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The morning came to soon. I woke up first. I opened my eyes and Rod was on his stomach with his arm over my chest and his head rested on my shoulder. We were both still naked with cum stained legs. I looked down and seen his limp cock laying on his leg. It turned me on like never before. "Hey, Hey, Wake up." I said while shaking Rod.

Rod's eyes opened and looked at me with a smile. "Good morning, Ken. How was your night?" Rod asked. "It was OK.Better with you here though. Hey, But we need to take a shower.


Lets go in together." "Sure, but we need to be covered up, my mom might be up, and she is usually in the kitchen" Rod explained. "Oh come on, Its 7:00 in the morning.


If she is, Oh well" I said. Rod sighed. We both got up off the bed and walked quietly downstairs.

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Rods cock was rock hard from his morning woody. We hustled into the bathroom and closed the door. We did not turn on the shower fan in fear we would wake up his mom. We both jumped into the shower and turned the warm water on slowly.

The water warmed our bodies, making my cock hard. We were both soaping up when Rod looked at me and grinned at me with a look of michivious. I smiled back knowing what he had in mind. I grabbed the bar of soaped and lathered my hand. I reached down and grasped Rod's cock. I rubbed his cock like last night. The soap made his dick slippery, almost to slippery to handle. I got some water on my hands and washed his cock off.

"Oh.Jack me off. Come on, It feels so good." I did just that. I stroked him harder and harder, making Rod moan more and more. While I was stroking him, I kissed the insides of his smooth thighs and ran my other hand down his leg. "Stop fucking teasing me, just suck my dick." Rod said with sexual anger.

I took my hand off his cock and lowered my lips down to the head of his cock. I sucked his cock for the longest of time, making Rod moan like never before. I sucked him until he came. "Im going to cum, Ken. Suck harder, HARDER." Yelled Rod. I did. Rod started to cum in my mouth. The salty lather covered the inside of my mouth. I took his cock out of my mouth, still squirting. Rod's legs trembled. "Fuck yeah. Ughhh!" He yelled louder. I was sure this time his mom herd us, and Rod knew to.

Before I knew it, The bathroom door swung open with a bang on the wall. "Kenneth! Rodney! What the FUCK are you doing in here! Do you know what time it is!?" Rod's mother screamed. "Fuck, shit, dude stop." He said. "Yeah, Yeah, I know." "Get of here right now. WHAT IN THE WORLED DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING!? It is 7:30 in the morning and you guys are having SEX!?" His mom scolded. "We.We are sorry.

Please don't get mad. We are just experimenting. It's no big deal." Rod tried to explain. "Not a big deal! I mean wha- Ugh.I know, Im not mad.I'm just surprised, thats all.

I did not know you guys are gay" "Mom, we are not gay. We are Bi." Rod said. Rod's Mother sighed and looked down at our soaking wet bodies.

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Both still with hard-ons. "Just go back upstairs and finish what you started. We will talk about this whole thing later." "We are sorry, Mom." Rod said. We both turned around and got out of the shower and walked passed his mother.

My hard on bumped her hand. She gasped slightly to herself. Then I got an idea. "Wait.Mrs. Linx. Why don't you give us a hand. We need some help from an experienced female like yourself." Mrs.Linx Blushed. "Dude!? No! Shes my mom! Do you know how weird that will be for me!? It will not be a good thing man." Rod exclaimed. I knew though that he was just covering up so he would not be embarrassed in front of his mom. He had told me in the past that he thought his mom was sexy.

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And he was not wrong. She was 5'7'', 36 years old, blond hair, and 36 C breasts; they were an image of perfection.

She was in very good shape, and exceptionably beautiful. "Well, I don't know.But, If you want me to, I will be glad to help. If thats OK with Rodney, that is. Mrs. Linx said. Rod Nodded. Mrs Linx and I smiled. "OK then, Lets go to my room and get you dried off, and there is a lot more room in there.

And by the way, call me Diana." Diana led us to her room.

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We walked in and she sat us down on her queen sized bed. Since we were still wet and naked, Diana told us to lay down on the bed and dry off on the cover blanket. As we laid on out backs, I seen Diana stare at our cocks. Rod was limp, but I was rock hard.

"Now, have any of you seen tit's before?" Diana asked. We both nodded NO. "OK then. Both of you, come here." We raised up off our backs and looked strait forward.

Diana was taking off her shirt. She threw her shirt to the floor.

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She began to unhook her bra from behind. Her bra fell of and her perfect tits shown. They jiggled and she laughed when she seen our faces. Her nipples were small and pink.

I wanted to suck them so bad. "Play with my nipples." Diana said. I took my hand and put it on her right tit, and rod took his and hand and put it on her left. We felt her tits and all their glory. We tweaked her nipples between our fingers.

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She moaned with pleasure. I decided to go down and suck on her nipple. So did Rod. We sucked Dianas' nipples for the longest time. Both of our dicks were hard. She noticed and took our heads off her tits and pushed us on her bed.

She looked at our cocks and smiled. She sat down on the bed in front of us. She unbuckled her belt and took her pants off; they hit the floor. She stood up and turned to us. She smiled and began to slowly slid her panties down her legs. Me and Rod looked at each other with a smile on our faces.

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~Chapter 5 Coming soon! I am sorry to leave you hanging like this, but this is how I do my stories! So, Look for chapter 5 soon! Rate/comment.~ Love- Beastken4