was always very nice, even if she did sleep with every one she came across.

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Perhaps that's why she was so friendly. "How is your husband?" She asked. "He's alright, at least I hope, tests are being run," Janet explained. "And you are here at the office?!?" Fernanda asked. "Yes, I'm here. Harvey insisted I come to work and that he'd be fine without me," she said, the sadness and worry was apparent in her reply.

"Well it is settled," Fernanda said in her Puerto Rican accent, "You are coming out with me tonight. It is Friday, we will have fun. Harvey will be happy that you are out, will he not?" Deep down Janet knew Harvey would be happy to hear she went out with a friend, "I, I suppose. Maybe." "Good! We will go to dinner and then dancing. Do not tell me you are too old for that. You are gorgeous," Fernanda said.

Janet sighed, smiling weakly, "I suppose. I don't want to stay out all night though. Harvey may need me." "I promise to have you home safely and at a reasonable time," Fernanda assured her. "Wear something sexy," she commanded, "because that's what you are!" Janet chuckled at the overly friendly woman. She had an idea what she could wear. She gave Fernanda her address after she insisted she drive, hinting that Janet could have a few drinks, they determined the time she would be picked up and a place they would go.

Janet watched Fernanda leaving, waited a few moments, and then called Harvey. He said that would be a great idea for her to go out and have fun. Harvey reminded her how beautiful he thought she was, looking much younger than 50, and requested she party like the younger woman she looked like. Chapter 2 Standing in front of her body length mirror in the corner of her bedroom, Janet liked the light-green, short, cocktail dress she had picked out.

It came to her mid thigh and was very tight. She hadn't worn it in five years, but followed Fernanda's request that she wear something sexy. She flipped up her long hair some, letting it fall down to her middle back, admiring the fresh dye job of dark auburn red she applied to it recently.

She looked closely in the mirror at her makeup, touching up her eye shadow a bit to accentuate her big blue eyes. Janet was proud of the way she looked at 50.

She spent most of her free time in the private gym she had in one of the rooms of their finished basement. She had cancelled her gym membership due to the fact she seduced every single black man she saw there.

Often she would be riding cock in the steam room, getting plowed from behind in the alley behind the gym or sneaking into the men's locker room for a shower with three or four young men. When her husband came out of surgery healthy and happy, her gym sexual encounters was another thing that ended, having realized who really mattered in her life. Fernanda picked her up in a rental car, commented on her dress, and drove off to the restaurant for dinner.

At dinner Janet learned the nightclub they were going to was one that other employees at the company frequented. This caused a bit of concern with Janet and she decided to ask Fernanda a question.

"I'm not sure, how to put this," Janet said, taking a sip of her wine, "but you mentioned a lot of employees tend to visit this club. Does that include some of the models?" She hoped that more of the office workers would be there and not some of the black male models.

"I believe so, yes! But I have not seen many," Fernanda said, a slight twinge of sadness in her voice. "I will keep my eyes open for you though!" "No, no, that's not what " Janet started to say. "Ugh, who is calling me now?" Fernanda interrupted Janet, answering her phone, talking to one of her sisters in Spanish. Her call ended and Fernanda went on and one about Janet's hair or her dress or the fact she was glad to be out for the night. Eventually they left and headed to the nightclub.

A feeling of nervousness came over Janet as the two women entered the building. It was crowded, making traversing the crowd difficult.

Janet saw no one she recognized from her past position or current one. Fernanda didn't seem to either. The two ladies sat at the bar and Fernanda bought Janet a martini.

After chatting for a few moments, followed by a shot of vodka, also provided by Fernanda, Janet was dragged on to the dance floor by the towering woman. Janet was wearing high heels, putting her height at 5'9", two inches taller than normal.

Fernanda towered over her, her three inch pumps putting her at 6'3". Janet was feeling better at this point, being led by the hand by Fernanda, not seeing anyone she knew from the company, she began to loosen up. They danced, Janet buzzed enough to not care that Fernanda was grabbing her toned ass the whole time, feeling like it was going to be ok no black male models from the magazine would be there.

After several songs and Janet receiving proof that this Fernanda woman was bi-sexual, due to her slightly lewd compliments, bodily caresses, and kisses along Janet's neck, their dancing ended. Fernanda was smiling widely, looking behind Janet, across the room.

She waved at someone. Janet turned around to see who. It was a coworker. Janet recognized her as Devin and saw her partially obscured by the crowd of people Fernanda was slowly dragging her by the hand through. As they approached the smiling blonde, more people dispersed, allowing Janet to get a better view.

She observed Devin was sitting next to someone, nearly snuggling with the person on a couch. A few more people moved out the way, they got closer, Janet saw another blonde coworker on the other side of the couch named Nicky, followed by, as more people moved out the way, a third blonde who she didn't know.

Finally they were a few feet away and that's when Janet saw who the ladies were sitting with on the couch. "Be cool, be calm, relax," Janet told herself, attempting to calm her speeding heart rate. The three blondes were sitting with the most amazing looking black man Janet had ever seen. Devin rose to greet Fernanda, hugging her warmly, turning to Janet to do the same. Nicky followed suit, politely hugging both women, and introducing the third unknown blonde as Kristen.

Fernanda was giving the black man a long hug when Nicky was introducing Janet to Kristen. Janet glanced over to him as Fernanda ended their embrace, realizing she must know him as well. "Janet, this is Ulysses. I have been a friend of his family since I was in my early twenties or so," She smiled at Ulysses, "So a little over ten years, right?" Ulysses nodded politely, extending his hand to Janet, she quickly shook and smiled back.

They all moved to a table, ordering a couple more drinks and some appetizers. Janet controlled her breathing, reminding herself that she's fine, that she is going to be ok, that Harvey is in the hospital and may need her at any moment. She ignored Ulysses for the most part, sitting a couple seats down from him, looking away from his muscular frame that the tight t-shirt highlighted with a pony tail of dreads, chatting mostly with Nicky and Kristen.

Fernanda and Devin laughed and talked the most. Janet was unaware that Ulysses sat quietly at the table, most likely accompanying these women out just to be nice, or ran into them and got dragged along on their Friday night outing.


Either way he was quiet and seemed shy. Fernanda directed the conversation back to Janet, suggesting that she and Ulysses go dance and that they will catch up with them later. Ulysses turned to Janet and shrugged, smiling awkwardly again, "Would you like to?" "Um, well," Janet didn't want to but before she could politely decline, Fernanda stood and interrupted her.

"Yes, yes, go and have fun," She said ushering Janet to stand and follow Ulysses. "Go, we'll catch up later!" Fernanda and the three blondes scurried away toward another area of the club out of sight. Janet watched them leave, her eyes widening when she felt her hand being softly held, turning to see Ulysses nodding at her.

She nodded back and followed him through the crowd of people. He was tame. Not once did he touch her in an inappropriate way. Janet couldn't help but smile at this, thinking about one time in a crowded club similar to this one with Fat Rob several years ago, his cock out, Janet jerking it, then bending over for him to discreetly penetrate her while they danced. Ulysses never once tried anything with her. "So you work with Fernanda?" Ulysses asked as they danced.

"Sort of. I'm her boss's assistant." "Oh. So you probably don't see my stepmom much either then?" Ulysses asked. "Your stepmom?" Janet asked back. "Yeah, DevinDevin. She's technically not my stepmom anymore. Her and my father are no longer together. But I still think of her as that and we're still very close." Ulysses explained. Janet had no idea," I see so the other women were, or are, your step aunts then?" she asked with a smile. "That's right.

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We all still hang out. They are good people." Ulysses said. "Yeah it seems so," she replied, still dancing. "So you're husband is in the hospital? I heard them say something about it." "Yes, he is.

Hopefully will be home soon," Janet informed him, feeling slight guilt that she was out. "Well, it sounds like he'll be ok. It's good that you're getting out and relaxing," Ulysses said as the DJ changed to another song.

More people moved to the dance floor, forcing Janet to get closer to Ulysses, her hands going to his shoulders. "It's getting crowded," She observed.

"Yeah. We can go and sit if you like," He suggested. Janet nodded, holding his hand, following him through the crowd back to their original table.

For the next hour or so that chatted about Janet's work history, not mentioning how she treated the models, and also about her husband and her family. Ulysses did the same, saying he hasn't done any photo shoots with Elite Mag, telling Janet that it's mostly advertisements for sport wear, fitness magazines and so on that he works for the total opposite of what Elite Mag features, which is content for black males age 18-35. It was a pleasant conversation, with Janet forgetting how attractive he was, proud of herself that she wasn't flirting or coming on to him.

Fernanda and the other women returned eventually, smiling, their hair slightly messed up, Janet not knowing where they had headed off to. "Ok Janet, are you ready? I promised to get you home at a decent time!" Fernanda said, standing behind Janet, placing her hands on her shoulders. "Uh, sure," She said, smiling at Ulysses. "It was nice talking to you," she said. "Yes, likewise, I hope the rest of your evening is good," He stood with her, gentlemanly shaking her hand.

They all said their goodbyes and left. Janet couldn't help but smile at herself on the way home. She had done, or rather, not done it. She didn't come on to him, she didn't try to seduce him, she was going home and that was that. Fernanda informed Janet she was taking her out again tomorrow and that it was be just the two of them and Ulysses.

Janet nodded saying that was fine. She told herself everything was ok, she wasn't going to revert back to her old ways.

Chapter 3 "Hi sweety," Janet answered her phone the next morning. It was her daughter Marie checking in on her father. That chatted for a few moments about his condition and outlook. "He told you to go home?" Marie asked. "Yep, said he'd be fine. I'll go see him later today.

I'm going to hang out with a friend tonight," Janet said. "Well good, I think that'll be nice for you to get out," Marie replied. They ended their phone call a few minutes later and Janet finished getting ready to go to the hospital to visit Harvey. She briefly thought back to her 30 year old daughter's wedding day.

******************** It was 6 years ago. Marie had been out of college for a couple years and was marrying a man her parent's age. He was a plastic s surgeon, having already performed some enhancements on Marie's body, and was very well off in Miami. "Ok sweety, are you rea " Janet stopped, frozen in place in the door way to her daughter's dressing room, watching Marie in her wedding dress on her knees, sucking a glorious cock of one of the black employees of the resort the wedding was at.

Marie turned to her mother, giving her a devilish grin, motioning her to come in with her free hand. Janet slowly entered the room, without saying a word, went to her knees next to her daughter and shared the cock with her. That was the first of several threeways she and Marie participated in over the next year. Often visiting her daughter in Miami, going out, meeting men and servicing them while Marie's husband worked or slept.

Two of those men, Ronnie and Rodney, were brothers and on many nights in Miami they were being taken by them. Mother and daughter each riding a cock, climaxing, and then switching to the other man. Ronnie and Rodney were brutes, huge, muscular black men that took turns with them all night.

******************** Janet shook the memory from her head, finished her hair, grabbed her coat and left to see Harvey. He was in good spirits, informing Janet he'd be home on Monday morning. She insisted she not go into work that day, Harvey reluctantly agreed, suggesting they have a little bit of bed room fun.

Janet chuckled and agreed. That evening Fernanda picked Janet up once more. Having followed her suggestion to again dress sexy, Janet was wearing another similar dress this one light blue. They went to another nightclub, Ulysses met them there, they ate, talked, and eventually the three of them danced. Fernanda pointed out to Ulysses how amazing Janet looked for a 50 year old. He couldn't believe she was that age, stating she didn't look much older than his stepmom, who had recently turned 40.

Janet was flattered, suggesting her time in gym, and genetics is where the credit goes. Janet was proud of herself. She again was able control or suppress any urges she may have had and still allow herself to have a nice evening. When a slightly intoxicated, Fernanda, suggested they head back to Ulysses' apartment, Janet happily went along. She wondered about her ride home, perhaps, she could drive Fernanda's rental car and then arrange to have it pick up in the morning.

More alcohol flowed down Fernanda's throat at Ulysses' apartment. There was loud laughter, silly flirtations, and lap dances for both Janet and Ulysses. Janet simply watched on in amusement.

That amusement turned to discomfort when Fernanda disappeared to a back room, emerging a few minutes later, standing before Janet and Ulysses on the couch completely naked. "It is time to have even more fun," she said, clumsily going to her knees and crawling toward Ulysses. Janet's looked on with her mouth hanging open at an uncomfortable Ulysses. He clearly wasn't thinking Fernanda would do this with someone else around. "Um, I, uh," He back away from her as best he could.

Fernanda approached him, resting her large breasts on Ulysses crotch; she put her index finger on his mouth, urging him to be quiet. He turned to Janet, looking apologetically at her; she looked back embarrassed for both of them. Then Fernanda did it. She did something that stopped time for Janet. Ulysses was struggling with her, trying to get the drunken woman to calm down and stop, but he couldn't; perhaps he wasn't assertive enough.

Fernanda had managed to unbutton and unzip his cargo shorts, reach in, fish around, and pull out his cock. Janet eyes became fixated on it. Time stopped, her memories returned, she was unable to look away from its magnificence. ******************** Janet remembers the first day she saw one. She was visiting her sister, who at the time, lived in Tampa Bay, Florida. Her older sister, Darla, was on her knees just like Fernanda was, naked and sucking her next door neighbor's massive black rod.

His name was Tony and when Janet saw his colossal cock, she froze in place, dropping her bags on the floor, her mouth agape.

Darla turned to her sister and smiled. Janet slowly made her to them, not saying a word to anyone; she went to her knees next to Darla and looked on in amazement. Darla, grabbing it by the based, popped it out of her mouth, and then offered it to Janet. Janet looked at it a few moments. "Taste it. Taste what a man tastes like.

Better than little Harvey, I'm sure," Darla scornfully said. Janet was unable to speak. She moved forward, gulping as the glistening cockhead got closer and closer to her salivating mouth. Then she did it. She opened wide and engulfed the tip. What followed was a visit to her sister's that changed her life. That whole four day visit was spent with Tony sneaking over, or them sneaking into Tony's backyard late at night, while his wife slept to have sex with him in the hot tub.

This began her descent. Darla moved to Miami a couple years later. Janet, her daughter Marie, and now her sister, all went hunting for black guys during Janet's visits. Ronnie and Rodney were frequent sexual partners to the three women. Tony even made the trip to Miami a few times nearly breaking Marie's bed with the three women taking turns riding him. Here Janet was 11 years later, staring at Ulysses' cock in the same manner and awe she stared at Tony all those years ago.

******************** "Oh my," Janet finally looked away when Fernanda engulfed the tip. "I, uh," She trailed off looking around for her purse. "It has been a while since I've had this dick," Fernanda said, taking it out of her mouth with that familiar loud pop.

"Ok, that's enough," Ulysses said, gently pushing Fernanda away. "Not tonight, ok?" He stood, helping her stand and walked her back to the bedroom. Janet was looking for the keys to Fernanda's rental car when Ulysses came back from the bedroom, "Janet I'm sorry about that. She'd been drinking as you can see, and I'm sorry, let me take you home. Her flight back to Miami is early. I want her to sleep it off here and just leave as quickly as possible." "It's ok, maybe I can bring it back here," Janet suggested, frantically fumbling with the keys so she could leave.

"No, no, too much trouble for you. I'll be glad to take you. Let's get out of here before she comes back in here," Ulysses said, lightly taking her arm and leading her quickly out of his apartment. Janet's eyes were stuck wide open as the image of his cock was burned into her retinas.


It was so impressive. She felt just like she did when she first saw one at her sisters. She wanted to get home and get away from him as quickly as she could. The car ride to her home was silent. "Thanks," Janet said, rushing out of his car, quickly making her way to her door.

Ulysses stood and called out to her, "Janet, I'm really sorry about what happen. She can be sort of wild at times." "It's ok," she mumbled, struggling to jam her key into her door. She was nearly out of breath. It was so amazing. Her memories of her trysts came flooding back. She stopped struggling with the key. In a split second she made a decision to call out to Ulysses. "Wait!" She said, just as he was climbing back into his car. He paused, looking to her from the driver side of his vehicle.

"Would, um, you like to come in for coffee or tea or water," She stammered, asking awkwardly. "Oh, uh, sure. That'd be very nice," He replied, smiling warmly, turning off his car.

She knew why she did it. It was inevitable from the moment she saw the cock that drunken slut, Fernanda, fished out of his pants. She knew wouldn't be able to resist.

Janet fought with herself all the way home, finally giving in as soon as Ulysses was about to leave after dropping her off. They sat awkwardly on her couch sipping water for a little while, making small talk about the home, the neighborhood, and other boring, unimportant things all while Janet continued to fight with herself internally.

She would glance at Ulysses' crotch from time to time as he talked about being a part time yoga instructor and his college years at UCLA. Janet's eyes darted from side-to-side, trying not to look at his crotch while he spoke. Ulysses picked up on her unusual behavior," Janet are you alright?" "Mmhmm," She nodded rapidly in response, avoiding eye contact. "Are you sure? I can leave if you aren't feeling well," Ulysses replied.

Janet stopped looking around the room to avoid him. She looked directly at his eyes now. "This was it," she thought to herself, slowly standing, moving away from the couch. She maintained eye contact with a confused Ulysses, reaching behind her to grab at her dress zipper, pulling it down far enough to slide it off her shoulders, over her hips, past her knees, then to her feet to step out of it.

She unhooked her strapless bra, letting it fall, and then slid her thong down to her feet, kicking them to the side. Chapter 4 "Janet, are you sure, you " Ulysses tried to asked. "Yes," she replied, still not taking her eyes off him. Ulysses nodded, standing slowly, pausing before removing his shirt, unbuckling his belt, sliding off his pants, and standing before her naked. He brought a finger to her face, caressing her cheek, and then running it through her long auburn hair.

"You're beautiful," he stated. Janet glanced over his muscular framed, while instinctually going to her knees, "So are you," she said before bringing her eyes to his cock.

She grabbed the base of it, stroking it gently, smelling it, breathing in its scent, before giving the tip a long lick, following by quickly engulfing it. She was sucking the tip frantically, jacking the shaft with both hands, moaning at the taste, and the memories of her past encounters returning. She had missed this so much. Ulysses tipped her chin causing her to pop is cock out of her mouth and stand up.

She brought him in for a long, passionate kiss, moaning as he bent down, grabbing her butt, and picked her up, putting her in a straddling position.

He reached behind her, grabbing is cock, lifted Janet once more, then lowered her on to it, slowly sliding it in all the way. She let out a soulful moan when it came to rest against her cervix. "Where's your bedroom?" Ulysses asked. "Upstairs," Janet struggled to get out.

Her eyes were closed in bliss, her vaginal fluids starting to leak out and coat his balls, whimpering as Ulysses carried her, cock embedded, up the stairs to her bedroom.

He gently laid her on the end of the bed. "Don't hold back," Janet told him, thinking he might because of her age. Ulysses nodded, caressing her face once more before he got to work, peppering her neck with kisses. Janet was in paradise. Ulysses was a machine, pumping his dick into her, not holding back, pushing her further back on the bed, all the way to the head board, causing Janet to throw a hand behind her against it to steady herself.

The bed was slamming against the wall behind it, "Oh! Yes! Yes!" Janet was screaming out with each thrust from Ulysses.

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She threw both hands around him, holding him tightly; her head now against the head board, banging into it, but Janet didn't care, she was climaxing. A wave of spine tingling pleasure coursed through her body, her legs went limp, her pussy spasming on Ulyssses' shaft. Reaching behind her back, Ulysses pulled her up off the mattress, while he went to his knees. He bounced Janet's limp body up and down, gritting his teeth, watching her eyes roll into the back of her head as she climaxed again.

He threw her down on the mattress, flipped her over, brought her hips up and mounted her from behind. "Ahhh yes! Yes!" She cried out each time his hips made contact with her butt.

"Harder, harder!" she demanded. Ulysses did as requested, gripping the sides of her hips, sweat dripping off his chin onto her lower back. "Janet, Janet, I'm going to " "Cum!" She screamed out, finishing his sentence as another orgasm coursed through her body. Ulysses threw his head back, his cock spewing semen into her womb, overflowing out onto the bed sheets.

"I didn't use protection," He said, out of breath, collapsing next to her. Janet turned to face him. "I don't think I could get pregnant if I tried," she smiled, caressing his face. She climbed on top of him, kissing his neck, chest, stomach, ending with a thorough cock cleaning, causing his weakened member to gain strength once more. She mounted him, rode him, cumming on him, until well after midnight. They finally stopped around 3am.

Usually said he should probably get back to his apartment to make sure Fernanda was ok. They both assumed she was asleep. He gathered up his clothes, they exchanged phone numbers; he kissed her goodnight, and left.

Janet smiled, heading back up to bed, "It was just one night. It was just one time. I can handle this. It was just a little treat, that's all, no more." She pulled the sweaty sheet over her and drifted off to sleep with a huge grin on her face. ******************** Several hours later, Janet was pacing around the house, thinking about her previous evening.

"It was great, just a small treat that's all," she said out loud. "Harvey will be home tomorrow, things will be back to normal, no big deal," She reasoned out loud, trying to rationalize her situation. She called Harvey and checked on him. The quick call ended when Janet confirmed he was still doing ok. "I'll just give Ulysses a quick call and thank him for last night," she said, fixing a pot of coffee. "Yes! Yes!" Fernanda screamed out in the shower. Ulysses was thrusting upward, kissing on the taller woman's neck, a hand grabbing one of her large breasts.

He didn't hear his phone ring while he was spending time with Fernanda before her flight back to Miami. "Ugh, no answer, he must still be asleep," Janet thought, letting her coffee cool.

She showered, got dressed, and went to visit Harvey. After hugging him and kissing his forehead, Janet sat by his side for a little while, chatting with him about his test results, conversing with the doctor, and calling their daughter, Marie, while there.

The visit was only about an hour. Janet stated she wanted to do some shopping. "Remember tomorrow when I'm home I'd like a little bedroom time with you," Harvey reminded her as she left. Janet smiled, shaking her head, "You got it!" She left the hospital and headed to the mall. She bought a couple new short, tight, dresses and some new shoes. On her way home, she decided to call Ulysses again just to thank for the previous night, this time he answered.

******************** "Oh! I'm c-cumming!" Janet screamed loudly, bouncing up and down on Ulysses, his hands holding her ass firmly while sitting on the couch. He stayed the night, first taking Janet on the couch, then on the stairs, from behind, and finally making their way to the bed once more. Before he left in the morning they showered together. Janet said goodbye, they parted ways, and she headed to pick up Harvey from the hospital.

Chapter 5 "Everything is fine. I had a little bit of fun and now I have Harvey back, so things will be back to normal. It'll be great," Janet thought to herself, pulling into her driveway, Harvey sitting in the passenger seat of her car.

She helped him inside, though he insisted he could walk just fine. Harvey showered, put a bathroom robe on, and then sat down on the bed with freshly clean sheets and comforter. Janet had changed them shortly after Ulysses left earlier that morning. "So, you ready?" He asked, chuckling a bit. "I sure am! Are you?" Janet replied standing before him, taking her t-shirt off. "I am indeed," Harvey smiled watching her slide out of her pants and underwear.

"Such a great body. So glad I have a hot, older woman as a wife." "You're older than me remember?" She replied, gently pushing Harvey back on the bed, climbing on top of him. "Only by a few years," he said, squeezing her butt playfully. Janet smiled, kissing him softly, guiding his cock to her entrance. She had to try a little longer than normal to get it in, as she wasn't very lubricated, but once he was in she smiled warmly again and began grinding against him, her hands on his belly.

"All is well and back to normal, I'm doing just fine," Janet thought to herself, smiling down at Harvey, watching his face contort with pleasure. "I had my little fun and it's over now. I'm fine." Janet began grinding harder and hard against Harvey.

Within minutes he was moaning, cumming inside her, his grip on her waist loosening. "Mmm thanks, honey. But you didn't have a turn?" "Nah, I'm good. I need to do some cleaning and grocery shopping. I want you to rest thought, alright?" Janet replied.

The rest of the day was fairly uneventful. Harvey took a nice, long nap in his own bed, happy to be able to sleep far better there than at the hospital. That evening she went to the basement to exercise. The handle of the elliptical machine was made of black rubber and could be slid off. Janet smiled at her hand gripping its girth, thinking about Ulysses, laughing at her silliness during her working.

Five minutes later, Janet as on her back on the floor, attempting to jam that rubber handle into her soaking wet pussy. The next morning she kissed Harvey goodbye and headed to work. While sitting at a stop light, she picked up her cell phone and called into the office, "Hi, yeah it's me. I think I picked up a bug at the hospital. I'm feeling sort of yucky. I think I'll take another day off. Ok great, I'll see you tomorrow." Janet ended the call, making a right turn at the light instead of going straight, looking in her rear view mirror to check her eye makeup.

"Janet, hi," Ulysses smiled at her when he opened his apartment door. "Come in, come in." ******************** Her hair was soaking wet, her back had little rivers of sweat flowing down into the crevice of her spine, she was out of breath, and exhausted.

Ulysses groaned again, arching his back, smacking Janet's butt cheek, splattering sweat as he ejaculated again. The sun was low in the sky. She needed to leave soon but she couldn't. She didn't want to. Flipping around on her back, pulling Ulysses in for a kiss, she told him she needed to get home to make dinner for Harvey. He said he understood and asked when he would see her again. Janet suggested the next day for lunch. Janet was in the women's restroom the next day during her lunch break.

Her legs were wrapped around Ulysses, her skirt was pulled up, and she was propping herself up with a hand behind her head, hanging on the bathroom stall.

She didn't care if someone came in. Janet sat down on the toilet, took his cock to her mouth, sucking him dry after he sprayed semen down her throat. The next evening Janet went down to exercise in the basement. She had finished dinner with Harvey and he was heading to bed to watch TV and mostly likely fall asleep.

Ulysses met her at the basement door, followed her into the workout room, stripped and laid down on the bench press table. Janet gripped the mounted barbell above him, straddled him with both feet on the floor, and then began squatting up and down, milking his cock.

Ulysses left to go home at 2am. Janet went upstairs, showered, and headed to bed with her legs aching and a huge grin on her face. Friday night, the next evening, was a repeat. Ulysses would show up at the basement door, follow Janet into the exercise room, and stay a few hours, finally leaving after midnight. "I'll be back in a bit, Harvey.

I need to run some errands," Janet called out to her husband the next afternoon. "Ok, see you in a bit, honey," He replied from the kitchen Ulysses wasn't alone at his apartment when Janet arrived. His half-brother and police officer, TJ, and his partner Nicole were there. They were enjoying each other's company in a threeway they occasionally participated in when Janet knocked on Ulysses' door. Pulling his cock out of Nicole's double penetrated pussy, he walked to the door, looking out of the peephole, seeing Janet standing there, and decided to answer the door as he was nude.

Janet pushed him back all the way to the couch, quickly stripped out of her clothes, mounted him right there and began grinding back and forth without saying a word.

Fifteen minutes passed, TJ and Nicole exited the bed room, much to Ulysses' embarrassment. They were dressed and were leaving. He looked around a climaxing Janet and shrugged, waving goodbye to them. They tried to be quiet, TJ putting his arm around his blonde partner, locking the door behind them.

The next day was Sunday and Harvey was going to play golf with a few friends. Janet told him that was a great idea. She was happy to see him get out of the house, feeling that playing golf meant he was feeling much better. As soon as he pulled out of the driveway, Janet left, heading to Ulysses'. TJ had accidently left some handcuffs there. Janet had Ulysses cuffed to the bed post and was not letting him free. She was bouncing up and down on his trapped body.

He wasn't going anywhere. Janet was so focused on making him cum over and over; not letting him free, that she didn't notice TJ had returned and was standing in the bedroom doorway with a shocked look on his face.

"Um," he said, his mouth hanging open. "TJ!" Ulysses exclaimed. "This is my friend Janet. She stopped by to visit and decided to borrow your handcuffs." "I can see that," the muscular, black, police officer stated.

"I'm going to need them back soon." Janet turned around, awkwardly smiling at TJ, and then turned back to Ulysses; he smiled at her, then to TJ. ******************** TJ gripped her long hair from behind, sliding his cock in and out of her well-lubed anus, Ulysses, still handcuffed thrust upward into her pussy.

TJ kissed along her neck," I'm ready," he whispered. "All together," Janet moaned. The two men went faster and faster, working toward their own climaxes, while sending Janet closer to another one of her own. "Ahh yes!" She cried out, TJ and Ulysses moaning behind and below her. They injected semen into her pussy and anus simultaneously, all three of them having a perfectly timed orgasm together.

Janet collapsed on Ulysses, TJ collapsed next to them, reaching over to the bedside table for the keys, freeing Ulysses, taking his handcuffs, putting his clothes on. "That was fun. Janet, nice to meet you," TJ said politely, heading out the door, chuckling as Janet attempted a reply with "uh huh." Chapter 6 Janet was sore the next day. She had trouble walking and standing for long periods of time. Her butt hurt, her pussy hurt, her legs hurt, her back hurt, and her jaw hurt.

It was wonderful. It had been so long since she hurt from too much sex. On her lunch break she called her daughter, "Hi sweetie, can I asked you something?" "Sure mom, what's up?" Marie asked in return.

"Are you still involved with, well, seeing black men?" Janet asked. "Sometimes, not too often, though. Why do you ask? Want to come down for a visit and see what trouble we can get into?" Marie asked. "No, no, I'm just curious." Janet quickly answered. "Alright. Well it's been awhile since I've spent time with Rodney. I rarely hear from Aunt Darla anymore either," Marie explained. "Yes, she's having other issues," Janet said, changing the subject back to Marie, "So do you recall your first time?

The first time you experienced a black man?" "Well sure. I was a freshman at UCLA," Marie said, Janet's eyebrow raising. "He was a classmate, very nice and polite, not a creep or sleaze ball, like Rodney!" Marie laughed. "He was very friendly and we were studying one evening and I basically lunged at him and, well, that's my first encounter." Janet cleared her throat," So what became of him?" "Well we would sleep together off and on until we graduated.

We were friends. He moved back to Atlanta I believe. I last saw him last year. He was in Miami and gave me a call.

I visited his hotel room. This was before Aunt Darla starting drinking so much, so the second night of that weekend she came with me and the three of us had a great time! You would've loved it, but you've changed, which is great!" Marie said, smiling into her phone. "Yes, yes, great," Janet gulped, putting two and two together.

"So what was his name?" "It was Ulysses. Awesome guy, I much preferred him over that brute Rodney or Ronnie for that matter," Marie answered. "Yeah," Janet said blankly, staring off into space for a moment, the information she just obtained sinking in. She couldn't believe it at first. "Doc has been asking me to call Rodney again soon," Marie added, referring to her husband by his nickname.


"What?" Janet asked flatly. "Oh I never told you! Doc walked in on me and Rodney one night and was turned on by it. He thought it was hot I suppose. So he invited Rodney to come back a few times and Doc would film it or get us to pose in pictures and so on.

He said it was like being married to a porn star and he was the director of her work. It was quite nice actually." Janet was in shock. Her and her daughter could talk about anything. They sucked cocks together, rode cocks together, took cum shots to the face together, but it was all done in secrecy from their husbands.

Janet as amazed that her daughter's husband was into this sort of thing. "Wow, I had no idea. That's, um, that's quite interesting," Janet said, totally blown away. "Yep, it can be fun! Anyway, mom, I gotta go. I'll call you later in the week and talk to dad." "Yeah, ok, talk to you later sweetie," Janet ended the call, slowly putting her phone back into her purse and headed back to her desk. "Wow," she thought to herself, slightly laughing at the situation.

The next night Janet was back in her exercise room in the basement. Sweat was traveling downward, in between her breasts; Ulysses was firmly gripping her waist, pumping upward. After a repeat on Wednesday night, Janet begged Ulysses to come upstairs and shower with her. He was reluctant, not wanting to be seen by Harvey. Janet assured him he was asleep. The two, sweaty, naked lovers crept into the bedroom, entered the bathroom, turned the light on and closed the door behind them.

The steam filled the bathroom as Ulysses slowly, methodically made love to her, causing her moans to echo. Janet almost wanted Harvey to come in and discover them, to take a risk of him liking it. It never happened. When they exited the bathroom, Harvey was motionless on the bed, "Tuck me in," Janet whispered to Ulysses.

He shook his head, in disbelief of her courage. Janet was lying on her back in bed looking to a naked, wet, moonlit Ulysses. "You didn't finish in the shower, let me finish you here." "Here? Now?" Ulysses whispered back. "Yes, straddle me," she said. Ulysses shook his head and complied, "This is dangerous." "I know," she whispered, Ulysses cock sliding in between her tits, his body pinning her down.

Janet grabbed his muscular butt, lifted her head and began sucking his cock, as he slowly slid it back and forth in between her breasts. Within moments he was trying his hardest to suppress a moan as he ejaculated into her mouth. Janet slurped up as much of his semen as she could. Ulysses whispered a thank you, glancing over to a motionless Harvey on the king sized bed.

"Lock up and leave that spare key under the mat at the basement door," Janet instructed Ulysses, watching him sneak off down the hallway, listening to him head down to the basement. She got out of bed, still nude, and went to her bedroom window.

She saw an also still nude, Ulysses, walk toward his car, the 1am moon light shining down on him. Chuckling at his own brazenness, she casually rubbed her clit, looking forward to seeing him tomorrow night.

Ulysses was on top of Janet, in her bed, while her husband was asleep next to them. She was able to convince Ulysses to come in from the front door. Janet greeted him wearing nothing and led him up to the bedroom. They were quiet for the most part, whispering, biting their lips to keep from moaning. She switched position, going to doggy style, the bed gently swaying to and fro as Ulysses carefully worked behind her.

After she climaxed again, Ulysses pulled out and began stroking his cock; Janet went to her stomach, mouth open, tongue out, and let him spray his semen on her face. She gathered up as much as she could with her hand, licking them clean, rubbing whatever was left into her skin.

When Ulysses left, Janet sat on the edge of the bed, listening to Harvey breath heavily.

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"What am I doing?" she asked herself, "This is insane. I'm too old for this." Janet sighed and climbed into bed. Chapter 7 The next morning, Friday, Janet accompanied Harvey to a doctor appointment. It was just a quick checkup. On the way back, Harvey surprised her, grabbing her hand as he drove her to work.

She was going in for a half day after his appointment. "Thanks for coming with me. I love you so much. So glad I have such a sexy, wonderful, woman as my wife," Harvey said, causing Janet's eyes to well up with tears. "Harvey, I " she started to say. "Shhh, I just wanted you to know how much you mean to me. Being there for me through all this mess," He said, squeezing her hand gently. Janet felt horrible at work. Again and again, she asked herself what she was doing, "I thought I had this under control.

I was having sex with him in the house, and in the bed! What's wrong with me?" Harvey picked her up and took her out for a nice dinner as a surprise. Janet was taken back with emotion, her guilt catching up to her. That evening they sat on the couch and drank wine, reminiscing back on their early days as a young couple, sharing kisses. They made love later that evening. It was wonderful, nothing wild and crazy, but sweet and precious.

Janet was happy, laying there against the man that truly mattered in her life, not some fetish addiction she had. The next morning they went out to breakfast. Afterward they walked in a nearby park, holding hands, going home once some rain clouds appeared overhead. The rest of the afternoon it rained off and on. Janet sat across from Harvey at supper, thinking about Ulysses. She knew she had to do something. In the basement after dinner, she called him. ******************** Eight feet were poking out of the comforter.

Six of them were Caucasian, belonging to females, two of the feet were African-American, and were pointing toward the ceiling while the other six were either facing the floor or to the side. They were all wiggling against each other.

Devin, Kristen, and Nicky were all lying on top of or on each side of Ulysses. Devin was on top, as usual, kissing his face, while her sisters were on each side, kissing his neck or shoulders. The three women kissed their way down Ulysses chest and stomach, making their way to his cock. His stepmother sucked his cockhead, while his step aunts tended to his testicles. Through their slurps, sucks, and his moans, he didn't hear his phone vibrate in the other room.

Janet nodded, "That's ok. It can wait. I'll try again tomorrow." She turned her phone off, headed upstairs, and surprised Harvey by joining him in the shower.

The next morning Janet tried calling Ulysses again. "That was fun," Kristen said, drying her back off with a towel. "It's been awhile since we've pulled an all-nighter like this." "Mmhmm," Nicky moaned while she kissed Devin, and then moved to her other sister for another passionate kiss, finally landing on Ulysses, kissing him before he could wrap his town around his waist. "It was. I gotta go though. You know how hubby gets," Nicky added, leaving everyone in the bathroom, searching for her clothes in the bedroom.

Devin put the towel around her body, walking over to Ulysses, "I'll be here for awhile longer," she whispered, kissing him, her tongue sliding around his, only to be joined by Kristen's a second later.

Ulysses' phone rang, startling them out of the triple-kiss, "Ugh, let me answer that. You ladies have probably caused me to miss several calls," he joked. "Hi Janet," Ulysses answered. "Hey. Do you think you could come over tonight?" "Well sure. What time did you have in mind?" Ulysses asked. "Late. Maybe 11pm. Come down to the basement door this time," She added. "Oh. Sure, that'd be fine," He replied, slightly relieved that the risky act of coming to the front door was not happening.

Chapter 8 As Janet stood at the basement door, peering out into the darkness; she heard the thunderstorm approach - its lightning clashing periodically.

The forecast called for rain. They never appeared during the day, but finally late in the day, the sky became cloudy. Here at 11pm, shortly before Ulysses would arrive, the thunder started. She saw him round the corner of the house when a lightning flash illuminated him. She closed the door behind her and went to meet him, not letting him into the house. "Hi," She said, looking downward. "Hi Janet. Are you ok?" He asked, placing his hands on her shoulders.

Janet only nodded, choosing not to look at him yet, thinking of her words. "I've been thinking lately. Maybe we should stop," she said another lightning crash above them. "Oh. That's fine, we don't have to continue.

I don't want to cause any problems," Ulysses said, a rain drop landing on his shoulder. "Yeah. It's just my husband, he's better, he's happy; I don't want to keep hurting him. He's what's important not my fantasy," Janet explained, as a rain drop landing in her hair.

"I know. He is important. I guess I look at myself as someone to provide a little fun or temporary happiness." "No, you're more than that. For someone special, someone right, you'll be more than just a," Janet sighed, feeling bad for the past couple weeks, "you'll be more than some woman's plaything." Ulysses nodded, a few more drops fell on them both. "Thank you. You're wonderful," He said, leaning down to kiss her cheek. "Go tend to him. It sounds like you really love him." The rain drops were more frequent now.

"I do," she caressed his face.

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"Take care." Ulysses nodded and started walking away. "Wait!" Janet said, just as the rain started pouring, right before he rounded the corner to walk to the front of the house. He paused, turning to look at her, a flash of lightning struck.

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Janet slowly removed her t-shirt, dropping it next to her. She slid out of her shorts, followed by her thong. Standing there nude, she asked, "One more time?" just as the bottom dropped out of the sky and an immense down pour began. Ulysses didn't say a word. He moved back toward a naked, soaking wet, Janet and removed his own clothing, "We'll probably catch a cold." "I don't care," She said. They kissed in the pouring rain, Ulysses pulling her tightly against him.

He bent down just like their first time, lifting her up, her legs straddling his waist.

He slowly guided his cock in all the way to the base and then began lifted her up and down on it; his slow, methodical, upward thrusts, causing Janet to moan each time. Several minutes of passionate kissing, Janet spoke up, rain dripping off her chin, "Don't hold back." "As you wish," Ulysses said, turning and slamming Janet down into a large puddle, splashing water all around them.

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He slammed his hips into her over and over again in the pouring rain. Janet clutched his back with her finger nails, screaming with each cervix pounding thrust from Ulysses.

Janet pulled herself up, pushing Ulysses with her, pushing him down on the ground. She mounted him and began squatting wildly up and down. Ulysses grabbed her waist, throwing her to the side, rolling on top of her, impaling her over and over.

She rolled again and was on top once more. "Yes! Yes!" she screamed out in the summer night air. Ulysses rolled once more, taking her to her back again, one of her hands clutching the wet grass behind her, the other clutching the back of his head as he slammed into her. Ulysses went to his knees, sitting up, bringing her up with him. A flash of lightning silhouetted Janet throwing her soaking wet hair back. Ulysses laid her on the ground, flipping her over, entering her from behind.

She grasped at more wet grass. Ulysses grabbed her by the neck, pulling her back, continuing to thrust into her. Another flash of lightning, Ulysses was holding her by her wrists, pumping his hips away, crashing into her butt just like the crashing of thunder above them. Janet was climaxing once more.

Her body tensed up, her pussy convulsed, and she cried out into the night, her screams muffled by the storm. Another final flash of lightning, Ulysses threw his head back; spraying semen onto Janet's waiting face.

The rain washed most of it off as quickly as it landed. She rose to her knees and kissed Ulysses once more, nearly tackling him, falling over to the side with him in part of a flower garden. Janet sucked him of any remaining sperm he may have had as the rain water served as a natural shower, rinsing away semen, grass, and dirt. The kissed once more, laughing at their situation in the rain, not caring about catching a cold.

She watched him turn the corner to head up the front of the house, still naked, to his car. "That was it," she said to herself, picking up her wet clothes, making her way into the basement.

She dried off with some dirty laundry near the washing machine and headed upstairs. Janet stared down to her feet as the hot shower water poured down on her washing away the remaining dirt and grass.

It was over. She and Ulysses were done. This last tryst, this last affair was the end, there would be no more. She accepted that and finished her shower. With her body wrapped in a large white towel, she sat on the edge of her bed in her dimly lit bedroom, drying her hair with another towel.

She grabbed the socks she had placed on her bedside table and slid them on. Her husband, whom she thought was asleep, spoke up. "Where is he?" He said, just above a whisper. "Where's who?" Janet turned around to face him. "He?" Harvey chuckled softly, "That guy you were with." "What guy, Harvey?" Janet thought he might've been half asleep, but wasn't sure since the only light source was the small hallway light coming in from the hallway and the occasional burst of lightning in the distance from the storm that was leaving the area.

"That nice black guy you were with," He replied, Janet sensing a smile on his face, though unable to see for sure. Her heart was racing, "B-black guy? What are you talking about?" Janet decided to make it sound like Harvey was delusional or dreaming.

He exhaled deeply and sat up in the bed, yawning, "The black guy you were with, in here. He had the dreads or braids or whatever they were in the pony tail. You put on a show for me. That guy." Janet blinked rapidly several times, "A show for you?" "Yeah, you thought I didn't see it.

Mmm, you looked so sexy. How did you know it was my fantasy to see you taken by a black guy?" Harvey asked, laying his head back on the pillow. "Sexy, sexy, woman you are." Janet's mouth hung open. "Well, uh, he's not here," she replied slowly, in shock. "Maybe give him a call every once in awhile to see if he's free. I'd like to film it or take pictures or something. I'd have a nice little porn collection starring my wife," Harvey said, slowly getting sleepier. Janet turned around, facing away from him, her mouth still open, fighting the urge to laugh.

She cleared her throat, "Well, since it's a fantasy of yours, I will do my best to fulfill it. Maybe I'll give him a call soon." "Thanks honey," Harvey said, rolling over on his side. Janet, her eyes wide open, stretched out on the bed, looking to the ceiling in the dark bedroom. A huge grin came over her face. The End.