Rimming straight black mens ass and pics of shy latino gay Still

Rimming straight black mens ass and pics of shy latino gay Still
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The sound of your key grating in to the lock quickens my pulse. As I listen to the sound of the lock sliding open, I lick my lips, which have become suddenly dry, as my breathing has gotten faster in anticipation of seeing you again.

I've been waiting for your return for so long. You're finally home. My rapid heartbeat is so loud in my ears; I can hardly hear the sound of the door in the other room open and close. I sit up on the bed as I listen to you re-lock the door and then the sound of the keys clanking on the table in the living room.

By the time your frame shadows the open bedroom door, I'm sitting up on my knees with my legs slightly spread open. An odd thought goes through my mind. I'm wondering if you were thinking to yourself if you left the bedroom light on all this time…… The sight of me sitting up on your king-size bed, with my naked legs peeping out from under your old oversize button-down shirt, you stop for just a moment, just inside the door frame.

Your eyes gaze over my tousled long red hair and then my hungry, lust filled eyes. Then, you look lower and notice only one button is holding your shirt on my body. My breasts are almost bare, if that button was set a little lower, my nipples would be exposed. I lick my lips again, watching your eyes follow the pink tip traveling across them. I can tell the questions you wanted to ask me are pretty much lost. You cross the room in a few steps and pause at the foot on the bed and stare at me with your arms crossed high on your chest.

That's enough for me. I can't wait anymore. I just want to crawl across your bed to you. And that's what I do. I lean forward on my hands and prowl towards you on my hands and knees. The front of the shirt gaps open and you look momentarily at my tits, swaying just a little with my movements. My breasts have always been a breaking point for you.

At 48 EE, you have loved to do so many things with them. You have played, sucked, bit, and fucked them many times.

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You've even found them quite nice to nap on from time to time. The pads of your fingertips are practically tingling, remembering how soft and big they feel when you squeeze them.

I stop at the edge of the bed, right in front of you. I look up at you for a moment.

I can see you reading my begging eyes. With a loud sigh, you close your eyes.


I smile. You drop your hands to your sides. Still on my hands and knees, I lean forward, pressing my lips the front your pants with my hot breath breathing against it, feeling your dick start to stir. Encourage that it missed me; I kiss your growing hard-on. I can tell you don't want to break this easily, with your stubborn hands still hanging along your sides. But your body is betraying you as your hips press forward, towards the heat of my mouth.

I continue kissing the outside of your bulging pants with my warm lips, tracing your hard-on's length up and down until it's so stiff, begging me to release it.

Finally your hands move and then reach down for both sides of my face softly, tilting my head up to look at you. As I look up into your eyes, your thumbs make slow circles on my cheeks. Seeing the raw lust in your eyes, I feel a small shiver whisper down my body. I rise up, still on my knees and your hands draw my face to you, my lips to your lips. While I'm kissing your lips, my hand rubs the outline of your throbbing rod.

As I suck your tongue in my mouth, my fingers move up and try to open your shirt. My passion is boiling over and I wind up ripping it off. As the buttons fall to the floor like pebbles, my hands now start to unbutton your pants.

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Your cock is freed and my warm hand greets it and slowly massages it. With a moan of pleasure from you, I break the kiss and move my lips down your chin and kiss your neck. After I move slowly down your neck, I begin kiss your chest softly with my lips.

My tongue starts to lick your chest as I'm wrapping your cock with my hands tightly. You start to breath harder as my fingertips lightly moving up and down on the under side of your pulsing dick, and then move to the soft area at the base of your shaft.

You bend down, breathing in the apple scent of my newest shampoo in my soft hair and kiss the top of my head for being such a good girl. You even murmur it out loud, telling me I'm a very good girl.

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You know that calling me this is my breaking point and I begin to lick further down your chest and slowly go down, leaving a hot burning trail of fire down your body.

I kiss the head of your cock, my hands keeping it stiff, and my tongue tastes the head. My warm tongue continues to taste and swirl your knob until you moan, telling me to slide it in my mouth. I draw in a deep breath and slowly I take you in my mouth, my lips encircling you tightly as my mouth replaces my hand.

My hot, wet mouth feels so nice surrounding your rock hard dick.

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With while my mouth is sucking you, I bring my hands up to your hips and hook them in the top of your pants, tugging them down your legs. I feel your fingers slide down my back lifting the back of the shirt I'm wearing a little and your fingers slide across my smooth, warm skin. They slip to my sides, then under my panties at my hips.

You tease me as you slowly start to push them down my legs. After one quick, deep stroke in my mouth, I slide my lips slowly back up your slippery rod. As my mouth leaves your cock, you can feel the cool air of the room shock you because my mouth was so warm. I sit up, to finish rolling my panties back down my legs, as you step out of your pants. I take your hand and guide you down to the bed, positioning you to sit up, with your back up against the headboard, your legs slightly bent in front of you.

I slide off the bed and stand at the base and remove the shirt I'm wearing. You take a long look at my large breasts. So smooth and white. Full and round. My pink nipples are erect and begging to be touched.

Looking further down my hourglass frame, you see the small patch of trimmed copper color fur covering my cunt. I climb back on and crawl back to you. I slide my naked body up yours for a quick kiss.

Then I drop back, sliding my hard nipples down your chest and stomach. I settle down on my knees between your legs.

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My hands touch your knees and as I slowly lower myself between them, my nails softly trace up your thighs and grab your still rock hard cock and hold on to it as my tongue touches the base of your cock, getting it moist and hot again. I slowly lick a light circle around the base and then I feel you throbbing as lick back up your stick. My tongue licks the head one more time when and then I take you in my mouth.

Taking you in my mouth so deep, I can hear you suck in a deep breath, clenching your teeth as you feel my mouth sucking your hard cock tightly, moving up and down, my hands gripping your thighs to try to hold you closer to my mouth.

You brush my hair back away from my face so you can see my mouth wrapped around your dick. I look up at you, watching you enjoy seeing my lips pressing tightly around stiff rod. My mouth is making it so wet, it's glistening. You're almost hypnotized, watching your cock plunge in and out of my mouth at a slow and steady speed. Every few strokes of my mouth, I pause and allow my tongue to roll across the underside of your dick while you're deep inside. Every husky moan and uttering of the word "fuck" you say, just makes me want to suck you forever.

Then you look to the end of the bed and there is a mirror pointed at us.

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You can see me working on your cock from behind. My head moving up and down, my naked ass raised slightly in the air.


You can tell my pussy is wet from this angle. Watching my head bobbing up and down and feeling me stroke you hard and fast with my mouth after a few minutes, your gonna cum. I can tell. Not ready for you to be done yet, I slide you out of my hot mouth.

Before you start to protest, I move lower and slide my tongue across your balls. My hands take over for my mouth and just continue to fondle your dick, using long strokes to keep it hard. As my tongue brings one of your balls into my mouth, your hands are clenched in my hair.

I feel you lift your hips off the bed, helping me fit more past my lips. I lightly suckle and allow my tongue to tickle it until you feel so tight and full. I look up at you, and you tell me to be a good girl and stop teasing.

My mouth returns to your rock solid dick. Sliding back down on it, my hand starts to caress your now wet balls. After your cock has returned to my wet, hot mouth, I start to feel your hips lifting up, helping me to fit all of you in my mouth.

When the tip of your dick hits the back of my throat, you just loose any control you were holding back. I feel you curling your fingers in my hair tighter and just start to pound my head up and down your swollen, meaty cock, slamming the tip of it against the back of my throat over and over.

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I moan, knowing I'm getting you off. That moan makes my mouth purr against you. As my fingers travel down past your balls, I stop and lightly caress the soft skin between your balls and your ass. That did it. You explode, your fingers are griping and pulling my hair tightly. I feel your hot cum in my mouth, and slide my lips up your cock a little.

I squeeze my cheeks in and begin to suck in and swallow it down mouth. The vacuum of my sucking feels like I'm sucking the cum straight out of your balls. I keep swallowing until you stop pumping and spurting. I let you go and you slip from my lips. I lay my head on your thigh, enjoying the taste of you that is lingering on my lips, watching you with your head tilted back and eyes closed.

After a minute you look down at me. I look tired, but happy. "Can I be your good girl again?" I ask. It's the first thing I have said all night. You respond "Maybe&hellip. But you might need to give me more to convince me" I giggle and slide up to give you a snugly hug. It's going to be a long night.