Wild ass fuck for a hot tranny big butt and anal

Wild ass fuck for a hot tranny big butt and anal
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I was getting ready for church.

I knew I was gonna get to see Nicki today because she never missed Sunday church. Now, I grew up in a Christian environment and sex, of course, turned you into an evil sinner unless married. But, she was one of the hottest girls on campus. She always wore a dress that came just past her knees, and she always acted like a good little Christian girl. She volunteered at the food bank at church once a month and was always doing extra stuff for the church.

She even went on the missionary trip to Mexico that I also had gone on. She never really paid that much attention to me because I hung out with the "Jedi" group. This morning was nothing different from the usual as I saw her pull up while I was outside playing some bball with the guys.

She stepped out in her usual pretty sundress and gorgeous from head to toe.


I went through my usual routine on Sunday: church, lunch, nap, video games, and study before bed. Well, one day I decided to go up to the church and practice on my guitar cause I had a couple hours to kill before my next college class.

I had a key to get in and so I walked in and started hooking up my equipment. Well, bout 30 min into my jam time, Nicki walks in needing to get something from the Sunday school room. She walked back to the room grabbed a couple books and some folders and was on her way out when she heard me playing one of my favorite songs, 'Walk this way' by Aerosmith.

She stopped and came into the sanctuary to listen. I saw her walk in as I was playing the chorus, so I finished it and stopped. I didn't really like anyone else hearing me play secular music up at the church. She came up to the stage and said," I love that song. I never knew you liked to play that kind of music. I love the song 'Pink' by Aerosmith." I started to play the song and she started singing the song while I played. She said that she had to get going and said she'd see me around.

Oh man was I in for a treat a couple days later. She called me up on Friday and asked me to come play for the women's small group meeting at her house on Sat.

So, I asked her what songs she wanted me to play and directions to her house. It was the normal church songs we play on Sunday mornings and I put her address into my GPS.

I got the music together and practiced sat. morning to make sure I was ready for the meeting and then played my video games until it was time to get ready. I took my shower, got dressed, jumped in the car and followed GPS to her house. I walk up to the front door and could hear all the ladies already there laughing and having fun. I knocked on the front door and Nicki answered the door. To my surprise, she was wearing tight short shorts and a low-cut blouse that showed her nice cleavage.

I had my acoustic with me, so I didn't have to hook up any equipment. I played to songs as we all sang along and the meeting was coming to an end. Nicki stood up and announced that there were refreshments in the kitchen. Before the closing prayer she thanked me for coming out and playing for them. They all agreed and said their thanks and Nicki closed with prayer. Everyone headed into the kitchen and I started putting up my guitar and was going to go home and get some shut eye for church tomorrow.

Nicki came over and asked if I would stay and have refreshments with them. Of course, I couldn't deny the pretty girl asking me to stay and hang out.

There were sandwiches, cookies, and punch that all the ladies had contributed to the meeting. So, I partook in the refreshments and helped clean up. By the time we were done picking up, all the ladies were gone and it was just Nicki and I. I think she planned it cause there was no way it should have happened like this.

We talked for just a lil bit and she asked me to play some more songs for her. So, I obliged and got my guitar out of its case. I asked what kind of songs she wanted to hear, and she told me to play whatever. So I started with a Christian rock song. She liked it, but then asked to hear some more secular songs I knew. Before I knew it, midnight had come and gone and it was 2 am.

I told her I probably needed to get home because I had class in the morning. So I turned to pack up my guitar, but before I could she shoved me against the wall and deep passionate kiss on me. I was shocked. Here was the girl I'd been dreaming of hooking up with and here was my chance.

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But, she wouldn't let me take the lead. She grabbed my shirt and flung it off my body.

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Luckily, I had been working out, so I had a small 6 pack in the early stages. She began kissing my neck and tracing her hands along my chest. She started kissing down my chest and around my pecks, teasing my sensitive nipples. She moved down to my abs. She got down to the edge of my jeans then suddenly stood up. She asked, "Do you like what I'm wearing tonight?" I told her, "Yes, of course, you are so damn hot and sexy." I didn't know how she would take that, cause I thought she was this perfect little Christian girl.

But when I said that, she ripped off her shirt and showed me her perky tits in a black satin bra. Oohh, those D cups were bulging so bad I wanted to taste. I didn't want to seem to eager so I went to kiss her and she threw me back against the wall.

"NO! You bad boy. You don't get what you want. I DO!" So, she slowly undid my belt and tied it around my wrists. She tied them as tight as she could, then led me to her bedroom.


She had a 4 post bed with straps tied to them already. She led me to her bed and told me to lay down. I refused at first thinking "What the hell is she gonna do to me?" I then came to my senses and realized that if I didn't, I would probably never get a chance to do anything with her again.

So, I laid my ass on the bed. Nicki proceeded by taking my belt from around my wrists and tied them to the head posts. She stood up and turned around walked out of the room and closed the door. What seemed like ages, probably was only minutes and she returned with something in her hand. I couldn't see it cause it was something small and she had her hand closed around it, but I knew I was in for a ride one way or the other. Her next move turned me on and got me rock hard. She turned on some music and started to dance.

It was amazing to watch her body move. The way she looked at me as she slowly slid her bra off made shivers go down my spine. I watched intently as she swayed back and forth trying to get a good glimpse of her plumb breasts. Instead of turning around she undid her shorts and slid them down slowly giving me a good look at her nice round firm ass.

And as she slid the shorts slowly down she bent over so I could see that gorgeous black silk g-string trailing down her ass. Nicki bent all the way over and I caught my first glimpse of her mound covered by the black silk and it already looked so wet.

She slowly teased her way back to a standing position as I waited anxiously for her to turn around so I could see those breasts. But as she turned she covered them with her arms.

"You're not allowed to see them. Yet." She said teasingly. She slowly walked over to the bed and sat down close to me. She told me to shut my eyes so I did. Then without notice she threw a blindfold over my eyes, and kneeled down on my face. I could feel the soaked satin as she grinded her unfortunately clothed pussy all over my face.

Her sweet smell had my cock swelling even more. I wanted her so bad, I could barely stand it. She looked down at my jeans and saw my bulge so she put one hand on it and started to stroke. This almost put me over the edge so I pushed back the sensation as best I could.

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I didn't wanna blow before I got the good stuff. Nicki went back to grinding on my face while stroking my cock through my jeans. After a few minutes, she turned around so her tits were on either side of my face and she could get a better look at my bulge. She beat my face with her firm breasts and teased me by putting her nipples on my lips for a split second. As she did this her hand had undid my jeans and she had pulled them down just a tad so my bulge was easily shown through my boxer briefs.

She started kissing my chest again and made her way down my abs just above my underwear. She used her hands to push the head of my penis out and lightly kissed it. A shutter ran through my body as I almost came all over her face. "You're gonna make me cum if you keep this up!" I told her. "Well, we can't have that can we.

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I haven't even warmed up yet." So, she covered my cock back up, removed her g-string, and moved forward so her clit was back on my face. I lapped my tongued on her clit as she smothered my face with her pussy. "Oh yeah, lick my clit!" Then I shoved my tongue as deep into her pussy as I could.

"FUCK YEAH" Her body started gyrating as I tongue fucked her, and I could tell she was getting close. I started licking and fucking her with my tongue harder and faster, but she jumped off my face, stopping herself before her orgasm.

"What the hell! Why did you stop?" "I'm not ready for you to make me cum just yet. Let's take the rest of your clothes off and see how bad I can make you cum.

But you better not cum until I say you can.

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GOT IT!" I nodded. So she took my jeans and underwear off and tied my legs to the other two bed posts. "You are gonna be the first to see me fully naked," she said.

"So don't laugh or I will cut your balls off." So, she pulled the blindfold off, and I got my first look at her stunning body.

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"Damn Nicki! You are so fucking hot. Your tits are fantastic and your pussy is the best I've ever seen." I'd eaten only two girls our prior and never had sex. She was so much fuckin hotter than the other two girls. "Really?" "Hell yeah." "Well, then you're gonna enjoy what I have in store for you." She leaned down so her tits were dangling just above my mouth once again.

"Are you ready for a taste?" I nodded and she leaned just far enough for me to get my tongue on her nipples.

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I flicked them as best I could and it almost tasted like strawberries. "Mmmm. That tastes so good." She let me lick both her nipples and got closer so I could put my whole mouth around them and suck them long and hard. I them so hard they were almost an inch long protruding from her breasts.

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When she couldn't take it anymore she moved back down and kissed me passionately. Our tongues met and there was no going back. She kissed down my neck and went to my nipples. They were so sensitive it almost hurt when she kissed them, but I got used to the feeling and she spent a few min on each nipple. She slowly made her way back down my body. Instead of going to my cock she went to my balls. She sucked and pulled on my balls making them ache with pleasure. Her teasing just made my cock harder and it throbbed with desire.

She slowly licked up my cock and kissed the head ever so slightly once again, but this time she immediately engulfed my cock deep down her throat almost making me cum. "Holy shit, that feels so good." "Don't you dare cum" She reached over to the night stand and grabbed the item she brought in with her earlier.

She opened the packaging and placed the condom over my cock. "How bad do you want me to fuck you?" "Soooo bad. I don't know how much longer I can hold this in." "This can never leave this room. If this ever gets out my reputation will be ruined and I will have to castrate you. Do you understand?" "I won't say a word." So, she straddled me and I awaited my deepest desire of penetrating that juicy, wet, tight pussy. She parted her pussy lips and slowly lowered herself onto my cock.

She was so tight, yet it was easy because she was so wet. My cock swelled inside her and almost unloaded when she dropped suddenly and impaled her pussy on my cock. "God that feels so damn good." "I told you not to cum till I say so." So, I held back my orgasm as best I could. She started bouncing up and down on my cock and I could tell she was getting really close.

So, I thrust my hips up as hard as I could as she came down. That put her over the edge. "Oh FUCK ME!" as she came all over my cock and balls. We were soaked but I was so close and ready to explode that I didn't care. I told her I was about to cum and she hopped off my cock. "It's time to unload your cum. I want it all in my mouth. Cum for me now." She pulled off the condom and deep throated my cock.

I shot load after load deep into her throat as I groaned in pure ecstasy. She swallowed every drop. She untied my arms and legs and threw me a towel to clean up. I was spent and could hardly move. She laid down beside me and planted one last passionate kiss on me. "Thank you for coming over tonight and playing for us.

And thank you for staying after. I've been wanting to get you in my room for a long time. I just never knew how to get you here and when I heard you playing at the church this week, I knew it would be tonight." "I never knew you felt that way about me.

I've been admiring you for a long time too." "Well, I'd love to do this again sometime." "Me too." "You know we have church in the morning right?" "What time is it?" "5:30" "That means I gotta be up in 2 hours to get ready and be at practice by 8 at the church." "Well, I guess you'd better get some sleep then huh.

I would offer you to stay, but my friends are picking me up at 7 to go to the coffee house before church. So, that wouldn't look good if you were still here." "No problem, I probably need to get back to my apartment anyways.

I don't have a change of clothes. But, thank you." So I got dressed, grabbed my guitar and music and headed for the door.

I kissed her goodnight and headed to the car. I drove home. DAMN that was an awesome night. I sure hope we can meet up again, I thought.