Old humiliation and man fucks babysitter sleepy dude missed how his father plumbs his

Old humiliation and man fucks babysitter sleepy dude missed how his father plumbs his
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SUCH GOOD FRIENDS: Chapter four—Megan During lunch, their plans changed. Mark and his sister Tina—whom he has always called Teeny—and her friend Carla, both thirteen, had planned to fuck each other all afternoon, then watch a movie and finally finish off with an all-night fuck session. Mark was sixteen and a star quarterback. Teeny and Carla had successfully planned and executed the seduction of Mark, then enjoyed the fruits of their success with an all-morning orgy of sex.

Their plans changed when Mark received a call from Beth, one of the 'terrific trio' as they were known around their high school. "Please come over," Beth said to Mark. We've got a great surprise for you. Mark had been going out with Beth for some time now and was the envy of every guy in school. Truth be told, Beth was the envy of almost every girl in school. "Sorry, girls," he said to Teeny and Carla. "I'll probably be gone all afternoon, but I will be back around six for dinner, then we can do the movie and then we'll have our all night sex party." "No problem," they replied.

"We have to make plans for Charlie and besides, we'll have you all to ourselves after dinner. On the way over to Beth's house, Mark wondered why the girls had a surprise for him because it was nowhere near his next birthday and there were no current holidays to celebrate.


Arriving at the house, Beth yelled at him from an upstairs window. "Come join us in my room," she called. It's the first door on the right at the top of the stairs." Beth met him and said, "Have a seat on the bed. We'll be right out." When he sat down, the heavy beat of the old hit song "the stripper" started and Beth, Jen and Megan came dancing into the room and lined up in front of Mark, dancing complete with burlesque bumps and grinds.

They were dressed identically in white blouses and grey skirts and high heel shoes. Eyes round, Mark watched as they simultaneously unbuttoned their blouses and then pulled them out of their skirts, tossing them aside.

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Mark clapped enthusiastically when they each cupped their boobs and offered them to him, squeezing and rubbing them and causing their nipples to poke through their bras.

Next they reached back and unbuttoned their skirts and then slowly pulled their zippers down, finally allowing their skirts to fall to the floor. Mark clapped again when their sexy black bikini panties were revealed. Swinging their hips wildly in the classic burlesque style, they walked back and forth in front of Mark until they finally reached behind themselves and undid their bra straps.

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Turning their backs, they let their bras fall to the floor, and then turned around with their hands covering their tits. With a final set of bumps and grinds they exposed their bare tits and using their thumbs, slowly slid their panties off.

The strip tease ended at that point and Mark stood up and applauded as hard as he could as he admired the naked bodies of the three most gorgeous girls in school. This was the first time he had seen Megan in the nude and marveled at her body. She was tiny but muscular and very strong, a result of her gymnastic workouts.

Although her tits were not much bigger then Jen's, they appeared to be larger on her small frame. She had a huge mop of flaming red hair, and with her nipples flushed with arousal from the dance and from Mark's admiring looks, her nipples and aureoles were the same shade of red as her hair.

Her silky muff was also the same shade and the result was an awesome sexy body, a beautiful face and blazing green eyes. Mark's cock was already stiff and tenting his pants.

"Well, kids," Jen said. "Enjoy yourselves. We'll be down in the pool until you're done." With that, Beth and Jen scooped up their clothes, put on their swim suits and walked downstairs to the back yard pool. Without a word, but with obvious stiff body language, Megan walked over to the bed, pulled down the covers, crawled in and turned on her side facing away from him.

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She was obviously having second thoughts but waited until her friends were out before revealing that. Mark walked over to the other side of the double bed, sat down and removed his clothes before crawling into bed. Moving over close to her, he put his arm around her midsection and slowly and gently started to move his hand up and down her body from just below her boobs to just above her silky red muff of pubic hair.

She did not object so he switched to a circular motion, moving his hand on her front from above her muff to under both of her tits. Occasionally he would circle her belly button lightly with his finger, noting that she shivered when he did so.

Mark kept up his caresses, noting that she was gradually relaxing from her previous tension, and was slightly beginning to lean back toward him. When she realized that he was not going to jump her bones and force himself on her, her fear disappeared and she began to respond to his gentle touches.

Mark could also tell that she was starting down the path of sexual arousal, as he could feel the heat from her skin where her erogenous zones flushed. Finally, when his hand moved up under her breast, she moved her shoulder and allowed her breast to move into his hand. Mark smoothly moved to her nipple and started to roll her nipple and was delighted when it quickly stiffened so hard that her aureole wrinkled with arousal.

Mark moved his hand to cover her other breast, then continued downward, this time not stopping at her muff, but moved right down until he could cup her mound. Massaging with increasing pressure, his finger entered her slit and allowed Mark to search for and find her clitoris.

Megan gasped loudly and her whole body flinched when he gently touched and rubbed her clit. Megan rolled on her back to give him more access and he took the opportunity to take her nipple in his mouth, sucking and lightly nipping it with his teeth, while his hand got busy with the various sensitive parts of her cunt. Megan began to breath faster and heavily and moaned loudly each time his talented fingers circled her sensitive nub.

Without conscious thought, her hand moved down his body and grasped his cock. "So big," she whispered. "I don't think I can take it inside of me." "Actually, it's pretty much average size and you'll find that you're much more flexible down there then you think." Mark rose up over her tiny body and sucked her nipple as hard as he could, then pushed his finger deep into her cunt.

When she didn't complain, he pulled out then pushed two fingers inside of her. Her cunt was already well lubricated and he could feel his own lubricating pre-cum flowing out of his cock. Mark rolled on his back then picked her up bodily—all ninety pounds of her—and put her on top with her straddling him. He could almost reach clear around her tiny waist with his hands.

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"Raise up," he said. When she did, he reached down and guided the tip to her cunt entrance.

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Megan knew what to do and started to slowly lower herself down, gradually forcing his cock into her cunt. She was now gasping loudly with each breath, not from pain but from lust. She wanted him inside her.

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"I'm ready," she said. "You can do it to me. Fuck me now." As she pushed down, Mark thrust his hips upward, pushed his cock deeper inside of her and tore through her cherry. "Ung!" she cried. "Stop for a minute. That hurts bad." Megan froze and could neither pull herself away from his insistent cock nor push it in deeper. Mark patiently waited while she adjusted to the painful invasion of her most private parts.

After a few minutes, she tentatively began to move up and down, gradually moving his cock deeper and deeper. As the pain faded it was replaced by the most delicious sensations that centered deep in her belly and radiated down to her toes and up to her ears.

Her tits were aflame as lust and desire took over, her pain either disappeared or was no longer noticed. Megan began to bounce up and down on Mark and he matched her rhythm, faster and faster, strokes lengthening until his cock started coming completely out of her body before plunging back into her hot depths, every inch of his cock buried inside her.

Her orgasm came suddenly and without notice, washing over her whole body. She let out a loud wail of pleasure, then collapsed on him and hugged him tightly. Jen and Beth were sitting by the pool when they hear Megan's orgasmic wail.


"That's our boy," said Beth. "Let's go see how they did." Megan was still sitting astraddle Mark with his cock buried in her cunt when Jen and Beth rushed in. The three girls excitedly exchanged notes and compared their first times with Megan's recent experience.

Mark meanwhile patiently waited but secretly enjoying the feel of Megan's incredibly tight twat.

He would occasionally flex the muscles that moved his cock inside of her to remind her he was still fucking her. She responded by tightening her own kegel muscles to let him know she hadn't forgotten him. "She has a 'snapping pussy' he thought to himself. We'll have to show the other girls how to do that. He had heard about it but never experienced it until now. "Well get dressed and come down. The water is fine." "I think not this minute," Megan replied with a sexy smile.

"I think I want to see what's on the menu for dessert." She bounced up and down a couple of times to let them know then said, "Mmmm," to emphasize her point. "Well, come on down when you're ready." To be continued…

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