Busty russian masturbating and fucked by latin lover

Busty russian masturbating and fucked by latin lover
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BETH Fiction by Zappa06415 Ah, just another typical morning on the north coast of Oregon. Pea-soup fog pouring in off the chilly ocean out over the point. It'll be about 5 hours before the sun can burn this crap off and open this day up to bright sun and moderate temperatures. Like I said, just another typical morning, or so I thought. I've been living out here now for about 15 years and it never gets old. The beauty of this place is beyond description. And this tiny coastal town with all the pubs and restaurants and just minutes to the mountains is perfect for my single life-style.

I never married. But was very close to tying the knot some 15 years ago to, what I thought at the time, to be a tremendous find. Becki was worth the sweat and toil it took to make a good relationship great. I used to say when things got bad between us that "I'd rather be part of a solution than part of the problem". Well it didn't take her long to find herself another man. Finding out wasn't the hardest part to take.

The lying was. And with that, I packed my life up and moved 3,000 miles to the west coast. But, enough about the past… This particular Saturday morning really wasn't all that eventful. The day ahead of me was my own and looked forward to doing absolutely nothing, or anything I wanted to.

The coffee's brewing, the paper's been delivered and I'm lounging in my baggies. A word that really encompasses all great, comfortable sleepwear. I could tell already that once this pea soup burned off on this late June day, that it was going to be a nice one. As I was reading the paper there was a knock at the door. My 1st reaction was "those fucking Jehovah's".

It wasn't until I reached the door I realized she's way too young for this religious zealot. Her introduction was totally unexpected. As I opened the door, the 1st words from her mouth was "HI, Tony?, … I'm your daughter Beth" with this amazing smile behind the words.

I really had to just laugh slightly thinking this is a joke and my neighbor Kelli put her up to this. It didn't take long for me to realize she wasn't kidding.

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With her was a large duffel bag and a sort of like valise. Probably containing her ID, photo's, etc. It was a ratty, old leather bi-fold valise, which I immediately recognized as my own from years ago when I was a sales consultant and buyer for a food service firm. She introduced herself as Beth. And told me she was 15 years old. Pieces of my past flooded my mind like I never imagined they would. Memories of Becki. Haunting me again. I began to think about this possibility and realized that she just may be a relative, but my daughter?

Let me tell you a little about Beth. First of all, she looks so much like me. Big deep brown doe eyes. Huge eyelashes. She's probably about 5'4" and 120 pounds. And, for a 15-year-old, she has an amazing body.

I suppose I can look at this way because I feel so detached from the paternal instincts that come from describing one's own child.


Truly, she must have a 34-C chest (if I was a betting man) and the tightest little ass anyone could imagine. Beautiful deep auburn hair framed the most innocent face. And, when she spoke, her words were soft, but direct. "I know this probably comes as a huge shock to you Tony…may I call you Tony?"…" My mom, Becki, has never told me anything about my father. After about 10 days of research I was able to locate you here and I knew if I was to call 1st, you'd probably flip and hang up on me.

Mom told me that she had left you when she was only 10 weeks pregnant and that you were never to know of it." I sat there with my coffee chilling, listening to this tale and frankly, having a hard time believing it.

Yet feeling strongly overwhelmed and happy that I actually have a daughter. And a daughter as lovely as this was something I never dreamed would have happened in my lifetime. After an hour or so, going through all these photos of her and Becki, documents, school transcripts…It hit me!

"I have a daughter!!" The smile on her face was priceless. It was as if this huge burden of anxieties was just lifted off her and she jumped up and hugged me so tight. I held her for what seemed like 10 minutes with tears trickling from our eyes. The feel of this soft young woman's body and the scent of her were intoxicatingly fresh.

With her breasts pressing into my chest I could feel her nipples hardening. "Coffee, can I offer you some coffee, or maybe some juice?" Was all that I could say at that moment. I could tell she felt my immediate reaction to her body so close to mine.

Awkward!!!! Later that day, after non-stop conversation, I finally got Beth settled in. The guestroom was perfect for her. It shared a bathroom with the master suite…closets were huge, not that she had a lot of clothes though.

But it worked, and she was happy. In the following days we'll get her wardrobe up to par. Beth is 15 years old. Her birthday was coming up on July 1st.

This much I knew. I still don't know what happened with her mother and her and why she'd fly across country to be with a single guy whom she had never met. After she showered and changed, we sat out back on the deck by the pool. Beth had on the tiniest of shorts and a tight T with "TRHS" printed across the front. I could tell she wasn't wearing a bra from the obvious way the T hugged her breasts. The afternoon sun was strong and the breeze off the ocean was perfect, keeping things comfortable.

Beth went onto explaining the fall-out she had with her mother (who really was a bitch). How she had arranged a flight to Portland, cab to the shore, etc… and here she was, sitting on my deck like a stranger, yet totally at ease with herself and with me. Those thoughts of her breasts, nipples and warm body flooded me out of nowhere again and began to feel myself getting plump…embarrassing!!!!

I can't be thinking about this now, nor never. I never have even as much thought of younger woman before, let alone a soon-to-be 16-year-old.

That night we went out to dinner at one of my local hangouts.

The food was great, as always. The micro-brews were great, as always. And my present company was thrilling, to say the least. Beth talked about everything over dinner. And then it came out that she was hoping that this could be a permanent thing for her. Becki, her mother, actually threw her out of the house after she showed an interest in her father's history.

I can only imagine the courage in this young woman to actually do what she did. And I wasn't about to turn my back on the only blood relative I have. It was determined the following morning that I would call Becki and let her know Beth was fine, settled, happy… and that I would be honored to have her spend as much time here as she needed, or wanted. And I had this feeling that it would be longer than the summer itself. Already I was thinking about the local high school for enrollment, even if it was late June.

Our 1st night: A little about me first. I'm 36 years old and by the grace of god, retired. I sold my shares in the largest food service company in New England and invested very well to live a casual, comfortable life of surfing, fly fishing, sailing and partying.

I'm 5'10" and 165 pounds and very fit. I've been told I'm the tall dark and handsome guy that's not all that tall. I have my share of local and weekender ladies here in the seaside hamlet. And simply like the way my life is right now. Having Beth supercedes all that now. And that much I can honestly state in just one day. I feel it's never been more right. We finally turned in around 2 am Sunday morning after sitting out and chatting for hours by the fire-pit.

As I said earlier, our bedrooms share a bath, and heard Beth get up in the night to use the seat. Sitting up, I listened as she peed. The sound of her steady, strong stream was erotic in of itself, knowing it was pouring from this young woman's pussy. Getting up, I snuck towards the door, which was ajar on my side and peeked in, catching a great glimpse of Beth wiping her pussy. She had the sexiest little pussy with wispy red hair running the length of her slit.

I noticed as she wiped, she shuttered as she ran the tissue over her clit. Then I couldn't believe my eyes as she began rubbing her clit. There was no denying she was horny, and watching her was more than I could take.

I slipped my hand down to my throbbing cock and began slowly running my hand down it's length, feeling the dewlets of cum forming on its head and back up to the base.

I can't believe I'm jerking off watching my daughter masturbate and this after only knowing her for one day. Beth began to moan softly but was able to make what she was saying. "Daddy, you're everything I ever imagined you'd be…you're so big, fuck Beth's tiny pussy daddy…yes that's it, right there…you know where Beth likes it&hellip.yesssss In my ass, put that finger deep in my ass"… I shot my load right then and there.

All over the dresser in a spew of volcanic proportions. Minutes later Beth came hard, but softly. Watching her try to subdue her orgasm was so hot! When Beth came down from her spasms, she got up to wash and looked straight at the thin crack in the open door with a sly yet coy smile. I froze dead in my tracks and managed to tiptoe back to bed.

My head was spinning a mile a minute thinking about what I just watched. And I have to say, it was by far the hottest, sexiest thing I ever watched and did in my whole life! And this, from a 15 year old.!!! Day two, the next morning: The smell of brewing coffee and sausages filled the home as I woke @ 7:00 Sunday morning. It's obvious neither one of us slept as much as we probably should have. Getting up, I threw on some Baggies and headed to the kitchen where I was greeted by Beth's doe eyes and beautiful smile.

I could get used to this. Beth was wearing a tiny tank top and boy shorts. Drop-dead gorgeous. Trying to focus on morning and not her hot body, I walked to her and gave her a small good morning peck on the cheek. She raised her hand and gently placed it on my cheek and whispered "thank you" into my ear. "What for Beth?" &hellip.

"For being here for me.I love you" Taking one step back I held her face in my hands and told her that I loved her too, and she needn't worry about anything, anymore.

"You're welcome here, and safe". Beth grabbed me and hugged me hard. With tears in her eyes she said, "That's all I ever wanted to hear". Then planted this huge kiss right on my lips. I don't think her initial intention was sexual, probably more out of gratitude is what I kept trying to tell myself. But it's all it took for my Baggies to rise from the weight of my stiffening cock.

Beth took notice immediately and pressed her body harder against mine feeling my large cock against her tummy. "Mhmm, that feels so good right now. Don't move. Don't move a muscle daddy". I had to speak up but the words wouldn't come.

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All I could muster was, "I know, it feels really to me too". Reaching my hands down to the hem of her tank top, I slowly lifted it up and over her head, exposing the most beautiful breasts I had ever laid eyes on. Beth had large brown eyes with eraser sized nipples. Goose bumps formed all over them driving me even harder. "Oh Beth, this is so wrong…we can't be doing this" Beth wasted no time shhh-ing me with her finger.

"Yes we can Daddy. I knew the minute I laid my eyes on you yesterday that this is exactly what I wanted and with who I want this with. I've never so much as even kissed a boy yet, let alone expose myself to. It just feels right daddy" As soon as those words left her mouth, I replaced them with my lips. Kissing her like a woman who I wanted like none other. Our tongues darting around each other's, moans, softly spoken between us. Moans of approval.

My hands drifted to her hefting breasts and began to slowly pinch and squeeze her nipples, sending tremendous shivers throughout her whole body. The more I twisted and pulled, the loader she moaned her approval of my grasp. I was so rock hard at this point and needed to take this young woman in the worst of ways.

Beth began to stroke my cock through my baggies commenting all the way about how erotic this is and large my cock is. I wanted to fuck her so bad, right here, right now.

But here's that little voice of reason on the left shoulder chiming in, telling me what I'm doing is wrong. I guess I wasn't listening to intently because right about at that moment I sat Beth down on the chair there in the kitchen with my cock resting between her breasts.

Looking down, I could see my daughter rubbing her clit and slit. Her hand was so wet. I reached down to take her hand, and moved it up to my mouth and sucked and licked her fingers. She tasted like no other woman possibly could. Her musky, sweet taste was pure, innocent and delicious. Placing her hand back down to her virgin pussy, Beth continued to rub her clit harder and harder.

I can tell she really wanted to cum in the worst of ways. I told her to slow down, and enjoy the sensations. Taking my daughters silky breasts in my hands, I pressed them together slightly, creating a cavity for which I was going to invade.

I rubbed my cock all over her breasts and nipples, coating them with my pre-cum. Then I slide my cock between her breasts and started fucking her tits. I know it's something my daughter had never felt before.

And I can tell she was loving this new sensation greatly. Every time my cock neared her lips, she'd lick the cum from the tip of my cock, getting her 1st taste of my sweet nectar. Each time, showing her approval with "Mhmm". Beth was so close to cumming. Her senses were so heightened. Trembling, Beth shouted "Oh My Gawwwdddd Daddyyyyy…I'm cumming for you. I'm cumming for my daddy". Hearing that sent me over the edge.

I pressed her breasts together even tighter and fucked them with abandon, shooting my huge load of silky cum all over her face and chin. Beth wasted no time in tasting me.

Tasting dads cum. "Mhmm, daddy, you taste so delicious. I didn't know what to expect, but I love this so much." I slid my throbbing, trembling cock from her breasts and placed the head of it right to her lips. She wasted no time taking me into her mouth to suck me dry. After cleaning up, having breakfast and dressing, I suggested we hit the malls for some clothes and accessories for Beth. She arrived yesterday with only the duffel bag and not much in the way of clothes.

She said she could really use a new bathing suit, some tops, shorts, jeans, and definitely undies. Basically, everything. The coast mall will have everything she needed, so we headed out. We both knew, but spoke very little about the morning, we knew it was special and etched into our minds forever. Oddly, I didn't feel dirty about any of this and from Beth's perceptions so far, neither did she.

The first shop we hit at the mall was the Old Navy.


Certainly not my fave store but suited her needs well. She was in heaven selecting all kinds of young, fashionable tops, shorts, and jeans. I went with her in the dressing room area and grabbed the obligatory "waiting seat". The store, and for that matter, the mall was oddly empty today. I thought for sure it would be packed @ noon on a Sunday. No matter though, I liked the lack of crowds. Sitting there, I could hear Beth's zipper drop then the rustle of her climbing out of what she was wearing.

Beth poked her head out of the door to look for me and asking, "What do you think of these shorts daddy? They aren't too cheesy, are they?" "No baby, they look amazing on you" A warm smile crept onto her lips. Her dimples showing deeply. How'd I get so lucky with such a beautiful daughter? Beth looked so happy and she proceeded to try everything on and then poked out for the fashion show and approvals from myself with every new garment. "Daddy, is it alright if you come in here for a second?" "Sure hon, what's the matter?" "I can't get this damned thing tied right".

Not even thinking about asking what damned thing, I opened the door to the change room and saw my daughter had on a new bathing suit half on. My eyes jumped right to her breasts, which were half exposed from the top. Casually, Beth turned her back to me so I could tie the back properly. After it was set, she turned to show off the ensemble. It was so hot. The suit, a tiny bikini, black with tiny blue pin stripes looked amazing on her.

It molded to her body showing all her perfect young curves. I kissed her cheek, turned towards the door to leave when she grabbed my arm. "Don't leave daddy. I may need more help in here". "I can't honey, what if the attendant comes by…" Beth had a cute little pout on her face, working me like a pro. I stayed, but was scared an employee may happen upon us and them I'm screwed.

Beth asked my help to untie the back of the bathing suit, so she could continue trying things on. Pulling the string, the top dropped to the floor with my daughter standing before me. Again, my eyes immediately trained on her perfect tits. Her nipples were so large, just dying to be sucked. Sensing this, Beth took the one step between us, lifted her breasts to my mouth and instinctively sucked a nipple into my watering mouth. A soft moan escaped through her lips showing her approval of my nibbling.

Beth pulled my mouth from her nipple and kissed me deeply on the lips. I couldn't take much more of this. Just the thought of doing what we were doing, and where we were doing this, was so erotic. My hand went to her waist band of the new suit and slowly slid it to the floor.

Stepping out of it, Beth approached me again grinding her neatly trimmed red pussy into my groin. My cock was growing so large and aching under the thin fabric of my surf shorts. I could smell Beth's moisture forming from between her legs. A scent I will never forget my whole life. My hand began to roam all over Beth's tummy. Lowering it over her little virgin mound. Finding her swollen clit, I began massaging it slowly at 1st, then picked up my pace upon her rabid reactions to my touch. Her breathing was so heavy, matched only to mine.

But we knew we had to be very quiet in here. I traced a finger down her wet slit to her opening. Beth squatted slightly parting her legs allowing me better access to her wet canal. I wasted no time entering her with my finger, then two. I could feel Beth's Hymen. She is a virgin!

Beth's eyes were closed shut tight and whispering under her breathe "Ohhh Daddy, I love you. You make me feel so amazing. I want to cum for you so bad. I want you to feel my pussy as I cum all over your hand. Please daddy, don't stop. Oh My God! I'm CUMMMMMING&hellip." I worked her pussy deeper and faster, trying not to pop her hymen right there and then. I'm saving that for a special occasion. Beth wasted no time taking my fingers into her mouth and sucking her juices from them. I love the sound of her "Mhmm" while she does that.

Thinking we were done and pressing our luck I was just about to say "I should wait outside" when Beth dropped to her knees and began stroking my cock through my shorts. Oh man, this felt too good to stop now, and really needed to cum in the worst way! Beth unzipped the fly, looked up at me with those cute dimples and proceeded to pull me free of the shorts.

I could tell Beth never had sucked a cock before by the way she approached it, but it is amazing all the same. The feel of her warm breath and wet mouth surrounding my 8" cock was breathtaking.


Beth took as much of my cock into her tiny mouth as she was able to manage and started bobbing slowly up and down its length. I was in heaven looking down on this young goddess sucking my cock. It didn't take me long at all for my cock to swell thicker, my balls tighten and began spasming, cumming. I never even thought about shooting into her mouth or not. I was so caught up in the most erotic orgasm ever, I just never considered anything else.

Load after load pumped from my cock into Beth's mouth. She eagerly gulped, swallowed and savored every drop of cum in me. And then, with that smile, those dimples, looked up at me and said, "Now, that was fucking hot!!!" "Totally amazing daddy". All I could do was laugh. I loved her so much, so fast. I was actually falling in love with my estranged daughter. I know that may sound strange, and even to a degree unbelievable. But it was happening. Truthfully, it went beyond what we were doing with each other.

After a quick lunch in the food-court, we headed to The Body Shop and she picked out her favorite Green Apple body wash and skin cr?. We also purchased a bottle of Vanilla cr?, which I just love and can't wait to smell it on Beth. After paying we headed across the way to Victoria Secrets. I think Beth had about 3 pair of undies and 2 bras and that was certainly not enough for a young woman.

Her eyes lit up like a 5 year old at Christmas looking at all the different styles available to her while I stayed back watching her select several panties, boy-shorts, thongs and bras to try on. The sales clerk was super helpful with Beth in selecting the right fits for her body type.

Unfortunately, it wasn't the time, nor place for a modeling show. But I had a feeling tonight she'd have fun showing and modeling everything she picked out. I laid a credit card down and off we went onto the next shop. I thought it would be a great idea that we fully stock the bathroom with stuff for her. Everything from feminine products, to shampoos and conditioners…then off to the bedding department where we selected several nice bedding sets and some accessories for her room.

What a day. What a day for sure. I couldn't wait to get home, get into some swim trunks, have a few beers and lounge by the pool. Once back at the house, that is exactly what we did. Beth threw all the bags in her room and threw on her new bikini.

I grabbed up a pair of shorts, some towels, soft drinks and beers and we wasted no time jumping into that heated pool. Just hearing Beth's laugh, and seeing this young woman happy was reward in of itself. Drifting down to the shallow end and landing my ass on the wading shelf, I opened a beer and watched as Beth swam some laps.

She was really a gifted and strong swimmer. "Beth, did you swim in high school for your team? You're very good" "No daddy, but I was thinking that maybe if I'm here beyond summer and am in high school here that I would try out for the team. Have I told you already how thankful I am to have found you? How appreciative I am of all the wonderful things you've bought today for me? Have I told you how much I love you?" "Awe Beth, yes, yes and I love you too! And we'll work on seeing what we could do about you living here.

I'd like nothing more hon." Beth swam straight to me after hearing my replies and hugged me so tight. Now, I don't know what went on back east with her and her mother, but this young lady was starved for love and affection. That's when Beth kissed me on the lips again like a new lover. Her tender touch is so intoxicating. And yes, probably the best kisser my lips ever met. It didn't take long for our roaming hands to start removing each other's swimsuits.

My hands instinctively reached for the drawstring behind her and removed her top. Jokingly, I asked if it was the 1st time the sun ever found it's way onto her young, exposed breasts.

She just smiled and nodded yes. Beth was caught up in the subtle passions again, sliding my shorts down. Her gazed fixed on my growing cock, shaved. Though she never mentioned it, I could tell that she was fascinated with my shaved cock. Her soft hands slid all over my tummy, hips, balls and shaft watching as it stiffened under her gentle touch. Her new found fascination with cock was refreshing to say the least.

Beth lowered her lips onto the tip of my swollen cock licking the first drops of pre-cum. There was that "Mhmm" again. So sexy. I looked around to reaffirm that we were totally private in the back yard. Habit I suppose.

My heart was racing watching Beth take a little more and then a little more of my cock into her mouth. God, she felt so amazing. My hand began roam her body as well. Feeling her nipple swell under my touch. Beth loved having her nipples pulled. Like the harder I pulled and twisted, the more ravenous her sucking got. Floating in the shallow water with my daughter sucking my cock made it easy for me to rock her body and pussy over my lower leg.

Beth began grinding harder and harder onto my leg. Humping to her first orgasm. A small one, but her 1st of many. She worked my cocker faster and faster and humped harder and harder… "Oh Baby…your Daddy's going to cum any minute. Take all of me. Take all of my CUMMMMM.Errrrr Bethhhhh, you are so amazing". That's it baby, suck my cock.

Suck daddy's cock harder. OMG, You feel so good" Right at that exact time Beth came a second time. This one was stronger than the 1st. I just had to have my baby girl. I needed to taste her pussy right here and now. Beth was trembling as I lifted her up towards me.

With her lying directly on me now, her panting, me panting, we kissed passionately. Our hands running through and pulling each other's hair. Our lips, tongues, exploring every centimeter of our mouths.

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Our moans, matching each other's intensity. Wasting no time, I ripped her new bathing suit bottoms off. Her soft matted red pubic hairs running the length of her slip was such a sexy sight. I am not a fan of really hairy pussy, but I do love a little there. And Beth's was Perfection. Raising Beth up further, I positioned her knees around my shoulders so her trimmed pussy was just inches from my waiting mouth. She knew what was next and wasted no time getting into a comfortable position to have her virgin pussy eaten by her daddy!

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Beth slowly lowered herself to my mouth. Using my hands I spread her pussy lips a little wider than they were exposing her inner lips and clit to the cool air and my warm breath. Beth shuttered at the new sensations of having a mouth on her pussy.

I ran my tongue around her clit hood, teasing a bit as I went along. Her moans were so soft and sexy. I continued teasing her clit. Then sucked her clit and hood into my mouth sucking hard. This sent Beth over the edge so suddenly that I don't think even she expected it.

She collapsed over me for a brief second and regained her composure trembling wildly. I didn't stop there. I sucked her clit back into my mouth and swirled my tongue all over and around it…Beth's moans turned from soft and sexy to wild and vocal… "Oh My God Daddy…don't stop, please don't stop…Ohhhhhhh&hellip.I'm cummmmmmming again…Please daddy.

Don't stop. You feel so good on my pussy Mhmmmm. Oh God, I am soaking wet…keep going daddy, don't stop, I'm cumming againnnnn!!!" And then it happened, my daughter's a squirter!. She squirted cum and fluids all over my face. It took her and myself by total surprise as gush after gush flowed from her pussy. Beth was trembling like never before so I held her so tightly whispering "I love you" into her ear. When Beth came down from her volcanic orgasm's, we laid silent holding each other.

Exhausted, in each other's arm, we said very little. The silence pure. The sun was beginning to set over the back yard. The shadows trailing off eastward.

Beth and I grabbed up our towels and poolside mess and headed in for the shower to get the chlorine rinsed off. Again, little was said as we walked in the house nude, strode around nude. Nothing really had to be said. The silence wasn't uncomfortable in the least. Actually, it was pretty satisfying in a sensual way. Our shower together was nice.

The water steamy and hot. We soaped up our bath sponges and washed each other clean paying special attention to her virgin pussy and sweeter-than-life ass, which I wanted so badly.

Beth washed me from head to toe as well, cupping my balls gently as she slowly stroked my swelling cock. I can't get enough of this young beauty. I let Beth stroke my cock to another orgasm shooting my sperm all over her chest. Beth rubbed my load of cum into her skin and in and around her breasts. She's totally addicted to my cum, that much is for sure. After my daughter rinsed my cum from her breasts I washed her backside.

Leaning her hands against the back wall of the shower enclosure, I soaped up the sponge and washed the backs of her legs moving up towards her perfect firm ass. Spreading her cheeks I washed her ass crack and anal bud. This really got Beth excited, and very quickly too. She pushed back hard against my hand as if to tell me it's okay to probe her ass. Taking my cue, I slowly took my soapy fingers and worked one around her opening.

Beth bent over further allowing me better access to her hole. I slid the tip of my index finger in slowly, moving it around past her rim. Beth moaned loudly but assured me it didn't hurt. "Further Daddy…I want to feel you inside my ass further", as she pushed harder back against my hand.

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"Oh god daddy, this feels so different. I LOVE this. Don't stop Daddy…Harder!" My soaped finger was pounding Beth's ass. Her screams of excited pleasure filled the large master suite bathroom with echoes of pleasure bouncing off every wall. Beth started working her clit as I pounded her now-not-virgin ass hole.

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She was so close to an another Orgasm and this time, more powerful than all the others before it. OH MY GOD DADDY!!!! THAT'S IT, HARDER. POUND MY ASS…DEEP DADDY!!! UHHHGG!!!!!! Beth came so violently she nearly fell forward almost hitting her head on the shower wall. She collapsed right there, trembling with lust. Then, suddenly out of nowhere, began to giggle. It was the oddest thing ever.

I asked Beth what was so funny? "Oh daddy. I really don't know what came over me. But the feelings that just ran through my body, the ones you made happen, just overwhelmed me and I feel so like I'm in heaven that I had to giggle. Maybe it's to release some of the giddy feeling you gave me? I don't know, but it all feels so special, so good, so right." Aww, Beth, I love you" was all that I could say at that moment.

Beth reciprocated with a simple "Ditto that". We hugged, kissed, and left the shower…………&hellip. Stay tuned for part II of the story of newfound love and passion. "Beth's Birthday" is coming soon.