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Sexy men group gay bondage Dom man Kieron Knight has a beautiful
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It's been three months since the day we left the cabin, and just like I thought, things did get interesting.

Both families hit it off so well at the cabin we decided to keep hanging out at each others houses at few times. Dad did manage to get that promotion and he and Jim started to become the best of friends. The fact that their kids were dating each other seemed to sit really well for them, since both sets of parents liked us.

A few times dad walked in on Rita and I laying together talking about Chris and Stephanie, and a few times when we slept together, but with as often as we've been to Jim's house and as often as they've been here, I think he'd rather Rita and I sleep in the same bed than with Jim's kids. He liked the game room in the cabin so much that he turned our little spare room into a game room with the same types of game machines at the cabin.

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He spends a lot of time in that room now, and ironically so does mom and Aunt Lisa. He also put a little weightlifting section in the basement, which I'm starting to use more often. Stephanie and I have been dating each other, and Rita has been dating Chris, but we are still completely devoted to each other like we said we would be, and that won't ever change. Ever since the last day at the cabin, whenever dad wasn't home, we had free reign over the house.

Sex would be happening as soon as dad was out the door. Mom or Aunt Lisa would catch us having sex and either leave, sit down and watch, or join in, but I've yet to have sex with them alone again. We even developed a system of code so when we get around someone who doesn't know our situation, we can communicate what we wanna say without actually saying it. For both Rita and my rooms we developed a colored tape system we use for our door; green means come in were alone and nothings happening, red means there's some type of sex act happening with another person, blue means more than one person is in, but nothing's happening, yellow means were waiting for someone to come in, and no tape at all means no one is in the room.

We also gave ourselves numbers to know whose in the room during sex, I'm 1, Rita's 2, mom is 3, and Aunt Lisa is 4, so if I was having sex with Rita there would be red tape on the door with numbers 1 and 2. We sometimes even combine tape, like we would have red on the door when two of us were having sex, and yellow if we wanted anyone to join in with us, its a pretty great system, and dad is completely oblivious to it, he doesn't even notice it.

We have a knock where you knock seven times fast and three times slow, in case were in the living room having sex and the front door starts to open, if we hear the secret knock, we keep going, if we don't, we high tail it outta there. Our last system is the talk system, where if were sitting at the table eating and we want to know each others moods, we'll say "I feel like exercising (I'm horny), "I'm gonna go listen to some music (feel like relaxing, but sex isn't off the table), or "I'm gonna go lay down, or sleep (not really in the mood for sex).

Only me and the three women know the system, and it works perfectly. I haven't done anything with Stephanie except kiss, play with her titties, finger her a few times, and get a handjob from her. From what Rita says that's all she and Chris have done too. I never needed to push her since I always had Rita, and Stephanie seemed content with where we were, so it was fine for us. Some days I could tell we all wanted to do a lot more than we were doing, but the women said they didn't wanna feel like sluts and wanted to wait, I wasn't sure about Stephanie but we knew the real reason for Rita.

None of us have even been on a date with each other yet, we could never get away from our families, but we do manage to talk and text each other a lot.

We don't necessarily have a problem with how things are, but over the course of three months Rita and I have grown a liking to both Stephanie and Chris, and we can tell they have for us too, which is why we finally made time for a double date today.

Despite how most people feel about double dates, we are all pretty excited about it, even the parents. I just know they're gonna ask bug us about it, but hey, what can you do.

When I woke up Rita was already gone from the bed, since she got up and went somewhere with mom, so I had to get myself up.

By the time I made it downstairs to breakfast everyone was just sitting down to eat, so I went over and kiss mom and Rita on the cheek (platonic) and sat down to eat.

"So today's the big date huh? What are you guys gonna do?" "We decided on a movie, go out to eat and bowling since none of us have been in a while," I said.


"We might go to the mall too since there's a big clearance in all the stores," Rita jumped in. "What? We didn't agree to go to the mall!" "You guys didn't, but me and Stephanie did. This only happens every once in a while and were going." "Come on, that's not fair! You guys are gonna shop all day and were gonna have to carry all the bags!" "What do you expect, were women, we like to shop, plus if did tell you we'd still be going anyway." "She's got you there son, never come between women and shopping," dad laughed sipping his coffee.

We'd been duped. Who would have thought Stephanie and Rita, as jealous as they are of each other would agree to this together. I looked at Rita, who was smiling back me, and I knew I was beaten. "Oh honey it's not gonna be that bad, besides they might make it up to you later," mom smirked. It took me a second before I caught on to what mom was saying and looked over at Rita who was still smiling at me as she crept her foot up my leg.

I guess I could deal with it for a couple hours if the result is great sex. I cheered up and went back to eating my breakfast. "Wait what do you mean "make it up to them?" I hope you're not talking about what I think you are," dad blurted out. "No I meant maybe they'll pay for the movie or something, jeez your so paranoid," mom said, then looked at us and gave us a wink without dad seeing. "Oh, ok. Chris is an ok kid but I don't want anyone feeling up my little girl.

You keep an eye on him Randy and make sure he doesn't try anything." "I'm on it dad," I said, suddenly feeling all big-brotherly. If only he knew what was really going on.

It was at that moment her foot made contact with my cock. I don't know how but she got it inside my shorts and was tickling my cock with her toes, all the while looking like nothing out of the ordinary is happening, I smiled without looking up and mouthed "later" at my food, which I know she saw because she moved her foot. All was quiet through the rest of breakfast until dad got up to leave for work.

"Ok everyone, its time for me to go. See you later honey, and you two be good on your date. Oh and Randy before you leave cut the grass and trim the hedges, its starting to look like a forest out there." "Sure thing dad, see ya," I said as I patted him on the back. He kissed mom and Rita kissed him on the cheek as he left out the door and off to work.

I finished eating and went upstairs to change into some cleaning clothes, I had to get started right then so I wouldn't still be working when Stephanie and Chris showed up. I took the lawnmower and hedge clippers to the front and sat the clippers on the porch, at which point I noticed Rita looking at me through the window smiling.

I smiled back as she kissed the window and disappeared behind the curtain. I snapped back to reality and got the mower going and started cutting the grass. I wasn't out there for five minutes before the heat became so unbearable I had to take off my shirt. As I threw it on the porch I saw Rita back in the window biting her finger, so I flexed for her as I mowed the lawn giving her a show. After over two months its amazing we still feel this strongly about each other. I finally finish cutting the grass and take the lawnmower back behind the house and come back to another empty window, so I go right into trimming the hedges.

I cut the one in front of the window Rita was in first since it was bigger and started on the littler one when my phone rang, it was Stephanie. "Hey you." "Hey you, you ready for our double date today?" "Not yet, I'm trimming the hedges." "Were gonna be there in an hour, you better get ready." "I'll be ready by the time you get here, it doesn't take me long to get ready." "Good. We finally get to get away from the parents and I plan on taking full advantage of it." "Oh really?

What do you plan on doing?" "(giggles) You'll just have to wait and find out." "Oh come on, give me a hint." "Nope, you'll have to be patient. You'll find out soon enough. Uugh oww!" "What was that?" "Oh um I just got in the tub, I made the water a little too hot I guess." "In the tub huh?

Wanna send me a pic?" "You'll be ok. It won't take us long to get there." "(sigh) Ok fine, I'll see you when you get here." "Ok, see you soon sweetie, bye." "Bye." I hung up the phone grinning trying to figure out what she had planned, but wasn't having any luck. I finished the hedges just after I hung up from Stephanie and went to take the clippers back around the house when I saw Rita looking out the window with a semi pissed-off/jealous look and disappeared behind the curtain again.

She must have seen me on the phone and knew it was Stephanie I was talking to. Crap I'm gonna have to fix this, but after I take a shower because working out there made me work up a sweat, and a little stink. I took a five minute shower and dried off and dressed in khaki shorts and a white tee and went to find Rita. I found her sitting on the couch watching Dr. Phil, she hates him, so I know she was just sitting there angry waiting for me to come down so she could ignore me, which is what she did.

"Come on Rita, talk to me, whats wrong?" "Who were you talking to on the phone?" "We both know who I was talking to." "Why do you have to sound like you're in love with her all the time?" "We have to keep up the act remember? I go through the same thing with you and Chris. I mean yeah I like her just as you like Chris, but I'm not in love with her, I'm in love with you." She sighed and made the sad face I hate seeing on her. "I'm sorry, I know I shouldn't be jealous but I can't help it, I hate sharing you," she said looking down.

"You don't have to apologize, were twins remember, everything you hate I hate too. We won't like it, but you're gonna mess around with Chris, and I'm gonna mess around with Stephanie, so the least we can do is enjoy it.

Its not gonna change anything between us, you're still mine and I'm still yours," I said lifting up her chin with my hand. She took my face in both her hands and kissed me full on the lips, slowly easing her tongue into my mouth. I leaned back and let her fall on top of me as we kissed, her hair covering both our faces. I let my hands roam down her body until I came to her skirt and dipped them under it, only to find out she wasn't wearing any panties. "I thought you'd like that," she giggled breaking the kiss.

"Well I know you'll love this," I said sitting her up against the couch and dipping my face into the pussy I've come to know and love. "Oh baby, yes, eat my pussy! Oh Randy, right there, oh god yes!" Over the last two months I had to have eaten her pussy a hundred times and I never get tired of it, just as well as her sucking me off.

I guess when you love someone as much as we love each other its hard to keep your hands off them. I pulled the hood back from her clit and tickled it with my nose as I licked around every crevice of her pussy I could reach. "Oh my god Randy I love you so much, you're so good to me, oh I love you!" I reached under her shirt and pinched her nipples and tongue fucked her pussy. She squeezed my head between her thick, luscious thighs but I could tell she wasn't ready to come yet, so I stuck two fingers in her pussy and got them nice and wet and put them in her mouth, which she sucked eagerly.

While she was busy doing that I continued pinching her nipple and licked from her clit straight down to her ass. I licked circles around her asshole and jabbed at it, each getting a different response, but a good one nonetheless. I pulled my fingers from her mouth and stuck one in her ass and went back to sucking her clit, now she was really excited. "Oh my god, just like that baby, just like that. I'm gonna cum, oh god I'm gonna cum!" I began pumping my finger in and out of her ass faster and faster while I pulled and sucked on her clit harder and harder as she pushed my face into her pussy with both hands.

Her straining and holding back finally gave away when her legs clamped shut around my head and she screamed loud enough for God himself to hear.

"Oh god, I'm cumming! I'm fucking cumming! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" The only good thing about being caught in Rita's leg vicegrip (besides being caught between Rita's legs) is that when she squirts, it comes out like a water fountain, and I can drink easy without a problem.

When she finished juicing I kept licking her until she pushed my head away, which she literally had to push my head away. The silence around the room was broken when out of nowhere I heard "you're a dam fool!" and realized Dr. Phil was still on tv. I was looking for the remote to cut the tv off when it just shut off out of nowhere. I look around and finally see mom leaning against the wall with the remote in her hand.

"You two don't waste any time do you? The second your father's out the door you're on each other." I said nothing, and Rita was still catching her breath. I just looked at her with hunger in my eyes, I wanted to eat more pussy, and mom's pussy tasted just as good as Rita's. I walked over to her, picked her up off the ground making her giggle at what's coming, and plopped her down on the couch next to Rita. I lifted her dress up to her hips to reveal that she too wasn't wearing any panties.

I wasted no time burying my face in her pussy and licked her up just as I did Rita not too long ago. "Oh baby, eat mommy's pussy! Suck on mommy's juicy pussy!" I held on to her legs and looked her in the eyes as I spread her lips with my tongue and lick up any moisture I could find.

She sucked in her breath and pulled Rita into a kiss while they played with each others tits. By now I notice my cock is aching for release from my pants and I use a hand to unbutton my pants to get some relief. Rita notices what I'm doing and slips off the couch next to me. "Let me help you with that, turn over so I can take care of you." I turned over like she said as she pulled my pants and boxers down in one pull and lay my head back on the couch.

I watched mom get up and swing one of her massive thighs around my head and sit her pussy directly on my face. I wasn't done eating her and I know she wasn't done being eaten so I picked up where I left off. Just as I started eating mom again I felt Rita suck my entire cock into her mouth. If I hadn't built up a tolerance to her I would have come right there. I can feel me sliding into her throat again and again as she hums on my cock sending vibrations through my entire body, which in the end only adds to mom's pleasure.

Once her clit pokes out from under its hood I use my tongue to dance all over it, knocking it in every direction before sucking it between my lips. "Oh honey! You love eating pussy don't you? You can eat mine anytime, just don't stop!" She started really grinding my head into the couch, rubbing her pussy on every part of my face. I held onto her thighs for guidance and twirled my tongue around in circles inside her pussy, all the while Rita still eagerly sucking on my cock.

She squeezes my balls in her hand and sucks faster and faster until I can't hold on anymore. I push past mom's wet pussy to give her a warning of what's to come. "Rita I'm gonna cum! I can't hold it any." That was all I got before mom's pussy smothered me again.

She said something but I couldn't hear her so I went with it while I kept sucking on mom's pussy. After a few moments I tensed up and exploded in Rita's mouth.


I could feel her sucking the cum out of my cock like it was a straw, and I felt her throat moving as she swallowed it. I was now dead from the legs down, I couldn't move if I wanted to, so I focused on the only one of us who hasn't orgasmed yet. I did the same thing to her as I did to Rita, I stuck a finger between her big ass cheeks and right into her ass. "Oh yes baby, finger my ass while you eat my pussy! You're gonna make me cum so hard" I ate her pussy as best I could with her grinding all over my face.

When I finally caught hold of her clit I held it between my teeth and teased it over and over with my tongue as I slipped another finger into mom's ass. The fact that Rita was still sucking my soft, sensitive cock made me finger fuck her ass faster and squeeze her clit between my teeth tighter until she finally came. "Oh fuck yes baby! I'm cumming on your face! I'm cumming baby, I'm cummmmmmmmming!" To say I was drenched would be an understatement, I was soaked.

I felt like someone poured a bucket of water on my head, a bucked of sweet, feminine water that I would be happy to drink any day. Mom looked down at me on short breath as she rolled onto the couch and saw the mess she had made. "Look at that stain, its gonna take all day to dry!" "Oh but its completely worth it, I'll go through that from either of you any day!" I said.

"That is a pretty big stain, but I know how to dry it up fast, and mom what do you mean "you can eat mine anytime?" Don't be trying to steal him away from me," Rita said.

"Rita honey you can eat me anytime too, I'm not stingy," mom giggled as she got up. Rita fixed her skirt and ran upstairs as mom kissed me on the lips and tried to walk away on shaky legs. I watched her fall into the couch, stumble into the wall, and finally plop down into a chair in the kitchen. I felt proud that I could make my mother cum so good that she couldn't walk straight.

I sat there looking at nothing in particular when Rita bounced back down the stairs fully clothed again and holding a blow dryer. "Run this over that spot, and hurry up and get dressed, Chris just sent me a text saying they're ten minutes away." I waved her off as I plugged up the blow dryer and got dressed at the same time.

I turned the tv back on and turned to Robot Chicken and held the blow dryer over the spot and went into my own world for a while. Ten minutes later I was snapped back to reality when the doorbell rang. I unplugged the blow dryer and wrapped it up while noticing the spot went down drastically, but there was still a little there if you looked hard enough.

When I opened the door to let them in Stephanie pushed past Chris like she was mad at him and locked lips with me. I only had a second to register that like Rita she too had on a skirt with flip flops and spaghetti strap top which showed off her breasts nicely, although her skirt was blue instead of black, I'm guessing they called each other to coordinate their outfits or something. "Hey Randy what's up man, wheres Rita?" Chris asked.

I pointed upstairs since I was still unable to talk. Just as he was about to go upstairs mom came out of the kitchen and he stopped in his tracks. "Hi kids, anxious to leave I see." "Hi Mrs. Stevens," Stephanie said finally breaking the kiss. "Hi Mrs. S, yea were getting the shopping outta the way early," Chris followed. "Get it out the way? Oh no, they're not stopping until they've gone through every possible outfit!" "You're not for real, are you Mrs.

S? Girls don't really shop that much." "You're in for a rude awakening today boys, these girls are gonna run you ragged, and then some! I hope you have enough cash because this is gonna be an expensive first date." We groaned at mom's words and Stephanie just smiled, pretty much confirming what mom just said, crap. Rita came downstairs and Chris went straight to her but only gave her a hug because mom was there. Mom looked at Chris and Stephanie weird, like she was trying to figure something out, when she saw me looking at her she gave me a hand signal telling me to watch them, but I shook it off.

A quick check to make sure we had our wallets, purses and phones and we were out the door. We decided to take our car since it had four doors. I drove with Stephanie in the passenger seat and Rita and Chris in the back. I contemplated taking the long way to the mall in hopes they'd forget about shopping, but I knew better and made it there with Stephanie cuddled up to me kissing my cheek the whole way there, I secretly hoped Rita and Chris weren't doing the same thing.

As soon as we parked the girls grabbed our hands and pretty much ran into the mall, straight into Gap. Just as we figured Chris and I were following them around holding clothes and giving opinions.

They tried on so many clothes I didn't know when we'd get out of there. When they left Gap they went to a store called Wet Seal, why anyone would call a store that is beyond me. Once again we were holding clothes and judging the way they looked in them. They were having a blast but we were just dragging along, but we didn't show it. They went into clothes store after clothes store before they finally went into what I hope for our sake was the last one in the mall.

As usual they handed us clothes and tried stuff on and kept what they were gonna buy. At last they went to the cash register to pay for their latest grabs.

Luckily this store had a bench so we sat down with all their bags and finally took a load off. "Kill me man, kill me now," Chris pouted. "Come on man it isn't that bad. Its its really bad, but at least its almost over." "Why do we even have to come? This is cruel and unusual punishment." "Why do you think? Were the bagboys man! We carry their stuff and follow them around because they make us.

Just be glad we don't have to go to a shoe store, we would been in there for hours." "Come on guys, were going to the shoe store now," Rita said as she walked over.

We lifted our heads in shock. "Oh come on Rita! Aren't you two tired of shopping?" Chris pleaded. "Tired of shopping, are you crazy?

Were just getting started!" Stephanie giggled. I didn't say anything, there was nothing I could say. Chris and I just stood up with our heads down in defeat and headed for the door, and then we heard laughing behind us. "Ok guys were just playing with you, were done, we just wanna take some pictures before we leave." We both took in a breath of relief as we grabbed their bags and left the final store for the day. In total we went to eight different stores and spent almost $200.00, wow.

We went to the picture booth that was big enough to fit all of us and started taking pictures. First we did one of everyone just smiling, then us goofing off, then Stephanie and I took a few alone of us smiling and kissing, then Chris and Rita went in and took some, and then we all took separate pictures and then everyone took one with everyone, and finally we all took a big portrait.

All in all we had over 60 pictures, and the girls thought it fair to pay for them since it was their idea (like going shopping wasn't their idea either, but I'll take what I can get). After a while of admiring our pictures we grabbed everything and headed back to the car.

"Dude, we got here at 2:00, its 6:17, they've been shopping for over four hours!" Chris whispered. "Is there something wrong with how long we shopped, Chris?" Rita asked suspiciously. "Uh no, I was just saying that women as beautiful as you need to take their time to make sure they have the right outfits, that's all." "Kiss ass," Stephanie blurted out. We burst out in laughter, but Stephanie gave him the "I'm sorry" look and kissed him on the cheek to ease his pain.

We put the bags in the trunk and got in the car. "Ok guys where are we going?" "To the movies, the 6:45 show is about to start, then we'll go eat afterwards," Rita said. It didn't take us long to get there seeing as we were already in the downtown area. We all got out and walked in the semi-crowded theater and up to the movie board.

"We'll pay for the movie, but me and Rita get to pick which one we wanna see," Stephanie said. Chris and I had no choice but to agree, they would just overrule us anyway so there was no point in fighting. They looked at the board and picked out a romantic drama, something about a couple in love on the run from someone.

We told the girls to find us some good seats and we bought the popcorn and drinks and and stuff. We found them in the deserted back corner sitting against the wall. Chris and I sat in the middle and the girls sat on the outsides, Stephanie on my side.

As soon as the lights went down Stephanie and I were kissing, and judging from the moans next to me so were Chris and Rita. "I'm sorry for making you go shopping with us, but I'm gonna make it up to you," Stephanie whispered. "Its ok, you know I really don't mind, as long as you girls are happy." "I knew you'd understand," she said pulling me into another kiss. When the movie started the girls seemed to forget about us and focus on the screen, I could understand why but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't upset.

Stephanie grabbed my arm and put it around her shoulder and leaned into me. I glanced over at Rita who had this jealous look, then did the exact same thing with Chris to tease me, and it worked.

As the movie progressed the girls started getting more and more into it, but I couldn't, it was just too clich?or me. I did however start paying attention when signs of upcoming sex came across the screen (that's so like a guy I know, sue me). They apparently found a safe house in a hotel and were looking to relieve some tension. As the sex buildup was happening I felt Stephanie's hand run over my cock and start rubbing it to life. I looked at her but she just had a grin on her face and never took her eyes off the screen.

If she wanted to play this game I was all for it, so I reached over and grabbed on to her tit and squeezed it and pinched her nipple through the shirt. I heard her suck in her breath trying not to moan and she rubbed me harder pretty much willing my cock to life. When the couple on screen were finally naked I felt Stephanie kiss my neck and suck on my ear as she started undoing my pants.

"Mmmm baby I've been waiting a long time for this," she said as she fulled my cock out of my pants. I was so caught up in the moment I had almost forgotten that Rita and Chris were next to us until I heard Rita moaning.

I glanced over and saw her head back with her eyes closed and saw Chris sucking one of her tits and had his hand up her skirt. I could see her hand moving up and down and knew what she was doing.

I felt a pang of jealousy again as I saw what was happening in front of me until I felt my cock suddenly get warm and wet. I looked down and saw Stephanie bobbing her head up and down my erected cock.

I hadn't had my cock sucked the way she was doing it. Even though she couldn't get my whole cock in her mouth, she wrapped her mouth tight around it and pushed her lips together on it every time she came up, and then would occasionally wiggle her tongue just under the head and slide it back in her mouth, it was fantastic. I ran my hand under her skirt, past her panties and stuck a finger into her slow leaking pussy. She moaned lightly and spread her legs as best she could in the seat, and I pushed another finger into her.

I found it weird that we were all sitting next to each other doing what we were doing like it was just us in the theater alone, but that vanished when I felt my cock poke the back of Stephanie's throat. I pulled my fingers out of her and sucked her juices off, she didn't have a fruity taste but it was really sweet and tasted so good I fingered her over and over just to keep tasting it.

By now the couple on screen are doing their R-rated sex scene and Stephanie is moaning on my cock from my fingering her and Rita is moaning from whatever Chris is doing to her. While leaning my head back I roll over and see Rita looking me in the eyes with that look she gets when she wants to fuck, not have sex or make love, fuck. A scream on screen jolts my attention back to the movie then next to me again as I hear a cup get knocked over and the contents spill out.

"Oh no it spilled all over my skirt!" Rita whined. Before they turned around and saw us as we were Stephanie and I hurried up and fixed ourselves before anyone became aware of what we were just doing.

"I'm sorry, it just slipped. Here let me help you with that I have some napkins." "No I'll clean it in the bathroom, maybe I can dry it under the air dryer or something," Rita said.

We sat back as Rita scooted past us and headed for the door. Chris looked embarrassed and tried to focus on the movie to avoid any attention from us. With Rita gone and just us three there, there was no way Stephanie and I were gonna do anything in front of Chris, so even though I could tell she was still as horny as I was, we resigned ourselves to watching the movie. The sex scene was at its end and I was still hard up from my recent actions with Stephanie, so much that I was about to go to the bathroom to relieve myself until my phone rang.

I had forgotten to put it on vibrate and answered it without looking to see who it was so everyone would stop shushing me. "Hello?" I whispered. "Its me, pretend like its mom." "Uh hey mom, were in the movies, I can't talk now." "Go in the girls bathroom by the arcade and come in the last stall, I need to exercise now!" (Click) "Ok mom, I'll go outside, hold on." I covered the phone like I had someone on hold.

"I'll be right back, mom needs to talk about something really quick," I told Stephanie. "Ok take your time, I know how your mom likes to talk," she joked. I eased out of aisle slowly, but when I was in the hallway I power walked to the bathroom.

I made sure no one was around before I went to peek in the women's bathroom, and when I saw it was empty I quickly made my way in. The whole time I was scared someone would come in or someone would come in, so I quickly went to the last stall where Rita saw me and pulled me in. "Get your pants down now, I'm so fucking horny I'm gonna explode!" As soon as I had my pants down she pushed me on the toilet and straddled me, wet skirt and all.

She moved her panties to the side, lined my cock up with her and literally just sat down on it. "Oohhhhhhhh yes that hits the spot! Fuck my pussy with that big cock!" I gripped her hips and helped her bounce up and down on me and kiss along her neck. She put her arms arms around me head for balance and fucked me back as I plowed into her. She started moaning a little too loud for comfort so I lifted her head back and pushed my lips against hers.

After a while we finally matched a rhythm and I lifted up her shirt to suck on her breast when she stopped me. "No, suck on the left one, that one was in Chris' mouth.

He got his spit all over it." I don't know why, maybe jealousy, but I gritted her left nipple in my teeth and pumped my cock in her harder. I could tell she was biting her lip so she wouldn't scream by the little squeal that would just escape her lips. A couple minutes later we heard the bathroom door open and someone come in. I stopped fucking out of fear but Rita wasn't having any of that and kept bouncing up and down on me.

We heard the lady gasp in disgust and come out of a stall and walk to the one we were in, she tried to open the door but couldn't, thank god she locked the door when she closed it. "Excuse me is there someone in here?" "Uh yes its occupied!" Rita said trying not to sound like she was fucking. "Could I use that stall really quick? There's only one other with a door and the toilet is stopped up." "Not right now, I'm still in here. Give me a minute and I'll come out." "Well how much longer are you gonna be because I." "LOOK!

ITS FUCKING OCCUPIED LADY! GO USE THE OTHER BATHROOM!" All we heard were quick footsteps and the door swing open and close.

I was just looking at her as she continued to ride me as if nothing happened. "What? She was annoying and we don't have that much time as it is!" I got up and turned her around and had her lean over with her hands on the wall and slipped back into her. We both groaned and I grabbed her hips again and drove into her over and over until a clapping noise echoed through the bathroom. Watching her ass jiggle against me as I fucked her really got me going harder and harder when she reached back and grabbed my shirt.

"I'm cumming Randy! Keep fucking me I'm cumming!" I fucked her through her orgasm and kept fucking until I couldn't take her walls squeezing my cock anymore and told her I was cumming too. She slid off of me as fast as she could while still coming down from her orgasm and took my cock in her throat just as I started to cum.

I was just cumming and cumming and she just let it flow down her throat. When I stopped I leaned against the wall and caught my breath while she fixed herself and took out a small bottle of mouthwash. I looked at her weird. "Its so Chris doesn't smell cum on my breath. Go back to the movie and I'll meet you back there. I need to get my legs back, you fucked me so good." I pulled my pants up and we both walked out of the stall.

She checked and made sure no one was coming, kissed me for a little while and gave me the go ahead. I quickly snuck out and walked to the line for snacks. I waited through the line and bought two boxes of Sour Patch and went back to the movie.

When I got back Rita was there but Stephanie and Chris weren't. Rita just shrugged her shoulders. A couple minutes later they both came in each with a box of candy and sat back down next to us as Stephanie kissed my cheek. I didn't remember seeing them in line, but I just shrugged it off since I just had a fantastic quickie.

We all cuddled up on each other and held a special body part as we all got comfortable again and finished watching the movie. When it was over we all got up, stretched and headed back out to the car laughing and messing around. Chris slapped Stephanie on the ass and she laughed, so since they did it, Rita and I did, but we were a little more handsy and sneaky.

"So where should we go eat?" Chris asked. "How about Fridays, they give out free sundaes today, and its 2 for $20 all month," Stephanie said. "That's ironic, free sundaes on a Friday. Everyone ok with going there?" I asked, and they agreed. I let Chris drive so I could sit back and relax and get some energy back. Stephanie snuggled up to me and I could see Rita shooting glances back at us a few times until Chris scooted her close to him so he could put his arm around her. We joked and talked about nothing in particular until we finally pulled into the Friday's parking lot.

We went in and were almost immediately seated in a booth with me next to Stephanie and Rita next to Chris, with Rita across from me. We were all pretty hungry since we didn't really eat the stuff we bought at the movies so we wasted no time ordering.

I got mini-burgers and fries, Rita got buffalo wings, Stephanie got a mini pizza and Chris got quesadillas. The waitress brought us our drinks and we downed them right away and asked for refills and if she could switch the tv in front of us to family guy. "Were assholes!" I said. "Might as well get our money's worth. Speaking of moneys worth what happened in the movie when I went to the bathroom?" Rita asked. "I wouldn't know, I wasn't really paying attention to it, I don't watch chick flicks," Chris boasted.

"Oh you liar! I saw you! You were more into it than I was, and I picked it out!" Stephanie laughed. We all kinda laughed at his expense a little, mostly because he made that "busted" face. The waiter came back with the drinks again and switch the tv to family guy like we asked, just in time to see the part where Stewie asked Brian for his money.

We forgot about everything for a minute and got caught up in watching the show (its a great show). We were so into it we didn't notice the waitress had already started bringing our food to the table. She finally brought everything and clanked the silverware together to snap us back to reality.

"Thank you miss, everything looks delicious," Chris said smiling at her. "Wow, you're being such a kiss ass today," Stephanie teased. "Its called being nice you should try it." "Nope, just a kiss ass. You've been doing it all day; just now, on Rita, earlier at home, when will it stop?" Stephanie said smirking when she said "at home." "You guys have problems, you know that," I joked, hiding the jealousy in my voice about Rita.

"Oh my brother knows I love him, he does the same to me, I'm just better at it," Stephanie giggled. They smiled at each other and Chris play slapped her and they both laughed it off as we all grabbed our food and sat it in front of us.

Everyone was looking at everyone else's food like they wanted it, since everything looked so good, so what we did was trade off food so we all had a little bit of everyone else's food.

We were just concentrated on eating since we were hungry, but once we got a decent amount of food in us we slowed our pace back to normal. "So when's the next time we can go on another double date guys?" Chris asked swallowing food. "Don't know, you know how long it took us to get free for this one," I followed. "Then we better make the most of this one, where are we going next?" Rita asked.

"To cosmic bowling, it starts at eleven, so we got a good half hour to kill," Stephanie said. We finished our food and sat around joking and having fun. When the waitress came by to get the dishes Stephanie poked fun at him again, and he responded by throwing a piece of tomato at her, forcing a truce.

We were about to leave when Stephanie stopped us and reminded us about the free sundaes. The waitress complied after Rita whispered something to her and a few minutes later they were right in front of us. "Last one to finish theirs has to pay the bill!" Rita shouted. Right away we all started eating the sundaes as fast as we could. Chris and I knew that one of us had to pay the bill since it was a date, so really it was between us. I was a few bites in when I noticed the girls sundaes were smaller than ours, they pulled a fast one on us.

As I thought both the girls finished before us and were rooting us on. Chris tried to swallow too fast and choked a little, giving me an edge, and I ended up beating him by a nose, but agreed to leave the tip. I left $20 as we got up to leave and Chris went to pay the bill. On our way out the door I saw a crane machine with all the bears and stuff in it and thought what the hell, so I played it.

Ironically, and by sheer luck, my very first try I won a pink bunny rabbit, and as soon as I grabbed it from the machine, Stephanie gasped and grabbed it from me. "Ooh its so cute! Thank you Randy," she squeaked as she kissed then hugged me. I looked right at Rita who was no doubt pissed at what just happened in front of her, but hid it when Chris came back over to us.

"Ok, bill's all paid, lets go. Bowling should be just starting right now," he said. Rita glared at me and grabbed hold of Chris' arm as they walked to the car in front of us, Stephanie was holding her bunny and making little girlish noises. We got in the back seat again as Chris drove telling jokes that Rita kept laughing at, and looking at me with a smirk on her face as she did.

I sat there hugged up next to Stephanie when I got a call from mom asking what time we'd be home, I told her in an hour or two and she said ok and hung up. When I got off the phone we were just pulling into the bowling alley, there weren't that many cars yet so it looked like we beat the rush. We went in and stood in the mini-line laughing at the day's events while we calculated the cost of four games plus shoes, and looking around taking the environment.

"Well well well look what we have here? Long time no see, eh Randy!" I know that voice anywhere, that loud, annoying, demanding voice. It could only be one person, the same person who almost drove a wedge between me and Rita, the only person who I ever came close to hating. Ashley. She stood there mocking me with two of her friends who looked distant around her. I didn't feel like being bothered with her shit after what she tried to do to us, so I just shot her a look and ignored her.

"Don't act like you don't hear me talking to you!" I gave her another "fuck off" look. "What do you want Ashley?" "Haha! You're on a date with Stephanie? What she lose a bet or something?" She laughed. "Actually no Ashley, I asked him out," Stephanie said emphasizing when she said "him." "Why? You've dated much better looking guys. What do you see in him?" "Why the hell do you care? What, are you jealous or something?" I smirked.

She looked at her friends and laughed. "What in the world would I have to be jealous of you for?" That really pissed me off. "I don't know but it seems I'm always at the focus of your attention. Maybe you're jealous of the fact that Rita and I are close because your brother hates your guts and wants nothing to do with you, I don't blame him. Maybe you're mad because I have a girl and you can't date anyone for longer than three days. If you weren't such a bitch all the time you might actually have a relationship last past sex and you'd actually have a boyfriend to take you places, instead of dragging your friends around who look like they rather be somewhere else instead of bowling with you!" She like everyone else in our little group stood there in stunned silence.

"You think you got it all figured out, huh virgin?" "Wow is that your only comeback? Its only about sex with you huh? Actually no I'm not a virgin but I'd rather be one than walk around with your reputation. Now if you'll excuse us, the people that actually matter to me are gonna go bowl, go fuck yourself, or like usual get a stranger to do it for you." I heard her huff as we walked to the counter to pay and get our shoes.

I don't remember ever getting worked up like that. I almost felt a little sorry, but she had it coming big time.

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"Wow Randy! You really put her in her place!" Rita said. "I knew she could be a bitch sometimes but I didn't know like that!" Stephanie said. "Yeah she is, but I don't wanna talk about her anymore, lets go bowl," I said. We took our shoes and went to lane 11 on the left side of the room.

We put on those ugly shoes and I programmed our names in the screen boy girl boy girl. We all got our bowling balls (I grabbed me a 10lb. Since I'm not that good) and put them on the rack as Chris went to start. The first game we were just playing for ourselves to see who was good or not, and judging by the looks of it, none of us were. When we finished the first game the highest score was Rita's 96, we all sucked ass.

The second game we put boyfriend and girlfriend on teams and the losers had to pay the winners $10, since it was my fault we lost (I bowled a gutter both times on my last frame and we lost by six pins) I paid for both of us. The whole time we were there this group of guys kept looking over at us watching us every time we bowled, well they were looking at the girls, not us, and that gave Stephanie an idea.

"Ok new teams, boys vs. girls, and the losers have to kiss each other on the lips in front of everyone for ten seconds, tonight, and you can't get out of it for nothing," Stephanie grinned. I was definitely not gonna agree to this. Sure we could see Rita and Stephanie make out, but there was a chance we could lose, and I'm not kissing Chris, no way in hell. "Come on guys, don't be chickens.

Its just a little bet, you afraid you gonna lose?" Stephanie said. She knew what she was doing, trying to tug at our male egos, and I'm sorry to say it worked. I don't know why but being called a chicken in front of a woman will make you do anything, even if the woman calling you a chicken just happens to be the person you're dating. "Dude, we better not lose this game!" Chris said as serious as he could be.

I put my game face on and bowled as best I could, knowing if I lost Chris and I would get to know each other a little better. I actually did pretty good, I bowled two strikes and picked up three spares and got 132. Chris didn't do so bad (at least by our standards) and bowled 91. Despite our best efforts our fate still rested with the girls. Stephanie bowled 111 and Rita was on her last frame needing eight pins to tie us and nine to win, she got five on the first bowl.

When she threw the ball again we nervously held our breaths waiting to see if we were observers or participants in the kissing game. It finally got the the end of the runway and to our relief, it swung to the left and only knocked over one pin. "Yes, oh my god yes!" Chris screamed as he dropped to the floor. I caught my breath after being so pent up in anticipation and smiled at the girls.

"Ok girls, time to pay up, get kissing," I said suddenly excited. They both sighed, but they actually looked like they wanted to kiss by the half-smiles they both gave.

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"Fine, but you have to get us a pretzel when were done," Rita said. "Fine fine ok just kiss," Chris said sounding too eager, and looking a tad perverted.

They sat down next to each other, looked each other in the eye and leaned in and kissed each other square on the lips. It was a hot sight, though there was no tongue there was plenty of lip movement going on. I felt myself getting hard and had to sit down so nobody would notice, like anyone was looking at me anyway. Everyone around us close enough to see was cheering and slapping hands and everything else that comes with two girls kissing.

Finally when the ten seconds were over they split and came back over to where Chris and I had sat down. "Ok we did it, now go get our pretzels!" Rita play yelled and licked her lips at me. It took us a little while before we actually stood up and left to get their pretzels seeing as the image was just permanently burned in our minds, but with some pushing we finally did.

We weren't gone a minute before we see guys sitting in our area hitting on them, typical. We quickly bought two salted pretzels and hurried back to our area, but the guys didn't leave, instead, they had a proposition. "Hey guys, they each offered us $5 to make out with each other some more, it's $55 dollars on the table!

Should we do it?" Stephanie asked. "Uh, yeah do it, wait whats the catch?" Chris asked back. "They get to record us and we gotta touch each other a little," Rita said. I looked at Rita and she seemed fine with it apparently, probably the money. "You know they might put this on youtube or something, or go around showing everybody," I whispered. Stephanie wasn't phased. "So what? We don't know them, and we'll hide our faces, nobody will know its us.

We won't do it if you guys don't want us to." "If you wanna do it go ahead, just don't be surprised if you're the newest internet sensation," I joked. With that said Stephanie turned to Rita and flat out straddled her lap. She put her arms around her neck and Rita put hers around her waist and started kissing again.

If I thought their first kiss was great, then this was fantastic. They were moaning in each others mouth's and slipping each other the tongue. Cameras were going off and guys were cheering and high fiving as they made out in front of a group of horny guys.

Kissing each other must have made them extra horny because Stephanie's hand dropped over Rita's tit and started squeezing it and Rita slipped both her hands under Stephanie's skirt and squeezed then slapped her ass, the guys went crazy then, I had a crazy boner by now. Eventually it had to end and the girls separated.

Rita went to Chris and Stephanie immediately came to me and pushed me down as she kissed me while she ground her pussy directly over my hard cock. They guys were pretty much happy, and still watching, saying it was the best $5 they ever spent, and both Rita and Stephanie had a flushed look on their face, so I'm guessing they enjoyed it as much as everyone else did.

Once everything calmed down we bowled our last game as family vs. family with the losers paying for the next date, Rita and I actually won by a landslide and when she hugged me, she bit my ear and told me to get ready for a workout later, I was excited.

We gathered all our stuff and started to leave much to the disappointment of the guys, but the girls received claps and cheers as they walked past. As I walked up to the counter I found myself looking at Ashley who was looking back at me. She looked like she was about to say something, but stopped and turned around without a word.

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Finally nothing to say, and all it took was treating her like she did me, who knew. We handed our stuff in and walked back out to the car holding on to each other laughing and giggling as we got in and drove off.

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"I can't believe you girls actually did that," Chris said still surprised. "Neither can I, but it was worth it with the easy money we made," Rita said flashing her half. Stephanie turned my head to her and whispered in my ear. "That kiss got me so hot, if we were alone I'd be fucking your brains out right now. We'll have to go on our own date soon, real soon." The rest of the way to our house Rita was hugged up kissing Chris while he drove and Stephanie and I were fondling each other in the back seat as much as we could get away with.

Rita and I snuck looks at each other whenever we thought we could get away with it, and mouthed "I love you" a few times. When we got to our house we helped Stephanie put her bags in their car and we all kissed each other goodnight for a good while and watched as they got in their car and drove off. We went in the house and found a note on the door from mom saying she and dad were at Aunt Lisa's for the night, and that they'd be back tomorrow morning.

As soon as I finished reading the note Rita pretty much threw me on the couch and lay across me and kissed me as passionately as she could. I kissed her back with just as much passion until she pulled away from me. Without a word she grabbed her bags and walked upstairs. When she got halfway up the stairs I got a text message from Stephanie saying she couldn't wait to feel my cock in her mouth again.

I grinned and headed to the stairs to see Rita still there, only now she had that glare again like I was in trouble. Since I was sleeping in her room tonight I stripped off my clothes down to my boxers, my usual sleeping attire, and walked the short distance to her room. I opened the door and didn't see her, so I turned to go find her, but when I turned around she was standing there in her bra and panties and pushed me on the bed, looking at me like I just spit on her.

"Just what the hell did you think you were doing today?" I was confused, and it showed on my face. "What are you talking about?" She didn't answer, she just went to her dresser, ripped off a piece of red tape and picked up our numbers and stuck then to the door. She ran and pounced on me shoving her tongue in my mouth and grinding her hips into my cock. She then broke the kiss and sat up on me and slapped me square on the face.

"Ow! Rita what the hell you." (slap) "Shut up! You don't get to talk. I'm in control now! You do what I say!" To say I was surprised would be an understatement, Rita had gone completely psycho in under two minutes. She slid off me and pulled my boxers down my legs and off, then took my cock in my hand and started stroking it.

I moaned at the touch of her hand and flinched when she ran her tongue over the tip over my cock, but she didn't suck it in her mouth, she just let it fall on my chest.

"Oh no, I'm not going down on you, you're gonna eat my pussy until I cum all over you!" She pulled her panties off and climbed over my face straddling me, then lowered her pussy lips directly down over my mouth.

I stuck my tongue out and ran them across her glistening lips, and she shuddered and rocked back and forth on my head like she was on a bull. "Fuck yeah eat that pussy, eat it!

You better make me cum or I'm not gonna fuck you!" I knew she was full of it, never once did she turn away from sex, but on the chance that something was really bothering her I ate her pussy like it was the last time I'd ever eat it.

I spread her lips and traced circles inside her with my tongue, but her rocking on me kept pushing me out so I tried to grab her thighs to slow her down, but she slapped my hands off of her and ground my head in circles under her. At the rate she was going my face was gonna smell like her pussy for days, not that its a problem but it would definitely be noticeable, so I needed to make her cum, and fast.

I tried as best as I could to catch her clit in my lips but she was moving around so erratic on me it was almost impossible, finally after what seemed like forever I caught hold of it and didn't let go. I squeezed it between my lips putting as much pressure on it as I could without hurting her, and she stopped moving instantly. I sucked on it pulling it and tugging it and biting it a few times, waiting for her to give me some kind of sign, and then she did.

She grabbed my head under her and positioned her pussy directly over my mouth. "Fuck! I'm gonna cum in your mouth! Hold still I'm gonna cum in your mouth!" Not even a second later she was coming directly into my mouth, I had to swallow fast just so I wouldn't choke, and the fact that she held my head firmly in place didn't help either.

When she finally did stop she didn't get up, she just slid down my body until her face was over mine. "Don't think I'm done with you, you're not off the hook yet." "Off the hook from wh." She slapped me again. "Ow, Rita what the hell?!" She slapped me again and sat up on me.

"I told you not to talk! You said and did enough for today. I know you were thinking about fucking Stephanie today weren't you? I don't think so, this dick is mine, and don't you ever forget it!" Rita grinned as she grabbed my cock in one hand and sat down on it.

We both groaned, and she pushed her hands in my chest so hard her nails were digging into my skin. Rita had never called my cock a "dick" before, something must really be getting to her.

I don't remember her ever being so energized, she started riding me so hard I thought my cock was going to break off. She bounced off me so high only the head was left in when she slammed back down on me. I tried to reach up and grab her tits through her bra but she slapped my hands away. "No lay there, you don't get to touch my tits," she said as she flicked my nipple. By now she was grinding me furiously and even though it seems like a great thing, it kinda felt like a punishment.

Every time I tried to touch her she would slap my chest, which would force me to involuntarily thrust into her, making her shudder with excitement, and she would keep repeating this over and over until a red mark formed on my chest.

She was really punishing me, and I don't even know what I did, but I was gonna find out, she couldn't hit me much more than she already has. "Rita what gives? Why are you so hostile?" "Ugh, you know why I am, ugh, hugging all over Stephanie, buying her stuffed animals, calling her your girl, that's supposed to be me, not her, ugh god!" All of a sudden I felt energized, she wasn't completely innocent, in fact, some things she did on purpose to make me jealous, it was time to turn the tables.

"And what about you?" I said as I pushed her on her back and climbed between her, stuffing my cock back in her. "I saw you grabbing his crotch in the car, laughing as his jokes that weren't even funny, you even gave him "the look!" That was supposed to be for me!" I said as I started pounding her.

Her eyes were closed and she looked like she was fighting back screams. “Ugh, ugh, ugh, I know baby, I'm sorry, I only did that stuff because I." "Quiet! I'm in control now! Don't make me have to get rough!" "Oh hurt me baby, hurt me! Choke me, slap me, pound my pussy till I can't walk, I don't care!" "I thought I said quiet!" I pulled her to the edge of the bed and held her down by her neck, not necessarily choking her but close enough.

I ripped her bra off with one hand and squeezed her tit as I held on to her neck with the other hand and fucked her as hard as she fuck me, maybe even harder.

"Ohh god, it feels so fucking good! No one will ever fuck me like you do Randy, no one!" "I thought I told you quiet? " "I can't help it!

You turn me on so much, and you fuck me so good, I fucking love you!" "I love you too, now get up on all fours now!" Without hesitation she was on the bed with her hands and knees with her ass facing me. I got behind her and ran my cock across her lips for a while just poking the head in, and pulling it back out, I know this was driving her crazy. "Randy stop fucking teasing me and shove that dick in my pussy, I need to cum now!" "And what if I don't do it, what are you gonna do?" "There is no what if, you better fucking do it, right now!" I decided I had enough teasing anyway and shoved it in just when she started to yell at me again.

I didn't wait to grab her hips and fuck her with everything I had, my body just sort of took over and did it for me. A loud, forceful clap echoed around the room every time our bodies made contact due to the sheer force I was fucking her, and we both loved every bit of it.

In no time we were at the top of the bed and I had to slow down before I rammed her head into the wall. I grabbed her hair and held onto it as tight as I could. I slowed down fucking her but she got a hell of a lot louder. "Yes pull my hair while you fuck me. Treat me like a slut, your slut. I'm only a slut for you baby!" I held on as her ass clapped off my skin sending ripples up her back and tingles through me.

I could see her reach between her legs and play with her clit while I fucked her and pulled her hair, and soon enough her pussy was spasming around my cock. I pulled her hair apart in both hands making a V and stabbed her pussy with my cock over and over while she furiously worked her clit. "You gonna cum for me Rita? You gonna cum for me baby?" "Yes Randy I'm gonna cum for you! I'm gonna cum all over this dick!" "Then do it, cum on my cock, cum all over my fucking cock!" "Oh god my pussy is ready to explode on your cock!

Fuck I'm gonna cum baby I'm gonna cum!" "That's it, just let it go, coat my cock in your juice and cum for me!" "I'm cumming, I'm fucking cumming! Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh!" I let her hair go and grabbed her hips again as her body spasmed on my cock, but I never stopped fucking her, I just went in long slow strokes until she went limp and her top half fell against the mattress.

With her ass still in the air and my cock still buried in her pussy I gradually sped up until she was able to get up off the bed. She grabbed my wrists, took them off her and put her hands flat up against the wall as she looked at me over her shoulder. "Now I'm gonna fuck YOU doggy until you cum!" With her hands on the wall she pushed back on my cock picking up speed each time she did it.

The way her back was arched and the way her had her hands on the wall looking forward had to be the sexiest doggystyle position I've ever seen, porn included. Her ass was bouncing off me perfectly even when she picked up speed, and the fact that she was squeezing her pussy muscles around me begging me to cum was having its effect.

I held out as long as I could loving the feel and enjoying the view before I couldn't hold it in anymore. "Rita I'm gonna cum!" "You gonna cum for me Randy? You gonna cum in my pussy?" "Fuck yeah, I can't hold on anymore!" "You don't have to, cum deep in my pussy baby, fill me up." "Oh fuck Rita, here it comes!" "Yes, cum for me baby, give it to me!

Shoot every last drop you have in my pussy!" I tensed up and leaned against the wall right next to her and filled her pussy with spurt after spurt of cum, and she just kept milking me for everything I had. Finally when her pussy sucked the last bit of cum out of my cock, I pulled out and we lay down and cuddled up with each other.

We didn't move or say anything for a while, but then she got up and went to the bathroom, then came back in with one of my long shirts on and a sad look on her face as she got back into bed.

"What are we gonna go Randy?" Rita said in her cute, soft voice. "What do you mean?" "You know what I mean. We can't keep getting jealous like this.

We need Chris and Stephanie to make our relationship work, so we have to be intimate with them. We cant afford to get jealous. If we slip up because we get too emotional it could ruin us, and mom and dad, but now every time I look at those pictures we took today I'm gonna feel like I'm cheating on you with Chris, what are we gonna do?" I pulled her into me and kissed her as softly as I could.

"Were gonna get some sleep, and worry about this in the morning." She looked at me with that soft smile and nodded. I got up, put back on my boxers, took the red tape off the door and replaced it with blue tape, turned off the light then climbed back in bed. "Yeah, we'll talk about it in the morning, I need my rest, seeing as my pussy just showed that cock who's boss," she giggled.

I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her again. "I love you." "I love you too, and I better be the only one you love," she said referring to Stephanie. I listened to her fall asleep against me.

She was right, we really had to straighten this out. As good of a situation we seemed to be in, it still wasn't right, using Stephanie and Chris to mask our own relationship.

The fact that they have no idea only makes it worse. This could hurt us all in the long run. We need to figure out a better way to go about handling this situation, and we need to do it soon.