Breasty blonde cougar banged busty masseuse sucks cock

Breasty blonde cougar banged busty masseuse sucks cock
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Chapter Six: ------------------------------------------------------------- She stripped off her lingerie and padded naked to the shower. She smiled to herself when she heard the sound of the boys coming up the stairs before she had even turned on the water.

She pretended to ignore them, turning on the water, then stepping into the tub and pulling the curtain. She thought they would jump in with her. Just as she had begun to rub the soapy over her round breasts the curtain was pulled back and she saw Dennis and Donnie standing there ogling her glistening wet flesh. She gave them a snooty look and turned her head away, stroking her hands over her breasts to taunt them.


Instead of jumping in though, they just stood there. In fact, they leaned back against the counter and watched her soap up her body. After a minute she began to wonder what the hell was with them. "Are you just going to watch?" she demanded.

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"Yeah," Dennis said. Donnie nodded. She scowled at them then fumed her head away again. She resumed soaping up her body, trying to ignore them but becoming increasingly self-conscious as the two boys continued to watch her.

Deciding to test their self-control, she purposefully began to pose in a sexual way, pushing her round ass out, and letting her hands glide across her silky flesh in a sexually provocative way. She sighed lightly, but loud enough for them to hear, and made her hands repeatedly squeeze and stroke across her breasts and nipples. She let her legs slip apart as she stroked her hands down her belly and between her legs, and then undulated her body, rolling her head around and closing her eyes as she slid her fingers up and down over her little red cunt slit.

She spread her legs further and leaned back into the corner of the tub, now making no presence of taking a shower as her right hand rubbed up and down over her pussy and her left stroked and kneaded her titties.

She held her two middle fingers together and rubbed up and down between her pussy lips7 rasping sleekly across her clitty. "Ohhhh. Ahhhhh. Mmmmmmm," she sighed, her ass moving in slow circles, hips humping out towards her fingers. She deliberately ignored the boys, pretending they weren't even there, but she knew in her mind they were there and watching her closely, and the idea created a deep, gut tightening sensation of lust as she masturbated in front of them.

For the first time, she didn't fantasize while masturbating, the mere presence of her brothers watching her was enough to excite her bubbling loins. She thought about them getting all hard and horny and her clitty vibrated with pleasure as she continued to stroke it. She curled two fingers under and slid them up into her cunt tube, grunting with pleasure as she forced the digits up into her fuck tunnel and began to wriggle them around inside herself.

Then there was a splashing in the water before her and she smiled inwardly as she opened her eyes and saw the twins getting into the tub, now both naked and sporting rock hard peckers. Dennis, or was it Donnie, pulled her away from the wall and shoved her down.

She obediently dropped to her knees, then onto all fours as Donnie, or was it Dennis, dropped to his knees in front of her and held out his cock. The thought of sucking a cock while getting fucked turned her on immensely and she eagerly bent forward to slide her lips around his cock.

The water poured down on them but they ignored it, too excited to care about anything but their bodies. Stevie sucked the hard cock into her mouth, mumbling and moaning around it as the twin in front of her gripped her ears and began to hump slowly back and forth, fucking her face with his prick.

Behind her she felt the other twin squeezing and rubbing her soapy ass cheeks. She felt his cock, hard and long rubbing up and down between her buttocks, then felt it pressed against her tight, wet pussy lips.

She felt her cunt opened and sighed around the cock in her mouth as the other twin quickly buried his own prick in her hot fuck-pit. She sucked avidly, her body humming with sexual pleasure as the two boys fucked her fore and aft. Their hands roamed her body, squeezing and stroking.

Her breasts dangled beneath her, swaying back and forth in time to the steady fucking motions of the twin behind her. Hands cupped them, the hands of the twin she was sucking. She pressed herself down on them, her nipples buzzing with delight as they were pinched and pulled. She felt the twin behind her rubbing her ass cheeks again, but mostly ignored it as she concentrated on squeezing her lips around one cock and her pussy around the other.

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She noted though, that he seemed to be soaping up her ass again, the water having washed much of the soap away His finger prodded at her asshole then, and she gave a muffled gasp of shock at the bestial nature of the sex act she was taking part in. The soapy finger pumped back and forth just inside her asshole, then after a few seconds eased deeper.

She mumbled a protest, not wanting soap up her asshole, knowing it stung, but she didn't want to pull her lips away from the cock in her mouth so her words were muffled. The finger probed deeper, sliding easily into her on a layer of soap. Then it withdrew. The twin in front of her abandoned her breasts to grip her hair again, fucking slowly but steadily into her face. She was on the verge of orgasm.

The twin behind her was not only fucking her with hard, steady strokes, he was also rubbing his fingers over her clitty. She moaned and whimpered, trucking her ass back against him as a great hazy wave of pleasure floated over her and blanketed her mind with dazed sexual delight. She bucked and humped and gurgled in ecstasy as an orgasm washed through her. And in the midst of it, she felt the cock withdrawn from her slit, quickly replaced by fingers which drove in to the knuckle and a thumb which ground her clitty down against them.

She felt something prodding her asshole again, though she hardly realized it. She was just starting to pull back from the orgasm when she felt a pain at her asshole. The pain grew greater, starting to draw her attention away from the pleasurable afterglow of her orgasm. She tried to turn her head but was held firmly by the hair. She tried to pull away but hands on her hips and hair locked her in place.

The pressure at her asshole increased and she protested louder, though again her words were incomprehensible because of the cock stroking back and forth in her mouth.

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She felt what had to be the other twin's cock entering her behind, and belatedly realized his intention to sodomise her. She pulled again, more desperately, hut the two easily held her between them as the soapy cock slid deeper into her anus.

She whimpered in pain, the sharpness cutting through the pleasure floating through her sexually overheated body. The cock pushed deeper, sliding back a little several times, but only to push forward once again. She stopped sucking and tonguing the cock in her mouth, but the twin started fucking harder then, the tip of his prong smashing into the entrance to her throat and nearly gagging her.

She was forced to tighten her lips around it and push her tongue up in self-defense. The cock in her ass slid back, then pushed forward slowly. Something inside herself seemed to give and the cock slid forward several inches.

The pain grew much greater. "Loosen up your asshole, Steph, and it won't hurt at all," one of the twins finally said. She didn't know if she could do that, but the prospect of ending the pain was a powerful incentive.

As the cock slid back a little she tried to ease up on her clenched ass muscles, pretending there was nothing there at all, that she didn't feel a hit cock trying to skewer her. The cock pushed forward again, this time with much less pain.

It halted a little, then slid back, then pushed slowly forward. She concentrated on keeping her ass muscles from tightening around it and soon the cock slid much deeper into her ass. Her rectal tunnel seemed to give up trying to obstruct it and the hard, fleshy male organ drove into her to the balls.

She felt the twin's pelvis pressed against her ass cheeks and his hot, wet balls pressed against her cunt. She moaned around the cock in her mouth' realizing that she had now taken the cock into her all the way.

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She was partly frightened, partly excited. She felt incredibly slutty and carnal getting fucked in the ass. She'd heard the term so many times, usually as an insult, that now she was astonished at herself for actually accomplishing the feat. To be fucked in the ass, she thought! It really didn't occur to her that having any kind of sex with her brothers was an even worse thing. She wasn't even thinking of them as that, but merely as friends.

She had, after all, always been friends with the twins. So sex-play with them was not something she thought of as worse than sex-play with unrelated boys. But to be fucked in the ass! That, she considered uniquely perverted.

No girl she'd ever met had admitted to having done such a thing. Even now she could feel the cock pulsing and throbbing in her asshole, twisting around inside her as the twin behind her ground his hips into her buttocks. The pain in her anus diminished as the tube became used to the intruder. She started to concentrate more on the cock in her mouth again, just as it was withdrawn.

The twin behind her began a slow rocking motion that made his cock pump just a little in her ass. After a few moments Stevie decided the feeling was delicious. It was a unique feeling, one she'd never felt before. She let her head fall and sighed in pleasure as the cock began to slide back and forth. But the twins lifted her head up. The twin in front of her had gotten to his feet, then sat on the edge of the tub as they pulled her around between his legs.

They pulled her head up and back and she glanced over her shoulder as the twin in front began to fondle her breasts. She couldn't see much behind her because the twin there had his hips pressed almost tight to her behind. She turned around again to find the twin in front of her soaping up her breasts.

"What are you doing?" she gasped. "I'm gonna tit-fuck you," he said, spreading soap liberally around her swollen melons. Stevie had never heard of tit-fucking before. She watched avidly, disttacted now and then by a particularly hard twist of the cock in her anus.


"Not too fast, Donnie," the twin soaping up her tits said to the other. Well, at least she knew who was who now. "He can fuck faster," Stevie sighed. "It doesn't hurt any more." Dennis finished soaping her tits and pressed his cock into them, placing it flat between them.

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His hands gripped her tits from either side and mashed them together around his cock. Stevie sighed in delight and pushed on her tits from the side as well, crushing them together with her arms.

Donnie began fucking her ass with faster strokes, using almost the full length of his cock now, and the feeling was frying Stevie's brains to a crisp. She1d never felt anything like that before, and, being in a sexual high to begin with, her brain was being thrown around inside her skull by pleasure of the skewering thrusts.

Dennis dug his fingers into her tits as he humped his cock up and down in her cleavage. She felt his pole rubbing the inside her of her tit meat and looked down to see his cockhead emerge from the mass of flesh just below her mouth. She tried to close her lips around it but couldn't reach it, belatedly remembering that it was coated with soap.

"Oh, Jesus, I'm gonna cum!" Donnie gasped, his fingers digging into her hips as he pounded his cock into her ass. "Wait!" Dennis said. "Get her to her feet and we'll double dip her." Stevie had no idea what that meant, but put up no resistance as Dennis pulled away and the two of them slowly drew her to her feet. Donnie's cock slipped out of her asshole, but only temporarily. He stood up behind her in the tub, his cock still pressed against her buttocks, and almost immediately pressed the head against her anus and buried it up inside her again.

Dennis stood directly in front of her. He reached down and raised her left leg. She obligingly put her foot up on the side of the tub as he placed the head of his cock against her slit and began working it into her. This again was something knew, something she'd never even heard of, but Stevie was eager to experiment. She raised her leg higher and gripped Dennis, shoulders raising herself higher as his cock worked its way into her cunt box. "Oh fuuuuck!" she gasped, as she felt the second cock sliding up into her belly.

She was pinned between the two boys, their naked wet flesh pressed tightly to her own as they pushed their cocks fully inside her. Stevie shuddered, then came, before Dennis was even pumping.

She jerked and twisted and tried to hump against the two, but couldn't get her tightly pinned hips to move. Hands dug into her tits and the two boys began to grind into her from front and back as she gurgled in amazed pleasure and blasted through another cum. It was more intense than the others, almost blinding her with the force of its sensations, overwhelming her mind and shattering her thinking processes for a long minute.

When she shook herself back to the present she realized the two boys were fucking her with steady motions, Dennis thrusting in as Donnie pulled out, then vice versa. She groaned weakly, her guts cramping and churning with the double penetration. Every few seconds though one or the other of them would break their pattern and both would thrust into her at once. Each time that happened she let out a long groan of pleasure at the shock to her system.

Dennis was kissing her, though she hardly paid him any attention. His lips were sliding over hers, his tongue darting back and forth in her mouth as he fucked up into her pussy.

Donnie's mouth was moving over her throat and neck, sucking and licking and chewing, but again she hardly noticed. Ail her attention was down in her lower belly, where those two cocks were moving back and forth, sucking on her guts, mashing and pulping then churning them to a jellyish pulp.

Her head rolled and her legs went rubbery. Only the two boys hands kept her up. They continued to pound into her cunt and asshole, stopping at a whispered word from Donnie, then beginning a sudden rapid pumping, both now thrusting into her simultaneously.

Stevie's eyes went wide and she jerked and shook, her insides pummelled by the hard double fucking. She mewled in helpless shock, her lower belly seared by sexual pandemonium as she was doubly impaled over and over again, both hard cock thrusting into her with fast, sharp, deep strokes that almost lifted her off her feet.

"I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum!" a voice gasped. It wasn't hers but it could have been if she could have spoken.

Her entire body was spiralling upwards on a towering wave of crackling sexual electricity, and as she arched her back, she felt both boys bite down on opposite sides of her throat and then exploded into the greatest cum of her life. It was so all possessive, so shockingly powerful, that it totally blasted her mind apart. She lost all sense of time and reality, her mind disappearing under a massive blast of sexual ecstasy that rocketed up and down her spine and ripped her nervous system to fragments.

She shuddered and shook, her body spasming mindlessly as the two boys sucked on either side of her throat and pounded their cocks up into her body. Donnie came with her, his cock exploding in her anus, blasting a sea of white sperm up into her bowels as her ass tube squeezed down repeatedly on his pumping prick.

Dennis came within seconds, sending a frothing wave of juice into his sister's womb as all three of them grunted and moaned and shook through a triple climax that left the twins gasping and blasted the redhead unconscious. Stevie woke to find herself sitting on a chair in the bathroom, one of the twins drying her hair.

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She moaned weakly, her eyes blinking as she came awake. "You sure got off on that, Steph," one of them said. She recognized him now as Donnie. "Oh Jesus," she moaned. "What happened?" "We fucked you unconscious," Dennis grinned down at her. "Oh God! I never felt anything like that." "How does your ass feel?" "A little. raw, but it doesn't really hurt. It stings a bit though." "I think that's from the soap," Dennis said knowingly. "Next time we'll use something else." They led her from the room and into their bedroom.

They'd pushed the beds together and she crawled gratefully into them, still feeling weak. There were several books lying on the bed and she realized now where the twins new found knowledge had come from. One was the Joy of Sex, another was How to Make Love to a Woman. There were others, such as 101 Sexual Positions, and the Guide to Orgasmic Sex.

She picked one and opened it to a position of a woman sitting on a guy, her legs in front of her as she rode his cock.

"Where'd you get these?" she asked. "We've always had them," Donnie replied. "Not always," Dennis said. "Well, for a while." "You read how to have sex in a book?" "There's no substitute for experience but it does help," Dennis said.

"Spread your legs," Donnie said, as the two of them crawled in between her legs. She opened herself up again, letting them stare into her pussy. The started playing with her again like they had yesterday, flipping through books now and then as they discussed the parts of her sex.

They prodded and rubbed and squeezed, then started licking at her. They were acting like they were conducting a lab experiment, talking in clinical terms about labia this or clitoris that, yet their tonguing was burning up her insides. At first they kept halting to ask her what felt best, but she soon became unable to speak coherently. They brought her to an orgasm, then stroked her clitty lightly as they waited for her to recover. This happened repeatedly. The twins licked and sucked and chewed and squeezed her pussy meat, asking her what she was feeling and reading the sections of the books on cunnilingus, which was something she'd never even heard of before.

Each time they drove her into a state of feverish sexual excitement, so that she no longer answered them coherently. Then they forced her into an orgasm and waited for her to recover so they could begin again.

They took turns, and treated the whole thing like it was some kind of subject they were studying. Meanwhile Stevie was being driven out of her mind. The orgasms became longer, the time between them shorter. Her cunt was raw and ultra' sensitive. Her entire lower belly ached from the repeated orgasms. She could hardly think straight, even after an orgasm.

She was a limp, bedraggled mass of flopping, wriggling, thrashing, grunting, moaning flesh, mindless and helpless as her pussy continued to sent bolts of sexual fire into her belly and chest and mind. Finally, the twins weren't able to get anything from her but grunts. Satisfied, to an extent, with their pussy eating capabilities, the two released some of the sexual heat they too had built up, each climbing atop the moaning redhead and giving her a fast, hard fuck.

Stevie fell into an exhausted sleep. When she woke up she was alone. A note on the bed was signed by the twins and said they were gone to school to catch their afternoon classes. She yawned and sat up, noting from the clock on the bedside table that it was just past three. She'd been sleeping with her legs wide. Now, as she closed them she winced a bit. Her pussy was rubbed raw by the long repeated tonguing and rubbing. She staggered down the hall to her own room, got into the shower and cleaned herself off again, then put on her satin pajama top and went downstairs to get herself some food.

She wolfed down some food, then went back upstairs to make sure there was no evidence left lying around of what had gone on that day.

The twins had already taken care of that, even separating their beds while she was lying on one of them. She did find a binder on the night table, though, and opening it she saw diagrams drawn of various parts of her body. Each diagram was accompanied by arrows pointing out where and how to rub, stroke, lick, suck, bite, pinch, squeeze or whatever.

She was stunned. She sat down on the bed, looking at a drawing of her cunt that occupied a whole page. There were carefully drawn lines leading to neatly written notes each saying what worked best on that particular part of her anatomy.

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On the opposite page were more extensive notes, such as: "Pull the skin apart, tightening it and making it more responsive to the tongue. This is particularly effective in exposing the clitoris." "Holy shit," she said wonderingly. "Insert two fingers into the vagina then, pumping steadily, close the thumb upon the clitoris, squeezing it between the three fingers as you pump. Apply moderate but not great pressure." "Jesus, you guys are weird," she sighed, shoving back a mass of red hair.

"When the female is in an advanced state of arousal due to clitoral stimulation, extreme pressure can accelerate and enhance orgasm." Well, the twins treated sex like they did everything else. They'd never be romantic but at least they'd know how to fuck. She closed the book and tossed it under one of the beds, then got up and went back to her own room.

Paige was the first one to get home. She bounced into Stevie's room and dropped heavily onto the bed. "What are you doing in bed, Steph?" she demanded. "I'm sick." "Oh, you are not. What did you do, stay home today?" Stevie nodded. "Dad will never buy it." "He will too." "Want to fool around like yesterday?" Paige asked, her voice betraying her excitement. "I don't think so." "Come ooooon," Paige begged, sliding a hand up under the hem of Stevie's pajama top.

Stevie pushed it away. "The guys will be home soon." "The twins said they'd be staying to do extra homework for some reason. God, those two are strange." "Yeah, you can say that again. They'll probably wind up winning the Nobel prize or something, though." "Probably. Anyway, you know Mike will be hanging around with his friends for a while, so that just leaves Rob. He won't bother us." "I'm kind of. " She'd started to say all fucked out but didn't know whether Paige would understand.

She wasn't yet sure enough of her sister's response to tell her that she'd been fucking the twins. Besides, she'd learned a lot that day about eating pussy. Maybe her pussy was a bit sore, but her tongue was okay, and she could see whether the twins were right about what worked best in pussy eating. They'd sure tried a lot of things on hers. Paige was wearing her cheerleader outfit, blue sweater with short yellow skirt, knee socks and tennis shoes.

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Stevie rolled onto her side and gripped her sister's ankle, pulling her downward. Paige gladly lay back and spread her legs as Stevie slid her hand up beneath her skirt and rubbed her blonde pussy through her panties.