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Blonde girl masturbates with a vibrator at the speed of the tokens
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Out on the street, a cold San Franciscan winter's day lashed wind and rain down on The Panhandle, buffeting the living-room's large bay windows, as the hidden sun set behind bleak, grey clouds. However, sitting on a cozy leather couch inside her grandparent's spacious apartment, Cassie Otis was beginning to feel uncomfortably warm, especially up between her lovely young legs.

It's all Jennifer's fault I'm this turned on! The frustrated little fourteen-year-old decided, knowing her creamy little pussy had been kissing the crotch band of her white cotton panties, wetly, down between her squirmy young thighs for what seemed like ages already. Still, she was a bit surprised to realize just how juicy she'd become down there inside her blue-jeans.

And just by THINKING about her big sister and the, evil-looking Doberman she had just arrived home with, only a short while before. Diablo. That's what Jennifer had already named him apparently. A VERY suitable choice for such an evil looking beast, Cassie had decided when she'd first met the alert, powerfully built male dog, only a few minutes before. Cassie had noticed immediately that the dog was very well hung in the private's department. And despite her initial feelings about the animal's almost demonic appearance, she'd found her eyes had been draw irresistibly down to his big, hairy cock-sheath and fat black balls.

Cassie shivered with wicked delight just now, as she recalled the bright pink tip of the dogs pointy, animal penis twitching slightly from the open end of it's hairy, protective pouch, as he'd sat before her on the rug. The formidable animal had a commanding, almost scary aura about him, the pretty little girl concluded. Would her big sister really let such a fearsome dog have his way with her? Another shiver of lust tickled into Cassie's loins at the mere thought of such delicious obscenity.

I wonder how Diablo will like licking Jennifer's pussy? Will he want to eat her out till she cums? Maybe even fuck her? God! Cassie would've given anything just then, to see something THAT depraved, that incredibly sexy, happen between her sexy big sister and the dog just then.

What the fuck is taking Jennifer so long anyway? Cassie asked herself anxiously at that moment, Jen's been outside for ages already. Fuck! How long does it take that damned, artsy-fartsy woman to drop off a stupid book anyway? She wondered as she waited. The girl's grandparents had already left for an anti-war rally, being held somewhere in the city that evening, and Cassie was almost sure Jennifer had been about to do something sexual with their new dog at any minute.

But just then, suddenly the doorbell had rang unexpectedly. It had turned out to be Jennifer's poetry teacher, Lilith something.? She'd dropped by unannounced, apparently to return a book of gothic poetry, Jennifer had left in the odd woman's car, during a lift home from a recital evening the other night.

According to Jennifer, Lilith owned an art gallery and hosted a gothic poetry group several times a week which Jennifer had become very interested in lately. Jennifer was out on the stoop talking to the woman still. Cassie was only irritated by the unexpected visit.

She wished her older sister would get her butt back inside and get back, to what Cassie was hopeful, would turn out to be a VERY wicked evening ahead. Cassie found herself alone just now. The dog had already disappeared a little while ago, wandering into some other part of the family's home, no doubt curious, and eager to explore unfamiliar surroundings. Cassie hoped that was a good sign, that it meant the big animal would soon be comfortable and happy, and loving his new, and hopefully naughty, little life here amongst them.

He'd better be an "open minded" doggy if he's going to live in THIS family! Cassie chuckled to herself for a moment, before pondering just how true the thought really was.

Perhaps Jennifer and Cassie's grandparents were to blame for how perverted the sister's tastes seemed to have become since the girls had come to live with the old couple here in San Francisco a few years ago? Cassie wondered briefly. Yes. Both she and her older sister had definitely changed a lot since they had moved here, owing to the break up of their real parent's marriage. And just a few years of exposure, to the more radical thinking of her grandparents, had wrought huge changes on both sisters.

Cassie was sure of it. Grandma and Pa had been old beatniks, and even though good careers had later afforded them this large apartment building, they still espoused many of the old ideals of their radical youth.

Being free thinking was essential. Always question authority, and by all means, try to live in a free living way! How many times had Cassie heard Pa say stuff like that? And, becoming an adult earlier than Cassie, sister Jennifer had been under such influence for much longer than she. It should come as no surprise then, that Jennifer had become very forthright about maters of life, and especially SEX, over the years.

Both sisters had ALOT of personal freedoms under their grandparent's roof, compared with the bad old days back in New Jersey with their real parents.

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That was for sure. And ever since Cassie had turned fourteen, like her older sister before her, she'd been virtually at liberty to test her new sexual wings as she pleased. In fact, just lately, she'd started to find thinking about sex very exciting indeed. She had always shared little secrets with her much older sister in the past.

But lately her body had matured along with her female appetites, strengthening and enriching the bond between the siblings. A seven year difference between the girls ages had been quite a gap.

So Jennifer seemed highly delighted lately, since she could now engage her little sister in more interesting, risqué, adult conversations at last. And the more taboo, the more radical the kink, the more her big sister seemed to like it! Cassie smiled to herself. Cassie had even been invited to hang-out in Jennifer's bedroom with her, usually more secretive, older sister, much more often recently.

They'd talked already for ages, about boyfriends, love, lust, life and death, and especially-- sex. Dates they'd been on with boys, turn-ons, turn-offs. It was as if they shared an eagerness to understand the mysteries of a vast sexual world around them together. They even surfed pornographic websites and adult chat-rooms together via Jennifer's computer sometimes.

Her older sister was very forthright about her desires. No wonder Cassie already knew about her current obsession about dogs having sex with women! Cassie creamed her damp panties a little more just now, as she thought back to the first time Jennifer had mentioned she'd like to have sex with a dog herself. The girls had found a particularly lurid website displaying several movies depicting bestiality.

Most of the video clips had shown beautiful young women being fucked and sucked in various ways by huge, horny dogs. Jennifer had become immediately enthralled by the lewd action. Perhaps it appealed to her gothic-punk type outlook on life, Cassie wondered. "God that's gross, but I'd LOVE to try that shit!" Jennifer had confessed lasciviously, while watching the unwholesome fuck action on the screen.

"I wish I had a dog of my own. He could be my dark and unholy, secret lover!" Jen had announced in melodramatic romanticism, as the sisters had been viewing a particularly hot, dog fuck movie. But the idea had really resonated with young Cassie. It was repulsive and yet, intoxicatingly naughty all at once to her young mind. And ever since Jen had announced she was going to finally go out and buy a dog, that very morning, Cassie had been contemplating all sorts of naughty possibilities.

It gave her a giddy little tickle between her legs just now, as she squirmed her tiny butt wantonly on the living room couch, knowing her sister was planning to engage sexually in such a forbidden, sinful way, with their brand new pet, perhaps at any moment now. Fuck! I want to see her do something with Diablo, NOW!

Her mind shouted at her. Damn. Where is that bitch.? Maybe if I go out and be a pest, she'll get her butt back in here and do something already! Cassie told herself as she slipped off the couch and padded out to the landing by the front door to see what was keeping her big sister so long. The heavy rain outside, muffled her footsteps in the hallway, and as she drew near, she noticed the front door was slightly ajar.

She was about to go on through, when something pricked up her keen, young ears. Above the swirling weather beyond, Cassie could hear unmistakable little sounds of passion! She slid stealthily, the last few feet, before squinting out from shadow, through a crack in the doorway, into the gloom beyond. What she saw, as her eyes adjusted to dimness flashed by occasional lightening, took her completely by surprise.

Jennifer and Lilith were out there together, oblivious to her presence as they hugged each other in a VERY passionate, lesbian embrace. Arms locked around tiny female waists, hands kneading firm, rounded feminine buttocks, gracefully long necks dancing, swan-like, as they exchanged some of the most fiery kisses Cassie had ever seen. Cassie had met the strange blond several times before.

She'd often dropped Jennifer home after a poetry recital night. She recalled the woman had a magnetic, yet indefinable charm about her. She was an elegantly tall, slinky and demure woman.

An almost sultry blond lady with a really attractive figure for her age. Cassie guessed she was in her early thirties. Perhaps due to her position as curator of a local art gallery, she always seemed to be dressed in elegant, figure hugging evening gowns, even through the day.

Just like the sleek dark blue satin number she was wearing now as she sucked and fondled Cassie's older sister, right before her eyes on the otherwise, secluded door step.

Both women were totally engrossed in each other. Hair bedraggled. Unheeding of the rain that had soaked them both, it having done nothing to cool their lesbian lust for one another.


Cassie could make out the stiff nipples of the women, standing out from heaving breasts, straining erotically beneath thin, clingingly damp material. Legs locked passionately around legs, each woman slightly humping the others crotch as Cassie gasped, almost disbelievingly. Lilith was a sexy, seductive looking woman. Out of prejudice, Cassie could hardly believe such a beautiful woman could be a lesbian.

So she could hardly believe her wide brown eyes now, as the sexy blond woman suddenly slid a supple white hand she'd been kneading Jennifer's buttocks with, around to the front of her big sister's crotch. Jennifer giggled vibrantly as she whispered something inaudible in the other woman's ear. At the same time, Lilith nodded in reply and smiled broadly, while groping, long, slender, fingers indecently into her young protégés denim covered cunt-crevice.

And then, suddenly, the couple broke free of each other and Cassie realized they were finally saying their farewells to each other. Cassie darted back, as fast as her shaky legs would carry her, hiding quickly in a hallway closet until Jen had finished saying goodbye to her amorous poetry teacher, closed the door and passed by Cassie's hiding spot to return to the lounge room once again.

Meanwhile, Cassie's mind was still reeling. Jen had mentioned finding women attractive as well as men before. Often times in fact, during their many naughty little conversations of late. But Cassie had never actually seen Jennifer do ANY of the things she'd so often spoke about. Boys, girls, dogs, Jennifer was a pretty wild girl, Cassie believed it for sure now. But, seeing her sister actually making out with the sexy older woman had really freaked Cassie out.

She was trembling as she hid. Mixed emotions whirled in her young mind. Should she ask Jennifer about what she'd just seen? She couldn't quite put her finger on why it bothered her so much just now.

Jennifer was her best friend in the whole world, that was for sure. But could it be that she felt a little jealousy towards the beautiful, lesbian stranger who'd been kissing her sister just now?

I guess it's really none of my business, maybe, Cassie concluded, but still she felt pretty disconcerted. Presently, she slipped quietly out of the closet and followed a trail of water droplets her sister had left behind. Back in the lounge room, Cassie realized that both Jennifer and the dog, Diablo, were nowhere to be seen. However, Cassie could hear Marilyn Mansion's music blaring from behind her sisters bedroom door nearby. Was Jennifer already doing something naughty with the dog inside her room, without her little sister?

Cassie felt a pang of excitement and jealousy leap into her throat. Despite her inner turmoil, Cassie was absolutely SURE she wanted to see Jennifer do something, ANY sort of filthy sex thing, with the their new, fearsome looking family pet. In fact, she was literally afraid that Jen would decide to keep what ever might happen with Diablo privately to herself, to be unwilling to share her perversion with her little sister out of embarrassment or something at the last minute.

GOD. She hoped not! Cassie knocked boldly on Jennifer's bedroom door, upon which a slogan in runic text read "Abandon earthly being, All those whom enter here." Cassie wasn't as big a fan of the "gothic lifestyle" as Jennifer was.

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Still, she accepted Jen's right to do what ever she liked in her own private space. Cassie respected the fact that big sister's small, bizarrely decorated bedroom was her own, covert fantasy world. A place to keep her darkest secrets or follow even darker desires, as she pleased.

Cassie still felt almost privileged to be invited into, what she often thought of as, her big sister's gothic fantasy domain. After a moment, her big sister, wearing nothing but a smile and a terry-toweling bathrobe, opened the door, and cheerfully bundled her little sister inside.

Demonic music still blasted from her CD player's speakers, drowning out occasional thunder claps from beyond a heavily draped window in the small room. "Brrr. It's raining cats and dogs out there! I'm freezing," Jennifer laughed as she leapt onto her big comfy bed and dived between the cozy covers, before the chilled air could get to her. I was right!

She does have the dog in here already. Cassie noted. The devilish looking Doberman was sitting obediently at the other end of the room, next to a soggy pile of Jennifer's recently discarded clothing.


"Hello Diablo." Cassie cooed at the beast, before turning to her sister. "He's a pretty scary looking dog, Sis!" Cassie was secretly impressed by the sight of the powerful animal, surrounded by gothic paraphernalia in Jennifer's room.

The dog's menacing yellow eyes gleamed back at her own, causally flickering from one female to the other, fiery embers against the otherwise pitch-black background of a sharp, almost bat-like skull. The dogs macabre presence was the perfect compliment to the images of dragons, succubae, vampires and Gothic movie posters that adorned the black painted walls of Jennifer's bedroom. A bright yellow pentagram on black floor boards where the carpet had been pulled up, occupied the center of the room, adding to the demonic imagery of numerous candles and upside-down crucifixes cluttering bookshelves filled with sad, sweet gothic poetry.

Yes. Diablo's unholy figure seemed very much at home amongst the spooky-cool decoration of her sister's bedroom, Cassie decided. "Yeah. He looks almost 'unearthly'. eh?" Jennifer echoed. "But there's definitely something sexy about the way he looks at me." Jennifer confessed, shivering lustily beneath the covers.

"I know it sounds weird, but, no bullshit, Sis!. It was like the second I saw him, I knew he'd be a great dog for. you know. sex." Jennifer giggled a little nervously, "He's eerie. but FUCK that turns me on.if you know what I mean." Jen confided, gazing over the edge of the bed at the handsome, enigmatic canine, patiently staring back. "I love the way he looks at me. almost like he wants to eat me.

Ooher. It gives me shivers!" Jennifer's own, horny, pussy had been tingling all day, just thinking about being alone with the big dog for the first time. Hmmm. Her clit stiffened as she thought about all the wicked possibilities she had ahead of her now.

"What's up Sis?" Jen asked, suddenly aware that Cassie didn't seem quite as excited as she'd hoped she might be just now. "I. I.

not much. I guess." Cassie mumbled, "it's just. well. I saw you out there with that lady just now Jen. sorry. I didn't mean to snoop!" Jennifer was a little surprised, maybe even slightly embarrassed, but recovered quickly.

"Oh. So. So what? She countered defensively, "Lilith's a really nice person. She brought my poetry book back. I. just. what did you see anyway?" "Jen. I saw her giving you like, a 'five minute Frencher' and feeling you up for fuck sake. that's what!" Cassie blurted, a little surprised at the strength of her own mixed feelings and emotions just then. "SO?.

don't have a spaz attack Sis!" Jen chided, trying to calm, and deciding to come clean with her little sister all at once. "She's a nice lady Cassie. she likes me a lot. and. why not?. I'm a hell of a kisser!" Jen tinkled laughter, only half joking, at her last remark. "Ok she's nice. But. are you like .er. turning lezzy now with her. or what?" Cassie mumbled weakly, afraid of what her sister might be about to tell her. "FUCK NO. I love a good, stiff, cock as much as the next girl.

maybe even more so! Jen laughed ,trying to explain herself to her much less worldly little sister. "It's just. well. you know. like I've told you before. I do like women too. You knew that already. right Sis?" Cassie did of course, nodding sheepishly. "Ok. I guess. it was just. a bit of a shock. She's. your poetry teacher.

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isn't she?" Jen brightened a little, as she began to explain. "Well. She owns the gallery where the poetry club meets I think. anyway, a few weeks ago, after a recital, Lilith sort of. made a pass at me!" Jen blushed red in her ghostly, pale cheeks momentarily, but glad to be sharing how she felt with Cassie, finally.

"One thing just sort of led to another and. well.

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we ended up making out in the back seat of her car!", Jen giggled a little, at her own, slightly off color confession, confident that Cassie was being understanding. "I like how she makes me feel. And it's like this. I don't wanna miss out on a single thing life might have to offer, OK?" she continued, "Remember what Grandpa always says, never close doors, right?".

She fixed a powerful gaze on the younger girl for a moment, realizing her little sister looked hurt at the implication that she wasn't 'hip' or something.

"Maybe you're just too young yet to understand, Cassie. Anyway just forget it .ok?", Jen trailed off a little dejectedly. "I. I'm not too young," Cassie retorted indignantly, "I'm just. worried about you Jen." The concern in her sister's sweet young voice really touched Jennifer just then, she really loved Cassie, she realized, as the lovely young girl continued. "I feel like we're not as close as we used to be.

It's like you're changing, Jen. we're both changing. I'm a bit scared, it's like I don't even really know you . or even myself any more, sometimes." Cassie seemed almost on the edge of tears suddenly. "Hey. hey, now sweetie. I'm the same .I promise.", Jennifer assured the sad young girl, trembling before her.

"I'm just. really into trying new things lately. you know. it's like my poetry. I'd give anything to be really good at it. but to be a really great artist means I have to experience things from different points of view ok?.

I just want to be free. to have fun. I'm not turning gay or anything. if that's what your afraid of.?" Jennifer was glad to see Cassie seemed to brighten at that last remark. "Girls. boys, even dogs. it's all just part of being grown up about sex to me," Jennifer explained lightheartedly, "doing kinky, sex things is just for FUN Sis, really. OK?" Jennifer noticed that mentioning the dog caused Cassie to brighten, she was glancing over at the brutish hound now, Jennifer's voice took on a sexier tone as she baited the young girl a little.

"I know you like the idea of the dog. doing stuff now, don't you?" Jennifer teased, remembering how excited her little sister had seemed whenever Jennifer had fantasized aloud, the wicked sex things she could imagine doing with a big male dog of her own.

"You don't mind the idea of the dog licking me. do you? It's a pretty kinky thing to do, don't you think so ?", she half-whispered, gently taunting the younger girl, who obviously liked the idea of what she was hearing.

In fact, her creamy little pussy was beginning to tingle, warmly again, as lewd, bestial imagery danced in her young mind momentarily. "I guess. it is. But kissing another woman, and letting her touch you like a boy would .that's. pretty far out sis.' Cassie blurted. "I. I. just don't really get it. I guess I mean. I'm sorry.

maybe when I'm your age I'll understand. I dunno", Cassie mumbled, dropping her head and looking at her feet. Jen felt suddenly annoyed with the silly little girl. What the hell does she know about anything anyway? She raged internally. But then, almost instantly, she felt sorry for her poor, naive little sister.

She really doesn't know what she's missing, Jennifer realized, as she felt an irresistible urge to hug her little sister just then. "Hey Cassie. you're a really great little sister. I know I've been showing you a lot of weird stuff. saying a lot of really naughty, far out things lately. I'm sorry about that.

I thought you kinda liked a lot of the same stuff as I do nowadays and." "I do.I." Cassie interrupted, "I. get turned on about some of the stuff we look at together. I really do. I guess. I'm just not as experienced as you are about stuff. maybe one day. aw. just forget I said anything about it ok?. If you say it's what you like to do. it's OK with me, OK?" Jennifer was truly touched by Cassie's little display of sisterly love.

She appreciated that her little sister must really love her a lot, to accept her so unconditionally. She wanted to tell Cassie how much she loved her just then. In truth, apart from their ageing grandparents, the two girls only had each other to love, out of a whole, indifferent world.

Jennifer wanted to tell her that somehow just now, to show Cassie how she felt about her, and then, as a wicked little idea occurred to her, she suddenly realized, perhaps there was a way to do that after all. "Cassie. Do you know what's so nice about kissing another girl?" Cassie huffed, slightly dejectedly before answering, "No. no I don't.

I suppose you're going to tell me though. but be HONEST. do you really like it better than a boy kissing you Jen? I bet you're going to tell me you do?" "Hhhhmm. Nope!" Jen shook her pretty head.

"I can do better than that. Come here Sis. I'll SHOW you how much nicer it is!", Jen giggled wickedly, beckoning to Cassie to join her beneath the covers of her bed. " me?" Cassie gaped, a little giddy. "Sure. You can't know for yourself if you've never even kissed another woman right?" Jennifer reasoned with her authoritatively, "or do you want to be just an 'armchair expert' the rest of your life?" she challenged with a smirk.

Cassie was speechless as she tried to think. "So. do you wanna know how sexy it is to kiss another woman or not Sis?" Jennifer giggled, delightedly again. Cassie seemed a little unsteady on her feet, her young mind battled contradiction, excitement and revulsion all at once.

"I. I. dunno. Letting my big sister teach me how to kiss, all sexy like.? Geez. Isn't that just a bit TOO creepy Sis?. I dunno.". "For fuck sake sis!" Jen snapped, suddenly losing her patience at the little girl's irritatingly, childish procrastination. However, she immediately softened again. "Look, I care about you. that's all Sis," she soothed, "I think you should at least know what you're missing out on before you make up your mind that I'm sick or something.

don't you? I'm only going to show you how a woman kisses differently to a boy. It's not the end of the world. It's fun. And be honest. you know you really want to. really. right?" "I. I guess so." The curious little girl admitted, she had only ever been kissed by young boys.

Maybe big sister was right. Besides, it couldn't hurt to play along a little, she supposed. A few seconds ticked past before she asked; "Ok.what do we do now?" "Ok then.", Jennifer brightened, "take your clothes off, hop into bed with me and we'll get comfortable, Sis." "My.

my clothes off.?" "Hey. I'm naked too.", Jen giggled as she wiggled out of her robe beneath the covers and then threw it to the floor at Cassie's feet whilst cheering; "Ta- Daaah"! Both girls giggled then, helping relieve the nervous knot Cassie was feeling in her stomach. Then, trying not to giggle, Jen said; "Look. sis. I want to show you how HOT it is to be kissed properly by another girl. I know you'll like it a lot more if you're really comfortable sis.

If it feels too creepy. I'll stop immediately. I promise. ok?. Cassie still dithered, but fingers fumbling at her pant's buttons showed that she was really considering the notion. "Trust me. It's really fun to kiss another woman. I'll let you watch me do stuff with the dog later too if you want. OK?" Jen urged her again. Another moment passed. "OK. But if I don't like it. that's IT alright?" Cassie stated, Jennifer's last remark having definitely made up her mind.

"Yeah. yeah. I know. just hurry up before I change my mind. sheeesh.! Try to do a girl a favor!. Damn!" Jen giggled, relieved and pleased that her younger sister had given in, at last. The idea WAS pretty sinful, the younger girl decided as a juicy little thrill of excitement ran through her body.

Dark forces seemed to be at work already, making her nipples hard, making them rub teasingly, deliciously, against the light cotton of her clinging t-shirt. Despite earlier apprehension, every square inch of her body seemed alive with sensation now, itching and glowing, while her cunt-lips tingled gently down below. All the while, Diablo had been sitting on his hairy haunches at the foot of the bed, his stumpy tail twitching slowly, side to side, his head cocked to one side intelligently.

He watched the two young women curiously. Could he already know Jennifer's plans for him? Cassie wondered. Soon she and her sister would be naked together inside the room with this strange dog. What would he make of that?

And then, what could happen with two women and a dog? Cassie inhaled sharply, then began undressing. It seemed so weird, almost child-like to be taking off her clothes in front of her best friend and elder sister. Time and time again they had done this before, dressing together in the same room, giggling while they talked about boys and all other things that made up the sister's teenage lives. But never before had either sister thought about making sexual advances to each other, as far as Cassie could remember.

Life had wrought many a curious change in them both lately, Cassie realized. "This seems so . so weird," Cassie confessed, thumbing with her buttons. The other girl just giggled, and told her to hurry up again. Jennifer was secretly thrilled as her young sister began to disrobe before her. She was strongly aware of both the differences and similarities between herself and her young sister, as the younger girl undressed. They both had the same warm brown hazel eyes, the same cute nose and small pouting lips, she noted, as her little sister wiggled out of her T-shirt, skimming it over her head before dropping it to the floor.

However, where as the smaller, younger girl, wore her chestnut, shoulder length hair highlighted blonde. Jennifer's own, along with the finely shaped brows and lashes that adorned her beautiful, pale face, was dyed raven black, in true, gothic style.

Cassie's younger breasts were not the full, ice cream with cherry topped globes that stood proudly from Jennifer's own well developed chest, still, they were well shaped and tantalizing, in a perky, pomegranate, kind of way, Jennifer realized, as Cassie fumbled briefly to unfasten her plain white bra, before unhooking it and sliding it off her silky, smooth shoulders. Jennifer almost gasped, at her little sister's feminine charms, unveiled now before her hungry gaze.

Unlike her own, perpetually shaded, milk white skin, little sister chose to treat her lovely young frame at a tanning salon. Still, Jennifer was impressed with her small, firm breasts, now coming plainly into view.

Cassie's brownish areola crinkled gently around her reddening little nipples, standing proudly to attention as the cooler air of the room caressed them just now. The young girl's small, yet fleshy tits were a VERY horny sight to behold. Jennifer found her gaze fixing on her sister's melon-like glands. Each movement of her arms, as she began to strip her panties from her long, athletically toned legs, flipped hair across the little girls chest, rubbing the sensitive breast buds against swirling, straying, strands.

Jennifer wasn't the least surprised to find herself feeling, a low, smoldering fire coursing through her body, as she delighted in her little sisters supple, succulent young body. In fact, as she watched Cassie getting naked, she had grown more and more excited, and by the time Cassie had finished shimmying out of her pants and kicking them aside, Jennifer was feeling tingling tremors, thrilling her twat and tingling, prickly, tickles on her tits. She had suspected, Cassie had developed a great body, but seeing it fully exposed now, she was surprised at how good Cassie looked.

Her breasts jutted from her chest, and her legs were like tanned pillars underneath a sparse, chestnut-colored pubic-bush. There was not a sign of age on her lovely flat tummy, and her body was firm and toned. Her waist narrow and her limbs, long and shapely. Cassie was quite a package her older sister told herself. All this time, Diablo had watched the female siblings intently. The big dog had gone to the corner of the room after Cassie came in and, sitting patiently now, he sensed the room filling steadily with aroused female sexuality as the youngest female became naked before his beady, pig eyes.

He assumed both females were aroused by his male presence. Already, he was comprehending their delicious and growing excitement. Despite unfamiliar surroundings, he felt no fear, his interests becoming increasingly aroused by the faint, yet strengthening aroma of bitches in heat. However, the powerful beast managed to keep ancient instincts at check for now. His own excitement was growing in his chest.

His lusting for the youngest female was particularly strong. Still, he would put his faith in his inhuman instincts a while longer. He was certain the older woman would let him know when they were both ready for him. Diablo waited patiently, knowing that his time for action would arrive. Meanwhile, as soon as she was naked, little Cassie bounded playfully into bed, with her big sister cocooning her invitingly, within the cozy bed-sheets.

It had been years since the pair had snuggled together this way. Cassie remembered those innocent days with fondness as her more mature sister brought their giggly faces merely inches away from one another.

Cassie noticed an excited little twist to her sister's pretty mauve-glossed lips now. A naughty little gleam in her sexy, darkly outlined eyes. "Now. just relax.", Jennifer told her little sister,".and you'll see how different kissing a girl is from kissing your silly little boyfriends.

OK?", She soothed in a syrupy voice, breathing warm femininity. Internally, Cassie was suddenly aware how different the current situation was from when they had both been little girls together. Her sister was a full grown woman now. Cassie had also had some sexual experiences with boys. With her naked body pressing in towards her sister now, the younger girl suddenly became a little uncomfortable at her situation.

"Are you okay Cassie?", asked the svelte, raven haired temptress before her. Cozying closer to her slightly trembling young bedfellow. Feelings, feelings for her own sister, Cassie had never experienced before in her life were making themselves present now. She wrinkled up her forehead, looking curiously at Jennifer. "Eer. sure. I guess. I really would just prefer to see you do something naughty with Diablo though.

I think Sis.", Cassie blurted nervously.

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"Sssssh! Jen scolded gently, before continuing, in a smooth, seductive lilt. "It's OK. I want to do that too. But Diablo's still a boy, Sis.

Boys are rough. Most of them don't know how a girl would really like to be kissed. Only another girl can really know that, baby. Here. let me show you what I mean." Jennifer pressed her sensual pouty lips forward until they brushed, sensuously against her sister's own, slightly quivery, lip-petals. Cassie had never kissed a woman before, sexually.

At first contact, she felt a little revulsion and loathing. But after several bumping, little hesitations, the girls pretty lips quavered sensually together, and she relented. Soon she began to feel a thrill of her own, generated by the sheer femaleness of her sister's womanly body, pressing even closer.

"Well.?", Jen purred as her gorgeous face pulled back into focus, one black line of eyebrow raised questioningly. knowingly. "Uhh." Little sister murmured. "It was nice, huh, Sis?" "hmmm. yeah that was. ok. I guess" Cassie agreed, a little less begrudgingly than before. "Just OK, heh? Well. I'll have to try again then. but this time. really let yourself go with it. It'll feel even nicer then. OK?", her older sister's hand touched her brow, brushing disheveled strands back from her misty brown eyes.

"I want to touch you a little bit too. is that ok Sis?" Jennifer asked anxiously. "Er. Ok. if you think it'll help I guess ." Cassie answered, excitement quavering in her voice. Jennifer made to kiss her little sister once again.

This time, Cassie allowed her lips to be parted slightly, swooning gently to herself at the pleasant intrusion of her sister's dainty, pink tongue, sliding in-between. The light touch of Jennifer's fingers moved away from her forehead as the girls glistening pink tongues began to dance a passionate fandango in their sweet, supple mouths. Finger tips traced along the line of Cassie's cheek and then down along her throat and onto the pertly rounding mounds of her heaving young breasts.

As the kiss became more ardent, the older girl's arms captured her, caressed her. Jennifer's other loving hand was running shiveringly down her back to her waist. Slithering fingers, teasing at her bare, ripely contoured hips and buttocks.

Cassie found herself gasping for air, literally having forgotten to breath. Jennifer's throaty voice was in her ear just then. "It feels good doesn't it Sis? . I want to make it feel even better for you. just don't fight it .OK?" "But . I-I don't know that I want to ." Cassie started to protest weakly. The other girl's hand soothed her. And wondrously the gentle, knowing caress somehow felt good to Cassie.

So restful, tingly and nice. She allowed herself to enjoy the electric-like contact of her sexy sister's stroking fingers and the curling of her body tight against her own, her tingly breasts pressing into the other woman's heaving bosom. The warmth of their bellies in close contact. And all the way down to where her rapidly heating, young pussy was now pressing in hotly against the smooth, round firmness of Jennifer's creamy, full-swept thigh. Then, Jennifer's small, well manicured hand worked its way over her rib cage, until it clasped a full, satiny breast with gentle feminine knowledge, working at the coral-hued nipple, causing it to rise hard in sensory receptiveness.

Cassie's panting was muffled, strangling in her throat as she attempted, once again, to raise a feeble objection to the incestuous lesbian lust she was clearly turning on to now. What would the girl's parents have thought of this? God! She should tell Jennifer to stop. NOW! "Nuuuummm!", she found was all she could manage. "Sssssh, darling" ,Jennifer whispered hotly.

"Let me show you something else you've been missing ." The chestnut haired girl found herself hugging her big sister ardently, clamping her body to Jennifer's, her full generously proportioned breasts mashed tight to the younger girl's naked sensitive breasts, her salacious mouth seeking and finding the little girl's make-up free lips once more, pressing against them in a passionate kiss again.

Her tongue slid out, slowly, gradually, swirling sensuous circles, rimming her lips with sensation-producing viscosity, without undue haste. Meanwhile her hands busily tantalized Cassie's luscious little body, playing over her perfectly sculpted contours, tactilely transmitting her own feminine needs and causing unstoppable lesbian lust-urges to flense deeply through her younger sisters already aroused loins.

"You can touch me to if you'd like Sis.", Jennifer whispered feverishly in the girls ear. "I. I know I'd like you to. if that's OK? " Her sister's wicked request took a moment to sink in to Cassie's lust hazed mind. But then, understandingly, yet tentatively a first, she put forth a timid hand and felt her big sisters bare white shoulder before reaching, sliding, down to the full, swollen, firmness of her velvety smooth breasts.

"Hmmm. Yesssss baby sister." Jennifer hissed sensuously, "make me feel good too .mmm." Jennifer crooned.

Still hesitant, but also unable to resist any longer, Cassie cup-caressed her sister's passionately heaving breasts with her quivery little hands, watching spellbound as the older girls nipples coned up to a pert, heated erection beneath her cool, tweaking fingers.

She felt a shudder pass through Jennifer's body and realized it was pleasingly due to her own, tit teasing, actions. Cassie savored the moment. An ardent sigh shivered through Jennifer's body and Cassie realized she, too, felt exactly the same way as her sister did. as they stroked, kissed and kneaded each other in growing excitment.

It was just as Jennifer had told her it would be. Just two girls, that knew exactly what, how and when to touch the other for mutual, maximal pleasure. No boyishness. Nothing being forced, nothing hurt. With a trembling moan, Jennifer sought Cassie's mouth. Their lips welded together, tongues moving in and out hungrily as hands were busy on each other's naked bodies.

Jennifer's with the knowledge of experience, Cassie experimenting, as her fiery pussy urged her on. Almost savagely then, Jennifer recaptured Cassie's mouth, her naked upper leg moving, bumpy pumping in between the other woman's white tapering thighs, spreading them until their legs intertwined and their crotches met and mingled, bodies nestled close. Reaching over boldly, Jennifer pulled the rounded fullness of Cassie's quivering white buttocks in tight.

Her hand slipped down between them to her sisters pussy cleft, where, without hesitation, she dipped a finger into the moist, aroused opening.

She found it amply lubricated, telltale evidence of the younger girl's arousal. In another moment, her finger moved on to find Cassie's quiveringly erect clitoris.

It was hard, throbbing and swollen, and Jennifer began to stroke it ever so gently. Cassie felt her sister begin to move, slithering down her body, rolling her gently to her back, her mouth busy, as she kissed her passionately throbbing breasts, then began to suck them, moving the nipples in and out of her mouth quickly, while she maintained constant, exciting, sucking pressure.

Highly erotic sensations needled through the younger girl's body, flashing tingles. Then her hips began to move in a steady countering rhythm to the sinuous, stroking finger curving in and out of her sucking young pussy. Cassie knew she had lost her inhibitions now, as she surrendered herself completely to her incestuous, lesbian lusting. "Oh . Sis!" She shuddered helplessly. Now she felt her avid sister's lips moving down, down, down across her flat belly, an agile tongue dipping into her navel, appetizingly.

Gentle insistent hands spread her unresisting thighs, exposing her twitching, needful cunt, to the horny older girl's lewd, approving inspection. The trembling novice was acutely aware of her sister's face, peering between her widespread thighs, knowing hands moving on the smooth, softly velvet flesh of her defenseless young pussy.

Then Jennifer's sucking mouth was kissing between her naked thighs, over her hips, abdomen, the inner thighs, gradually, tantalizingly, working toward her heatedly pulsating cunt. It drove Cassie wild, fervent with anticipation. She knew her own sister was going to kiss her pussy, and she didn't want her to stop.

But just before Jennifer's mouth reached that steamy pit of her feminine arousal, a regretful notion tickled Cassie's mind: Even through the red fog of incestuous lust, she realized at that very moment, thing's would never be the same. She was losing an innocence, never to be regained. Like losing her cherry. They would never be "just sisters" again. Too late. There it was!

Jennifer's wickedly probing tongue, licking tantalizingly. right there, on her quivery little clitoris. Her brain suddenly buffeted by the most wonderfully erotic sensations Cassie had ever known. Assuredly. Not in this world, nor, in the next, could there exist a more enthrallingly, exquisite ecstasy. Utterly lewd, salacious sensations charged through Cassie's naked body, her belly and cunt seething with lustful desire.

Oh, this beautiful gothic punk girl, this sexy vampire-like creature was going to lick the burning need from her own little sister's grateful pussy! Being made love to by another girl. her own sister. It was lesbianism. it was incest, yes, that's what it was, contrary to everything society wanted her to believe, sinful, yet. SHE WAS LOVING IT! Jennifer dropped her sexy mouth into the seething moist flesh of Cassie's pussy harder now, her tongue probing into its heated pink folds and crevasses before searing into the clutching cunt tunnel beyond.

Fucking her tongue into her sister's hot box, in-out, in-out, matching the rhythm of Cassie's spasmodically grinding hips. Using her tongue like a tiny cock, to fuck her little sister silly. Suddenly Jennifer couldn't stand it any longer. Her own cunt was ravenous! "I've got a good idea, Sis. Let's sixty-nine each other!" And before Cassie could reply, Jennifer swiftly shifted her position, swinging herself around to straddle Cassie's pretty face, her own head falling into place naturally over the tender steamy gash of her chestnut-haired cunt-lips.

Jennifer had made love to women a few times already in her life, but this was different. She didn't know just what it was that drew her to her innocent, young sister's cunt, lying tremblingly before her, she only knew she had a tremendous desire to give it pleasure. She could never recall ever wanting to taste and love a pussy this much. Her eyes feasted on the narrow pink ribbon of pussy-pastrami between Cassie's chestnut-fringed fuck-furrow. She rested her cheek on the hot, trembling flesh of her sister's satin thigh, enjoying the tangy odor of her sex, close enough for her lips and nose to be tickled by the wispy, silken strands of curling pussy hair, puffing so invitingly.

Startled, Cassie looked up and saw the moist warmth of Jennifer's hair-lined cunt hovering scant inches above her face, the brown puckered ring of her sisters tiny anus winking down at her.

She knew what Jennifer wanted her to do, what she knew she had to do! But part of her mind was still revolted by it. How did I get myself into this shit? God, I must be a sex crazed slut! But at the moment, with a swivel-hipped wriggle, Jennifer's vibrant pussy smashed down against Cassie's pretty young face.

"Mmmmffff!" Cassie's first impulse was to scream; she felt suffocated by the thick, creamy fur-pie her sister had thrown in her face. trapped., but the contact of her experienced sister's tongue on the quivering bud of her own clitoris elicited a long moan of sexual surrender from deep in her chest. She gasped, mouth gaping open. Instinctively her face nuzzled up into the moist female furrow above her.

Compulsively, her tongue flickered out, probing experimentally in the tart, funky folds of Jennifer's fumy flange. Quickly, she found the tiny, engorged nub of her sister's clit, poking from its fold of hair-rimmed flesh. To her surprise, the slightly pungent flavor of her sister's pussy was not at all distasteful, and she quickly became more explorative, more frisky, first licking, then sucking Jennifer's hotly weeping cunt.

It was true, she found she just naturally knew how to handle her sisters pussy after all. Finally, she established a lewd rhythmic movement to match Jennifer's licking and sucking of her own, flavorsome little twat. Cassie's face was fitted tightly between Jennifer's white, fleshy thighs. It was such an intimate experience, so different from anything she had ever done with a boy. She inhaled sharply, smelling the potent aroma of Jennifer's aroused cunt.

It triggered something in her, something that made her cunt's walls twitch and tighten. Cassie flicked out her tongue tentatively, licking up and down her sisters furry slit, feeling Jennifer moving back and forth excitedly as she did. Yes, she was turning-on to her own, lovely sister, actually making the black-haired girl growl and groan with arousal while her tongue fluttered up and down her gasping, pursing pussy.

"Ummmmm," Cassie moaned. "Ohhhhh . yes, Cassie . Ohhhhh yes. Sis. Fuck me with your tongue. it's amazing . ohhh, it's so good!" Cassie tasted the gooey girly butter that bubbled bountifully from between Jennifer's labia.

Slowly she found herself sliding her hands around her sister's fleshy white ass, holding her firmly while stretching her tongue out farther, and scouring the insides of her sister's pussy-lips. Now she knew what it was like to be on the giving end, to stick her twiddling tongue into a woman's hotly creaming cunt. "God .its so wet . uhhhhh .

it's. so good ." Cassie gurgled. "I've been wet all day. thinking about letting the dog. get at me!" Jennifer managed, gasping raggedly. Together then they began to spiral, mounting higher and higher toward orgasmic release, tongues licking, clicking, slashing in and out of throbbing bobbing cunts, hands grasping, mouths gasping, little mewls, little groans of mutual lesbian ecstasy.

Jennifer slipped her middle finger into Cassie's hot little pussy slit again, soaking wet and slippery from her freely-flowing sex juices, and then wiggled it in farther until she was able to sink the tip of it deep into her little sister's vigorously volcanic vagina. Cassie swooned into Jen's bunting, bubbling cunt-hole at the sudden irresistible stimulation of the finger thrust tantalizingly up into her most secret place.

Her sister's finger moved in lewd little circles now, just inside the entrance to her womb. Oh God, incest, lesbianism. all wrong. But oh God! It felt so right, she thought in a struggling mixture of revulsion and lust. My big sister is actually finger-fucking my vagina and it feels GREAT! The young girl could feel an obscene heat building up in her pussy.

A fire in her cunt, she knew would have to be quenched somehow. Jennifer's own feverish loins began to come alive with impish tongues of lustful flame as she hungrily pressed her tongue deeper into the warm, succulent pussy flesh of the squirming little girl beneath her. Her mouth became open and hot, all stabbing tongue, invading the smoldering liquid flesh beneath. Ardently, her eager tongue lashed out at her sisters tiny erect clitoris, then back down again, darting everywhere inside Cassie's hotly writhing pussy.

The young girl's delirious moans of happiness and lurid wet sluicing sounds filled the room as hot vaginal secretions mixed with Jennifer's saliva.

Jennifer moaned and squirmed to the rapturous mouthing of her burning cunt, ripples of fantastic sensation spasmodically twitching her tautly curved body. The passion-wracked woman spread her legs open as wide as possible and thrust-bucked her steaming loins lewdly on to her little sister's magic tongue.

She could hear Cassie's answering gasps under her, sucking air in short surges, never breaking the fervent contact of her fetid lips and tongue. Even her nose was buried, like a dog's snout, in the tight pink folds of her sister's pussy.

The two beautiful women writhed together in a hot naked embrace, oblivious of everything but their own ecstasy, oblivious even to the pair of inhuman eyes staring at them both intently. The huge Doberman, Diablo, had watched the two naked squirming bodies on the bed with white-hot interest, his animal instincts making him keenly aware of what they were doing. Now as he saw the dark haired female crawl up on her hands and knees, her face buried between her sister's widely yawning legs, his eyes locked hungrily onto his dark-haired mistress's, white, upraised buttocks.

It was almost as if the females nakedly spread cunts were calling his name. The big animal's nostrils were filled with the hot scent of needful passion flowing from between their lewdly writhing bodies and carnality stirred in Diablo's hairy loins as he rose to his feet and moved purposefully toward the bed.

Meanwhile, Cassie could feel Jennifer's body heat radiating against hers, feeling the hot sexuality of her sexy sister sizzling within her steamy creamy cunt. Oh God, it was as if someone were touching her with an electric wire on the clit! She gurgled, jerking her knees up, shifting her ass from left to right on the creaking mattress.

And all the while she had her hands braced against Jennifer's sides, holding her level, steady. She could feel that dainty little tongue washing along her cunt slit, shuddering all the way up to clout her quivering clit. "Uhhhhh." Cassie felt the cunt hairs brushing over her nose, over her cheeks. Opening her mouth, she stuck out her tongue once more, lightly trailing the tip along the rubbery, puffed edges of her sister's fur-lined cunt-lips.

Immediately she felt Jennifer react, hearing her sister groan into her own trembling pussy. "Oh fuck yeah! do it Sis!", Jennifer urged excitedly above her. Cassie felt her sister's tongue stiffen, felt it slip deeper into her cunt. At the same time she softly fitted her cunt onto Cassie's mouth, buck-rubbing it back and forth, from nose to chin.

"Uhhh . ohhh! It feels so sooooo, so good" Jennifer swooned. It sure did. And Cassie was learning fast to. For a complete newbie, little sister was really getting into the swing now.

Jennifer felt her cunt-lips being pried apart gently. Inside that reddened, hot pink pussy, Cassie was running her tongue, flicking it quickly in and out as she teased the delicate, velvety flesh. While at the same time she tongued Cassie's cunt, Jennifer was lowering her body again and again, making movements of fucking while leaving damp blotches of gluey, gooey cunt-juice and making sticky, smacking sounds against her younger sister's cheeks with her hot, hungry cunt.

Cassie's tonguing was starting to work now, and Jennifer felt her pussy quickly heating up. She could feel her sister panting into her cunt, fingering her pussy-lips. At that point her clit popped out throbbing, oh, so hard. She could feel the girl below her, tonguing that throbbing little nub, sucking on it, driving her out of her mind!

Cassie found her hands wrapped around Jennifer's plump white ass, felt her fingers digging into the soft flesh, holding the girl firmly in place while sticking her tongue in and out, in and out, her teeth nibbling nicely at her sister's dark-whiskered biscuit. "Uh! Uh! Uh!" Her tongue flicking out again and again as she slicked the pulsing, shiny membranes of Jennifer's delicate, swollen girly bits.

The woman above her cried out again, her body trembling and shaking. Then in an instant, that juicy cunt was pushed down, down until it was pressed hard against Cassie's sucking, licking mouth. Little sister stuck her tongue between those bloated labs pell-mell. When she had it inside she started licking around and around, scouring those convulsing cunt walls until the other woman sounded as if she was losing her mind.

"Ohhhhh . oh fuck yeah, lick me, aggghhhh, oh FUCK, Cassie. You. . fuck! . You're driving me crazy!" Her wails sounded off the walls, echoing through the room while the bed creaked and groaned with her wild movements. The two women thrashed around, their bodies rolling around and around.

Jennifer thought she would tumble off. Then there would be another move, another spasm and she would find herself in the middle of the bed again, her cunt being licked and sucked deliciously by her lively little sister.

Diablo looked up sharply from his position beside them as he heard Cassie's voice rise in a passionate moan. The big black beast looked over at the two lovely naked bodies, watching the youngest girl as she raised-up on tip-toe, still lying on her back.

Opening up her garden of delights, her tender thighs widening for his dark-haired mistress. In ever-growing fascination the big dog had seen Jennifer's dark head lower towards that chestnut triangle so freely offered, one cheek resting on Cassie's thigh, her mouth and tongue played between the younger girl's wetly shining pussy lips. Now. the time was right. Both girls felt his weight as he jumped up next to them on the bed, but only Jennifer could see his handsome, fearsome face as it moved in to sniff hungrily at Cassie's exposed female genitals from between her wide spread legs.

The black, wet tip of his vibrating nose actually touched the young girl's tiny, puckered anal lips. "Oooohhh God, is that who I think it is?" Cassie gasped, her mouth breaking contact with Jennifer's wetly raging pussy for the first time.

She drew a much needed breath. "Yep Sis . It's Diablo's nose!" Jennifer gasped, her heart leaping at the sight of the big animal ravishing her little sisters spread-eagled cunt with his beady eyes gleaming, as he poked his bristled snout experimentally between her inner thighs. "Is his nose cold?" "Like an ice cube," Cassie said with a passionate shudder. "H-He's sniffing my asshole, isn't he?" "Yes", the fascinated gothic beauty replied, feeling her excitement lewdly mount at the spectacularly sordid view below her.

"I . I think he wants to . fuck me", Cassie gasped. "Yeah Sis. I guess he likes you best right now. Dogs generally start by smelling your. " The dark-haired woman never had a chance to finish her sentence as Diablo's long thick tongue snaked wetly up into her lust-fired little sister's loins. Causing her to buck so hard beneath Jennifer that she almost toppled her older sister to the floor. She trembled now, before it's laving heat as it teased with hot curling flicks up into her moist cuntal flesh and stabbed deliciously at her budding clitoris.

From above, Jennifer watched in amazement as she looked down at Cassie's hair-fringed cunt, the thin pink lips of her wetly gleaming pussy only inches away. Diablo's huge tongue seemed to flutter as it dug insistently past the tender outer flanges, sinking deeply up into the inner-warmth. Already hot from the lesbian action her sister had been giving her, Cassie jerked below the older girl from the sheer ecstasy of the dog's preparatory caresses, and then gyrated sensuously back against the stabbing tongue.

"Well. you wanted to find out about dogs and girl Sis. This is your chance", Jennifer said, crawling down from her little sister. This would be an experience, Cassie assured herself, that she would never forget. "Oh, Jen, what do I . do?" Diablo was standing there in front of the two sisters now. Jennifer lay back shoulder to shoulder with Cassie, her head resting against the headboard. She was panting, heavy and hard with lust.

She stared at the big dog, feeling her cunt swollen open. Cassie's tonguing had done the trick! Jennifer was in high heat now, her cunt-meat slick, swollen, throbbing, aching for something to touch it, to lick it, to fuck it! "Just lay there," she whispered, feeling her cunt aching, throbbing for the dog's touch. Diablo spread out his forelegs, looking from one woman to the other, amber eyes rolling in his head. Then he dropped down, his tail tucked between his legs as he headed first for Cassie's pussy.

The young girl shivered, sucking in a wheezing breath through flaring nostrils. She felt his touch, his furry sides brushing up against her legs once more. Closing her eyes Cassie shuddered at the first touch of his tongue along her fleshy thighs.

Jennifer was touching her too, making it nicer for her, reaching over and pinching her nipples with one thumb and forefinger. "Oh, he's going to lick you . He's going to fuck you with his tongue", the black-haired beauty whispered, her lips nearly touching her sweet little sister's ear. Cassie tensed, squeezing her ass muscles tightly together as her sister pinched her tit harder.

Diablo was panting into her spit-soaked cuntal thicket. She could hear his breathing, feel it against her wet pussy meat. And then . "Uhhhhh . ooohhhhhher!" Her knees jerked up once more, gently settling back to the mattress. She rolled the back of her head against the headboard, letting older sister do what she pleased with her nipples.

Her sister was rubbing one hand over her belly, having dropped her head to her tits. And now she was mouthing them, sucking at the nipples. And all the while Diablo was there, driving his tongue around and around her cunt, licking up the juices oozing from her pussy. "Oh God, God . !" "Good doggy, good Diablo," Jennifer encouraged, turning enough to watch as the animal wedge himself more tightly between her little sister's thighs.

"Uhhhhh yes, yesssssssss," Cassie hissed, rubbing the back of her naked legs against the mattress. Squeezing her ass muscles together again hard, Cassie tilted her cunt up toward him. The dog nosed her thigh, then dragged his tongue up along her throbbing cuntal mound. Her outer cunt-lips peeled back stickily from the pressure. "God!" And Jennifer was back to her tits once more, drawing one tit nub in between her lips and chewing teasingly at it while flailing her tongue against the surrounding itchy flesh.

It was mind-boggling for Cassie to be stimulated by two separate things at the same time. Her sister at her nipples, a dog smacking wetly at her cunt. Cassie cried out as her cuntal muscles spasmed hard against the dog's bristly snout. It was lovely, wonderful, having both of them diddling her at the same time! "God, I think I'm going to die it's soooooo gooood!", Cassie panted, her eyes wide with exciting lust. "Mmmmmm yeah, good", Jen echoed, moving to her little sister's other tit.

At the same time she was smoothing her fingers along Cassie's silken tawny thighs, letting them stray more than once over to her sister's pussy. Diablo moved his head around and licked her hand, encouraging, directing her to finger her seeping sibling while he tongued her. The combination of a finger and tongue was almost too much! Cassie arched her spine, banging the back of her head against the headboard frantically. Jen was trailing the edge of one nail along the slick, sensitive flesh between her inner and outer cunt-lips.

When she neared the sparking clit, Diablo took over, tonguing her fingers, then moving his muzzle down into the center of her pussy and driving his tongue in deep.

And then it was gone! Cassie opened her eyes, having felt the big Doberman pulling his tongue from her cunt. He was staring at Jennifer, his eyes riveted to her swollen pussy.

The raven haired girl pulled back, eyeing her sister, not wanting to rob her of the bestial joy. "Go ahead," Cassie said, smiling faintly, understanding her sister's need. "He wants to lick you too." Diablo moved to the other woman, stepping carefully over Cassie's lithe legs and settling down between Jennifer's.

The Goth-girl shivered, drawing one hand to her mouth to stifle a sigh as she felt his doggy tongue press up against her cunt. It was a tentative lick. The big animal rolled his yellow eyes up, his stump-tail twitching slowly side to side as he studied his human lover. "You'll love it Jen, it's sooo good," Cassie whispered, chewing her lower lip.

The dog had already moved in, wedging his powerful body between Jennifer's legs and starting to drive his tongue up and down her cunt.

"Oooooohhh! Ahhhhh hh!" Jennifer drew her hands up and down her belly, tracing the soft curves of her developed body with her fingertips while the animal centered his licking attention on her clit. The tiny pink bump was so sensitive! "You like it, Jen? You see what he did to me?

Oh fuck. did you like watching it?" Cassie whispered, holding her sister tightly.

"Yes, yes, oh, it's so . so good, so fucking good," her older sister babbled, her cunt bubbled as Diablo went nuts, licking her into a blithering blathering lather. Cassie watched wide-eyed as her sexy older sister writhed under Diablo's inhuman affections. It was a fucking perverted, good show. Jennifer was wiggling her ass from side to side, bending her knees, spreading her thighs for the animal while rubbing the soles of her bare feet against Diablo's sides.

She was whimpering, gasping through her opened mouth. It made Cassie so fucking horny, just as she'd imagined it would. She rolled over to one side, opened her mouth and began sucking on one of Jennifer's tits. She loved feeling her sister's sensitive nipple between her teeth!

She knew what Jennifer was feeling as she nibbled the rubbery tip, sanding the top with her tongue. She heard her sister crying out, felt the woman's shuddering against her body as she and Diablo made out.

And then Diablo was back to her cunt. The animal was going wild, jumping from woman to woman. Cassie jerked her head back at the first touch of his hot, wet tongue, her knees banging against Jennifer's.

In a moment she felt the dog lurching forward. He started eating at her cunt with a wild appetite. The effect of so much hot, musky pussy was turning the animal into a wild beast.

His nose moved up and down hot wet cunts, the maw forcing cunt-lips apart. Stretching the lips of the sister's slick cuntal-mouths. Diablo was growling louder now. He nipped his teeth along the swollen outer labia of Cassie's cunt. The feeling was wild! It hurt her, hurt in a way that made her feel deliciously good. Cassie humped her back wildly, pressing her pussy mound up harder against Diablo's snout. She wanted him to eat her out like a TV dinner.

"Diablo. eat my cunt!" She cried, closing her eyes, feeling cunt-ripping spasms slam through her pussy. And then he was gone once more, leaping from between her sliding, spread legs to Jennifer. Cassie caught her breath, cocking her head to one side and listening carefully to the clicking, licking sounds of the animal's tongue against her sister's cunt.

It was so sexy, so terribly sexy listening to that! He was lapping at a woman's pussy, burying his furry muzzle in her cunt and licking at the slick, sensitive folds and hollows inside, just as Cassie had been imagining for weeks now. "Uhhh . it's so . so fucking horny!" Jennifer moaned, shrugging her shoulders, goose-bumps breaking out on her flesh. "He's . oh FUCK, I wish I'd gotten a dog for us sooner. Uhhhh . ooooohhhh, he eats pussy better than any man!" Diablo seemed to get the message.

Jumping back over to Cassie once again, he opened his powerful jaws and closed them around her fuzzy cuntal mound. Just holding her squishy pussy, holding her cunt between his evil, fang-like teeth!

It was too much for the sexy young girl. She was gasping and choking on her own spit, long strands of hair clinging to her sweaty cheeks and forehead as she pitched crazily on the groaning bed as if demonically possessed.

Banging against Jennifer helplessly, nearly knocking the animal from between her legs, by the time he let go, Cassie's sexual nerve was shattered. Everything was hazy, surreal. She could hear Jennifer's voice soothing her as something nudged her violently at her side, once, twice, and on the third time she was tossed over on to her quivering young belly as she realized what she had felt was Diablo's powerful muzzle, he'd used it like a shovel to flip her over.

"It's ok Cassie.I'm here baby. Don't be scared, I'll help. OK?" And with that, the little girl felt her sister's gentle hands lifting her from beneath her tummy, lifting her gently into a kneeling position with Diablo prancing menacingly around back behind her ass.

"Wh.What's going on.?" Cassie found herself slurring dazedly as she started to revive. "He wants to fuck Sis. OH baby. I'm so turned on. you're so beautiful baby sister.!" Jennifer was almost incoherent, but as she helped, soothed and positioned Cassie, the young girl realized her sister was urging her to let the animal fuck her. and to her dismay. she found herself loving the idea. Cassie looked back with her long chestnut hair streaming down over her smooth shoulders, her lushly hanging breasts swaying and rippling as she lewdly positioned herself with the ovalled moons of her rounded white buttocks raised high, her full shapely thighs spread wide.

Jennifer stared at the breathlessly erotic sight of her naked young sister's alluring body, in its obscenely kneeling position. Diablo was whimpering, prancing on the bed. Jennifer watched, open-mouthed as Diablo bounced around and moved behind Cassie, in between her wide-spread legs and thighs. The beast eagerly wiggling with glee, sniffing and lashing out with his long, wet tongue, ravenously lapping over the entire area of her sister's nakedly exposed cunt-crevice!

It stroked from the recessed little hole of her puckered anus, down beneath the flushed pink edges of her fully wet cunt. Even to the base of the wispy chestnut curls, penetrating her fluted cunt-lips and moistly flicking against her tiny trembling clitoris. Wildly then, her young sister began to moan as again and again, Diablo repeated the act, his long, thick tongue savagely knifing through her soft, sensitive vaginal slit, spreading her fuck-mouth open until she began to twitch and jerk, while her own sister, watched on, spellbound.

Cassie was just a wanton little female bitch for Diablo now . gasping aloud now as the dog drew his hot, feral tongue up through the entire length of her hungrily pulsating cuntal-crevice. Then, she closed her eyes and was inching her knees farther apart on the mattress to open the inner liquid flesh even wider to him! Jennifer watched the glistening animal-tongue thrust into her sister's moist, hair-lined little slit, flicking at the hotly quivering mouth of her tight young vagina, ravishing her funky female flange mercilessly, while she moaned down into the bed like a little whore and lewdly coaxed him on!

"Yes .good boy! That's it Diablo . Lick my cunt with your beautiful hot tongue! Show Cassie .! Oh Sis, does it look horny and hot! I-I love it" she coarsely babbled. "Ooohhh . yes . doggy! Now . now climb up on me and fuck me from behind! The panting animal immediately mounted Cassie's already longing hips, his weight on her back as strong paws tightened around her curvy hips. He was working in close on his hind legs behind her nice white ass cheeks, his huge cock dancing madly in the passion-soaked crevice between the lewdly offered buttocks.

She felt the hot, slippery dog cock rubbing against her ass cheek. Sometimes it rubbed against her buns, sometimes it dug at her asshole, slicing down the tiny crevice between her butt-cheeks towards her wet, squishy muff.

Occasionally he rubbed the pointed tip up and down the inner edges of her outer labia, feeling every nerve in her cunt-mound straining for his big doggie-dick. "I'm going to have to help him Sis," Jennifer assured her from nearby.

"Most dog's don't quite know how to fuck a woman," She was obviously loving every second, and wanting to help her lovely little sister get a good hard fuck. Cassie looked back in shock realization of what was happening now. But the dog's penis was nowhere in sight. Jennifer, beside her still, was reaching cautiously back around between her shaky ass and Diablo's thrusting haunches, to grasp the dog's hairy sheath with her fingers, "Ohhher.

he's so hard back here Cassie." Her big sister gasped, feeling the thickening hardness growing excitedly inside. While she crooned soft reassuring sounds to Diablo, she tenderly massaged the heavy animal cock, gasping as the scarlet cone-shaped shaft suddenly emerged, warm, wet, and glistening. It felt strangely smooth and slick and hot in her hand. There were funny bumps and knobs on the silky flesh. The raven-locked girl wondered how it was going to feel inside her little sister's snatch.

She shuddered when she thought of all those knobs slipping in and out of the girls, soon to be, forever violated pussy. Cassie could feel something hot and wet spraying out of the end of Diablo's prick, and guessed that the animal was as horny as she was.

His big paws tore at her sides, while his hot, hairy belly scraped across her back. "Do it, Jen, please . Help him get into me!" Cassie feverishly begged, obscenely undulating her ass-cheeks back in search of the hardened spear of animal flesh, wanting it to fill her sizzling vaginal passage. She tried to look back between her legs to watch, but all she could see were Jennifer's naked swollen breasts, then her frantic eyes found the dresser mirror and she could see it all reflected as she saw her sister's hand guiding that long pointed rod of animal flesh toward her pink wet cuntal passage.

She felt Diablo's forelegs grip tightly around her naked waist, then sensed the first seething contact with her hungrily clasping pussy mouth. "Now, Diablo! Do it! Fuck Cassie . good boy. fuck her! And then . Oh my God, take her now doggy.!" Jennifer hardly recognized her own wanton voice, hoarse, delirious with an all-consuming lust. Jennifer had moved the doggy-cock around and finally got the pointed tip aimed directly over the mouth of her little sister's cunt.

Diablo sensed that everything was in position. He lunged forward. His cock rammed against Cassie's tightly puckered young cunt-lips, pressing forward harder and harder, as Cassie grunted with excitement.

"Oh. fuck yeah. harder," Cassie groaned as she backed up against the humping dog, spreading her legs as far apart as she could to give him more room. Gradually, the horny little bitch could feel the hot, pointed tip of Diablo's cock-dagger inching its way slowly into her hotly clenching fuck-hole. Tiny bolts of electric pleasure shot from her snatch to every inch of her body as the Doberman's cock started drilling in faster.

"AHHHHHH!" Cassie cried out in satisfaction as she felt the first series of doggie-dick knobs plop past her tight-clenching outer labia and sink into her sucking pussy-tunnel.

The fourteen-year-old groaned over and over, huffing almost as loudly as the Doberman, as his prick jammed and screwed its way into her cunt. Never in her life had Jennifer seen such an unbelievable sight. She forgot to breathe as her stunned eyes took in the obscene spectacle before her.

Her innocent little sister giving herself to the horny beast right in front of her. Young girl and dog forming a new beast with only one back between them. Squirming little girl flesh and hammering, infernal fur. Diablo made an incredible thrust with his outsized prick now, taking Cassie totally by surprise.

It was as if someone had driven a steam-shovel deep into the heart of her cunt, as if a locomotive from hell had been called up to drive its way into her unwilling, exhausted body.

This was something that no human could ever hope to match, this gigantic pulsing dog organ that was burying itself into her cunt-tube, stretching and filling her until it seemed to become a part of her, as if a whole new piece of flesh had suddenly been grafted to her vagina.

But this new piece of flesh, this new organ of hers, refused to lie still and melt into her, refused to behave like something that was truly her own; instead it drummed in and out, in and out, with the strength of a mighty, diabolical machine, sending her into fits of pleasure, pain and infernal delight.

On and on it went, tormenting her, splitting her apart. She was lost now, in a world without sound, without voices, an unreachable floating universe from which all thought had been banished, a world that was at one and the same time a glittering heaven and a fiery hell, where there was no time, no waiting, no past or future; only the unendurable present, only the dog fucking her with such inhuman, brutal strength.

"Oooohhh . ohhh. My God.fuck me!" Cassie gutturally sighed, her held breath gushing from her lungs. Jennifer watched in building, lustful fascination, raised to a naked, sitting position on the bed, her hand moving to her own throbbing cunt.

Her own little man in the boat had begun to ache, throbbing at the obscene, bestial sight. Diablo sunk his ridged rooter into Cassie's nibbling moist pussy-tunnel to the hilt, his heavy animal-balls swinging, bouncing wildly on the saturated pubes of her frenetically flaring fuck-hole.!

"Ooohhhh!" she moaned, her brown eyes wide and glazed as the massive dog fucked into her from behind. "Oohhh . ooohhh are you jealous Sis?. when you see how well he can fuck a girl .? Are you .?" "Y-Yes, baby sister. I am ." Jennifer choked, unrestrainedly stroking her own burning, aching cunt-flesh. "Hmmm Jen .!" Cassie gasped, her eyes momentarily focusing on her sister's hand, avidly plunging between the bloated lips of her swollen pussy, the sight firing added fuel to her sensual passion.

"Jen . bring it over here to me! Let me lick and suck the ache out of it for you! Please, Sis, I want to . please?" Fuck she's a horny little slut! Jennifer told herself, and then, I love her so much! She waddled on her knees, slipping herself between the headboard and Cassie's jiggering head. Her eyes ever fixed on Diablo as he watched her .

staring incessantly as he fucked away with open maw drooling on her little sisters heaving back, while Cassie moved backward rhythmically, meeting his powerful long strokes with her slippery, sucking slouch-gate! Cassie breathed a moan of new maddening excitement when she realized what her big sister was going to do! Jennifer squatted down in front of her, wedged ,back against the headboard, knees spreading obscenely wide as she crouched her pelvis forward.

Her fumy red fuck-hole splayed wide because Cassie's misty, lust glazed eyes. Diablo's forelegs like furry arms clinging tightly to her soft hips. She undulated her feverish buttocks, giving herself fully to the beautiful fucking her Diablo was pounding into her from behind!

Jennifer was squatting, offering up her cunt like a delicious meal to her little sister now, her bloated, thick flaps in front of her face!

Cassie reached out and curled her fingers into her big sister's hotly throbbing furrow, feeling it spasm at her touch. Gently, she pressed back the hood of her clit, sensing it pulsate on her finger tip. She heard Jennifer's husky groan, stroking caresses, and saw the pearlish drops of her moist pleasure, beading across her inner labia.

The dog eagerly clung to the soft smooth whiteness of his little human bitch's hips, and rapidly thrust the springy hardness of his animal cock deep up into the depths of her teenage core, as he watched the older female slip into position in front of the female he was fucking.

Her human vagina extended now before her little sister, the sighing vibrations of her soft white body clearly audible. Primitive hormones clicked in Diablo's inhuman brain. Hot racing blood streamed through, increasing as he saw her small tongue dart out to lick wetly over the older girls cunt! His powerful fuck-rod trembled at the sight, he pounded deeper and deeper into Cassie, his mighty male-organs throbbing hotly inside her grunting girly guts.!

A maddening joy filled Cassie as Diablo furiously fucked into her inflamed cunt from behind and she fingered at her sisters cunt. Bobbing her head, she drew in her breath and flicked out her eager tongue, bringing it into seething contact with the smooth, rubbery lips of her sister's warm, clammy clam-meat.

A maddening joy filled Cassie as Diablo furiously fucked into her inflamed cunt from behind and she fingered at her sisters cunt. Bobbing her head, she drew in her breath and flicked out her eager tongue, bringing it into seething contact with the smooth, rubbery lips of her sister's warm, clammy clam-meat.She swirled it around slowly, moistly, while Jennifer twisted and groaned; she slipped her warm, tongue-moistened lips over the damp, spongy nub of Jennifer's clit, letting it glide along the full length of her tongue, her hot mouth locking around, then snapping it in a fervent, popping kiss.

A maddening joy filled Cassie as Diablo furiously fucked into her inflamed cunt from behind and she fingered at her sisters cunt. Bobbing her head, she drew in her breath and flicked out her eager tongue, bringing it into seething contact with the smooth, rubbery lips of her sister's warm, clammy clam-meat.She swirled it around slowly, moistly, while Jennifer twisted and groaned; she slipped her warm, tongue-moistened lips over the damp, spongy nub of Jennifer's clit, letting it glide along the full length of her tongue, her hot mouth locking around, then snapping it in a fervent, popping kiss.Her whole curvaceous, satin-fleshed body quivered in naked ripples from the powerful jolts of Diablo's plunging cock hammering rapidly into her from behind, twisting into her cunt like a claw-hammer, as her brought her towards the biol.

Oh . ohhh it's heaven .Cassie wildly reasoned, caught between her two wonderful lovers beautiful, joy giving genitals, both of them preparing to spill their hot, liquid fire from either end of her body.

In lust-filled joy, she ground her wide-spread young buttocks back hard against the Doberman's furry, battering bludgeon, feeling the tiny rivulets of the dog's briny pre-cum and her own girly fuck cream building in the smooth crevice between them.

She sensed tiny streams dribbling down the backs of her smooth, inner-thighs, while the mounting pressure in her inflamed fuck-funnel, gushed like a geyser. Despite all her careful planning, Jennifer could hardly believe it was really happening! As the ferocious demonic dog face excitedly watched her own. She imagined the animal speaking to her, thanking her for the wonderful gift of her little sisters cunt as he drained her essential essences from her with his long, evilly plunging prodder.

Yes. And she knew at that moment, the beast would always remember the terrific bawdy bargain he was getting as he fucked her precious little sister's smoldering cunt off into blissful oblivion.

The huge animal's violent fucking cock, pounding into her little sister's luscious pink cunt, was driving Cassie's mouth forward onto her own aching, pursing pussy, until she wondered how Cassie could breath! Jennifer was literally fucking her fishy flavored fur-pie, into her sisters face, enjoying the bumps her nose, lips and chin, made between her fat labia, her pubic-hair brushing at the bridge of her sister's lovely nose, while Jennifer felt the deep rumblings of her own orgasm beginning to buildup with massive pressure!

Damn, Cassie was like an animal herself, with her tongue locked tightly, rutting along the length of her sister's fuck-mouth, increasing her unbelievable hungry little sucking motions, vacuuming her until Jennifer thought her cunt would turn inside out!

Great swirls of heat were massing in their secret depths as she watched her little sister's lust-struck face pulling on her cunt with the dog taking her from behind! She sensed the muscles of her stomach tightening inside and she arched forward, pushing her throbbing vagina up even further into the searing heat of her little sister's greedily sucking lips and poking tongue. She gaped at her own pink ridges, the red fluted lips of her pussy, squishing in her sister's mouth, clinging viscously, as she pumped her head up and down while screwing her hips back at the dog in a wild uncontrolled frenzy!

"Oh shit .! Now!" Strangled noises forced their way up into Jennifer's throat! "Oh fuck, Cassie baby . suck it hard . I-I'm cuummiinnnggg !" Cassie heard her pleads, just before her sister's dammed up liquid passion burst, her jerking palpitating cunt gushing forth the hot, frothy discharge of her pungent, female cum-sauce! It flooded Cassie's mouth and throat with its delicious liquid heat and fishy taste! She sensed her cheeks bloating and contracting as she swallowed in greedy, gurgling gulps.

Her sister's runny cunt-butter overflowed, melting hotly from her cunt-crack, spread across the hot Goth-buns, of Jennifer's, humping white ass. On and on, her quivering cunt channel continued to pump out her milky female ejaculate, into her sisters mouth, while Jennifer's hands clutched at her little sister's head, pulling her face harder down onto her flushing, fluttery fuck-hole.

The ecstasy of her sister's cum-geyser was even greater than Cassie could have imagined, and at the first hot, piquant taste of her cum, her own climax was triggered! She thrust her naked grinding ass-cheeks back harder at her panting animal-lover, wanting the full force of his tremendously expanded cock, clawing into her wildly flaming cunt!

Every muscle of Cassie's body was contracting, jerking as she felt the erotic release of her long anticipated orgasm screaming through her cunt and belly! She continued to lap and suck at her sister's pussy, Jennifer's delightfully drooling channel. Cassie's insanely jerking young buttocks flexed her spongy cunt-muscles onto Diablo's raging penis and she gurgled out a whimpering wail and her quaking body unleashed and exploded into full-throated feminine climax.

And it was the most powerful fucking orgasm she could never have imagined! There was no time, no space, no motion . only the unholy bliss of her animalist orgasm! Again and again, tossed by spasmodic twitching, every muscle and sinew, her very being itself, consumed in a final female inferno.

then Diablo began to hump faster, suddenly spewing his hot load of wild animal sperm deep up into the hidden recesses of her trembling young belly.

Once more, she climaxed, half-screaming and slamming her yielding soft buttocks hard back onto his majestically squirting doggy cock! Suddenly, it was over. Diablo pulled his shriveling animal cock from his little bitch with a lewd plop and plumped softy to the floor, already beginning to lick Cassie's female juices from his tool.

The sister's collapsed in a heap, in bed together then. They didn't talk, Cassie and Jennifer, they lay together, cuddling together, safe in each others arms as the distant tempest of the night swirled outside. In passing minutes, Cassie knew that Jennifer had fallen into an exhausted sleep and she nestled closer to her. Maybe tomorrow they'd talk about it what had happened? . maybe even do it again!

Fuck, whatever . the fierce brute-animal fuck had brought them closer together. even if she did feel a strangely empty feeling deep inside her just now, the loss of her innocence no doubt, still.

fuck that!. Now the sister's both had a fantastic way to get their girly rocks off together! And soon, she too feel into a deep, hypnotic sleep. Epilogue: Diablo stood silently, unnoticed by the sleeping sisters, easily squeezing through a crack in the bedroom's doorway, then padding quietly out through the lounge room.

and on until he reached the front door way to the rain swept world beyond. Sadly, young Cassie was never to have seen Diablo again.

Still. perhaps that was for the best. for had the pretty little girl witnessed what was happening now, just before the creatures final exit.

she would have been struck dumb with fear. and loathing! For gently illuminating the darkened hallway at that moment, in eerie luminescence, Diablo's eyes flickered an unearthly yellow light. Spreading out swiftly like ripples on the surface of bottomless well of evil. A softy glowing aurora that engulfed the dog's hulking black body, an unholy St. Elmo's fire if you will, enveloping his inhuman, ancient frame. And in the twinkling of an eye, the lumbering, demonic beast transmogrified.

Morphing, elongating-- magically transforming, before contracting once again. into a different. yet strangely familiar. female form!

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Standing erect on long tan legs now, a gorgeous woman's body was fashioned in the shadows; draped in an elegant dark-blue satin evening gown; sexy; slinky; demure. She appeared to be no more than thirty, un-ravaged by the millennia of her long existence. What was it Jennifer had whispered to Lilith earlier that evening? Always a stickler for details, the words played back verbatim in her mind.

Ah yes. The Gothic little darling had given her binding pledge, right here, on this very door step; "Alright. you can have my little sister too." She'd agreed, " but you have to promise, you'll make me a famous poet then .OK?" What a wonderful way to collect young souls, And what a bargain price to pay!

Lilith-Diablo mused, as she departed from the house into dreadful darkness, and the cold November rain.