Excited honeys fuck with each other

Excited honeys fuck with each other
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Mrs. James had to be the hottest professor on campus but she was also the toughest. She hasn't been teaching long but in her short time at the university she has developed a reputation especially with the engineering students.

They hated taking her Chemistry class because she was really demanding on them for a class many thought was useless towards their major. Without many good looking females in the engineering programs you would think the engineering students would enjoy going to her class.

She was a gorgeous woman which is usually enough to make bad professor good for the engineering students but not Mrs. James. Most of the students thought of her as average or very good looking. The only ones that didn't were the students that liked rail thin woman. Mrs. James was a larger woman but by no means was she fat. She was in her mid to late thirties and probably at her sexual peak.

She was rather tall at about 5'6" but always wore about a 3" heal to add to her height. She had a very curvy figure and rather large breasts. She was always dressed well and well groomed. She usually wore a skirt suit where the skirt would come to above her knee when standing. Her make up was well applied and not to heavy. Her long brown hair was always in its place and there was never a stray hair. Outside the classroom she had an excellent personality. Many of the horny college guys had many fantasies about banging Mrs.

James including four of the mechanical engineering students, Steve, Phil, John, and Jose.

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Little did they know when they signed up for Chemistry 101 for the spring semester this fantasy would become reality. It all started after they received their last test of the semester back with very low grades. All three where endanger of flunking and they approached Mrs. James for some outside help. She was more than willing to help but it would have to be on Sunday afternoon.

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The boys reluctantly agreed for the Sunday meeting. Little did they know about what Mrs. James was thinking. Being divorced in her sexual peak with no boyfriend made the older woman very horny. Also, knowing her biological clock was ticking made her think about luring a young stud for his sperm.

She didn't plan what was going to happen but once it started she didn't argue with it. The rest of the day Friday and all day Saturday she kept having the same fantasy but with a different student. Would it be Steve the tall dark haired guy with the goatee? Or would it be Phil, the short dirty blonde punk? Maybe it would be John, the tall overweight dorky guy or Jose the short Mexican.

She didn't really care but she thought about all four over the next couple days. This really turned her on and made her extremely horny. She masturbated more times those two days than she had over the past month. She masturbated as soon as she got home on her bed without even undressing on Friday afternoon.

After dinner she used the shower head to bring her to another orgasm and later that evening she masturbated on the couch after watching the love scene in the back of the car from the movie Titanic. She did it once in her sleep, in the morning when she got up, after she came back from groceries, and once before she went to bed. On Sunday morning before church she was still extremely horny but was so tired from the traditional ways of masturbating.

She dug through her closet to find a vibrator that her ex-husband had bought for her. After a lot of digging she found it and luckily had batteries for the device.

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When she turned it on for the first time, she got extremely turned on thinking about plunging it into her pussy. She hurried to her room and stripped out of her night gown and she laid spread eagle on the bed.

Reaching down with her hand she was pleased to find that she was already wet but she rubbed her clit to make her juices flow more. With her right hand she guided the vibrating toy into her cunt while rubbing her clit with her left hand.

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She slid the pink vibrator in and out of her dripping wet cunt while fantasizing about her four students that where coming for tutoring. She took turns fantasizing about each of them. She would pretend the vibrator was their cock pounding deep inside her as she continued to rub her clit. She closed her eyes to visually picture the boys in between her spread legs. She would wrap her legs around the young man to hold his cock inside her.

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There would be no fear that the young stud would cum first because she would give him a blow job first and she would eat his entire load. Then the young man would eat her out to her first orgasm before getting on top of the older woman.

They would fuck in this position bringing both of them to their sexual climax. Soon Mrs. James hips started to buck as she brought herself to orgasm. She climaxed hard and lost total control of her body except for holding the vibrating toy deep inside her. Her orgasm subsided and she looked over at the clock radio to find she needed to hurry if she was going to make the 11:00 mass.

She hurried and got her shower and got dressed. Whenever she left the house, Mrs. James always dressed up a little and there was no exception for church. She decided on pink and yellow flowered dress and picked out some matching lingerie to go with it.

She picked out a pink bra and panty set as well as a matching garter belt. Yes, a garter belt because she didn't think it was feminine to go without stockings and she hated the feel of pantyhose. She chose a sheer pair of white stockings to complete her outfit. She got dressed up and made-up in record time. She headed to church and arrived just in time.

After church she stopped at a McDonald's for lunch. She slowly eats lunch before heading to the campus for her afternoon tutoring session. She is still extremely horny and her earlier activity didn't seam to put the fire out at all. She arrives on campus and makes her way to the classroom where she was to meet the boys.

She was the only one in the building and the campus was pretty empty because it was the first nice Sunday of spring. She thought how she would rather be working in her flower garden but she felt somewhat obligated to help the students.


Right at 1:00PM Steve, Phil, John, and Jose strolled in to the classroom for the dreaded tutoring sessions. They sat around the table reviewing problems but the more she explained the more lost John became.

He was getting angry and the more she explained the angrier he got. The others were getting angry as well. John had enough as he reached across the table to slapped Mrs. James across the face and called her a bitch. It took her by surprise and she didn't know how to respond or what to do.

John arose and grabbing Mrs. James by the hair he made her stand up. Steve and Phil were soon by his side grabbing her arms.

Jose stayed back just watching the others assault Mrs. James. "What should we do with this bitch?" John asked. "I say we tie her to the chair and leave." responded Steve. "No let's take her to her house and tie her up there. No one will find her." Replied Phil. "Maybe you should just let her go." Said Jose. Mrs. James pleaded and begged to be let go. She promised them all A's and not to report them. John wouldn't hear it because he was so angry that he wanted to teach her a lesson.

Mrs. James always tuned him on and that gave him an idea. "Let me rape the slut." John said as he reached under her pretty dress. He felt up her leg and found her stockings.

"Look at this boys", he said lifting up her dress to expose what he found. "She is a slut." Seeing the lacy tops of her stockings turned all the young men on.

It has been awhile since any of them has had the time for dating and sex. School was so busy that this was the opportunity they needed.

John walked around the rear of Mrs.


James and unzipped her dress allowing it to drop to the floor. She continued begging to be let go but there was nothing going to stop the college sophomores now. Even Jose that was reluctant at first was turned on with a bulge in his pants. After her dressed dropped to the floor, John spanked his teacher taking out his frustration with her teaching style.

He pulled down her panties and exposed her tits as well before continuing to punish the hot brunette standing in front of him. She cried out in pain as he slapped her ass. She started to kick and scream and the three boys moved her over to the table.

Steve and Phil held on each side of her held onto her arms and legs to hold her down. She was laying on the table spread legged and John reached in with his hand to feel her cunt. "Look what we have here?" he asked. He lifted his hands showing his friends the glistening of her juices on his fingers. They called her names like slut, bitch, and whore. Maybe she was a slut because she was getting extremely turned on by this but she never told the boys.

Instead she screamed and tried to get free while John seduced her. John unbuttoned his pants and let them drop to the floor. He grabbed his cock and stroked it making it extremely hard before inserting it between his teachers spread legs. He pumped in and out of her tight wet cunt until he shot his load deep inside her. The entire time Mrs. James protested but secretly was enjoying the sexual attention she was receiving.

John took Steve's place in order to give Steve a turn. He dropped his pants and exposed his extremely long cock. The other young men were quite astonished from the length and so was Mrs. James. She ached for it to go deep inside her.

Steve walked over to the desk and soon his long tool disappeared into the darkness of her insides. He pumped in and out of Mrs. James while touching her clit. She was getting extreme pleasure from him. She was just on the verge of cumming when Steve shot his load deep into her tight hole. Next was Phil. He had an average sized cock but he really knew how to use it.

Pushing it into her really wet hole he pumped her full. Jose walked over and decided to take part and he started rubbing her tits and soon was kissing, licking and sucking them. This was too much for Mrs.

James as she yelled out in extreme pleasure from her orgasm. Phil felt her clamping muscles on his cock and this caused him to shoot his load deep inside her body.

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Finally Jose got his turn and when he pulled out his huge dick everyone in the room had to admire the length and the girth. He was hung like a horse and Mrs. James loved the feeling as he spread her open with his cock.

She moaned and groaned as she came to another orgasm before Jose shot his load into Mrs. James. They all took more turns at Mrs. James. She was no longer protesting and was actually enjoyed being gang banged. They took turns fucking her in her tight wet hole. If they were not fucking her they were either allowing Mrs. James to suck on their cock or they were sucking and playing with her huge tits.

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She enjoyed the feeling of having the young men take turns at her and she came several times. With their drained cocks, the young men packed their stuff and left Mrs. James on the table exhausted. They figured once she came to and realized what they did to her, she would call the cops. Mrs. James took several minutes to relax after the event.

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Her legs were sore from spreading them so wide. The mixture of the boys cum and her juices oozed out of her pussy and onto the table. She was worn out. The boys were sure they would get into trouble. They were afraid to go to class on Monday and were surprised nothing came up about Sunday's event. On Monday, Mrs. James acted like nothing had happened but the young men could tell her legs hurt.

They finished the semester and were sure they were going to get F's and have to retake the class, but to their surprise they all got A's except Jose that received an A+.