Pigtailed blonde gets licked and fingered by her therapist

Pigtailed blonde gets licked and fingered by her therapist
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Fucked up So, my daughter is home from University for part of the summer before she heads off to her mom's and then a summer camp job. Like every saturday, I had an early (8am) tee time at my favourite course, but had it cancelled due to a broken sprinkler. I found out half way out (7am), so turned around to go get Vanessa, and go for breakfast.

I got home around 8, walked into the house, and could hear someone was getting fucked hard in the living room. It's hard to see your baby, sure she's 19 now, but it's hard to see her balls deep sucking one guy, and getting DP'd by some other guy and a chick with a strap-on.

Sorry guys, not my thing… so I headed downstairs to get a drink. Passed Cherry and Alice, playing Nintendo (Old skool) as I went to my bar and poured a shot of tequila.

"Oh shit! Mr C. You're home?" panicked Cherry.

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"I'll go get Van," started Alice. "No, let her have her fun," I responded pouring my second shot. "Why aren't you two up in the fun?" "Not enough cock," reponded Alice before Cherry punched her in the shoulder.


"That's Vanessa's dad! Our old principal!" "Yes, and I'm retired. And your mostly grown up." Actually, Alice had grown up. She was near 6 foot tall, almost tall as me, and a volleyball players body. I coached her. It takes dedication and a bit of will power not to look at your players/students asses everyday. Her's, I couldn't help notice. But as a respectable, responsible adult, you push thoughts like that out.

She still kept her hair short, just long enough to tie when she was playing. Long, lean, and chiselled. Only girl I know to have breasts and a 6-pack naturally. Cherry, was exactly the opposite, she hadn't grown much more than 5 foot fall. She had curves, lots of them. I'd watched a porno with a girl who looked just like her, but wasn't.

Shot two loads as she bounced that great ebony ass on the dick of the stud she was fucking. I jerked off a lot since my retirement and subsequent divorce.

Her hair was always short, and I'd seen her in a wig once or twice. I remember seeing her grandma's pic from the 60s, Afro, and bell bottoms going to a protest.

She looked just like her grandma. I had never met her real mom, and her step-mom was a beautiful, gracious Filipina. Suddently, a ridiculous groan came from upstairs. Apparently someone was hitting my daughter's g-spot. I had to leave. "Was coming home to offer Vanessa the chance to go to Per##ns with her old man, but she's busy. You girls want breakfast?" They were up fast.

They wee all out last night, and probably hadn't eaten since late. I hadn't realized that they were still dressed from the night before. Cherry had on shorts that looked painted on her round little ass. Alice's 6 pack was visible under a flashy sequence one shoulder thing. I was walking into a restaurant, with if nobody knew them, what you might mistaken for call girls.

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"Hi Mr C," said Ms Jones, the head waitress at Per###s. She's worked there for a long time. "Girls? Out late last night were we?" "Yes Ma'am" answered Alice.

"Slept at Vanessa's last night, and Mr C offered to bring us home, and then offered breakfast." "Uh-hu," she looked back at me. "Nice that Van is back in town. Still sleeping?

Always could party her. And your golf got cancelled because of the vandalism at Baker's (the golf course)." "Didn't know it was vandalism, but you guessed it." "OK, will be back with your orders in a bit." And she walked away.


"But we didn't give her our order," commented Alice. "Ms J, has served us since the first time Mr C brought us here for breakfast in freshmen year. We all order the same thing over and over again.

She even knows Vanessa's if we asked for take out." scolded Cherry in a hushed voice. "Why are you whispering?" I asked. "I don't want to make a fuss." she said.

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"Then she admitted, "Actually, I don't want her to tell Aunt Janette, who will tell dad, about coming here dressed like this. She's a prude, always was." "Ha, that's funny." I chuckled. "What?" asked the girls. "I dated your aunt Eve before I met Vanessa's mom, and I know Mrs J is not a prude." "Fuck off!" said Cherry, before Alice smacked her on the shoulder.

"Manners!" "It's OK," I flagged Mrs Jones over.

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"Jinette, you've been accused of being a prude. Should I defend your… honour?" "Tell them about the drive in," she said, and was about to turn.

"Who ever filled your head with the idea that I was a prude?" Jinnette was no prude. She may be in her late 50s, but she still has legs like Tina Turner, and breasts you want to bounce on. She still matches the younger waitresses for tips, partly on service, partly on appropriate flirting, and partly on knowing how to stroke a man's ego.

"What drive in?" asked Cherry. She was all ears as she knew she was going to have a bit of enlightenment. I began… Jinette, some guy, Eve and I all went to the drive in for the big all nighter festival one year, a few years before the Big 4 drive in closed. Eve and I were in the front seat, and Jin and her man in the back of my car, an 70s Chev Van.

I'd camperized it, by putting in curtains, a mattress and even a small kitchenette. The plan was to eventually get Eve in the back, while Jin and her man were busy in the front. The problem was that 15 minutes into the first movie, Jin and her guy got into a big fight, and he fucked off. The first movie I was alone up front while Eve consoled Jin in the backseat.

Then, Jin decided to leave us be, and go find some of our friends, because at the drive in, you always knew someone else. So, Eve and I crawled into the back of the van, and started making out.

Soon, my hand was up her shirt, and her hand was rubbing my crotch. She'd just pulled my throbbing cock out, and was about to go down on me, something I loved about Eve. I still remember her lips on my cock. She was a born cock-sucker. But then Jin came back into the car. We quickly flipped over so that it looked like we were just watching from the back. I think I almost broke my dick. "Oh, hey," she slurred. She'd obviously found friends who managed to smuggle in booze. "Sorry, go back to making out.

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I'm just gonna nap" And true to her word, she was fast asleep in no time, and Eve's lips were on my cock. She sucked me rock hard again, and began playing with me. She would suck me to the brink of cumming, and then ease off so I wouldn't, prolonging the release.

She loved sucking cock.


She'd do it, until I was almost in pain, and then she'd suck the cum out of my dick. Most girls stop to watch or feel you explode, she would keep sucking, squeezing my sack to make me explode all the harder. And she swallowed every drop. The girls were hocked on every word I was saying. I was rock solid when Jin brought our orders to us. "Where you at in the story?" she asked.

"Just blew my first load in Eve's mouth." "Fuck, you always could drag on a story. These girls look like they're suffering. Get going with it." "Hey, if you want to tell the story, then sit down here," I tapped my lap, "and you tell it." "You'd like that," she swatted her towel at me, and walked away. "Oh my god, you guys did it," said Alice.

"You have to wait to find out that," I said, and I ate my breakfast, leaving the girls jaws dropped.