Sexy blonde bitch blows hard dick

Sexy blonde bitch blows hard dick
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Tammy main character 16 years old Bill, Tammy Father Jim Co-worker of Bill's Cara, Jim's Daughter Cindy, Co-worker of Bill's Susan, Cindy's Daughter Tom, Co-worker/Friend of Bill's Heather, Tom's Daughter It has been several months since my first vacation with my father.

He has just picked me up at my house to take me to his apartment for the weekend. Bill: As we were driving I asked Tammy "do you want to go to Arizona with me for a couple of days?" Tammy: Yes, when! Bill: The company is having a training seminar at resort there.

People are coming from all over the country. We would leave on Thursday afternoon and return on Sunday evening. You could layout by the pool while I am in the seminar. Then I smiled, the pool is clothing optional. I talked with Tom, a co-worker who I work with quite frequently and I told him about taking you along.

Tom told me to let him know, he could bring his daughter and the two of you could hang out together. I told Tom that I would talk with you and let him know. Tom's daughter is 17, she is a cheerleader. I asked Tammy what do you think? Tammy: Sure why not, it is for only for 2 full days and you and I can have some fun, if nothing else happens. Bill: Once we got to the apartment I asked Tammy to put on a bikini.

I want to take a picture of you to send to Tom. Tom can show you to his daughter, but lets make it somewhat sexy to help sweeten up Tom. I guess you would not mind getting fucked by another guy or two. Tammy: Dad, Do you think I am a slut? Bill: No, of course not honey, you are like me and like to have fun, otherwise I would be a male version of a slut, whatever you call that.

I then gave her a kiss. Tammy: I had the little bikini that my father bought me on the last vacation and put it on. We took a couple of pictures, then we sat down and looked at them. On the phone you could not see much when shrunk down to fit the screen, but when you made the image full size, you could see my camel toe and my nipples poking out.

We picked out the best one and I told my father to send it. I kept my swimsuit on while we had dinner, afterwords we went to the pool. They were a few people at the pool, but we stayed far enough from each other so no one could tell the suit was see-through.

Bill: Just as we were getting ready to leave the pool, I checked my email and got a reply from Tom. Tom said Tammy looks beautiful and he sees she likes little bikinis just like my daughter. Heather is her name by the way. I talked with my daughter and she would like to go with me. I attached a picture of my daughter for you to show to your daughter.

We will have to find out if we can get connecting rooms, or a room by the pool so the girls can be close to one another. I then opened the picture. Heather is stunningly beautiful with black hair, with nice round breasts and a shapely figure, she was also wearing a little bikini. Tammy and I both said we would like to fuck that. When we got back to the room, we checked out the resorts website and there were rooms just off the pool.

We double checked to make sure and the pool was clothing optional. We looked at the rates for a room by the pool, they were unbelievable expensive. Tammy: Do you have to wear clothing to walk to the pool? We could not find anything about that. Bill: I called the resort. While they had no written policy, they preferred you wear some type of cover-up to/from the pool.

We checked on the beds in the room and we could get 1 king or 2 queen beds in a room. I suggested that we get 1 king bed rooms and then tell Tom the hotel must of made a mistake, this would make Tom sleep with his daughter.

I emailed Tom again and told him about the expensive rooms by the pool so I thought connecting rooms would be better. I would have travel book the rooms on Monday. Tom quickly replied and said OK. Tammy: We need to go shopping tomorrow for a cover-up for me. Bill: You want to be actually covered-up and not show off? Tammy: I laughed, I want to make sure what I get is very see through.

Bill: I kissed Tammy and told her I loved her. We both took a shower together and then we fucked before going to sleep. Bill: The next afternoon the weather was fairly warm so I told Tammy we would go to the Springfield mall which is about an hour away. You can wear your short dress and lessen the chances of running in to someone that we know. Tammy: Once there, we started looking for a cover-up for me. Of course I would have to try them on and walk around mostly naked. Since it was a Saturday afternoon, there was not much going on at the mall.

I also got my father to buy me a baby doll to wear for bed, not that I wanted to wear anything to bed, but so I could wear it around the room in front of Tom. Tammy: Several weeks later it was time to go to Arizona. My father and I came up with a plan to test Tom and Heather to see how susceptible they would be to having some fun. We packed everything in to a small carry-on bag for each of us. This time the plane trip went fine, no problems. As we waited for the shuttle bus, we met Tom and Heather.

Heather and I hit it off immediately and rode together on the bus to the resort. I suggested to her that as soon as we get there we should go to the pool for a swim and she agreed. Tammy: As our fathers checked us in, I distracted Heather. Bill: I distracted Tom, so he didn't realized they only got a king size bed. We went to our rooms which were beside each other and entered them. Tammy: I immediately went over to the connecting door and open up ours and then knocked on Tom's door.

Heather: I opened up the door as I was talking to my father about there only being one bed. Tammy: I made made a show of me looking in our room and saying "oh we only have a single bed also." then I said "oh well at least we are beside each other." Down playing the whole situation. This helped diffuse the situation and I asked Heather about going for a swim. Heather: OK, let me change in to my suit. Tom: I am going to talk with your father, looking at Tammy.

Tammy: OK, come on over, I will get my swimsuit and come back here to change. See you in a bit Heather. Tammy: I made a quick dash in to my room and opened up my bag and grabbed my bikini and went to Tom's room. Heather was still getting her suit out of her bag. I stood where Heather could see me as we talked and then I opened up my dress and took it off. I stood there for a second while Heather looked at me.

Heather: When I saw Tammy standing there nude in front of me, I was amazed at the size of her breasts and her lack of modesty. She had not worn any underwear for the trip here and my father could walk back in the door any second. I said to her, "aren't you worried that my father could come back in the room any second." Tammy: No, I am not very shy as you can see.

I also like to tease, it is so much fun. What about you? I began to put on my swim suit. Heather: I like to tease the boys, I had not thought about teasing my father. Tammy: I tease who ever is around.

My father is sort of use to seeing me. Which is a blessing, because I can wear whatever clothes I want and we don't get in to arguments. Heather: I had never thought about that. My father gets upset with me at what I wear. Tammy: OK, so if he sees me, he might become more relaxed with you. I started out having wardrobe malfunctions to get my father use to seeing me.

Do you want to try it. I had my swim suit on now. Heather: What do you mean? Tammy: Go ahead and undress, if your father comes in, he will think it is his fault for walking in on you, and you are "accidentally" naked for him.

Then as for a wardrobe malfunction, watch this. I pulled over the panel on my top, so my one nipple was just about visible on one side, then on the other, I made a good amount of my areola visible. I also have times when he gets to "accidentally" see me, like after a shower with just a towel around me but my nipples can be seen.

Heather: I was undressed now and reached out to pick up my bottoms as I watched Tammy. I could not believe she was so devious. But I kind of liked it and as I listened to her, I got a smile on my face.

I asked Tammy if she got embarrassed doing that. Tammy: I got embarrassed when I first started, but now as you can see, not so much. Heather: I have my suit on now and I adjusted everything.

Tammy: Are you ready to go? Heather: Yes. Tammy: Do you want to have a wardrobe malfunction? Heather: I don't know, I think it would be embarrassing. Tammy: It is, but that is part of the fun and excitement. Here, lets try to start you out with just a little nip slip.

I pulled Heather's top over to the side just a bit so her areola was visible, then asked how about we try that. Heather: I looked at myself in the mirror and compared to Tammy is was nothing.

So I said OK, what is the worst that can happen, my father tells me my top needs to be adjusted. I asked Tammy what we do now. Tammy: We will walk over to the room and tell them we are going swimming and talk with them for a bit so they have time to look at us.

If they don't say anything, which they probably won't because they don't want to be caught looking, we just leave. Now we know the next time, we can go a little further in getting them use to seeing us.

Heather: I am nervous but OK, lets do it. Tammy: We both walked over to my room where they were talking and as we entered, both of our fathers look at us.

I tell them we are going to the pool. Bill: OK, we are going to go down to the bar for a drink. How about we meet up here at 5:30 and change, then go to dinner about 6.

Sound OK. Everyone agreed. As the girls walked away, I watched Heather's butt and I saw Tom looking at both of the girls. Tom: When I saw Tammy come in the room, I had to keep my cool, Tammy has a huge set of tits. But what made it more exciting was that her areolas were visible.

Then when I looked at my daughter, I saw her top left her areola visible also. Then as they walked out, I looked at both of their butts. Tammy's was nice, but my daughters was nice and tight. I should not be looking at my daughter that way, but I could not help myself. Heather: Once we left the room, I busted out laughing.

I grabbed Tammy's arm and told her that was funny and exciting. I see what you mean now. Did you see our fathers looking at our butts as we walked out. Tammy: Heather went to adjust her top, so I told her, to expose herself more now. Her father was not here to say anything. I said "Our father are just guys, they will look at any girl even their daughters, then laughed." Heather: When Tammy told me to expose myself more, I could not believe it.

But it was so much fun so I pulled my top to the side just a little more. Tammy: I told Heather the key is to be confident as we went down the elevator. It was just the 2 of us, so I pulled my top over to the side exposing my complete breast, then squeezed my nipple to make it become hard.

I let the top slide, so my nipple was left uncovered as Heather watched me. As we walked out of the elevator we passed several people. I was watching Heather and she was looking to see what the people were doing as they passed us.

Heather: When we got outside I said to Tammy, "nobody really paid attention to us. Some of the guys looked at our butts after we passed them, but that's all." Tammy: Yea I found that most people are so wrapped up with what they are doing, they don't pay attention to anyone else. We made it to the pool and I stopped to make a show of reading the rules for the pool. When I found the sign that said it was a clothing optional pool, I made a show of pointing it out to Heather, then said we are going to have some fun now, are you up for it.

Heather: When Tammy point out the pool was clothing optional and asked if I was ready to have some fun I almost panicked. I said yes, but I am unsure how far I want to go. I followed Tammy in to the pool and we went over to some lounge chairs, where nobody was near us. There were only a few people and no one was naked. Tammy: After we settled in, I started to quiz Heather.

I said "your father is handsome. Have you ever seen him naked? Does he have a big dick?" Heather gasped so I to let her down a bit. I said, "I saw my father's cock. I would say it is average size. I saw him hard one time while I was in my bikini." Heather: I was taken aback a little when Tammy asked me about my father's cock.

But when she revealed that she has seen her father's, I could only imagine what my father's was like. I told Tammy, "I have not seen his cock, but I have seen him hard a few times. It was when I was wearing my bikini. I guess as you said earlier, they are men." We both began to laugh. Tammy: After a while, I asked Heather "have you ever thought about fucking your father. I have thought about fucking mine." Heather: I have not really thought about it until you just brought it up.

I never thought of my father as being handsome or sexy. Tammy: My girlfriends tease me about how handsome my father is and they always say they want to sleep with him. I had not thought about my father until my girlfriends teased me about him. I waited a while for the ideas to take root in Heather's mind. A while later I started again. I said "Hey Heather do you want to make this weekend more exciting?" Heather: What do you mean? Tammy: How about we make a bet to see which one of us can get the closest to fucking our father.

Unless you want me to try to fuck your father and you can try to fuck my father. Heather: What? Tammy: I thought that you would want to be the one to fuck your father first. Heather: Yes, no, I mean are you serious?

Tammy: Why not, it would make this weekend more exciting for everyone. How about if we base the bet on 2 criteria. 1; how much we expose ourselves to the other's father and 2; how close we get to fucking our own father. Heather: You are evil. Then I laughed. Tammy: Think about it. Why would our father's bring us along when they could be here by themselves. I would bet they were hoping to see us in a small bikini and have some fantasy, which probably included them fucking us, or showing us off to their friends.

Heather, did your father asked you to put on a bikini so he could take a picture to send to me. Heather: Yes he did. He showed me your picture. Tammy: My father asked me to put on my swimsuit, so he could send you a picture. Don't you think it is a little odd our fathers asked for a picture of us in our bikini?

I let Heather stew over what I had just said. After a while, I said "we might as well have some fun ourselves." Heather: I was thinking about what Tammy had said. This is the first time my father has taken me with him, it is usually the whole family. Is Tammy, right does my father want to have sex with me. I saw him look at us in our bikini's earlier, he did have the look of lust in his eyes. Then I realized that I am getting excited, my pussy is becoming moist.

I asked Tammy, what is the bet. Tammy: Whomever shows the least to the other's father and does the least with their father tonight. The loser has to go completely naked all day at the pool, tomorrow.

Tomorrow morning, we will determine the loser. Heather have you ever had sex with another girl before? Heather: I have done some experimenting, why? Tammy: Well I was thinking if we show some affection towards each other, our fathers may become more excited and maybe a little more, tolerant of us.

Heather: I am probably going to hell, but OK, I'm in. Tammy: OK, I know we made a bet, but we can help each other out. We laid in the sun for a while and then 2 girls came over to us. The one was in a 2-piece bikini and the other in a 1-piece swimsuit. They asked if we were Tammy and Heather. I said "yes". Susan: I am Susan, my mother is Cindy and this is Cara, her father is Jim. They are here for the training seminar, like your fathers. They told us you were out here and we just wanted to know if we can hangout with you.

Tammy: Yea, sure you can. Go ahead and take one of the chairs. Cara: Oh, thank you. We have never been any place like this before. My father suggested that I come along after he heard about you two coming. He said I could hang out with Susan. Tammy: So let me see if I got this correct. Cara you are here with your father and Susan you are here with your mother, it that right?

Both said yes. Do you by any chance have rooms close together. Cara: We have connecting rooms. Why? Tammy: Are your parents divorced? Both said "yes". Heather and I started laughing. Then I said your mother and your father are fucking each other. Cara and Susan looked at each other. Cara: What makes you think that?

Heather: A man and a women who are co-workers do not get connecting rooms. Have you watched the two of them together? Do they flirt? Susan: They do seem to be always seem to be talking to each other. Tammy: OK, so for the rest of the night, just watch them together. Don't get made at them or say anything, just observe them and we can talk about it tomorrow. I guess you are coming to the pool to spend the day tomorrow.

Cara: Yes that is what we are planning to do. I do wish that I could wear a bikini. I am the only one in a 1-piece. My father does not allow me to wear a bikini. Tammy: Did you know that this pool is clothing optional? Both Cara and Susan looked at each other. Heather, do you want to get in the pool and cool off before we head back to the room.

Cara and Susan come with me for a minute. I took them out and showed them the sign for clothing optional. Then we all got in the water.


Heather: You probably don't want to say anything to your parents about this being a clothing optional pool or they may not let you come back here tomorrow. Cara, you could wear your underwear as a swimsuit tomorrow. Nobody will be able to tell or even care. Then again, you could just go naked. Tammy: Yea, tomorrow I maybe naked or Heather or both of us will be naked. Susan: Why is that? Tammy: We made a bet and the loser has to be naked tomorrow. Cara: What kind of bet? Heather: You promise not to say anything to anybody?

Cara: I promise, how about you Susan. Susan: I promise. Heather: We made a bet to see which one of us shows ourselves to the other person's father the most, and to see which one of us gets the closest to fucking our own father tonight. Cara: Oh my god! Tammy: Heather was standing next to me, so I reached out and pulled her to me and we kissed each other and made out for a bit.

Susan: Are the two of you an item? Heather: No we just met a few hours ago. We like men, but it is fun to be with a girl.

Have you every made out with a girl? Susan: No I haven't. Cara: I haven't either. Heather: Well if you want to try it go ahead and try it with each other. Here watch us. I pulled Tammy in to me and held her face as we kissed. Tammy: A woman's kiss is a lot more sensual than when a man kisses you. We watched as Cara and Susan kissed each other. Cara: I only kissed a boy once, I am only 14.

Susan: I have kissed a boy only a few times myself, I am 15. Heather: Well the more you practice, the better you will become at kissing. Tammy: Here watch this, nobody else is looking. I pulled Heather's top off to the side so her nipple was exposed and then I began to suck on it and lick it.

Heather's nipple became hard. Heather: That felt nice, you are good at that. Let me try. I did the same thing to Tammy. Cara: Susan can I try that with you? Susan: I guess so. Cara: I was nervous but managed to uncover her nipple and then sucked it in my mouth.

Afterwords I felt wonderful. Heather: How was that Cara? Cara: I liked that. Susan: I liked it also. Tammy: Susan, if you liked that, wait till someone sucks on your pussy, or has someone done that to you already? Susan: No I have not had anyone do that to me yet, but now I can't wait.

Heather: Tammy, we have to be going girls, we need to meet up with our father's for dinner. What room are you in? Susan: I am in 618. Tammy: I am in 718. That will make it easy to remember. Susan: We have to be going also. We all got out of the pool and dried off and then walked to the hotel and went in the elevator. Heather: Here Tammy let me help you with your top.

I pulled Tammy's top to the side so her nipple was exposed on the one side and almost exposed on the other. Tammy: Now for you Heather. After pulling her top to the side, I reached down and pulled the gusset of her bottoms out and rubbed my hand over her pussy.

Then I left the gusset off center so more of her pussy was visible. We then kissed again. Susan and Cara watched us.

Tammy: The elevator stopped and Cara and Susan said goodbye to us. Then we continued on to our floor, we walked in through my room. Our fathers were there waiting for us. Heather and I said we wanted to get a shower. Tammy: I walked in to the bathroom and shut the door as Heather walked to her room.

I untied my top and held it against myself and went back out of the bathroom. I have not unpacked my things yet I told my father and Tom, as I grabbed my toiletry bag out of my luggage. I let my top fall down slightly so my nipples were visible and then went back in to the bathroom and shut the door. I quickly got a shower and dried my hair.

I wrapped my towel around myself so my breasts were just barely covered and walked out of the bathroom. My father was on the bed watching TV. I opened up my towel and flashed him and smiled. Then I whispered to him, everything is going as planned.

Bill: Tom had told me you are very pretty. Leaving your nipples exposed got Tom's attention. Tammy: Watch this. I wrapped my towel around me again and held it up with my arm just under my breasts, which left the top of my breasts exposed, including both nipples. I showed my father and then walked to Heather's room. Tom was on the bed watching TV. I asked if Heather was finished in the bathroom yet. Tom said he did not know, why?

I just wanted to know what she was going to wear. I heard a hair dryer and then went to the bathroom door, knocked and said Heather it is Tammy, what are you going to wear.

Heather: Come in. Tammy: I opened the door and when I did I saw Heather was naked. So I opened the door all of the way and left it opened as I walked in and stood to the side. I wanted Tom to see Heather. Heather: I walked to the door and saw my father looking at me and gave him a little smile, then closed the door. I put my hand over my mouth to quiet my laugh.

Tammy: Well played. You are very pretty, but when you are naked you are gorgeous. I then kissed Heather. Do you think you father is still on the bed. Heather: Most likely, why. Tammy: Are you ready to put on your dress? Heather: What do you have in mind. Tammy: I was going to hold up your towel so you can change behind it. Although, I will be dropping mine. Heather: You are good. Tammy: No underwear tonight.

Heather: I was not expecting to wear any. Are you ready? Tammy: I am. I opened up the door and Heather wrapped her towel around herself. As we walked out, Tom was still on the bed and looked at us as we came out of the bathroom. Heather: I am just going to wear this dress and some sandals, as I picked up my dress. Tammy: OK, I can wear what I had on earlier today also. Here, let me hold your towel while you get dressed. Heather: I pulled open my towel and let Tammy take a hold of it.

No sooner than she took my towel, I heard Tammy. Tammy: Ooohhhh. Heather: I wrapped my dress around myself, not bothering to do any buttons and turned around. Tammy: When Heather turned around I was on my hunches, facing Tom and picking up my towel and fumbling with it to cover myself.

I saw Heather left herself uncovered. Both of us finally covered up. Heather: I only did a few buttons as Tammy and I walked to her room. Bill was on the bed and looked our way as we entered the room. As he was looking at me as I finished buttoning up my dress, but I had pulled it apart first so he got to see me.

Tammy: I waited for Heather to button her dress and then I pulled off my towel in front of Heather and my father and put on my dress and buttoned it up. I said let me put on my sandals.

I sat on the bed and put them on, giving my father an up-skirt view of my pussy. Heather: All I need is my shoes and then I am ready also. I walked to my room. I was hoping that Tammy and Bill would follow me but neither did so I made of show of me putting on my shoes to my father.

I pulled up my father up and asked him if he was ready for dinner. Tammy: We all had a good dinner and as we were heading back to our room, I asked Heather if she wanted to go for a walk. Heather: Why not? Tom: I will see you in the room later.

Tammy: I kissed my father on the cheek and told him I would be up in about an hour or so. We walked outside and there was Susan and Cara off to the side kissing. Susan: Hello, you scared us. Cara: I believe you are right, Susan and I have been talking. The way our parents were talking at dinner, something has to be going on.

Tammy: We are going for a walk, do you want to go along? Cara: Sure, we will come along. Tammy: We walked to the pool and nobody was there, although still open.

Who wants to go skinny dipping?

Eat a hot load of cum for me CEI

Heather: Why not. I took off my dress and jumped in and swam around. Tammy: I started taking off my clothes. You girls coming in, we can keep an eye out and see if anyone is coming. Susan: Why not, how about you Cara. Cara: OK. Well all jumped in and swam around. Susan: I like swimming naked, feeling the water on you skin all over is much better. Cara: I like it also. Much better than a 1-piece swimsuit. Heather: Tammy come over here and sit on the edge. Tammy: I did as Heather asked.

Heather: I pulled open Tammy's legs and leaned in and sucked on her pussy. Cara and Susan were watching us as I started to finger and rub Tammy. Tammy: Oh god that feels good. Heather brought me to an orgasm and then moved to the side. Heather: Looking at Susan and Cara, I asked them "do you want someone to eat you?" Both of them shook their head up and down. Heather: Tammy, which one do you want? Tammy: I will take Cara, come on over here and sit on the edge. Heather: Come over here Susan.

She sat up on the wall and opened her legs. As soon as I touched her pussy with my tongue, Susan moaned out loud. Cara: When Tammy licked my pussy, it felt so good and I was already excited.

When Tammy fingered me, I was squirming around and when I had an orgasm, I almost passed out it felt so good. I told Tammy, I never felt anything like that before, it was wonderful. Tammy: I leaned in and Kissed Cara and made out with her a while. When I pulled away I told Cara to lick my lips and she did as I asked. I then said do you taste yourself. Cara: When Tammy had me taste myself, I could not believe that I did it.

I told Tammy, I liked the taste. Then I leaned in to kiss Tammy again. Tammy: You are getting to be a good kisser, Cara. We watched as Heather and Susan did the same thing. We all got in the water again and swam for a bit. Later we got out and went under the shower and washed off. We all sat on the chairs till we dried off. Cara: This is fun being naked. I may have to go naked tomorrow with you two. Susan: I like it also.

Susan: We all put on our clothes again, I noticed that Heather and Tammy were not wearing any underwear, and asked why not. Tammy: It is a lot cooler and not as restrictive when you don't wear any. It is also sexier. Tammy: We all walked in to the hotel and went in the elevator. This time, I unbuttoned a few buttons on Heather's dress and she did the same to me.

As we left off Susan and Cara on their floor, I told them to sneak up to their rooms and listen to see what you hear. Did they give you are room key? Cara: No we have to knock to have them let us in. Heather: OK, listen and see what you hear. We will see you tomorrow. We walked in my room this time. I asked Tammy if she wanted to watch a movie.

Tammy: Yea we can, do you want to come over here? I do want to get a shower first. Heather: Yea me too, then I will be over. I bent over so my ass was to my father while I took off my shoes. I walked in to the bathroom and closed the door. Then I thought I should of left it open some, but it was too late now. As I was getting a shower, I considered what I should do or wear. I had brought a long tee shirt that I wore as a night dress, but that was too much clothes for me now.

I decided to just wear some underwear, a g-string and a bra. I was hoping my father would not say anything to me, but he hasn't so far. Tammy: I went over to my father and quickly told him about Cara, Susan, and Heather in the pool. Then made a dash for the shower. I wanted to be finished before Heather.

I just toweled off my hair and walked out the door and went to my suitcase. I got my new baby doll and put it on. I asked my father how I looked and he gave me a thumbs up. I looked in the mirror and the material was transparent so anyone can see every part of me. I walked in to Tom's room and asked him if Heather was finished yet. Tom's mouth dropped open. I said, Do you like my sleep wear and turned around for him. Just then the bathroom door opened and Heather came out in a towel.

When she saw me she blew me a kiss. Heather: I just have to put on something and then I will be ready. What movie do you want to watch? I then pulled on my panties and let my towel fall off as I pulled them up. I had my back to my father, but I know he was watching me and I felt my pussy tingle as my panties touched.

Then I grabbed a bra from my bag and when I had my breasts mostly covered, I turned around to face Tammy. Of course my father could now also see me. After a little fumbling with my top to show my breasts, I got my bra fastened. I asked my father if he was going to get ready for bed. Tom: When I saw my daughter getting dressed and the little outfit that Tammy had on, I was speechless.

When Heather asked if I was going to get ready for bed the only thing I could do was shake me head up and down. Heather: I went over to my father and leaned over giving him a good look at my breasts and then kissed him on the mouth. I had never done that before. Both Tammy and I went over to her room. Tammy: I asked my father if he was going to get ready for bed.

He said that he was and got up and went in the bathroom and closed the door. I looked at Heather and asked her what now? Heather: I was hoping to get naked for your dad somehow. Tammy: I know we have this bet, but I think that if I went in to your bathroom right now, your father would fuck me.

If you went in to my bathroom, my father would fuck you. Then we could switch, each knowing that we have fucked each other.

What do you say? Heather: I think you are right, but I want my father to eat my pussy and if your father comes in me, I don't think my father would eat me. So lets us just go fuck our own fathers first and then we can switch. I know I am so horny now and I think my father is also.

I need to get in there before he wastes his cum down the drain. I got up and took off my underwear and went to my room. I opened up the bathroom door and went in the shower. My father was jerking-off until I stopped him. I leaned down and sucked his cock and then said don't worry, Tammy is doing the same thing to her father.

But I don't want your cum in my mouth, I want you to cum in my pussy. Lets finish getting you cleaned up and get in bed where you can lick my pussy and then fuck me. Tom: When Heather came in the bathroom, I thought oh know, what if she sees my hard cock.

But when she took me in her mouth, I could not stop myself, I wanted her so badly. I would do anything she asked. I cleaned up and then both of us went to the bed where we made love till early in the morning. I heard Tammy and Bill in their room, so I know I am not the only one with a secret.

Tammy: When I got awake in the morning from the alarm. I quickly got up and went in to Heather's room. I pulled off their sheet and then sucked on Tom's cock and squeezed Heather's nipples. When they both got awake, Tom was shocked at what he saw but soon realized it was OK as Heather joined me in giving him a blowjob. Then my father came in the room. Tom was hard now so I mounted him and began to fuck him.

Heather: When Bill came in the room, I went over to him and sucked his cock. Once he became hard, I pulled him over and had him lay down beside my father and then I mounted him and we began to fuck. Tammy and I would kiss each other and play with each other's breasts. Then I leaned over and kissed my father as he fuck Tammy.

Tammy: After I saw Heather kiss her father and then she kissed me. I leaned over and kissed my father and then kissed Heather again. Tom grunted as he came in me. Heather: When I heard my father grunt, I knew he came in Tammy. Then Bill did the same to me. I kiss Bill and then got off of him.

Tammy: I kissed Tom and then laid on the bed between them. Heather got me in a 69 position and we ate the cum from each other while our fathers watched. Heather: Tammy brought me to an orgasm and then we got up and kissed each other.

Tammy: I owed your that orgasm from last night and we kissed and played with each others breasts. I looked at our fathers and said, you two need to get moving, you don't want to be late for your training. Both of them took off for a shower as Heather and I laid on the bed and cuddled with each other and talked.

I asked Heather how was it getting fucked by her father. Heather: It was great! The boys that I have been with don't make love, the just shoot off and then are ready to leave in a couple of seconds. I love men, your father was great also. Tammy: Do you want to order something from room service? We can stay naked! Heather: OK lets just get something easy, how about juice and a muffin. Tammy: Sounds good to me as I picked up the phone and placed our order.

A guy from room service was there in about 10 minutes and I answered the door naked and Heather come over naked also. The man thought it was his lucky day. After he left, we took some food to our fathers and we all hung out till they had to go. As they were walking out the door, I said I want you two to be concentrating on your lessons today.

Don't be fantasizing about what is going to happen tonight, OK. I kissed both of them and so did Heather, then they left us. I said to Heather, I guess we are both naked today and then laughed. Heather: I walked over to Tammy and kissed her and said I would not have it any other way.

Tammy: I called Cara and she answered. I asked them if they want to come up to our room, 718. Cara: Yes, we will be up in a few minutes. Heather: We heard a knock on the door and Cara and Susan were there.

Both were wearing their swimsuits, although Cara has on a two-piece suit. I asked Cara about her suit. Cara: Well it is not really a swimsuit, it is some panties and a bra that Susan lent me. Does it look OK? Tammy: Yes it does. It looks like a swimsuit. What were you doing when I called. Susan: I looked at Cara and then said we were making out with each other. Tammy: Do you two want to make out with us, we can teach you a few things. In fact if you want to eat our pussies, you will be able to taste mans cum as we were both fucked by our father's last night and the other's father this morning.

Susan: I will, tell me what to do. Tammy: OK I will take Susan this time. As I laid on the bed, Susan stripped off her clothes. Cara: OK what do you want me to do, Heather. Heather: Here let me lay down beside Tammy. OK, come here and kiss me a little on my mouth and then move to my breast and nipples and then move down to my pussy. Tammy: Just do as Heather said.

Both of the girls were inexperienced, but did OK and gave Heather and I an orgasm. It was about 10:30, so I asked everybody if they want to go to the pool and they all said yes. I said well I am getting naked at the pool, who else wants to be naked.

Heather: I definitely want to be naked. Cara: I want to be naked. Susan: I want to be naked also. Tammy: OK, we will leave our suits here. Cara: Are we going to walk there naked? Tammy: I would prefer it, however the hotel prefers we wear a cover-up as we go back and forth. But I think I have an idea what we can wear so no one chickens out.

Heather does your father have a couple of t-shirts in his bag. Heather: I believe so. I know there is one on the bathroom floor, let me get it. Here Cara, try it on. Cara: It is big enough for me, it covers my butt. Heather: OK here is another. Try it on, Susan. Susan: It just covers my ass, but I guess that is all I need.

Tammy: Let me get my fathers for us. Here you go Heather, try it on. The bottom of my ass is uncovered, but close enough for me. Heather: Same with me. Tammy: OK, lets go, if anyone says anything, we will deal with it then.

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We all walked out of the room. As we walked in the hotel, men would watch us as they passed. At the pool we got some chairs, there were a few people around all wearing a swimsuit and Cara and Susan looked nervous, but I could also see determination in their eyes.

We got some towels and then I pulled off my t-shirt and laid down. The others followed my lead. Heather: So Cara and Susan, did you hear anything coming from the room last night. Cara: Yes we heard some moaning and then when we knocked on the door to let us in, it took several minutes for them to answer it.

Susan: My mother was fixing her hair and straightening out her clothes, so you were right. They may have been fucking when we got there. Cara: I saw my fathers cock was hard, it was bulging out his pants. What do you think we should we do. Heather: Well if they did not get to finish last night, they are probably looking for an opportunity to finish today sometime.

Are they expecting you to meet them for lunch? Susan: No they gave us money for lunch so we can eat on the patio. Tammy: Well I believe my father said they have an hour and a half for a lunch break. Heather: I bet they are going to have some fun at lunch time. Tammy: Cara and Susan, would you want to join in with your parents and have some fun also.

Cara: I would not mind being fucked by my father, I saw his hard cock again last night and I have been wondering what it would feel like. Tammy: What about you Susan, do you want to be with your mother. Susan: I am beginning to like any sex, so why not with my mother.

Tammy: Here is what you might try. Go to the room and hide in the closet before they start their lunch break. Make sure you silence your phone. If they start having sex wait till they are naked and going at it then sneak out in to the room and say "I am disappointed in you." Don't let them cover up themselves. Then tell them "here you are doing things you tell us not to do." Now it is OK with us if you fuck each other, but we want to have some fun also. We want to join in with you. Then pull off the t-shirt and kiss each other then go over and kiss your mother and father.

It may or it may not work. If it doesn't, they are going to have a lot of explaining to do. Susan: Cara lets us think about it, we still have some time.

Heather: We should of bought some sun screen. It is hot out here, anyone want to go in the water with me. Everyone jumped in the pool. I saw one of the women had taken off her top. We all swam around for a while. Tammy and I would touch each other under the water and I think so were Cara and Susan.

Tammy kissed me and I kissed her back, we could see everyone watching us, but no one said anything. I then sucked on Tammy's nipples till they were hard. We all got out of the pool and I pulled Tammy with me as we walked completely around the pool, letting everyone get a good look at us.

It felt great having people watch us. We all laid down again. Susan: Cara, lets go up to the room, it's almost time. Cara: I was thinking the same thing.

We will see you later on. I got up and put on the t-shirt and so did Susan and we went to our room and waited. Heather: Do you think the girls well be alright. Tammy: I hope so, maybe we should of gone with them.

Heather: I thought about that also, but I think we need to stay out of it, just for our fathers sake. If we see them after lunch, then it probably worked out. Tammy: You know what we should do with these t-shirts.

Cut off the arms and put a slit in the side so we can show more of ourselves in the hotel. Or we could go get you a cover-up that is see through like mine. I just did the t-shirt thing because there was four of us.

I moved over to the same chair as Heather and laid beside her. I whispered to Heather. Oh by the way, that whole thing with the bet and see who can fuck their father first. Heather: Yea! Tammy: That was all a ruse, to get you and your father, then all of us to have sex with each other. I have been fucking my father for months now. Heather: Why you little bitch, you are evil, but I had so much fun and then I kissed Tammy. Tammy: I told Heather all about myself and Katie and our trip several months ago and having sex on the beach in front of the voyeurs.

As I was telling the story, I reached down and fingered Heather. I gave her an orgasm and I saw several of people watching us and then kissed Heather and whispered to her, that most of the people just watched me finger her. Heather: I turned red when I found out people were watching me be fingered and having an orgasm, but I liked it more than I ever thought I would.

Tammy: Lets go see if we can get a ride in to town to a mall or something. We can get some money from our fathers on their lunch break. Heather: That sounds like fun to me. But lets wait till they are eating lunch, then go over to them with our t-shirts on and bend over so everyone can see our ass and pussy.

Tammy: I like the way you think. Let me send my father a text for him to tell us when they are in the restaurant. OK, it is done. Lets go for a swim again. Heather: OK. We both jumped in the pool. Then we started to make out, we looked around and everyone was watching us, so I thought what the hell and started to suck on Tammy's nipples and finger her under the water. Tammy started to moan and I know the others heard her.

Tammy was just about to have an orgasm and we heard her phone get a message. Tammy: I jumped out of the water and looked at my phone. I told Heather, they were on their way to the restaurant.

Heather: Tell them to text you when they have a seat, are they going to the patio? Come over here and sit down on the edge. Tammy: Let me ask. I sat down on the edge of the pool.

Heather started rubbing my pussy. After a few messages with my father, I opened up my legs further. I looked around and everyone seemed to be watching us. Just to be cheeky, I said if anyone wants to come over and watch that is fine with us. I saw one guy get up and then they all got up and came over.

Some got in the pool and stood real close to Heather. Heather then started to eat me as everyone watched us. I had an orgasm fairly quickly as this was the first time I had an audience in a while. I set my phone off to the side and slide in to the water. I kissed Heather and then said it was her turn. I helped her up on the edge of the pool. I squeezed her nipples and then had her move forward and the told her to lean back. Tammy: I ate and fingered Heather and licked her ass till she had an orgasm.

Heather: Having about 10 people standing around me watching Tammy eat my pussy had me very excited and I had an orgasm quickly. I then slide back in to the water with Tammy and we kissed each other. Tammy: My phone got a message and it was my father, they were seated at a table. I looked at everyone around us and said we have to go.

Heather and I got out and washed off in the shower. Heather: Tammy went to pick up a towel to dry off and I stopped her. I said, just put on the t-shirt, the water, might soak it enough to make it see-through. Tammy: OK. When we get to our father's table, you bend over so you ass is towards my father and give your father a kiss and then stay that way as we talk. I will do the same with my father.

Our asses will be on display to everyone on the patio. Heather: Oh, I like that. Tammy: As we walked in to meet our father's it was quite noisy with all of the people talking. In the few minutes since Heather and I bent over and talked with our father's. The place was fairly quiet and as we walked out, everyone was watching us. Heather: When we were outside of the restaurant, I pulled Tammy to me and kissed her. I was so horny from exposing myself to everyone.

My juices were running down my legs. When we got in the elevator, I asked Tammy to fuck me. Tammy: I rubbed Heather's pussy a few times and then told her, you are going to have to wait till later.

Heather: We got off on the 6th floor and went to Cara's and Susan's room and listened at the door. We did not hear anything, so even though we heard nothing it was still better than yelling. Tammy: In our room we got a shower together and fixed ourselves up to go to the mall.

I looked at the time and the lunch break was over for the training participants, so I texted Susan and asked her what's up.

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Susan: Everything went OK. Tammy: We are going shopping at a mall. Do you want to go along? Susan: Yes, let me text my mother to let her know. Tammy: We will come to your room. Heather: We went to Cara' room. So what happen with your parents? Susan: They came in the room and pulled off the covers on the bed.

Then they ripped off their clothes and got in to a 69. We waited for a while then snuck over without my mother seeing us. Cara: I put my hand over my father's mouth and pulled his head back as Susan began to eat her mother.

When my father realized what was happening, he stopped struggling. I motioned for him to keep quiet and took my hand from his mouth. Then I moved forward and leaned in and began sucking my father's cock with Cindy. It took her a second and Cindy turned around to look at Jim. Susan: When my mother saw me eating her pussy, she froze, just staring at me. I got up on the bed and straddled Jim's head and lowered my pussy to his face as my mother watched.

Then I started to eat her again, then began to finger her. Cara: When Cindy turned around she watched as I sucked my father's cock. I thought they were ready so I told Cindy to turn around and let my father fuck her. I had to pull her to get her moving, then Susan got off of my father. I took a hold of my father's cock and guided it in to Cindy's pussy. Susan: Cara and I got on the bed beside them and started to eat out each other.

I could hear Jim and Cindy moaning and grunting and then they came. I got off of Cara and gave my mother a kiss and told her, she does not need to hide having sex. It is OK with us. Cara: I kissed my father and told him everything is OK. Just enjoy yourself. But you need to get back to the training seminar. We can talk about everything later. But don't worry, everything will be great from now on and then I kissed him again.

I then suggested that they get a shower quick, they don't want to smell like sex in front of all their co-workers.

That seemed to shock them and they started moving. Susan: Cara and I stayed naked and we both kissed out parents before they walked out the door. Cara: So everything is fine for now. Susan: Until later tonight, anyways. Tammy: Well I am glad everything worked out for you. You know we came by earlier and listened at the door and did not hear anything, but we thought that was better than hearing yelling.

What do you have to wear to the mall? Susan: I have a dress, let me get some underwear. Heather: No you don't need any underwear, see. I lifted up my dress to show them I was naked underneath.

Tammy: As Susan and Cara got dressed we told them about us having sex in the pool and going to the restaurant and showing our asses. Heather: We took the hotel shuttle to the mall and we had 2 hours before they were going to pick us up again. Tammy: Lets go look at some dresses for the 3 of you. Tomorrow night there is a big dinner and dancing celebration for the end of the training.

We need to get something appropriate for you to wear. Cara: We don't have any money to buy anything. Heather: We got some money from our father's. Susan: Well then we are going to have to make it up to your father's somehow. Then I gave out a little laugh. Cara: It was fun shopping with Tammy and Heather. We also got to be naked a lot and they bought us some dresses that were very short so we could show off ourselves easily. We wore them out and as we walked around the mall, there were a lot of people watching us.

Tammy: OK we have to be going, the shuttle should be here shortly to pick us up. We got back to the hotel and I went to the front desk and asked for a scissors. Then we had Cara go to their room and put on their t-shirts and come up to our room. Heather: With the scissors, we altered the t-shirts so there was no sleeves and put a slit down the side. Now they covered us, but not so much. We all were ready to go to the pool again. Tammy: Before we went to the pool, we all walked to the front lobby so I could drop off the scissors.

We got a lot of looks from everyone, but no one said anything. Cara: It was fun walking around the hotel in basically nothing. I really like people looking at me and get excited doing it. As soon as we got to the pool, we all pulled off our t-shirts. Tammy: The pool had a lot more people this afternoon. Everyone had pulled off their shirts so I walked completely around the pool to show off and all the girls followed me. There were a few women that were topless, but no one other than us were completely naked.

We stopped at some open chairs and laid down. For the rest of the afternoon we all just laid around and talked and swam to cool off. The training was done for the day and a few of them had come out to the pool. Cara: I got a text from my father, that they were in the room, so I told everyone.

We all decide to go see our parents. Tammy: As we all got up from our chairs, we had plenty of onlookers. Once we put on our t-shirts you could actually see some of them become disappointed. As we walked in the hotel, the entrance was fairly crowed with people from the seminar. We got a lot of looks and I saw Cara purposely pull her t-shirt off to the side so her breast was showing.

I helped her out and reached back and put my arm behind her and pulled up her shirt so her ass was visible. When I did that she smiled at me. We all went to our rooms.

Heather: When I got to the room, I used the bathroom and then told Tammy I was going to get a shower. Tammy: I will join you. I asked Heather if she would like to be fucked in the ass.

Heather: Have you ever done it? Tammy: Yes, I like to be fucked in the ass, and I like to eat ass. OK, for tonight's activity, we get fucked in the ass. Tom: So here you are?

Heather: Just getting cleaned up. Tom: You know you 2 are the talk of the seminar after the little show you put on in the restaurant this afternoon. Heather: Did you like our show? Tom: We did and everybody else liked it also. We also heard stories about four naked girls at the pool, as I laughed. Heather: I wonder who that might be as I began to laugh. We were just talking about you. Tom: Oh you were. What was that about? Heather: How you are going to fuck me in my ass tonight. Oh, sorry, virgin ass.

Tom: What if I can't wait till tonight. Heather: You have to wait till tonight, I have to have something to eat first, I am starving.

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You at least have to buy me dinner, before fucking me. I am not that cheap. We were all were laughing now. Tammy: We got out of the shower and dried off, then walked around naked as we talked with our fathers.

We made plans for some dinner and went out in our barley buttoned short dresses, to the indoor restaurant. As we were waiting for a table, Cara, Susan, Jim and Cindy came in and we asked them to join us. We all had a good meal and a good time. Afterwords I suggested we go for a walk and everyone agreed. We walked around the property and as we did we were getting hot.

Us girls had opened up our dresses to cool down. We ended up by the pool so I suggested we go for a swim. Jim: Ok, lets go get changed and meet back here. Cara: I started laughing and then said "No dad, we go naked". I then opened up his shirt and pants as he watched me. The others already began to undress. Susan: Come on mom, or do you want me to help you. I took off my dress and then helped my mother.

Cindy: It was embarrassed taking off my dress in front of 3 men. But when Susan began to help me I felt I had no choice. I jumped in the water quickly for some cover. Tammy: All of us splashed around and had some fun. Cindy and Jim began to loosen up after a while. Cara: I got Susan and went over to Bill and Tom. I told them we owe them for buying our dresses this afternoon and then I started to jerk-off Bill and Susan worked on Tom.

Once they got hard I asked them to sit on the edge of the pool. Then Susan and I gave them a blowjob. My father came over and watched me. Susan: My mother came over and watched as I gave a blowjob to Tom. Tom and Bill came about the same time and we both had a mouth full of cum. I leaned over to Cara and we kissed and exchange cum as we did. I then got Susan to stand over me and let all of her cum drip out of her mouth in to mine.

Then we changed positions and I let her have it all. Cara: When I had all of the cum in my mouth, I swallowed it all and then I kissed Susan again.

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My father was beside me as he watched us. I reached in to the water felt his cock was hard, apparently he liked the show we gave him. Tammy: After swimming for a while, we all got out of the pool. A few people had arrived and watched us as we were getting ready to leave. Us girls did not bother to put on our dresses until we were about to enter the hotel and then, none of us did any of the buttons.

Cindy although she put on her dress, did not put on any underwear. The guys just put on their pants and carried their other items with them. We all went back to our rooms for the night.

Heather: After we all rested for a while, I asked Tammy about my ass fucking. Tom: I heard Heather ask about her ass fucking and that got my attention.

I told them I am ready. Heather: Oh, somebody really wants my ass. As I wiggled my ass in front of my father. Tammy: OK, lets get started then. Heather come over here to the bed and get on all fours. Bill: I heard someone say something about an ass fucking, so I'm here to see what was happening. Tammy: I began to lick and suck on Heather's ass and pussy. She got wet fairly quickly and then I began to work on her ass.

It took a while for me to loosen her up and all of the time she was moaning. Heather: Tammy was wonderful at eating my ass, I never had anything feel so good before. I was looking forward to having a cock in my ass now. Tammy: I felt that I had Heather ready, so I asked Tom to come over and get behind her. Tom: I got behind my daughter and I was looking at her beautiful gaping asshole.

I thought about how I always wanted to fuck an ass and my wife would never allow me to, but I never thought I would get to fuck my beautiful daughter's ass. Tammy: I sucked on Tom's cock to make it wet. He was already hard and dripping pre-cum. I pulled Tom by his cock in to Heather's ass and had Tom push in. Once the knob went in Heather pushed back, she wanted more.

I pulled Tom out and sucked on his cock and then on Heather's asshole then pushed Tom back in Heather. Heather grunted as the knob slipped in again. Tom pressed in a little more and then I pulled him out again and wet his cock and Heather's hole. This time when Tom entered her, he went up to his balls and Heather grunted again.

After holding him there till Heather got use to his size, I had Tom to slowly begin to fuck her ass. Heather: As my father was fucking my ass, every time he pushed in I could feel it through-out my body and I would need to moan or grunt.

Tammy: After Tom fucked his daughter for a bit I had him pull out and sucked his cock to make him wet and then licked Heather's hole to make her wet. Tom: Fucking my daughter's ass was wonderful. But since I got a blowjob in the pool from Cara, I lasted a lot longer and when Heather began to have uncontrollable orgasms and wailed, I came in her ass. I was wasted after that and just leaned over her back as I rested. I pulled away and laid on the bed. Tammy: Tom laid on the bed so I began to eat his cum of out Heather's ass and rub her clit.

I gave her 2 more orgasms before she fell on the bed exhausted. Heather: I pulled Tammy to me and kissed her and thanked her for such an amazing experience. I then fell to sleep. Tammy: I slept with my father again, and we only slept, no sex. When the alarm went off in the morning, we got up and I went over to Heather's room. Heather was still asleep so I woke up Tom and he got ready for his meeting.

I laid down beside Heather and fell asleep. When I woke again it was 10am. I went over to my room and there was a message on my phone from Susan wanting to know where we are at. I sent her a message we are in our room, come up if you want.

I had just finished washing up in the bathroom and there was a knock on the door. When I opened it, there was Cara and Susan, completely naked and had no clothes with them. Cara: We made a dare to come here naked. Susan: It is fun being naked, I like the thrill of getting caught naked where you are not suppose to be.

Is Heather is still asleep? Tammy: Yes, her father fucked her in the ass last night and because you gave him a blowjob in the pool earlier, he last a long time and he wore Heather out. Cara: Speaking of fucking, last night my father had us line up and he would fuck us a few strokes and then move to the next one.

He finally came in me. Susan: I started to eat Cara's pussy and my mother come over and we both ate her. Cara: I then sucked my father's cock and he came again down my throat. We are all getting use to each other now. My father does not hound me about what I am wearing or where I am going. We are all a lot happier now.

I have to thank you for that. If you ever want anything, let me know. Susan: That goes for me too. So what are we going to do today? Cara: I have an idea on what to do?

Tammy: What is it? Cara: Go for a hike. I think I have it planned out. We had talked about going with my father when we were planning the trip, so I have a small backpack with me so we can carry some water with us. We all have shoes of some kind to wear, who has some sneakers with them? We all have some, OK. Now since the "Free the Nipple" movement, several places have made it OK for women to be topless in public just like it is for men.

I checked online and we are in one of those places and so is the hiking trail. So that just leaves us to cover our bottoms. Well, my father does not to take me shopping for underwear, so he would give me money and I bought what I wanted. What I like is cotton thong bikini underwear. So we can wear them to go hiking. Did I miss anything. Oh yea the trail is not that far from here, so we can have the hotel take us and pick us up.

So now did I miss anything. Susan: How long is the trail? Cara: It is a 10 mile circular trail, you end up where you started. Tammy: Sounds like a plan to me. We can have something to eat and then go. I guess we should get Heather up. Susan: Let me text my mother what we are going to do. Tammy: Come on sleepy head get up as I kissed Heather. Heather: What time is it? Tammy: About 10:30, come on get up we are going for a hike.

Heather: What! Tammy: I turned on the shower to warm it up and then helped up Heather and went in the shower with her. Heather: The shower really helped me get awake. So what are we going to do now? Cara: We are going on a hike, do you have a pair of sneakers?

Heather: Yea, I have a pair with me, let me get them. We are getting something to eat before we go aren't we. Cara: We can go to our room and while we get ready there, we can order room service. Let my father pay this time. Tammy: That sounds good to me. OK, I think we are ready. Heather: Don't we need something to wear. Tammy: Not right now, just your sneakers is the only thing you need. We will all walk nude to Cara's room.

Heather: OK, I am ready. Tammy: We all walk out of the room, naked except for me and Heather wearing sneakers. We took the elevator down and there are 3 men inside when the doors opened up.

They were shocked to see us, but were good-hearted and joked with us as we only went down one floor. Cara: As soon as we got in the room, I called room service and placed an order. Susan and I put on our shoes, I got out the panties for us but nobody wanted to put them on yet. When the food came, the server had a big smile on his face when he saw 4 naked girls. I got some water and snacks from the mini-bar and put it in my pack. We made arrangements with the hotel to take us to the trail.

Tammy: When is was time to go, we all put on the little pair of panties and gathered our stuff and went to the lobby to get the shuttle. We got a lot of people staring at us. I must admit we looked a sight. Four girls in sneakers with a little pair of panties on and that is it. We made it to the trail in about 25 minutes. Cara: We started down the trail and we all just took our time and talked as we went.

We got to a rest area and all sat down. We all had a nice time on our hike and it took up the afternoon. Tammy: We got a ride back to the hotel in the shuttle. The seminar was just ending as we entered the hotel and there were people everywhere. They all watched us walk in with just our little panties on. I stopped and the others came over to me. Heather: Why are we stopping here? Tammy: No reason other than to show ourselves off.

I thought we would just wait here for a little while. Cara: I like standing here and everybody looking at us, see how hard my nipples are. I pinched my nipples and stood so I was visible while doing it. Susan: Are you going to start rubbing your pussy Cara?

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Cara: No, would you like to pull down my panties on suck on my pussy? I would love that. Susan: There is my mother and Jim, as I waved to them and they came over to us. Cindy: What are your girls doing out here undressed? Cara: We are not undress. We have panties on. Cindy: What? Cara: I was sort of just kidding.

We found out that being topless is allowed here. We just came back from our hike, this is what we wore. Cindy: Well, I must say you girls don't lack confidence and have no shame. Come on lets go up to the room and get ready for the closing dinner, we have about an hour before it starts. Tammy: We all got in the elevator along with a few other men. As we were going up, I said to Cara, Oh we almost forgot to give you your underwear. The men watched as I pealed down the panties and pulled them off my feet.

I then handed them to Cara. Then Heather did the same thing. Cara: Just to be cheeky after Tammy and Heather handed me the panties, I brought them to my nose while the men were watching and gave them a long sniff and then said "you two smell good". Susan: I just about laughed when I saw Cara smelling the panties.

I did not want to be left out, so I pulled Cara's hand with the panties to my nose and smelled them also, then I said "Awww those do smell good." Cindy: I can't believe my daughter smelled those panties with all those men watching. Although, my pussy got wet watching them, this is exciting me. Cara: We got off the elevator on our floor. Tammy: Wear your new dresses and we will see you at the dinner. The doors closed and then it was our floor. The men held the door open as they watched us walk to the room.

Heather: Well I guess we need to get cleaned up for dinner, do you want to shower with me. Tammy: Yes that would be great and can you shave my pussy, I want to be very smooth for tonight. Heather: That is a good idea, will you do me? Tammy: Absolutely. Heather: We were almost finished saving each other when our father's came in the room and watched as we finished.

My father undressed and then pulled me in the shower with him. Tammy: When I saw Heather get in the shower with her father. I just went over and took a shower with my father. We all got dressed afterword and I put on my short dress and a pair of heels. Heather did the same. Of course we left several buttons on our dress open. Tammy: We met up with Cara, Susan, Cindy, and Jim and sat with them for dinner.

Cara and Susan were in their short dresses and also had some of the buttons open, so I guess I taught the well. It seems a lot of people recognized us girls and told us how pretty we are. There were about 100 people at the dinner. Cara: There was a little stage in the center of the room where they gave out a few awards.

Just for kicks I asked Susan if she could go on stage, would she like to masturbate for everyone by herself or would she want to have sex with another girl?

Susan: Being up there and having everybody just watching me would be nice, but I know men like to see two girls together, which makes it more exciting, so I guess you would have to be there with me. Then we both gave out a good chuckle. Heather: What are you two chuckling about? Susan: Cara and I are planning on going up on the stage and having sex with each other.

Cindy: What? Your not serious are you? Cara: Well we were just kidding, but the more I say it, the more I want to do it. Heather: That sounds like fun to me. What about it Tammy? Tammy: I am in. Cindy: No, wait a minute. I work with these people.

Bill: I do too and most of them have told me how lucky I am to have such a good daughter. I don't know how to tell you this Cindy, but most everybody here has seen them already. Tom: Bill is right, Cindy. It's not like you can put the cork back on the bottle now. Susan: Mom if you get naked with us while dancing, I will not have sex on the stage, unless you tell me I can. Cara can go with Tammy and Heather. OK? Cindy: Now you want me to get naked in front of all my co-workers!

Tom: You might as well Cindy. Some people saw us the other night at the pool, so most everybody has a good deion of you already. Everyone is saying that you are beautiful. Cindy: What? Oh my god, I am so embarrassed. Susan: Let me check something. I put my hand under the table and under my mother's dress and rubbed her pussy. Cindy: What are you doing, Susan.

Susan: Just as I thought, you are wet just thinking about getting naked. You like it. You know mom, it is OK to be excited and to have fun. Cindy: OK, enough for now. Susan: OK, you are going to get naked or OK, I can have sex on stage with Cara.

Cindy: OK, I am just going to think about it for now. Tammy: Girls, open all of your buttons on your dress except for the middle one.

Susan: Come on mom, let me help you. Cindy: I can do it myself. Susan: My mom is going to get naked with us. Cindy: Oh god, how did I get myself in to this. Jim: I leaned over and kissed Cindy and told her she is beautiful and to have some fun.

Cindy: So you want me to get naked? Jim: I want you to have fun, if getting naked is going to be fun for you, then do it. Cindy: Why don't you go up on stage and fuck Cara. Cara: Dad, they would be really hot. Jim: I would like that too honey, but you know we cannot do that in public, it would be too risky.

I don't want to end up in jail. Cara: I know, but I would really like if we could. Cara: Dad, you could fuck Cindy on stage. Cindy: OMG, stop giving him ideas. Jim: Now I am starting to get hard. Cindy: Think of your grandmother or something. Tammy: The music is starting. Dad, do you know if most of the people are staying here for the night or are they planning on leaving now that dinner is over. Bill: I believe everybody is staying the night.

Why? Tammy: I just wanted to know how many people are going to be watching us. Cara: Susan when we go on stage, lets each masturbate ourselves for a while and then get together. Susan: That sounds good to me. Cindy: Susan, I am not sure about this yet.

I know mom, just making plans. Tammy: Come on dad, lets dance. As I got up my breasts fell out of my dress.

The single button was straining to hold my dress together. Heather: Lets dance dad! Cara: Come on, you too dad. Susan: Come on mom. Tammy: We all got up and walked to the dance floor and started dancing. The dresses were not really covering us up and a crowd began to form around the dance floor to watch us. Susan: As my mother and I were dancing together, my dress would open up and I could fell a cool breeze hit my pussy. I saw my mother had not unbuttoned her dress, so I moved behind her as we danced and wrapped my arms around her waist.

As we danced, I undid some of her buttons, without her knowing, or she did not stop me. Tammy: As we were dancing, I heard several people say take it off. As I went in close to my father, I asked if I should open my dress completely. When I saw him smile, I suggested he open up my dress and pull it off of me. His smile got bigger. He reached in and opened the last button and held the one side as I turned around and let the dress fall off.

There was a lot of hooting and hollering now. My father threw my dress in to the crowd. As I danced around, my large breasts where bouncing around. Heather: I watched Bill take off Tammy's dress and not to be left out, I told my father to pull off my dress and he was glad to do it. He unbuttoned my last button and then I turned around and let it slip off of me. My father threw my dress in to the crowd just like Bill did.

Cara: My dad and I saw how Tammy and Heather had taken off their dresses. I told my dad, to do me now, so he unbuttoned my dress and threw it in the crowd. Dancing naked with everyone watching had me excited very quickly and my juices started running down my legs. Susan: My mother and I saw everyone else was naked.

So I asked my mother to pull off my dress. Cindy: I told Susan "no". Susan: Mom, my dress is coming off one way or another. Cindy: OK, I know I can't stop you. I pulled Susan in close to me and opened her dress. As I pulled it off of her, the crowd cheered. It was embarrassing, but I also really liked the thrill and I was getting more excited.

I held on to her dress for a bit, then thought what the hell and threw it in to the crowd like everyone else did. Susan: My mother looked like she was enjoying herself now. So I took a chance and got behind her again and wrapped my arms around her. I put my head on her shoulder. Cindy: I kissed Susan on her cheek and said go ahead and pull my dress off, you won't be happy till I am naked.

Susan: I kissed my mother on her cheek and opened up her dress. I pulled the seams to the side and turned around so everyone could get a good look at her. Then I pulled off her dress completely and threw it in the crowd. Still behind my mother, I reached up and squeezed her nipples making them harder than they already were. My mother moaned when I did that. Since my mother did not stop me, I thought I would try more and lowered my hand to her pussy and began to rub her.

She was soaking wet. Every time I rubbed, she would moan, and she did not try to stop me. I told her to lean back and open her legs which she did with out a fight.

She was to horny to care. I began to finger her and she screamed and I felt her pussy convulse on my fingers, and then my mother squirted all over the floor. As we danced I turned her around to the crowd that was behind us.

Everyone was cheering. I fingered her again quickly and again she had another orgasm and squirted. Some of the men who were close by were sprayed.

My mother was basically limp now. I helped her off the dance floor and sat her down. Cindy: As Susan help me sit down, I grabbed her arm and pulled her to me.

I kissed her and told her she can do whatever she wants with Cara. Susan: I kissed my mother and then went back on the dance floor. I went over to Cara and asked her if she was ready? Jim: Cara and Susan we going to get together, so I moved off to the side. Cara: Susan and I began to kiss each other and play with each other's breasts.

I then sucked on Susan's nipples and left them wet and shiny with spit. Susan: I sucked on Cara's nipples and rubbed her pussy. I asked her if she was ready to masturbate? Cara: Yes. Lets sit on the floor here. When I sat down, the floor was wet and realized it was from Cindy when she squirted.

I spread my legs and began to play with myself, rubbing and inserting my fingers in my pussy. As I looked around the dancing had stopped and everyone was watching us. Susan: As I played with myself, I got real hot and started moaning.

Cara: When I heard Susan moaning, I thought she would be ready, I know I was. So I moved over to her and we kissed and then I straddled her as we got in to the 69 position. As I licked and nibbled on Susan's clit, I could feel her moan in to my pussy. Susan: I was so close to an orgasm and then Cara pushed her finger in me.

I screamed as my pussy contracted and I had a huge orgasm. I pushed 3 fingers in to Cara and she had her own orgasm. We laid there for a few seconds and then we pulled apart and kissed each other for a while as we stood there.

The crowd clapped and cheered for us. It was the best feeling that I have ever had. Heather: After watching Cindy and then Cara and Susan I was so excited and horny. I was wondering what Tammy and I could do to top off what has already been done. I pulled Tammy over to me and kissed her and asked if she was ready. Tammy: I am and then sucked on Heather's nipples. Heather: Let's play with our selves first.

We both sat down and masturbated ourselves for a bit, I was already so horny that I was ready to have an orgasm. So I leaned over and kissed Tammy and told her I am ready.

Tammy: Let me eat you. As I moved down between Heather's legs and lick and suck on her pussy. I nibbled on her clit and that is all it took, Heather had a huge orgasm and a stream of cream came running out of her.

I let it puddle on her pussy, then I ate it and licked her. Heather: After the most intense orgasm I ever had, I got behind Tammy and had her go on a fours with her butt up. I got behind her and ate her pussy and fingered her while I licked her asshole. I began to finger her asshole and pussy and every once in a while I would pull my finger out of her holes and suck it in my mouth.

When I did that, I would hear the crowd gasp. I nibbled on her clit and as she had an orgasm, everyone could see her pussy and asshole contract. I then licked her from her pussy to her asshole and we both got up and kissed each other. We began to dance again and everybody else started to dance. Tammy: As I dance with my father again, I could feel his hard cock against me. I smiled and said we screwed up. Bill: What do you mean. Tammy: We should of told people I am your girlfriend not your daughter, then you could fuck me here in front of everyone.

Bill: We will have to keep that in mind for our next vacation together. I kissed her on the cheek. Cindy: I watched as the girls had sex and was a bit envious of their confidence, innocence, and age. I stay naked, as I could not find my dress and pulled Jim to the dance floor. I felt his hard cock and asked him to fuck me. Jim: What here, now. Cindy: Yes, let me pull your cock out of you pants and we will dance together.

Here lets move off to the side. As we moved I got Jim's zipper down. We were in the back and I pulled out his cock and guided in to my pussy. He fell out of me several times until we got moving together in sink. I then felt him come in me and it felt so good.

We stayed that way until he became soft. I then quickly put his cock back in his pants and pulled up his zipper. I then saw Susan and Cara coming toward us. I thought just in time, I hoped they did not see anything. Cara: Susan and I broke our parents up. I pulled Cindy close to me then I ran my hand over her pussy and got it covered in my dad's cum. I brought my hand up to my mouth and licked it and then offered it to Cindy. I said to Cindy, "you shouldn't really be dancing around with cum dripping out of your pussy, what would your daughter think." I then kissed Cindy.

I pulled away and smiled at her. Cindy: I know we were busted by our kids. As Cara walked away from me, Susan came over to me and we danced together. Susan: As we danced, I rubbed my hand over my mother's pussy and got a glob of Jim's cum.

I pulled my hand to my mouth and suck the cum off my hand. I then kissed my mother and shared the cum with her. As I pulled away I looked in to her eyes and told her that I loved her and this was the best time I ever had. I kissed her again and I could see her eyes begin to tear up, and then we hugged as we danced.

Cindy: That was the first time I ever heard my daughter say she loved me. As we hugged, I could feel her hard nipples on my breasts. I lowered my hand and began to rub her pussy and then started to finger her. It was the closest that I ever felt to her. I then brought up my finger and sucked it. I told her I loved her too. Tammy: After about 2 hours the party was winding down. All of us were still naked, as we could not find our dresses anywhere. We were talking about going to our rooms and I suggested we go to the pool and take a swim.

We all walked out and jumped in the pool. Heather: Since we are the only ones here. Lets everybody has sex with your parent. I wrapped my legs around my father as he enter me. I looked around and the others did the same. Except for Cindy and Susan.

Cindy: I pulled Susan out of the water and kissed her, then I laid on a lounge chair and we got in to a 69. We ate each other and gave several orgasms to each other before we pulled apart. As we pulled apart, we saw Jim and Cara watching us and then each of them kissed and hugged us. We all decide to go back inside. Nobody put any clothes on and we all walked in to the hotel naked.

Tammy: As we were going up in the elevator, I looked a Cindy and asked if I could borrow Jim's cock for a while. Cindy: I smiled and asked Tammy what she had in mind, he already cum twice tonight, you are not going to get much more.

Tammy: I want to be fucked in every hole. I want one in my pussy, one in my ass and one in my mouth. Under ideal circumstances, everyone would cum in me, but for now I will accept just being fucked. I thought all of us girls might want to try it.

That means no man may cum until we all girls have been fucked some. All of the men said OK immediately. All of the girls got a smile on their face and Cindy said lets go to our room. Cindy: As we walked in the room, the men were already hard.

I suggested Tammy go first as it was her idea. Cara started eating Tammy's ass and got her loosened up. I had to wonder to myself where she learned that from. Tammy: OK, I am ready, everyone pick a hole. Just remember, once you are in an ass, you cannot go to a pussy without washing. Everyone got that.

Oh my god, that felt incredible having 3 cocks in me, but it was not long till everyone pulled out. I guess the guys we a little more excited then we expected, but they did not cum. I had Jim go wash off his cock in the shower as Cara got Susan ready. Cara: I got Susan ready and her mother helped. I explained to Cindy how to eat ass and get her loosened up. Susan: I am ready.

I want Jim in my ass. Tom in my pussy and Bill in my mouth. I watched as they all feed me their cocks and it was an amazing feeling. My only complaint was they all stopped too soon. As I stood up, I told my mother, she has to get 2 more boyfriends so I can be fucked and filled up with their cum more often. She gave me a kiss and then laughed. Heather: I was next and Cara got me ready. Jim had to go wash off his cock again. I had Jim in my pussy, my father in my ass and Bill in my mouth.

Like the others I was amazed at the feeling in my ass and pussy, but also like the others, everyone pulled out too quickly. Cindy: It is your turn Cara and I got her ready. Cara: Dad you get my ass, Tom you can fuck my mouth then you don't have to wash off your cock. Bill you get my pussy. On every stroke, I was moaning and being pushed in every orphus was something that I will never forget.

I wished they all could of cum in me, but they all stopped to soon. Cindy: Well I guess that I am next. Cara came over and got me ready. I never had anal before and Cara working on me had me to where I was ready to have an orgasm. Tammy: Since you are the last one Cindy and have never done anal before, guys go nuts in her and now you can cum in her. Cindy: When I heard what Tammy said, I got even more excited, my pussy was dripping.

Jim, you get my ass, and Bill and Tom, you can decide who is where. When Tom pushed in my pussy, I was already having my first orgasm and was moaning on Bill's cock. When Jim was in my ass completely, they all started to pound away at me. Susan had come over and was sucking on my nipple.

I was so completely in to the basic pleasures, that everything else was blocked out. I felt Jim cum in my ass and I had an orgasm. Then I felt Tom, cum in my pussy and had another orgasm. When Bill came down my throat, I also most passed out, I just laid down on the bed. I felt someone sucking on my ass and pussy, it was Cara sucking up all of the cum. My daughter Susan can over to me and we kissed opened mouthed and she and I swapped spit as she got some of Bill's cum. After I rested for a bit, I looked at all of them and said "If I had known if was going to feel that good, I would have had you do it downstairs in front of everybody." I then smiled.

Jim: You know we are going to have another seminar someday, so we can accommodate you then, remember what she said guys. Cindy: Oh my god, what did I just get myself in to. Tammy: OK, we are all leaving for our room.

What time are you leaving tomorrow? Jim: We have a late evening flight. Cara and I and Cindy and Susan thought about going for a hike before we get on the plane. Heather: We also have a late flight out. Does everybody want to meet up in the morning and go on the hike again. All of the girls agreed and the guys just went along with the decision.

Cara: I will get my panties for you to wear tomorrow. Heather: You go ahead and wear them. I have 4 pairs of g-string panties if anyone wants to wear them tomorrow. Or I should say 2 extra pair, Tammy and I need a pair. Cara: If we only had one more pair, then we would all be set. Cindy: I walked over to my suitcase and pulled out a g-string and said "you mean like this?".

Susan: Mom when did you get those. Cindy: I thought if Jim and I get some alone time, I would wear them for him. But now who needs alone time now. I started laughing and so did everyone else. Susan: Tomorrow morning everyone drink as much water as you can and pee at lest 2 times, 3 would be better before we leave for the hike, everybody needs to be hydrated.

Tammy: OK we meet in the lobby at 9am OK? All of the girls kissed and hugged each other, then we walked to our rooms still naked.

In our rooms, after a shower we all went to bed. Tammy: The alarm went off, and although I would of liked to sleep in, I got up and went to check on Heather and Tom. Both were still asleep, Tom had morning wood. I kissed Heather and then pinched her nipple, which got her awake. I grabbed Tom's cock and stroked him a bit as Heather watched me and then pulled his cock hard enough to get him awake.

Heather started to laugh. Heather: So now I know how to get you awake in the morning. Then gave her father a kiss. Tammy: We ordered room service and it came up fairly quickly, no one was dressed yet, but then again no one really cared. Well, the male server might of cared, but I doubt it as he only looked at Heather and I. Everyone drank a lot of water and peed several times before we left. Heather: We left the room early to stop by Cara and Susan's room to give them some panties but there was no answer, so we went to the lobby.

They were all standing off to the side. As people were leaving, they were talking with Jim and Cindy. Cara and Susan were naked except for their sneakers. Cindy had on her g-string and her shoes. I pointed them out to the others as we walked over to them.

Cara: I saw Tammy and Heather coming over to us. Heather handed a pair of panties to Susan and I. We started talking and I saw an older man coming over. My father said that is Mr. Wilson who owns the company. Mr. Wilson: Ahh, I'm glad I got to see you before you left.

I want to thank you for livening up the seminar and the party last night. Well you and your daughters. Everyone seemed to have a good time and people are already asking when is the next one. So the next time we have a seminar, I want all of you to come again. And Cindy, I was talking with personnel, we are thinking about giving you a promotion to help with training, would you like that. Cindy: I would like that very much, Mr. Wilson. Mr. Wilson: Are you heading to the airport like that?

Looking at Susan and Cara. Cindy: No we are going on a hike, we only are leaving late this evening. Mr. Wilson: Are you 2 going hiking naked? Cara: No, Heather just brought some panties for us to wear. We just haven't put them on yet. Mr. Wilson: Oh, well don't let me stop you, I would not want you to get in trouble. Cara: Susan and I pulled on the panties as Mr. Wilson watched us. It was kind of weird, the first time someone watched me get dressed.

Mr. Wilson: Well good work Cindy, Bill, Tom, and Jim as I shook their hands. I will talk with you later. Ahh, I almost forgot, I have heard some of the guys kept your dresses as a souvenir, here is $100 for each of you to get a replacement. Alright, have fun on your hike, Goodbye. Cindy: I was smiling and said, "well I would of never guessed that this weekend would end up like it did".

Everyone laughed. "I guess that we are ready to go." Jim: The shuttle is busy with everyone leaving for the airport, so I had a cab come to pick us up. It should be here by now. We all left with the girls walking ahead of us.

It was funny and sexy watching 5 women in just a g-string and sneakers walk around. I really like to watch as their breasts bounced with every step they took. A few more of the seminar goers, thanked us as we walked out. Although, it wasn't us as much as the girls they were thanking. Cara: When we got to the trail we all piled out of the van. They were a lot of cars around today, but it was a Sunday. We started down the trail and got a lot of looks from people.

Cindy, had loosened up and she was enjoying herself. Susan: We were not very far down the trail and I had to pee. No one else was around so I just pulled my panties to the side and peed as I walked. Cindy: Susan, what are you doing? Susan: Peeing! Why? Cindy: You are getting it all over yourself. Susan: I know, when we get back to the hotel I was going to get a shower anyway. It's not like there is a bathroom right here. Jim: Lets stop and you can at least spread your legs so it doesn't all get all over you.

I have to go myself. As I turned to the side. Cara: I walked behind my father and said let me, as I pulled out his cock from his shorts.

I said "OK go ahead" as I looked around the side to see his cock. I said "I always wanted to know what it felt like to pee like a man.

This is the closest I want to ever get, I love my pussy and would not trade it for a cock any day". The others laughed at me. My father started to pee and I aimed it around watching the stream. I said to everyone "I tried to write my name, but he ran out before I was finished".

Again everyone laughed. Cindy: Susan put your panties over you pussy again. Susan: Why, it is cooler this way and when I have to pee again I am ready. I then started to giggle. Remember everyone, drink lots of water. Cindy: Well you got me there. I then had to laugh. Susan: I saw a man coming towards us on the trail and watched as he came by us. After he had gone passed us a bit, I told them that he was so busy looking at Tammy's breasts, he did even look at our pussies or he would of seen mine peaking out.

The girls laughed and one by one they pulled their panties off to the side. I dropped back and went over to my mother and pulled hers off to the side and rubbed her pussy. Cindy: If you keep doing that, you are going to make me hotter, more than cooler.

Susan stopped rubbing my pussy and we walked about a 100 feet more. I said "great now I have to pee." We all stopped and Susan can over to me.

Susan: Go ahead and take off your panties, I will hold them for you while you pee. Cindy: Thank you, honey. I pulled off my panties and handed them to Susan. She stood beside me as I squatted and peed. As I stood up, Susan ran ahead of me. Susan get back here with my panties, I yelled. Everyone started laughing at me. Susan: I will give them back, if you leave yourself exposed. If you cover up, I will keep them.

I saw 2 men coming on the trail and wondered what my mother will do, cover-up or leave herself exposed. I turned around and watched as they passed me. She left herself exposed. I let her catch up with me and then rubbed her pussy, she was very wet so I said to the others, "she likes exposing herself, she is all wet". Cindy: I got embarrass at being wet and said "I can't help it." Susan: I bent down in front of my mother and let her step in to her panties, then I pulled them up, but not tight over her pussy.

I sucked on her nipple to make it hard and then we kissed. Tammy: We got just a little further down the trail and now I had to pee. I thought something was up so I went over to Susan and asked her about it, quietly. Susan: OK, I do have an ulterior motive. I have seen videos where people drink pee and are peed on.

I did some research and if you drink water and pee several times before you try to drink pee, it does not taste bad. I have tried my own. It is almost like water.

I was hoping to get everyone to pee on me or at some point drink some pee. It is kind of embarrassing, but after everything else we have done, why not try it. Tammy: Well, I think it is kinky. This will be my fourth time peeing since this morning, all water because I thought I needed to be hydrated. I will pee in your mouth if you want. I may even try it myself. Susan: How bad do you have to go.

Tammy: I can wait longer. Susan: OK, lets wait till you really need to go, more pee that way. Do you think you can wait to that spot just after the half way point, you know where there is a picnic table and you can see for a long distance both ways. Tammy: Yea, that would be a good spot, we can see if anyone is coming. I will tell Heather. Cara: We made it to the half way point.

Lets take a break. There were a lot of people here eating a snack and resting. As we all walked up, the people saw us and then watched what we were doing.

Everybody sat down and since us girls only had a string in our butts, sitting on the rocks was uncomfortable. Since we all had pulled the gusset to the side, some of our pussy was exposed on each of us. As the people would walk by us, they were surprised. Susan: We all drank water and had a snack as we looked out over the landscape. I knew what was about to come and my pussy was starting to drip. I looked at myself and there was a wet spot on the ground under my pussy.

Tammy: After about a 20 minute break, I had to pee bad. I suggested we get going. Cindy: I am glad you said that, I have to pee and there are too many people here. Tammy: A little way down the trail is a spot where we can pee. Susan: We got to the spot and I looked around and we were alone.

I pulled off my panties and walked over to the picnic table. Tammy: I pulled off my panties after I saw Susan take off hers. I followed Susan to the picnic table and she laid on top of it. Susan: Squat over and pee in my mouth. Everyone heard what I said and they all came over to watch. Tammy: I squatted over Susan and started peeing. Susan opened up her mouth and gulped down my pee, although at lot of it dribbled out of her mouth. Susan: I drank some and it did not taste bad.

I filled my mouth and then squirted it back on to Tammy's pussy.

Sei un grandissimo segaiolo e ti piace essere umiliato come se fossi un grande cornuto

I pulled Tammy over me so she was pissing on my face and hair. Then I pulled Tammy's pussy to my mouth and licked her as she peed. Cindy: When I saw what was happening, I could not believe it and thought how could she, but the more I watched them, the more I thought about what it would be like to do it myself.

Tammy: My stream was slowing down, Susan's face and hair were all wet. When I was only dripping out pee, Susan pulled my pussy to her mouth and licked me. It felt good.

I stood up and told Susan, OK my turn.


Then kissed her, I could taste my pee and it was not bad. We switched places. Susan: I put my pussy against Tammy's mouth, she licked me for a few moments, then I started to pee. I saw her take a mouthful and swallow it. She then move me so I was pissing on her face and hair. She then moved my pussy to her mouth and she was licking me again. It felt good. As I started to slow down, Tammy open her mouth and let it fill it up. She licked me one more time and sat up to kiss me.

Tammy: As I kissed Susan, I squirted her pee in her mouth and she swallowed it. We licked each other's face and kissed some more, before we looked around at the others. I said that was fun, if anybody wants to try it, now is the time.

Otherwise if anyone else needs to pee, I and Susan are available to be peed on. Cara: I told everyone I wanted to try it. Heather: I will try it with you Cara, do you want to go first. Cara: OK, let me get on the table. Heather: I squatted over Cara and began to pee in her mouth, then all over her face and hair, then back to her mouth.

She kept a mouthful and when we kissed she squirted it my mouth and I swallowed it. I liked the taste. We then changed places. Cara: I started peeing on Heather. She did the same as me and then we kissed each other. Heather got up off the table.

Cindy: Well I was going to try it, but all of the girls had peed already. Cara: Dad pee on Cindy. Cindy: I looked at Jim and shook my shoulders as oh well. Jim: OK. Cindy got on the table and I began to piss on her. Cindy: As Jim pissed on me I took his cock in my mouth and swallowed as much as I could, but a lot of it ran down my body.

Susan: I came over and grabbed Jim's cock and took it out of my mother's mouth and aimed it at her face and hair. Once she was all wet and his stream was slowing down, I pushed his cock back in her mouth. Cindy: After I sucked out the last drops piss. I sat up and as I was getting off the picnic bench, I saw 3 men standing off to the side watching us.

They all had a smile on their face. We were all so enthralled with pissing we forgot to keep and eye out for passersby. I asked them if they liked the show and they said yes and began to walk away. I had forgot to pull off my panties and they were a little wet. I looked at Tom and Bill and asked them if they needed to pee. Both said yes so I called all of the girls over and we all got side by side as close as we could. Then I had Bill and Tom pee on us. They made sure we all got some till they were finished.

Heather: When my father finished pissing on us, I sucked his cock dry. Tammy: I sucked my dad's cock dry after he finished peeing. Cindy asked for some water to wash us off and I told her there was only enough left for us to drink to finish the hike. Cindy: When I started watching the girls, I had forgot about needing to pee, as I stood up I just began peeing and I still had on my panties.

My pee just splashed all over and ran down my legs and in to my shoes. Everybody heard the water and watched me piss myself. Susan: Mom, you were just complaining about me peeing earlier and now look at you. Everyone started laughing at my mother. Tammy: We all put on our panties and started down the trail again.

We all dried off quickly in the hot sun. We passed several people as we finished up the hike. They all looked at us like we were strange. Tom: We got back to the hotel and walked in the lobby. It was basically empty now. The manager at the front desk told me that we are the only people in the hotel now, everyone has left. People will only be showing up again, later tonight. I asked him about the shuttle bus for the airport and he said they would be waiting for us.

Cindy: How about we go for a quick swim before we get ready to go. Everybody said OK. We all walked out to the pool and took off our shoes and panties or shorts. We took turns under the shower to clean the piss off of us before we all dove in the pool. Jim fucked me one more time on the chairs while Susan laid underneath me and licked my pussy and Jim's cock as he fucked me.

Cara was over my back and licked my asshole and Jim's cock as he fucked me. I told Jim to pull out and not cum yet and the 3 of us changed places.

Jim fucked Susan next and then I told him to cum in Cara. Then Susan and I sucked the cum out of Cara. Tammy: Heather and I took care of each others father. We all kissed and hugged each other then stayed naked and went in the hotel. We all went to our rooms and cleaned up and packed our things. We met in the lobby and took the shuttle bus to the airport.

On the bus, all of us girls were not wearing underwear and were flashing the men. It did not do a lot of good, as they were all worn out and use to us now. We all separated at the airport for our different gates. As I was sitting with my father, I asked him if everything went as he expected. Bill: In a sad face I said no.

Tammy: No, what would of you liked? Bill: No, it went better than I ever would of guessed. I then kissed her passionately on the mouth. Tammy: Dad, I didn't think you would do that here. Bill, Don't call me dad, honey, we have been married for about six months, that is why we have the same last name. Then I kissed her again. Tammy: I snuggled up with my father, or husband.

Whatever this situation calls for to make it more exciting. Bill: I can't wait till our next trip, what are we going to do that we haven't already done. Tammy: Or who are we going to do? Dad, what would you think of me if I let all of the men at the dinner fuck me or if I gave them all a blowjob? Bill: I would still love you the same as I do now. Tammy: I love you too, dad. Then end.