Teen loves cum on her face japanese hardcore

Teen loves cum on her face japanese hardcore
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Fbailey story number 644 I Turned Thirteen My name is Claudette and I always thought that I was an ordinary typical teenage girl. I was pretty and the boys liked me. I had nice clothes, good friends, and I went places with my parents. I even did well in school. My life was perfect…or so I thought. The night before my thirteenth birthday Mom tucked me in and kissed me goodnight as she had done since I was a baby. Then she said, "When you wake up in the morning things will be different.

You will become a woman.


Your two brothers will come in here and relieve themselves sexually with your body. Later your father will too.

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I have had to endure all three of them for several years now so now it is your turn." Panic set in and I asked, "What are you talking about? Sex? With my own brothers!" Mom laughed and said, "Yes Claudette, that is exactly what I'm talking about.

You are thirteen now and a woman. So it is going to be your job to spread your legs for them whenever they want you. At first they will try to fuck you to death but then they will settle down to two or three times a day." I asked, "You said that you have had to endure them for several years." Mom said, "Come on Claudette. Can you be so innocent that you never noticed that the boys would take me into their bedrooms several times a day?" I replied, "I guess so but I never knew what you were doing in there with them." Mom just laughed at me and said, "Oh my God, you really are that innocent.

Well young lady you are in for one hell of a day tomorrow. Your two brothers and your father are planning on fucking your brains out. It will probably hurt the first few times, your pussy will be sore, and you will beg them to stop. Nothing will work. Those three have been waiting to get their cocks in you ever since you started developing. I've had to keep them off you until now. Now you will do your duty. Get some sleep you'll need it. By the way I highly recommend that you start sleeping in the nude and if I were you, I wouldn't bother to get dressed for a few days either." I suddenly realized something and said, "Jill is supposed to spend the night on Saturday." Mom said, "You can call her tomorrow and tell her that your plans have changed." I asked, "What should I tell her?" Mom Laughed and patted my pussy through the blankets and said, "Tell her the truth.

That you are now your brother's fuck toy." I replied, "I can't tell her that." Mom said, "Well in two months when Jill turns thirteen you two will have plenty to talk about." After Mom had left, I thought about what she had said. Jill was two months younger than I was and she had three older brothers. As I lay there thinking about tomorrow, I got excited and I slipped my finger into my pussy.

I had been masturbating for a couple of years now but my pussy was wetter than I could remember it being. I started stroking my clit, I massaged my breast, and I rolled my nipple between my fingers. I had wondered what it would be like to have a nice stiff cock shoved up my pussy. In the morning I would find out.

I was sleeping soundly when all of a sudden I felt a stinging sensation between my legs. My eyes flew open and there was my brother Randy lying on top of me fucking me.

At first I was shocked but the pain was over before I even knew it. Then I realized how good it felt. I knew right then that I would like sex. I felt him slipping in and then I felt him cum in me too.

As soon as Randy got off from me my older brother Jacob climbed in bed with me. Randy was fifteen and Jacob was sixteen. It was clear that Jacob knew more about pleasing me that Randy did.

Jacob kissed me first and said, "Good morning Sexy." That was what he always called me. Then he asked, "Can I fuck you. I need too really badly." Of course I said, "Yes, any time." He kissed me again and slipped his cock into my wet pussy.

He said, "I like sloppy seconds." I knew what that meant and replied, "I like the way your cock feels inside me." He just proceeded to fuck into me for a much longer time than Randy had. It felt much better and I even had an orgasm before he did. He seemed to like the fact that I came first.

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He even laid next to me for a while and we cuddled. Randy said, "Hey Sexy, that was great.

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I'm really going to enjoy fucking you. Dad wants a turn too so I had better leave now." Dad must have been waiting out in the hall because he came right in, looked at me, and dropped his robe. I saw that monster between his legs and closed mine. Dad just pulled my knees apart and shoved his cock into me. It was a good thing that I had been stretched and lubricated by both of my brothers first.

Dad never said a word, he just thrust into me until he came, and then he left. I put on my robe, used the toilet, and then I went down to breakfast.

Mom asked, "So how was it." We were all seated at the table so I hesitated to tell her. Mom coaxed it out of me so I said, "Randy was too quick and self centered, Jacob was really nice and made me have an orgasm, and then Dad just came in, fucked me, and left. He made me feel like a piece of meat." Mom smiled and said, "Welcome to my world. I've tried to teach Randy to respect women but he doesn't have to as long as his father treats us like a piece of meat.

Jacob is a pleasure to be with and he will make some girl very happy." Randy said, "Keep eating Claudette, I want to fuck you again." I turned toward him and said, "I might have to let you fuck me but I'm not going to be your sex toy.

I'm a girl and I want you to start asking me nicely, that goes for you too Dad." Mom smirked, Dad glared at me, and then he said, "Randy treat your sister nicer and she'll let you fuck her more often." Randy said, "I didn't have to be nice to Mom." Dad said, "Randy, Maybe you should have.


Maybe I should have too. Maybe Jacob could teach us both a lesson." I made Randy wait until I had finished eating and then I asked Mom if she needed help with the dishes. She looked at Randy, giggled, and said, "No! But thank you for offering." There was a pause and then Mom said, "Send him back down when he is finished with you." I giggled and replied, "That shouldn't take long." Sure enough once we were inside my bedroom, Randy threw me down, pulled my robe open, and thrust his cock inside me.

He fucked me violently…well as violently as he could that is. I laughed at him and said, "Randy, you can't hurt me with that little thing. You might have gotten my virginity but Jacob showed me how nice a cock could feel. Then Dad reamed me out good with his. It's a wonder that I can even feel you inside me." Then he pulled his cock out, slapped my face, and left without ever cumming.

I walked downstairs naked and let them all see the red handprint on my face. Then I said, "Maybe you can make me let him fuck me…but I don't have to take that crap.

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If he does it again, I'm crossing my legs and calling the police." Dad looked at me as if I had shot him and said, "There will be no need for talk like that young lady.

I'll see to it that he never hits you again." He drew his attention to Randy and said, "Start jerking off because your sister and your mother are off limits to you for a whole week. Maybe that'll teach you a lesson." Mom smiled at me. That night Mom came into my bedroom to kiss me goodnight and to tuck me in. She asked, "So how was your first day?" I kissed her back, hugged her tightly, and said, "I love it. I love the feel of a cock inside me. I like the way Randy is forceful with me…but don't tell him that.

Jacob made love to me three times and Dad said thank you when he finished tonight." Mom said, "I am so glad that you enjoy it. Some girls don't." I asked, "Can Jill sleep over this Saturday? I'll let Jacob and Dad fuck me whenever they want too. Please." Mom said, "You won't mind that she finds out that you are letting your brothers and father fuck you?" I laughed and said, "Not at all.

Actually it was her idea. I tried to call it off but she all ready knew what I was doing. Her mother told her that it was my time and that on her birthday Jill would be doing the same thing. The best part is that we will let the other's brothers fuck us too.

That way no one gets shut off during our periods." Mom smiled and said, "That's what Jill's mother told me a little while ago, when I called her. You girls really have your acts together. Goodnight." The next day was Saturday and Jacob woke me up with a kiss. We made love and then he took me into the shower with him. I gave him my first blowjob and he ate my pussy. It was cool. He just picked me up, upside down, and put his tongue in my pussy.

I just opened my mouth and his cock entered. The whole time I was bathed with nice warm water. Jill came over early and watched Jacob fuck me again.

We both liked having an audience. Jill got naked too and he saw what he could expect in a couple of months. Jill had tiny titties but she made up for it with a nice big ass. Jacob said, "The better the cushion, the better the pushing." We all laughed.

When Dad fucked me he sent Jill out of the room. He said that he wasn't an exhibitionist. He was glad that I was though. He liked seeing Jill naked too. That night we did something that we had discussed often. We made love to each other. I tasted my first pussy and Jill tasted Dad's cum in me mixed with a little from Jacob.

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When Mom came in to wish us a goodnight she saw us in a sixty-nine but waited until we were done. Then Mom French kissed us both to taste us and then she licked each of our pussies to get an even better taste of us. Mom said, "Jill, you taste just as good as your mother does." That did it…we three girls stayed up till midnight licking one another. In the morning Jacob got in bed between Jill and I.

He felt us both but he only fucked me. Breaking Jill in was her brother's job. He didn't want to blow a good thing. After church Jacob invited Jill's three brothers over for a taste of me. They were excited because they thought that they would have to wait until they could give Jill to my brothers. Those four boys took turns teaching me everything that they had learned about sex. I was amazed. They fucked my pussy, they fucked my mouth, and they even fucked my asshole.

They took me one at a time, two at once, and then tree at a time. I had a cock in every hole plus one in my hand getting ready. That night when Mom came in to say goodnight I told her all about our orgy, our gangbang, our fuck party.

She said, "So you like being thirteen…don't you?" All I could say was, "I love every inch of it." The End I Turned Thirteen 644