Attractive teen is licked and fucked on livecam hardcore blowjob

Attractive teen is licked and fucked on livecam hardcore blowjob
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Marci didn't think of herself as much of a sex symbol, she has been my New York mistress for two monthsI'm flying back to Dallas this afternoon. I stopped by Marci's apartment this morning to say good bye and tell her I would call her when I was returning to New York. Marci's intentions this morning was lustful, when I arrived, she pulls me straight in, grabbing me frantically by the shirt. I lean in for a kiss and Marci reciprocated longingly, having waited eight hours for this moment.

Both had been deeply lusting after one another since lunch yesterday, but my business meetings had lasted into last night. Marci leaned back on the bed, pulling me down with her. We kissed passionately than before as I begin to run my hands over Marci's body. I grasp Marci's small, firm breasts through her top feeling her perky nipples harden in excitement as she runs her hands over my chest.

She feels my erection against her thigh and knows she can't wait any longer. She rapidly pulls my shirt off, revealing a toned upper body, while she removed hers, followed by her leggings. I stripped off my jeans so I'm left only in my jocks, the outline of my massive penis pushing through the fabric.

I dive between Marci's legs kissing her thighs and squeezing her breasts. Marci moans in pleasure as I work my way up to her breasts, softly kissing them and licking her nipples. I begin kissing her navel, slowly working my way down to her pussy. Marci writhes in ecstasy as I pull down her wet panties and begin licking her pussy. I run my tongue around her throbbing clitoris and push my finger in her pussy, driving her to new heights of pleasure.

Marci is slowly learning that I'm an experienced and demanding lover as she calls my name in between moans and groans. I finger her pussy softly with my index finger and then insert my middle finger drawing long gasps and squeals from Marci. I begin pushing faster and licking more attentively as a wave of orgasmic pleasure rushes through Marci. She lets out a loud cry as she climaxes. I continue finger fucking her through her orgasm, making the orgasm more intense. I stop once Marci calms down and she got up before kneeling down right in front of me, swiftly pulling down my jocks, my monster hard penis springing out in front of her.

My cock is massive and Marci is always intimidated, it is 9 inches long and 6 around, the perfect cock she's always fantasised about. She is always apprehensive about fitting it in her mouth and the pain as it stretches her pussy. Marci places her right hand round it and begins to jack me off. It always feels amazing in her hand and looks beautiful. My soft moans told her she is doing it right. Marci starts licking my penis from the base to the tip, before putting her mouth round the head as she continues to jack me off.

She sucks me, loving feeling it in her mouth, it just barely fits it in. My breathing is heavier as Marci sucks faster and I can tell I'm going to cum soon. I told Marci to stop before I ejaculated lying down on the bed on my back, I motion for her to come over.

Marci got on top of me, my hard cock inches away from penetrating her. She slowly eases down onto me, my huge cock filling every crevice of her tight pussy. " Oh God you're so big!" She screams as she begins to ride my cock vigorously. Her nice and naive girl image shattered again for rough, impulsive sex. She moans and screams as she got faster, the pleasure rushing through her.

I thrust upwards furiously, enjoying pounding her tight pussy, knowing I was giving her the fuck of her life again. Marci came for the second time, screaming my name as she squirts all over my cock, I ejaculate hard deep inside her pussy, pulling her close as I did, kissing her on the lips, she longingly returning the gesture, grateful for the most wonderful intense sex again.

Marci got off me and got on her hands and knees on the floor. She knew I had experience in anal sex. It made her crave me more, she wants me to enter her wet pussy and fuck her from behind. She watches as I took a small bottle of lube off the nightstand. She this position made her feel so exposed. My ass is up in the air and her pussy is aching for me. She needed and wanted me to fuck her again now.

Marci looked at the carpeted floor, waiting, every nerve ending in her body primed for that exquisite moment when the imagination and reality collide. She hears me squirting lube, out of a small container and imagined it coating my cock. Then she feels my fingers, I'm massaging her ass. No, not just her ass, but around her asshole.

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" Oh my god, John knows I'm fearful of anal sex." She lets out a small whimper as she feels one finger push against her, she inhales her body yields. I'm fingering her asshole. Marci moans. " You're a beautiful woman, Marci," I said. " Not just daddy's little girl anymore. I'm going to ask you to keep your eyes closed and start touching your pussy. Touch it just the way you do when you're by yourself at night and no one is around to hear you come. Can you do that?" " Y-y-yes. But, I'm, I-I'm afraid." " I'll be gentle with you Marci," I said.

" If you need me to stop." " No," she said. " Please, don't stop." I'm afraid, afraid I'll be torn open if he fucks my ass with his cock, but I don't want him to stop. I must be fucking crazy right now.


What the hell has come over me? She keeps touching herself, feeling my fingers gently probe and massage her body in a place she'd never dared explore.

As she did so, she feels herself.enjoying it. Maybe one finger isn't enough, she thought. " More," whispers Marci. " What's that?" said I.

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" I'm not sure I hear you." I had a look on my face that is smug. I knew that Marci would beg for what I had to give her, she always begs me to give her more. " That's all right, baby doll. I have more where that came from." She feels more pressure, then slight pain as she widens to accept my offering.

She finds herself pushing her ass back around me as I push a second finger into her. Her control withered further as she realizes that this, this is one of those sexual acts she never thought she'd dare attempt because it was too--taboo. She never tried this because good upstanding women don't allow themselves to be fucked in the ass. They don't fuck older men.

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And certainly they don't become a mistress or lover. She hears the sound of the lube once again, as she turns around she sees me greasing up my shaft. I'm grinning at her, and a twinge of fear came back. It wasn't just the size of my cock that worried her. Maybe it was the slight darkening she sees in my eyes.

As though I'm finished playing nice and now, now I'm going to get down to some nasty business. She is afraid of me and wants me at the same time. If only I were fucking her pussy again.


That would feel nice too, now she wants to feel me, slide my cock up her ass? Her tight virgin ass, no less? " I'm not sure John, you're so big, and I don't know. Maybe this is too much. I mean--" " I'm a man of my word, Marci.


If you want to stop we can stop right now. I'll go to the airport and fly back to Dallas till next month. Is that what you want?" It's my choice. If I say yes, I'll be the one who invited him inside my back door.

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There's no deflecting this one. If I say yes, whatever happens next is at least 51% my fault. Is that something I'm ready to live with?

Do I want this? She looks at me, my monster hard-on and rock climber's physique reminding her of a painting, something she might have seen back in school during her art classes, an image of the warrior ready for battle. She knew she'd be my lover. Marci didn't need to speak her reply to me. She gave her signal through a subtle demonstration of body language.

In yoga they might call it the 'dirt star to the sky pose.' She presented her ass to me like a sacrificial offering. The desire to have me inside her, to strip her of that piece of her dignity, outweighed her fear of the unknown, her fear of the monster cock that could split her in two and send her screaming in pain.

She wants me more. " That's good," said Rich. He was right behind her now. His calm voice had returned. She felt his cock press against her ass, and then, slowly, she felt him slide inside. She winced. But the pain lasted only for a brief second, and then she felt a sense of being full, of having given herself to him completely.

And that was when she found herself rocking her hips, back and forth, feeling a pleasure build inside her that she didn't even know existed. "Relax and touch that clit, baby," he said. He seemed to be measuring his thrusts, as though he knew just how long he could extend that moment before he, too, would no longer be able to hold himself back. She put two fingers to her clit in that old practiced way that girls never tell their mothers and fathers they know.

The first wave of orgasm came like a wave that you don't expect at the beach, a wave that doesn't rise up to consume you until it's almost too late to run out of the breaking surf.

And as Amanda stared into the eye of that wave she asked it to take her. She was ready for it to wash over her, through her. "Oh my god, oh--" said Amanda. She wanted to speak, to tell Rich to keep fucking her ass because it was the hottest, dirtiest thing she'd ever felt, but she was incapable of doing so. It was all too much, too overwhelming for her to process.

All she could do was follow him. Do what he asked. "Oh god, oh oh oh oh --oh ahhh--" she said. Her back arched and stiffened, and I took a handful of her hair and held her chin up, exposing her neck to me, making her aware of her vulnerability.

I'm above her, muscular core driving my cock into her ass.

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Her nipples are so hard that she feels them rubbing raw against the carpet as I fucked her. The tremors and convulsions brought her to that great dark, unknowing place of ecstasy. While she thought she'd approached the edges of that strange land before, she'd never felt so thoroughly consumed by it.

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It was like being thrust into the darkest night she'd ever seen. I cum deep inside her; my cum is hot and thick and she almost jumps as I fill her with it.

It's everywhere deep in her ass.

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