Femdom fetish humiliation slut handjob and fuck

Femdom fetish humiliation slut handjob and fuck
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My Asian Treat Pt.10 Justice There are few times in a man's life when everything just quits working. One, for instance, is when your feet slip off the pedals of your bike and you come down hard on that bar in the middle.

For most guys that will stop you dead in your tracks. I had the same sort of experience when I saw Hirito standing in front of me. The initial rush of emotions ranged from anger and loss, to extreme outrage and disbelief. Why had Hirito not told me he was the owner of the company? Why the facade? Why didn't Kayko tell me? Was she a "guarantor" for the contract?

What other surprises were in store for me? My mind kept racing as I stood there with my mouth hanging open not sure of how I would respond.

And as for his limp ass excuse of pressing business, 'What a load of shit,' I thought as I looked past Hirito to see a bow legged Ruu approaching with Hirito's bag. He must have got carried away fucking her this morning because she looked to be in real discomfort.

"So, how has the game progressed?" Hirito asked while looking at me with a somewhat defensive look. Luckily for me Ito began briefing him on the mornings score and events.

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As he spoke to Hirito I turned around to face Kayko. She had a genuine look of worry and concern on her face as I took the few necessary steps to close the distance between us.

I could feel my heart pounding in my chest and my knees wobble a little as I stepped straight up to her. "So…" I started, still not sure of how I felt about all of this. "Let me take a wild guess that you are the CEO of the company." I could visibly see Kayko tense up from the tone of my voice. I am pretty sure she could tell that I was somewhat pissed. Wait, let me change that, I was VERY PISSED! This whole soap opera had the markings of playing me for a chump. I don't know about the rest of you, but it had the flavor of making me out to be a naive idiot and I didn't like that too much.

Kayko looked up at me, then over at Hirito, then back to me again before she answered. "Yes. I am the CEO, but Hirito runs the company. It was set up that way by our father." she replied in a quiet voice with a nod of her head instead of a bow. "I see." That was all I could think of to say at that moment. If I had woken up in the morning with a cheese grater stuck up my ass I would not have been more surprised than I was right now.

It was all I could do to keep my composure and just not go off on everyone right there and then. It was also at that moment that I realized that I truly felt alone. Not the kind of alone you feel when you are in your room at night and wish you could be doing something, but the kind of alone that you feel when you realize that you have no-one to call, no-where to go, and no-one to talk to that was not affiliated with this whole fucked up situation that you found yourself in the middle of.

An isolated kind of alone that leaves your heart out there to be smashed to pieces without mercy and your soul open for devastation. It was during this brief moment of self-evaluation that I noticed Kayko. The look on her face changed to one of fear and regret as I pondered my situation.

She could tell that she had made a horrific mistake, but was now at the mercy of the tide. She was going to have to deal with whatever repercussions came of this web she helped to weave, and live with the outcome. I will say that I was at a huge disadvantage. (Like you guys couldn't guess it) Here I was, in a foreign country, at a country club in a very public space, and I just had my nuts handed to me on a platter along with a good helping of sucker. At least, that's how I felt at that moment.

What would you do?! It felt like some had just reached into my chest and ripped my heart out! I could not think of a response so I said nothing. I reached into my bag and pulled out my driver without saying a word. As I turned and started to step away I heard a very meek and timid voice from Kayko say one word, "Mike?" Ito and Hirito were chuckling about the morning's events when I stepped up to them.

I didn't give a shit anymore and I was going to make them pay for it. "So who is up first?" Hirito asked with a grin on his face as if he had no idea. "Have at it," I replied while leaning against my club. There is one really fortunate thing about this whole mess. Hirito can't play golf worth a shit. His tee shot was a worm burner that made it only 100 yards or so down the fairway. Pounding the head of his club against the ground I am sure he was cussing in Japanese.

Ito, on the other hand was admonishing him on the well played shot, stating that his second shot would be a perfect approach. I just grinned because I was going to take out my own style of justice. Ito teed off and sliced into the woods. I knew he had done it on purpose because he had not shanked one all day. Hirito just laughed and pointed, sighting that he would definitely loose the hole over that one. I just smiled thinking, 'You don't know how right you are, buddy.' Then it was my turn.

I think I warped my golf ball I hit it so hard, my unleashed anger sent it flying down the fairway like it was shot out of a gun. With the bounce and roll I had an easy chip to the green for an approach. When I turned around I was met with dead silence. Both Hirito and Ito stood there with their mouths hanging open. "Game on boys," I said with a smirk on my face, fully satisfied with my shot. I gave my club a little twirl as I walked over to my bag to get my wedge.

Kayko was standing there with two small trickles of tears running down her cheeks and a look like someone had just shot her dog. "Dry your face and come on," I said as I turned and started after the duo preceding me. I played quietly throughout the back nine, speaking only when spoken to. Kayko would display a hopeful look on her face every time I returned to my bag to get another club, but to my discredit I would leave her standing there in silence. I did not want to make a scene out on the open fairways especially while I had all of my emotions swirling around inside me.

Even when I got a hole in one on number 12 I said nothing. I just quietly retrieved my ball and stuck it in my pocket. The back nine, on that hellatious morning, turned out to be the best half round of golf I have ever played.

It was a slaughter. I know it was wrong, by culture, to show up the boss like that. But it felt really good to pound them in the fashion that I dished out.

Kayko said nothing after the first hole, but just followed quietly with my clubs keeping her gaze toward the ground. I finished the nine holes 10 under par, beating Ito by 12 strokes and Hirito by 20 or more, making me the clear victor of the whole round. Ito bowed to Hirito as we got to the parking lot and spoke Japanese to him. After Hirito replied he turned and faced me with a look of disgust on his face.

I could tell he was not happy. He gave a quick bow and said "Good game" before turning abruptly and heading off to his car. When he was out of ear shot Hirito looked at me and said, "What the fuck was that all about Mike?

You were very disrespectful." I am glad that I did not punch him dead in the face. It might have made me feel better, but it would not have resolved the situation.

"Oh really?!" I replied as I prepared to unload on him. "What about the disrespect you showed me by not telling me you are the owner of the company? And what about Kayko? Don't you think I should have been told that she was the CEO?" Hirito looked a little dumbfounded.

I don't think he was expecting me to speak up like I did and I apparently caught him off guard. He was about to say something when he stopped and raised his eyebrow. I could tell his mind was running at a million miles an hour. He barked out something to Ruu in Japanese who immediately scurried towards his car with his golf bag in tow.

He finally spoke after Ruu was gone. "We will talk when you get home." He said before turning his head to his sister. "Kayko!" he barked before shouting at her in Japanese. I don't know what it was that he said but it sure turned on the waterworks. Tears poured from her eyes as Hirito turned and stomped off toward his car. Now came the hard part. What was I going to do? Even with the nine holes to think about the situation I still was unsure of what to say or do. And when I turned and saw my lovely Kayko standing there in the nice outfit I had purchased for her, and the ring on her finger, I found myself in a terrible position.

She only glanced up at me as I turned around before returning her gaze to the ground while sniffling and wiping tears from her cheeks. I hated the situation I was in. It is things like this that can piss you off so badly that you can wind up doing things you will regret for the rest of your life. I still felt hollow inside, but the sight of her started to fill the void in my heart and ease my anger. "Let's go." I said as I walk toward her.

"We are going to have a talk in the car." Kayko said nothing, she only bowed to me. With the golf clubs stored in the trunk we piled into the back of the limo. Once inside I hit the little switch that raised the partition between us and the driver. With the back of the car sealed off from the rest of the world I sat across from her with my back to the driver and said, "Ok…explain. Why didn't you tell me that you are the CEO of the company?" "I didn't want that to influence you or your judgment towards me." She quickly stated while tears flowed down her cheeks again.

"I wanted you to love me for who I am, not because I am the CEO of the company." That was a good argument on her part. But it was still deception no matter how you slice it. "Besides," she continued as she pulled a tissue out of the passenger door pocket, "I don't do anything for the company anyway. Hirito has to be in control of everything.

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I was CEO by title only." That actually made sense. Hirito did like his position of authority, and he liked giving orders to those around him. Even if Kayko had been the elder of the two, Hirito would still have been in charge because he was a male. (I will say that I think that philosophy sucks) My anger was starting to ease even more as I listened to her explanation. I think it was about this point in time when I started to crack because I caught myself looking at her legs and the short hem of her skirt.

Kayko has legs that are simply stunning, and I just love licking my way up and down them. But I still had issues that I wanted answers for and I was not going to be satisfied until Kayko told me what she knew. "So why didn't Hirito tell me that he owned the company?" I asked as I shifted my position to get a better look at those fabulous legs aimed my direction.

"I don't know," she replied as she uncrossed her legs. I think she had noticed the direction of my gaze. "I think he wanted to test you." "Test me?" I was a bit puzzled.

This whole ordeal had clouded my rational thinking a bit so I couldn't see the answer. "Yes. He wanted to see if you were as good as the reports about you had stated.

So you had to 'earn' this account on your own merits." She said while looking me straight in my eyes. I could tell that she was giving me an honest answer. Her body language and the tone of her voice all indicated truthfulness.

Then it hit me. "What do you mean by saying you 'were' CEO by title only?" I felt a little bit shaky when I asked her this. Kayko looked down at her lap and then quietly stated, "Hirito just fired me." I try not to let my anger get the best of me ever. Even when things are really bad I find some kind of positive in the situation and go with it. But I will tell all of you that the first image that came to mind was of me giving Hirito a golf club enema.

The degree of rage that just surged through me was lethal. Kayko could tell that this enraged me. "Don't be angry," she pleaded. "I am glad to be done with that anyway." The look on her face told me that this was also a true statement.

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I let out a long sigh and leaned back, looking up at the ceiling of the car. My world was spinning around and around and I felt like I was just on it for the ride, unable to do anything about my surroundings.

As I sat there staring blankly up at the cars roof pondering my next move I felt two small hands begin to undo my pants. I looked down to see Kayko kneeling on the floor of the car as she unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out. "I am so sorry," she said as she kissed the end of my dick while gently squeezing it with her soft hand. "Please," she said as she ran her tongue up the underside and swirled it around the head once, "allow me to make it up to you." Her eyes were big and beautiful as she licked her lips waiting for my answer.

I now felt like an ass.


I had been so mean to her on the golf course and now she was getting ready to service me? I think I really do belong in the asshole hall of fame. I looked into her beautiful face and smiled. That is all it took. Instantly Kayko lowered her head and engulfed every last inch of my growing member in her mouth and began giving me a blowjob that made my morning wake up blows seem like amateur hour. The sensations went from zero to beyond comprehension instantly.

My goodness, she really was sincere about trying to make up! I think she pulled every last trick she knew out of her hat because I went from semi hard to titanium steel in a micro second. It seemed very much like she was trying to feed from me rather than give me pleasure. Her head bobbed up and down while she sucked and swallowed my cock deep in her throat. Her hot breath mixed wildly with the cool sensation of her tears streaming down her face that dripped onto my stomach.

It remains until this very day as the most outstanding, incredible, mind wrenching blowjob she has ever given me. I only wish I could have lasted longer. Within just a few minutes I arched my back and began cumming. Kayko did not slow down in the least. She swallowed every last drop and kept sucking to keep me hard. I was starting to get delirious from the intensity of my orgasm and did not even notice Kayko moving until I felt her tight pussy clamp down on my dick.

In a flash she had released my dick from her mouth, pushed the two golf balls out of her pussy onto the floor, moved up and straddled my waist, and plunged my dick deep inside her. I grabbed her hips and forced her down onto me as hard as I could until I felt my dick bottom out against her cervix.

Holy fuck was she ever tight! As she showered my face and neck with kisses she squeezed her pussy really hard, sending me immediately into a continuation of my first orgasm. I grunted and gasped as I pumped my seed hard against her cervix. Kayko let out a slight little whimper with each hot blast, twitching and grinding herself harder onto me.

Her expert pussy was gripping and releasing my cock like she was hanging on for dear life. I was rooted deep inside my sweetie, and she was loving it. As my orgasm finally subsided I leaned back gasping for air and reality. Kayko hugged herself to my torso, doing her best to try and crawl inside my skin with me as we rode out the last sensations of mutual satisfaction. When I could speak again I said, "My god honey, that was incredible!" "Thank you," she replied with her head resting against my chest.

"Apology accepted?" she asked as she brought her face up close to mine. "Only if you will accept mine," I replied as I wrapped my arms around her.

We kissed very tenderly and softly before falling into a tight embrace. We had managed to deal with the unpleasantries of the morning and came through it closer than we were before. We rode the rest of the way home with Kayko sitting on my dick and our arms wrapped around each other. I felt closer to Kayko now than I ever had, and I was not ever going to let her go. We made plans for the immediate future and agreed on a mutual game plan that would meet both of our needs.

Kayko was coming home with me, and that was the end of it. Dealing with Hirito, however, was going to be another story. As the limo pulled into the driveway Kayko dismounted.

I could see Hirito waiting for me at the corner of his back porch so I knew the 'showdown' was eminent. As we climbed out of the back of the car I told Kayko to go to my quarters and wait for me. I was going to handle Hirito without any outside variables to influence me. This was going to be just between him and me. As Kayko started towards the guest quarters Hirito barked out something to her in Japanese that made her stop in her tracks.

She looked at Hirito then quickly at me for some kind of action. "It's ok sweetie," I said as I gestured for her to continue on. "You do what I told you in the car. I'll handle this." Hirito looked at Kayko as she turned and continued towards my quarters before turning to me with an extremely red face.

"What is she doing? I told her what she needs to do. Why isn't she doing it?!" He was clearly agitated. "Kayko and I have settled our issues," I said calmly as I walked up to where he was standing. "As for you…" I paused while I organized my words. "Let's just say we have a few issues that need to be resolved." Hirito stood like a statue as I spelled it all out to him. The fact that Kayko and I are happy together took the spotlight, along with the fact that she was going to be leaving with me.

Hirito seemed to frown at this a little but I really didn't give a shit. He would just have to make do without his live in slave. But the next point I made is the one that gave me the most satisfaction.

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I pointed out to Hirito that his company was now in breach of contract due to the removal of the CEO from her position. A legal clause stipulates no major personnel changes within the 6 month trial period.

He was now clearly in default of the contract parameters making the contract void.

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He might have tried to hit me in the heart, but instead he hit himself in his wallet. This revelation stopped Hirito dead in his tracks and sent him scrambling for his phone. As I turned to walk away from him I said one last thing to him. "By the way," I said as I looked over my shoulder.

"In college you could not play golf worth a shit, and as a business owner you still can't play golf worth a shit." As Hirito screamed and hollered at me in Japanese I walked back to the quest quarters.

At this point I didn't really care if I burned this bridge or not, I just wanted my Kayko. She was waiting for me in the office with a look like she was expecting kittens. "How did it go?" she asked as she walked over to me and put a big bear hug around me. "We're out of here sweetie." I said as I leaned down and kissed her.

"Hirito is pretty mad and I don't feel like sticking around to hear him bitch. Go get whatever things you want to take with you and come back here as quickly as you can.

I'll call a hotel and get us a room. And don't forget your passport." Kayko smiled before she took off out the door and ran across the property.


This might not have been the best way to handle things, but in my mind it was the right thing to do. I called the Hilton in the downtown area and secured a room for us. As I was putting the last of my things into my bag Kayko came back in. She had a small bag with her stuff in it and her passport was sticking out of her pocket.

"Is that everything you want?" I queried as I looked at the small bag. "I don't need anything else," she said as she strode up to me and stopped with her hands folded behind her back. "I have you and the few things that matter the most." With that she spread her feet apart, squatted down a little and reached between her legs.

After just a second or so she brought her hands up. She was holding the long smooth stone her grandfather had carved for her. I smiled as I saw the cum covered stone resting in her hands. "See," she said with a huge smile on her face, "I have everything I need for the time being." I watched as she re-inserted the stone.

"I love you honey." We took a cab to the Hotel where we spent my remaining two days fucking. It was a fantastic ending of my trip to Japan. I booked Kayko a seat on my flights back to the US.

We joined the mile high club 4 different times while flying over the pacific. It was fantastic. Kayko and I have been married now for 12 years. As it turns out, the day we were on the golf course and she had held my sperm inside her with the golf balls she got pregnant.

Our little girl is 12 now, and our son is 10.

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Life could not have turned out better for us. As for Hirito, he managed to get over our abrupt departure though he has never been here to visit us.

He did, however, see to the packing and shipping of Kaykos' "exercise" equipment which I have set up in a special building in our back yard. She still uses it daily.

As for me, I could not be happier. As I am typing this right now my beautiful sweetie is under my desk, with the stone in her pussy, and my dick down her throat. She has helped me to remember most all of the details of this story and has provided the foundation and encouragement I needed to write this. Now you guys might understand why I call her, "My Asian Treat." Thanks for reading and all of the nice comments.

My next story is of a series of events that happened 7 years ago. Those events have dramatically affected day to day life for me, but it should be interesting for all of you. Thanks for listening. The End of My Asian Treat