Veronica avluv pov suck and fuck on a big cock for a facial

Veronica avluv pov suck and fuck on a big cock for a facial
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Silent Submission Part 2 I cannot believe what I did to my friend last night. In the most awkward and unforeseen way, my long time best friend had "forced" me to blow his dick. Twice!! At least, I tried to convince myself that he had forced me. I left his house immediately afterwards. I haven't spoken to him since. I just knew he'd call me gay and humiliate me. My mind replayed the events over and over in my head. How could I possibly defend my sexuality after last night?

He had called at around 11:30 this morning. Today was Saturday, the night we had been planning to blow (heh) 300 bucks on a keg and have a great party. I couldn't just ignore him. But I had no idea what I'd say to him.

I dreaded what he would do or say to me. I also had to deal with a horrible case of blue balls this morning too which concerned me. I haven't cum so hard in awhile.

Did I enjoy last night? I couldn't be gay, no way. I hate guys but maybe there's just something about Randy. I had to talk to him, i knew it. I just could not believe it. How could i have just.accepted him like that? The more i tried to reason it the more i would just blame him. I hated Randy. The phone rang. I jumped up to answer it before the first ring stopped. "Yeah Randy.," I said glumly. "Kyle! Thank you for answering dude you gotta come over tonight. Don't leave me hanging like this dude.

I've even got a surprise for you," he pleaded. "Randy.," i sighed,".d-don't tell-" "Kyle, I'm not gonna tell man. I got you. Now come over I got a surprise." Silence. "O.K.," I caved reluctantly. "K later," he spurted and then hung up. I vowed to kill randy if he pulled anything on me at the party.

I grabbed my things and headed for a night out.

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When I arrived at the apartment he greeted me in the parking lot. The silence after we said 'what up' was almost torturous. His gaze was even more awkward. I could not interpret his facial expressions nor could i guess what he was thinking.

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He mentioned something about all the weed we had and how many kegs he'd come up with. When we walked through the front door he patted me on the back and whispered into my ear, "Meet your surprise." "Kyle, this is Ashley.

And this fine feline over here is Natasha," he said as she hugged him nodding at me. Ashley and I kicked it off right away. She was really petite, pretty and surprisingly sheltered, almost innocent. We had been chatting, drinking, smoking pot, and dancing. This party was great. By the time we were dancing I was really getting kind of horny because I could sense Ashley was drunk as hell and I knew she was into me. Most of the people had left at this point.

The slow music turned on and I braced her by her hips as she wrapped her hands behind my head. It was really nice dancing with her. We had to sit down after that. We were wasted and our conversation was dying out.

We sat and smoked right next to each other on the couch. I was anxious and jittery. She cuddled up into my chest. At that precise moment, Natasha stormed out of Randy's room grabbed her purse and put her shoes on. She looks right at me and then scowled. I looked at her confused as she trotted up to me. She grabbed Ashley by her arm and dragged her to her feet. I protested to the best of my ability as Natasha pulled Ashley out of the house grabbing her things too. Ashley struggled to even say goodbye as she was pulled out of the apartment.

She was completely impaired stumbling over her own feet. The door shut on me and they were gone just like that. Randy walked out of his room in his boxers.

"Seriously did she just leave?" He asked. "Yes thanks much for that Randy, they both left," I snapped, genuinely pissed off. "Damn her. She just got me goin and then bailed," he said out-loud to himself. "You weren't getting any anyway Kyle," he added. "Fuck you dude!" I retorted quickly. "Already did that." he mumbled as he poured himself a drink or at least that's what i thought he said. Wow I hate him! I went straight into his room and started rolling myself a blunt. I rolled a fat one and went into the bathroom to smoke my problems away.

I drifted away in there, my mind spinning to the music still blaring outside. My boner had subsided from my time with Ashley. God I couldn't believe Randy screwed me over again. Some friend I thought. Someone knocked on the door. Without waiting for my response Randy let himself in. He was wearing his usual basketball shorts over purple sweat pants and no shirt. I eyed him maliciously as she shut the door behind him to keep the bathroom smoke boxed.

This was the same bathroom as last night. He flashed a huge smile before turning away from the sink. I was sitting on the toilet while Randy just leaned on the sink with his arms crossed.

Silence kicked in. "I'm . sorry Kyle," he apologized. He was biting his lower lip. More silence as i inhaled on the blunt. I wondered just what he was apologizing for. Ashley or… the night before?

Without looking or saying anything I begrudgingly handed him the blunt. Randy took a long drag on it. "So. why'd you do it?" he asked in a high pitch tone as he held his breath in. I was startled by the question even though I knew he would ask it someday. I didn't know how to answer.

It's the question I had yet to answer for myself either. "I don't know," I responded quietly. I could feel him watching me. My heart fluttered a little. My dick twitched. What the hell I thought. Am I getting horny? From what? Randy handed the blunt back to me.

I took a hit right away. "I'm just gonna get it out of the way Kyle, are you gay?" There it is. The question that shakes any mans nerves. I normally fantasize hurting anyone who asks me that question. What would possibly make you think I'm gay? Its an insult to be asked that question if you're a straight guy. The conditions were different though.

How could I claim I'm straight to my best friend that I had sucked off twice just last night. "I'm not gay Randy, I just …" I said with a hint of anger as I exhaled the blunt. Randy was watching me struggle with the words.

"You've never done that before?" he asked. "Nope," I said quaintly. We both looked at each other. Randy turned away from me and looked down.

"That's surprising cause you were…kinda good," he mumbled still looking at the ground.

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He uncrossed his arms and looked at me again sheepishly. What the hell do I say to that? I just stared blankly at him and watched his lips form a small grin.

I didn't know how to react to a comment like that. I just dismissed the comment and took another hit on the blunt. "Would you want it again?" he asked in a raspy voice still looking down at me. He rubbed his left thigh slowly. I choked on the smoke. What? WHAT?!?!?? Was he really asking me what i thought he was? I tried to look at him as I caught my breath. This was a question i was definitely not expecting. How foolish of me, I thought to myself.

"Wha--what?" I asked na?ly. Randy didn't respond. He just looked at me and then directly rubbed his crotch. My eyes followed his movement. I noticed the dramatic tent in his pants. I took another hit and just looked at Randy questioningly. His hand stroked the outline of his dick through his sweat pants.

He followed my eyes to his junk and smiled. I looked right into his eyes. The stare down was on. Techno in the background thundered away. I was getting antsy in the silence as we just looked at each other.

"As if you don't know." he said standing up and turning to me. His hands slipped under the elastic band on his pants and gracefully pulled them down.

I gasped as I saw his tool again. He stood looking at me, totally nude. He didn't have a single hair on his crotch. His dick was expanding, drooping lower under its weight. The skin was stretching as the tool reached its full potential. It looked so powerful- so potent.

I hadn't moved sizing up every inch of his exposed self. I knew what was going on as randy stepped out of his pants. I just couldn't believe my situation. Randy seemed to be looking right through me with his huge smile. It was almost contagious. I had to fight back my own smile. I flashed back to our previous encounter. I saw the images of dick sliding down my mouth. What I couldn't explain was why I wasn't protesting. I just watched him, particularly his dick. I was not in control of my body anymore.

I froze; my eyes were transfixed on Randy's cock as it visibly undulated. Randy knew I was looking right at his cock. "You know you want it Kyle," he said grinning as he grabbed his thick shaft and gave it a shake. I clapped lightly with his huge balls which seemed almost unnaturally huge. Randy must have sensed my lack of resistance. He took advantage of my hypnotization and took one step towards me. Just like that, Randy's crotch was in my face. His shaft seemed like a monster grinning at me.

It looked veiny and muscular, and freaking huge.


The tip was wet with precum. I inhaled Randy's familiar smell. "Gimme the blunt Kyle you won't need that anymore I got something else for you to smoke." He snatched the blunt from my hand. I glanced at his face for a brief second. I barely locked eyesight with him before returning my attention to his crotch.

I didn't know what to do. "Incoming," he said chuckling. The dick came right at my bottom lip. It pulled my lip down as it supported the weight of the cock. I resisted as the pressure mounted. Am I going to do this? I looked up at Randy as if I wanted him to answer for me. He had a determined smile on his face.

I am I thought. I could feel the pre-cum dribble down my bottom lip. I opened me mouth. The head slipped past my lips. Randy gasped as it touched my tongue gingerly, spreading a more of his salty pre-cum. I breathed in his scent through my nose and closed my lips around the very tip. His cock felt so soft yet rigid. The heat from his dick was crazy. Randy inched closer to me as his positioned his legs outside of mine. He sighed as more of his cock slid into my mouth dragging the dickhead further over my tongue.

Randy's own jaw dropped too. His taste was bizarre but erotic. My lips traced the veins as it penetrated my mouth, causing my jaw to drop lower and lower to accommodate him. "mmm.," he moaned in ecstasy as he reached my tight throat with about 2 inches still to go. I was blowing my friend for a third time and I could tell I was enjoying every second. My senses were all on hyper or something. The smell, the taste, the feeling, the view, it all turned me on. I leaned my head forward the take him deeper.

The two inches disappeared and I felt warm testicles rest on my chin. Randy grunted and placed a hand on my head. He just rested it there while I had the entire shaft down my throat. I felt so full. I exhaled through my nose. My breath bounced off his crotch filling my nose with more of his smell. I could feel the dick pulsing.

The blood flowing through it. I sucked in my cheeks. "Yeah suck me dry Kyle." Randy said trying to start a small thrust motion without gripping my head. He had the blunt is his mouth. His dick was only pulling out an inch or two. I could feel his cockhead penetrate the flesh of my throat each time. My throat offered slight resistance before expanding to wrap around the head in a tight fit. I wiggled my tongue from side to side under the shaft which caused Randy to shudder.

His balls made contact with my face but they were starting to stick to my chin. I felt high as hell. I had total tunnel vision. He just kept lunging, using my mouth. "fuck!. Here comes your reward Kyle!" he gasped his voice strained. I looked up at him his dick still shoved deep.

He squinted down at me with an open mouth. His left testicle literally lifted off of my chin. The entire dick throbbed and stiffened in my throat. My eyes opened in shock as I felt the first wave of jizz squirt straight down my gullet. I took my eyes off his and tried to breathe through my nose. The stringy cum was moving a little as my breathe passed over it. The cock pulsed again and again.and again.

More and more cum squirted down my throat. I thought I would drown right then and there. There was so much. It felt thick and ridiculously warm. Randy straightened his hand pushing me half way off the cock before slamming it back in.

Two more large waves of cum drenched my throat. I could feel a bead of sweat on my brow as the dick pulsed and oozed the last of its 'reward'. Randy shuddered. "Unghhh. thanks again Kyle." We locked eyes his dick still in my mouth.


He took the last drag on the blunt and put it out. He took two small lunges at me. He smiled as my head bobbed on the dick from his efforts.

After another 4 seconds he took a step backwards and pulled his dick out. It trailed spit and jizz from my lips. He leaned against the wall opposite to me. His dick was shrinking but still moving. I was still looking at it while Randy panted, watching me. "Do it?" he asked, in between breaths. I was taking a few breaths with my mouth to recover myself. I wiped my face with the back of my hand.

I couldn't answer. I just couldn't. I couldn't say i liked it. More staring as I searched for the right words. After 5 breaths, Randy turned to put on his pants. "Fine you don't have to answer. we both know." As he pulled his pants up and tucked his slick junk down into them he said, "You can play Xbox if you want. I'm gonna watch a movie and pass out." And with that he left me in the bathroom with his jizz still trickling down to my stomach. I felt used. Like I had been played by a player.

My legs were starting to fall asleep from sitting on the toilet too long. I got up and splashed some water on my face before grabbing some more Listerine to get the horrible dirty feeling out of my mouth. So he didn't try to humiliate me or insult me, rather he just used me to get off knowing I couldn't possibly fend him off logically anymore.

This is the third time now i tell myself.

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This is only going to become more and more frequent, i reasoned. I struggled to look at myself in the mirror. I wanted to go home at that moment. I felt alone and pathetic. But I knew I couldn't go home as i was wasted beyond belief. The trouble I was having was I wasn't quite sure I would go home even if i wasn't drunk.

I enjoyed something about Randy's.behavior; it turned me on but it was also satisfying me somehow. My boner had died down and i hadn't the slightest bit of blue balls. Man, life is confusing. I exited the bathroom and slumped my way into the Xbox chair.

My eyes were heavy and my jaw ached from the exertion. I tried to shake myself awake in an effort to save myself from sub-consciousness. It was time to kill someone on Call of duty. That would take my mind off recent events. That would get my problems out of my mind and out of my face. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I felt something on my lips; Movement beyond my shut eye lids.

"Good morning Kyle, I got breakfast for you heh heh.!" Randy's voiced echoed in my mind.

My eyes squinted open slowly. My head was heavy and my stomach pain reminded me of the party last night. Everything was blurry and it took me second to gather myself. But it didn't take THAT long. Randy was standing over me with his dick on my upper lip. He still had his shirt on along with a huge smile. Speaking of huge, Randy's cock at the angle I was seeing it looked scary it was so big and long. Really? I keep asking if this real. My long time best friend is waking me up by putting his dick in my face.

I sat in silence staring groggily at the cock before me trying to grasp my situation again. I caught a whiff of his smell. I knew I couldn't resist him. What would I say? I'm not gay? Its true I'm not but how could I claim that to Randy.

Did I want to even try? My eyes were locked on the tool. I had been through the routine now enough to know what to expect.

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Randy knew it too. He had me cornered physically and mentally. My mouth opened. "Nah Kyle, you gotta eat the right way man," he said seriously," start with these biscuits here." He was holding his boner straight up, awkwardly moving his testicles closer to my face in the chair. I watched them inch towards me dominating more of my vision. Gosh they were huge. They rolled slightly in their sack from Randy's efforts.

There was that smell again. What did he want me to do? I was confused but it was too late to look up at Randy. His nuts were on my face. The heat was shocking. I had nowhere to go with my head up against the chair.

I exhaled into his nutsack causing his smell to intensify when i inhaled. I could feel a testicle on my lips. Feeling trapped and incredibly turned on, I stuck my tongue out to lick it. Randy sighed. I couldn't see what I was doing with my mouth but as i opened wider I felt his balls almost fall right in. I pursed my lips and sucked tenderly. The balls felt heavy and huge. I concentrated on keeping my teeth away from them.

His shaft was leaning on the left side of my nose and temple. I could feel it quivering; its weight was extraordinary to me. "Yeah.," he grunted inching backwards. His balls were shiny.

He let go of his dick and let it bob up and down eye level to me. We made eye contact. "Here comes the sausage Kyle!" he said smiling. I burst out laughing but Randy stopped me short as he thrust forward.

I caught his shaft with my tongue and wrapped my lips around the head. I sucked my cheeks in immediately trying to draw the cock in myself. "oooooohhhohohoho." Randy groaned in a deep voice as he awkwardly walked forward one step at a time over the chair. In slow motion his dick slipped past my lips.

I could feel the dickhead passing past my tongue. I sucked eagerly and opened my jaw as wide as i could go. The tip brushed up against the back of my throat. My throat contracted and i winced in revolt. Randy froze.

I could feel his gaze on me. After a brief 3 seconds with no more contractions, Randy resumed his assault. The pressure on the back of my throat grew and slid downward as his cock bent down towards my stomach. I could literally feel my throat expand and accept the head and then some of his dick. The warmth in my mouth was weird! He bottomed out. I was pressed into his groin again, waiting for him to withdraw. After what seemed like an eternity he slid backwards.

But only a few inches before her thrust right back in. His balls swayed like pendulums. I breathed in through my nose. This was turning me on so much. I moaned in a sexual high. "ho!!" Randy gasped as i did so with his dick all the way in.

"This is gonna be a quick meal if you keep that up Kyle!" he grunted in a tone that almost sounded like he was in pain. He was still thrusting slightly the whole time. I laughed in response which only came out as a mumble.

Randy was inhaling in short breaths each time he bottomed out. "damn Kyle, you like my dick don't you? hahaha," he asked still thrusting at me. I could only laugh with him which came out as more mumbling on his dick. My laughing was sending him over the edge with the vibrations. Randy snapped his hand to my forehead and pulled his dick all the way out of my mouth. I angled my head upwards to look at him. His smile was contagious. I smiled back at him. He was slowly stroking his dick with his other hand looking down at me.

I turned back to the dick. I wanted it, so before even thinking, i compulsively grabbed it with my hand. My hand wrapped around it perfectly. It felt hot and heavy. Randy exhaled and let go with his own hand standing up straight I looked at him again still smiling. My hand began jacking him off slowly but tightly. I marveled at the control i had over him now. It turned me on. We continued to just smile at each other taking glances at my work, busily wanking him off.

The scene was almost surreal. His balls were rocking from my efforts. He shuddered and looked up at the ceiling. I was starting to wonder when he would cum. Surely he was close. I wanted him to look at me so i could see his face. I started wanking him vigorously. "Where's my gravy Randy?" i asked mischievously. I was shocked at my own dirtiness, my sluttiness.

Where the hell did THAT come from?? "HAHAHAHAHAHAAAHAHA!" Randy laughed. His eyes were pinched shut as he looked down at me and laughed. I couldn't help but laugh too. It was a great moment for both of us; me jacking his dick off just 6 inches from my face looking up at him. As the laughter died out the moment got even more intimate. We were still looking at each other, eye to eye.

I leaned forward a couple inches brought the dick to my lips and kissed it. Randy gasped. I stroked it one more time then kissed the head again.

Randy glared at me with a grin. I tilted the dick to the side slightly and kissed the shaft every inch all the way down to the base and then looked back up at Randy. His dick rested right on the corner of my mouth as I smiled. He only laughed and smiled back. He brought two fingers to the top of the base of his dick and pushed down. This caused the dick to be centered with my mouth and push my lips open.

I took the hint and opened my mouth. Randy inched forward again, my mouth filling with him. He was sighing as I sucked him deeply. He stopped halfway. I was annoyed; i wanted all of it. It would be so much better a couple more inches i thought. I want all of Randy, all of his dick- his 'gravy' i thought to my horny self. With no more control, my hand shot up and started stroking the base of the cock.

It looked like I was milking his dick right into my mouth. The view was erotic and the moment seemed to last forever. I felt the dick shiver. "Uhh." Randy gasped. I looked up at him still milking his cock. I wanted to see the pleasure on his face.

I knew what was coming my way. "Fuckn A KYLE!" Randy bellowed. And with that Randy shoved his dick forward knocking my hand away and my head back against the chair.

His last two inches bent up towards the roof of my mouth from the resistance from my throat. In slow motion my throat expanded and the rest of the shaft slipped into my mouth. Randy was shaking at the knees. He was on his tippy toes pushing using the back of the chair as support. I felt everything explode at once. His cock erupted violently almost pushing the dick backwards in my throat.

The familiar warm feeling of gunk in my throat returned.

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I could feel his dick throb and shiver. Unable to push any farther Randy rocked his hips ever so slightly to accommodate the next huge spurt of jizz. Randy was groaning loudly in complete ecstasy. My throat contracted on the sheer volume. There was too much cum! I felt the walls of my throat embrace the shaft and squeeze it.

I could feel the jizz travel up. It trickled into my mouth. I didn't have time to think about the taste rather I had to get oxygen.

Randy had pushed me so hard he had cut off the oxygen to my nose. I spazzed out putting my hands on his hips and adding a little force. Randy did not react at first still spewing in me. I pushed harder and he took the point and pulled out halfway. His cock was still pulsing. I could feel a fresh squirt of jizz land on my tongue and on the left side of my mouth.

The jizz seemed to coat every centimeter of my oral cavity. Again he erupted onto my tongue. Randy was struggling to stay still as his orgasm completed.

He just looked down at me with 4" of his dick in my mouth resting on my tongue. We looked at each other intimately. Randy pulled out all the way slowly having given me the 'gravy' I had asked for. His rod glistened with cum and spit. He was panting heavily. I felt my mouth close on the sperm, tasting the saltiness. I didn't like the taste.

When I tried to open my mouth to inhale a little bit I could feel the cum sticking and stretching to the bottom and top of my mouth as well as all the way down my throat. I looked up at Randy who was stroking his piece watching me with is jaw open. his legs were shaking; he clearly needed to sit down but he still straddled the chair.

We both knew i had a load of jizz directly from his balls in my mouth and he was waiting to see what i would do with it before he collapsed somewhere. I tilted my head and smiled. I could feel the sperm slide in my mouth. I opened my mouth just a crack. I didn't think he actually could see it but he did gasp as i shut my mouth and audibly gulped. I smiled at him and giggled like a little girl.

My throat felt warm lathered up with his gunk, all slowly descending downwards. "oh shit you like my cum Kyle?" he asked smiling at me. No I don't I thought. I nodded my head smiling at him. Randy let go of his dick to let it droop in front of me. I could tell he was going to leave so I acted on my urges and kissed the head. Randy laughed in between his heavy breathing. I proceeded to grab the dick and lick it. "hahaha that's right clean it Kyle." I embraced the base of the dick in my hand again and took the head into my mouth and sucked my cheeks in.

I was eagerly following Randy's instructions using my tongue to clean the dick thoroughly. My hand dropped to my lap but i continued. "Good enough," he said sternly. He paused for two seconds before he swung his legs over the chair and walked over to his bed and collapsed onto his stomach. He sighed into his comforter. I was watching him intently as my own erection just seemed to deflate in a second. I am a slut I thought while staring at Randy's balls dropping just below his ass crack.

I felt no attraction to his ass. Randy's dick was the object of my obsession. I wanted more of it. I just couldn't get enough once I had it. The voice that once scolded me for such gross gay thoughts was almost completely muted in my head. Randy rolled over in a blur of motion.

His dick flopped over before resting on his left thigh. I still had not moved an inch. "Kyle you give better head than most girls." I was still staring at the dick when his words registered with my brain.

"Umm.tthanks?" I said awkwardly glancing at him and his dick. "Does it make you horny?" Randy asked sincerely. "Yes," I confessed.

"Do you like men Kyle?" "No!" I blurted. Randy was startled by my raised voice. To be honest I was too. "Heh so you just like sucking my dick then." he stated as he grabbed his junk and groped his balls. I didn't answer I just watched him. "I hope you don't expect me to return the favor Kyle," he stated eyeing my own crotch.

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The thought had honestly never even occurred to me. I was still tensed up because of the previous question. I stared at my crotch too trying to process all the thoughts in my head. More silence ensued. "So. are you gonna stay and blow me when I get hard again Kyle?"