Young homo is giving gay man an erotic jock riding session

Young homo is giving gay man an erotic jock riding session
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In my last chapter, I left you with Kim and I having started to go to the same college as John. At least at college John was just John some people made a fuss over him there however most treated him normally.

I also dealt with myself becoming jealous of other girls around or with John. I also realized I was even jealous of John and the attention he was getting. I also told you about a boy I met named Adam. He will become more involved in my next chapter. I had created this problem in the first place.

Ever since John had that bad season his first year in college, I rather promoted him to anyone and everyone. I wrote letters to all the newspapers, sport talks show on the radio and on our local TV. I wanted everyone to know just how good he was. I would send those letters every day telling them about him and what he had accomplished during High School and remind them to check his awards from just his first year in college.

John had received, just about every top honor there was even with having not made the playoffs. Well I did to good of a job because everyone soon noticed him. OK, I may not have minded it as much if just every now and then they would have paid a little attention to me.

However most of the time they were just interested in John. Hell people pushed me from his side so many times; I started to think I was not even his girlfriend no more. My own plan backfired on me as it took away almost all my alone time with John. It also made me jealous of him after all; I had made him the hometown hero.

I will admit I was more than a little self-centered back then. I thought since I had been a goofy little girl all my life then at eighteen, I turned into this young, sexy, beautiful blonde-haired woman. At that time I thought the world should revolve around me and me only.

Well I found out the hard way it did not, especially if you were the hometown hero's girlfriend. I used to love it when all the men would check me out in town, now they avoided me. Girls hated me because I was with John. While I hated them for wanting him. I hated the lack of attention I was getting. It even seemed like John was not even paying attention to me. It was not entirely his fault as his mind was lost in football.Then in his free time, he was making personal appearances here or there.

I went along a few times with him but my jealous heart could not stand seeing any woman touch him. I even hated how they looked with lust in their eyes at him. The only time I enjoyed myself at an appearance with him was if he was talking to school kids about staying in school, bulling and not to use drugs.

The younger kids at our local schools thought John and I were the two coolest older people in town. I believe it was because the two of us were still just kids in our hearts. We always seemed to be the happiest after talking to them. Kids around town knew us as Janet and John not just as John. Making appearances were also taking an toll on John, as he hated all the attention he was getting.

John may have been a big strong man on the outside however, you put him into a huge crowd of screaming people and you could see he just wanted to run and hide. When he was out in places like that if you looked into those lovely hazel eyes they were gray and dark.

I knew he was becoming a walking time bomb ready to go off. I just hoped it was not off on me. Seeing all of this made me even sadder for I was to blame. In my haste to promote him, I was driving him away at the same time.

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I could never tell John what I had done or he would have walked out on me. With John being away so much with practice, weight lifting and making appearances. I turned to Kim, however she was not home much neither as she was busy going out with Steve. I used to get up out of bed at night and wait for her to return home.

Sometimes just to have sex while most of the time it was just to talk. Kim was not even sleeping with us any more as we brought a nice sofa type bed for in our living room.The following event took place a week before John's first game.

John had gone to bed early, as he was extremely tired. I sat up waiting for Kim as I needed sex and to talk to her. Kim came in through the front door, I watched her give Steve a very passionate kiss good night. "Oh Janet your still up," Kim said as she came over and sat next to me. "Yes I was waiting for you to get home Kim," I replied as I looked at her. "Janet, what is wrong?" Kim asked as she wrapped her arms around me.

"Nothing Kim, just make love to me," I replied. Kim started to kiss at my neck as she hugged me. Her kisses slowly worked their way to my face then to my lips.

Our lips touched as I felt my pussy getting warm under the nightshirt I had on. Our kiss was deep and with passion as our tongues explored each others mouths. As we kissed I was slowly pulling her sweater up, I broke our passionate kiss to lift it over her head. Kim reached back and freed those large lovely tits from their bra.

She stood up and she removed her jeans, Kim had worn no panties on her date tonight. I slipped off my nightshirt as I stared at Kim's pussy. Her hair had started to grow back soon it would be thicker than it was before. I moved to the edge of the sofa as Kim stepped toward me.

I wrapped my arms around her body. My face was against her tummy as I slowly kissed at it. I slowly planted kisses up her torso working to her tits. I squeezed Kim's boobs together with my hands as I kissed both of them. I kissed at her nipples before I gave each of them a lick with my tongue. "AHhhh Janet that feels good," Kim cooed out as she ran her hands through my long blonde hair. I sucked one of her nipples into my mouth as I gently ran my tongue around it before I suckled on it.

I did the same to her other breast before I stood up and took her back into my arms. I used my tongue to lick at her lips before I pressed my lips onto hers. I looked to Kim and I smiled as I kissed her full on her lips, soft and tenderly. My head was spinning with passion as Kim returned my kiss, her soft wet tongue mingling in my mouth. My body was tingling and my pussy was getting wet. I felt Kim's hand slip to my breast, her two fingers closing around my nipple as she trapped it between her fingers.

Kim pulled on my nipple as she kissed me passionately. I was moaning into her mouth as she did. Kim broke our kiss and she gently pushed me down onto the sofa. Kim joined me on the sofa over top of me. Kim slowly kissed her way around my face, down my neck to my breasts. My tits swelled, as my breathing was deep and filled with lust. Kim kissed and licked at my tits, Kim sucked at one breast before she sucked at my other.

Kim worked her kisses slowly down the rest of my body making her way to my pussy. I parted my legs as Kim got down by my pussy. I felt her hands running slowly up my thighs as her face got closer to my pussy. Kim stuck out her tongue and she touched it against my clit. Kim licked at it just long enough to make it grow and swell.

Kim then kissed at my pussy lips as I felt her hands leave my thighs. Kim used her hands to part my pussy lips. Kim looked up to me and smiled as she pulled at my pussy lips. Kim lowered her face again as she started to run her tongue in and out of my pussy. I was bucking my body up into her face as her tongue explored deep in my pussy. My pussy was burning with desire as she snaked her tongue in and out of my throbbing pussy. "Kim spin up here and let me lick your pussy as well," I moaned out to her from the sofa.

Kim did as I asked. Kim spun around and she gently lowered her pussy onto my face. Kim's pussy was a few inches away from me when I got the aroma of her freshly fucked pussy. I knew Steve must have got some of that pussy on their date tonight. I licked at her hanging pussy lips with my tongue. Kim was lapping hard at my own pussy as I used my hands to part her hanging lips. I pulled her pussy lips apart to expose her love hole. Kim's pink hole opened up and as it did I saw Steve's white cum buried deep in her pussy.

"Kim you got fucked good tonight I see," I moaned out. "Right outside here in the parking lot," Kim moaned back. I stuck out my tongue and I poked at Steve's cum inside her pussy. My tongue pushed at his cum as it entered into her. I swirled my tongue around in her hole before I drew it back into my mouth.

I tasted his cum as I pulled my tongue back into my mouth. I felt Kim slipping her fingers into my pussy when I did. Kim had two fingers in my pussy as I stabbed my tongue back up into her pussy. My tongue sought out more of his cum that his cock had left behind. I took my fingers and I rubbed on Kim's clit as my tongue dug deeply into her pussy. Kim moaned as she started to rock on my face. "AHhhhh Fuck," I screamed out as Kim's finger hit my special spot.

I squirmed under her as my orgasm exploded from my pussy. Kim just dug her fingers into my special spot. My juices exploded from my pussy in a powerful squirt. I dug my own tongue into her pussy as I rubbed hard and fast on her swollen clit. "AHhhhhhh," Kim moaned softly out as I felt her body raise up. Kim was more or less sitting on my face.

Kim started to rock on my face with my tongue still buried deeply in her pussy. Kim moaned again as I felt her pussy let go on my face. Kim's juices squirted directly into my mouth. They had caught me my surprise and I started to try to swallow as much as I could. However there was just too much of it and I started to choke on her tasty juices. Kim spun off my face as she asked if I was OK. I told her I was, as I sat up trying to catch my breath.

Kim sat beside me and she wrapped her arm around me. "Sorry about that Janet it just felt to good for me to stop," Kim said as she hugged me. I replied, "That's OK Kim I rather enjoyed it myself," as I gave her a halfhearted smile. Kim gave me a very serious look as she asked, "Janet is everything OK?" "No, Kim it is not," I replied as I looked into her eyes.

I told her the full story, I told her how I had promoted John just so I could get attention myself, I told her how I wanted to get even with everyone that had only knew me as that goofy little girl. I told Kim how I was jealous of the attention he gets. I told her that I hated what I had turned him in to.

I also told her I hated myself for doing it because in doing it I believed I was driving the man I loved from my heart.

Kim looked at me and with wide eyes she said, "Janet I can not believe you did that," "Using John just so people would pay attention to you." "Janet that is so fucked up." "I know Kim and believe me I am sorry for doing it," I replied as I looked at her. "You should be sorry, however I do understand why you did it Janet," Kim said as she stroked at my blonde hair.

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"Kim there is something else…" I started to say however, Kim cut me off. "I know Janet, you don't hide your jealousy to well," Kim said.

Kim went on to tell me that just about every time she looked at me when she was having sex with John she could see it in my eyes. Kim told me that was why she started sleeping out here in the living room. Kim also told me she seen it in my eyes at school when another girl even just looked at John.

"Janet you can not go on like that, believe me I know how being jealous will rip not only yours but others hearts out as well." Kim said as she stroked at my hair.

"Kim if you have seen it do you think, John has as well?" I asked scared of what her answer may be.


Kim told me right now John had too much on his mind. Kim told me that John confident in her that he wishes people would just leave him alone. Kim told me that John wishes he knew how the town had got behind him and had turned him into a super star in the first place. Kim told me that John had told her he was sick of it, he even told her he felt like just giving it all up. "WHY the fuck did he confident in you Kim?" I more or less yelled out with anger.

"Janet you are going to have to learn to control your jealousy," Kim replied softly. "Just because John talked to me about something does not mean we are bed hopping behind your back," Kim added with a scowl look on her face. Kim went on to say John confident in her because he did not want to hurt my feelings. John knows you enjoy all the whoop rah he is getting Kim told me. John had even told Kim that sometimes it seemed like I only wanted him because he was a superstar. "I told John that was untrue Janet, you were with him because you loved him," Kim said.

Then she added, "At least I thought you loved him for him," "To be truthful Janet right now I don't know what to believe." My closest best friend even questioned my love for John. I just sat there staring at Kim. I could not find the words to defend myself. I felt lost as I knew I was no longer in charge.

Inside I was once again that goofy little girl only I was scared now very scared. "Janet, maybe you should just sit down and talk to John," Kim said. Those words no sooner left her mouth than some thing inside of me took over my body and my mind.

I yelled harshly back at her, "Why so he gets mad and leaves me, then you can move back into his heart," "I should not have even said anything to you." Kim grabbed me pulling me into her body as she said, "Janet don't even think those things, I do not want nor do I need John," "I only want to see you happy Janet that's all." That thing that had taken over my body suddenly left me as I started to cry upon her shoulder.

I sobbed out as Kim held me, "I am sorry Kim," "I don't know what or who I am anymore." Kim just held me in her arms for most of the night. Kim told me that it would all work out. I kissed her good night before I made my way back into the bedroom. John was laying peacefully asleep, I looked at him as I climbed back into our bed hoping Kim was right.

I lie there beside him thinking about how I had just become extremely angry with Kim. It seemed I had been doing more of that lately not just to Kim. I was becoming hostile to anyone near John. I had stopped going to his aunts because I did not like how she even looked at him.

I fell asleep as I cuddled him. During my sleep that night I had the same recent nightmare of John walking away from me and me calling him but he just keeps walking away.

The rest of the week at school I kept pretty much to myself, I had to if I seen John walking to one of his classes with that group of bitches following him my blood boiled. That Thursday night after school, Kim was going out with Steve so I planned on an evening at home with John. I was horny and I wanted to have sex with him all night long, as I would not have sex with him Friday night because of his game Saturday.

John came home in the evening from football practice and he told me that he had to go down to the one local radio station for an interview. He asked me to come along but I told him I would wait for him here. I sure wish I had gone along when I sat down and tuned in the radio show. It seemed like our head cheerleader Kris had joined John at the radio station. I got pissed as I listened to them both on the radio.

It sounded to me like something was going on between them. The person interviewing John even asked Kris if maybe she was attracted to and interested in John. "Wouldn't any woman love to have this hunk of man on her arm," Kris replied with a little giggle. I turned the fucking radio off after that. I did not care to hear anymore.

In my mind he was fucking around with Kris. The interview was over at 9:00 pm; however, John did not come walking in through our door until 11:00 pm. "Where the HELL have you been," I screamed at him as soon as he walked through the front door. John replied, "Well if you MUST know I saw Steve and Kim on my way home at the root beer stand, so I stopped and I was bull shitting with them," as he gave me an harsh look.

"I suppose you took Kris with you," I said back to him in a loud tone of voice. "After all any woman would love to have a hunk like you on their arm," I added in my best sounding squeaky voice trying to sound like Kris.

"I take it that you did not hear what my reply to that was on the fucking radio," John replied. "IN FACT JANET.," "Just forget it I am tired and I do not feel like arguing with you, I am going to bed," John added as he walked in the bedroom slamming the door behind him.

I sat out in the living room all alone; I did not know what to believe as I had turned the radio off so I do not know what his reply had been.

It was almost one in the morning before Kim returned home. I was sitting there waiting for her. "What are you still doing up I would have thought you would be in there with John making the whole apartment shake," Kim said with a smile. "Kim did John stopped and talk to you and Steve tonight?" I asked as she walked toward me. "Yeah he did, we were listening to him on the radio earlier, John even told everyone that there was only one girl that held his heart and that was you, Janet," Kim replied as she smiled at me.

Kim sat down with me and I explained what I had done. Kim told me I had it all wrong. Kim told me that during the last part of the radio show John was taking calls however, most of them were girls just asking him out. Kim told me that John got a little upset on the radio about that.

Kim told me that John then told all the women listening that no matter what they could offer him, you were the only girl in his heart. I felt bad now after Kim told me that. I told Kim good night as I walked toward our bedroom. I tried the door; at least John had not locked me out. John was sound asleep as I crawled into bed. I cuddled up to him and I licked at his ear it was awhile before he finally stirred from his sleep. "John, sorry about earlier," I whispered into his ear. "I know Janet, I know," John replied before he drifted back off to sleep.

I got up way before John did Friday morning, as he did not have practice that day. I made him a big breakfast before we went off to school.

Over breakfast, I told him I was sorry again. John told me it was OK as he took me into those lovely big arms of his. John lifted me up and he sat me on top of the kitchen table. I only had on my nightshirt as I felt his hand running up my thigh. I grabbed his hand before it touched by my pussy. "John, you know we can't," I said as I smiled at him.

"I had to try at least," John, replied before he kissed me deep and with passion. Friday turned out to be a very good day for me. All the girls at school kept coming up to me and telling me how John had praised me on the radio. They would tell me "But why am I telling you; surely you heard him on the radio." I would just shake my head yes but I had not heard a word of what he had said.

Kris the head cheerleader even came up to me.

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Kris thanked me for allowing John to do the radio show with her. Kris told me with his help the cheer leading squad had raised a ton of money for the local children's home.

Kris even gave me a hug as she told me how lucky I was to have him. The school threw the team a big pep rally in the gym during school. Some one had made a big banner that was hanging up that had John's number on it that went like 56 + Janet = a WIN. I never did find out who had made it. As John and I were leaving school that day, everyone in the parking lot came over and wished him good luck for tomorrow.

Friday night John took Kim, Steve and I to dinner, Kim and Steve went out afterwards while John and I spend the night at home with a movie we had rented. We turned in early that night and I had to tell John no sex more than an few times. God I was so fucking horny too. John got up Saturday morning; I made him a light breakfast. I could tell he was a little nervous more so than I had ever seen him. John would usually run to the college in the morning but this morning he asked me to drive him.

I drove him and he showed me where I could park our car back by the locker room in case we had to make a fast escape. "John, you will do just fine stop your worrying," I said to him. John took me into his arms and he gave me a deep, long, passionate kiss as we stood by the car. His coach walked by and he told us, you two should get a room.

I told John good luck and that I would be cheering for him. I went back home and tried to stay busy with Kim's help. DeRonda called and she told me that she would meet us outside of the stadium. Kim and I got dressed and off to the football stadium we went.

Kim and I waited outside the main gate for DeRonda; I was surprised when she walked up with my dad with her.

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DeRonda told us all that we would be seating in the best seats this year as she had got us all season tickets The four of us made our way into a packed stadium. We took our seats, very good seats they were as you could see the whole field, and the player's bench was right in front of us. The crowd went nuts when the team came out to warm up. I will not boar you with a play by play of the game.

The final score was 49 to 10 we had won our first game of the season. John had scored on two punt returns and on an interception. He also was in the quarterbacks' face most of the day or helping him up off the ground after sacking him five times. My John had looked very impressive out there. The game ended and my dad told me to tell John he was proud of him before I saw him off to his truck. I told DeRonda I had parked back by the locker room, she told me she knew that as she had parked next to me.

DeRonda, Kim and I walked back to there. Holy shit it looked like most of the town was standing back there. They were waiting for the team to come out. The team finally started to come out, the crowd and us as well left them know we were proud of them.

I looked around however I could not find John. Steve came over to be with Kim. Someone in the crowd yelled out his name and everyone started to scream his name as well. The locker room door opened and the crowd left out a big yell, however it was the coach, the crowd quieted down as he got on his bullhorn.

The coach said, "The team and I thank you for all your support, however if you are waiting for John to come out that is not going to happen because he left already." The crowd gave a groan as they slowly walk away after the coach told them that.

The coach walked up to DeRonda and he told her something. The coach walked back into the locker room as Kim told me she was going with Steve. DeRonda walked over to me and she wrapped her arms around me. She whispered in my ear, "Give John about five minutes and he will be coming out that door, you are to pick him up." DeRonda added, "Bring him over to my house that is when you get done with him," as she winked and smiled at me.

DeRonda got into her car and I watched her drive off. I turned and I started to walk toward our car. I saw that there was an woman and an young boy about 10 I would say standing by our car, as I got up to the car the woman looked down to the boy.

The woman said, "I told you Billy that this was not John's car now let's go home." Billy the young boy replied, "Yes it is mom, that's Janet, she is John's woman." The woman said, "Stop that Billy," as she tugged at his hand. I smiled at the woman as I replied, "Why, I am his woman," as I rubbed my hand across Billy's crew cut.

"Sorry, Billy was hoping to shake John's hand that was all but if he has left already," The woman said with a smile. I smiled at her as I looked around the back lot; most of the people were gone. I told Billy and his mom to stay right where they were, I would be back in a few minutes as I had something for them. They both rather gave me a strange look, however they both shook their heads yes that they would stay there. I got into our car and I drove over to the side door.

I saw someone look out then it closed.

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An few seconds later John came out and he slipped into our car with a football in his hand. I knew it was the game ball. John gave me a quick hug and a short kiss. "There was no way in hell I was coming out to that crowd," John said with a smile before he told me to drive.

"Would you mind if we made one quick little stop?" I asked as I started to drive. John looked at me and I pointed to the young boy and woman standing alone by where his car had been as I said, "Billy there just wants to shake your hand." John told me sure and I drove over to them.

John rolled down his windows and stuck his hand out as he said, "Hi there partner." Billy shook his hand as he replied, "I just wanted to shake your hand and tell you that you played a great game." John shook his hand as he said, "Thank you Billy, I try my best." Billy's mom told John thanks for taking the time to make her son's day as she also shook his hand.

She looked through the window and she thanked me as well. Billy and his mom started to walk away from our car. They got a few feet away when John looked at me with a smile as he held up the game ball. John yelled out the window, "Hey Billy," as Billy turned around John threw that game ball to him underhand. Billy caught the ball with both hands as John said, "That's yours ball now Billy we already have a few at our house." Billy's mom smiled at John as Billy yelled out, "Thanks Janet and John." They both waved to us as we pulled away.

I told John that was so sweet of him. He told me just what we needed another damn football in our apartment. There was a small crowd of people standing outside the exit.

John said, "Don't stop just keep driving like you are nobody," as he sank down the best he could in the small seat. We got by them without anyone realizing whom it was. I told John how proud I was of him for the game he played. I also told him my dad was very proud of him as well. "Your aunt wants me to bring you over to her place," I said to him. John placed his hand on mine on the gearshift as he said, "I don't think so, I was thinking more of running out to the lake to you know our special little spot," "Just you and I for a while," as he gave me a smile.

"Sounds like a plan to me," I replied as I gunned the engine and off we went. I parked the car by the lake and we both got out. John grabbed the blanket lying on the back seat. We walked a bit until we found a lovely spot by the water.

John places the blanket onto the ground and he pulled me down on top of him and the blanket. John wrapped those lovely big arms of his around me and he rolled me over the blanket until he was on top of me.

John and I kissed deeply and passionately as he lay on top of me. My body started to tingle all over as we did. John broke our kiss as he moved down my body. His hands went for the buttons on my jeans.

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In mere seconds, John had my jeans off me. He did not have to worry about panties, as I had none on. John reached between my thighs as he parted my legs. John shoved his middle finger up deep into my pussy. He rotated it up in my pussy a few times.

"I have wanted you since I ran out onto that field today," John said as I felt him slip another finger up into my pussy. John ran his fingers in and out of my pussy slowly at first then as my juices started to make it wet. He added two more fingers, now four fingers from John really filled up my pussy.

I could feel my pussy stretching apart as he ran those fingers in and out. "Take your sweater off Janet and play with those tits as I finger fuck the hell out of you," John said as he smiled at me.

I sat up and I removed my sweater, then my bra. My nipples hardened in the cool afternoon air. I pinched at my nipples before I scooped one of my tits up with my hand. I brought it up to my mouth where I licked at the nipple as John fingered my pussy.

John had my pussy all wet with my juices as I sucked at and licked on my nipples. I lie back down on the blanket when I felt his thumb going to my clit.

John roughly thumbed at my clit while he worked his fingers up into my pussy. I felt my pussy stretching even more as he jabbed his fingers in and out of my pussy. I moaned a little both from the pain and from the pleasure; his four fingers were giving me.

I looked to John who was watching his fingers as he curled them up in my pussy. My body shot up as his fingers hit my special spot. I threw my arms around his neck as he dug those four fingers wildly in my pussy. "AHHhhhhhhhh," I moaned out loudly as my body started to shake. John just kept digging his fingers at my pussy and grinding his thumb into my clit.

My pussy opened and closed on his hand as it left go a big and powerful squirt. My head snapped back as I held on to John's neck. "AAAAHHhhhhh FUCK," I yelled out as my orgasm peaked. John removed his fingers from my pussy and he said, "Lick your wetness from my fingers," as he brought them to my mouth. I stuck my tongue out and I licked at his fingers first. Then I sucked at each of them one at a time.


When I had cleaned my juices from his fingers, John kissed me deeply and with passion. I slipped my tongue into his mouth as his slipped into mine. I broke our kiss as I pushed him away as I got to my knees. I looked into those lovely eyes as I said, "Feed my mouth that cock, John," giving him my evil little grin.

John stood up and as he reached for the top of his jogging pants. I reached up to his thighs and I just yank his jogging pants down. I reached up and I grabbed at his hard throbbing cock through his underwear. I moved closer as I yanked his underwear down as well. I grabbed at his cock with both my hands as I pumped on it a few times. I removed one hand as I closed my mouth around the head of his dick. I slowly worked my mouth up and down on his cock while pumping on it with my other hand.

I ran my mouth down to my hand that was around his cock. I worked my mouth on down his cock until my nose was pressing against his cock hair down there. I sucked deeply on his cock before I started to work my mouth back up it. I worked my mouth all the way up his cock until I barely had his dick head in my mouth. I slipped my mouth fully back down on his cock pressing my tongue against it as it slipped deeper into my mouth. "AHhhhh baby suck it," John moaned out as I felt his hands going to the back of my head.

I just kept running my mouth up and down his cock. I was taking all of it into my mouth and then just sucking at the head of his cock when I was back at the top of his cock. John started to fuck my mouth with his cock. His hands were on my head as he bucked his hips toward my mouth.

I felt the tip of his cock tapping at the back of my throat as John face fucked me. John fucked my mouth for about ten deep strokes. On the next deep stroke, I reached my arms and hand around him. I put my hands onto his butt cheeks and I pulled him toward me taking even more of his cock deeper into my mouth. I sucked hard at his cock as I breathed through my nose. I could feel his cock throbbing in my mouth.

I started to work my mouth back up and down on his cock. I rubbed at his butt cheeks with my hands. I slipped my fingers between his butt cheeks. I toyed with his asshole by running my finger around it.

AHHHh shit Janet you going to make me cum," John screamed out. When I heard him tell me that, I moved my mouth back down deep on his cock. At The same time, I jammed my whole finger up into his asshole. I had my mouth buried on his cock while my finger was digging deep in his asshole.

I sucked deeply at his cock as I pushed my finger even deeper into his ass. "HEY, Ahhhhhhh fuck," John, yelled out as I felt both him and his cock jerk. John's cock swelled in my mouth as it shot ribbons of cum into my throat. I do not think a single drop landed in my mouth it all ran directly into my throat.

I just swallowed as I kept sucking on his cock. I was still working my finger in his ass as well. I felt his cock throb again as it pumped even more cum into my throat. Ahhhhhhh Janet," John moaned out as the last drop spilled into my throat. John removed his hands from my head as I removed my finger from his ass. I removed my mouth from his cock. As I did so I looked at it not a drop of his cum was remaining on his cock as it went slowly soft.

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John reached down and he picked me up. His hands went around my back as mine wrapped around his neck. Our lips locked into a deep, passionate kiss our bodies pressed tightly against each other. John's kiss was making my head spin. It felt like the first kiss we had together.

I slipped my tongue into his mouth as we kissed even deeper. I felt almost like I was going to pass out as my body felt warm and my head dizzy. John broke our kiss as he hugged me tightly he said, "GOD Janet I love you," as his embrace got even tighter.

"John, I love you…," I replied before I went limp in his arms. I woke back up maybe forty seconds later with John holding me in his arms as he asked, "JANET, JANET you OK," with his face white. It seemed that I had forgotten to breathe as we were kissing. Then when John hugged me so tightly, I had passed out in his arms.

I told him I was OK just a little light headed that was all. John told me never to do that again. I had scared the shit out of him. John pulled his jogging pants back up. Then he helped me back into my clothes. John asked me again if I was OK. I told him I was in heaven because I was with him. John and I walked back to the car hand in hand. We kissed again before we got into the car.

John told me that he would drive. John started the car, I reached, and I turned on the radio. I flipped through some stations as he drove us back to town. I happened to have landed on a local talk radio station. They were talking about our win today and about how well John had played. The radio person praised him, as did all the people calling in. I placed my hand onto his as he shifted gears. "John, I am so proud of you," I said as I rubbed his hand.

John smiled at me as he said, "Just another day Janet just another day," as he drove us toward town. John drove us over to his aunts and he pulled into the driveway. John shook his head as he pulled up and parked by the rest of the cars in the driveway. Great just what I wanted a crowd of fucking people John told me as he looked at me.

John got out, he came over, and he helped me from the car. As we walked up to the door hand in hand John said, "If I ever find out just who got this town all fired up over me I would ring their neck." That peaceful warm feeling that had been over me since we were at the lake left me. The smile fell from my face as my mind raced with thoughts of John's hands around my neck squeezing the life from me. I tripped going up the front step to the door John grabbed me before I hit the ground.

"JANET. Are you sure you're OK?" John asked me as he opened the door. "Yes John I am just a little tired it has been a long week," I replied giving him the best smile I could manage. I no sooner got that out than the people inside his aunt's house were on us. They were all screaming John's name as they rushed forward. They were patting him on his back, while they pushed me from his side. I saw John turn and look toward me as I saw the sparkle leave his eyes and a worried look came across his face as the crowd pulled and pushed us apart.

I managed a smile that I flashed at him as I mouthed the words "I Love You" to him, as he got lost in the crowd. I went out to the kitchen where I pulled up a chair and I sat down. I placed my arms up onto the table then my head into my arms as I started to cry. I was alone once more. The cheering from the other room seemed to echo as I sobbed with my head between my arms on the kitchen table.

The hurt that I was feeling was my own doing as I had no one to blame except for myself. I sat there for almost an hour not a soul had ventured out into the kitchen area. There was now music, talking and laughing coming from the outer rooms. I got up and went to the kitchen sink where I splashed water up into my face. I grabbed a towel and dried both my tears and the water from my face. I walked out into the outer room where I stopped as I looked around.

Most of the people in the room I knew however as I walked through them not one so much as told me hi. I saw John standing over by the steps; there were four or five girls all pawing at him. They were hugging him and kissing him.

I stood there watching him. My blood started to boil in my body. I turned and I started to run back to the kitchen. I only got maybe four steps before I ran smack into DeRonda. I almost got around her when she grabbed me. "Janet, I have been looking for you," DeRonda said as she pulled me back toward her. DeRonda looked into my eyes and she asked, "What is wrong my dear?" "I don't feel good that is all," I replied as I pressed my head against her shoulder.

DeRonda wrapped her arms around me as she said, "Dear lets go get John and he can take you home," as she started to walk me toward the stairs where John was. I stopped dead in my track with her pulling at me, I replied, "NO, DeRonda let him bask in his glory, he deserved it after the game he played today," giving her a forced fake smile.

"I will just go sit in the den for awhile, I will be OK," I added as I managed to get away from her. I looked back to her as people also mobbed her. Her eyes stared at me blankly for a few seconds before I lost her in the crowd as well.

I made my way into the den, closing the door behind myself. I sat down onto the leather sofa in there. I leaned my head back into the leather back as I closed my eyes.

I left my mind drift back to the lake. My mind filled with the kissing John and I had done. My mind raced back to how it had felt just like the very first time I had kissed John. With my eyes shut, the inner rage I was feeling started to leave my body. As I sat there with my head leaned backed thinking about John I felt peace and warmth filling me once more. In fact it was to peaceful as the next thing I remembered was being shook. "JANET, wake up, wake up," "Janet are you OK," John asked as he shook me.

"Oh I must have dozed off sorry," I replied in a sleepy state. "My aunt told me you were in here and not feeling well," "Come on let me take you home," John said as he scooped me off the leather sofa.

"No, I am OK you go back and enjoy yourself, with those girls hanging on you," I replied smartly. John said, "Janet, I am not in the mood for that shit so just stop it," "I said we were going home," as he wrapped his arm around me and damn near dragged me from his aunts house.

It was a long quiet drive back to our apartment, neither of us saying a word. John pulled into our parking lot and he got out. He came over and he got me out of the car as well. He wrapped his arm around me as we walked up and into our apartment. John walked me to the bedroom where he undressed me and he put me into bed.

"I am sorry John," I said as I looked up at him from under the bed covers. "I know Janet you just get some rest, I will join you in a little bit," John replied as he gave my forehead a kiss before leaving the room. I just lay there alone again for the better part of an hour waiting for him to come join me.

I fell into a deep sleep before that happened. I awoke some hours later still alone in the bedroom. Our bedroom door was closed and the room dark. I sat up and moved to the edge of the bed. I could hear soft music coming from the living room. I slipped from our bed and opened the bedroom door. I tip toed out into the hall then looked around the corner into the living room.

My eyes had to get adjusted to the light, as my vision came into focus. I saw Kim and John together on the sofa. They had opened the sofa up into the bed. Kim was lying on her back with her legs up onto his shoulders.

John was driving his cock fully and deeply into her pussy as he held onto her legs. The sounds of Kim's wet pussy soon filled my ears as well as the smell of sex filled my nostrils. Kim was moaning softly however I could still hear her as she said, "Make love to me John, love me like you used too," as John pounded her with his cock. I just stood there watching. I tried to move however, my legs would not move. I tried to scream out at them both, however no sound came from my mouth.

I watched as Kim's head rocked from side to side. Kim's big round tits were rolling in circles as John pounded her pussy with his cock. I tried again to move but I could not. I could not move from that spot as they fucked. I watched as John bent down and he kissed Kim passionately on her lips.

Those same lips he had kissed me with out by the lake. I saw the fire and the passion in both their eyes as they kissed deeply as they fucked each other on the sofa bed. "FUCK ME JOHN, fuck me," Kim screamed out as she lie there. The room filled with the sounds of her wet slurping pussy as John's cock slipped in and out. I could hear her pussy sucking at his cock as he slammed it deep and hard into her. The slurps from her pussy just kept getting louder.

I tried to turn my head away. I tried to close my eyes so I could not see what they were doing. However, my head would not move nor would my eyes close. All I could do was standing there watching John fucking the hell out of Kim. "Yes John, fuck me, give me your seed," "Give me another baby John," "Please they took our last one make me pregnant," Kim screamed loudly at John. John picked up his pace at nailing her pussy. He started to slam his cock deep and hard into her.

I stood there in horror as I watched his head shoot back as he drove his cock deep up into her, "Kim, take my seed deep," John yelled as he drove his cock deep. "Make me a DADDY," John screamed as I saw his body start to jerk and his cum filling Kim's pussy. I could feel my body shaking as if I was going to explode as I watched him filling her full of his baby seed.

Kim and John turned their heads toward me as they both fucking smiled at me. It was the most terrifying and horrible feeling as they simply smiled at me. I started to scream loudly as my voice returned to me, "KIM I WILL KILL YOU," I just kept screaming it repeatedly. "JANET, JANET, wake up," "Janet wake up," John said as he shook me once more. "Janet I think you were having a nightmare," "You were yelling something and flopping all around in the bed," John added as his arms wrapped around me.

I wrapped my arms around him and I pulled him tightly against myself as I replied, "Yes that's all it was an nightmare," as I just stared off into space. John held me for a while then we both lay back down.

I put my back to his chest as he wrapped those lovely big arms around me. John pulled me tightly against his warm body as he cuddled me. I felt John kissing the back of my head. I pushed back up against him as I said, "Hold me John and please never let me go." This will end this chapter. I have to find some way to deal or control my jealousy or it will get me in big trouble with John.

However when he finds out it was I who got the whole town behind him I will be in bigger trouble. In my next chapter, I try to find a way to control my jealousy, which may only land me in hot water. As always, let me know if you enjoyed this chapter. My next one will be out soon. Janet