Schwanger Baby mit Vibrator super sexy

Schwanger Baby mit Vibrator super sexy
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It was a hot day at the beach. My mum and dad had gone for a walk and my brother and I were playing in the sand. I had to pee, so I told my brother I was just going up to the bushes on the sand dunes where my dad had just gone before their walk.

He told me I should just pee in the water, because it's not safe for kids in the bushes, but i remember my brother once told me that sharks will come if you pee in the water.

I knew it was safe to go up to the bushes anyway, because the man from the family just down the beach was also on his way up there. I saw he was drinking beer. That always makes my dad go to the toilet a lot as well.


I wish this guy was my dad. I was watching him earlier lifting his kids in the air and throwing them in the water. He's so strong, my dad doesn't do that.

When I got to the bushes, I just went around behind one where you could see a lot of people have walked. I could just see the top of that other guys head.

He was wearing a white cap. So I knew if anything happened I could yell for help. I was busting to pee, but I couldn't get the rope untied on my board shorts. My dad had tied them up really tight so they cant come off in the surf again. I couldn't get the knot undone and I was now struggling to lift up the leg of my shorts so my i could get my doodle out there. I could still see that mans cap, and his sunglasses.

Then I wondered if he could see me too. I felt really embarassed. He must think im such a kid if I cant even undo my own shorts. He suddenly looked away when he saw me looking at him. But then he looked back and started casually walking around to my side of the bush.

I was getting even more embarassed now, trying to straighten out the leg of my shorts. He came up beside me, looking out over the bush where I couldnt see, as if he was keeping gaurd for me.

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Then he said to me, "Sorry, I noticed you were having trouble with that knot. Can I help?" I was really embarassed, but if i didnt pee soon I was going to end up peeing my pants infront of him. "Yes please.", I said. When his fingers were pulling at the knot on my shorts it was hard to stand still. I didn't mind. It just felt like having my dad help me. Then I felt one last pull as the knot came undone and the velcro ripped open a bit.

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Thank god. I didnt even care that this man hadn't left yet, I just ripped open the rest, grabbed my doodle and started peeing. I guess he didnt care, because he just flopped his out and started to pee as well. It felt so free to be peeing outside in the bushes. I could feel wind blowing on my balls.

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It felt nice because they'd just started growing hairs. Sometimes lately, when I was going to the toilet, my doodle would start to stick out a bit and it looked bigger. I could move side to side and it kind of wobbled out in front. It started happening now, and it felt nice out there with the sun shining on me too.

But then I thought I better not do that now, because that man might see. I looked to the side and I could see his doodle.

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His was so much bigger than mine. I could see a big vein down the side. It looked strong just like him. I couldn't wait to grow up and be big like him. He was really tall, and his doodle was only just under my eye level, so I dont think he noticed me looking. As I was about to stop peeing, I noticed a new sensation. I got a tingling feeling on my balls, and my doodle started sticking out more than usual. It felt nice too. I was still looking at the man peeing out of the corner of my eye as he stopped.

And he started to jiggle his doddle with his fringer and thumb wrapped around the base. It was so big, like a fat sausage, it just kind of hung over his big finger and wobbled. I giggled a little bit when he wobbled it. It looked funny.


I always just pulled my pants up. He must have noticed me giggle, because he looked down. He looked down at my doodle and said "you gotta get it all out or get it in your pants", then he laughed a little as he started to squeeze it like when I had seen a cow being milked. I started doing the same thing as I looked at his, and that nice feeling grew. I noticed the guys doodle was starting to stick out like mine, and it was so big now!

When he saw I was still looking, the man smiled at me and knew I was admiring his big cock, so he started rubbing his hand up and down with his fingers gripped tightly around it. It was so big that his fingers couldn't quite reach all the way around. I started copying him, but my doodle didnt stay standing right up on it's own like that.


Then he just said "let me try", still giving me a friendly smile. He bent over and held my doodle in his hand. His hand was warm, and rough, but it felt so good. I had never felt someone else holding my doodle before. He squeezed it and I felt something i had never felt before. I wanted him to just keep doing it.

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Then he started to strech it and squeeze. He opend up his hand and then spat right on my dick. Then he wrapped his fingers around and started sliding his hand up and down.

It wasn't long before my doddle was standing straight up on its own, and hard as a rock.

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I had never seen it look that big before. It was the best feeling I had ever felt. He did the same thing with his other hand and just stood there jerking both our hard cocks together.

After a while the man crouched down and looked at my dick right in front of his face, still squeezing it with his hand. Then he let go as he moved his head forward. When his lips reached my dick, he slowly opened them and let it slide inside.

His warm tongue felt so nice sliding down my dick. He kept sucking as he kept playing with his cock in the other hand. Soon I started to feel this amazing feeling building up inside my balls.

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He started playing with my balls as he sucked my dick, and my legs started to shake a little bit. He was jerking his own cock so fast now, and was moaning a bit with my dick in his mouth, sucking harder and harder. Then I felt a burst from my dick, and a warm, nice feeling throught my whole body. I looked down as I saw a big stream of thick white stuff shoot out from his cock and land on my shorts, and he let out a huge moan.

He stood up and smiled without saying anything, and started to walk back, still pulling up his pants. I had to stay and get some of this stuff off my shorts. Just before the man walked out of view past the bush, he turned around and said, "Hey buddy! Tell your dad, you and he both have the same tasting cum . salty but nice!"