Adulterous english milf lady sonia showcases her huge knockers

Adulterous english milf lady sonia showcases her huge knockers
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Character analysis: Emily: 1, blonde hair, blue eyes, medium height, curvy, C35 cup size, twelfth grade, girlfriend Ashley, bisexual Ashley: 18, light amber hair, olive green eyes, medium height, Curvy, C28 cup size, twelfth grade, girlfriend Emily, bisexual Andy: 19, dark brown hair, hazel eyes, medium height, nicely built, 8inch, twelfth grade, no girlfriend, straight I roller over in bed.

Excepting Ashley t be in be in bed and stop me from rolling off the bed, but she wasn't and I fell off of the bed with a loud thump.


I sat up and looked around "Ashley babe where are you?" I asked still groggy. Ashley opened the bathroom door and came out.

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her light amber hair resting on her shoulders, my eyes darted to her chested her nipples stood out erect. God she's so sexy naked. I started at her "what I had to pee" she said "nothing you just look so sexy right now" I said and stood up and walked over to ashley.

"Your way sexier" she said. I wrapped my arms around her waist and kissed her passionately. Our tongues dancing together. I started feeling light headed so I pulled back. "Mmhh that's not all were going to do today is it?" She asked me "Nope" I said and grabbed her hand and led her to the bed. She laid down and I laid down on top of her in a 69 position.

As soon and my pussy was over her face she began eating me like a starved child I groaned and smiled smiled and licked her Clit .I stuck my tongue in her pussy licking the walls of her pussy.

She groaned and grounded her pussy against my face. Making me push my tongue even deeper. I stuck my tongue in and out of her. Ashley began fucking my tongue. She sucked my clit and softly bit it causing me to moan.


I could tell by how fast her hips were moving that she was close to climax. I moved my tongue even faster. Her hips pushed into my face and her body twitched and cum came gushing out. My mouth filled with her juices. I swallowed it. it tasted amazing just like peaches except more sweeter. As soon as she came down from her high I sat up.

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She repaid the favor and began mauling at my pussy. I groaned and moaned. "Oh god ashley your like a god with your tongue" I said and pinched and pulled at my nipples. Ashley sucked lick no tomorrow on my clit. I knew I was so close to climax.

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Ashley licked in circles on my clit I pinched my now erect nipples. "Oh god" I moaned as I felt my climax wash through me. Feeling myself cum all over Ashley's face. Once I came back down to earth I got off of Ashley. "Well let's get ready to go to school" I said. Ashley groaned and wrapped her arms around me "can't we stay here and play" she me.

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"Nope we got to go" I said "you just want to see Andy" she said and let me go "your not jealous are you? Ashley babe your the only one I love, you could never be replaced" I said and kissed her softly. "I know but … I don't want to lose you to Andy.

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I love you" she said "I love you too" I said and hugged her. "Now come on let get dressed" I said and pulled away Ashley turned around and searches the floor tor her clothes, her ass sticking up in the air.


I walked to my dresser and opened it and grabbed two shirt, and two pairs of pants. I walled back to Ashley her ass still in the air. I smacked her on her ass. She yelped and turned around "here" I said an handed her the shirt and pants an put on the other pair. One me and her were dressed we grabbed our book bag and we walked outside an walked to school together. Holding each others hand occasionally people would drive by and call us names like lebos,freaks,sinners, but we didn't care cuz whenever someone said something to us we would kiss each other and there would always gasp or something.

Sometimes we would flip them off. Soon we arrive to our high school. When we walked into the office Mrs. Barnes said "late again girls. Next time cut the playtime short" we just chuckled and signed in and went to class. We walked in and sat down together. "thank you for finally showing up.

Next time wake up on time please" Mr. Hicks said "please take out your homework and start your do now please. Ill be coming around to collect your homework and check to make sure you did your do now." He said I pulled out my homework and my writing journal.

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Ashley poked me in the breast "we had homework?" She asked me in a whisper "yeah why you didn't do it did you?" I asked "no I had my mind on something else and forgot" she said "can I copy yours please?" She asked me I sighed an gave her my homework and started on my do now.

Once she was done coping my homework she started on the do now as well. I once she was done her hand found its way to my leg. Slowly riding up towards my crotch.

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Rubbing circles through my pants. My crotch started warming up. "Ashley stop" I said "fine she said and moved her hand away. "Hello Mr. Hicks I'm sorry I late my moms car wouldn't start." Said Andy's voice I looked up and saw Andy her hair in a spiky mess.

He looked at me nd smiled and winked at me. I felt myself getting warm again. I felt a pinch on my right leg. I look over at Ashley who was glaring at me. I groaned and raised my hand "Mr.

Hicks may me and Ashley go to the bathroom?" I asked he nodded me and Ashley got up and walked to the bathroom the minute we got in she started yelling at me in a hushed tone. I kissed her she instantly melted into my arms. She puller back and said "your not getting away with it that easy but before we argue let's have some fun" and pulled me into the big bathroom and shut and locked the door. ~•°~•°~•°~•°~•°~•°~•°~•°~•°~•°~•°~•°~•°~•°~•°~•°~•°~•°~•°~•°~•°~•°~•°~•°~•°~•°~•°~•°~•°~•°~•°~•°~•°~•°~•°~•°~•°~•°~•°~•°~•°~•°~•°~•°~•°~•°~•°~•°~•°~•°~•°~•°~•°~•°~•°~•°~•°~•°~•°~•° well this is my first story Is it good?

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On a scale of 1-10 Should I make a chapter 2 of ~Emily~? Please comment what you think of it. :)