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Guy rents big tits maid and fucks her
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The next day I am up early, well rested, and dress in loose shirt and jeans before going to Ranulph's stables to tend to my horse. When I arrive, Rachel is there, mucking out, and she gives me a hearty "Good Morning" and a conspiratorial wink. I muck out my stable and am brushing down my horse when Ranulph appears.

He has on a shirt and jodhpurs and after greeting us both he goes into Rachel's stable. I overhear Rachel giggling, and I must say I feel a pang of jealousy or at least envy. But after a few moments he comes into my stable, stands behind me as I groom the horse, and I feel him put both hands on my waist. He then nuzzles the back of my neck which sends gorgeous shivers down my spine, before whispering in my ear "Are you ready for the second day of your new life, my darling Emma?" He has called me darling!

I blush and stammer "Yes, Ranulph, I am ready for whatever you have in store for me today, and everyday." This must have been the right answer, for he kissesd the back of my neck, and with one hand, moves down from my waist to cup my buttock which he gently squeezes. His other hand moves up from my waist at the front and gently squeezes my breast through the shirt, feeling for my now burgeoning nipple.

A tingling sensation runs down my spine, and I glow with anticipation of the day's pleasures to come. "When you are finished grooming, come to the tack room and we will introduce you to your training gear" As he leaves the stable I wonder what he means by "we"?

And what is to be my new training gear? There is only one way to find out, and I return to grooming the horse with renewed vigour, before going off to the tack room.

When I enter, Ranulph and Rachel were both there. Ranulph turns to me, and beckons me to one end of the tack room where clothing hangs on pegs and racks.

Rachel follows obviously ready to watch whatever is about to happen. I remember Ranulph saying I had to obey him no matter who else is there. It seems to me that Rachel and I are both in this together, sisters in obedience to Ranulph, so my first reaction is one of quiet acceptance.

Then Ranulph speaks. "Emma, remove your boots and socks, and your jeans and knickers please." Again I blush, but know I have to obey, want to obey, even though Rachel, six years my junior, looks on in anticipation. I quickly undo my boots and remove them and my socks, sensing the cold stone floor beneath my bare feet, then unzip my jeans and push them and my panties down my long legs and step out of them.

Rachel steps forward and takes them, and hangs them up for me.


Her eyes though are clearly on my naked pubis, and as she passes me and returns, on my firm buttocks as well. She smiles and as Ranulph watches goes to another rack and brings me a pair of leather chap gaiters. I realised these are complete all round leather chaps zipped up round my calves and shins, but above my knees, consist only of leather up my outer thighs, leaving my inner thighs, pubic area and bottom quite exposed, and fasten by a leather belt round my waist.

I then have to put my socks and boots back on before going out to the horse. I must look quite an erotic sight, naked from knee to waist at front and back, my breasts bobbing gently in my shirt. I am grateful there are only the three of us to witness my plight. My next surprise is that Ranulph wants me to mount the horse bareback, with no saddle or stirrups. My naked rump sits directly on the horse's back, and I have to really use my naked thighs to cling to him and maintain my balance and posture.

As Ranulph starts to put me through my warm up routine, and then practice my dressage paces, I become very conscious of this large warm sturdy animal pressing up into my private parts, and as I use my thighs and lower legs to manoeuvre him, make him do my bidding, I feel a warm glow of sensual pleasure spread from the constant friction of my vulva and anus against his silky coat.

By the time my hour's training is up, I am really very aroused, not just in my lower regions, but also in the tingling of my breasts and growing nipples. When I dismount, Rachel takes the horse and Ranulph leads me back to the tack room.

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There is a saddle lying over a saddle horse at about waist height and he leads me over to it. "Remove your shirt, Emma, please, and bend over the saddle horse, legs spread and grasp the corners at the other side" I slip my shirt off and do as he instructs. My waist is actually in contact with the top of the saddle, my breasts hang down the other side and to really spread my legs, I have to point my feet back slightly towards where Ranulph is standing.

Once I have struck the display position, he comes in towards me, and runs his hand down over my buttock and into my crease, letting his fingers seek out my moist sex lips and opens them up to slip a couple of fingers up my vagina.


The sensation is wonderful, not just the actual feel of him violating my hitherto private areas, but the direct way that he does it, brooking no possibility of reluctance on my part. As ever, he doesn't linger long enough to give me the pleasure of orgasming, but he instructs me to turn round, and sit side saddle facing him, hands behind my head, elbows back.

He comes round behind me and reaches round to cup a breast in each hand. For several minutes he caresses and kneads my breasts, alternating with teasing out my aureolae and extending my sensitive and erectile nipples between his fingers and thumbs. I know I am moist between my legs and I wantonly let my legs fall apart again, hoping his digital caresses will return down there.

But no such luck! He lets me come off the saddle and tells me to remove the gaiters. I happily oblige, and stand totally naked in front of him. At that point Rachel reappears, and to my surprise and mounting excitement, Ranulph tells her to strip completely too. I watch, entranced, as she slips off her shirt to reveal breasts slightly fuller than mine, but no less firm, with large brown mounded aureolae and firm nipples. Her jeans and thong follow and she is naked, totally shaved as am I, and flat bellied with a most delicate pubic mound and slightly protuberant sex lips partly open in arousal.

I had not contemplated any girlie action in this set-up, but I suddenly feel that Rachel and I could have a fun time if Ranulph ever decided that was something he was interested in letting us do. Both naked we follow Ranulph out of the tack room into the stable yard and across to the house. I am just thinking that it is as well that nobody else is around when a younger version of Ranulph appears at the door of the house.

He looks out at Rachel and I and smiles, another smile to die for, and my embarrassment is mixed with a feeling of excitement, of daring, of exhibitionism at displaying my nudity not just in front of Ranulph, but also in front of this man. Ranulph introduces him to me as Gerald, his younger brother, and I reckon he is probably about 18 years old. He obviously knows Rachel already. "Hi, Rachel, and hallo to you Emma. Ranulph has told me so much about you, I am delighted to meet you in the flesh, if you'll forgive the pun." He laughs at his own joke, and his face crinkles and melts my remaining modesty.

As we stand, he steps across to stand in front of me, and as Ranulph watches, amused, he reaches out and strokes my cheek, then down my neck and onto my right breast, fingering my still aroused nipple, as though that is how strangers of opposite sex always greet one another.

I feel myself naturally dip my head and modestly look down, avoiding his direct gaze, unconsciously adopting the pose of submissive women since time immemorial. More consciously I shift one foot to open my legs and turn my knee outwards, exposing to him my sex lips and inviting him, willing him, to touch me down there.

He doesn't need any further encouragement, but drops his hand from my breast and gently teases my labia before running his hand beneath my crotch, and feeling with his thumb uppermost for my clitoris. My sensitivity hits new highs, but like his brother, he knows what to do to raise my arousal without bringing me up to orgasm, leaving me desperate for more caresses and release.

"A good choice, Ranulph, dear brother, a natural, and so willingly obedient. I trust we are going to continue her training this afternoon?" "Of course, Gerald, although it is only her second day here, she learns fast, and already her riding is benefiting from her increased sexual confidence." I hear this conversation, with pride, even though they discuss me almost as an inanimate object, which in some ways I begin to perceive I have become.

But I also detect affection on the part of both Ranulph and Gerald, and I feel comfortable with them and with Rachel. We go into the house and find the dining table set for a light lunch. We two girls still naked, we sit down, and enjoy the food and conversation with the two brothers, as if we were having lunch together in a restaurant.

It feels very strange, but also very normal.


After lunch, the brothers take us into the room I think of as the chapel, with the columns and the mirrors. Both of us have cuffs attached as I did yesterday to our wrists and ankles and a velvet belt around our waists with clips and D-rings.

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Then I watch as Gerald takes Rachel to one pair of columns and with her facing into the body of the room attaches her wrists high up to the columns, and her ankles to the columns at floor level, forming a perfect x-shape of her naked body. Ranulph is just standing with his arm round my waist, as we then watch Gerald start to caress Rachel's 16 year old body, paying particular attention to her firm pomegranate breasts, firmly taking hold of her large nipples and pulling then forward, stretching her breasts as he does so, before sliding his palms down across her taut belly to her pubic area, parting her sex lips and using both thumbs this time to rub her clitoris, which seems to grow long and thick under his touch, swollen with blood and sticking out invitingly from her sex.

Rachel is rolling her head and biting her lips, breathing deeply with her diaphragm rippling her tummy muscles and throwing her chest in and out as she gasps with pleasure. Then he steps away from her, leaving her unfulfilled but as aroused as I could ever imagine a woman being, and Ranulph walks me over to face her. My wrists are raised and attached to a second pair of rings alongside Rachel's wrists. My ankles are spread and likewise attached alongside hers. In this position we face each other at close quarters, and our waist belts are now connected, clips to rings, at either side of our waists.

I am now face to face with Rachel, our breasts are touching, as are our thighs and bellies, and I wonder whether we should try to hold apart from one another or give in to what I at least was feeling and enjoy the sensations of our nakedness against one another.

Gerald then comes up behind me and Ranulph behind Rachel. Ranulph speaks. "You both know that you will achieve the inner calm that will make you excellent dressage riders through fulfilling your sexual potential.

This has been explained to you when you chose to come to us here. Sexual potential takes many forms and you must explore all of these. I don't know if you, Emma, have enjoyed sexual contact with girls at your school, or anywhere else, but you need not feel embarrassed at letting your natural instincts take over here.

We will lend you both some encouragement, but it is you two who will for yourselves reach your sexual peaks today." I look at Rachel, and she gives me a shy smile, then knowing what the brothers expect, we move in to let our lips just brush one anothers. That first cool touch is wonderful, and we let our lips linger in the next kiss, before opening our lips my mutual consent, and letting our tongues seek out the inner soft flesh of our mouths, darting at each other, probing further and lingering over our new found intimacy.

After a few moments of this, I feel Gerald start to caress up my thighs, firstly the outside then from the knees up the inside to that soft tender area just below my sex.

My sensual reactions are now torn between Rachel's kisses and Gerald's intimate caresses. I try to concentrate on Rachel, but Gerald reaches the join of the back of my thigh and my buttocks, and taking hold of my buttocks one in each hand, starts to part them, his thumbs exploring in my anal crease. Without trying to escape the probing, I instinctively move my buttocks forward, and as I do so I suspect that Ranulph is doing the same to Rachel, as she jerks forward at that same instant and our pubic bones meet and the soft flesh of our protruding labia meet and rub for a moment before we regain our equilibrium.

But the thumbs still probe gently at my anus and Rachel and I now allow our bellies to come in contact and our labia to meet and like our tongues, to seek each other out and start a slow friction that is wonderfully calming while being teasingly arousing.

With mouths and labia locked in embrace, it is only natural that our breasts also rub up against one another, and we start an almost mesmeric dance of one naked female body against the other. I can feel Rachel's burgeoning nipples against mine which feel to me larger than I have ever previously experienced. And Gerald has now slipped his thumb down from my anus to my vagina, and is rolling his thumb in my lubrication. I gasp as he then moves the now slick thumb back to my anus and firmly eases it inside with the help of my own secretions.

His thumb starts to push in and out, which is both wickedly erotic and has the effect of pushing me to and fro against Rachel.

I know her breathing is getting more frantic, and I feel my own breath coming in great gasps as I struggle with the myriad of sensations on my naked flesh. Tongues intermingled, breasts and nipples rubbing sensuously, bellies brushing back and forth, our labia stimulating each of us and the thumbs probing our rear passages do not take long before I feel an orgasm of gigantic proportions coming on, and I sense Rachel also at that point, and we step up our action till I begin my orgasm, and feel Rachel start to shudder, and together we ride the explosion of sexual joy deep inside our feminine being.

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The brothers remove their thumbs and gently caress us through the orgasm and after-ripples, before stepping away. Rachel almost collapses against me then smiles and we kiss passionately. We stand there regaining our composure for a few minutes, before Ranulph and Gerald come back and blindfold us.

I sense that pleasure will now give way to pain and in its own way further pleasure. Ranulph clearly starts by striking a blow of some sort on Rachel's back, as she arches forward and her breasts press hard against mine.

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I try to listen as the next blow comes and think I hear a whoosh that suggests more than just a crop or whip, something multi-tailed, and I think the soft noise of it landing on Rachel's flesh comprises several different points of contact. Again her body presses against mine, and I feel my nipples engorge even further with the blind excitement of Rachel being lashed, and wondering when my turn will come. I don't have long to wait, as my anticipation of Rachel's next stroke is suddenly turned back on me by a whoosh behind me, then the nipping of several soft leather strands across my long naked back.

I gasp and react by thrusting forward, pressing myself against Rachel's firm young breasts, and feeling ourt bellies touch briefly. A pause, then a repeat but from the left this time, not the right as first time. Again, just nipping my flesh, but I don't hold any great expectation that it will remain at this level. I think that Ranulph and Gerald are just warming us up gently, but I fully expect and look forward to more stern treatment.

The next stroke is simultaneously Rachel and myself, the leather now biting harder across my shoulders. As I press forward, so does Rachel, and some instinct causes us to hold that contact and I feel Rachel kissing my neck. Then, without a pause, another stroke for each of us, across our buttocks this time and the lashes just curling round our upper thighs. The reaction is more pressure of our bellies and pubic areas against one another, and I prolong the contact this time and let my labia rub softly against Rachel's.

She sighs and again kisses me, this time on the lips. I begin to feel that perhaps she has done this before, and as well as feeling her own "kiss of leather" she is playing her part in my initiation into this sexually arousing combination of pain and Sapphic pleasure. The next stroke is mine alone, and is harder, the lashes biting into my bottom flesh, and no doubt leaving red weals, I imagine.

The next stroke too is mine and wraps round my upper thighs, as Rachel holds the kiss on my lips and inserts her tongue again between my opening lips.

My shoulders, back, buttocks and thighs are warm with the nips of the lashes, and there is now a pause. Then, a different sound, and what I presume to be a riding crop, its end a flat rectangular leather strip maybe four inches by two, strikes the middle of my right buttock, and before I can think of the stinging pain, another stroke on my left buttock.

Then one on the crease where my right buttock meets the top of my svelte thighs, followed quickly by its mirror image on my left. My senses are divided between this new, more severe pain and the passionate kisses that Rachel is still bestowing upon me.

But the crop then switches to Rachel, and I hear four cracks in quick succession, feel some relief that it is not my flesh, and also feel Rachel's belly and labia rub against me again.

The strokes pause, but we continue to assuage the pain by rubbing against one another, striving to build the pleasure in our loins, and trying to play off that pleasure against the building pain.

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And then new sensations, some sort of multi-tailed instrument, but with long soft leather strips, and by the feel of it being drawn slowly from my shoulder down my back, across my buttocks and trailing down my legs, perhaps six or eight strips. Then it is drawn slowly back up my leg, the soft leather lingering on my upper inner thighs, that most sensitive of erogenous zones, tickling fleetingly across my now open vulva, then on up over my bottom and again up my back.

And judging from Rachel squirming against me, thigh to thigh, labia to labia, belly to belly, breast to breast, she is getting the same treatment. Again our lips meet, and we indulge in a long probing tongue to tongue kiss, and I can feel my orgasm beginning to mount within me. The instruments are removed, then a sudden hiss of air, and it lands with the full force of all six or eight lashes across my upper back.

I stifle a scream, mostly because we are still kissing, but my body bucks and squashes Rachel's breasts and I can actually feel her full engorged nipples against my chest, then another hiss, and this time it is Rachel who takes the lashes, and she thrusts wildly against me.

Then another full force on my outthrust buttocks, outthrust because a subconscious part of my mind tells me my buttocks must be next and I so want to feel the pain. And as I thrust my pelvis forward, so Rachel gets her buttock lashes, and thrusts forward to meet me. The excitement is building my orgasm, but I cannot foresee the next two strokes. The brother whipping Rachel uses his lashes to whip up and through our parted legs to land a medium force stroke on both our crotches, individual lashes nipping at our open labia, at the inner moist vulva flesh, and catching me with the ends of the lashes curling up my anal crease.

The lashes fall only to be immediately followed by an identical shot from the other brother, starting for me with my anus, under my crotch to catch my labia and vulva again, then on to catch Rachel.

And then repeated three times, till first myself, then Rachel almost immediately after, scream out with the most powerful orgasm rippling from deep inside my guts, and rolling over my body, sheer intense pleasure mixed with the heat and stinging points of pain, each diffusing to a myriad of sensation covering all my flesh, every inch of my naked body feeling as if it had been brought alive, my whole being experiencing the rise to climax then a gentle relaxation as it passes, and I realise gratefully how lucky I am to have found Ranulph, and given myself so totally to him and his brother, and share it all so delightfully with Rachel.

After a few minutes, the blindfolds are removed, and we are released from our bondage. Rachel and I smile shyly at one another, knowing we have shared something very intimate, and I look closely at Rachel as she moves around to flex her stiff muscles, and see the back of her body covered only with a healthy pink glow.

There are no angry weals, no bruises, nothing to suggest that the pain we felt was other than expertly applied by two lovely men almost as a token of love. As we relax and take a drink and a bite to eat I wonder what Ranulph and Gerald could have planned for us now, and how it could possibly be better than what we had just experienced.