Petite amateur anally pounded in closeup

Petite amateur anally pounded in closeup
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As a 16 year old boy I was interested in two things, being a soldier and sex. Luckily I would have both in one night. It was a warm July night, my friends and I had gotten together to play some airsoft. We had spent all day preparing for the night, charging the batteries to our guns, getting BB's, and got dress in our black clothes to blend into the night. As my three friends and I were gearing up to play, two kids form down the street ran up to us with there guns wanting to join us.

The two boys were eleven and twelve.

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But the older one, Jeremy, caught my attention. He was short compared to me, maybe 75lbs, big brown eyes, and short curly dirty blonde hair. He had a beautiful smile, and a tan boyish frame. (just so you know my stats, 5'10 140lbs, blond hair, blue eyes, and average looking.) My friends groaned in disappointment from having to deal with these "kids". "Come on let them play. What's the worst that could happen." I said to the group. As they reluctantly nodded their approval I said "Taylor and I will take Jeremy and go into the field." As we split into our teams Taylor, Jeremy, and I went into the field.

As we reached the back Taylor broke off to the right towards the shed, Jeremy and I went to the brush on the left side of the field. We had set up our attack to trap them in a crossfire. As we approached the brush I started to army crawl, Jeremy followed suit. As I reached my point of attack I motioned Jeremy up closer. He pulled off his brown skater type hoodie and laid it on the ground next to me.

As we laid there I noticed a distinct smell coming from him. It was sweet but not overpowering, I would later find out it was his deodorant, but this caused my gaze to shift from my field of fire to the innocent, and pure beauty of this boy laying next to me. As I turned my head I saw him holding his rifle and traced my eyes up his smooth arms to his hairless arm pit. I took a deep breath and continued my gawking over the sex appeal emanating from this young boy.

My view got better as I saw his upper body in a tight white tank top and saw the curve of his back to an amazing bubble butt in his blue jeans. I was in shear amazement at the beauty of his flawless tanned body. "Shit" Jeremy said. "I know its not a great time but I got to piss." Thinking quickly at the chance to see more of him I replied "You can't go far. Go to that tree, I won't look." He laid his rifle on the ground stood quietly and walked toward the tree.

I looked through my scope to see if anyone was close and I could see them on the other side of the field. I heard his button unsnap and zipper go down.

I looked over to see that he had positioned himself to where I could see everything. I saw his small hairless cock and beautiful smooth balls bathed in the moonlight. I watched as his stream of piss left his body and pooled down by his feet.

Seeing him shift I quickly averted my eyes to not get caught. "Aaron." He whispered loudly. I look over at him and he was making a face at me while shaking his dick off. As he paraded his limp dick around with his hand I asked him, not knowing where it came from, "Dude have you ever jacked off?" "Yea all the time." Hearing him talk about playing with his cock made me instantly hard.


"Has anyone ever sucked your dick?" "No." Without asking I walked over to him and knelt on my knees, put my hands on his hips to guide him. He finished taking his pants and boxers off and let them fall to the ground.

His four inch cock stood straight out waiting for me to take him.

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I slid my hands from his hips to his gorgeous bubble butt and pulled him in and engorged myself of his tasty hairless young cock. Sucking and bobbing up and down on his cock made me almost bust my load right then, but I held it back because I wanted to surprise him.

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I sucked on his little cock slowed and twirled my tongue around his little cut head. I slid my right hand around to the front and played with and tickled his recently dropped balls.

While I suck his little member I hear his breathing start to change, he starts to whimper and groan. I take my middle finger and ram it into his tight virgin asshole. He tensed up and pushed his crotch into my face as I finger fucked this virgin boy. He moaned, took a deep breath and blew his load into my mouth hitting my throat and tongue with three streams of hot boy juice.

He fell to the ground in ecstasy and I went with him never taking his cock out of my mouth. I sucked until he went limp and sat up with his jizz in my mouth and swallowed it down. "Now its your turn and I want something different." "What?" "You will see." I stood up and helped him to his feet then put my hands on his shoulders and turned him around. I put one hand on his hip and the other on his back and bent him over.

I knelt down again and spread his ass and started to lick up and down his tight virgin boy pussy.

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I licked it up down and around then started to tongue fuck his asshole. I stood up, undid my pants as my six inch rock hard cock sprang out of my briefs. I lined it up and pushed into him hard. As he started to scream I put my hand on his mouth and let him bite down on my finger.

I told him to relax and I felt his asshole loosen up. I start slowly pumping my cock in and out of his ass.


I put both of my hands on his hips and pull him back as I thrust into him. As we moan in unison I start to go faster, I feel our balls slapping together with each forward thrust. As I rip into his asshole I hear him whisper between breathes. "I'm cumming again." I reach my hand down and play with his cock as he spurts three more ropes of cum into my hand.

I bring the jizz to my mouth and lick my fingers clean.

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I thrust forward feeling my climax build so I pull out and swing him around to where his face is in front of my cock. He takes my ass flavored dick into his mouth and I fuck his face till I cum hard in his mouth. I shot seven spurts of jizz into his mouth. I take my dick out as he gags and spits my jizz onto the ground. He takes my cock into his beautiful 12 year old hand and milks whats left out of my cock.

"I could swallow it, it was too much." "That's fine." Noticing the jizz on his hand he licks it off. We both put our pants on and return to our guns but we had already lost. But I guess that's the price you pay to him the amazing bubble butt and glorious cock of a beautiful 12 year old.