Pretty teenie fingered amp drilled smalltits hardcore

Pretty teenie fingered amp drilled smalltits hardcore
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I'm a girl of wild imagination, and that imagination tends to ooze over in the sexual department.


I have very strange fantasies, and I wasn't ashamed to admit it. Well, in some cases I was. But in most cases, I was comfortable telling Alex exactly what I wanted. That's part of what makes out relationship so great. we don't get embarrassed or overwrought with each other. Ever. Anyway, one of these fantasies is a rape fantasy. When I told Alex, he was all for it. In fact, he'd told me he had the same fantasy. We were just too perfect for each other.

"If we do it, I want it to be as realistic as possible," he said to me. "I know," I responded. "Me too." "That means I want you to hurt me as you struggle." "That goes both ways," I said, looking him dead in the eye.


He wasn't entirely sure what I meant. "I want you to hurt me as you rape me." It took him a moment to agree. "Okay." We decided to do it on a Friday night, when my dad was out with his friends watching some game.

I told him I'd text him when I was getting in the shower to let him know he could come over, and I did. I got in the shower, did my business as quickly as possible, and got out.

I dressed in Victoria's Secret "Pink" boxer shorts that he'd bought me, and a white tank top, with no underwear. I was dressed as if I was ready to go to bed. In the meantime, I laid in bed and watched TV, waiting for him to show up.

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After about a half hour, I began to get curious. It usually took him twenty minutes at the most to get to my house, even by way of cab, and he was taking much longer than usual.

I went downstairs and looked out the window. I saw a newspaper sitting on the front porch, so I decided to go out and get it. It was just barely fifty degrees outside, and I was in the skimpiest outfit I owned.

Needless to say, my nipples hardened like rocks. I bent down to pick up the newspaper, and I heard a loud BANG come from the side of the house. I was legitimately scared for a brief moment, but then I figured it was probably just an animal or something. I turned to go back inside, and just as I was about to close the door, I heard the BANG!

again. This time, it was clear it wasn't an animal. What could an animal have done that would make such a loud noise? Scared out of my wits, I slammed the door shut. I wanted to lock it, but I couldn't. I'd told Alex to just come in when he got here, and right now, I really wished he was. I put the newspaper on the mail desk by the door and made my way back upstairs when.BANG! I now realized the sound wasn't coming from the side of the house. It was coming from the garage. I ran upstairs and got my cell phone.

I quietly went back downstairs, dialing 9-1-1 as I did so. I hovered my finger over the "send" button as I approached the door to the garage. I turned the doorknob and poked my head in. I didn't see anything other than my dad's old pickup truck he was restoring, and his motorcycle.

It was dark, but enough light from the house was shining in. I could see plenty. I did a quick scan of the garage, and saw nothing. I slowly closed the door, keeping my eye on the garage until the very last second, all the while keeping my finger hovered over the "send" button.

The door latched and I quickly locked it. I looked at my phone and pressed "end".

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Whatever it was wasn't going to hurt me. I don't know why I got so scared. I looked up from my phone and saw a black ski mask. A hand grabbed my wrist and held it so he could grab the phone out of my hand. With the other hand, I punched the masked man across the face.

He released me and stumbled. I made a run for it.

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My heart was pounding. I knew it was Alex. I knew his touch anywhere. I made it halfway across the room before I felt myself get pulled back by the shirt. I was now on the ground, looking up at this masked man. He had me pinned to the ground.

I grabbed the mask and yanked it off. Alex just looked at me, not smiling. He was good at this. I continued to struggle as much as I could. "Get off!" I yelled, without really yelling. I didn't want to worry my neighbors by yelling too loudly. He put his hand over my mouth.

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"Shut up, you stupid bitch!" That was possibly the meanest thing I'd ever heard him say. And it turned me on. I bit his hand, but it didn't do much because he had a leather glove on. So I just continued to struggle. He moved his arm off of me to reach down and unzip his pants. I took this opportunity to smack him hard in the face and push him off of me. It worked. I got up and ran to the stairs. Why? I didn't know. It was my first instinct. I made it up about four steps before he grabbed me by my ankle and tripped me.

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He dragged me by the ankle across the floor back to the spot we were before. I used my other leg to kick him hard in the knee. He fell to the ground and let go of my ankle. I got up and ran towards the stairs again.

I made it about halfway up the stairs this time before he reached me. He grabbed me from behind and we fell, lying on the stairs. He put his hand over my mouth again. "Stop running, you bitch." I was getting so turned on. "You're only gonna get more hurt." I continued to struggle, acting my heart out. "No! Please don't do this! Why are you doing this?!" I did my best to fake a cry. I think I did a pretty good job.

He grabbed my breast and put his hand on my crotch. I felt myself shudder ever so slightly. "You're gonna do as I say," he said, grabbing hard at my crotch. It hurt, but it felt so good. I struggled some more, doing my best not to get lost in the moment. "Hey!" he yelled. He pulled out a small pocket knife and held it to my cheek.

I froze. "You do as I say or it just becomes more painful for you, okay?" I nodded. He put the knife away and I kneed him in the gut. His immediate response was to slap me across the face.

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Oh, how it turned me on even more. "Listen, bitch. I'm stronger than you. You can struggle all you want, you're not gonna win." He was right. This was an uneven fight. I had to make this more interesting. I head-butted him right in the nose. He got off of me, holding his face. "Fuck!" he yelled. I probably hurt him badly, but that was the idea.

This was supposed to be realistic. I got up and ran up the stairs. I made it to my room and, as I was shutting the door, he pushed it back open and burst his way into the room, knocking me over. He grabbed my arm and threw me on the bed. He took the knife out again.

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"I swear to God I'll kill you," he said, strangely quietly, to the point that it creeped me out. If I hadn't known the utterly sweet side of him, I'd be fearing for my life. Instead, I was horny.

I just lied on the bed, whimpering. He unzipped his pants and pulled them down past his cock, which popped out like a spring. He was already hard, so I decided to feel my crotch to see if I was wet. Indeed, I was. "Please, no." I was acting my ass off. A random bystander would probably think I was actually being raped. Alex sprung himself onto the bed, on top of me, his cock exposed.

He took my face in his hand, squeezing it so I couldn't talk. "'ll be over before you know it." I was ready for him to fuck me. This was just getting to be too much.


This had been such an enormous fantasy of mine for so long, and it was finally coming to fruition. I just looked up at him, whimpering, unable to speak. He brushed my hair off my face with his free hand, and looked at my mouth. The next thing I knew, he was furiously kissing me, over-doing it to the point that it was almost disgusting.and I was loving it. He stopped kissing me to take his gloves off.

He threw them somewhere and immediately went back to kissing me. With one hand, he held my hair very tightly, and the other, a placed over my now-very-wet pussy. I pretended to struggle a little bit, adding in a few whimpers, but I was loving this too much to actually want to make him stop. He lifted up my shirt and grabbed my breast with the hand he had on my pussy. I hadn't realized just how hard my nipples were until he touched them. I was insanely horny.

Probably the horniest I'd ever been in my life, as far as I could remember. He tugged at my hair, pulling my head back, exposing my neck. He began to furiously suck my neck, giving me various hickeys. I moaned a little bit, and he said, "Yeah, you like this, bitch?" I didn't respond. I felt his cock gently rubbing against my labia. He was slowly trusting, grinding his shaft against my pussy lips. It felt incredible.

He stopped rubbing my breasts to reach down and pull down my shorts. He pulled them hard, and only just to the middle of my thighs. He stopped sucking my neck to look down at his cock. He grabbed it and guided to my pussy. I took this opportunity to make it interesting. I head-butted him again, this time in his forehead.

He let go of his cock and grabbed his head. "What the fuck did I say!?" he practically yelled, followed by a very hard backhand across my face. It hurt. Very badly. I almost wanted to cry. He grabbed his cock and guided it into my pussy. With no hesitation, he thrust hard into me. I wasn't expecting it at all. He hit my g-spot with the first thrust, causing me to arch my back, let out a loud "uh!", and grab the sheets.

He thrust hard again, and the same exact thing happened again. He went hard and fast, wasting no time, each thrust making me feel like I was ready to cum. And sure enough, after about a dozen thrusts, I was overcome with a light-headed sensation, combined with the enormous urge to scream. I felt my pussy clasp down on his hard cock. But none of this phased him. He just continued to thrust. My eyes were closed as I was getting over the incredible orgasm I'd just had.

"Look at me, bitch!" he snapped. I immediately opened my eyes to see him looking into mine with an angry look. A few more thrusts, and I felt like I was ready to cum again, but it was too late. He stopped, every inch deep inside me, and grunted. I felt his hot load shoot up inside me, and it made me cum as well. My pussy clasped down on his cock as it continued to shoot sweet cum into me. He gave one last thrust, then pulled out. I was still orgasming, but he wasn't paying attention.

He just got off of me, picked up his gloves, and ran down the stairs and out of the house as fast as possible. I'd heard the front door shut behind him as I was still writhing around, breathing heavily. After about five more seconds, it finally subsided, and I lied there, catching my breath. I had just been raped.

My fantasy came true. And if it hadn't been for Alex, it never would have. Despite how much pain he'd inflicted upon me in the last ten minutes, I very much wanted to give him a big hug.

Just then, my phone vibrated. I heard it coming from the floor. I got off the bed and checked my phone. There was a text from Alex.

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I love you so much. Thank you for being such a realistic victim. :) I smiled, threw my phone onto my bed, and went into the bathroom to clean his cum out of my pussy.