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Camila Vernaglia Ensaio Sensual Playboy Portugal
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Happy power gaping metaphor So the story goes that Rochelle came over around 6:30 to my off campus apartment to study for our english exam on Wednesday.

I was always nervous around Rochelle. She was about 5'4" with ample C's, dirty blonde hair that fell down on her shoulders, blue eyes, unblemished olive colored skin, and the most ridiculous ass you can imagine.

That ass was relatively small in size, but its shape was exquisite, firm hips supporting an abundantly soft bounteous ass. She always wore exceedingly tight pants, usually with a pink thong barely visible above it. She has the tattoo of the zodiac sign for cancer on the back of her small left shoulder, and her delicious soft belly was pierced with the trademark ring of so many girls my age.

The point being, Rochelle was extremely sexy, small and dainty, while still managing a very shapely and voluptuous figure. Her smile and face pulled it all together though. My situation, on the other hand, is one of stark masculine nerdiness.

I'm a geek, to put it simply.

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While I consider my self to have average looks: a nice mug, brown hair, slightly overweight, 5'7", typical- I have never been good at getting laid. Most guys just go downtown on the weekends and manage to get some slut drunk enough that they can take her back home, or they suck up to some bitch long enough to get a blowjob. Either way, I wasn't down with the whole social bullshit thing. On the rare occasion that I did get pussy, I was thankful that I didn't have to waste another night rubbing off to some sleazy internet porn mass produced for the horny masses.

I had been friends with Rochelle for a couple of years; we met at freshman orientation. Now that she was in my English class and our first test was coming up, I took this as a good opportunity to get at this little flower I had always dreamed about (I was tired of porn and fat chicks). I went ahead and bought an 1/8th of some funkadelic skunky (good pot for those of you who are out of touch with the contemporary counter culture) to prepare for the occasion.

Rochelle had always been a good student, not overly bright, but she has a strong work ethic, and is a very moral person (her parents had raised her staunchly catholic). My roommate was at work when she arrived at my door wearing those clinging black styled pants that have been so popular lately and a white tank top.

My jaw nearly dropped to the floor. I couldn't help but take a hurried glance across her delicious tits and beautiful body.

"What's up," she said, "Ready to study?" She was all innocence and American trendiness wrapped together. "Sure," I said, "But I just got these really great buds and I was thinking maybe we could have a smoke first to bring out the mental sparks, ehh?" "Honestly, I've never tried that stuff before; I mean, I've never even been around it. Shouldn't we study first?" "No, no," I responded, "This will get you good and relaxed.

I know you've been studying too much lately, what with chemistry and all. It's really fun. You should definitely try it if you haven't before." It wasn't long before she was easily convinced (she was very naïve) and I was sparking up the one hit wonder. I had to teach her how to hold the smoke in, and she was soon coughing all over the place.

This stuff was so good I could nearly watch her eyes transform before me into an oriental slit of reddish haze. We were both thoroughly stoned. She was laughing at something I said and I was staring at her tight little crotch in those clinging black pants, when I began to rub and squeeze at her thigh. She looked suddenly surprised, "What are you doing?" she nervously laughed. "Nothing. feeling your legs. Obviously" "Stop it. I thought we were going to study. Remember?" She then broke away from me and rolled onto my bed in a fit of laughter.

"There's no way I could study now," She said She was on her side and her ass was sticking out. I was stoned and feeling restless and slightly annoyed so I grabbed it. This was the point where she responded with anger. "Don't do that again!" she cried at me from out her mental haze.

"Come on. It will feel good," I said, "You're so fucking hot, you know." She gave me the most generic lame response ever, simply, "I'm waiting until marriage to do stuff like that." I continued "cuddling" up to her, rubbing at any piece I could get my hands on.

I could feel my cock beginning to stir and fill in my jeans. It was the idea of her very innocence, the fact that she probably really was still a virgin, coupled with her incredible hotness that just pushed my heightened mind over the edge.

"Just kiss me," I said, "and try to relax. This is fun. Don't worry." She responded by repeating her mantra at me again and again: "I'm waiting… until marriage. stop it." Her breathing was getting heavy and she pushed my arms away. She scooted quickly to the other end of the bed. She had a look of anxiety on her face; she seemed deeply confused and slightly frightened.

"Don't be paranoid," I said, as my cock continued to grow in my parents. I could feel it becoming increasingly engorged. Interestingly, while I was trying to take her over, I felt myself being taken over, taken by a rapidly increasing erection. I grabbed both of her legs and pulled her, on her back, up to me. I began to dry hump her; I just couldn't help myself anymore. I didn't care if it seemed foolish or weird, I was a nerd after all.

My lust for her was too overwhelming, geeky and reserved as I may be. She begin to yell out very loudly, "Stop it! What are you doing! Get away from me!" My hand quickly grabbed her mouth and muffled her cries. I grabbed the duck tape from my bed side table which I had used to hang posters with and put a piece of tape firmly over her mouth to stop and muffle her noise.

A wide look of epiphany and horror opened out from her eyes. For a moment, I looked deeply in to those eyes, those eyes of another human being, a being that I, at this instant, had the most overwhelming lust for.

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I didn't care, or even think, for a second about jail, or sin, or any repercussions for my actions, I only knew her, and she was beautiful, and her struggle only seemed to turn me on more. My cock was at its full 7" now, I could sense the precum, the blood filling up, and the exceedingly engorged thickness all the way up needing her tightness.

She was a week girl, and I had no trouble taping her wrists firmly together behind her back, despite her pleas and looks of terrified exasperation. She was kicking and squirming all over the bed, so I slapped her hard on the back of her head and growled in her ear, "Be quiet, stop moving, and I won't hurt you anymore." I pulled her tank top easily off her body and immediately undid her bra clasp.

There were the most beautiful, upright, amazing breasts with wide and poking pink areolas. I buried my mouth in them, and she kneed me in the shins.

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"Fucking bitch!" I yelled at her and slapped her very hard on the back of her head again, "Fucking chill! The only shred of reason that came into my mind was that if I was going to fuck this chick, like I so desperately wanted to, I had better get at it. So I pulled those black pants off and tossed them on the floor.

There was that perfect ass fully exposed, a tiny pink thong covered her mound.

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I could see she had never shaved down there before. Her thick blond pubic hair could be seen riding up her baby ass crack; my cock twitched at the sight of it. I put her on her back, took off the panties, opened those legs up, and held her down, tightly by her neck. She looked up at me, in bondage and silenced by the heavy amount of duck tape. She looked up at me, with intense rage for shaming her and violating her like this; tears were streaming down her face.

Without a condom and without lube (I had neither), I whacked my huge boner against her clitoris several times. Her whole young, innocent, soft body shook in near convulsions. I poised the mushroom tip of my cock at the tiny entrance to her pink pussy hole. Then, I slammed my dick half way inside. She screamed with intense pain into the sealed duck tape. "Yeah baby," I said, "It's okay, little girl. It'll feel real good in a minute. I promise." Her pussy was unimaginably tight.

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It seemed that nothing could have ever been in there before. A tiny bit of blood dripped out onto my bed sheets; she had clearly just been popped for the first time. Though it was extremely tight and very hot, it was not very wet yet, not near the surface at least. I pulled out and then buried, hard, into her again.

Frequently, she struggled quite heavily and I had to give her a bit of a neck choke to steady her each time. The lack of oxygen must have made her all the more dazed, and she was still overcoming the shock of the whole thing. I could feel a slight wetness deep inside her cunt. I moved slowly (I didn't want to hurt her that badly). Tears kept pouring out, her face was deeply red, but she was struggling less. Also, the deep wetness started to spread throughout her pussy as I continued my slow thrusts all the way in to the base then back out to the tip and over again.

Thankful and astonished, I was in ecstasy over her now thoroughly wet, excruciatingly tight hot pussy. She began to left her ass up off the bed, rocking her self harder and harder against my body.

Her face was still extremely excited, but in a different way now. Was she actually enjoying herself?! I rammed away harder and harder into her clinging stretching pussy. Because I naturally jerked off before she came over here and because of the weed, my endurance was at its max. Now, I could tell that she was really liking it, because as I gaped open her cunt hole, I could feel her pussy contracting and squeezing on my dick as her hot liquid oozed out all over our lower bodies.

She was coming over and over again. "You like it now don't you baby. I knew you'd turn around. You want me to take these bands off you, so I can teach you to suck my cock." I took the tape off her mouth, and she let out a squealing moan.

When I went to take off the tape on her wrists, she cried out, "No! I want you to hurt me. No, please." I responded by diligently slamming my throbbing cock in her hot wet open moaning mouth.

Even though she had been a virgin, she had definitely sucked a cock or two before. I grabbed all her hair, and told her to "swallow my cock." I was shoving all 7" deep in her throat, and she gagged horrendously spilling pre cum and saliva on her tits. I could feel the first signs of being on the verge of cumming, so I slammed her back on the bed, straddled her face, and dipped my huge balls into her mouth while jerking off.


"ERRRGGHHH. I'm gonna come all over your face now little baby" Her hot mouth was filled with my balls.

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She opened wide, moaning. I backed up just a little from her face, my mind in absolute powerful ecstasy. I let out the first huge glob of my unborn child right up into her nostrils, the second volcanic burst of jizz came right into and all over her open left eye, which caused her to cry out, as I dropped one last big one down her mouth.


Panting and moaning, I slammed my dick back into her mouth. She was breathing heavily and moaning. I pushed most of the cum from her face into her mouth with my dick and told her to swallow it which she did, while making a little choking noise as she got it all down.

I took a deep breath, back to reality now. I got a towel. Rochelle was putting on her pants. Even though she had turned out to love it, my mind had been seemingly possessed, I could hardly believe what I had just done, and I was extremely scared and worried of what might happen next.

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`"Rochelle," I said, "I'm sorry, truly, I just." "It's alright," she interrupted, her face a mixture of satisfied confidence and frazzled embarrassment, "let's act like it never happened. How did you answer number 2 on the study guide?" Completely astonished and gloriously thankful for the sequence of events that just transpired, I said, "Well, if you've read the Canterbury Tales then you'd know that…"