Freshly Fucked Latina Gets Cum On Her Big Tits

Freshly Fucked Latina Gets Cum On Her Big Tits
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My first day at the park Warning: If you don't like young under age girls having sex or getting raped by older guys my stories are not for you. So please stop reading now and don't read any of my stories.

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But for those of you that do please keep reading. This is my first story so please tell me what you think and how I can make my stories better. I was walking to the park on a Saturday morning.

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It was about 7:00pm. And when I got to the park there was no there so I had thought.


As I looked around I saw no cars or people. I had the park all to my self. It was a huge park. I could not see to the back of the park. So I walk along the walking track. That was there to take me around the whole park. So as I started to walk around the park and saw the play grown and the swings and the slides. As I continued to walk along the track I lost site of the street and keep walking. There were tall tress and big bushes as wide as a car and as tall as a 10 foot fence.

There were pink, yellow and red and white flowers all over the place. I came to a bench to what seamed like the middle of the park. And across from it was a little work out area. With pull up bars and stepping logs, and a water fountains. I was kind of thirsty so I went to get a drink of water and then keep walking. As I came up to a bend in the track all I saw was trees and bushes and flowers were every were. I was so happy.

Then as I walk for a bout 30 feet I hared a small noise coming form in the bushes. It sounded like a fait yelling. But it sounded so far away I just though it was coming from a house far a way or something. As I walk 5 more feet I could still her it again but it was really faint. So I look around and saw a little clearing in the bushes and got down on my hands and knees, and crawled in.

As I went in I saw a long tunnel as I got further and further in. I started to smell something strong. Kind of like a sweaty boys locker room mix with the smell of stale beer and pee The light in the tunnel got darker and darker but as my eyes adjusted there was just light enough to see were I was going.

And as I got closer the yelling got louder, and sounded like a little girl voice but as I keep going in. The yelling stop so I stop crawling. Then it got quite and all I could here were was the birds singing in the tress. Then I here a low muffled talking it sounded like a guy's voice.

So I started to keep crawling in slowly so he did not her me. Then as I came to a large opening in the bushes, Just big enough to stand up in. I went in I could see better now from a light coming from what look like the right wall of the bushes. As I went in the smell kind of went a way or I just got use to it.

As I saw a couple of old sleeping bags and some blankets and a 2 boxes in he corner of he other side I look in one of the boxes and saw some girl toys like bribes and coloring books and some candy. This look like a girls hide out from the looks of the blankets and the toys. Seeing that made me feel a little safer being there.

As I sat there listing to what the guys was saying. I started to her little girl giggle and laughing. Then as I quietly got closer I could see into the hide out next to me. And see the guy and the little girl. He was ticking her and she had a lollypop in her mouth. The guy was white and all he had on was his boxer shorts on and a white t-shirt.

The little girl had on a white dress and pink panties from with I could see. Then I saw the guy pull out what look like a little perfume bottle from a box he had in there. Then I saw him squirt a few squirts of perfume on is neck and then open his boxes and squirted some on his dick.

He use a lot because I could smell too. But it smelled really good.

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Like roses and honey. Then he put some on his finger and rub it on the girl's lollypop and on her lips. Then the guy gave the girl back the lollypop and she started to suck on it again. I hared the girl to read her a story form the children's book. He had in there. And he did she look like she was no older the 4 years old. Then he gave her a soda and she drank it. And then she wanted water. And he gave her a big bottle of water too. As he continued the story I was kind of getting thirsty too.

And I was getting really warm. The weather channel said it was gona be really hot to day like in the 100s. So thank god I just had a dress and panties on. As the guy keeps reading I could tell she was getting hot to cause she drank half the bottle of water down.

And I could see her starting to sweet. I was starting too sweet as well. But for some reason I was felling really good. And parts of my body started to tingle. It started in my toes and went up all the way to my nose. Then he finished the story and started to touch her and put her on his lap.

Then he turn on a little radio that was next to him. The little girl ask to take off her dress and he took it off of her.


Then he ask the little girl to dance for him. She is a really cute girl with brown hair and brown eyes. She had a nice thin body and small pink little nipples.

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Then I saw her start to slowly rock back and forth in his lap. Then I started to feel my body starting to tingle again as I watch her rock her hips. But this time the tingle was down in my panties. And I was getting so hot I took of my dress, trying not to make any noise. As I watch her, it was like he was fucking her but he wasn't well not yet any way. I started to uncontrollably put my hand down my little panties and started to rub my little tight pussy lips.

I didn't even notice that they were wet. It was like I was hypmatize. I could not stop. As I was watching this it was so wrong but. It felt so good to watch and play with my self. I could her both of them moaning. I just hope that they could not her me moaning as well. I saw his huge Bonner popping out from his boxers. As I watch her slide back and forth along his huge poll. Then he started to tickle her and she started to giggle and laugh uncontrollably.

From how the guy was tickling her I just knew any mint she was goan pee. And sure enough she peed. Watching her gold pee gushing out of her was so hot. And got me turn on even more. As I saw her pee got all over his dick and his boxers. I just wanted to remover her panties and suck on her pussy as see peed. I was trying so hard not to moan so loud. I did not want him to her me and get caught.

Just then he turn up the radio and pulled her panties over to the side. I saw her little pussy lips slide back and forth on his now throbbing dick. I wanted so badly to be that little girl. Sliding back and forth on his big huge thick dick.

Then he made her stop and suck his dick. He said it ok its taste like the lollypop you were just sucking on. Then as she stared to suck on the tip of his huge throbbing dick I was getting close to my own orgasm. I was so scared he would her me playing with my self and moaning. I wanted to stop I tried to move my had away but I couldn't. It was like I had not control over my own body. I could see him move her little head up and down faster and faster.

I just knew he was gona have an orgasm of his own. And blow his huge thick load of cum right down her throat. As my orgasm was building up to no return. I saw him force the little girl's hade all the way down his long throbbing dick. And both he and I both orgasm together. To be Continued