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Grandpa fucks teens alexis brill meg magic rosalina love jessica swan
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As arranged, Anna checked in first at the bland chain hotel, appreciating the bored demeanour of the gum-chewing teenager on reception. She always felt a little self-conscious, arriving at a hotel during the day like this, as though what she planned to do was written all over her face.

To the girl behind the counter though, Anna was just another business customer, her smart suit belying the satin and lace underwear beneath. Anna took the key card and headed in the direction the disinterested teen had vaguely gestured at. A gaggle of cheaply-uniformed cleaners stopped laughing and scurried off to their tasks at her approach, but Anna saw no other hotel residents, which also pleased her.

The more anonymous she could feel, the more relaxed she would be this afternoon. Her hand shook a little in anticipation as she attempted to slide the key card into the designated slot of room 306, and she laughed impatiently at her foolishness as she had to remove it and reinsert it the right way up.

"Come on, Anna," she muttered to herself as she entered the room, "it's not as though it's the first time you've done this." She placed her small suitcase on the bed, and went quickly to the bathroom, where she checked her hair and makeup and then briskly removed her jacket, blouse and skirt, leaving her wearing only an insubstantial black lace bra, black stockings, black high heels and a tiny black lace thong, which she adjusted so that the diamanté bow rested centrally at the top of her pert arse.

She released her hair from its business-like bun, running her fingers through the dark blonde curls so that they framed her face and trailed down to her breasts. She looked at herself appraisingly in the mirror, smiling to herself at the thought that her business colleagues would never recognise this wanton creature.

In her job she had to be professional and in control at all times, and her buttoned-up appearance and serious persona reflected that duty. No-one who worked with Anna would ever guess that when she booked a day off, as she did every few weeks, that she would be in a hotel, preparing for.

Anna dragged herself from this train of thought - she only had a few minutes of preparation time left, and if she didn't have everything just so for his arrival there would be hell to pay. She briskly moved back into the bedroom, unsnapping the case and rifling through it with practised ease.

Lifting the mattress, she placed a complicated snarl of belts on the bed frame, which she deftly untangled before remaking the bed. Next she removed a variety of implements from the case, lining them up neatly on a low table that she pulled over to be within easy reach of the bed.

She checked the time on the digital clock once more, and her heart started to race as she realised he would be here any moment and she wasn't in position. She grabbed another mess of straps and quickly fastened a leather collar around her neck, velcroed a leather cuff onto each wrist and contorted herself so that she could fasten each one to a strap that hung down her back from the collar.

Thus bound, she knelt down at the foot of the bed, head down and eyes on the floor like a woman at prayer. Not a moment too soon, either, as the key card locked clicked and he entered the room. Although not able to look directly at him from her position on the floor, Anna felt his presence in the room acutely.

He was a physically large man; tall, with a broad chest and muscular thighs and arms that made Anna, a curvaceous 5'6", feel petite and delicate. He invariably wore jeans and a t shirt, dirty workboots, and from this and his strong, labour-roughened hands Anna had deduced he worked at something manual, perhaps building, although she had never asked. Their arrangement worked best if neither of them knew details of the other's life.

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They hadn't even exchanged surnames, never mind their CVs. "Nice outfit." he commented; his accent was what Anna thought of as "working class", what she would have referred to when out with her privileged, moneyed friends as "common", but she liked it, liked the differences between him and the soft, polished boys she normally mixed with.

For that was how she saw them, nothing more than silly boys, whereas the individual who was in her hotel room now was definitely a man. He towered over her - she saw he had taken his shoes and socks off but didn't dare lift her head to see more. "Good girl," he said, in an unusually soft tone "you have prepared well." Anna relaxed a little, pleased, and so was taken by surprise when he grabbed a fistful of her hair and yanked her head back, "But wait, what's this?

You have the cuffs on the lowest setting? What did I tell you last time?" he growled. Anna stumblingly tried to apologise, to explain that this was as high as she could manage by herself. "Shut up, bitch," he snapped, pulling her hair harder until she thought it would tear at the roots, "I don't want to hear your pathetic excuses." Still holding her by the hair, he dragged her to her feet and hauled her to the bed.

He sat down and pulled her face-down onto his lap. Relief suffused her as he released her hair, and she let out a small moan and then bit her lip, hoping he hadn't heard, as she was sure more punishment would follow such disobedience. Fortunately he was involved in adjusting her restraints, tightening the cuffs, gripping each arm in turn so tightly that she knew there would be finger marks there by this evening.

He pulled her arms further up her back and then reattached the cuffs, much higher up the strap now so that she had no chance of moving her arms or upper body. He adjusted her on his lap, lifting and repositioning her as though she were a doll, until she rested with her stomach across his broad thighs and her arse presented to him.

He gently stroked the curve of each buttock, trailing his fingers down between her parted thighs, brushing against the already-damp curls of hair there. Anna felt her nipples stiffen and she writhed against his hand involuntarily. "Oh, you're eager today, you little slut," he laughed, "I think I should make you wait, then." He withdrew his hand from between her thighs, and Anna tensed, awaiting his next move. Just as she thought she couldn't bear the anticipation any longer, his hand struck down hard on her buttock.

As she drew breath to whimper he struck again, and again, rhythmically alternating buttocks with barely a pause between blows, each one bearable on its own but building in pain and heat as he continued until she wanted to cry out for him to stop, and yet she bit her lip and held her silence, knowing that to speak now would only prolong the spanking. Just as suddenly as it had started, the hiding stopped, and Anna felt the tingle of excitement that she always did at this point.

Her arse felt red and hot, tears of pain and humiliation still filled her eyes, and yet she was aroused, undeniably, indescribably excited by this treatment. His fingers trailed gently across her bottom, and she winced as he touched the tender area that he'd been treating so roughly only seconds before. His thick fingers played gently with the little bow on the back of her underwear "I like this," he muttered, and she smiled to herself, remembering that she'd hoped to please him when she'd ordered the lace thong online.

Abruptly his fingers tightened on the bow, and he yanked the material tight, cutting into her soft skin. He stretched the expensive fabric taut and then pulled sharply once more, ripping the lingerie and dragging it from her, casually throwing it to the floor.

Before she could react his fingers were once more between her legs, forcing her thighs apart and exploring her pussy more thoroughly. His thumb pressed shockingly against her arse hole, a finger slid insistently into her cunt and she heard him grunt with pleasure.

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"Oh, you dirty little whore, you love it, don't you? I feel how wet you are, how hot for me. You want my cock, don't you, you dirty bitch?" Anna nodded, her face turned away in shame. "Say it, bitch. Tell me what you want!" he demanded. "I want your cock inside me." Anna gasped, "I want you to fuck me, please, oh please, I want it so badly." "Not yet, you little whore, you'll have to wait." he smiled languorously.

Lifting Anna easily, he stood and turned to place her face down on the bed. He grabbed a couple of pillows from the hotel bed and shoved them under her hips.

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With her arms tied as they were, her face pressed into the white hotel duvet and she had to turn her head sharply to avoid suffocating. He grabbed her knees and spread her legs wide, reaching down to find the restraints Anna had placed there earlier.

Quickly he wrapped a leather cuff around each ankle, his hands lingering appreciatively at her high heels. Anna was now completely vulnerable to him, her pussy and arse held open for him to see, to touch, to do whatever he wanted with.

She heard the rustle of fabric and the sharp burr of a zip as he divested himself of his clothing. The bed sank a little behind her as he climbed onto it, and his body pressed down on her as her reached around and freed her breasts from the wispy lace of her bra, pinching her nipples hard until she squirmed and squealed. He moved back down the bed and she felt his hot breath on the sensitive skin of her upper thighs. She moaned and writhed with desire as she felt his mouth move closer.

"Shut up." he hissed, the sibilants playing over her over-eager pussy.

He plunged his tongue into her cunt, then drew back a little to lick her over and over, lifting her hips to give him better access to her clit.

Excited as she was, she was close to orgasm in moments, groaning and panting in readiness. Before she could be swept away, his mouth moved away from her pussy, but before she could moan her disappointment his tongue was back, this time licking at her arse hole, shockingly intimate, working at the tight hole until it was relaxed and wet, and then his thumb pressed its way into her, little by little, until he was fucking her arse with his thumb, in and out as his mouth returned to her clit.

The intimacy and depravity drove her over the edge and she turned her face into the bed to muffle her cries as her body was racked with wave after wave of pleasure. Before the spasms had receded he had moved away, sliding around her to the head of the bed, where he sat with his legs apart, his stiff cock just centimetres from her face. He lifted her by the strap at her wrists, holding her just right so that although the collar pressed against her vulnerable throat, the bulk of her weight was held by her wrists.

With his free hand he caught her hair into a rough pony tail and he forced her mouth against the end of his erection.

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"Suck it, bitch." he ordered, and she opened her mouth as wide as she could to take in his impressive manhood. Restrained, she was helpless to move but he used her hair and the straps to move her, fucking her mouth with thrusts of his hips, murmuring "Oh, yes, that's it, suck it you little whore, you love it, don't you?" One particularly deep thrust made her choke a little and he withdrew, stepping off the bed in one lithe movement.

"You messed up, sweetheart you need to learn to take what I give you without complaining." "I'm sorry," Anna begged "I didn't mean to, please, come back, I'll do better." "No, that's not good enough, I'm going to have to punish you, to teach you a lesson." he snarled.

Reaching down to the table where Anna had placed some toys earlier, he looked over the available items. He caught sight of Anna watching him. "Turn away, slut." he ordered, and Anna obeyed instantly. As he took his time selecting her method of punishment, Anna reflected for a moment on the irony of her position.

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In what she thought of as her "real" life, she was always in control, always the one giving the orders. Perhaps that was why she sought this out?

She mentally shrugged, enough with the amateur psychology, who cared why she did it, it just made her feel so damn good. Suddenly his hand was between her legs again, this time holding her pussy lips wide open as something cold and hard pressed at the entrance to her cunt. He pushed the toy inside her and Anna recognised the vibrating love egg she had purchased just last week.

He switched it on and the vibrations began powerfully stimulating the inside of her. She waited, not daring to believe that this pleasure could be her punishment.

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She was soon proved right, as with a sharp "thwack" a leather tipped riding crop licked across her bottom. As she clenched her muscles with shock she felt the love egg being driven further inside her. Again and again he lashed her, again and again she tightened her muscles and felt the egg being forced deep into her, until it was vibrating against her g spot and she was thrashing her face wildly against the bed, her body tormented by the mix of pain and pleasure until she exploded into a violent orgasm that left her sweaty and reeling, her arse stinging and throbbing as the pleasure receded and left her able to discern the pain.

He threw the crop aside, reached between her thighs and yanked on the cord until the love egg slid from her, and then he heaved her hips up until her face was pressed uncomfortably into the mattress, and, taking a moment to position himself, he forced his rock hard cock deep inside her with one powerful thrust. Relishing the contrast once more of her discomfort and her pleasure, Anna cried out incoherently, barely aware of what she said or even that she spoke, just lost in the feeling of his cock powering into her over and over, feeling the pressure building deep inside her as he held her hips steady so he could plunge into her, seemingly ever more deeply.

It took only moments for her to reach the brink again, and she tumbled gratefully into yet another orgasm, her cunt clenching around his cock as her excitement overwhelmed her. He paused for a moment, then began to move again, slow, shallow teasing strokes this time. "You love my cock in your cunt, don't you, you whore, you slut?" he asked rhetorically.


There could be no doubt how much Anna wanted him, not with her pussy juices soaking his shaft and her moans filling the hotel room. "Beg me for it then.


Beg me to give you my cum." "Oh, yes, please, fuck me, come in me, please do it, I want it, I want you." Anna gabbled, the words tripping over each other in her eagerness and need. "That's right, you filthy girl, you want it, you can have it." he growled, and he drew back and then powered his way deep inside Anna again, over and over, hard and deep, and she knew she was heading for another orgasm, amazed that her exhausted, ill-used body could gather the energy.

As the spasms overwhelmed her once more, she heard him gasp "I'm coming!" and she felt his cock throbbing inside her as he filled her with hot cum. As her orgasm receded she felt him pull out of her, and felt his wetness trickle out of her, onto her damp thighs. Unable to move, she felt him get up from the bed and heard the zip of his jeans as he dressed once more. Once fully clothed, he freed her from her restraints and chuckled admiringly at his handiwork, at the bruises and welts he had created on her backside.

He sat down on the bed to tie his shoes, and then, while Anna still lay in a post-orgasmic haze, her body aching and stinging pleasantly and her cunt feeling abused and sated, he got up and walked towards the door.

"Text me about the next time." he said casually over his shoulder, his hand already on the door handle. Anna knew better than to ask him to wait, so she turned her face into the bed as he walked out of the door, leaving her alone to tidy the room and put away all the evidence of what had happened here. She would stay the night, and tomorrow she would put her professional persona back on and walk out of the door, in control once more.

She knew she would be the one to pay the bill she always was, it was part of the deal, and one she thought well worth the price. She lay back on the bed, opened a whisky from the mini-bar, and thought with satisfaction over another day off well-used.