Schlagen Mein Fleisch

Schlagen Mein Fleisch
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It was time I realised my darkest fantasy and make it come true.


It was in my hands, all i needed was to pick up the courage and go for it. My fantasy wasn't just the norm, maybe being with another girl, maybe being dominated, maybe sex with an older older guy.none of the above.

Mine was way out i left field.I wanted to experience the feel of a dog.yes a dog.there I said it!!!!

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Wow that feels good. I had thought about it on and off for months maybe years but never really went any further than thinking about it, maybe masturbatiing to the thoughts of it from time to time, that was it, nothing more.

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Off late I've thought more and more about it and finally said to myself I need to act on this and just do it!!!! The plan was to go to a dog shelter and pick out the dog I thought could fill all my needs and desires.


Of course I was going to keep it, look after it and love it. It was going to be my best friend but I had other plans for my doggie. German Sheppards are a dog I've always loved and respected, loyal and strong.

I also feel they can be aggressive when needs must, something I was hoping for at some point. Anyway the day comes, I get into my jeep and drive 20-30mins to a local shelter. It's not long before I see this, well the only way I can describe it is a beast.beautiful black shinny coat with a hint of brown through out. He looked strong, assertive a bit hyper, loved his dark eyes.


I could feel a tingle all over my body, this was the dog for. I talked to owner of the shelter, we decided on a price and that was it I got to take my sexy beast home.

On way home my head was racing with the thought of what I was going to do and feel for mthe next few hours.

I could feel my knickers getting wet. I was so horny, what a nasty little bitch I was. I'm his bitch now!!! Almost home and I thought.Bruce, that's what I'll call him, why who knows, it just fit. Anyway out of the car we get, Bruce is hyper and running and jumping all over the place, but soon cams down.

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I get the house and decide to fill up a bowl with some water and leave both it and Bruce out the back. It's time for me to get ready and prepare myself for what's next.

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I run the shower, jump in for quick wash and actually start playing with my pussy thinking of whats about to happen, I'm so horny, I need this and want Bruces cock so much. I nearly orgasm but hold off. I finish showering, dry off and go into my bedroom. I put on some black lipstick, paint both my finger nails and toe nails black also. Looking at myself in the mirror I look and feel so sexy. Strange but next I put on a dress, no bra, no knickers, last but not least a pair of cream LVs high heels, they always make me feel sexy.

I take one look at myself, WOW, I look so hot. I make my way down stairs and open the back door and let Bruce in. He has no idea what I have planned. I take hold of him, rubbing his coat, kissing him on the head.

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I'm also trying to feel his tummy with the hope of maybe rubbing his cock!! He's relaxed now so I take him upstairs to my bedroom, were the magics going to happen. I sit on the edge of the bed and watch Bruce walk around the room, sniffing and taking everything in. Without realising I have pulled my dress up revealing my shaved cunt.

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Bruce comes over, I'm sure he can smell my moist and wet pussy. He starts to sniff me, makes me feel like a bit of meat, i love it. I slowly open my legs and Bruce flips his tongue out and tastes me for the first time. I nearly cum there and then but keep it together.

I want him so so bad. He starts to lick and taste me so deep now, I want him to fuck me. I cant take this any longer.

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I stand up and take my dress off, still in my sexy heels I get up on my bed, doggy style obviously I want Bruce to fuck me in whateve hole he chosses. He starts now to sniff and lick my arse, getting me so wet and lubbed up it seems, without realising he's climbed up on me, his paws scrapping my back but I love it, feel like a dirty dirty bitch. He grips me so so strong, I can feel his cock poking at both my holes at different times then it's almost like he decides right I'm going to fuck this bitch, I feel his cock stretch my arse hole open, he enters me and starts fucking so hard and so keep, he is relentless, my hole is almost burning with the force of Bruces cock.

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Fuck Fuck Fuck me I scream as his cock gets bigger and bigger in my tight arse. I can feel my cunt juice running down my legs. Cum in my arse Bruce cum in my dirty arsehole, fuck me like a bitch,make me your bitch.Bruce is getting faster and faster more aggressive, dick getting bigger, and wider, then he grabs me even tighter and gets hold of my neck and sprays his hot sticky yummy cum into my arse, he fills my hole right up and after a while takes his cock out of me.

I fall onto the bed, exhausted and tired, take a deep breath and squeeze some of Bruces cum out of my arse. I give bruce big hug and rub down.back to shower for me but cant wait till tomorrow.