Mama und Papa feiern 18 Pflege Töchter

Mama und Papa feiern 18  Pflege Töchter
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The Best Weekend Ever i live with my husband in an apartment complex. one day whilel we were taking out the trash i noticed he glanced at a girl sitting outside on her cellphone.

i only noticed because i saw her glance back. on our way back from the dumpster i noticed that they had exchanged glances again.

the next day i confronted him about it. after about five minutes i got him to chill out and shut up, so that i could tell him that it wasn't a big deal. I had been looking too. after about a week we decided we were going to talk to her.

about 7:30 that night we saw her outside on the steps again. So in our bondage gear we went on down and tlaked to her. " hi we noticed you last week and we jsut couldn't stop looking at you" i said. " yeah me niether" the girl responded. We invited her into our apartment because it was starting to get cold. we hod found out that she was 18 5'5" 198lbs. She had blue eyes and black hair and had a tattoo of a butterfly on her left forearm. We had also found out thtat she lived alone and knew knowone in the complex.

After a while we started talking about SEX. She had noticed some of the toys my husband and i use regularly. she started to ask " are you guys into to kinky se.?" i cut her off by kissing her. i stuck my tongue down her throat and rub her body right in front of my husband. he finally decided that he was invited to this party so he got behind her and started to undress her while nibbling on her ear. Inbetween pieces of clothing we would all switch who was kissing who until we were all naked.

" Are you comfortable with this" i asked her not wanting to do anything against her will. "It's a little to late for that don't you think?" she sarcastically remarked right before taking my husbands cock into her mouth. I just watched as she lustfully went to work on my husband. i was getting so wet that i needed to do something. so i reached into our "secret drawer" and grabbed my strap on and jsut rammed it into her cunt. She screamed so loud that my husband had to start face fucking her to keep her quiet.

She still screamed but it was stifled. Now don't start to think that she was a virgin becasue she definitly wasn't. we found that out later. It was the shear fact that the dildo on this strap- on was about 10 inches and i was balls deep so to speak into her with this thing.


After about half an hour i wanted some action so a took the strap on out of her and took it off me. Now i'm a very submissive to my husband. As should all wives be to thier husbands. Now dont' get me wrong he's a very sweet man. Usually submission only comes to sex. Anyways.

my husband is about 5'10" and weights close to 240 pounds. He's pretty built he has that sexy linebacker build. So anyways he came at me with this look of lust in his eyes and instantly i know what he wants. I turn around and got on my hands and knees.

He started to rub his cock over my pussy jsut on the outside, teasing me. He looked at the girl and told her to get under me and start licking my cunt. i started to get so wet i thought i was going to flood all over the couch.

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finally he started ramming into me with such force that i was struggling to stay up. With her going at my cunt and his brutal assault on my cunt i couldn't takei it any more.


i Screamed so loud " ii''mm cccoommiiinngggg". it was almost like my husband was reading my mind because right before i'd started screaming he'd grabbed my hair started fucking faster and started spanking the shit out of my ass.

My husband has big handds so when he spanks he means buisness. that night he'd spanked me so hard i had hand print welts. I FUCKING LOVED IT THOUGH. After we grabbe dthe girl up off the couch. she was pretty dead weighted because i think we exausted her. We weren't done yet though. Now my husband is a very crafty creative skilled man. he divised a way to connect straps to the door way that leads to our hallway that leads to our bedroom. they were dead bolted to the frame.

we straped her in a let her jsut hang there for a minute. after a while i grabbed a spray bottled that we leave in the refrigerator and sprayed her whole body with it. That sure woke her up. " now that you're back with us, we're gonna have some real fun." my husband chuckled very nastily. he went into our livingroom closet and pulled out our "toy box". i got so excited that i didn't even notice that when i turned around he had grabbed more straps.

At the exact time that i had turned around i had a ball gag in my mouth and then i was pushed down to the floor and straped into a doggy style position. After that he brought the coffee table over in front of us and started laying out the toys and gadgets we'd accumulated over the years.

I was shocked because some of these i'd never seen before these were brand fucking new. My husband noticed she suprise on my face. " I know some of these are new and some look very expensive but Jimmy's was having a sale". Jimmy's is a local porn shop.

" i bought these on those few days i had off and you had to work." I was a little upset he went " shopping" without me but i was very turned on by the look of the toys. first thing he picked up was nipple clamps he attached them to the girls nipples she tried to scream but she couldn't get much out becuse she also had a ball gag.

my husband went back to the tabel a grabbed one of the new toys and stood in front of the girl and spit on her tits. i wanted to fuck him right then god i love when he's dominant. the girl winced in fear.

he turned to me and asked me " you want to see what this thing does ? huh? you want my to demonstrate on this bitch? since i know you can't speak i want you to blink for yes shake for no" oh god i couldn't stop blinking. He turned it on and it was so amazing. i wished he'd bought two so i could have one myself that night. Any ways it was a reverse strap on type device witha remote. He stuck it in the girl who started moaning.

he immediately slapped her inner thighs. she screamed. " you don't make any noise without permission you understand?" She nodded in agreement. after he'd strapped in on completely he walked over to me and undid the rope around my legs.

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He lifted me up undid the ties around my legs. then he passionately kissed me. we must have kissed for almost 10 minutes straight. then out of nowhere he throws me to the gorund and orders me to suck his cock.

i obediantly crawl over and take his cock in my mouth. now my husband is a huge man. aside from his physical attributes he's got a raging 11 inch cock. god i love it though. soanyways after a while the girl starts moaning again.

I look up and i could see the rage in his eyes. He takes his cock form me and starts to walk towards the girl.

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i begged him not to do anything i beg him not to leave marks on her. finally he stops just in front of her. " take it out on me baby" i pleaded. He turned around with this sexy " i'm gonna kill someone" look he gets when he's role playing, really pissed, or driving and people are pissing him off. anyways he walks back towards me and grabs my by the arm really hard. "APPLE" he said. i knew right away that he was gonna be really rough because he had established a safe word.He had released my arm which now had a burning red mark on it that i loved.

they are his tattoos to me. he walked over to the table a grabbed a plug. i turned around knowingly. he inserted the plugg slowly into my ass. it hurt because i was dry. he noticed and grabbe dthe lube on the table and took the opening and studk in right at the opening of my ass. then he squezzed a huge amount int o my ass.

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i felt like i'd jsut had a enema. he smacked my already blistered ass. As i screamed some of the lube squeezed out. he rubed the plugg around in it then he jsut fucking rammed it into my ass as hard as he could.

i started to scream but he wrapped his hands around my throat and stuck his cock in my pussy and started to fuck my brains out. He fucked me and fucked and choked me and choked me.


i started to lose consciouseness but i was coming too. i think that's the only thing that kept me going afterwards i'd passed out.

I woke up after i don't know how long. it must not have been long because the girl was still there and it was still night. i couldn't find my husband anywhere. then out of nowhere my husband screamed and i felt the biggest load of come being shot into my ass that i'd ever felt in my life.

God it felt so good that i tried to get away so i could go rub my clit till my pussy exploded, but my husband had a firm grip on my hips. He wasn't letting go. After he'd emptied into me he pushed me onto my stomache. as i tried to catch my breath he picke dme up and threw me on the couch.

" watch " he said. he doesn't say much when it comes to sex. He doesn't have to. he walked over to the girl undid her from the door frame took off her ball gag and set her on the floor. she was exausted from all the action her pussy had gotten. " are you afraid" he asked the girl. she nodded with tears in her eyes.

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" are you fucking horny?" he inquired of her. again she nodded. He went to the table and grabbed a collar and a leash. he pullud on it and she tried to stand up. " NO" he tapped her on the nose." you will crawl like the fucking bitch you are" she complied immediatley.

My husband had complete control over her,AND me for that matter. that man could tell me to kill and i would. he lead her to the couch i was loungeing on he snapped his fingers and pointed at my cum filled cunt and ass.

she looked at him and looked at me. My husband is very short tempered when it comes to women not obeying so he slowly slitted his eyes almost as to peer into her soul. she slowly but hseitantly started to suck on my pussy. " oh god yeah clean that up" i heard the words come form my mouth like water.

i couldn't believe it. My husband had turned the table instantly. I had also become dominant. she kept licking and my husband lectured her at the same time while sitting next to me kissing my body and rubbing me all over.

i loved it. " ok look you little bitch you're gonna be our sex slave for the weekend do you understand?" She paused and hesitantly spoke " God i love what you've done for me or more to the ponit to me.

I'll do anything for you guys" she intently went back to licking my pussy and ass sucking out all the cum and swallowing every drop.

after she'd cleaned me up me and my husband went to bed and the girl slept on the floor next to the bed. The next morning i could smell wonderful aroma's coming from outside the bedroom and walked out naked and noticed the girl makeing breakfast.

my husband finally came out he was nked too of course. the girl was naked too. with her colar still on. " i hope you guys are hungry" she enthusiastically said. we all sat down and ate breakfast. the rest of the weekend was one of the most eventful weekends i've ever had in my life.

the girl now has a new boyfriend almost every weekend. i guess they just can't satify her like we did. anyways that was the first and last time we ever did something with someone else besides us.

oh and we've also acquired more toys since then too.