Bei einer domina

Bei einer domina
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Wonder woman awoke to find herself in what seemed to be in a dungeon cell. She lay on mattress that was situated on a thick pile of hay and straw.


In a corner of the cell was a chamber pot and a large empty tub that must have been for showering. Her clothes were gone and she was completely naked, her lithe goddess like body showing for any who wanted to see.

Her huge breasts stood proudly on her chest and we're nice and firm, just asking to be grabbed. She felt no cold as there was a roaring fireplace in the cell that heated it and kept the cell warm. "Welcome to your new home, princess Diana." At the sound of the voice she turned to find Jared Grey or the Dark Emperor as he was called, a new Magical super villain at the cell's steel barred door, a smirk on his face.

With a roar of rage she launched herself at the door, ready to tear it to pieces and kill her enemy. As she touched the door however, a green light flashed and she found herself thrown back.

Of course, magical spells had been placed on the door to avoid escape. "Now, now wonder woman. Calm down. I defeated you fair and square and you are now my prisoner. But I come with a proposal." he said, the smirk turning into a friendly smile. Wonder woman was on guard at once." And what would your proposal be exactly?" She asked, the amazon princess asked. "Join me Wonder woman. Join with me and help me rule this world.

I am not an evil man. All I want is what is best for earth. How many times will you let scum and criminals like the Joker or Toy man get away with numerous murders and crimes? I plan to conquer earth and turn it into a magical empire, ridding earth of all it's danger by villains. Those villains who submit and help me will be pardoned of course, those who rebel will meet punishment and death for their crimes.

Rule with me as my equal. The Amazons would be rewarded richly for your help. No longer could they have only their little island home.

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They could have as much land as they wanted. And when our conquering is over you could cement their superiority and power by me." Said the emperor. Wonder woman was already making her answer. "Never. Not in a million years." She shouted in defiance, causing the Villain?.to sigh as a hard look came onto his face. "As you wish. You leave me no choice. If I can't have you willingly with me then I'll just have to.persuade you.

Luckily I've already sent messengers to your island kingdom and the Amazons have sent favourable replies with conditions I am ready to meet." Diana gasped at this information.


How could they? "Your support would have helped very much but it is not needed. Hyppolita, your mother, is a great queen and recognises a good deal. As for you, well." he shrugged and snapped his fingers. Mechanical tentacles emerged from the walls and before she could think grabbed her body and lowering it to floor, snaking up her arms and firmly tieing them up behind her back as more pulled her legs upwards and spread them far apart, revealing her nakedness and shaved pussy to him.

With another snapping of his fingers a bright light filled his hand as a huge, wide dog bowl appeared in his hand which he tossed into the cell. He then shot a beam of light that hit Wonder woman in the stomach, warming her belly. "As from now you will help in the building of my Conquering army. The spell I hit you with increases your fertility drastically. It also makes you able to bear any species offspring to term, be it human or not.

My army is in need of good tracker hounds. You will be bred continously by these hounds, bear their young and nurse them like a real bitch. You will need to be resourceful as I will provide you with no food in the whole time of this ordeal. That bowl should serve as a good plate for whatever food you find. This fate will be the same to any Amazon or heroine who challenges me and does not submit willingly. Breeding my armies creatures will be their duty. By the time i come back your will would be dead and broken.

I'll then indoctrinate and brainwash you so thoroughly you won't remember a time before meeting me. I will breed you and your sister Amazons and you shall provide me with strong heirs with Your powers and Amazon abilities. You will be my queen and breeding stock as long as you live." He said as he walked away, leaving a struggling Wonder woman behind. Suddenly a wall in the cell parted as a growling noise filled the air.

Wonder woman's fertile scent attracted a large pack of black hounds.

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These creatures were the successful result of rottweiler / wolf crossbreeding. They were huge, each at least 5 feet in length and with a sturdy, muscular body covered by dark fur. Led by a gigantic alpha male, they roamed the dungeon freely until the time of war came.

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Diana's ovulation created a heavy, pheromone-filled scent that spread into the whole dungeon. This pack was the first to notice it with their super-sensitive nostrils. And now here they were. All of the male dogs produced giant knotted members as they approached wonder woman's naked and bond form.

The alpha hound wasted no time and leaped on the still struggling Amazon's body, pinning her spread arms with his huge paws and lowering his back. Diana's eyes widened as she felt the creature's cock rub against her magically swollen, throbbing vulva, the emperor's spell taking effect.

The hound, sensing her to be ready for mating, inserted the tip of his knotted member inside her royal, fertile snatch. "Ohhh god's please no Not THIS!" she gasped, her voice quivering.

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"AAAAAAAAAAAAAUGH IIIIIIEEE NOO" Wonder woman screamed as the hound thrust the entire lenth of his cock inside her and started bucking. Her hopes of ever getting out of the place were now long gone and her spirit was now on its veryyyyy long journey to being utterly and inevitably broken.


"OOOH gods. no. no. no. NO" she whimpered with each thrust. Suddenly she felt the knot at the cock's base expand rapidly and lock the alpha male inside her. The hound growled menacingly and picked up the pace. Soon she was screaming "NO NO NO NO NO NOOO" much more frequently and louder as the dog's dick started hitting her cervix and scratching her outer womb. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" her voice echoing in the dungeon as both she and the hound started shaking and shivers went down her spine.

Wonder woman experienced her largest, most intense orgasm ever as the hound shot huge wads of his canine seed deep inside her fertile vagina. After 10 minutes of futile attempts to pop his cock out of her snatch, the knot finally loosened and the hound exited his bitch.

Cum flowed down her widened pussy and tears streamed from her wincing eyes. The alpha hound was finished, but his pack was just getting started. Over the next 63 hours Diana serviced the 17 dogs of the packeach slipping it's knotted member into her and using her like a bitch to be bred.

As time went by Diana's mind frame changed as she snapped mentally from the beastial dog fucking. Soon the mechanical tentacles left her untied as she began to service the canines of her own free will. Soon she was on all fours waving her cum drenched and dog-seed filled pussy at the Alpha male. Come on boy, fuck me,"she pleaded.

", Ram your cock into my cunt and fill me with your meat, pound my ass, make me your bitch, but most of all, fill me with doggy cum." She pleaded as the alpha leaped and put his paws on her back as his fierce red knotted 9 inch dog cock leaked and sprayed precum at her pussy. The alpha thrust up with all the power his hind legs could generate as his front legs, wrapped around her waist more securely, pulled her back to meet him.

His cock penetrated the entrance of her pussy and continued in from the force of his thrust and the lubrication provided by his precum and her own cum from her orgasms. Diana screamed as the cock ripped into her, filled her and suddenly slammed into her cervix. There it stopped for a moment as her vaginal walls expanded to accept the larger than normal log shoved into it. The alpha pulled back and plunged forward againand again she screamed as the dog's cock battered against and then opened her cervix and plunged into her womb.

His forward motion stopped as his balls slapped against her clit. "Oh sweet Hera, it feels good, I feel filled, I feel him deep in my womb!"she cried to her audience of dogs. "Go on boy, pump me full of puppy batter!

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Please, fill me with your seed, cover my eggs inyour sperm and fuck me!" The canine complied and his hips jack hammered back and forth faster than any man could go. His cock was expanding and his knot began pushing on her lips. Anyone could see her hips moving almost as fast as the dogs as she tried to match him thrust for thrust.

Then she felt the biggest thing yet enter her pussy and the alpha stopped. He allowed the blood to flood his knot, he knew no bitch had ever escaped his cock until he released them once he had tied with them. Diana felt the ball expand and fill her like nothing before, sealing her entrance and she knew that no cum could now leak from her as the dog began to fuck her again, slower now, trying to make it last.

Diana was thrusting faster than the alpha and her orgasm began to build. She thrust back and got the alpha fully buried in her and began rotating her hips on him. The orgasm was building, almost here.

"OHHERA, I'M CUUUMMMIIINNNGGG!!!" Her hips rotated and thrust, her vaginal muscles squeezed and released the cock and finally the dog could hold it no more and began to spurt his cum into her.

For Diana it was hotter than anything she had felt and it pushed her into another orgasm before the first had fully subsided. Now her hips began thrashing wildly as she felt dog cum fill her vacant places and push against the seal, looking for release. Her pussy continued to spasm in one continuous, mind blowing orgasm.

Finally the alpha was finished and wanted to clean his cock. He stepped over Diana and placed the mass to ass and tried to walk away. The pain for both participants was unbearable, so both stood stillto wait for the knot to shrink. The dog continued to shoot juices into her and Diana had one small orgasm after another.

Hunger descended on her as she looked at the empty dog bowl.

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She then looked at one of the dog's jutting cock and had an idea as it came towards her and began licking her face. Her mouth opened and she sucked his tongue into her mouth, her tongue dueling with his as they French kissed. Diana freed a hand from the dog's head and reached for the dog's sheath, only to find his blood red cock fully emerged.

Disengaging her kiss with the dog she drew him closer and wrapped her lips around his cock. The dog, feeling the warmth of her mouth immediately hunched his hips forward, bending his spine in a bow as he began to fuck her face.Diana began fucking her finger faster into her cunt but then felt a tongue there. Trying to look down as she continued to suck on the K9cock in her mouth, she saw another dog licking at her crotch.

Both hands went there and she drew her lips apart to allow access into her tunnel of love. The dog, as if he could read her mind, jabbed his tongue into her tunnel and began lapping the succulent juices there. Diana's hips began thrashing and bucking from the oral assault and the dog, sensing her complete abandonment to her feelings, pulled his tongue out moved over her and lowering himself placed his cock between her legs and at her entrance.

Diana instantly grabbed it and guided it forward until the blunt head spread her inner lips and she then released him and bucked her hips at the cock, getting several inches embedded.

The dog, feeling the tight tunnel clamping around his cock, powered forward and slammed his entire nine inch dog cock into her royal tunnel. Only his knot had not gained entrance but several more thrusts and he felt her lips close over his shaft behind his knot. He paused and allowed it to fill with blood and Diana continued to rotate her hips and grind on the shaft.

She also increased her suction and tongue lapping on the cock in her mouth and had just gotten him into her throat and began to milk him with those muscles when she felt his hot scalding cum erupt down her throat and into her belly, feeding her Hunger with a canine protein shake. The dog in her cunt, feeling he was now knotted and sealing the bitch began his frenzied short thrusts and Diana felt his cum painting her cuntal walls. Grabbing the dog in her mouths testicles, she gently squeezed as she continued to suck, attempting to make sure she had emptied him of all his fertile seed.

The dogs succesfully mated with her and indeed she did service all males including the hulking alpha. She bore litter upon litter of pups, all in all 25 young ones and they all feasted on her milk-producing teats. When the hounds were finished, they dragged her by their teeth towards their large underground den hidden inside the wall of her cell.

During that horrible session in the cell, Diana's spirit was nullified and her morale broken. She stopped defending herself, even stopped talking and her vocal responses were resorted to primal grunts, gasps and cries.

Inside the lair of the hounds she was forced into a new life where her sole purpose was to breed and raise the hound's young. Wonder woman spent her days lying spread eagle or on all fours, raped repeatedly by the original pack. As time passed, the young she had sired matured sexually and they as well started raping her.

Her life consisted of sleeping and getting violated by whatever hound found her first. When the emperor came for her 5 weeks later she had already gone through canine birthing 30 times thanks to his spell. She clung to him desperately and promised servitude.

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Ten hours of brainwashing spells later and Diana, having been cleaned up, knelt in her royal Armour before dark Emperor and swore eternal servitude and loyalty as she sucked his cock.And she was only the beginning.