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Sexy amateur blonde masturbating on webcam
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"This is what you want?" Charlie asked me. "This is what you desire?" "Oh yes baby it's!" I say as I stand up and put my arms around his neck, "are you going to do this for me? You're going to let me have both you and James at once?" "Yes.

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Because it's what you want. I don't like it but it is your fantasy and I can't change your mind or change what you want." "Oh baby! It's going to be amazing! We are going to have so much fun.

I will set everything up ok?" "Sounds good babe," Charlie says as he puts his headphones on to start playing in video games.

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Being so excited I grabbed my phone and started texting James the good news. "I get to fuck you for my birthday!!!" "He actually said yes?" James asks surprised. "Wow" "Yes!

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Be actually said yes! He knew it was something I wanted to so he is allowing me to have it!!" "Wow. I'm really surprised he said yes. I figured we would just do it behind his back and you would tell me after or not tell him" James explained. "No he knows it's something I want.


Having both my guys inside me at once!" I'm so excited, that I can myself starting to get soaking wet. "Just thinking about is making so wet!" "I can't wait to make you all wet.

It's going to be amazing" he says. "I can't wait to taste you amazing pussy" "Ok well, I am going to set it all up and then send you the details ok? I ask.

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"Sounds good babe. Can't wait to have my hard cock up in you. Have a goodnight." I close my phone and look at Charlie across the room. "I should fuck him tonight" I think to myself. "As thank you. I can plan everything tomorrow." I set my phone down and walk across the room and stand in front of Charlie. "Babe? Really I'm going to die if you don't move!" He yells at me.

"I am going to die if you don't put that cock in me," I moan as I straddle his lap. "Fuck me!" "Well you don't have to tell me twice" he says happily. I can feel him getting hard under me. Charlie take his headphones off and turns off his game. As I drop off the couch between his legs undoing his jeans. "I love sucking on your cock babe," I say with a smile looking up at him.

He reaches down and grabs my pony tail, "I love you sucking my cock too princess" Thank God I was wearing my leopard print night gown so I could finger myself while sucking him off.


"Thinking about James eating you out while I face fuck you?" Charlie asks when he see me. "No. I'm just making myself wet," I say as I stand up. "So I can do this" as I slide myself onto his huge cock. "Mmmmhmmm feels so fucking good!" I yell, rocking my hips back and forth. "You're so tight babe, I love it," he moans. I slip off his cock and climb onto the back out the couch. "Fuck me hard Charlie!! I yell at him. "Make me cum.

Make me cum all over your cock" He stands up and climbs behind me entering with one swift motion. I push my hips up to meet him as he enters. He reaches and grabs my pony tail. "You like that? You dirty slut" he tells "Oh fuck. Yes. Fuck me hard. Oh my god.

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You're so big!!!" "Take the big cock. I want you to cum on it!" "I'm cuming. Of fuck!" I scream as a huge orgasm takes my body over. My pussy contacting against his cock, not letting him pull out. Charlie holds onto me while I catch my breath. I finally am able to catch my breath and fall against the couch, feeling all the cum pouring out of my pussy. "Oh my god. That was amazing babe." I say as I get up and give Charlie a kiss.

"Where are you going?" He asks as I start walking away. "To go have shower. I can't go to bed with all this going down my leg. See you in bed" I say with a wink and go have a shower. The next morning I wake up and Charlie has already left for work. My phone goes off and it's a text from James. "How was your night? Dream of me?" I haven't even read the message and my pussy contracts. "It was amazing! And yes I had a dream of you." "How could it be amazing?" James asks.

"I wasn't there to fuck you." Not surprised by his statement, "well Charlie knows how to take care of me when I need it." Which is true.

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Charlie could make me feel more like a women. When his cock is inside me, I don't have to think or worry about the world. He makes me feel like the world around me stops. Which is an amazing feeling. "That can't be all the time if your fantasy, is to sleep with me?" James asks.

"Actually, it's to have both of us at once." "Like I have told you before. He fucks me to fuck me," I explain. "Your cock feels like an extension of my body. You make me like your love stick is meant to be in my pussy.

I contract and swell when you contact and swell. You make me feel like your cock is supposed to be in my pussy, every day and every night." "Wow, you make it feel like we are soul mates." "We are and we aren't." I explain, "Charlie is the love of my life, but you're the love of my pussy. It's complicated, but it make sense in my head." "You are such a confusing girl Zoey!

But it makes my cock swell just thinking about what I get to do to you soon." And then like always our conversation turns, and we get so horny.

"Oh and what are you going to do to me?" I ask. "Oh, everything and anything. But it's a surprise," he teases. "Really!? You're going to do this to me!" playfully yelling at him. "You know how horny I am right now! You are so unfair." "Have a good night Zoey," James teases. The next morning, I am so excited when I wake up that I get to have my deepest desire, that I start planning how it's going to happen, where it's going to happen.

Charlie gave me his credit card to charge anything and everything I need for the "event". I open my laptop, turn on some porn of a girl getting nailed by two guys, making me soaking wet and excited for what I get to do in a few weeks.

To the sounds of this girl moaning in the back ground, I decide to say fuck it and get what I want. I close the screen for a crap motel room with a shitty double bed and open the casino website. Next thing I knew, I had a king suit booked and paid for and a table booked at the steak house.

And because I had the room booked for three days, I got some extras at a discount. Thinking to myself "it's my birthday, I deserve to have the best right?" A massage booked, facial and waxing booked, mani and pedi booked. A day of papering and amazing sex.

It's going to be an amazing birthday. Happy with what I have booked, I get dressed and head to the mall. Walking around the mall, I notice this gorgeous, skin tight strapless purple dress that called out to me.

And I knew the guys wouldn't be able to resist me in it, so I try it on and it fits me amazingly. 38F boobs are on full display because of the sweet heart neckline and it makes my ass look perfect too.

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After buying the dress I go to La Senza and find a purple bar and thong lace set. As well as a black lace corset and panty set and lace shall for the night. I got home and wanted to tease the guys so I put on the purple set on with my thigh high black boots and take a couple pictures and sent one to each of them. "A little tease for that night." "Well that is just rude!" replied James "Do I get a better view when I get home?" asked Charlie.

"No you don't. It's a surprise, for both of you," I tease. "Hope you guys are as excited for this night as I am." To be continued.