Sexy brunette ashli ames wants to swallow holy cum

Sexy brunette ashli ames wants to swallow holy cum
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The night started out like any in the pool. My boyfriend and I, and his little brother were all in the pool just swimming around and relaxing. Nothing was out of the ordinary. Rich (my boyfriend) was called inside by his mother leaving me with Brian (Rich's Brother).

Rich came back out a minute later. Rich: "Jenna, I have to go drive my parents to the airport. I'll be back home in an hour and a half." Me: "Ok, no problem!" With that Rich left and it was just me and Brian left to bide our time until Rich came back. About 5 minutes after Rich left Brian began doing cannon balls into the pool.

I suggested that I could do a cannon ball better than he could and before you know it we were taking turns doing cannon balls into the pool, although he beat me out for the most part.

Before I continue let me describe Brian. Brian was 14 years old at the time, about 2 inches shorter than me, and thin as a rail.

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He was very healthy and in shape for his age, with a tightly packed body. He is caucasian as well, with black hair cut short in a military style cut. Anyway, I was very embarrassed that someone 14 years old could beat me at anything, so I challenged him to a swimming competition.

We would compete at different styles of swimming and diving. This didn't last very long as we started with diving into the pool.

On my third dive I came up and declared victory, very proud of myself. I raised my arms in the air in triumph, but Brian was laughing at me.


I was wondering why he was laughing at me when I looked down and noticed something horrible!!! My bikini top had come off, and Brian had it in his hand!!!

I couldn't believe it, and quickly covered my chest and demanded that he give it back. He refused and I chased him around the pool. Finally he agreed to let me get it back, and he threw it over the side of the pool onto the grass!!!

What nerve I thought to myself, as I very angrily started to pull myself out of the pool when suddenly I felt myself get yanked from behind. he had ripped my bikini bottom off of me too, and I was in the pool stark naked!!! I tried to chase him and catch him but he got away from me too quickly, and was out of the pool before I could even catch up to him. He grabbed my top off the floor and waved my bikini at me mockingly.

Having no other choice I got out of the pool, trying my best to cover myself. He ran into his house and locked the screen door on me.

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I couldn't believe this, he had taken the towels too and left me outside completely naked! Brian ran out of sight and I panicked as I tried to think of something to do, so I found a pretty well concealed corner and ducked down there out of sight until I could figure out where to go or what to do.

Just then Brian came back and unlocked the door. He yelled to me that if I wanted my clothes back I had to come get it, so I ran inside and chased him all the way into his room. I yelled out for him to give them back to me, as I was getting very angry and frustrated.

As soon as I was in his room he closed the door on me and he tackled me onto the floor while I attempted to get my clothes back. We wrestled around the room and he eventually got the upper hand on me, and I was having trouble with him. Even though he was 4 years younger than me he was so much stronger than I am, and he managed to get a toy handcuff attached to my left hand and his bed post!!!

He then struggled with me and tied up my right arm to his desk using one of his t-shirts, and he tied my legs together, after considerable struggle.

Here I was buck naked, tied up in my boyfriend's little brother's bedroom, and my boyfriend was going to be home in about 45 minutes. I was panicing and feeling about ready to cry. Then Brian pulled the real killer on me. he took out a camera and began taking pictures of me completely naked. too many to count. I was helpless and there was nothing I could do.

I begged him to stop and finally began crying. He told me that now that he has all these pictures of me naked he can do anything he wants with me. I told him no and told him to leave me alone. He then told me that if I didn't give in to his demands that he would leave me tied up naked for Rich to find when he got home. I could never let that happen, because Rich is very sensitive about his brother, and would become furious with the both of us, and who knows what else would've happened.

So finally, I reluctantly agreed. Brian took his clothes off. I stood there looking at a completely naked 14 year old boy with a semi-erect penis. At full erection I would say Brian was about 4 to 5 inches long, with a decent thickness (obviously not close to my boyfriend, who is 6" and much thicker). Brian ordered me to begin sucking him off, and I reluctantly did so. I sucked on his penis while he rubbed my tits and fingered me. I tried to not enjoy it, and tried to hate him with every ounce of blood in my body, but slowly his prodding of me calmed me down.

Finally he pulled out of my mouth and told me he was going to fuck me. I begged him not too but he got on top of me and put his member into me.

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WOW. This turned out to be the absolute best sex I've ever had in my life. Even though he was smaller than Rich, he just knew how to work me, and seemed to be so much more erotic while doing it. The more Brian fucked me the hornier I got, and found myself getting very into it.

This lasted for about 10 minutes and then Brian came inside of me!!! I couldn't believe he did that unprotected and I told him as much but he didn't care. He said I was now his sex kitten. Brian untied me and gave me back my bikini and told me that from now on I would do whatever he wanted whenever he wanted or he would show my pictures to everybody. I agreed under the assumption that he would hold true to his word. Rich came home, completely unsuspecting, and threw his party that night.

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He told me later that I acted very awkward that night, and I knew I had spent the entire night pondering what had happened. I thought I would be angry about it at all but it just turns me on the more I think of it.

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The night of the party Rich got really bombed towards the end and went to sleep. I went into the shower and Brian came in and told me that I had to suck him off again, and I did so willingly.

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Since then Brian has made demands of me every so often and for the most part I've given in, whether it be sucking him off, letting him fuck me, or even once I let him try anal on me although I'm not too sure I liked it, and I don't think he did either. I tried denying him once and he showed my pictures to two guys I go to school with who are the biggest nerds in the school!

They never say anything to me but I can always see them looking at me lustfully, and it kind of grosses me out.


Since then I haven't said no to Brian, and I've given in to every desire he's ever had