Preggo hoe toys in fetish solo

Preggo hoe toys in fetish solo
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I keep daydreaming at work as my mind creates visions of me and Ronny, Aphrodite and Bigboy and also both of us with fatty and his pony cock. By the time I close the shop I'm ready for Bigboys big cock to impale me deeply. I try to drive slow going home but my thighs squeeze constantly as I think of what is waiting for me there. My foot keeps subconsciously pressing harder on the accelerator as the hunger I feel impels me to speed home. I have to constantly correct my speed and slow down to keep from getting ticketed.

It feels like it takes hours to get home but is really only about 20 minutes but the craving between my thighs makes it seem much longer. Once home I go to the computer and open the website so I can hear if Cheryl gets on and also check the barn to make sure everything is ok there. I like having the cameras, I have always feared entering the barn and possibly someone being there to do me harm. I also open Skype so I can see Cheryl as well as hear her.

Hmmm I think, wonder if there's any way to see her through the website so we don't have to use Skype? I call Ray and ask him. "Hmmm I dunno Vickie, let me check, hold on a sec", he replies.

"OK, you near the pc now, I'll walk you through it", he says after returning. "OK I'm there now, I answer, and the web site is open". "Ok click on tools at the top on the menu bar, then click Administrator tools.

In the menu list click remote viewers and then at the bottom check the on box and then ok!

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Now there should be a remote viewing icon on the menu bar. When you click that icon it should show everyone that's connected to the website. If there is a webcam on the viewer's pc it will display the cameras video when the pc is powered up and connected to the website. If they don't have a camera it will display a box saying no camera installed.


You got it", he asks? "Thanks Ray you're the greatest. Oh yeah, you never did answer my question the other day, does Julie still laugh when she cums?, she asked giggling. "You're incorrigible Vickie you know it, but yes, she does and I hate it if you must know", he confides.

"Yeah it's kind of a mood killer isn't it Ray, you think you're the man and you're straining to make it good for her and suddenly she's laughing at you and the better you make it for her the harder she laughs. I just kept her in stitches how about you", Vickie teases him?

Ray has a serious tone to his voice when he says, "You know, Julie has hinted that she would enjoy you making her laugh again. She even made the statement she'd like to laugh at me and you. Just sayin, might be something you want to think about tease", he says. Vickie doesn't know what to say, so she just says, "Hmmm maybe I need to talk to Julie more often. I gotta go, thanks again Ray, and I will think about that, trust me!" Thinking about the three of us together adds to the punishment my clit is already imparting to my sensibilities as it strains its taut skin, pulsing with its need for Bigboys tonguing caresses and hard cock to be filling my pussy.

I quickly remove my clothes which causes Bigboy to begin sniffing the air and mewling as he stands and walks to me. He sniffs my pussy once or twice before attacking it with his strong licking as I sit at the computer with widely opened thighs. I moan and sit up quickly with the sudden intensity of the voltage like thrills his tonguing imparts to my straining orb.

My thighs involuntarily close at the intense thrills his tongue sends spiraling up my spine. His big head continues moving as his tongue rapes me and I lay back in the chair moaning my pleasure.

God I need this I think as I close my eyes and I picture Ronny in my mind. My increased wetness at that thought has Bigboy pressing inside me, tongue laving, twisting as my mind and body is gripped by an intense orgasm, a serendipity that has my upper body writhing, twisting, my hips rolling as I feel his tongue fucking me like a snake-like cock, an anaconda sized cock that both fills and deeply impales me as it slithers within me deeply.

It's right then that I hear Cheryl's voice say, "Good morning fella's, if I were there I'd give you all.", and then she pauses.

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"Well Vick it appears that you have gotten really close to Bigboy! That's it boy make her one of us. Damn this is so hot", she says to herself not realizing she's speaking aloud where we can hear her! I know Cheryl is watching me but I can't move as Bigboy works my pussy and clit over with his big tongue.

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My thighs are raised and my head lays sideways as I see my sister's face on the screen. Her eyes glow with need and I can tell by the way she moves she's rubbing her clit as she watches Bigboy climb up and place his paws on the chair above my shoulders and with one forceful thrust impales me with his huge dog cock.

I think of clicking the camera off but it would mean moving to do so. I feel my cervix opening to Bigboys tip as he hammers through that tight orifice into my clasping uterus and it just doesn't seem important as my mind fogs and my body hunches into his wonderful dick.

Cheryl's moans seem far away and of no consequence as my body tenses and shakes. I can't think, my body just reacts to the sensations and pressures within my pussy as my orgasms become one long paradise of pleasure. Knowing Cheryl is seeing my debasement and enjoying that impaling plight, finding pleasure in it, intensifies my wanton enjoyment of this bestial act.

Hearing my sister's groan of fulfillment has my heels pulling at my lover's haunches; holding him to my undulating pussy as I savor the feel of my birth canal stuffed, filled and pressured outwards as his knot opens me and enters to pulse hotly against my G-spot.

My legs roll sideways until my knees reach the floor and I'm kneeling with shoulders on the computer chair as Bigboy never misses a thrust as I roll. Once kneeling he wastes no time grabbing me by my hips and burying his entire cock deep in my body. His balls pound my clit as his hips hunch insanely quick, thighs flaring to mold to my ass while he pounds me through heavens gates and holds me there.

I feel the full effect of his dick and powerful hunching as I scream my love for this furry animal's cock, head flailing uncontrollably with each forceful thrust. I feel trapped, raped, ripped and I love it! I feel like the pressure inside me is about to explode when I feel his knot swelling, pulsing and my mind melts as he unleashes a torrent of hot dog cum to sear my womb and addict my mind.

I AM his bitch and I wouldn't want it any other way. I lay there on the chair unmoving, gasping as he throbs inside me but I try not to move or squeeze him. As pleasurable as his cock is I have another, larger, animal dick in my mind, Fatty's!

It's only fifteen or so minutes before I can extricate my pussy from his impalement. Cheryl is gone, probably not aware I saw her as she watched me without Skype being open.

I wonder if she will confront me with my newfound past-time. Well it has to happen sometime and she can help me to fuck Fatty if she does. It feels awkward knowing another human being knows my secret and watched as I was debased even if she did enjoy every second of it herself. I feel a part of the family now, something I never did before. It always seemed it was dad, mom, and Cheryl involved in everything and I was just there.

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Were they trying to protect me from myself, or were they afraid I might slip and tell? I have to ask Cheryl when we finally talk about those days now that everything is in the open.well almost! If Vickie had clicked the little icon on the menu and refreshed the screen she would have seen that Cheryl wasn't the only person to witness Bigboy servicing her bitch pussy. It just so happened that Ray was showing Julie the set up at Vickie's barn online as she succumbed to Bigboys charms.

They had both watched mesmerized as Vickie had become overwhelmed by first his large tongue eating her and then his huge cock entering her and subjugating her pussy by his rough assault on her. Julie's pussy was wet, craving as she watched Vickie's exquisite torture, while her own clit swelled and pulsed tautly, until she had to place her hand in her panties and rub herself. "Does that turn you on honey", Ray asked his wife? "My god yes. Did you see its dick, it was huge. Look at how she's just fuckin lost, shit you can see how much she likes it written all over her face.

Watch her hips, she's fucking back into his cock and she keeps cumming and cumming". "Yeah, my dick is hard as nails. Who would have ever thought Vickie would like fucking animals, Cheryl yeah but Vickie, she sure fooled me", Ray says. "Could you do that baby, let that big dog fuck your pussy", Ray asked his wife, hoping her answer would be yes. Watching Vickie had him throbbing so hard his dick skin felt ripping. Knowing Julie wanted to sex Vickie had his mind working overtime now as he envisioned the three of them and the dog together.

"Hmmm I know I should be disgusted just watching this and that I should never admit it to a perv like you but yeah, I think I would try, anyway", she said as she rose and stripped before saying, "Now fuck me with your human dick while we watch.

I know you're hard enough to break rocks, watching Vickie, your dream fuck, get hosed by Bigboy" "Ray smiled as he slid his dick in his wife's pussy. She was soaked, he knew she was turned on by what she was seeing so he said, "Pretend you're being fucked by a dog while you watch honey", and he placed his forearms on her hips like a dog would his legs and began fucking her fast, deep.

Her pussy flowed wetness, drowning his dick with her excitement as Bigboys hips flayed outwards. Vickie's loud moan reverberated through the room as he knotted her, his hips molding to Vickie's ass while hunching hard and then holding it, making it obvious he was breeding her pussy as they watched his dog balls jerking and twitching.

Each time his balls would tighten a loud moan was heard from Vickie's mouth as she felt his steaming ball juice inundate her womb. Julie's head was hanging, pussy flowing her juices from around Ray's cock as she cum hard. Ray pounded her fast, deep, forcefully until he too tensed, groaning loudly, as his own excitement at watching Vickie be bred by her dog exploded in Julie's pussy, eliciting another intense tightening in her body.

Her pussy was sloppy with their cum and they ground into each other's bodies as loud slurping sounds excited them both as they realized the extent of both their arousals. Julie lay gasping for breath with Ray panting beside her as she said, "Do you still want me to sex Vickie knowing how much that turned me on babe", she queried? "Well I'd be lying if I said I wasn't imagining that was you with the dog. I think we both know you'd like to feel what Vickie just felt and I'm getting hard again just remembering it, so yeah, I think I want you to be with her even more now", he replied.

"That was soo hot, my god it was so obvious how much she loved it, did you see her face the whole time. She was in another world, and did you hear what the woman said about making her one of them, was that Cheryl? My god I bet Cheryl fucks him too. Oh damn, you don't think that's what Cheryl and her mom used to do in the barn do you?

You know, they had horses and mules and stuff and they always made us go in the house while they took care of the animals. Oh damn, I bet they were fucking them then too, mmmmmm", she mused. "Think you could fuck a horse honey, would that turn you on? Julie knew she was treading close to revealing some of her deepest fantasies, thoughts she had never uttered to another human being. The sudden display by Vickie had already caused her to reveal part of her bestial fantasy's to Ray and now with her arousement waning she was feeling guilt and shame about him seeing her so excited by such a debasing act.

"Ray you know I could never do any of that for real. How could you ever respect me after that, I mean after fucking dogs and horses and all that? How do you feel now knowing Vickie does that stuff, I bet you think less of her don't you", she asked, trying to feel out his true thoughts.

Ray laughed and said, "I don't feel any different about her, hell knowing Vickie and the little tease she is, she probably let us see that just to tease us and is laughing her ass off right now knowing how hot she got us. I mean hell, if the three of us ever got together like you wanted, we wouldn't want anyone to know about it anyway. What difference does it make how many sex secrets we have to keep hidden as long as we all find pleasure in it, dogs, horses, me with you both, as long as it's fun why not", he asks?

"You mean you could watch me hunch my pussy up into a horse dick and not think bad about me in any way and still want to fuck me afterwards", Julie asked incredulously? "Hell I'll even help put it in your pussy if you promise to try and make it cum in you", Ray replies. Julie feels an excited shudder run through her body at the thought of a horse cock stretching her pussy while spewing its hot cum inside her.

Her body seems to become hot inside and her mind is fogging at the realization that her husband will help her lifelong fantasy's become reality.

"Ray, if I told you I've always dreamed of fucking animals, dogs, horses, ponies and all that will you hate me and be disgusted with me", Julie asks with a quavering fear in her voice. She is sure her husband is about to give her a look of disgust, but when she looks up he's standing there stroking his hard dick, precum oozing from his tip and a big smile on his face! "Jackhammer, I want you to fuck Jackhammer and make him cum in you. I bet Vickie's mom named him that for a reason.

Will you do that for me Julie, if we do get with Vickie and you get the chance", he asks smiling broadly? "Julie's arousement has her completely in its grasp as she says, "Oh my god Ray, I'll make all her horses cum in my pussy, I want that so bad. Fuck me, shit I'm so hot, I can't believe you want me to fuck a horse when I've wanted it so long. Fuck me now Ray, I want to think about Bigboy fucking his big dog cock in me while I watch you and Vickie fuck. Will you like that, like feeling your dick in her pussy while you watch a dog cum in your wife's pussy", Julie moans as her mind fills with bestial visions that she knows is within her reach now.

Ray's cock is jerking stiffly as he tries to insert it in his wife's pussy while gazing into her eyes and saying, "I want to fuck your ass while Bigboy stretches your pussy, can I", he softly asks? Julie can only moan, "yesssss, oh god yesss", as her eyes close and she begins fucking Bigboy in her mind as Ray begins fucking her like he had seen the dog fucking Vickie, viciously raping her pussy as he thinks, I'm gonna fuck her all night!

I spend a couple hours mucking stables and trying to figure out how my mom and Cheryl fucked these huge hung cocks, but to no avail. I was sure they did it in the last stall which was enclosed and had strange benches and shelves but I couldn't figure them out.

I finally go back to the house frustrated and horny from looking at long fat cocks in every stall. I hear Cheryl's voice talking as I approach the computer and sit down and say Hi to her. "Open Skype, I want to show you something", she says with a big grin on her face. "I don't have to I can see you on here now", I said and explained to her how it was possible.

"OK then, just sit there and watch the screen. You might want to put this in full screen mode and take your clothes off Vick. Don't ask any questions just do as I say", she instructed me. I did as she suggested hoping Bigboy would come looking for some pussy. I watched as my sister disappeared and then reappeared nude and began rubbing her clit as she stared at the computer.

I feel funny knowing she's playing with herself while gazing at me and my hand unconsciously finds my clit and begins toying with it. "When I get home I'm gonna lick your clit Vickie, show it to me, let me watch you play with yourself like I am", she almost pleads. I push the chair back and spread my thighs as my gaze begins exploring my sister's body, her hair, face, breasts, dwelling on her large areolae and nipples, her flat belly and her shaven pussy.

Her clit is large and swollen and she is obviously excited. She lays back on her bed and with ass off the side she spreads her thighs and holds her hand between them and snaps her fingers. Suddenly a large reddish long haired dog is upon her, a huge dog with a huge cock flailing between her thighs. It has to be as thick as a beer can and long and the knot at present is even thicker. I see her hand reach down and guide his dick to her slit and position it at her inner labia and then hear her scream and see her hands gripping the sheets in white knuckled fists.

Her cries sound like she is being persecuted, tortured and I watch as his hips hunch frantically, his long cock being pounded deep inside her until her cries become moans and her hips begin undulating, fucking his dog cock as she tries to open herself to his deepest thrusts. Bigboy barks loudly, his ears perked and he hunches down as if ready to pounce as he hears Cheryl's screams. Her leg lifts and encircles his body, first one then the other as her moans fill with love and I know he is pressing through her uterus into her womb.

I watch as his knot opens her pussy, stretching it as her screams resound through my room and I see her head flailing as her mind knows she should escape the pain but her body drives her to press into his hard pressure until his knot disappears within her and her body writhes frantically. Bigboy seems agitated and prances around with his head held high glancing around nervously. He finally smells my arousement and begins licking me rapidly, furiously, as I sink back into the chair, eyes riveted on the screen wanting to feel her dog fucking me.

My arousement has me out of control as I hunch into Bigboys impaling tongue, Cheryl's moans of ecstasy drive my own loud moans and wild hunching as we both enjoy the animals pleasing us. Again I am lost to the pleasure he presents me, Cheryl's loud cries of impalement fading into the recesses of my mind as Bigboy mounts me and takes me deeply.

My gaze sees the icon blinking on the menu bar and I try to remember what Ray said about it but a hard thrust of dog dick sends it from my mind to be replaced with a tensing orgasm that just keeps getting better and better as I feel his knot forcing my pussy open until he lays throbbing within me. My cries blend with Cheryl's as we both are thoroughly fucked by these two powerful animals.

My emotions are rampant at the knowledge that Cheryl and I are sharing these moments openly. My arousement won't abate as I see her watching me as her animal fills her with his hot dog juice. The seething heat I see in her eyes tells of the love she feels as he fills her human womb with his hot spewing of dog seed.

That look sends me spiraling into an intense orgasm that has me squeezing Bigboys dick so hard he emits a small yelp and tries to extricate himself from my clenching pussy. Soon he has me on the floor pounding my pussy doggy style, driving me to the computer table where that icon is still blinking. I reach and grab the mouse and click it as Bigboy tightens his hold on my hips and begins hammering me forcibly, turning me from the computer until I can no longer reach the mouse.

My mind seethes and I feel a thrill run through my entire body, a thrill that should be fear, shame and embarrassment but instead it's a taboo excitement that has my pussy clenching and my hips hunching as I realize Ray and Julie are watching Cheryl and myself. I see them on the screen fucking doggy style as they both watch us mesmerized by what they see.

It's plain to see that they're both aroused by our actions and that knowledge, along with Rays saying Julie wanted us to play together sexually again just incensed my mind and gave me the courage to look straight at the camera and say, "Julie, if you and Ray come over this weekend you can fuck Bigboy and have him cum in your pussy like he does mine. You'd like that wouldn't you sweetie", I asked?

I see the shocked look on her face as she hears my words and hear her ask Ray something I can't understand before she looks back at the camera and appears both excited and scared to death. Blushing Julie admits, "Yes I would Vick, will you show me how", and then as if to justify her words she adds, "Ray wants me to fuck your dog and your horse Vick, I mean if you don't care, oh my god I can't believe I'm talking about this.

How does it feel Vickie, my god did you see the dick on Cheryl's dog, it's no wonder she's still screaming. She isn't even aware we're talking yet", Julie says excitedly! "Oh my god! Oh damn he's cumming again.fuck.oh god fuck me baby.oh god Julie he's so fuckin big and thick.yes.YES! You're gonna love this.oh shit.shit! Oh fuck it hurts.hurts.d.don't stop.fuck me.oh god fuck it hard.AAAiiieeeeEEEEEEEE" My moans and pleas excite Ray and he fucks Julie frenziedly, pounding her pussy until her moans and screams fill the air along with my own and Cheryl's.

Cheryl's big red dog just keeps cumming and fucking her and she seems to be unable to cope with the sensations his huge dick provides her and her entire body writhes, flails, head flopping around wildly as if her mind feels an insanity and she needs to escape it but can't. Then suddenly he thrusts powerfully into her bringing a blood curdling cry from her lips that has us all looking at them and his dog cum begins squirting from around his knot to spray them both as her thighs tensed, straightened and her body trembled and vibrated, the intensity increasing until her entire body was shaking violently, bucking, back arched as he gripped her hips tightly and rammed hard into her, holding his cock to her at the end of each violent thrust until sated he turned to the side and stood there ass to ass with her.

She seems to be passed out and just lays there, chest rising and falling unable to move or speak. Bigboy barks at the screen as he also turns and stands ass to ass with me. Julie and Ray are both laying side by side on the bed panting as I admire Rays cock thinking that I will have it in me soon I am sure.

I am just as sure that my hot assed friend Julie will love fucking Bigboy and probably wishes she could right now. I always suspected she thought about it by the way she used to look at our animals but she never said anything and I was so naive that I never even dreamed back then that anyone would do more than think about this, much less enjoy it.boy I was sooo dumb!

I watched as Big Red pulled his knot from Cheryl's pussy with a loud PLOP! It looked like a river of dog cum sloshed from her for a few seconds and each time her pussy clenched at the empty feeling within her she pumped more out of her.

My own pussy clenched tightly, squeezing Bigboy's dick hard and he jerked so hard he pulled free of my pussy and immediately had me moaning my love of him as he began licking me clean.

Hmm I thought, Cheryl's dog hadn't cleaned her up. I bet by the time they returned home she would have him licking her until she was going insane from it as Bigboy was trained to do. Bigboy ate me through 4-5 glorious orgasms as Ray and Julie watched and I knew they both wished it was Julie he was licking and tongue fucking.

I thought I'd give them a thrill and when Bigboy finally quit I positioned him where they could see and began sucking his doggy cock, licking and slurping loudly on purpose as I sucked at his cock. I really loved sucking his dick, loved how it slickly slid down my throat and how he fucked it in me when I constricted my throat muscles. I wanted him to cum in my throat, I loved feeling his dick jerk in my throat as he pumped his hot wet dog cum in my belly but I wanted Julie to see him cum.

Just as I felt his balls jerk I pulled my mouth from his cock and it spurted a forceful jet of dog cum at least three or four feet and just kept spewing repeatedly until I couldn't stand it and began sucking at his dick as he hunched it into my mouth, swallowing his remaining ardor and licking it from my lips. Julie was mesmerized and I could tell her thoughts were of her mouth on my dogs' dick and him spewing forcefully in her pussy as he had. She was rubbing her clit rapidly, hard and Ray was beating off, both of them lost to their own thoughts until first Ray exploded and then Julie tensed, thighs squeezing as she lay sideways on the bed groaning her orgasm and Ray jumped up and placed his dick in her mouth and she excitedly sucked at his spewing dick, licking, sucking as in her mind it was Bigboys cock I'd bet.

Mission accomplished I think as I smile to myself. Those two are so easy I think! Cheryl must be sleeping I think, no wonder after cumming with a dick like that attempting to puncture your womb and straining to rip it open with its width. I want to feel that dog in me so badly I think to myself.

I gaze at Julie and Ray and ask, "I take it you two liked me sucking dog dick from your reaction. Think what that feels like squirting into your pussy Julie, into your womb to be exact. He will go in you farther than Ray could ever go and you'll love it and become addicted to that feeling. Ray is it going to upset you when Julie wants to fuck animals everyday, because she will you know", I asked?

"I guess we'll have to get us a dog, one like Cheryl has there. What is he anyway, that is a big dog in every respect. I'd love to watch him fuck you two.damn why do I find that so friggin hot! Look", he said showing us his hard dick again! "I'm not sure but I believe he's an Irish Wolfhound, one of if not the biggest dog in the world. Yeah I'm jealous of my big sis now although I love Bigboy. He eats pussy like you've never been ate before Julie.

You two coming this weekend", I asked them? "I'm coming tomorrow when you pick me up after work, Ray can come Friday. I think we need some alone time before Ray joins us if that's ok with you. You can introduce me to Bigboy in a way I have never met him before", Julie said with an evil grin on her face. "Oh yeah I like that idea. Ray can come by Friday afternoon and sit home Thursday night thinking about everything we'll be doing. Maybe we'll even go out in the barn for awhile, just sayin, in case you want to think of something while you're home alone in your bed and Julie is here in mine", I teased him while grinning!

"You can tease now but when I have this dick in your ass we'll see who is teasing then", he replied laughing. "All kidding aside though I'd appreciate that camera being on tomorrow night while I'm here and the two of you are there if that's ok", Ray asked solemnly, almost as if he expected me to say no. "We'll see Ray. What would you be doing while we licked and sucked each other?

You know kissing and touching and exploring, it's been so many years that we have to catch up on. Could you be real quite so as not to bother us? Would it bother you to watch Julie suck Bigboys big dog dick while you were there alone? You'd be seeing him hunching knowing he was feeling her lips, the lips you kiss every day, sliding up and down his dog cock.

Would it bother you knowing she wanted to taste his cum and that she was loving it as much as he was. Would your dick be all stiff and everything Ray as you watch me guide that big dog dick into your wife's pussy and you hear her gasp as he begins hunching his dick farther inside her than you could ever go. Why I might get so excited I have to have her lick my pussy out while he fucks her." The screen went blank and I heard Ray say, "Ok tease I get the idea and I think it would be hot to sit here beating off watching all that and even better to see it Friday night in person, Good night beautiful, keep that thing warm for me, I've waited a long time for you.

Then he was gone. Aphrodite called around 12 O'clock and asked me to lunch so I agreed and we went to a little outside cafe near my work. I told her about Cheryl and my mom and about the scholarship and everything that had transpired last night.

I could tell she was becoming aroused when I told her about the red dog and his big cock. When I told her about Julie coming to the house tonight she seemed disappointed and even more so when I told her Ray would be there Friday evening. "I was hoping we could get together this weekend dear, but if you're having friends over I don't think what I had in mind would work. I do need my privacy in my position.

Maybe some other time although I must say I am disappointed. I have Ronny being groomed and his nails cut just for our special occasion but that's ok", she said sadly. "Aphrodite these are friends I'd trust my life with.

I'm going to be frank because I want you to be there with us this weekend. My friend Julie has never enjoyed animals and she and her husband both are wanting her to experience all there is to enjoy and I was hoping you could lend us a hand.

I am very new to all this myself. I plan on talking to my sister tonight and finding out how to accomplish loving the horses and pony and I'm sure having Ray there with us might help facilitate that, him being stronger and everything. You can trust these people as much as you can trust me.

I want my home to be a place where you and they can come to enjoy yourself in privacy among like-minded people. Besides wouldn't it be nice to have a hard human dick around to enjoy with us ladies", I asked her? She thought for a few long minutes and then said, "Well I guess if they're doing the same things we're doing they couldn't very well say anything. You seem to trust these people implicitly Vickie and I think you have good judgment.

I must say I am intrigued by this web site also. Is the site secure, I mean can anyone else see what you do?" "No, Ray can explain it to you but the signals are encrypted in some way and nothing resides on the host site. Its some kind of tunneling thing that only allows us to see the streaming video and audio.

There is no public website, only people with the url and password can access the site. No one else can search and find it or anything. All the connections are between the individual computers and they are encrypted". "You know Vickie, I have never allowed anyone to join me and Ronny, never felt comfortable enough or trusting enough with anyone before. But something about the way you looked at Ronny told me that I could trust you, that you knew what I felt with Ronny.

And now you're asking me to expose my most intimate secret to your sister and another couple. And while it scares me to death it also excites me in ways I have never been excited before. It would be so nice to share with others that feel as we do and know there was no fear of exposure to the world. I have had the chance before to join zoo groups but I never felt comfortable with the people involved, they were just too open and sadly I can't be.

I may be sorry but I'm going to trust you dear and join with you and your illicit group and hopefully find the pleasure I've missed my entire life.

I'll be there around seven tonight and we will have your friend in love with both your Bigboy and my Ronny by nine", she said, and then she left smiling! It was about five thirty when I arrived at Julie's house and I hadn't even put the car in park when she was running out and jumping in the passenger seat obviously excited as hell.

"Oh my god Vickie I feel like such a slut after last night, how do you do it, knowing people are watching you. God I've been playing with my pussy all day and watching the clock waiting for you to get here. I'm so wet right now just thinking of what I'm.we're gonna do. Damn I could just sit here and play with myself I'm so excited", she said. "Go ahead, I'd like that", I told her. "You mean right here in the car.

Hmmmm I have never done anything like that before Vick. You really want to see me do it? You won't wreck us or anything will you. Damn my clit is pounding just thinking about it. What have you done to me girl, all I've thought about all day is doing what you did last night", she said as she removed her panties and put them in her pocket. She turned to face me and spread her thighs and lay back against the door and stared at me as she began rolling her clit beneath the balls of her fingers.

I could see her chest rising and falling and knew she was getting more aroused by this new experience every second as her fingertips made small circles upon her taut orb. I said, "You're going to get to fuck two dogs tonight Julie, Bigboy and a Great Dane and they'll both cum in your pussy and you can suck them or let them fuck your ass or whatever you want to", I said knowing I was teasing her mind.

"Oh god Vickie, I'm really going to do this aren't I, I'm going to have dogs cum in my pussy", she moaned as her hand moved faster, rubbing herself harder. I reached out and pressed two fingers in her pussy and began fingering her as I said, yeah I'm gonna guide those big dog cocks right here in this pussy and let them fuck it till you cum on their hot cocks and then they'll fill your pussy with baby dogs.

Her eyes closed and her hips began lifting as she began tensing just as I pulled alongside a semi and the driver, a black man, was glancing down at her as she cum hard.

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She saw him but she couldn't stop as I roughly fingered her pussy, knowing he was watching us. It excited her, for some reason it was very arousing knowing he was seeing her cumming her ass off and it just intensified her orgasm. Then he opened his door real wide and we both saw his long thick black dick standing at attention. Now I was aroused too. Neither of us had ever seen a black dick before and I was veering and swerving as I tried to see his big cock and Julie was turned looking up at him.

He held up a sign that said "Rest Stop?", so I asked, "You want some black dick in your slut pussy Julie, nobody will ever know but us and him"? I had never been with a black guy and I knew Julie hadn't either and I was sure it aroused her as much as it did me seeing his long black dick and thinking of it in me. I was dripping and unimaginably aroused at the thought of having a black cock throbbing inside me and watching Julie being debased in the same manner.

The driver suddenly opened the door again and he had removed his pants and underwear and turned facing us in the seat with his huge black balls hanging under the largest human cock either of us had ever seen. It was thick and its head was bulbous and it appeared to be a foot long and stood there upright and jerking as he smiled at us.

"Oh my god Vickie, if we don't stop you know we'll both regret it the rest of our lives. Lets do it, lets fuck a black cock, you know you want to as bad as I do", and she was right.

I had already made my mind up to stop even if she waited in the car. This whole scenario was terribly exciting and taboo. I know if I stop to think about it I'll talk myself out of it so I concentrate on Julie saying, "We can't tell Ray about this can we, I mean what would he say about his wife fucking a strange black man on the interstate.

Although I'm sure it would turn him on watching me do it I don't know about you, not yet anyway. Oh fuck my pussy wants that black cock so bad I could pull over right here and fuck him on the side of the road. One more mile to the rest stop, are you sure you want to do this Julie? Once I stop we're both gonna fuck him right?" A shudder runs through my body as I picture him sitting there as he was and think of his cock inside me.

"Oh my god Vickie we're gonna both fuck a black guy, a guy we don't even know and I really want to do it. I feel so slutty knowing I want his dick inside my white pussy", she says as her thighs squeeze tightly together and she trembles much as I had seconds before. I turn into the rest area trembling with excited anticipation and a trepidation at what we're about to do. This is so unlike us both.

I guess knowing we are both willing and desiring to fuck animals has freed our minds to engage in anything sexual that sounds pleasurable and exciting, and his black dick is very exciting to us both. He pulls into the truck park area of the stop and we park and exit our car and begin walking to his truck as I say, "We must be crazy, this guy could be a serial killer and kill us both and who would ever know?" "Well if he is I hope he plans on fucking me to death with that big black dick cause I'd die happy I bet", Julie says causing us both to laugh loudly!

When we reach his truck he leans over and opens the door saying, "Come right on in ladies, got this big black dick right here for you gals. Just climb on back in the bedroom". His dick looks even larger up close as I squeeze by him into the sleeper of his truck. He has a big bed there and he says, "You gals can just slip outta those clothes and we'll get this party started. Think you two can give me a little show like you was in the car", he asks? We're both naked in seconds and laying on the bed kissing and feeling each other as he sits and watches us while stroking his black cock.

Seeing his dick has us both aroused and we greedily assume a sixty-nine position and begin licking and sucking each other's pussies. I'm atop Julie grinding my pussy down into her flailing tongue while sucking her clit when he kneels between her thighs and places his cock head at her pussy and begins pressing into her.

I sit up on her face and begin rubbing her clit as he enters her causing a loud moan to erupt at my pussy and her hips begin hunching, rolling as she feels his thick dick with her pussy. It's so erotic seeing his black dick disappearing into my friends' body and then withdrawing coated with her wet juices.

I watch mesmerized by the sight before me and the sound of her moans as he stretches her deeply. I slide from atop her to allow her to see his blackness, driving home the fact it is a black cock giving her so much pleasure.

I kiss her breasts, bite her nipples gently as I continue caressing her clit lightly. "Oh god Vickie I'm really fucking a black guy and I love it, I'm such a slut. Oh fuck, I.I.ohhhh.fuck me.oh shit god I'm cumming on his black dick." His dick is so long I can lick her clit as he fucks it into her as she cums.

She cums gallons, her pussy is making slushy sounds as he fucks her, farting from around his fat cock as he presses deeper and deeper into her until I have to move my head as he sinks deep inside her.

"YES!.yes right there.oh my god.oh mygod.hurts.oh damn.fuck.ohhhhhh yeah.oh shit its going in me.fuck me.oh tight.ohgod nothings ever been in me so deep.oh god I love you.y.yy.your dick.big black.dick.aieeeeeeeEEEEEEEOH FUCK ME!" she begs for his dick as her body tenses and bucks wildly.

He fucks her hard, driving his entire dick into her as her screams reverberate through the sleeper and her face is etched with the extreme pain she is feeling as he stretches her womb deeply.

Her eyes are open widely as if awed, but her words beg him not to stop, beg for him to fuck her white married pussy with his black dick. Cries her love for him as she keeps cumming repeatedly. "He smiles as she cums intensely and says, "Your white husband can't get up in that pussy like this black dick does, can he baby?" "Oh god no, fuck you feel like you're ripping me open. I think your dick is all the way up in my womb and I love it. You're so good.I don't ever want this to end", she cries as her hips hunch and lift into his deep thrusting and grinding.

I want to cum so badly but I want it to be with his dick in me. Julie is lost to the feelings he gives her and I crave to feel what she is so badly.

I straddle her face and begin hunching my pussy onto her mouth until she grabs my hips and begins eating me frenziedly, driven by the pain and pleasure she feels deep in her own body. I hear her moan and she sounds desperate and wonder what is happening until I hear him say, "Yeah little white girl gotta take dis dick up dat white asshole iffn she gonna fuck me, you too baby!" I hear her scream into my pussy and know he's stretching her virgin asshole, her asshole she swore she'd never allow anyone to fuck.

Her hands grip my hips tightly as she holds to me while he fucks her fast, pressing his dick forcibly into her distended ass muscle, having no mercy.

I hear her sobbing uncontrollably and I'm about to try and stop him when I hear her sob, "Fuck it, oh god fuck my ass with your black good.oh god Vickie its so fuckin big and dick in my ass.fuckit.ohgodoooohhhhhhyesYESAIEEEEEEEEE.

Oh shit I'm cummin.cummin.fuck me.fuck my white ass.cum in me.oh fuck I need you to cum in't sstop! DOIT! Yes.yes.giveit fuckinhot. Damn I love you fucking my white asshole". His dick was lubed by his cum and he slid effortlessly in and out of her as he fucks her with long fast strokes from his tip to his balls.

His dick never softens and soon she is cumming intensely as he holds her ankles high and fucks her ass relentlessly. Her orgasm is so intense when it finally subsides she falls limp to the bed. He looks at me and as he withdraws his cock from Julie's ass he says, " Lay down here on your tummy beautiful, I'm gonna just go on and tap dat asshole now". Normally I'd have resisted but he is so masculine, so overpowering sexually that I lay down in front of him actually wanting his dick up my ass.

He rubs his thick glans in the juices that have leaked from my pussy to cover my anus and then begins pressing into me forcefully, uncaring if he hurts me and I begin to try and pull away.

He grabs my hair and entangles his fingers in it and holds me while he rapes my ass until I am crying. I see white flashes in my mind and think I'll pass out from the intensity of the pain he inflicts in my body. He fucks his dick in and out of me until my asshole relents, eases, and relaxes around his cock.

Only then does my ass muscle begin streaming thrills of pleasure and my hand reaches under me to rub my clit but he grabs it and says, "Oh no baby, you're gonna feel dis dick up dat ass, nuthin but black dick in dat white slut ass of yourn".

He lays down fully atop me and begins fucking my ass with long smooth strokes that have me lifting to them, thrills so intense they seem to pump my body full of a pleasure that I know will drive me insane if I can't rid myself of it. Soon I am reaching back, clawing at his body as he fucks me through one hard orgasm after another with his black dick pistoning through my sensitive muscle.

I beg even more than Julie had. I love his dick and the pleasure it imbues in my body, love feeling my asshole stretched and full while the emotions of knowing it is a black cock presenting that pleasure to my whiteness intensifies every sensation and thrill.

I think I am going to die cumming as he power fucks my asshole, thinking there couldn't be a greater pleasure. Then he rolls me over atop him facing up and tells Julie, "Say doll, why don't you eat this pussy while her cum runs down on dis nigga dick up her ass so I can get up in it real good?" Julie has an evil lustful look embedded in her gaze as she stares at my face and begins licking and sucking at my inner labia. I can't still my hips as I feel her inside me, licking forcefully, my moans become desperate as he fucks my ass and my mind seethes with the carnality of our act.

I love it, love the feel of Julie's tongue tormenting my inner flesh as his black dick ravages my sensitive ring of pleasure. My mind savors the insanity of my pleasure, the tabooness of me, a white woman, loving a black man's dick fucking my ass and the wonderful feel of another woman's tongue squirming around inside my most intimate place. I never want this to end, I want to revel in this slutty feeling that envelopes me forever.

I want my body tensing in orgasm forever as it is now as Julie sucks hard on my clit and his dick slides slickly deep inside my rectum.

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I feel nasty as his cock slides through his cum, my ass wet from his juices as I hunch into his fucking me there. I groan my disappointment as he withdraws from my ass and tells Julie to suck his dick. I'm shocked that she eagerly grabs him and begins sucking at his cock like she wants his cum. She licks and sucks at his entire cock, his balls, leaving nothing untouched as she cleans his dick of both our ass juices. Then he tells her, "Put dat dick in yore friends' cunt so she can cum on a nigga's dick like you did baby.

You one hella good cocksucker, but all you white bitches can suck the hide offa a black dick seems like" Even knowing I am about to feel my first black dick fucking me can't prepare me for the ripping sensation his fat glans presents as he stretches me open. The pain is intense but short lived as he powers through my inner labia to lodge inside my vagina. I feel his throbbing presence there as my tightly gripping walls squeeze him, his thickness holding me open, pressuring me from within.

His hot throbbing has my hips hunching, turning down into his thrusts as he begins fucking me. I feel him moving within me, prodding my walls as he opens me deeper with each grinding thrust of his hips.

Every nerve ending within me is caressed and mashed, sending a chorus of pleasure to inflame my mind and permeate my body. The taboo emotions of knowing it's a black cock invading me, that its stiff hardness is a result of wanting my cum and his desire to impregnate my white body with his hot seed, has me lost to his carnal needs and desires.

Seeing Julie watching me, knowing another white person is seeing my subjugation by this black man's cock fills me with emotions no white man could ever accomplish. I've never felt sluttier in my life, not even with Bigboy and I find myself relishing it, wallowing in my intense arousement at our actions.

He fucks me steadily, smoothly but my body demands more. I need him buried to his balls in my white pussy so I sit up and begin fucking his cock forcefully, driving his dick against my cervix until it relents and he enters my uterus as I moan loudly at his black cocks ultimate debasing of my white body.

My head flails at the knowledge a black man is entering my womb, my most private and whitest of places with the purpose of breeding me, filling me with his hot baby seed. I crave it! I can no longer think of morals, races, societies rules and restrictions, my entire purpose in life is to have him fully embedded in my womb pumping me full of his black baby seed as I deluge his cock with my joy at his gift to me.


"Oh god I need you to cum in my white pussy, give me your baby, fuck it in me.oh fuck I'm cumming.oh GOD!.so fuckin huge.yes.yes.hard.fuck me hard.oh god fuck I love cummin on your f.ff.fuckin.g.gggood.

Oh shit.big.ohgod.swellin.aiieeeeeeeeeyesYES! Oh god Julie its cummin in me.his black dick is fillin my womb with his babies.aaarrggghhhiiiEEEEEEEEEE.FUCK ME! OOOOHHHHGODDDDD YOU'RE KILLING ME.DON'T STOP.PLEASE DON'T STOP! You're so big, so big and hot.oh damn thats so good.I feel it throbbin cumming in me.yes.doit.yeah hard.harder.ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhgodddddddyes.yes".

I can't move, thighs spread as widely as possible pressing my pussy down onto his hurtful glans as he rapes my womb, ramming as hard as humanly possible into me as he spews repeatedly, groaning as he fills me with his sons and daughters and I embrace them fitfully.

His body jerks with each stiffening of his cock, a stiffening I feel the length of my birth canal as his balls eke out every last drop of his seed into my clasping womb. Then he falls limply and says, "Well sluts, I guess I have to get this black cock back on the road, its been real fun but I gotta get going.

By the way my name is Jack and I come through here pretty often, you gals local", he asks? "Yeah, I'm Vickie and this is Julie. I have a farm and guess what, a semi can turn around on it. Give me a pen and paper and I'll give you my number and address.

Its right up the highway a piece and you turn right into my road", I tell him hoping he'll want the number. He takes out his phone and says, what's the number and addy and puts them in his phone as I give them to him.

I take his cock in my hand and bend and suck him clean, more because I want to suck him than to clean him. I feel his dick pulsing and my arousement begins to pulse anew but he jerks away saying, "I really do gotta go baby, I'm late already but I couldn't pass up two beautiful white sluts that wanted my black dick", he says laughing.

"Aren't you afraid we'll get mad if you keep calling us sluts Jack", Julie asks him? "You are my sluts and you know it. Tell me you won't ever fuck my black dick again even though you're married doll.

You too, tell me a white man ever made you feel like I just did Vickie. I think you both will like being my sluts. Hell I might bring some black friends with me some time and we'll show you just how much you like being black cock sluts", he said as we all dressed. The thought of him bringing friends with him makes my pussy clench and my clit throb. I guess we are his sluts I think as I squeeze my pussy as I feel his cum leaking from it.

"You're awfully sure of yourself Jack, I like that. I guess a lot of what you say is true, I'm not gonna lie and say I don't want to fuck you again and I know Julie will no matter how Ray feels about it.

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I think I'd like being your slut every now and then so call sometime and we'll talk about those friends and us! We need to be going too so bye", I said as I leaned and kissed him, a kiss that was meant to be quick and light but turned into a passionate exchange that left me breathless.

Not to be outdone Julia kissed him with as much or more passion and was obviously wanting to fuck again when they broke the kiss.

She looked at him and said seriously, "You have any big dicked black friends around here close Jack?" "Naw, not around here but I meet a lot of people want me to try and find you one", he asked as he got in the driver's seat? "Hmmm I'll think about it. I guess I am a black cock slut because I definitely want more black dick if they're anything like yours." Bye, call Vickie soon! As we walked to the car my asshole was burning and sore and I asked Julie if hers was?

"Yeah but every step I take just reminds me of how he felt fucking my ass to make it sore and I have to smile. You got cum leaking out of you too? Damn he must have cum a gallon in me. You glad you done him Vickie, I am, but I feel a little guilty at telling him he was better than Ray but DAMN, he was, a lot! How did it make you feel when he squirted his cum in your womb? Just knowing it was a black cock shooting its baby seed in me made it soooo good.

I've never felt like that with Ray before, but then, nobody has ever cum in my womb like he did either, damn his dick was so hard and long. Fuck, I am a slut I guess cause I'm wanting to fuck him again right now" "Yeah, me too.

Just think how we'll feel after we fuck a horse dick Julie. It scares me to think what kind of sluts we'll become. You think Ray can handle it? You know, I bet it would turn your hubby on to watch you fuck Jack. I'm gonna find out how he feels about it somehow without telling him about this and hopefully if Jack ever calls we can have him fuck you with Ray there so you don't have to feel guilty about it".

"Oh my gosh, we still have to go home and put a show on for Ray. You have to look at my asshole and see if he can tell I was fucked there. That would really hurt his feelings if he knew I let another guy fuck my ass and won't let him.

Hmm maybe I'll let a dog fuck my ass and he'll think that's why it's sore. Wow, I actually think I'd like a dog fucking my ass now Vickie. I never knew I'd like it so much! Do you think we've always been sluts Vick and just didn't want to admit it to ourselves?

I've always dreamed of doing all this but didn't ever think I really would but now I am and I love it!" "Yeah, just think if Cheryl had never went to Europe and we had never put those cameras in we'd still be normal like we were all our lives. I don't feel guilty or anything and I've enjoyed everything I've done so far and I really like it that me and you are back eating each others pussies. I think that's why we've stayed so close all these years because we used to make love so much." "Yeah, I really missed that!

That's why I was willing to let Ray fuck you just so we could be together again without me having to lie to him. Besides, it really doesn't bother me thinking of you with him, in fact it turns me on!" "Will you let him fuck Aphrodite, my friend, that's coming over tonight with her Great Dane for us to fuck.

You'll love her, she loves dog dick as much as I do and you will after tonight. I think she wants to eat our pussies but I'm not sure about that yet. We might have to double up on her until she loves eating pussy as much as we do.", I told Julie. "Hmmmm I never thought much about Ray with anyone but you. I guess if a dog was fucking me when he did it or maybe Jack I wouldn't really care.

When I'm hot I'll go along with anything, as you well know, so yeah he can fuck her if they both want to. Tell me something Vic, how long have you known Ray wanted to fuck you and when did you start wanting to fuck him, I know you do", Julie asks me?

"To be honest I think we both felt it when I first met him. It was one of those animal fuck things and we both knew it but neither of us would ever hurt you so we just kind of dance around it all the time.

I like teasing him because I know he wants to fuck me but I'd never do anything with him behind your back. I was always hoping some time you'd want to have a threesome and when Ray told me you were talking to him about it, yeah it made me wet and I have to admit I am looking forward to fucking him". "I've always felt he was attracted to you and to be honest I felt a little threatened by it.

I don't know what I'd do without him. That's why I didn't come around as much as I'd like to have. Then one day I realized that it wouldn't bother me if you did fuck him as long as I was there and he didn't cheat with you." "Come on Julie, you never seriously thought I'd ever do anything behind your back did you, or Ray either for that matter. You know we both love you and would never do anything to hurt you." "Yeah I know, that's why I'm feeling so guilty about Jack now.

Ray would never have done that but I did", she said almost in tears. "That was my fault Julie, it was me that got you so hot and bothered and then let Jack see you cumming and got all that started. I don't know if any woman could resist fucking him after seeing his dick while all aroused like you were.

Besides, we will tell Ray about it when the time is right. I'm betting he will want to see you fuck a black guy, Ray seems to be kinky that way. He gets real hot thinking of watching you fuck dogs and horses and things. I believe he has some intense voyeuristic tendencies that we can take advantage of to have you fuck just about anybody you want to.

Hmmm that's hot Julie, think how you'd feel watching Ray fuck me while you were feeling Jacks black dick shooting his cum in your womb". Julie closes her eyes and lays her head back against the headrest and visualizes what Vickie just said and instantly wants to cum, BAD! Her breathing becomes quick, deep and her thighs squeeze as she remembers the feel of Jack cumming in her ass, remembers the feel of his cock stretching her womb till she felt ripping and imagined that hot cum seething inside her womb as she locked gazes with Ray as he spewed his cum deep in Vickie's pussy and waves of voltage like spasms race through her causing her to tremble with their intensity.

I want that, she thinks, want Ray to see the pleasure I receive from black cock so he can understand my need to feel it again and again. She didn't tell Vickie the profound craving she now feels to have her womb opened and filled again by a black man's dick. It scares her with its intenseness and she hopes fucking dogs will temper that craving with one she can live with.

"Let's take a shower together when we get home", I say to Julie as I turn in the road to the house.


We hear Jack blow his air horn as we turn and I know he will remember it and I smile hoping to hear his truck coming up the drive someday soon. Next; Aphrodite and Vickie initiate Julie to the world of bestiality using Ronny and Bigboys talents to addict her.