Asian Girl Fingered During A Massage

Asian Girl Fingered During A Massage
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The House A Slave Training and Auction Welcome to The House most of you have been brought here to be trained and sold as pleasure slaves. For some of you it will be painful others it will be pleasurable. I am your Mistress you will not speak unless you are asked to and you will answer with yes Mistress or No Mistress. My team and I will train you to enjoy, want, and even crave the things that will be done to you.

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Chapter One New Arrivals: Molly- White 17 Blonde hair blue eyes breast 36 D no longer virgin taken from Texas. Jessica- Hispanic 17 dark hair brown eyes breast 38 D virgin nice ass taken from Texas Judy-Mixed Race 16 looks 12 dark hair green eyes breast 32 A virgin sold by step-father from Florida Daisy-White 16 red head green eyes breast 40 B no longer virgin taken from N.C. Kathy- White 17 blonde eyes blue breast 36 b nice ass virgin taken from California Michael- White 19 dark hair brown eyes gay owner wants him trained Jessie- Hispanic 20 black hair brown eyes gay no longer virgin small cock taken from Ohio Andre-Black 18 black hair brown eyes gay virgin big cock taken from N.Y.

needs a lot of training Natalia- white 16 dark hair brown eyes breast 34 B virgin nice ass submissive bought in Denver Penny-White 18 blonde gray eyes breast 34 A no longer virgin small taken from D.C. You all have been taken from your homes to be trained as sex slaves with the exception, of Michael. Each of you will be trained to please your Master or Mistress which means you will learn how to please a man and a woman.


Each of you has been seen by my doctor so we know your complete medical history and all the girls have been given shots to prevent pregnancies. You will address your trainers as Master or Mistress if you forget you will be reminded painfully at once. You will be trained for 4 weeks at which time some of you will be sold and some of you will work here or in my brothel.

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Your time here can be what you make it either pain or pleasure. Each of you will have a roommate there will be no sexual contact with your roommate if we find out you will be punished. Training will begin in 30 minutes so everyone get undressed. Penny- I can't believe this has happened to me I was on my way home from school and the next thing knew I was waking up tied up on an airplane.

Daisy- stop talking I don't think that we are allowed and I don't want to find out what will happen to us. Michael- I know what my Master would do and it hurts so you need to hurry up and undress Mistress looks like she can weld a mean whip.


Mistress Ann- Some of the new trainees look good and one has my pussy gushing. I can't wait to get my hands on her Natalia, I need a new sub, known of the last trainees caught my eye and I know my boy would love to get a taste of her. Master T who do you want to train remember we need at least two of the three virgins to stay that way but you can fuck their asses and mouth. I want Natalia and Andre he is going to need a lot of work and beatings.

Master T- I will take Penny and Jessie ok be careful with her she looks like trouble. Master D you will take Kathy and Jessica who are both virgins. Mistress Liz you will take Michael who owner is paying us to train him and Molly. Master Rob you will Daisy I know you like big breast and Judy. Let the training begin. Chapter 2 Jessie and Penny and Master T I can't believe that I am here Jessie looks at Penny maybe this won't be so bad my old life was shit and the Master is cute.

Master T looks at us for a second.

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Hello trainees I am Master T you will not speak unless you are spoken too and you will follow all command quickly or you will be punished. Penny I want to go home.

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This is your home for the next 4 weeks and because you broke rule number one you will lean over the bar ass out and do not let go of the bar. Penny wanted to run she had never been hit before and she knows this is going to hurt. Master T picked up a small whip and watched as she struggled with her nerves she knows this is going to hurt. Master T- you will count and say thank Master after each hit. Penny yes Master ouch the first smack lit up her ass one thank you Master two thank you Master three thank you Master.

When they reached ten Penny was sobbing and she really wanted to go home she has, to learn to hold her tongue. Master T had both, of them kneel with their hands behind their back, knees apart head down. Master T looked at both of his slaves trying to decide which one will be the first to suck his dick. Jessie who has been so quiet and looks so submissive.

Master T goes to stand in front of him take my dick out boy. Have you ever sucked a dick? Jessie Yes Master! Get too it. Jessie leaned up and unzipped Master pants to fish out his dick. Holly hell it's huge I will never fit all of that into my mouth he thought. You will learn to take all of it. If you cum without permission you will get double what Penny got. If you please me I might let you cum.

Jessie began to lick around the head trying hard not to cum himself. Master T grabbed him by the hair and slammed his cock to the back of my throat choking me my eyes watered and teared up he let out a quiet groan and I knew I must have done something right. Master pulled back and looked down at my now hard small cock and smiled I wanted to do anything to please him.

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Master fucks my mouth so hard I know I will have a tough time talking, he began to swell and I knew he was about to cum and it was so fast I had a tough time swallowing. Master T looks down at the boy and knew he has, to be careful with him or he might fall for him and want to keep him for his self.

Penny sat there watching this monster forcing his huge cock in another man's mouth it was hot but I know I can't do it.

I hope he is nicer now that he has cum. Master T starts asking us questions about sex. Penny- I have only had sex twice neither time was good both boys didn't know what they were doing it hurt and was over fast.

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I have never given a blowjob or have ever been with a woman. Penny has also never had anal sex Jessie- has never been with a woman has known he was gay since he was 12 and has been with guys who were not very big. Master T has Jessie get on the table with his hands over his head feet in stir ups. After he ties him to the table he tells Penny to suck his cock when she refuse's he grabs her by the hair and drags her across the room while hitting her with the short whip he pushes her face into Jessie's lap and order's her to open her mouth when she doesn't comply he grabs her nose until she does and forces her head down on Jessie's cock and order's her to suck.


Jessie is laying there trying hard not to cry he knows he can't get hard with her and she is shaking and crying. When Master T notice's that Jessie is not responding, he knows why so he gets the vibrating anal plug and lube.

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After tying her hands behind her back, he moves the girl back and works a lubed finger into Jessie's tight ass and put's the plug in and Jessie groan's and gets a 5inch erection.

Master turns to Penny bitch get over here and suck his cock. Penny crawls on her knees with her hands behind her back and lowers her mouth to her first penis. When Master turns on the vibrator Jessie begins to move. Jessie this feels so good I am about to cum Master please may I cum. Master T laugh's we need to work on your stamina, as he twists his nipple Jessie cum loudly with Penny gagging and looking like she is about to throw up Master pulls her head back and forces her mouth opened he ask her to show him and then order's her to swallow.

Jessie can't believe that he just did that and it felt good. Master orders him to stay still and quiet while he tends to Penny. Master T tells them they each will be given new names by your Master or Mistress for now Jessie you will be boy and since Penny wants to feel pain you will be bitch you must earn a name. You both will be taken to your new sleeping quarters lunch will be served and you will rest until training begins again.

Penny and Jessie are led into the hall where they see the other slaves some crying some in chains being led to their rooms. Behind the closed and locked door Penny throws herself on the first bed she sees and begins to cry. Jessie sit there in shock he has, a tough time looking at her. Penny begins to look around and finds a bathroom with no windows and a blinking light in the corner and she knows they are being watched and they might be listening also. Master T looks at the monitors and turns up the audio.

T knows that Penny is looking for away, out Jessie is looking like he wishes he could stay forever. Master T opens his file and finds that Jessie was homeless and makes a note to ask him about it. Chapter 3 coming soon