Rough sex makes our sexy girlfriend start moaning very loud

Rough sex makes our sexy girlfriend start moaning very loud
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Kimberly came in the back door just as her mother was putting the steaks in the oven.

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"Geez, mom, it sure is windy out there. I've just got to wash this mop of mine." "Yeah, maybe you should, Kim," Natalie replied as she peeled some potatoes. "Why don't you just take a bath while you're at it?" As she got some cookies from the jar, she commented, "Well, I am a little dirty. I probably will." Kimberly munched the cookies as she went upstairs.


"Oh, Kim," mom called after her, "don't bother your brother." Kim called down from the stairs, "Why would I ever want to?" As she got upstairs, she entered the bathroom and shut the door. Within minutes the water was running. She took a bath. And while she emersed herself in the water, she read a magazine. As she finished the story she was reading, she got out of the tub, opened the door, and called downstairs, "Hey, mom, can you wash my hair?" She received an "I'm busy right now" answer back.

Dismayed, Kim closed the door and emersed herself back into the water.

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"Oh, what the hell," she thought, "I'll read another story." Meanwhile shortly, in the kitchen, as Natalie was mashing the potatoes, she called her son. "Hey, Mark, could you come in here?" Mark entered the kitchen. "What you want now? I was reading a book." "Since I'm busy, Mark," she said, "why don't you go up and wash your sister's hair?" "Geez, mom," Mark blurted, "do I have too?

You know how fussy she is." "Well, unless you want to eat at ten tonight," Natalie retorted. "Oh, all right," he protested, "but I won't really enjoy it.

Kim's such a fussbudget about her hair. It must be done just this way and don't dunk my head." As Mark left the room Natalie mentioned casually, "Don't get your clothes wet. And be sure to wash all her hair!" "Okay," he answered as he took the stairs two at a time as he ususally did.

He retrieved a towel from the linen closet and went to his room. He thought to himself, "Hey, brainstorm!" And as he girded himself with the towel he knocked on the bathroom door.

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"Well, it's about time, mom," Kim remarked. "You can come in now." Mark cracked the door and said, "Hey, sis, it's me. Mom says I have the honors of washing your hair." "Well, I guess," she answered back, "but just a second." She covered herself with the washcloth and called, "Okay, you can come in," as she covered her breasts with her hands.


Mark entered the bathroom and got down the shampoo. He knelt down by the tubside. "Well, this'll be hard to do," as she looked at him, bewildered, he continued, "with your arms in the way." "But I. . ." She didn't complete her statement as she noticed her brother's one-eyed glare.

She moved her hands. "There, is that better?" "Yeah," Mark gleamed as he admired her little breasts. Mark started to soak her head with water and wash her hair.

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As he finished, making double-sure all the soap was out he said, "Well, according to mom, I'm supposed to wash all your hair." "You just did, silly," she remarked laughingly.

"Not quite all, sis," he replied with a grin. She looked at her brother with a question in her eye, as Mark continued, "Look, Kim, mom said all your hair! And there's some under that washcloth." He whipped the washcloth away and spirted her with the shampoo.

To say Kim was embarrassed would be the understatement of the year. "You don't mean to shampoo this, too?" As Mark grinned at her she continued, "Mark, you wouldn't dare!" "Oh, wouldn't I?" He said as he began to shampoo her pubic region.

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He fondled her well in the process and then rinsed her off. "Well, all done, sis," Mark remarked, "you can get out now." Kim got out of the tub and asked, "Well, what about my towel?" She was shocked when Mark handed her his.

Kim looked down at her brother's erection and remarked, "Gee, I've never seen it like that before." Then as she finished drying herself off, she asked sheepishly, "Can I see what it feels like?" "Sure, Kim," Mark smiled, "go ahead." Mark escatised as she stroked his penis.

He took the liberty to fondle her breasts and cuddle her pussy. "Come on, Kim," Mark said after while, "let's go to my bedroom." They left the bathroom. Mark was walking a little awkward as Kim still had hold of her brother's erection. Arriving in his room she let go.

She looked her brother in the eye and then down at his penis. She knelt down and fondling his balls started to lick and suck him.

Natalie came upstairs, heard noise from Mark's room, and opened the door just enough to peer in. She was surprized at what she was seeing. She was getting hot just watching and right there, in the hallway, she stripped herself of her clothes. She opened the door and as, she entered, said, "Dinner's almost done." Both looked up and saw her standing there. Kim spoke first, "Hi, mom, this is fun!" Natalie smiled at her and said, "Yeah, it can be. Let me now." Kim got up as her mother started to suck his cock.

As Kim moved to his side, Mark started to fondle her pussy. After a short while, he shoved a finger into her and she sighed in escatasy. "Kim," their mother said, "let your brother fuck you." "That sounds like fun," she said as she lay herself down on her brother's bed. "Come on, Mark, fuck me." Mark looked at his fourteen year old sexy sister and as their mother watched he pumped his dick into his sister's pussy.

As he pumped it, Kim cried out in delight. She looked over at her mother who was masturbating. As Mark started to climax his sister breathed deeply and started to shake just as he shot into her.

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Their mother climaxed at the same time as her children. Natalie laid down on the bed and they played with each other for quite awhile. When they finally went to the kitchen, Natalie had to reheat the dinner as it had turned cold. At ten o'clock the three of them sat in the kitchen and ate dinner, all completely naked.

Once in awhile, a roving hand would fondle.