Conny dachs interview

Conny dachs interview
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Chapter 2 Chapter one isnt just about me learning how nice it is to poop ones pantsthats just a part of it and in my mind a small part, the really important part in my mind is the fact that i realized how to ignore certain inner fearsthings society tells you its bad. This helped me later a lot and its possible without this mindsetwithout how he helped me overcome my fears none of the following events would have happened.

This chapter is about my next step on my journeythe most important step. A couple weeks pass by and nothing really changed apart from the fact that i havent used the toilet onceusually i would take our dog to walkhe took care of his business in the parki usually was done before we got there :) I hate to sound like an old guy with "in those days ." in every sentence but sometimes i need to use it :) So.

in those days you could have a pet even a larger dog in a rentnowadays most owners forbid it dont ask me why. When my brother moved there was no question he takes his dog with himi loved dogs ever since i can rememberthey are more honest then most menand if u ever feel that you have less love in your life then you might like. get a dog. When you come home and you had the worst day you can imaginehes there to wiggle his tail and look at youin a way only a dog canif that look doesent warm your heart .

well then the problem is with you. But this isnt about our dogwell not yet :P You know those days when you feel you want to go to sleep but its early afternoon and you know you will wake up in the middle of the night but your way to tiered so you go to sleep anyways.

Well it happened to me as well and that waking up ended changing my lifei know i use this term a lot but its the truth so cant help it. I usually sleep on my side face towards the wallwoke up in the middle of the night and felt something strangewas way to tiered to moverealized someones hand is on my asswell that someone can only be my brotherbut why ?

I didnt move not because i was scaredbut i knew if i move he will stop and funny i didnt want him to stop. Everyone reading this knows why was he touching my assbut my almoast 18 year old naive self who didnt have access to internet pornwell i didnt know. I didnt know this is a sexual thing it just felt goodhe always had gentle hands and it felt goodbut i also felt fear in his handshe was trembling and at the slightest movement he stopped and rushed back to his bed.

It hit me he is afraidbut why ? Next day in school all i could think of what happened the other nighti have to state iti didnt consider it a sexual experiencebut never the less it occupied my mind.

As we all know daydreaming during classes isnt the best ideaofc one of my teachers who i hated with a passion noticed and i am awaken with a demanding voice: - i asked you a question. Well its easy i didnt even hear the question so my answer was a precocious : whaat?

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As i expected it wasnt enoughthe fact that i got a bad grade didnt really bug me but i realized if i stay this wont be the only bad grade i get that dayso i cut my losses and went home. I got home earlywhat to do. well i took out a couple of porn magazines yes those actually existwell at least they existed in 1998 :) I was uber turned oni couldnt really tell why but i was. Was flipping through the magsall of them i saw 100 timesand then i saw a picture i never noticed before.


A chubby pale white skinned girl is in doggy and you can see her large round ass and you can see a nice dick in her ass and you can see her blissful smiling face. I just frozeeverything from last night came back in a flash, that big round assthe one being stuffed, it could be mine, no it SHOULD be mine! Started flipping the pages and as if i saw the mag the first time i started noticing different pictures : a young girls smiling and her mouth filled to the brim with yummie milkyes yummie, i didnt know what it tasted like but the thought of being in her shoes brought up one word in my mind : yummie; next picture a girl (there were no gay mags ) sticking her tongue out and the tip of her tongue is sticky with cum and is connected to the cock and it stretching between them; next picture a pussy freshly fucked dripping with cum.

You get the general idea i developed a serious craving for dairy products:) I look at the clock almost 3 hours til he gets homewhat happens when he gets home wasnt a questionmaybe some of you find it strange but never ever it crossed my mind that we are brothers and this shouldnt happen.

All i know i have to wait almost 3 hoursand it felt like an eternitybut what happens when he gets home well for me it was the simplest decisionhe likes my asshe has a nice dick which will look nice in my assproblem solved :) When finally i heard his keys turning the locki was soo excited.

He got home and for him was a normal uneventful dayyou know the standard : hihow are you? how was your day? . started walking towards our room to change. I was speechless and nervous he got into our room didnt even notice meor so i thought he was like halfway undressed when he got back out and looks at me : - is something wrong? Well i was speechless and nervous and yes i did mention i was shyi know what i wanted but how to tell him.

He saw me and realized somethings really wronghe got nervous: - whats wrong what happened? I saw he was really worried at this pointi knew i had to say somethingso : - do you like my ass? - i blurted out. Wasnt exactly subtle i know that and he was terrifiedhe knew i knew and he started apologisingi could feel the fear in his voice that same fear i felt in his hands last night.

That gave me the courageit hurt me he is so afraidhe has no reason to fear me!!

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All my shyness flew out the windowbecause i saw how much i scared him and i felt wrong. Told him : - would you put your hands on me like that again? At first glance he wasnt sure he heard me correctlyhis face was priceless i admit i had to restrain my self for not laughing:) But his silly confused face started changinga smile came onthe kind of smile that i have never ever seenand his eyesitt took me a few seconds because these were new things but he was full of lust and desire and my ass was a big part of that, i big round part :) He leaped towards me and hugged me closelyfelt so much emotion in his voice he was emotionalhugged me constantly and asked in a really warm kind tone : - did you like last night?

Told him that at first didnt even know what it was but then today watching porn you know. i ran into the room and grabbed the mag and showed him the white skinned chubby girl : - is this what you meant?

His hands were on my asscaressed me so gentlywhen he saw the pic he instantly grabbed my ass, his reaction was so sweet, i felt how much he is turned onalso the fact that he had a raging hard on gave it away : - i take that as a yes ,i said.

He held the mag in hand smiling : - so i have Andrea to thank? I was like : - who what where? Showed me the pic again title next to it : Andrea takes it in the ass. Oh ye you can thank her then:) His finger was on the picture where her ass meets the cockother hand ofc on my ass and it felt soo goodand no trebling this time well not out of fear at least :) I remembered the other pictures and showed him the one with the girl with the filled mouth : - why are you licking your lips sweetie?

:) we both knew why but we both like to tease each other verballyto say thingsi knew he wanted to hear it and i admit it turned me on that i could say : because i want to be in her shoes. And yes he started calling me sweetieand other namesit might be childish to some i know. Fact is i wasnt the person who came home todayseeing that round ass changed me in every way possibleand this new me wanted to be His sweetie.

He put his finger on my lips and just caressed them a biti felt like melting and with a kinky smile : - thin we can manage that sweetie :) He was half undressed so i could see him in his shorts that he has a huge bonerand looked at it and knew : thats my job to take care of :) We just collapsed on the sofaand i remember instinctively i just curled up in his arms and rested my head on his shoulderwe could always talk about anything but now i was speechless.

All of a sudden : - I love you so much i blurted out and hugged himall those years we got closer and closer and somehow it turned into thisyou might say it was leading to this the whole time and you might be rightall i knew i was madly in love.

I remember when he looked at me after that and kissed meno romantic movie could duplicate what i felt then. I kissed a girl before and was obsessed with kissing found it so beautiful so intimateand now we are kissing and .

Sorry if the to much romance bothers anyone . you know what i am not sorry :) When we broke the kiss i looked at his huge hard on. first just through the shorts i felt it hard and hot and waiting for my lips:) Once he was out of his shorts i was face to face with "him" its not the biggest in the worldbut for me at that moment it was a tower :P You know those cartoon shots when the devil appears on one shoulder and an angel on the other?

and they argue what you should dowell they werent arguing in my caseboth said the same thing : you gona suck dick now:) Well since we all are in agreement might as well get to it :) and then i realised i dont really know how to . well suck :P Holding it my hand feeling the warmth of it and looking strait at itwas inviting but i got a bit hesitant and ofc he saw me and just caressed my cheek and with a warm voice: - just give it a kiss we will go from there.

That moment when i felt his tip on my lips for the first time i fell in love with the feeling hot smooth and it just begs to be lickedkissed and to be played withso i did. Hearing him, how he can barely breath and his moans it turned me on so muchi knew i am causing him pleasure and it felt phisically good to know how nice it is for him.

- Just watch you teeth angel - and yes i needed that warning but remembered a year ago my tooth were sensitive from something so i ate the ice cream with my lips touching it firstlol if you want but that mental image what thought me how to suck :P Without planing i rubbed my tongue against his tip and the moans i got .

well time to do some tongue work. As i said from the first moment i loved how it felt having his tip touching my lipso i just played with my lips and my tongue turns out thats a good combo. :) Feeling the first drops of his pre cumwas so deliciousi knew there will be morecouldnt wait. I remember i just lost touch with realityall i focued on was that delicious cock in my mouthsuddenly i am waken to the fact that i am covered in sticky milk:) He was sitting on the sofa i was sitting on the groundi dont remember getting there :D he was smiling and pantingmy mouth was full ofc yummie cumalthough my face was sticky with it toothat bitter sweet taste that creamie texturebest kind of dairy :D He was approaching me with a tissue and i was like : - dont you dare wiping it off.

He just smiled and put the tissue down : - tried to warn you but you were zoned out and well . he was apologisingtold him : - its delicious thank you and dont worry ill lick it off my face:P well the moment i said that he knelt down next to me and hugged me closely and kissed medidnt have to wipe my face clean we just kissed and kissedremember when we parted his face was sticky a bit toohad to clean him off :) I got back up and curled back next to himwe just stared into each others eyes broken up by the occasional kissi remember i was holding back my tears so was hejust hugged each otherand what was building up for years suddenly became our lifeme and him together.

We noticed my shorts were blasted full of my own cumi came while i sucked him : - someone enjoyed him self way to much - he said with a kinky smile on his face.

I couldnt let this unanswered and pointed out the fact that i am still tasting his enjoyment so whos talking ?:) Well he got pretty excited down there pretty fastwhen i saw he is hard again started teasing him : - can i have some moooore?:) - well you know the drill then - came the response so ye i started sucking againnext to kissing sucking is my all time favoriteits so playfullyour playing with his most delicate partand you feel him so intimatelyanyone who sucked dick knows what i am talking aboutthe rest of you well go and find one you wont regret it :D The second time took much more effortobviously and i didnt mind playing with it is half the fun isnt it?

I admit when he came i was tiered my jaws were hurting but this time i managed to be "awake" so all the yummie cum landed in my mouthremembered one of the porn pics and opened my mouth careful not to spill any of it but showed him the result. Well it was getting late and in all the things happening we both forgot to eatwe were starving. While we atei just couldnt believe my lucki felt like floatinglater he told me he was feeling the same, he told me he was secretly dreaming of my and my "gorgeous round ass" his words :) for more then 2 years.

When we finished eatingobviously we ate in a hurry : - weeell about Andrea. what do you say?:) Without seeing it the image flashed before me that blissful face while her ass gets.fucked - I say its time to fuck my ass :) - i gave him a smile The moment i said that a sudden problem came upi needed to go to the bathroom ASAP :) Told him small interruption i need to have a bathroom break and he just came over and hugged me : - your not going to the bathroom sweetiewell take a walk :) When he hugs me its so .

i feel secure i feel aroused and i feel his excitement. - Are you sure ? dont you want to. ? - yes i cant wait to feel that gorgeous ass of yours but i admit i also am dying to see you fill them pants:) I was shocked a bit : -why havent you asked me earlier ?

i am pooping my pants for weeks now and you never asked? - Well i didnt want to intrude its your private intimate thing . i just kissed him and told him no more witholding anything he wants just ask :) - Well i would like to see you . - yes what would you like to see? he was a bit embarrassedwas holding his hands to ease him : - as i was sayingi would like to see you poop your self.

I wast struggling to hold it in so its going to happenhe ran in our room and brought out a pair of pantieswanted to get them from him but he wasnt letting go : - well help me then :) and i wiggled my ass a bit. While he helped me get them up kissed one of my but cheeks.

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We got outside and i had trouble walking he was so sweet gave me his hand like to hang onto. Smiled and grabbed his handtold him : thank you but my feet dont hurti am just . - yes your going to fill those panties sweetie :) It was dark and back then public lighting wasnt a big deal around herenowadays you cant go to any park that isnt lit like the sunso nice dark back thenhe was caressing my ass all the waywhen i let go of his hand and stopped in front of him with an excited voice : - is it time ?

lifted the back part of my t-shirt and pushed my ass out a bit so he can have the perfect viewbut his hands were still on my ass. i asked if hes ok with them and he said if it doesent bother me. well i couldnt hold it anymore:) He was caressing my ass all the wayand when i was done he just hugged me so tight and thanked me so many timesi felt so nice: - you could have asked me this the moment you sent me off the first time :) he admitted he didnt dare Well we turned back homehe was smiling from ear to earfelt good that i made him happy : - did you enjoy that?

he was sooo turned on i could see his tent like pants - I know i know we have to hurry :) he wasnt arguing. When we got home i rushed ahead to the bathroomi almoast tripped when i was undressing, i knew what awaited me :) Ofc he awaited me in the hallway i didnt even bother dressingwhen he hugged me and started kissing my body all overi felt like .

well his girlhis lucky girl. - About Andrea? . he kissed me deeply : yes angel like Andreas your ass too will be .

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and kissed my ears and slowly whispered : fucked :) I didnt really know what i was getting intowhile we made our way to our roomhe was telling me if it hurts tell him and we stop. I didnt know it can hurtyes yes remember no internet porn :) but i made a decision even if it hurts if i can bare it i will smile, 2 years he is dreaming about this .

it was an easy choice for me i loved him and if can give him this i will. We kissed a lot ofcthe few steps to our room took more then 10 minutes.

You might say because i never had any luck with girls .

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well that was a part of this yes for the first time i didnt have to hide my selfbring wanted being the subject of someones desire is a great feeling. But it was himmy brother who i loved more then anything, and now i will share my body with him.

While i was in the bathroom he prepared his bed which was bigger and well from this day it will be our bed:) Jumped in next to him and well you know the drill we kissed hugged each otherhe was kissing me all over my neckmy earmy shoulder . felt his hands on my asshe was all over them :) told me that my ass is what made it clear to him that he likes guyshe surprised me a lot, asked him when did this happen?

- It was roughly 3 years ago you were in the room and dropped something and you knelt down after it and your ass. oh my god . - you can imagine it felt nice to hear this.

- Rushed off to Kriszti (his gf at the time) and while i was with her i realized i dont find her big round ass (she was a chubby girl) attracting - told me that he was fucking her in the ass and thought of me all the way. - Well your hands turned me towards you so were even i guess :) We both smiled suddenly i felt his hands and was different something cold .ah cream.

- So it will be easier for you sweetie - told him my ass is his he knows what to do :) Felt strange when he had 2 fingers in me but at the same time all i could think of : your gona get fuckedyour gona get fucked so ye i was ready.

He got up and sat down with his back to the wallhis gorgeous dick pointing upall creamed up: - took my hand and pulled me gently and i knew its my turn.

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Kissed him and he was like : - sweetie i love you so muchremember if it hurts just say it . Well i climbed into his lap with my back towards himhe was caressing my ass all the way.

Then i felt his tip push against me and before i could react it was inside. Well i cant say it was pleasantwas hurting a bit but it wasnt pain reallyi felt like burstingand it was strangenot pleasant. Felt his cock in me, like a huge rod trying to split me in halfhis voices and moans well they told me everythinghe was in heaven. When i felt his stomach on my ass i settledi just realized all that huge tower of a dick is now inside me.

- How is it angel?


- Weeel. - omg does it hurt? - and he just froze - No no its finei explained what i felt and told him i was expecting it to feel better - I think i know what you mean try getting up but dont pull it out (i was being thought how to ride :) ) when i moved upwords a bit a shot like electricity ran through me it was soo nice.

and then he pulled me back down. Wow now this was AMAZING !!!! :) I broke free and started properly ridingour nation s history is famed for our cavalry skills so here i was doing my part :P It felt so goodmy whole ass was numb and hot and how the dick was moving inside me and pushing me inside everytime i sat downi came so fastboth my legs were hurting nownot used to the actionmy muscles cramping but i couldnt stop it was the best feeling i ever felt.

Suddenly i hear him : ooooomg aaaahh. and feel the warm explosion inside me :) I just collapsed into his laphis warm cum felt so good not just pure phisicaly the fact that my ass gave him this pleasure. Wanted to rest there and enjoy the moment but my leg muscles cramped up badly i just jolted and jumped updid scare him a bit.

- What wrong sweetie? - Nothing my legs. he saw the muscles cramped up : well u were to fast :) - Havent heared you complaining :D he just got up and huged me from behind and started massaging my leg, he was so sweet.

Felt the cum dripping out of my ass which was well i saw it in pictures . i got fucked and he came in me !! Once my stupid leg settled down we got back into bed kissing. - Hope your not to tiered sweetie? well i knew what this meant not that i was against being fucked again, and again .:) I will end chapter 2 hereit turned out to be a bit longer but i didnt want to split this just for the sake of itthat afternoon is one storyhope you guys and gals like it.

Any kind of comment or suggestion would be nice. I dont have the skills of a good writeri just write what i feel and to be honest i am writing this down because in my life there is little room to be open and honest. al the things i do and love are things that could destroy our lives and possible get us in jail.

At the least we both would loose our jobs. I dont think we are alone with this and communities like this help a lot.