Amateur Mädchen ersten Mal einen Porno schießen

Amateur Mädchen ersten Mal einen Porno schießen
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Whata Week 7 When I woke up I knew about three things. One: It was morning, Two: I was beaten, Three: My dad raped me. I was sore all over and I felt five times as bad as I did last night. I burst into tears the second my eyes opened. After what happened last night- and if you haven't been reading, Robbie- my ex-boyfriend- let other boys fuck me.

I wanted to kill myself and I would if I had the balls to do it. I got up slowly, my arms buckling under my weight and when I raise my head I find about 12 condoms all over the place and I burst into more tears. My dad let other people rape me! I fall under my weight and cry more.

My dad has some fat, greasy, bald, hairy friends and the thought of them touching me was enough to make me cry. But they raped me! I want to die. That is something I cannot deny. I want something or someone to come cut my heart out because it was aching to no extent. Rob broke my heart and my dad just hit me there about a thousand times to worsen the pain and also allowed people to rape me.

The last I want to do is be alive to think about it. I heard the door open and my heart jumped and I broke out into more tears of fear. I painfully scampered to the far corner of the basement like some abused scared animal, but I hear no foot steps, only screams.

I grab a sheet from the box labeled blankets and run towards the steps. I find dad, holding both Micah and Zach by the hair, their pants down, bottoms red, but their dicks slicked clearly just slurped on. "You fucking bastards!" dad yells and my heart stops as he throws them down.

I rush to their rescue and caught them both, but I end up falling back and again hitting my head on the concrete floor, this time drawing blood. "You fucking sex crazed bitch!" dad yells at me, "You fucking corrupted my boys!" he says and he slams the door. Both Micah and Zach were crying. To my greatest fears, Zach hit his head on the floor, I caught him over my shoulder and he was bleeding, badly.

I fount the first aid kit inside a box filled with bathroom stuff and fixed him up as much as I could, but he was still unstable. He needs a hospital. Fuck killing myself. I'm going to kill him! I sent Zach to go sleep, making a bed out of the covers and blankets inside that one box and even though I was bruised so bad and it hurt to move, I did everything I could to make them better. I opened up about 12 bruises by moving so much, they just burst open.

Micah eventually took over and helped me with band-aids and wetting a wash cloth from the bathroom to help soak my eye. Then he explained to me that dad caught them and Tia and Maria doing oral, they forgot to lock the door and dad was sneaking on them. After that he yelled for Maria and Tia to get out and then threw them down here. I also learned that he told everyone I was over Christie's house for the weekend and I forgot mom's going to be gone for about a week with her sorority sisters.

Leaving us alone with my dad. I feel so stupid. I never knew anything about my dad except his feet. Ogre feet. Brace yourself for a turn off. His feet are hairy, yellow toenails, fungus and athlete's foot. Just hideous. But unlike his friends he is not fat, greasy, or bald. He keeps himself in shape. He always wear suits and stay clean, but his face is hard and cruel.


I've always feared him. Except of course when I was little, I was his little girl then, till he finally got himself boys. We've been down here for at least six hours now and we didn't have anything to eat. Zach and Micah were asleep together under the stairs as I rummaged through the boxes for something to eat if possible. No such luck, but I fount some clothes for myself. Eventually I was just sitting there, thinking about Rob. He'll know that I'm mad at him and he'll keep his distance.

He'll know why I'm mad and would probably be in his room, mad at himself. Trying to work up the courage to call me, but of course I couldn't answer and he'd think I don't want to talk to him.

With hope he will work up the courage to come and see me, but I doubt that he will. What he did was really unforgivable. On the way back home I regretted him even getting me pregnant and I was thinking about abortion. About an hour later I tried to open the basement door, of course locked. I tried the door that leads outside but that door never could open. After my second attempt of breaking the door with my shoulder and opening another bruise, the upstairs door opens.

I hear more than one set of footsteps coming down the stairs. My heart lurched. "Is she still unconscious?" a guy asks and I know by the voice it's Mr. Hampson, one of dad's fat, greasy, bald friends.

and Simone's father. "No, the bitch woke up earlier" I heard my dad growl and I never heard so much loathe in his voice when it concerned me. I rushed over to Zach and Micah and covered their heads with the covers.

Mr. Hampson's footsteps stopped along with two others. "Shit John, I don't want her knowing it's me" he whispers. "Me neither" the other two said in unison and I know I heard their voices somewhere.

"She won't be telling anyone" my dad assures him, "After this I'm going to take her to Will." "The camp?" the other guy asks and now I know it Mr. Hymn. my English teacher! "I'm shipping her ass off to Russia after this. She can go and fuck wolves. She's already with that dog." he growls and I heard him hit something against the wall.

Something hard. "I don't think we should do it though, my daught." Mr. Hampton started. "Your daughter didn't go against her father's back and become a slut." he interrupts with a growl and a little laugh leaves my mouth, enough for them to hear. Dad comes all the way down and my stomach sunk, he had a belt in one hand and a bat in another.

I started to cry before he even threatened me with them. "What the fuck are you laughing at?" he growls raising his belt and I half flinched. Before remembering what he did to Micah and Zach. His first mistake was putting me in basement full of all sorts of weapons, bats, pipes, knives and crowbars.

I even fount a gun (he keeps them hidden around the house) but it wasn't loaded and I don't think I can bring myself to kill the first man I fell in love with. Yeah, I was that type of girl. The one who always wanted to marry her father when she got older.

But now I just want him behind bars or six feet under. Hell, I'd like him 6 feet away right about now. I got accustomed to where everything was and the crowbar was closest, I ran for it, but before I could even get to it dad swung the bat and took out my legs.

I felt another bruise open under the band-aid and I knew my yelp woke Micah and Zach who I told to stay asleep and down no matter what. Then again I told them not to do anything with Maria and Tia without asking me, see where it got them. See where I got them. The only reason they're here is because I got them into sex. It's just my fault and I regret everything now. I should have listened to my conscious (readers ;) and left them out.

Now I fucked up and one of my boys is hurt. I regret for them for having a sister like me. Then again, whatever punishment I got they got. No it's my fault. I heard belts being unbuckled and pants dropping and again so did my heart into my stomach. Zach and Micah were poking their heads from the covers and this is the last thing I want them to see. Their older sister. being raped.

Dad slipped the belt over my mouth, a thin belt, that he ties around my head, muffling my voice. Then, I saw Micah inching away and that's when I made my attack. I punched my dad hard in the balls and Mr. Hampton in the stomach, I attacked Mr.Hymn in the forehead knocking his glasses off and got who I now realized is Mr. Goodsen! Coach's husband. I got him in the throat while Micah and Zach dashed upstairs, uncaring about the noise they were making.

In seconds, I heard the front door slam. In a few minutes, police will be running around this place. "Fuck, John your boys got out." Mr. Hampton yelled and dad was already on his feet, grabbing me by the hair before I could run and smacking me hard before getting his other belt and working my arms till I couldn't move them, then my legs some more. I don't think I'm going to be swimming for a long while. or ever. "Take care of her" he growls tossing my head onto the floor and I was crying again.

My legs were torn- bloody. He ran up the stairs, the front door opened and slammed again, his car starting up. Now I was alone with Mr. Hampton, Mr. Hymn and Mr. Goodsen. The three greasiest men you'll ever find. My stomach sank painfully.

I knew Mr.Hampton was as bad as his daughter. His wife left him long ago with Simone. She left without trace, probably across country now. But considering his appearance, I can guess he haven't had sex for a long time, unless he had some prostitutes. like his daughter. Mr. Hymn I had no idea about. I barely seen him and my dad cross a sentence by each other. He was always a good teacher.

One of those big but hyperactive and fun loving guys. I always liked him. personality-wise. Mr. Goodsen was the biggest shock. Everyone knew that he accused his wife of cheating on him with a few of her boy swimmers or something, but what the hell does he think he's doing by fucking her best swimmer! The thought mustn't have crossed his mind since he starts to undress me, pulling down the shorts I found and the underwear.

Mr. Hampton got my shirt. They met little resistance. "Sorry about this Alex" Mr. Hampton says, "But I've always wanted this ass" he says slapping my left cheek and I would have punched him in the nuts if my arms weren't torn up. He took a towel and cleaned my legs and arms up roughly, making it sting like hell, but I couldn't cry anymore than I already am. When he finishes, I feel his mouth wandering my butt and then he spit into it making me jump.

He rubbed it in with his fingers, sticking the tips in every so often and then he stood up, lifting me onto my knees which was torture enough.

I felt them switch and now someone was at my pussy, slurping what ever they could get, which wasn't much. They were no experts and they were rough. "Should I put my dick in her mouth?" Mr. Goodsen asks pulling on the belt around my mouth. "So she can bite your dick off?!" Mr. Hymn half laughs and half warns and Mr. Goodsen drops his hand from the belt. Mr. Hymn finishes soaking up my pussy and rubs his dick against it, I flinched. "It's okay" he tries to comfort but I only growled.

With that he shoves it in.

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Rob was right. After him, everyone else did feel pencil dicked. Mr. Hymn had to be about 7 inches, but he felt small. It probably was thanks to his big greasy belly hitting my ass keeping him from pushing in all the way. Thankfully it didn't add that much pain, but it still hurt because of my bruising, which satisfied him. "Yeah. Is your boyfriend this big?" he asks and I so wanted to tell him how big Rob was, but this wasn't the time and I couldn't talk even if I wanted to.

His hairy, fat legs were rubbing against my butt and his fat, round, hairy belly was laying on my ass cheeks. I felt sick to the core and retched a little in my mouth. He put his full weight onto my back, his sweaty, greasy, hairy stomach on my back and pushing my cut legs deep into the concrete, making blood ooze out.

I was crying now. I opened my eyes when someone slid under me, his hairy belly rubbing against my breasts and hairy greasy chest in my face. I started gagging.

"Ah, I knew you were soft" I heard Mr. Hampton say as he reached and groped my breast, I couldn't help but cry into his chest as he slid into me. It had to be about 3 inches, but I'm still in no condition for double penetration. "Oh shit" Mr. Hymn says grabbing my butt, about to cum and it's only been about 4 minutes- not that I'm complaining.

*Roll eyes* But before he could blow, the front door slammed open and it obviously sounded like someone was fighting. "Get the hell out my house!" dad yelled. "Move it you old bastard!" I heard Robbie yell and my heart basically yelled out to him. I heard a bat connect with bone and my heart sank, dad still has the bat.

There was another sound of a fight going on. "Robbie down here!" I heard Micah yell and his little feet were rushing down the steps. Mr. Hampton and the others made a run for it long ago, breaking the lock on the door that I couldn't and running to their freedom half naked.

I collapsed onto the floor, breathless. I was still hurting like hell. Micah ran down and quickly slipped the belt off my mouth. "Police" I coughed out, my mouth was sore now. "Rob called them." he says before hugging my head tight.

Of course Rob. Micah and Zach can't call the police anymore without it being considered a joke. They use to prank call them. Micah knows this is by far the worst beaten I have taken and he hugging my dearly because of it.

He and Zach always wanted to come to my rescue, but knew they were too scared of dad. I started to take comfort in Micah's embrace. till I heard a gunshot. My life seriously flashed before my eyes and I wasn't the one shot. My mind whirled onto who I wished it was and still I wished it not to be my father. My wish came true. It was Rob. The police came and of course my dad got arrested and both me, Rob, Micah and Zach were shipped off to the hospital. Rob got shot in the chest, really close to his heart and it hit an artery.

All this made me scream and cry my eyes out. Mostly because that was not all. Dad won the fight against Rob and after that he attacked Zach, hitting him with the butt of his gun and he tumbled down the stairs because he was waiting by the door where he could see Rob and me.

His skull now has a crack in it. After that dad came downstairs and knocked Micah upside the head with his bat. When he came to standing by me, luck struck. Our neighbor, Mr. Willis, came through the basement door and tackled my dad down.

Mr. Willis was always in our business. He thought dad was some type of mob boss. Seeing three half naked man got his attention.

Now I'm glad he's noisy. After that, police came and 2 ambulances. Rob was taken first, then I told them Micah and Zach next. I waited till another ambulance came for me. It gave me enough time to cry my eyes out and sleep.

When I woke up, I was in a hospital bed.


Next to me was Rob and the sound of his heart beat on the monitor gave me a lot of relief. They patched him up in time. I cried again that day and that day on. but even more when I got the bad news. My baby died. My dad beat me hard enough to damage the zygote and my fallopian tube and it died. I cried till night's end for that, and nothing helped me heal from that trauma, not even the sound of Rob's voice when he finally woke up.

When he was informed his head slammed against the back of his bed and he was growling. But all that disappeared when he decided to comfort me. Because again my heart was stabbed.

Mom came home and I couldn't tell if she was mad at me or was sympathetic. I sent her husband to jail. The man that took care of her for most her life. But he raped me! And I can guess she would take it like I owe him that. She might not like it when he beats us, but she knows he does and she doesn't do anything about it.

She of course always took his side. I always try to just forget about it, but if she can hold some hate for me for sending the man to jail because he beat his children, raped his daughter and shot her son-in-law then I don't want her here.

To hold love for a man like that is as monstrous as being like him. I sent her away. Micah and Zach came to see me and they both had huge knots on their heads but no brain damage. The skull is good protection. Zach was in traumatic state when he saw dad shoot Rob, but when Rob woke up that helped knock him out of it. I gave each a giant kiss and huge light hugs.

I was right, I won't be swimming anymore and Rob won't be playing football. He actually can't play any sports, even run as fast as he can. Our careers as athlete's are over. Both Tia's and Maria's families moved away, not wanting to get involved and I couldn't blame them, but that could only mean that Tia and Maria told their parents about the little sex games.

Funny considering Maria's mom's part time job is a stripper. Rob has been training to move around, I haven't yet. My legs are too badly damaged. They say it'll heal, but it'll take too long. Rob can walk over to my bed, he says that's as far as he'll need to go and I smiled, placing my hand on his chest. His perfect body now corrupted. But it's not his body I'm in for. Over the course of the day, Robbie apologized about Chris' party. Robbie fed me instead of the nurse.

He also helped wash me, not playing at all. Every part of my body had a scar, Rob washed every one, softly and tenderly.

I know he was thinking about my dad while he washed them. The man who scarred his fiance, killed his developing baby and shot-to-kill, him. I know he's not going to let dad get away with this.

About three days later Rob started to sneak into bed with me, it wasn't hurting as much for me to move a little and it only felt better when I was laying with Rob. Eventually the nurse stopped trying to separate us and let us be. We were on the news and it was annoying. The girl who got raped by her father. It was seriously embarrassing, especially since I was always aggressive in school. It makes it look like I'm weak. Graduation next week is going to be just as embarrassing.

if I can attend. The story had mostly everything. 18 year old girl from ***** High School was brutally raped. blah blah blah, her fiance Rob. blah blah blah. her undeveloped infant. *pain*. then something crossed my eye. A videotape that enraged the father. Where did he get it from? Rob knew. "Simone said she had the video and that she'd show it to your dad unless I fuck her" he tells me one night and I wanted to go kill her now. But it only means that that shadow I saw was Simone recording us.

"I said no, but that was after he shut you in the basement." he growls and I can tell he wanted Simone too, but she was long gone. Somewhere in foster care for a few months since she's only 17. Her father was sent to jail too. Hope he'll enjoy being fucked in the ass. Mr. Hymn and Mr. Goodsen went also. Coach came and apologized and also told me she'll put up a monument in our trophy case for me since I won't ever be swimming again.

It wasn't much reassuring but I appreciated it. I've been in the hospital for at least three weeks now (Missed Graduation, prom postponed till Rob and I get out. We're that pitiful) and I'm still in bed. I can only make it to the door till I collapse. Zach and Micah are temporarily with Mom. With hope and luck I might be able to fight for custody of the two. I know mom is giving them hell at home.

But with hope and Rob's dad as my lawyer I might win them over. I'll even use the she-let-our-father-beat-us into getting them.

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I've been getting cards with money all day, even from people I didn't know. Rob got some too. Combined with our jobs on campus that we already fount, we should be able to support them till we graduate. My being in school might tighten my chances of winning them over but there is always hope. By then we'll work something out. I wanted to be a swimmer, but I guess I have to find something else.

Rob walked over to my bed and he did with very little struggle now. Visiting hours has just ended and we got another load of cards with money.

Even though it's been 3 weeks I'm still not happy why I'm getting it. "It's sympathy money" Rob says with a croak sitting onto my bed and getting under the covers.

His voice is ruined and he's going to probably be sounding like this for the rest of his life, but everything else is working nicely. Not healthy, but better than how it could've been. "It's pity money." I tell him and one card crosses my eyes, I reached over Rob and tried to throw it away, but he stopped me. Taking it away softly from my still injured arms. He read it out loud. "'Sorry about your baby'" it read and I felt my heart tighten again.

He frowned and threw the card away, with the money. He turned his attention back to me and hugged me close. "We'll try again" he assures me and I start crying. again. That was my virginity baby. The baby that came when my virginity was taken. And now it's gone, never replaceable. "We can try now." he whispers in my ear, kissing it softly and I cuddle more into him. It would be nice. I need to get closer to him. I almost lost him too. I was so prepared to play Juliet's dumb ass if he did not wake up after getting shot.

(Of course if he did wake up I'd be Romeo's stupid ass ;). But I am ovulating. The doctor said since the zygote was young I should be on my regular cycle. I'm on my third week. "It won't be the same." I sigh, knowing if I do have this baby I'm going to be thinking about the one that got away. I'm going to be needing therapy. "Yes it will. Unless it wasn't mine." he jokes and I almost slapped his chest. That might kill him. "Come on." he says hugging me closer and then he quickly slipped off my hospital gown.

I'm healing nicely. No more bruises. No more internal bleeding. A lot of scars, but I can move freely now. "We're in a hospital." I laugh, "They have cameras" "I don't care" he laughs hoarsely. taking his gown off. My eyes shifted to his chest wound. He follows my eyes. "Are you uncomfortable?" he asks me. I shift to his eyes and smile.

"Are you?" I ask showing him a scar on my shoulder.

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"You're still hot." he laughs lightly grabbing me by the butt and shifting us so he was hovering over me. I felt his cock at the entrance to my pussy. "This is going to hurt." he says, reminding himself. "It'll be just like losing my virginity again." I tell him and he smiles. I said that mostly for myself.

He starts to add pressure. The pain in my legs start to come back, but I was able to hide the pain in my face. He bent down and kissed me, adding more pressure and making my legs burn now. He stopped there, not going any deeper. He started a slow rhythm and kept it like that. This wasn't sex. Sex is going at it for the pleasure. This was making love.

Trying to make your partner feel good.

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And even though there was much pain, I felt good. We heard footsteps being rushed down the hall. We're really not suppose to be doing this. "Hurry up" I whisper to him and he shoves his entire cock in, hitting my base.

I muffled a scream.

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But finally. I felt his spray, deep inside me. Just then a doctor and two nurses burst through. We both smiled at each other as the yells and scolding came to our ears. In the end they moved us apart, putting him upstairs.

I asked the doctor to confirm that I was ovulating and I was. He said I'm sure to be pregnant. Rob somehow made his way back down to my room and I told him as he got under with me. I cuddle closer into Rob's chest, making sure I don't hit too close to his bullet wound, but he pressed me closer into it, clearly withstanding the pain.

"That was a hell of a week huh?" he laughs softly knowing it'll hurt really badly if he laughed too hard, but I only smile. "That was a hell of a week." I agreed numbly, What A Fucking Week, I thought to myself kissing his chest as I basically relived it in my head.

Till finally I gratefully and blissfully fell asleep on his chest, letting him again take away my pains. The End .Maybe ;) -I'll probably add a college edition depending on what you guys think.