Nicht beide ich kann es nicht nehmen

Nicht beide  ich kann es nicht nehmen
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I was new to this sleepy little town. I had moved here from the Midwest and now found myself in a quiet little town where everyone knew everyone else's business. News spread quickly around town that a stranger had moved into the old Mason Mansion on the knoll overlooking the entire town below.

I was settling in and unpacking boxes that I had carefully labeled by room to make the transition easier. I had several boxes of books that I decided to move down into the cellar of this old house to store and unpack at a later date.

I had already made several trips down the dusty old stairs carrying a box at a time. On my last trip I decided to carry two boxes at once so I wouldn't have to make another trip down those unstable stairs. I had descended about three quarters of the way down the flight of stairs when I loss my footing, which caused the top box of books to slide and going crashing into the brick wall just at the foot of the landing.

Clouds of dust bellowed upwards from the box of books hitting the wall and ripping open and scattering across the dirty floor. I was chocking from the dust and covered my mouth with my sleeved arm. I went back upstairs to look for a flashlight and allow the dust to settle somewhat. I couldn't find anything but a candle and some matches. I descended the old stairs again taking my time.

At the bottom of the landing was the mess of books that had spilled every which way. I had nearly gathered all the books and was working on the few remaining ones against the brick wall when I notice one of the old bricks had been knocked slightly out of place by the impact caused by the box of books hitting that particular spot.

I reached my hand out to examine the brick and felt a cold draft of air coming from where the mortar had been chipped loose from the blow received in the accident. I retrieved the candle to examine the odd draft of air and when I brought the candle close to the dislodged brick the draft of air sucked the flame from the candle leaving me in an eerie state of total blackness and I was un-nerved and taken back some.

I took a quick intake of air, which left the taste of nasty dust in my mouth and I forgot about my surroundings for a moment while trying to re-light the candle. This time I shielded the candle from being put out by the draft and examined the old brick. After several moments of pulling and tugging at the brick I was finally able to remove it completely.

I could feel a strong pull of air being sucked through the opening but I knew if I tried to look into the opening with the candle it would surely be suck out with ease. Instead I reach my arm into the opening as far as I could and felt nothing but bone chilling cold air. I muttered to myself for not finding a flash light, which meant I'd have to leave my discovery and return later. Back upstairs I failed to find the box I had packed the flashlight into and resolved to just go to town and purchase another cheap one in the morning.

I finished unpacking two more rooms of goods and was too exhausted to continue my efforts. I lite a fire in the fireplace, put on some soft music and laid my head back to relax while sipping the sweet red wine I had brought with me for this occasion.

I woke from a dead sleep to the sound of a screeching sound and was slightly startled but decided it must have been the wind or an ole owl in the nearby trees outside the old Mansion. I was chilled and covered myself with a quilt my mother had made several years ago. I appreciated the warmth the quilt offered and reflected on how well it would look covering the King size bed in the Master Bedroom I was going to occupy.

I had nearly dozed off again when I unmistakably heard the sound again that had awoken me earlier. I arose to my feet and made my way to the door leading down to the cellar where the sounds were much louder now. I mentally kicked myself for not going to town before dark and getting the flashlight and now it would be too dangerous trying to navigate those old stairs.

I had no choice but to close the door and wait for morning to come. The next day I found myself with flashlight in hand peering into the opening caused by the brick I had removed from the brick wall.

The flashlight did little to help illuminate the inside of the opening. After hours of pained labor and covered in sweat and dirt that had turned to mud on my face and arms I had succeeded to remove enough bricks to allow the passage of my body into the opening.

After washing some of the dirt and grim off my face and arms and enjoying a cold glass of refreshing water from the fridge. I mustered up enough courage to go back to the cellar and make my way through the rough opening. I had grabbed my cell phone in case something went wrong while exploring the opening.

On the other side of the brick wall I allowed my eyes to adjust and made sure of my footing. It appeared to be some sort of tunnel.

I remember the childhood story of Hansel and Gretel so I made scratch marks on the wall to help find my way back safely. I was glad I wore a heavy jacket for the air was very chilly and was being pulled like in a ventilated shaft of sorts.

The tunnel soon opened into a large room. I was awe struck as the room was filled with oil paintings and artifacts that seemed very old. My mind was in shock at what I was witnessing and of all the things laid out before me. I wasn't thinking in terms of wealth or value but in wonder of what all this stuff was and where did it come from and why was it hid here and not being displayed or preserved in a museum.

The room was huge and it was filled with priceless items. I could tell some items where made from gold, while others items from silver.

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Time seemed to have stood still. I lost track of how long I stood in the midst of the artifacts just turning this way and that way, seeing something new and different with each glance. After some time I began picking up and examining different items and replacing it and moving onto the next item that caught my eye.

My flashlight caught something shining on a ledge. The beam of light shone on an hour glass looking vase but it had two handles on either side. And a spout for the purpose of pouring something from it. As I made my way toward it I heard the eerie screeching again and a low moaning sound. I stopped in my tracks and shone the light around in search of the source of the sound and it abruptly stopped. I swallowed hard and moved closer. I hesitated and then I lifted it.

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It was heavier than I expected and it was covered with colorful stones and writing I didn't recall seeing anywhere in books or otherwise. I decided to take it with me so I could examine it in better lighting. As I exited the opening I had created in the brick wall the screeching and howling started again and instead of the air being pulled into the open, a huge cloud of dust bellowed out from the opening and then total silence.

I don't know how long I stood there watching the cloud of dust settle but I realized I wasn't breathing. Instead I had been holding my breath and when I exhaled it felt like all my energy was leaving my body with my breath being released.

I looked down at the artifact in my hands and it was glowing and a white light appeared to be coming out of the opening and it was getting brighter and brighter with each passing moment. The next thing I remember I was lying flat on my back and it was pitch black. I couldn't make out anything but I felt the bottom rung of the old stairs lead up out of the cellar.

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I made my way up the stairs on my hands and knees, feeling my way as I ascended the stairs. When the cellar door swung open it offered no light from the upper part of the house.

I was confused because I remembered it was daytime when I had entered the tunnel. Feeling my way across the floor to the couch in the living room I clawed my way into a sitting position on the couch.

I was in a daze because it was pitch black in the room even with windows on three side of the room. Then I remembered my cell phone in my pocket and pressed the on button and the light from it hurt my eyes. I looked at the time. The date. I blinked my eyes to make sure I was seeing correctly. It was no mistake, it was midnight but 3 days after I had entered the tunnel.

I dropped the cell phone as I blacked out. I stirred to the sound of knocking coming from the front door. I arose from my stupor like a man on a drunken binge. I looked around not sure what to make of everything. The sun was shining in the windows now and the room was well lite as a result. The knocking continued and I made my way toward the sound. Upon opening the door I was treated to a beautiful young teenager holding a bundle that was covered with a towel.

She looked to be about 19 years old. I couldn't take my eyes off her and it seemed mutual because she was staring at me and looking at me from head to toe. She broke the silence when she said, "Mister you sure get into your work because you are a mess." That's when I looked at myself and saw that I was filthy dirty and then my recent activities came back to me and I muttered, "Yes I have been doing some serious cleaning of this old house." She said, "I guess so, it certainly shows" and giggled, which caused me to blush but I'm sure she couldn't see my reddish face for the grim that covered it.

She cleared her voice and said, "Well, my momma sent me with this here pie to welcome you to the neighborhood. She would have brought it herself but folks here have strange feelings about this old Mansion." I turned to look back at the old house thinking about my discovery and recent experience and said well tell you mother I really appreciate the pie and will make myself known around town very soon.

The young teen turned on her heels and said well you might want to take a bath before you go anywhere and giggled again under her breath. I was staring at her sweet ass as she turned and noticed it was so perfect and round and juicy looking and I thought to myself, "I like to take a bath with that sweet ass of yours!" And she turned to look at me and said, "OK, I'd like that too!" And I wondered to myself did I say that out loud?

And looked at her dumbfounded and said, "What?" And she walked pass me into the house as she said, "I said I'd love to take a bath with you!" I followed her into the house like a puppy.

Closed the door behind us and continued to follow her as she searched from room to room for the bathroom and upon entering the Master Bath, without hesitation began removing her clothes. I stood frozen in place staring at her nude form with my mouth open and she turned toward me and said, "Aren't you going to join me?" And I just nodded my head up and down, staring as she turned on her heels again and bent at the waist and began running the hot water.

I began undressing slowly, not taking my eyes off her for a moment in fear if I closed them she'd disappear like a fart in the wind. I looked at the dimples in the small of her back. The round globes of her perfect ass. Her small waist and the puffy lips of her pussy was visible as she bent over testing the temperature of the water. Her long brunette hair had fallen to one side and was hanging well passed her knees.


I could make out the sides of her tiny breast as she moved from side to side stirring the water and stirring feelings in my manhood. The tub had very little water in it and she turned and gestured for me to come to her. She gently guided me into the tub and I sat down into the hot water. She began pouring water over my head and soaping me up.

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I realized she was trying to get the worst off first so I helped and the water turned brown from the mud being washed from my body. She instructed me to stand up while she drained off the dirty water and at the same time kept rinsing my body with fresh water. Satisfied she began refilling the tub. She had me sit back down into the tub and proceeded to get into the tub with me.

As she placed one leg into the tub I noticed it caused her pussy lips to part ever so slightly and I instantly began to harden. She smiled at me. She damn well knew the effect the little display of her pussy had on me. While balancing herself on her leg that was outside the tub she stirred the water with her other leg causing her pussy lips to close and then gap open and then repeat the process with each movement of that leg. With one leg in the tub and one outside the tub she took hold of one side of the tub and squatted down until her pussy lips came in contact with the rim of the old claw foot tub's edge.

Her pussy lips parted and became puffy as she dry humped the rim of the tub. Then she began a slow grinding action and then thrusted her hips back and forth. I was rock hard now and the tip of my dick was above the water level.

The head of my cock was an ugly purplish color from the blood.

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I could feel my balls floating around in the hot water. I could now see the rim of the tub under her was becoming wet from her juices flowing out of her opening as she rubbing her pussy back and forth on its edge.

Her head was tilted back in pleasure as she moaned slightly. Watching this sexy show before my very eyes I thought, "I wish I could wash that tender body of hers!" and she dropped her head down and said, "Ok." I wondered, "What the fuck is going on here, I know I didn't say that out loud this time?" She placed her other leg inside the tub and knelt down in front of me. Her small titties were right at my mouth level and so I began kissing and sucking on them and she started moaning again.

I began lathering her shoulders with soap. Oh my god her skin felt like silk to my touch. I ran my hand around her neck, then across her shoulders. I cupped her tiny boobs and pinched and rolled the nipples between my fingertips. Pulling and tugging. Kissing and sucking. I ran my hands up and down her chest and down her sides then up her back, everywhere.

I couldn't get enough of her feel. The whole time I was touching her she was mimicking the same touches to my body. My nipples were hard. She touched the tip of my cock and circled the tip with her finger tips while cupping my balls under water.

The swirling water felt awesome. I thought to myself, "I can't waiting to finger her pussy and with that thought she cupped my chin and lifted it and said, "No need to wait." And stood up.

I lathered my hands and began soaping her bubble ass cheeks. Squeezing and massaging those wonderful mounds of young flesh. I ran my hands up and down her long slim athletic legs.

She tensed from excitement. Her breather was becoming more rapid now. I ran my soapy hands up the back sides of her legs.

Up over her ass cheeks. I drew her pussy close to my face with her knees bent and resting against my shoulders and chest. I could smell her excitement. My hands came in contact with her puffy pussy lips and she flinch violently. Thrusted her hips against my mouth and face. I slipped my soapy finger inside her pussy lips and she screamed in ecstasy. She flooded my fingers with pussy juice. Her legs trembled. Her hips thrusted forward hitting her mound against my chin.


She was in the throes of orgasm. Wave after wave hit her young body. It was all I could do to keep my fingers buried in wet twat and keep her from slipping out of my arms from the water and soap.

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I am beginning to see a pattern of when I think something she acts on it so I thought to myself, "I'd really like to fuck this babe!" and without hesitation she turned around, bent at the waist and said, "Please fuck me!" I wondered, "Holy shit, it worked!" I buried my throbbing cock up to the hilt in one smooth thrust. I was in heaven! Her love hole was wet and hot.

Her inner pussy muscles were pulling at me. Milking me for all I was worth. I was pounding her sweet ass like there was no tomorrow (To be continued)