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Coroa sessent atilde_o gozando gostoso
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Katrina is 31 in a bad marriage, currently seperated from her husband and is lonely. I found her on a dating site and sent her a message. She resisted for an hour before she logged back in to reply to me. My age of 55 which is 24 years older than her, the age difference frightened her. When I asked her to meet me for a drink, she said yes. She can't help being interested in a older man. We chose to meet on a Thursday, just a few blocks away from where she lived.

I'm dressed in a blazer and tailored trousers and I'm taller than she expected. Katrina is petite 5' 7" slim curvy body. " Get in Katrina," I said. I started the car when she closed the door. " I'm not going anywhere with you, John. Don't you dare start driving." " But you will go with me, Katrina.

I'm going to fuck you tonight." I'm leering at her now. " No," She smiled I will tell the police you were going to rape me." I just laughed. Her stomach feels like it is doing flip-flops. She didn't know what to say. I leaned over her side of the car then. I reached past her, she thought he was going to get my seatbelt and buckle me in. Instead my hands took a hold on her head turning her to meet me.

My lips closed over hers. She didn't kiss me back. But she didn't stop my tongue from invading her mouth either. She froze and let me do it. My lips are pressing hard on her mouth. I sucked on her lips or in her mouth. Her tongue is relaxed as I sucked it into my mouth.

My tongue is all around her tongue, slithering all over her. My lips suck her into my mouth further before she thought to keep her tongue in her mouth. I bite her bottom lip before I let her head go. Katrina sighed. Her husband never kissed her roughly like that. She doesn't like it but she did feel turned on. She didn't say anything. I pull the car out onto the road she just sat there.

Then she feels my hand on her leg she didn't do anything. She really had known how this is going to go when she decided to get in my car. She should never have gotten in. She should not have agreed to meet me. " Put your seat belt on, Katrina," I said. My hand is at the top of her thigh by then. She is wearing jeans so at least I'm not feeling her bare leg. Not yet anyway…She let her hands fall in her crotch. She knew I would fuck her soon but at least for a while she would keep my hands away from her pussy.

" That's it Katrina," I said. " Undo your jeans." Katrina doesn't know how I can see anything. It's so dark in my car at night. But she is fiddling with her belt. Just like I told her, she pulls her belt free. My hand is rubbing her hip as she undid the button and then she started pulling her zipper down.

" Oh," She said out loud. She can smell herself. She is sure I smell her pussy as well. She is afraid I will think she is hot for me. But she had been hot before she got to the restaurant. Her wetness is because of masturbating and now this pig will think it is for him. " You're so lonely, Katrina. You just can't wait to get my cock in your cunt. A bona fide lonely slut, you're so lucky to meet me." Katrina feels tears on her face at my words. I am not a slut. Sluts are bad girls.

People at work call Gloria a slut. But she always says she chooses whom she has sex with, she doesn't just have sex with anybody. I am not a slut. John is taking advantage of me. But in the car she is doing what I wanted. For some reason she can't stop it. In the car, I move my hand from her hip to her tummy. She had a simple pullover on. Soon I'm prodding at her breasts. " Ha," I chuckled. " False advertising, Katrina.

You trying to make me believe you have bigger tits? How much padding have you got in there. She feels humiliated. There is no way she is going to tell me why she wore so much padding in her bra. But even through the padding she feels me pressing her breast, squeezing her nipple. It is like fire on her skin, like my fingers are scorching her through the clothes. " Take the jeans off. I want to see your cunt before we get to my place." I took my hand away from her then. She sees my hand clearly then for the first time.

I had large hands and my fingers are thick and nobby. I can probably hold both her hands in one of mine. She could have just sat there, non-compliant. Instead she slips her black joggers off, lifting herself up and begins pushing her jeans down. When she has one leg free the overhead light for her side of my car came on. I did it. She lifts a hand to turn it off but I said, " Leave it on. I want to see your cunt. Now, get rid of the panties as well." She looks down. Her new pink lace panties had stayed on.

When she pushes her other leg out of her jeans she lifts her hips again so she can take her panties off easily. " Give them here," I said. It is the only time she didn't do what I said that night.

She put her panties in her jeans. I didn't worry about it any more though. " What a nice cunt," I observed. " Do you keep it shaved?" She knew she was blushing. Her whole body feels tense. She thinks her muscles are taut everywhere and she knows her breathing is deeper. She is thankful that she still has her pullover on. Her husband always said he loved watching my breasts when I was breathing like that.

The only thing she can do is pretend it isn't happening, that she isn't sitting in a virtual stranger's car showing me her pussy. She closed her eyes. As for my question about shaving herself, how could she answer that.

No, she wouldn't tell me anything. Such personal details are for her estranged husband only. She expected that I would return my hand to her leg. She gasps and opened her eyes to see when she did feel my hand again. My hand had not been touching her while she took her jeans off.

Then I returned it and is cupping her pussy. " Well, your lips are swollen. Nice and puffy." She feels herself blushing now, knew that the heat in her face meant that it, her neck and chest are going a deep red. As my fingers press along her labia she is getting more and more turned on. She feels so embarrassed at the same time though and seeing me turn toward her, watching her, made her so ashamed.

Then one of my fingers pressed inside her. She fell back in the seat then. She closed her eyes again and let herself go limp as I played with her body.

The tenseness left her and she just lay there and let me do it. " You are so tight, Katrina. I'm going to split you in half. Give me that hand," I said and taking my hand from her pussy, I took her hand and placed it on my lap. " Feel the cock that's going to open you up tonight." She wanted to pull her hand back to herself but I'm pressing her down. She definitely feels my hard on through my trousers. She opens her eyes turning her head to see. The light is off on my side but she can still see a little.

Her hand is not in my crotch but rather on my hip. What she could feel under my trousers went from my crotch and across my side. Her estranged husband has a big dick, she thought. But I have a DICK, or rather a COCK, I would say. There is no way she can let me fuck her. Her estranged husband's dick had already pressed against her inside when we did it and I'm much bigger.

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She didn't take her hand away though and knew that as soon as we arrived at my house she will see my cock much closer.

She can't believe the size of what she is feeling. When my hand and fingers returned to her pussy she realized that she is still rubbing along the length of me through my trousers, that I wasn't pressing her hand anymore. She pulls her hand away, feeling like her fingers are burning.

I laugh at her again as my finger curls inside her. She can't help moaning as my thumb rubs her clitoris around. Seemingly of it's own volition her right leg pulls back flat until her knee lay over the handbrake. She put her left foot on the dash. She has spread herself open just as I wanted. I push another finger in her. Katrina remembers how big my fingers were and I made her gasp again. " Incredible Katrina. Your cunt is so tight. So wet as well." I'm roughly pushing my hand against her pussy.

She didn't know what to do. She knew she should hate what I'm doing. But it is exciting. My fingers in her are becoming forceful. Then she feels another one pushing in. She can't stop her hips pushing down. My thumb came off her pleasure center as I'm pushing my fingers in her much harder. She is trying not to squeal, but she is enjoying the pleasure more than any pain. She is cumming, pushing against my hand. What she is doing is so dirty. Katrina knew later she would be crying about betraying her estranged husband like this.

But as she feels me shove my fingers harder in her all she can do is grind herself against me. Her hips bucking up and she is crying out.

I keep shoving my hand against her as she writhes on my seat. " Katrina, You're such a wet mess now. Bit of a gusher you are." She is very sensitive when she orgasms and I keep shoving my fingers in her. It is too much. She tries to push my hand away but she can't budge me. " Ahh, ahh, stoppp!" But I ignored her.


Then she feels another wave of pleasure, even more intense. It is all getting too much. The next thing she knew, the light is off, she is lying there without me touching her and her left foot is back on the floor.

The car is going slower and then we are turning onto a driveway. We are at my house. When she headed for the lounge room, I indicated she should go up the stairs. Immediately before the stairs there is a closed door in the wall.

" You bastard," She called. " We could have come through from the garage that way." I laughed at her and then followed her upstairs.

" Keep going to the top," I said at the rear level of the split level house. At the top I pointed down the hall to the end. " You do have sensational legs, Katrina. And a gorgeous ass besides." We walked past the doorway to a bedroom. It is dark. I push her along the hall. She is getting frightened as we came to my bedroom.

There is no way she wanted me to have her in my bed. For a long while she has had the idea that the first man she was in bed with is her estranged husband.

I'm older than her father. The closer she walked to my bedroom the more worried she is getting. Then we were inside. I closed the door behind us. My room is huge, has a balcony, a walk in wardrobe and an ensuite.

I push her to the bed. She put her arms back and stopped herself from falling over the blanket roll at the edge of the bed. I didn't have her on the bed yet. She is sure it is a king size bed. When she nearly fell back onto it she looked into the recessed ceiling above the bed. There is a big mirror there. I told her to wait there and went into the bathroom.

She hears water running then. A bath? While I'm there she looked around. The dresser had some photos of me at dinner somewhere with a blonde woman. She looked maybe in her mid thirties, so about fifteen years younger than me.


The two of them were smiling and looked happy. I looked no different than I'm now so the photos were recent. Was she his girlfriend? She dropped to her knees on the soft carpet and started looking through the drawers.

Maybe she can find her address or phone number somewhere. I had a lot of personal stuff in my drawers. There is also personal stuff that a woman would have. So she was no stranger to my bedroom. She felt sure she would find something.

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She started looking at all the little bits of paper in there. She found an address book in the bottom drawer. She shut the drawer as she looked through it. She hadn't found anything, not one name or number when I came back in the room. She didn't hear me come up behind her.

I didn't pick her up or shove her aside. All I did was take the little book with one hand and flick it aside somewhere while my other hand went between her legs.

" That's a new one, Katrina," I said. " Nothing to find in there." She shut her eyes and lay down on the carpet in front of the dresser. Maybe she wouldn't have to get on the bed after all. She spread her legs. She did as I told her. I'm standing between her legs. I'm naked. I'm a big man, probably three times her weight.

Some of that weight is in my dick, or cock I would say. It hung half way down my thigh. She can't look anywhere else. " I have confidence you will not go home until tomorrow afternoon." I dropped to my knees then while she wondered what I meant.

She doesn't know why but as I pushed her knees further apart she is helping me. My mouth dropped onto her pussy.

My tongue licking her from top to bottom, one long slow lick. She hates admitting that it is nice. Then I'm nibbling on her lips, leaving her center alone for a little while. She keeps waiting for me to return to licking her. But I didn't. I started little nibbles on her other lip.

The frustration is really getting to her. " Please." She can't believe she is begging for it. I keep going on her lips. Then she feels my finger push back in her. She feels so ashamed pushing her hips against me.

If she could have opened her legs any further then she would have, despite her shame. " Please, John. Eat me." She is crying then. She thought of how she must not be doing this, that she is betraying her estranged husband.

She feels another finger pushing inside her. Then my face lifts a bit and my tongue is on her center. She is lost. My tongue lashing her and she knew her juices are running. She feels me lick her round and round and side to side, then little jabs against her. She wants to say how great it feels but she can't think straight. She knows the sound of her ragged breathing and her moans are filling my room. Her body is out of control. She is writhing around as my tongue lathers her and I push a third finger in her.

My other hand holds her hips still, otherwise she will have lost my mouth on her. She has no more tears in her. I'm in control of her body now and she is so ashamed that she is showing me she has plenty of juice. Katrina laid there and let me do what I wanted. Katrina is convulsing on the floor. I keep going and the waves of pleasure kept rolling through her.

I have been tonguing her for a half hour. She can't handle the pleasure anymore and she wants more. She needs to be filled. She feels so slutty when she sat up to push my head away. " Oh, enough," She moans. " Too much. Fuck me Ed. Fuck me now." I stood up, pulling her to her feet also. She moves her mouth up and down on me. She hears me grown. At last, that is a good sign. Oh, but then I push another couple of fingers in her.

She came, she can't help it. As she is cumming her mouth slips off me. She is choking and cumming too much to continue. I have four fingers in her. No wonder she feels so stretched. She feels my fingers inside her rubbing against the front of her pussy. " Come on Katrina. Get my cock in your slutty cunt." But I could only keep moaning and shuddering as my fingers and thumb keep working her over. I tried to keep her there with my other hand.

But I slid off her leg. She is hot and sweaty and slippery. Turning around the other way again she still has my massive cock at her face. Her pussy is on fire. Katrina so needed a cock in her that she had to try. " That's my slut," I smirked as she straddled my thighs.

My words causing her to blush again. I'm stroking her legs. Apart from her legs and pussy and an exploring kiss earlier on, I had left the rest of her body alone. " Why haven't you touched my tits?" She asked me. I kept running my hands up and down her thighs. " When you want me to touch your titties, you'll show them to me, Katrina," I replied. " For now, fuck yourself on my cock." How could I insult her and turn her on at the same time.

It is all so confusing for her. She didn't want me to feel her breasts. She didn't want me to fuck her either but that is exactly what she is helping me to do. She raised herself up on her knees and moved up over my crotch. She isn't high enough.

My cock is too long for her to get over it. She had to crouch over me but the bed is too soft and she fell forward onto her knees again. She reaches behind her to my cock. She rubs my head through her pussy lips and I feel so big. She feels so sluttish doing that that she had a small orgasm. Katrina feels me against her opening pushing a little. I'm so big. She is afraid but too heated to think about anything but feeling that cock inside her.

" Go on Katrina," I urge her. " Back your slut cunt onto me. My cock is not as wide as my hand and that was just about in you just now." " Bastard," She retorted. " You hurt me before. No way are you going inside me now." She moves to lift her leg off of me.

My hands stop her, holding her thighs. I push her a little and she feels my cock at her opening again. I push her a little further then she feels my cock head lodge in her opening, spreading her.

Hearing her moan, I relaxed the pressure on her thighs. She feels my cock twitching that is driving her mad but I'm neither pushing her onto me, nor am I lifting my hips to impale her. She realized her eyes are shut.

She opens them seeing me watching her, waiting for her to fuck herself on me. Her breathing is deeper. I knew I had one and I smiled at her before she moved. " What have you done to me?" She asked me knowing I would not answer. " Oh God," She groaned as she pushed back and my cock entered her.

My cock is stretching her. The feeling is indescribable. She thinks if I had not have pushed my hand in her up to my thumb she wouldn't have been able to do it. My cock is huge but not as wide as my hand. She feels my length sliding into her. She thought her estranged husband filled her completely but I filled her beyond her imagination. Even before she feels my cock hit her limit she is cumming hard. Her pussy is convulsing all along my cock. The feelings I had released in her had her collapsing again.

She can't help falling flat on me, my face next to my face. I groaned with her and I said, " Your cunt is so tight, Katrina. Move down a bit more, control your fucking." She did as I suggested. Oh, it feels sooo good. Never has she had such pleasure as when I'm in her. She doesn't love me. She hates me. But she loves my cock and what it does to her.

She started moving on my cock then, up and down along the length that I had in her. She lost all control. She is moaning and squealing like a crazy woman.

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Katrina nearly blinded me by whipping her hair around in my face as she tossed her head back and forth in ecstasy. My cock is touching places in her pussy that sent wave after wave of pleasure crashing against her. There is no release. The orgasm she is having just keeps building and building. She is grinding herself down on me until the pain inside her from my cock against her cervix is over whelming. Then she twisted her hips around on me like a top, shoving herself side to side on me.

She fell beside me and kept shuddering and shaking, her lungs gasping for air to fuel the moans that keep coming from her. She knew then why I had said before that after I expected she would remain until the following afternoon. The way she feels, full of lust, is that I owned her.

She will do anything to keep me fucking her with my cock. She is on her side shaking I push her onto her back on the bed.

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Her hair is across her face then and she can't see very clearly. She feels me moving on the bed. Before I had remained still, letting her plunge up and down as far as she could on my cock. " Such a talented slut with the tightest cunt," I breathed.

" You fucked yourself royally Katrina. That was awesome. Would you like more of me in you now?" I'm rubbing her legs, my hands slick in her sweat and, where I touched her on the inside of her thighs, slick with her juices. Then I swept the hair from her face. " I'm all yours John. Suck my nipples if you want.

Ahhh, twist them, bite me if you want. Just keep fucking me…" In the mirror above she had never seen her nipples as hard as they are now. Seeing all of her naked now, I'm unable to keep my hands from her tits any longer. " What lovely little titties you have Katrina. And your nipples." Now my hands grasped her nipples and twisted them. She gasped with this new pain. But the pleasure of my cock outweighed that pain.

She twisted her hands in the bed sheets pulling on them. " Your nipples are awesome." I lowered my head to her tits. Before my mouth closed over her right nipple I said, " These little titties and these nipples belong to me, Katrina." Then I'm sucking hard on her flesh. She winced and urged me to back off a bit. But I sucked harder. Her hands clenched the bed sheets. Her feet dug into the bed as she let me do what I wanted to her.

She never knew pain and pleasure like this. She can't hold onto the bed sheets any long and let her arms clench around my torso. Her nails are clawing my back. "Yes," She surrendered her body to me. " I'm yours." She is cumming again. I'm moving inside her and my hands moved down from her shoulders to grip her hips.

The pleasure is so great she can't help shuddering under me. She sees a triumphant smirking expression on my face as I move side to side inside her, holding her still so she feels me. Seeing the total disregard that I held her in made her feel dirty. It made her cum harder. She encouraged me, " Yes! Keep fucking me. Don't stop!" Then she feels raw pain as I thrust harder inside her. She looked down between our bodies, seeing more of me inside her.

She never imagined she would see a hard shaft of a big cock joining her body to a older man. " You can't take it, Katrina," I taunted. " Ahhh, I can. I can take your cock, just-" I shoved inside her then before she finished speaking. The agony is so intense this time that she can't scream for a moment. She is stunned.

When she had a lungful of air, she made up for the silent pain. Her legs stuck out straight from my sides and are shaking. I paused again inside her, waiting for her to stop moaning. She tried to push out from under me but I wouldn't let her. She looked between us again and I'm still not all inside her. " John. Wait please," She gasped.

" I want all of you in me. I do want to do it. Just go slower, please. Ok?" I nodded. There is an odd look on my face then. " Your cunt is so very tight, Katrina.

Makes it hard to wait. You think you can take all of my cock, we'll go slow." My hands left her hips and returned to her breasts. I started playing with her nipples. That combined with the monster nudging slowly back and forth inside her kept her continually on the edge of orgasm. I see that she wanted all of me in her.


There is maybe two inches of me still outside her. Now and then I pushed harder inside her. There is no pain, it is limited to continual discomfort. She tries to control her breathing and accept more of my cock in her. She can't let me do it. When I pushed too much the discomfort became pain. " It hurts too much." " Just a little more, Katrina." Soon she is writhing again.

I found it hard to stay inside her and had to use both of my hands to hold her hips. The feel of my cock as it presses through her cunt lips is sooo nice. She is still cumming when my cock is back inside as far as I had been. The discomfort returned but through the pleasure she is able to press forward. She feels a blissful pain when at last my pelvis is finally pressed against hers. From the mirror above she sees the cheeks of my ass clenching as I push inside her.

Each stroke brought her both pleasure and pain. I'm so far inside her that my big cock touched her cervix. Just the thought of it as she watched my ass clenching with the need to ram further and further inside has her cumming as much as the feel of me so far in her did. As she is cumming again she looks between us. We are joined completely. She lifted her hips in time with my strokes. I'm looking down on her with lust. " What a tight cunt you have. Ahh," I grunted as I pushed back and forth in her.

" A few women have taken me all the way." I'm breathing hard. The situation and seeing me moving on her is too much. She grinds her cunt against me to try and get me to cum in her, to cum with her. She is cumming beneath me, writhing, biting her lip; her eyes rolled back before I started to cum. I keep driving side-to-side with the thrusting into her as she rode out her orgasm.

I pull halfway back then lunged forward into her. She feels discomfort as I drive back into her but the pleasure is greater. I did that again and again, pulling most of the way out of her and then lunging back up inside her.

She is having one continuous orgasm. My cock owns her it feels sooo good. She didn't think my thrusting inside her is ever going to end.

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But my breathing all of a sudden became ragged. She tried folding her legs behind my back and holding me as far inside her as she could. Then she feels my sperm shooting inside her. She started to cry.

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She turned away from me so I couldn't see and wept silently. There is a noise coming from the bathroom that she heard then. She supposed it had been going the whole time we were having sex but she hadn't noticed until then. There is a round spa in there, big enough for four people to sit comfortably.

I had filled it up before and turned it on. Katrina stepped in it is still nice and warm. She stayed in the spa for about half an hour. She saw some bubble bath so she was generous with it. The spa felt so luxurious. She has never been in one before.