Luana rabudona e gostosa tomando de quatro e levando gozada no seu rabo gostoso

Luana rabudona e gostosa tomando de quatro e levando gozada no seu rabo gostoso
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I would hate for you think any of my story is fiction, certain names and locations have been altered to protect the innocent, and not so very innocent. First I should tell you that all my life, being a daughter of chinese immigrants (more about them later) I have been described as doll like, I am just under five feet tall and barely one hundred pounds, and until last week when I got my hair cut to my bra strap, I could easily sit on my black hair.

But really I am not some pathetic geisha stereo typed waif, I am a healthy little apple cheeked woman. I have always been a outhoing dominant personality, and often disciplined.

I just turned twenty, I live in Toronto and sometimes vancouver, my family on the most part tries to keep me very under there control, I even married some one they choose that came here from china the same time as we did and is almost twice my age, but he is a quiet man, and who has secret homosexual inclinations, so we mostly are just friends, with mild passing romantic intrest in each other.

Thats the only reason I can tell you my story here, to talk about my history, the story of my life is very sexual and sometimes shocking, now I am free to do whatever I want as long as I do it discreetly.

If I told you my last name you would know who I was, my father is a self made man, and spent a major part of my formative years under investigation by various jealous law agents, who would shut up, if and when they got a cut of the action, but mostly every one was silent and no one ever dared crossed my daddy. I am the youngest, the only girl out of four children, born when the seccond youngest had just turned ten. so needless to say, a pack of agresive older brothers kept me safe and taught me to me be very cunning with the male speices.

My first sexual experience was late one summer afternoon at my brothers twentieth birthday party, alot of people were drifting through our large house with sprawling propertyin the toronto area of North York, I was high from sugar and stolen glasses of champagne.

I remember being dizzy and my cheeks were bright red, some people were making out in the garden, my brother and some one else, I was on the other side of a large vine covered fence. couldnt see her face but I saw his hand slide up her upper thigh, he had her pushed against a wall, talking sweet and forceful to her, she giggled.

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I remember being shocked to see my brothers penis in her hand, hard with a purple head. I am pretty sure this was the first penis I ever saw, I was very innocent and sheltered those days. Startled by some one coming down a path I ran away and inside the house, and was sick on the kitchen floor, and my father spanked me as the maid cleaned up the mess.

In the next few years I discovered masturbation, and became quite the pervert, if my friends were doing it to we never mentioned it to each other soon it was all about malls and talking about boys, who I was never allowed to talk to outside of school.

Nothing was out of limits to my quest for satisfaction, the whirlpool and it jet streams brought me to my first, honest to god, seeing stars orgasm.

I remember even riding the arm of a chair, the friction bringing my clit to stiffen then melt. I was taken to a family doctor at one point, my mother thought I was getting my period a little to young,when she found some blood on my panties while doing the wash, well lets say I have a small vagina, my mother in the room with me holding my hand, my feet up in the metal stirrups.


the kind old man who delivered me, smiled at me and said in english only for my sake, mother never really had to learn english, that I should take it easier on my body in the future and that I should study more! Intrestingly and dangerously enough I lost my virginity in my fathers office, I went in late one night to find my future husband, who was celebrating his 34th birthday with my father and brothers, had decided to sleep in the most quiet room of the house, as the party raged downstairs.

I had heard my brothers in moments of anger, call him fag or pansy. Macho posturing I thought mostly, cause he never had lack of female admirers, was well groomed, and well spoken about art and fashion. He had the terrible luck of being born into a family with a violent business.

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He moaned when I turned on the overhead light, I quickly turned it off and switched on the desk lamp. "wheres your dad?" he asked. "Oh, some where with the boys down in the basement playing mah jong." I said sitting down at his feet on the soft brown leather couch. "Why are you not in bed yet?" he scolded me "let me sleep I feel so sick." "Oh, no school tomarrow." I said as I slipped his shoes off "dad would kill you if he saw you with these shoes on his couch." He laughed.

"if your father was in here the least of our problems would be my shoes" "Why?" I asled, mock innocent. "Well you are barely wearing anything, and well, honestly thats enough to get me killed." "Dont be so pathetic." I got up and locked the door then kneeled at his feet at the foot of the couch "daddy loses the keys and locks himself out of here all the time, cause of the safe he has to wait to the locksmith comes to open the door in morning." He smiled at me.

"And," I added undoing the buttons of my gown "if you are really nervous there is a roof below the window that is a little jump that goes to the garden." I put my hand on his lower leg. "mei, what are you doing?" he stuttered slightly. "Well what does it look like I am doing?" I asked as I let my gown fall open, my nipples were rock hard, on my non exhistant breasts (to this day I am barely a B cup).


I straddled him and could feel his cock growing hard, despite his protests, through his pants. "Put your hands on me." I ordered and he began groping my breasts rough in big handfuls, pulling at the nipples. " Not so rough." I complained, getting annoyed " hey can I ask you something?" "What?" he groaned, as my little ass cheeks flexed on his growing erection.

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"Are you a fag like they say?" "Huh? who told you that?" he asked, eyes wide. "I ve heard people say it, uhm, mmmm." I said as he began to poke his fingers into my pussy spreading my lips apart.

"Do I look like a fag?" he asked massaging my clit. "I wouldnt know, never seen one before." I said, head light from his touch. "Well," he laughed "have you seen your brother?

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"You fucked my brother?" I laughed "which one?" "Never mind that, I think it turns you on. yeah it does, I feel how wet your pussy is, god Its so pink and tight Mei.

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Are you serious? you really wanna fool around with me?" "I have known you my entire life," I told him " and I want to know what its like with some one who wont try to own me afterwards." I unzipped his fly and his cock lurched out little but rock hard. "Not much. I know." he offered "But i know how to make it feel like 9 inches.

I seriously giggled as he sat me down on the sofa and spread my legs and began eating me out. "Do you shave it ?" he asked surprised by my neat and clean pussy. "I do. for swim class. hey do me a favour?" I asked. "Yeah? what? anything. do you want me to stop?" he said still licking my clit. "Fuck me now." I ordered. The party was in full swing downstairs, the traditional music, vibrated the walls, no noise complaints were a concern, no one calls the cops on our family.

So no one would of heard me bite me cry out as he entered me, turned me over on the couch, my fathers prized couch, the slight tear then hot sensation of him being inside me, my pussy wetting his cock making it so he could slide in and out, one hand on my hip, the other on my clit. I was whimpering in pleasure but he took the time to ask if I was still enjoying myself, he took my nod as a signal to fuck me harder and faster.

He did a funny thing then, while still burried deep inside me, he took ahold of my hair and wrapped it around his hand like a horses reign. "A little hurt feels good Mei." he said as he pumped "see it makes you tighter. not that you allready are almost to tight." "Shut up." I ordered grinding back on him.

"Okay! if thats how you want to do this." he laughed, and jerked my head back by the hair, he was fucking me so hard the couch was banging the wall, his balls were slapping against me.


There was a knock at door, a jiggle of the knob then, steps down the hall. "ooh yes, thats it, fuck." he hissed through clenched teeth. "your so tight mei, It almost hurts," He came, and I felt him come inside me. We were holding each other, and he reached into his pants pockets.

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in there was a thick wad of cash a cell phone and he showed me he had a small handgun. "Now please, whatever you do dont tell anyone." he said sternly. I got up and walked to a small cabinet and slid the fake wood panel to show him a video monitor, that at that moment displayed him naked on my fathers perfect leather couch. "Shiiit." he sighed. "Yes." I smiled "we video taped that entire thing, daddy has that in his office in case he wants to reccord his business, ahem, meetings, you wont ever shoot me with that gun, my brothers would cut your balls off and feed em to you." "Mei, I have alot to loose.

and I dont mean nothing by it." The years leading to our marriage He became my bitch, doing whatever I wanted, though I secretly think he saw my brother on the side.

and continues to till this day. Alot of people see my life and think I am lucky and charmed, or that I am a poor soul trapped in a violent life of guns and crime, I am who you see, and I make no excuses for it.

Thank you for listening.